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scissoringsappho · a month ago
For International Coming Out Day I thought about posting scenes of my favourite characters coming out, but then I realized none of them have a coming out scene, since they've never hid their attraction to women (unlike their publishers), so instead I'm going to post scenes of them being Out And Proud.
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mintcarousel · 6 months ago
ooh i was also wondering if it’s always gonna be Finé.
like will all the season arc baddies feature or otherwise be connected to Finé?
also haha i also ended all my sentences with Finé!
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frostops · a year ago
So in XV, Japan and the US were planning on going to the moon to research the ancient technology it stored, right?
And neither government knew the moon was actually filled with ancient technology prior to Season 1 when Finé tried to destroy the moon.
And we also saw that the Lunar Sanctum had a security system, which likely would have attacked the researchers had they gone to the moon as planned.
So we can assume that were there any prior expeditions to the moon, they would have been attacked.
However, that would have tipped off to the world that the moon was not just a space rock and was instead ancient technology.
That means the moon landing must have been faked in Symphogear, and Finé, who had a vested interest in keeping the truth of the moon a secret and often reincarnated into influential people in history, was very likely involved.
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omniokami · 9 months ago
Alright, Symphogear peeps, I have a question: Would it be wrong to compare Finé (specifically season 1 villain Finé) to Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: REVENGEANCE?
I ask because they both basically want to use some sort of power (Armstrong using the power of machines and politics, Finé using the power of... well it’s either that she wants to use Symphogear or Noise) to start a giant war, all in order to end war as a whole. Other than Finé not having BIG, STRONG, BULGING MUSCLES and the same kind of personality, their goals and views are pretty similar.
I am awaiting any and all responses.
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princesshalfdemon · a year ago
you ever think about how Finé literally described the Symphogears as just a side project to get money from politicians in order to fund Kadingir’s development like
holy fuck lady i can’t get over how badly you chose the wrong project to focus on those fucking things could’ve destroyed the moon a dozen times over with probably a fraction of the cost compared to your giant FUCK YOU cannon
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unwarrantedrabbit · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Saori Hayami has my whole heart
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ahiijny · a year ago
I made a Finé AMV! Since I couldn’t really find that much footage of her to work with, there’s also a bit of FIS in there, too.
The song I chose was “Hotel Mauna Kea”, a parody song that I got introduced to in an astronomy course I once took. The astronomy prof said that the parody was made by astronomers, and that it actually pretty accurately describes the various difficulties astronomers face at the observatory :P
Title: Finé
Anime: Senki Zesshou Symphogear, G, GX, AXZ, XV
Song: Hotel Mauna Kea (parody of Hotel California)
Arrangement/Lyrics: Juan D., Kelly F., Ted K.
Length: 5:02
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Chris: Didn’t you die?
Finé: That was weeks ago dude. Things change.
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scissoringsappho · 6 months ago
Starting off my new tumblr with a list of my favourite wlw characters and ships, canon or not.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I have more ships than these, but you can only post 10 pics. Some other day, perhaps.
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frostops · 2 years ago
There’s a lot to say about this episode. It was a crazy ride. However, I want to know one thing.
Was Finé trying to fuck Enki or Shem-ha? I need to know.
Shem-ha called herself the one worshipped as God, and Finé did say that she was in love with God.
But, Finé also said that the one she loved put the Curse of Balal on the Earth, and Enki was the one to do that. However, he was alone when that happened, so Finé may not have known who did it.
Enki’s “I’m sorry, Finé” does make it sound like he had a relationship with her, and Maria, who is a descendant of Finé, is possibly also a descendant of Enki according to Shem-ha, which would explain why she can use the Argetlam, which is his arm.
But, if Enki was the one Finé loved, and her descendants are also his descendants, that means Finé actually succeeded in fucking God.
Finé fucked God.
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dragonsoul · 3 years ago
Bianca: (walking into Finé's room) milady, why are you still asleep? It's so late in the day!
Finé: sorry, I was up all night doing work!
Izetta, from under the blankets: I'm not work!
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smugrenges · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I hope Finé wins Eurovision 
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mamatoph · 3 years ago
👀👀👀 mistletoe for FinéxIzetta
Ahh hey friend!  Hope you’re having an A+ holiday and here’s some mistletoe FinéxIzetta *~*~*~*
“So…you bring a tree…inside?”
“I guess it’s a little strange if you’ve never done it, but yes.”
“Uh.  I’m…not really sure, exactly.  There’s a history behind it but it’s not one I know off the top of my head, it’s really just tradition at this point.  We all just kind of do it,” Finé giggles.
Izetta has never heard a thing about this holiday.  The whole thing is a little strange, but she supposes a lot of traditions are to people who don’t know them well.  And Finé is terribly excited about it, chattering on about how it’s their first Christmas together, delighting in showing Izetta all the little traditions.  The only thing is there’s a lot of them.  Decorations on absolutely every spare surface.  And this kind of decoration goes here, this one over here.  Certain kinds of foods, different things to do on different days, gifts.  
And now there’s picking out a tree that they’re evidently going to cut down and bring inside.  
“Sorry if this is all a little much.  Or a little weird.”
“No weirder than any witches traditions would be to me.  I didn’t get to learn many of them either.  So maybe this is a good substitute.”
“I mean, part of the reason you didn’t get to learn your own is because of these… the inquisition was religiously motivated….you know, maybe it’s not a good idea-”  Finé stammers, going pink and Izetta shakes her head.
“Finé, it’s not the same thing.  You’d celebrate mine if I knew anything about them.  So, explain to me about this tree.”
Finé smiles and continues, successfully re-routed.
“We’re trying to find the biggest one.  Well, the biggest we can fit in the house anyway.”
“What about that one?”  Izetta points.  
“Oh, sorry, I should’ve explained.  It’s supposed to be a certain type of tree.  Like these-” she points to a spruce and a fir in turn.
“Would a pine tree work?”“It might be a bit sparse for what we need it for, but you’re on the right track,” she smiles.  “Oh!  What about this one?”
She points to a thick fir.
“I like that one,” she tells her.  In actuality, she has no idea how to judge a good tree from a bad one, but if Finé likes it, it’s good enough for her.  “Only, do we have to cut it down?  I’d rather not.  If that’s okay.  If we can find a way.”
This may be the only part that Izetta’s own beliefs clash with.
“Uh.  Well usually we do to bring it inside.  But uh…yeah, let’s see what we can do.”
Finé isn’t going to cut the thing down herself.  Neither one of them know quite enough about doing that safely enough.  She’s just scouting for one and intending to let Bianca settle it, if Izetta knows her.
A week later, Finé comes trudging in, dragging a sled with a massive tree on it.
“I got the gardener to help me with this.  It’s not the same tree, but this one was already potted.  We thought it might be a good alternative.  It won’t be as big because we have to factor in the pot, but-”
Izetta realizes what she’s done.  The tree is potted so they can keep it alive.
“I love it,” Izetta smiles.  “Thank you.  I’m sorry if I upset your tradition.”
Finé shakes her head and smiles.
“Traditions need changing sometimes.  Maybe this can be a new one, we can use the same one every year.”
“I like that,” Izetta smiles.
“And now we have to decorate it.”
“We what?”
“We…here, I actually have a picture.  Like this.”
She shows an old photograph of her as a child.   Izetta knows it well, she keeps it on her dresser in the little house they share.  She’s just never understood what the decoration in the background was for.
“Oh.  That was a Christmas tree?”
“Yes.  I was five, I think?”
Izetta grins.  
“You look so happy, look at you.  You like this holiday, don’t you?”
“It’s a big deal for us, yes.”
Finé launches into an explanation of how to decorate the thing.  They spend days making things for it.  Little ornaments hanging from strings so they can be slipped on the boughs.  Strings of popcorn on thread to hang on the tree and paper ones like it.
Then there’s the decorations everywhere else too.  
“So, do we put the popcorn ones outside too?”
“No, we use these-” she holds up some green ones that just look like tree branches strung together.
“Oh.  And what’s that for, do we put it on the tree too?”
“Oh, no, that’s a wreath, it goes on the door.”
More and more things appear in the house.  Apparently gifts are central too, but they also have to be wrapped in themed paper and they can’t be placed anywhere.  They have to be under the tree.
It’s shockingly complex.  But then, Izetta also doesn’t have much to compare it to and Finé loves it so.
And then there’s the day they cross each other as Izetta’s trying to get into their room and Finé is trying to leave it and she freezes and giggles.
“Oh it’s uh-”  she points up to a leafy little clump she’s pinned up above the door.  “It’s mistletoe.  You’re supposed to kiss if you and another person pass under it.”
“Are you sure you’re not making that one up?” she giggles.
“I’m actually not!” she grins back.  “It’s a real tradition.”
“So if I ask Nadine tomorrow, she’ll say the same thing?”
“She will.  But even if she doesn’t, does it matter?”
Izetta makes a show of considering it carefully.  She smiles.
“No.  I suppose it doesn’t.”
“So…may I?”
Finé kisses her with an impossible warmth and Izetta thinks for all its complication, this holiday isn’t bad.
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kurumadraws · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
fake 90s anime screenshot
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