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#Final Fantasy XIV

So normally I don’t like magic classes- I’m very much a ‘triumphs of man/glory to the sciences’ type of player in any setting, but ever since I’ve been leveling BLM I just…I can now understand the heady rush of wiping away the sins of those who stand against you in an all-consuming, ever-cleansing conflagration that will put you down in history as a harbinger of terrible wroth and destruction.


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Usually MMOs aren’t my thing but I’ve been kinda bored lately and was kinda wondering if I should get into FFXIV since I have the money now to do so… but I’m not sure cuz, as I said, MMOs aren’t really my thing. Especially because usually I’m never allowed to have the name I want since it’s either taken or too long or something like that and it’s kinda annoying and I don’t wanna pay and then never play because I can’t have the name I want.

Idk. I’m on the fence.

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((I seem to like vignette sequences lately…))

The first one had been hesitant, careful. They stood on the hills over the Reach, the celebrations beginning, finally, to wind down. None had noted their slipping away.

They had promised to talk, when all was said and done. An attempt to define the emotions pulling between them. But in the starlight, they simply leaned on one another, content to have survived.

Valiant attempts were made, but for all their combined skills with words, none of the right ones came; perhaps they did not exist, at least not in their native tongue.

His hand, freed of its glove, cupped her face; warm and gentle, mindful of his many calluses and scars from a life of work and adventure. She had leaned into that touch, her own fingers tracing over that skin, learning those marks. Her other hand found itself on his shoulder as he leaned closer.

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Sophiane Jehantel.

Raised among the fierce hunters of Tailfeather in the Dravanian Forelands, the shy, timid, and slightly awkward young woman has always felt more at home with chocobos than with her kin. Although her primary duty was to tend to the birds, she is a skilled huntress as well, deadly with both the bow and the lance.

When her Echo awakened with the Calamity, she very anxiously and nervously left Tailfeather behind in a bid to learn more about her strange new ability. In addition to working on unraveling the secrets of the Echo, Sophiane picks up the leatherworking trade and discovers a new love after her first visit to the Gold Saucer: chocobo racing.

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RP Memes, music edition (closed!)

♪  - A song that my muse would dance to

Snail’s House - Sunday

It’s very happy, cute, and upbeat. What more can I say –

🎸 - A song featuring guitars that I associate with my muse

Hilary Duff - The Last Song

Finally coming to understand that, perhaps she can’t save everyone, perhaps she isn’t needed by everyone. And that’s okay.

💕- A song that reminds me of my muse’s relationship with their partner

Darren Hayes - Don’t Give Up

Laurchefant will never give up on each other ;~; No matter how things might get strained between them because of Laurelis’ refusal to accept help.

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Rhela Moshroca.

A bright, bubbly, outgoing, and overly curious chatterbox, Rhela has always had a thirst for adventure, an eagerness to explore, and a desire to be helpful. After she demonstrated a tendency to wander off and get into trouble, the matron of her clan worked on nurturing her interests in hopes of getting her to settle down a little. These efforts bore fruit - in addition to revealing an aptitude for botany, Rhela became a skilled painter and avid angler.

Following the Calamity, the opportunity for exploration and adventure arose, and after receiving the blessing of her family, the kind-hearted miqo'te left the forests of the South Shroud behind.

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