#Finally some seeing some affection again
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✨🎵 yea these things take forever, I especially am slow; but I realized that I need you; n I wondered if I could come hooome ✨💌💕
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Nothing quite as humbling as looking back at your old takes and realizing that you were completely wrong
#this happens for me when i'm emotionally invested in a character or show and won't let myself acknowledge that it's bad#like i thought the wandavision finale was 'great'...i did so much meta-writing about loki before finally admitting it sucked...#theory-wise i'm not typically incredibly off but when it comes to evaluating quality i do have a subjectivity issue#like moon knight--i really loved that show and did not recognize most of the pacing or plot issues until the finale#to be clear i still love the show because despite its imperfect story the character exploration and acting really held it together#and i love that they took things in a new direction with how deep they were willing to go with exploring trauma#but it was definitely not as good as i was feeling like it was...and it's ok to like things in spite of flaws#i just have to be aware of them haha#but also sometimes i'll absorb other people's critical takes even when they're off-base (e.g. worried about something that doesn't happen)#like with the season finale to the mandalorian season 2--there was some strong criticism of it and i jumped on that train#because i was worried that they were completely abandoning the story and relationships that they had put in place#and canon has since confirmed they aren't (although i still haven't watched bobf) so those worries were at least largely unfounded#but i am still concerned about how they intend to treat din's religion and what his arc will be bc it can still go badly#however those concerns should not make me evaluate existing content unfairly#all of this is why i am so absolutely resistant to seeing any criticism of kenobi#because i am enjoying this show so thoroughly that i don't want anything to burst my bubble#if it is truly not that great i'll recognize that soon enough once the joy of seeing my BOY on screen again wears off#but i am being so positively affected by this show that i don't want anything to burst that bubble#especially because as stated above a lot of criticism comes from people being worried that they'll do something that they aren't doing#like making the show all about vader was a common preemptive criticism. it is clear that is not what's happening#anyway that's an awful lot of thoughts but in short yeah my takes are not perfect and sometimes i am too forgiving#but also i (and others) have been too harsh before and really all it does is kill the joy! i just wanna enjoy the things i love#kay can i just catch my breath for a second#kay has a party in the tags
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#ask to tag#suicide mention //#not. now just talking about some past stuff and how its affecting me now and Specifically on Nights Like This🤟🚬#alright. okay heres the deal#i have this brother right. my mom was checked out of parenting for like 10 years and nobody was making sure he was taking care of his teeth#so a decade passes and she finally has time for us again and.#i think like 4 were cracked a bunch were rotted all his wisdom teeth came in years back and nobody knew#jesus this is a bad comparison its not near perfect especially with graphic visual descriptions#but. heres how i see myself#i shut myself in for years and didnt talk about it cause it wasnt WORTH talking about and wouldnt matter#and it was like#high pressure all around and wounds not talked about and stuff just festering and rotting#and its only years after that im realizing how much having an active deathwish through all of highschool fucks you up and over#i wasnt worried about that stuff cause i wasnt worried about a FUTURE#i lived like that for years#and then. i dont know things changed and got better in some respects and now like. in a sense i can actually look at that stuff and worry i#but. its like looking inward is like good GOD what happened in there#thats the type of broken i am its later that im picking pieces of myself out from this rot zone and theres nothing to do with it#thats the way i dont know what to do with myself#structure dictates function and thats the type of dysfunction i am#its fucked up and doesnt work in the same way other people do or should and it mightve been that way at one point but it isnt anymore.#sia vents#like. this isnt meant in an emo dramatic way but without exaggeration or flourish i thought of myself as a walking talking timebomb in hs#and. idk i was just holding it in and felt GUILTY getting close to people cause even if i didnt fuck up with them while ALIVE they were gon#get hurt anyways when inevitably kicked the bucket#like. i TOLD myself i was a grenade. and then. nothing happened and im just here picking metal shards from my chest thats how it FEELS#idk its like. when i started Not wanting to die its like a breath of fresh air it was amazing i FELT born again#but. idk its like after punching a wall for a long ass time and then theres the endorphins. and then you crash.#idk its like now im cleaning up my mess and finding all the SHIT ive buried myself under and now its like. i dont know what to do#i Dont know what to do
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i feel like some god honest physical affection would solve at least half of my problems right now
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raksh-writes · a year ago
I will do some rewrites, I said.
Just some light rewrites, nothing more, I said.
And here I am now - edited more than half of the chapter and wrote in almost 1k of added material for the scene I needed to rewrite. I just... I really can't control myself, can I.
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illiumflower · a year ago
also every now and again i think about fenris’ line at the end of his act 2 quest that goes something like ‘what does magic touch that it doesn’t spoil’ and how much that, like, hurts hazel. she obviously knows he isn’t directing that at her, and that she hasn’t done anything wrong specifically -- they just got done dealing with hadriana + danarius’ goons after all -- but it does take her down a peg or two for a while
especially if fenris is romanced and they talk, fuck, and he ditches for three years
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painhaver-moved · 2 years ago
u ever see some new management technique thing that's like. a byproduct of capitalism first n foremost but wld also severely impact yr quality of life as a disabled employee, likely to the point of being forced to quit yr job bcuz it wld render u unable to work if it was implemented...............like idk ableism n classism intersect massively when it comes to management n employment opportunities n im already barely able to work in a job where i sit at a desk for 8hrs n only get up to use the bathroom, take breaks, or to grab smth for another co-worker. n it's still painful n physically exhausting to me lol, so i cant imagine what wld become of me if some of these things were ACTUALLY put in place or enforced. i think id literally give up n die lmao
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i have so many emotions right now and no one to share them with
#that's why i am bothering you all bc i need some sort of outlet#otherwise i will explode#i just finished season 4 of shameless and my emotions are going crazy#i honestly can't with fiona and frank at this point#especially fiona??? can she please stop turning into her father and regain her composure? i want to be on team fiona again#lip is not annoying me right now which is a great thing... let's see how long it lasts#also what's up with jimmysteve returning out of nowhere i thought he was dead wtf#this show is such a mess why is everyone suffering????#mindy is treated so poorly by her abusive shit of a boyfriend she doesn't deserve all this pain tbh even though she's problematic af#ian is depressed and i just want him to be f*cking happy for once now that he's officially with mickey#and mickey is so affected by ian's situation too. he's so sad and helpless and worried asdjhajkshd...#he loves ian so much but i feel like he'll have a hard time dealing with this situation#whyyy can't they have some fluffy happy time no that they are finally a couple??!?!!#give them a break for fuck sake#yeah and i think mickey is officially my fav now#4x11 and 4x12 sealed the deal i am sold on that character arc please give me more in season 5#also speaking of season 5 - i am SCARED#people hinted at how this show goes to shit from this point onward#i hope i won't absolutely hate it?#i just want mickey to be okay but i have the feeling that he won't be okay please let me be wrong#gosh...............#it's always season 5 ((i mean season 5 of GoT and GG were such messes too))#i can't continue right now i'll start tomorrow#i need to give my heart a break lmao#i am not even going to read through what i just wrote bc i bet it's full of errors.... i lost the ability to write cohesively & coherently#i am sorry#mish watches shameless
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grolia · 3 years ago
the KazeTsuyo anime is nearly flawless, but I wish it did more with Musa?? The adaptation certainly built his character well and avoids stereotypes which is great, but I don’t feel like we went into enough depth with him compared to the other characters? idk
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astrxealis · a month ago
genshin brainrot is hard to get back into (esp bcs i like other fandoms more and im more into other stuff rn) but. diluc <33
#he is the moment he is forever oh ykjt4jh4ehuehfjdjeksksksk BRO but ig it helps that i kind of uhhhh whats it called#i associate him w bldborne !! him as a hunter hell yeah <3 hehejfsnjd so that rlly helps#xiao w the call my name thing reminds me of another fave but it just. doesnt rlly hit rip. and uh..... thoma is just rlly cute ofc but#he doesnt get me giddy rn TvT same w kazu WUEHJDHWJDBWKDSJKSJ but one day im sure itll come back. theres a pattern ya see#but tbh im kinda glad im not. like uh. i went back to tumblr bcs of gi but im glad ion feel forced to stick w just that ?#esp bcs it wad never my top fave thing and i have criticism for it even tho i like it ofc WHAHDHSBDJS idk#i hope i can be more comfy w being myself and more free ehwhf hehehe <3#✩.rambles#this post came to be bcs i saw a fanart again n GODSIEHWJDJWJD i forgot my love for him ever since inazuma came out n i came#back to the game since chief alchemists 1st banner <//3 yeah diluc is likely still my favorite. also thoma. hehrhehrbe#ngl its a bit GAH bcs knowing their horoscopes and mbtis lowkey affect my perception of them like#not in that way but like it gives me this ........ yeah ? hard to explain. but a Vibe#this aint neg but like rhehrbejbf it makes me lean more towards those w Vibes i like more. gi doesnt have that for me#so yeah idk okay im just glad to be more yeah T^T tho i still need to improve on ^^^ WHWHRHWHDHWJJDJWJS let it go man#hehehe#i rlly want to kinda improve my thinking bcs overanalyzing n overthinking abt ^^ makes me feel worse instead of better grrrrrr#ill see what i can do !! prolly thru beinf self indulgent tbh n finally writing those works. also other stuff. idk man. just#not rlly sticking to this. thing. i need to allow myself to be more carefree WHWHDHSBDJBS and think a lil less abt some stuff
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deathxproof · 3 years ago
Man oh man there’s just a WHOLE ass rant about the Master and his dependency and abandonment issues in the tags that I don’t want to make into a real post rn enjoy bls read if you wanna
#tbh i could go on a rant for days about how dependant on the Doctor the Master is to the point where he spends so much time being like#‘maybe this’ll catch the Doctor’s attention!!! maybe he’ll be impressed !!! maybe they’ll just get mad !!! theta’s attention !!!#and how when the Doctor is actually around and they have some semblance of normalcy he’s DESPERATE to keep it#desperate to keep his affections and meticulously try to make sure the Doctor still Loves Him#until things get to be too much or too loud or too stagnant and he has a breakdown#but even then he tries so hard to hide some of them#‘cant have theta see me hurt myself cant have theta see me like this theta wont love me anymore theta wont want me around bc im a monster!!’#until he actually acts out or does something he knows they wont approve of in some capacity. or until he gets upset w them#thats not even getting into when he feels like he doesnt deserve their affection and love and they deserve to be hurt or something#and how willingly he’d allow himself to be hurt by the Doctor in some verses just to have his attention and any affections afterwards#just to know that they DO feel that strongly about him in some way#(in some verses)#but like the abadonment and trust issues are so real that instead he just wants to hyperfixate on them and try to do everything in his power#to keep the Doctor around okce he finally has him again#theres always at least a little part of him that aches and is hypervigilant as to when the Doctor might leave again#(and usually in his head its never ‘might’ its always ‘the Doctor WILL leave again if you dont do a good job’
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bluexiao · 15 days ago
#you were with her... all this time? 
—calling them out for spending too much time with lumine
CHARACTERS. Albedo, Ayato, Childe, Diluc, Gorou, Itto, Kaeya, Kazuha, Scaramouche, Thoma, Venti, Xiao, Zhongli; gn! Reader
THEMES. hurt; some of them are crack/fluff, some angst; a few arguments; reader is jealous and petty? Maybe, maybe not; a bit implied cheating on some; reader is kinda tipsy at kaeya’s part (i swear he’s the only one that has fluff)
NOTES. This is actually a request I received and it was specifically for lumine, so i made it that way. Also, i found it difficult to write dain for this for some reason so im sorry if he’s not included in this one. 
Tumblr media
It was difficult to doubt ZHONGLI at first. Your trust in him was beyond anyone else, to be quite frank. There was no other reason for you to feel or think otherwise, after all. 
Rex Lapis’ death greatly affected the citizens of Liyue, and probably much more with the Funeral House that your lover was working at. You did not mind, as it was his work, after all. Even if it was at the expense of your daily tea-times, or even suppers. You could not even figure out if he had gone home last night if it were not for the soft thud of the door that had woken you up by the morning. You assumed that it was him, already ready for work and walking out so early, but it was unusual nonetheless. He never went to work unless he had woken you up first. 
And that was when you saw it. He was giving a Glazed Lily to someone else, and it was a traveler. 
You were not familiar with her, but you could certainly tell that she was someone who came from somewhere else with the unique look of her clothes. 
You felt you did not need to confront him at that moment, but when you just knew that this was going on repeatedly, you decided that it was time. 
When he had heard you out, he was calm—one thing you wished he was not at that time as it was difficult to determine whether he was calm because of the situation or it was just a facade he had always had. 
You received your first embrace from him at that time—you missed it, you realized; you missed his touch, his voice, his scent, and most especially the feeling of his his skin next to yours, the warmth it brought you and to quell the loneliness deep inside. 
“I apologize for worrying you, my beloved. My actions are unacceptable, please let me make it up to you.” 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
XIAO’s duty as an Adeptus of Liyue requires him his time—quite a lot of it. This was something you had known since the start and accepted wholeheartedly. Lately, however, something was amiss. For some reason, he had been more distant, probably at the same rate he had been when you two had first met—you were back to square one. 
“Xiao, is there something wrong?” You figured that it was something that he could not say to you and needed just a little push. If he did not really want to say it to you, you’d accept it either way. 
“It does not concern you.”
It was not exactly the first time you've heard this phrase from him, but this cold tone of his was a new thing. All over again, you almost forgot about it. But now it’s back. 
You’ve put on a smile and a facade at first, but as soon as you saw him with a woman standing on your regular place on the balcony, something spiralled inside of you. 
“Who is she?” Was the first thing you had asked him when it was just the two of you—which took a while, anyway, as their conversation had lasted far longer than you and he had for the last few days. 
“I thought I told you-“ 
“It does concern me,” you cut him off, then softening your voice, “you know you can rely on me too, right? Xiao?” 
Your voice broke as you spoke. He had heard it too and flinched. XIAO had never seen you this hurt, and his chest tightens at the thought that he had finally done it—he had finally hurt you, even if he did everything to not get you involved and hurt you physically. Of course, he could not handle that—he could not handle the thought of seeing you get hurt of him. 
But in the end, he still managed to do so, even unintentionally, it was unacceptable. 
He looks away, ashamed. Only one thought in mind. 
He did not deserve you. “How can I rely on you?” I cannot let you get hurt. His jaw clenches, muttering the words “What made you think I should rely on you? Or anyone else.” he whispered the last few words, but he was sure you heard them. 
And maybe he was too curious to see if you certainly had, if he had gotten his message to you that you will feel compelled to leave (which you should). 
Your frown told him that it was all ending, that it was crumbling right in front of his face and sooner than later, you would be far away from him—out of his reach, out of his sight, out of his mind.
But will you ever be?
Will the thought of you continue to haunt him even if you leave him? 
There was one way to find out, but his chest continue to tighten just by the thought of it. 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
VENTI is usually free. He rarely has “things to do” that do not involve you, actually. This time, it’s quite different, but you did not mind it at all—at first. 
That was until he said the words “I’ll be out with the traveler for a few days. So you won’t see me for a while!” He said it as if it was the most normal thing in the world, even adding a hint of a tune with it, which assured you that he was at least enjoying her company. 
But it did bother you. 
It bothered you until weeks passed by and until he went home one day; drunk and slurring every word he says. Actually, you did not mind this one bit—this is him, you’d known them since the start because this was also ironically how you met him first. 
You could only bitterly chuckle at yourself. 
But now he’s praising and preaching the good things that ‘Lumine’ had done in their trip, every single slur word that he had uttered that night was all full of her. And you could say you snapped at him for a moment, but nobody could blame you for walking out when he brushed you off. 
“Oh come on, don’t be a killjoy. We were just having fun.” 
Sure, he was drunk. Sure, it was the traveler—the very person who did so many legendary things that everyone praises her no matter where she is, you told yourself as you gritted your teeth and pursed your lips, but they say that people speak the truth when they’re drunk, right? Then maybe… 
Then maybe-
“Well, I hope you will have more fun with her, then.” You say, and when you pushed yourself up of your seat, you refused to look him in the eye and change your mind. 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
THOMA’s busier than usual—well, his schedule is always already full, but now it seems like he doesn't even have free time, especially for you. 
He was with the traveler, he was honest about that bit. You were glad that he was gleaming and smiling so bright, looking so excited at the prospect of being of help to Inazuma’s savior. 
This turned into worry and then turned into doubt. 
You never thought you’d ever doubt your lover, no, not even when you first had come to know him and even more. But maybe you were overreacting? Actually, you knew you could tell him anything and that he would reassure you that nothing was wrong or that he’d just been busy and that’s all. 
But it did not go exactly as you thought, did it? 
He was laughing nervously, and the moment he began speaking, you were already beyond uncertain whether the words that were coming out of his mouth were the truth. 
“We were just hanging out.” You briefly heard him, but the rest of his words did not register in your mind anymore, especially now that you were looking away, refusing to hear a single thing. 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
Now, this is rare. This is impossible, actually. What could the traveler and SCARAMOUCHE be doing for them to even be in the same place? All the more now when it has been a while since this has been going on. 
“It’s none of your business, get out of my way.” Was his response to you. Unfortunately for him, you were stubborn too. 
“I said get out of my way, Y/n.” He was glaring at you, and you would have moved away if you were not used to it. 
“Tell me why you’re hanging out with her at first. I know you’re hiding something from me.” It’s highly unusual for you to hang out with anyone, let alone one of your enemies. You bit your tongue before you could say more, afraid to fan the fire that was growing and growing by the second. 
But the fire had been lit, and there was no stopping it from spreading and shredding everything on its path. 
“My business is my business, don’t try to put words in my mouth!” Those were two different phrases, and you knew very well that if you pushed further, there would be no going back. 
But maybe it was not worth saving after all. 
“Very well, then,” you calmed yourself as you said, “You will not hear from me either.” 
“My business is my business.” You turned around, unable to look him in the eye. “Goodbye, Balladeer.” 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
KAZUHA has been away for quite some time now. 
This is not new, but what was different was who he was with. 
You were made aware by him himself and probably all crew members who saw him and his companion that he was with the traveler. 
It was a simple thing, and the days merely passed by as if it was a maple leaf dancing and gliding through the air. You smiled to yourself, your thoughts suddenly being invaded by your lover once again. You find yourself with these thoughts a couple of times—you missed him, of course, but there was nothing else you could do but wait, and it was fine. 
Usually, you would have a random bird deliver a short letter or poem from KAZUHA, but so far, you’ve received no news and not a word from him nor any of the ones who were with him. Maybe they had encountered something dangerous or so? 
You were beginning to worry when you noticed someone you were familiar with—“Kazu-” You cut off your own voice when you see someone else running his way. And this was the first time you’ve seen her up close. 
And in short, she was beautiful. 
Is this the traveler they were talking about? If so, then why were you even here then? 
That was what you felt when you found yourself face to face with your lover at the end of that day. It was the first time he had come home for a few weeks—-maybe even a month. And all this time… he was with someone like the traveler? 
Confronting him was difficult. You knew he had been honest, and you knew that if you questioned him now, he would say nothing but the truth, no matter how hard it may be. But you did so anyway, no matter how both your heart and your mind told you not to, it just slipped right through your lips, and there was no going back. 
“Is that…. how you think that was?” You could hear a tone of hurt in his voice, and instantly, you regret your words. 
“I’m sorry, it was not my intention to make you feel like this.” He tries to reach out for your hand but he stops, his eyes searching yours for a moment until you yourself extend your arm and hold his hand. He then raises both your hands and places a brief but gentle kiss on its back. 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
KAEYA is mysterious, even before you even met him, and he also knew the traveler, acting very close to her even. You knew it right from the start and it did not bother you for one second. 
But that second appeared all of a sudden in the form of a drunken situation. 
In the end, it did bother you, and KAEYA finds himself being confronted by you, who had spilled all the beans (your rants) to him one night when he had brought you to Angel’s Share with him after finally coming home from a month-long “mission” with the traveler. 
His lips quirk on the side, but anyone could tell that he was debating whether he should answer you or not—not that there was anyone else who was watching the two of you… except for his brother who was glaring at him after listening to your rants. 
He awkwardly chuckles and tries to place his hand on your shoulders, wanting to usher you and him out for you two to discuss this at home, not with his brother judging him at the side. 
“Come on, Y/n… let’s-”
“No, I want to know now.” 
He found you cute even in this situation that he wanted to pinch your nose. He eases up and sighs, unable to stop himself from pinching your nose very lightly, so as to not agitate you further. 
“Babe, you know I love you right? But I don’t think you’ll be able to very clearly remember this tomorrow so you should completely sober up first before I make it up to you.” 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
It’s quite odd for you to not see ITTO at least minutes or hours apart. Sometimes, he does go far away to atend to his “gang leader duties” but he always comes back whenever he says so. 
This time is different. 
You were beginning to worry over nothing when he came home one day, but with a big smile and his arm slumped over someone—you recognized her. You’ve seen her once but-
Why the hell is she with him? 
You raised a brow. 
“Are you wasting the traveler’s precious time now, Itto?” you glared at him, frowning, “You could have just asked for my help, you know! I’m sure the traveler has a busy schedule!” 
To say that ITTO was bewildered when he heard this was an understatement. It was a good thing Paimon was not there or she could’ve definitely laughed at him! Who would’ve thought that his own lover (you) would side with the traveler instead of him!
“But babe~” he whined, “I’ll be wasting your precious time then!” 
He was frowning and looking at you like a puppy, and you still frowned at him, only to give up and sigh, spreading your arms (like you would whenever you prompt him to come and hug you). 
“You better have some explaining to do, oni.” 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
Most of the time, it was GOROU who seeks you. He’s not clingy (in public, that is) but he does want to see you and check in on you every once in a while. 
However, the situation has reversed, for some reason. 
You were confused at first, but when Kokomi informed you that he was with the traveler, you were relieved to think that he was at the very least safe. 
But even when he came home, he was less clingy than usual… and it was starting to bug you. 
Was it because he was hanging out with the traveler more? 
Your mind was so filled with thoughts that you did not see yourself bumping into the very people you were thinking about—both him and the traveler. Lumine walks away the moment she saw you. You ere thankful for that, but now you were stuck in an awkward situation with your boyfriend who had not even hugged you for the last 24 hours. 
Your arms crossed as you looked at him, and as if it was instinct (it probably was) his ears drooped as soon as he saw your glare at him. 
“Y/n?” You swore you heard him stutter, “Why… why are you looking at me like that? Did I do something wrong?” 
You bit your lip, debating whether you should really tell him or not, but in the end, you did. 
His eyes widened, and at the same time, his ears shot up (his tail too). He had his hands stiff in the air, as if he wanted to reach out but was forcing himself not to. 
“W-What?! I… I wasn’t spending more time with you because of…” he trails off, “But I…” then his ears dropped once again. “But I… I thought you were getting sick of me so… I tried not to pester you for a while… we’re not really busy, but I was helping the traveler out to spend my time at least doing something. But I still miss you and I want to hug you right now, but I can't. I'm already doing well…” 
He continued whining and your jaw fell all the more as he did so. You caught yourself, but by the time you did, he was still talking about something you can’t even register anymore with how he was muttering and eating the words. 
In the end, you hugged your boy in defeat and cuddled him all night, reassuring him that this wil be the last time this should ever happen. 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
DILUC is a busy man, which is why this occurrence is not that new to you. 
Of course, he has the Winery, he protects Mondstadt as well. 
But now… he has been spending far more time with the traveler that you wondered if this was also something you should look forward to in the future. 
Before, it was just the Winery and Mondstadt and now, the traveler too? 
Of course, it was a petty way of thinking. But you were seriously beginning to forget what he even looked like with how many weekly dates were postponed and you’re too tired of seeing Charlie in Angel’s Share, hoping to at least get a peak of your lover if he comes by the place. 
He never did. 
But the day he did so, he was with the traveler (again). 
Now this was suspicious—utterly so that Kaeya was exchanging glances at you the moment they entered the tavern. It was actually him who confronted DILUC in front of you when he had come by the table. 
You were grateful to him until he says “Y/n was beginning to look like an utter loner here that I cannot help but have a drink with them.” 
You glared at Kaeya and he raises both of his hands up, “Woah, you two look so scary, alright, I’ll back out.” 
You turned to your lover and caught him still glaring at his brother. As much as you’d like to admire his physique, however, you sighed heavily, catching his attention and his eyes softening all of a sudden. 
“Do you have something to say?” You were too exhausted to even deal with it—maybe you stress yourself too much? Well, at least he looked well, even if there were bags under his eyes. He did not look injured, and that alone you're grateful for. 
You heard the dragging of a chair and you found him sitting in front of you, brows and forehead knitted. Was something bothering him? If only you had the energy to reach out and unknot his forehead with your thumb-
“I’m sorry.” Was what he said first. And though he was unable to look into your eyes, you could tell that he was trying his best. “I didn't mean to make you feel… like this.” He briefly bit his lip before he looked up at you, “It may be difficult to forgive me… but… will you?” He clears his throat, “Will you forgive me?” 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
CHILDE does not usually spend his free day without you. Thus, it was quite a surprise that he was ‘bonding’ with the traveler when he was supposedly spending them with you. Not that you minded in the first few days, you figured that they just had things that they needed to sort out or a mission that he was just trying to assist the traveller with. He was not one to back down a challenge. 
And apparently, you were too. 
“What? You were… sparring with her?” 
“Of course! The traveler’s a very good opponent, it is an opportunity I can’t miss.” Then, he looks at you with amusement lingering in his eyes, “What? Do you think you could spar with me next time?” 
You frowned and crossed your arms. “Why not? I thought you liked sparring with me?” 
“But did you not also tell me that you were too busy? And you were getting tired from sparring with me? 
You sighed heavily, hand going up to your head to your temple. Of course, it was your fault. He cannot just lose, can he? 
“But… the traveler?” 
“What? Why? What’s wrong with the traveler?” You were about to answer when you saw the mocking smile on his lips that suddenly appeared ever so slowly you could only gawk in disbelief. “Why? Are you jealous? ARE YOU-“ 
“Of course not!” You exclaimed as you went and lunged at his mouth covering them with your hands frantically, afraid someone would hear him. 
“U sho thotally or!” He speaks (even if it was muffled, at least he tried and was still trying). For now, you’ve completely forgotten about your problem with him that you could only drag him away from the other Fatui members who were snickering at the display. 
You cannot just lose like this. 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
AYATO’s plans are one thing you are very well acquainted with. Of course, with someone as scheming or knowledgable as him, you were already used to it. At first, seeing him with the traveler is of course very reasonable. He meets a lot of people, and the traveler has been very helpful not only to your lover but also to all of Inazuma, which includes you. There is no reason to be jealous or feel anything negative towards them and how AYATO seems to be spending most of his time with them now. 
You’ve let those thoughts away from your mind. 
But it gets harder as another day passes by you could not help but ask him about it. It was just brought up ever so lightly, but you could tell that he was avoiding it. Oh, he definitely was. 
“Whatever do you mean? It was just a commission and I employed the traveler, there is no need to fret, love.” 
You could tell that this was not exactly the truth. You’ve been with him for a long time that you had gotten used to his mannerisms and habits—this was nothing to you. 
“You better tell me the truth, Kamisato.” You narrowed your eyes at him, making sure ot make clear that this was not something that should be brushed off easily. 
But… he still relented. 
“I promise you, that is the truth, Y/n.” 
“Then, the entire truth.” 
He hesitates. “I don’t think I should… love… I… Let us just say this is a plan for something big.” He did not look remorseful, nor anything related to that. Contrary to that, his lips were quirked to the side and his eyes were narrowed like one of a fox—which was usually an ‘indicator’ for you when he was planning something rather mischievous or huge. 
You raised a brow. Now, this is unexpected. You were sure you had already caught him but… maybe for a different reason? 
Wait… when was your anniversary anyway? Was this a plan for… 
┌───────── ·  ·  ·  · ꒰⚘݄꒱₊
ALBEDO would either have done so unconsciously or it was something that he planned. Most likely, he did it unconsciously, as he is someone who is not very well in tune with his feelings, and human emotions are one thing that he is not very good at reading or “feeling”. 
He frowns after hearing your concerns. Time likely flowed ever so slowly for you when it was different for him. Work and the traveler took his time from you, and he could tell you were displeased by your words and the hurt expression on your face. This expression—he disliked it. 
It was unforgivable of him to make you feel this pain. “Forgive me, my love,” he finds himself reaching out for your hand, and kissing your wrist, almost unconsciously, “it seems I have underestimated emotions once again. What should I do to make up for you? Tell me, and I shall make it happen.” 
Tumblr media
P.s. GOD THIS WAS AWFULLY LONG !!! i did not anticipate this to turn out this way so i apologize if i posted this late aaaaaa
Reblogs and comments are very appreciated~
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prodshima · a month ago
shying away after an argument
genre: angst to fluff ; hurt comfort with sakusa kiyoomi & ushijima wakatoshi
warnings: reader obviously gets emotionally hurt (resolved) but other than that there’s none! + kinda ooc sakusa.
notes: this was so rushed and idk what i feel about this since i haven’t written in SOOO LONG lmfao so enjoy ig even tho im rusty now :) also this request was months ago sorry it took so long haha.
sakusa kiyoomi.
sakusa came home extra exhausted, everyone in the team was getting on his nerves
and he wanted nothing more than to lay in bed and finally take some rest after hours of practice
so when he came home to see you waiting for him eagerly, it only made him more irritated
however, it seems that you didn't notice how tense he was considering you made your way towards him with a smile
and while you kept snuggling him and asking questions if he wanted to watch a movie after dinner
he was just too exhausted to entertain anything and anyone at the moment
“jesus can you stop clinging to me all the time? it makes me fucking uncomfortable.”
he slid into the bedroom before shutting the door close
you shifted a little in your feet, not expecting the sudden outburst.
looking back a few days, you havent realized how it was annoying for him and guilt creeps up to you for making him uncomfortable through your affection
taking a deep breath, you made your way to settle on the couch, deciding to give him some wanted space
it’s the next day and sakusa woke up feeling slightly better than yesterday. he reaches an arm over to your side of the bed almost as if it’s an instinct, hoping he could cuddle you for a while before heading to practice again, a frown across his face when he felt no trace of warmth
he drags his feet out of the bedroom, a subtle smile flashing across his lips when he finds you curled up on the couch with a blanket draped over your figure
his heart tugs lightly as he remembers how he took out his frustration on you, he knows his words stung and he feels bad, but he hopes you know he doesn’t mean any of it
when he comes home from practice, you're cooking something up, maybe dinner for the two of you— but you seemed too busy to notice him so he decides to walk over himself
"y/n, hi.”
a sudden voice breaks you out of your trance as you look up to the man with his usual stoic face.
you smile at him softly, "hi kiyoomi, how was practice?"
"t' was fine" he replies and scratches his nape as he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to give him his usual greeting hug but you immediately avert your gaze away from him and back to the pot in front of you
he tilts his head awkwardly, he thinks it’s a little strange but shrugs it off anyway, maybe you just forgot?
when you’re both eating dinner, he makes sure to send discreet glances in your way, hoping you would initiate some kind of conversation— you don’t though and his shoulders droops in defeat
after dinner, he invites you for a movie and he thinks luck was on his side when you agreed
however, he expected you to join him and settle on his lap like usual but instead, you situate yourself on the other side of the couch, leaving enough space between the two of you
now he's getting annoyed, fingers itching to just hold you and cradle you in his arms but you don’t seem to be in the mood to, did something happen?
he thinks he's being too dramatic and tries his best not to dwell on the silence too much, but he can't help but think of what he possibly might've done to make you act this way, and then his mind went back to yesterday.
he completely forgot about that as his mind was going miles away and he almost mentally beat himself up for not realizing how much his words had affected you.
trying to be subtle, he scoots over to your side, scooping you in one fluid motion onto his lap and trapping you between his arms
you jolt in surprise before trying to wriggle out of his hold, only to fail miserably, "kiy—"
"are you upset with me? i’m sorry i didn't mean it"
you stare at him in worry, suddenly feeling bad that he’s been blaming himself all along, “hey, i’m not upset with you, okay? i promise that but i do apologize for crossing the boundaries, i promise i’ll loosen myself up!” you continue with a smile, not wanting him to worry about you first.
but it appears he knows you too well for that.
"no, my love, don’t do that, please? i want you here with me and i shouldn’t have talked to you like that so let me make it up to you.. yeah?”
and finally— finally, you nestle yourself on his lap, taking in the warmth you’ve been craving as you speak up about your own feelings
“of course omi”
ushijima wakatoshi.
you knew volleyball will always be ushijima’s top priority and that he spends all of his time practicing for upcoming matches
you've supported him through and attended all of his games whenever you had a chance to and of course you were more than proud of him
but today, you wanted to spend time with him especially since you hadn't spend some time alone together for almost a month due to his schedule
the rest of the shiratorizawa team had said that their coach gave them a free day to make up for all their hard work
and you were looking forward to have a movie date which he suprisingly agreed into (he was half asleep when you asked him to)
getting ready, you dressed in comfy pjs and prepared the snacks, and warm blankets.
you waited patiently on the couch for a few minutes
but those minutes turned into hours and he still wasn't home so you texted him with worriedly, asking him if he was almost home
after an hour, he finally called you, “i can’t come. i’ve already told you that i have to spend my time on practice and not on useless things, y/n.”
your eyes pricked as his words registered in your brain
you wanted to spend some time with him, and yet he only thinks it’s a waste.
you were used to this, basing from your past relationships so you weren't that surprised although you won’t deny that you were disappointed
because maybe you thought it was going to be different this time
why did you even expect?
understanding where this was coming from, you quickly gathered yourself and replied as you tried to keep your voice steady: “ah i’m sorry toshi. i’ll see you at home. love you.”
you ended the called not long before he can even answer, not trusting yourself enough to even hear his voice after what he just said without breaking down
you shut off your phone, dragged yourself in the bedroom and drifted off to sleep
it's been a week since and today was sunday, another one of his free days and though you wanted to ask him once again if he could stay in, you knew that he was still going to the gym despite that, so you opted to keeping it to yourself, saving yourself from further heartbreak.
your prediction was soon confirmed when you checked the time, it was already 8 PM. usually at this time, ushijima had already arrived home but ever since he’s been charged as a captain, he'd always arrive around quarter to eleven or even later.
you were completely understanding and didn't bother him as much since you didn't want him to feel like you're holding him back from doing what he likes to do
shaking your head off the thought, you scrolled through the list of movies, trying to find something to entertain you for the rest of the night as you slowly munched on the chips you bought from the grocery store earlier
but what you didn’t know is that a certain male kept all his attention on his phone, taking glances from time to time as he waited for you to spam his notifications like you usually do
but you don’t and he takes this as the aftermath of the harsh words he threw at you last week and his heart sinks to his stomach at the thought of you not being your usual self
so before heading back, he quickly stopped by a small bakery shop near the apartment to buy some of your favorite pastries and cookies, hoping you would appreciate his small gift
when he got home, the lights were off and you weren't anywhere in sight. worried, he quickly strode through the living room, only to see you sitting in the couch with a bag of chip on your hand
you stare at the sudden intrusion, not expecting the certain man to be home so early “ toshi? are you okay? did something happen at pra—“
“i’m sorry, i didn’t mean it”
you blinked as you tried to keep your tears at bay, not wanting to lower your guard down so easily, knowing what exactly he was apologizing for
“i apologize for my words last week, y/n. i promise you i do not mean it and i love spending my time with you, in fact i found myself enjoying it more than practice, which is quite unbelievable.”
you laugh a little at his words, suddenly feeling a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders “you know i’m only worried about you, right?”
“i know, i’m sorry.”
“and that i love you?”
“yes, i know that. i love you too.”
smiling, you usher him to sit beside you and he stumbles as he buries his face on your chest, finally having the rest he’s been missing the whole time.
© all works belong to @prodshima — do not plagiarize, copy, modify, or claim my works as your own.
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erieren · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: eren jaeger x f!reader, very brief armin x reader
content warnings: alcohol consumption, dubcon, oral sex (f receiving), fingering, unprotected sex, squirting, praise, (light) choking, creampie
summary: your ex boyfriend shows you just how much he still loves you
word count: 7.5k (i’m sorry)
notes: pls ignore the fact that this is like 3 weeks late lol school has been rough recently. not proofread (like always)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Valentine’s Day is just another normal day for lonely souls, but for many others, it’s an opportunity to showcase their love and affection for their special someone. You would be celebrating it with none other than Eren Jaeger if only he hadn’t broken things off with you right before the holidays. New family issues arose and added to his stress from school and sports, and he just needed some time to get everything under control. It’s not like he cared less or didn’t care about you at all; in fact, he was still kind enough to check up on you from time to time. Now nearly two months later, you’re finally going to see him again.
“Y/N, babe, glad you could make it!” Historia greets you, yelling over the ear-splitting music radiating from the speakers inside the frat house. Her face is rosy, nearly matching the hue of her strapless dress she’s wearing despite it being the middle of winter. But the sheen of sweat on her forehead tells you that it doesn’t even matter when there’s a party going on. “Come in, let’s take a shot!”
The blonde excitedly takes you by the arm and drags you through a sea of people until you reach the kitchen where most of your other friends are. Everyone is pretty much dressed in shades of pink and red for the holiday, even Connie did the bare minimum with a red bowtie and sweats, but no shirt.
“Ooh, you look so hot!” Sasha says when her eyes fall on you. “Wanna do a boob luge?”
“I uh–” you stammer, shocked by her offer. She starts wiggling her brows at you while cupping her chest to convince you to do it, but Historia laughs it off to save you from further embarrassment.
“Maybe another time, Sasha. Connie,” she says to the sole male in the room, “pour us some shots!”
“Yes ma’am!”
Just as he reaches for the cherry vodka, Jean saunters into the kitchen. He’s wearing the same thing as Connie, and there’s a few unmistakable lipstick stains on his face and neck. “Sorry for leaving you, Con. I got a bit… distracted,” he slurs, obviously wasted. “Did I miss anything?”
“Y’N’s here, and you’re just in time for shots,” he says while carefully pouring the vodka into shot glasses that are lined up on the counter. Jean walks to you and pulls you into a side hug, and you try to ignore the sweat that glistens on his skin, not wanting to think of what he might have just finished doing.
Everyone starts to gather around Connie when he finishes pouring, and he steps back to let you all grab a glass. Once they’re all claimed, you bring them up and clink them together before downing the vodka. The taste it leaves on your tongue is all but pleasant, but it does make you feel somewhat warmer.
“Oh, just so you know,” Historia lowers her voice to a near whisper, so you lean towards her to hear her better, “Eren’s here. I know you guys kinda broke up, so if you wanna avoid him, just find me.”
“Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.”
Some time and a couple shots later, you find yourself sandwiched between Sasha and Historia. Their bodies are pressed up against yours, but with the amount of people packed in the house like sardines, there isn’t much space to move around. The blaring music and Sasha’s screaming doesn’t help the dull pounding in your head, but your mind is too fuzzy to care.
“Babe, I gotta find the bathroom,” Historia yells, “I’ll find ya in a bit.” She peels herself off of your body before you even have a chance to offer to go with her, already disappearing into the crowd. You turn to face Sasha, and she can already sense your worry for her.
“Oh, she’ll be fine,” she laughs while throwing her arms around your shoulders, “this is the Historia that nearly stabbed a creep with her stilettos after all.”
“Yeah, you’re right.” You recall the time she caused a huge scene at a random party sometime last year. “Hey, let’s go outside.”
Sasha eagerly nods her head in agreement, and you both stumble to the sliding glass door at the opposite end of the room. The mid-February air offers relief to your simmering skin, but you know that in no time you’ll probably get too cold. Looking up at the almost full moon in the clear sky puts you at ease, but the peace is quickly interrupted by a familiar voice.
“Tired of the party already?” You swear you feel your heart stop beating for a second or two. Before turning in the direction it came from, you glance at Sasha who is once again wiggling her eyebrows at you while nudging your side. “Or did you just want to find me?”
“Yeah, I’ve been dying to see you again,” you tease back while finally looking at him. Eren is sitting next to Armin by a fire pit, and you have to stop the smile that creeps onto your lips. He has his hair in the usual low bun, and a pair of pink-tinted heart-shaped glasses adorn his face. The pink crop top he’s wearing has his abs on display, as well as his v-line and… now would be a good time to stop staring at him.
Sasha starts nudging your side with her elbow while motioning for Armin to come over to where you’re standing. “I think we’ll leave you two alone,” she whispers while giving you an awkward wink. Once the two of them head back inside, you’re left with the sounds of crackling flames and the beat of your heart in your ears.
“C’mere and sit,” Eren tilts his head to where Armin previously sat. You do as he says, letting out a sigh in relief as you finally give your legs a break from standing all night long. “Kinda funny how we’re meeting again on Valentine’s Day… You enjoying the single life?”
“You could say that,” you continue to tease him, letting your sickeningly sweet smile show. 
“Ouch. I have feelings, you know, angel. Or should I say cupid?”
Angel. The name he used to call you throughout your relationship rolled off his tongue so casually, you probably wouldn’t have noticed if he didn’t try to make one of his lame jokes. He notices that your body tenses for a moment, and he awkwardly clears his throat. “Uh, sorry. It just slipped out.”
“It’s fine,” you reassure him. “How have you been?” 
He ponders your question for a moment before answering. “I guess I’ve been doing better. It’s just,” he exaggeratedly exhales, “the family problems haven’t been sorted out completely. You know, my dad actu– sorry. You probably don’t wanna hear it.”
“Is your mom alright?” you ask, changing the subject a little bit.
“Oh, yeah,” he visibly eases into the chair. “I sent her a note and some flowers this morning. She called me on FaceTime crying about how sweet it was.”
“Always the mama’s boy,” you laugh. He finds himself chuckling as well, missing the comfort you bring him. Why did he even break up with you in the first place? If it was this easy for him to get his mind off of things for just a moment, then he should’ve never left you. His heart twists at the memory of leaving you, but it’s forgotten once you start rambling about something that happened earlier that day.
Your body still feels warm. Maybe it's from the alcohol, or the fire, or maybe it’s just from being near him. You glance at him, wondering if he feels cold with his exposed midriff, only to see that he’s already peering at you over the top of his glasses that slid down the bridge of his nose.
“I don’t know if anyone’s said this, but you look beautiful tonight. I mean, you always do.” His gaze flickers down to your chest for a split second, but you really can’t blame him. Historia helped you pick out this top; it’s a red long sleeve with a v-neck that perfectly shows off your cleavage. Paired with a white skirt, it’s a pretty basic look, but Eren couldn’t help but think that you’re the most stunning person in the world.
“Do you want a lollipop?” You don’t even get to answer him because he’s already digging into the pocket of his sweats and pulling out a lollipop in the shape of a heart. 
“Yeah, sure.” He hands it over to you, and the cellophane wrapper crinkles as you tear it off. Eren intently watches as you stick it into your mouth, closing your lips around your lips and god he’s trying not to think of it as something else. He made a promise to himself that he’d refrain from doing anything to you tonight, but you’re already making things so damn hard for him. “Hey, can we go back inside? I’m starting to get a bit cold.”
“Y-yeah,” he chokes out, causing you to raise a brow at him. Standing up, he offers his hand to help you up. Your heels cause you to wobble a bit, so he places his hand on the small of your back to steady your body. It stays there until he leads you back inside and to the kitchen where he perches his sunglasses on the top of his head.
“Hey, Eren?” you call out while he grabs a bottle of water from the fridge. “Do you wanna take a shot with me?”
He feels conflicted; as much as he wants to take one with you, he can’t. “Sorry, angel. I told Armin I’d be the driver tonight.” You start to pout, letting the stick of the lollipop hang out the corner of your mouth. He doesn’t want to disappoint, so he comes up with an idea that would hopefully satiate you. Moving around the kitchen, he gets a clean shot glass and the same cherry vodka from before. 
“Get on the counter,” he demands, and you comply without hesitation. The fabric of your skirt rides up your thighs as you hop up, and you can feel the warmth radiating off Eren’s hand as he places it on the surface next to you. “Open your mouth.”
You’ve got this dazed look in your eyes; the way you’re innocently doing as he says has him gripping the edge of the counter, but he lets go to remove the lollipop from your mouth. A string of saliva connects it to your tongue before he places it into his own mouth.
“Ren, don’t mess up my lip gloss,” you whine when he places his thumb on your bottom lip. He doesn’t say anything in response and instead raises the shot glass above your lips. You instinctively tilt your head back before he can slowly pour it into your awaiting mouth. Some of it splashes off of your tongue and runs out the corner of your mouth, but Eren is quick to wipe it away with his thumb. Once you’ve swallowed all of it, he places the pad of his thumb against your tongue, allowing you to lick up the little bit that almost escaped. You mumble out a lazy “thank you” to him before straightening up.
“Good girl, remembering your manners,” he whispers, the words going straight to the heat between your thighs. All of a sudden, you’re aware of how your position has changed. Eren’s arms cage your body on the counter, but your legs are also spread to welcome him between them. His green eyes look shades darker as he focuses his stare on your lips, or perhaps it was just the way they were hidden behind his long lashes. Your body is on fire, and you’re about to say something until someone interrupts you.
“Oh, Eren! There you are,” Connie calls out. You try to hide behind his broad figure, but there’s no use. “I see Y/N’s here, too. I’ve been looking everywhere for you two, the gang’s upstairs and they wanna play some games.”
“Yeah, we’ll be up in a sec,” Eren responds, not making any effort to move from his position thinking that Connie was just going to leave.
“Don’t mind me, I’m just grabbing some drinks to bring upstairs. Feel free to join us whenever you’re ready,” he says while piling multiple cans of hard seltzers into his arms. After what feels like forever, he finally leaves the kitchen.
“I swear to god, Connie is so dense sometimes,” Eren sighs. He steps back to put some distance between the both of you, cheeks flushing when he looks between your bodies. You wonder what made him so flustered all of a sudden, so you follow his gaze to the growing bulge in his sweatpants. “I’m so sorry, angel, I just–”
“I can take care of it,” you say while pressing your pointer finger to his lips. You wiggle around to try and free yourself from the confinement of his arms, but he holds your waist to keep you still.
He can feel his walls crumbling down as you continue to move around, so eager to help with his problem. “No,” he says sternly.
“Wha– why?” Your voice falters. At this point, the alcohol is definitely getting to you. “I wanna make you feel good, wanna have you to myself.”
“God, Y/N, you can’t just say shit like that,” Eren’s voice strains as it becomes more whiny. He knows better than to cave in now. “Come on, let’s just go upstairs. Everyone’s waiting for us.”
“Fine.” He helps you down from where you sat on the counter and tenderly holds your hand while leading you to the staircase. Curious eyes follow the two of you as you make your way up the stairs slowly, so as to not stumble or trip. Down the hall, there’s some light leaking under one of the doors into the dark hallway, so Eren takes you there. He makes you stand in front of him before he reaches an arm in front of you to knock on the door a couple times. Someone’s footsteps could be heard padding against the carpeted floor, and the door swings open to reveal Jean. On the floor behind him is Connie, Mikasa, Sasha, Armin, and Historia.
“Well the lovebirds finally decided to join us,” he exclaimed while opening the door wider. Eren silently thanks the red LED lights for masking his flushed face. After letting you in, Jean closes the door, drowning out the music from downstairs, and returns to his seat on the floor. Everyone scoots back to make the circle large enough to fit you and Eren. In the center is a stack of Jenga blocks.
“Alright, so you guys know the drill. You gotta do whatever is written on the block you pick. Whoever makes the tower fall has to drink,” Armin explains. “Who’s going first?”
“Whoever had sex last,” Sasha laughs, causing Jean to throw his arms up in defeat.
“Yeah, okay, it was me.” He leans forward to observe the tower before making his decision. With a shaky hand, he successfully pulls out the first block and reads it to himself. “Aw man, we’re really starting off strong.”
“What is it?” Historia eagerly asks.
“Dirty secret,” he says. “Let me think… This one time, I tried cucking someone, but it turned into a threesome.”
A chorus of “ooh’s” breaks out before Jean decides that the game will continue in a clockwise direction which puts Armin in the spotlight. The blond hesitates to choose a block, thinking of the best way to keep the tower balanced. Ultimately, he goes for one on the opposite side that Jean took his from. “Well this is funny. Singles, take a drink!”
Connie excitedly passes two cans to you and Eren, but he doesn’t take it. “Aw, come on, man. You gotta drink, it’s the rule! Look, everyone’s doing it.”
“Nah, Con. It’s fine, he’s taking me home later,” Armin covers for him. “Sasha, go ahead.”
“Imma show you guys how it’s really done.” Without missing a beat, she quickly pulls a block out of the tower. It wobbles a bit, but she smugly smiles once it steadies. “Pick a partner,” she reads aloud, “whoever I pick has to drink when I do. I choose Mikasa!”
Mikasa groans, but there’s a smile on her lips nonetheless. While Connie starts his turn, you feel Eren snake an arm around your waist, bringing you closer to him. “Are you okay?”
“Mhm,” you assure him while resting your head on his shoulder. Glancing around, you see Historia give you a knowing look. “I’m fine,” you mouth to her, and she nods her head in understanding.
“Oh shit,” Connie whispers, showing the block to everyone. “Kiss the person to my right. Well, Mikasa, come to daddy!” He puckers his lips while leaning towards her, but she pushes his head away in disgust. 
“Never say that shit again,” she grimaces, but he manages to land a kiss on her cheek anyway. She quickly chooses a block and steadily removes it from the tower. “Truth or drink.”
“Ooh! I got one,” Historia exclaims. “If you had to make out with someone in the room, who would it be?”
“Definitely not Connie,” she quickly replies, causing him to clutch his chest over his heart in agony. “Honestly, I don’t know. Jean seems like a good kisser. But Y/N,” she pauses and winks at you, “if Eren doesn’t want you, I’ll take you.”
“Hey,” Eren whines, pulling you closer to his side. He doesn’t even try to be subtle about it; none of them even had to be sober to know that you were still into each other. It was just a matter of time until you got back together. 
“No need to get defensive, Jaeger,” Jean snorts. “We all know she’s your girl.”
His girl, you think to yourself. You almost want to skip your turn so that you don’t have to leave the comfort of his arm, but you shrug it off your shoulder and lean towards the center of the circle. Wasting no time, you decide to do what Sasha did and hastily pull one out. “Never have I ever! Alright, who has a good one?”
“Never have I ever had sex with someone in this room,” Armin says, smirking to himself. It takes nearly everyone a second to catch on, but they realize what’s going on when they see that you’re the only one taking a sip of your drink. Eren, however, is left oblivious.
“I bet we can all guess who that was with,” Sasha snickers, nudging Connie’s side in the process.
The game continues around the circle, with everyone except Eren getting even more wasted. Sasha, unsurprisingly, already passed out a couple rounds later. There were a couple close calls by the hands of Jean, and at this point, you’re not even sure how the tower is still standing by the way it tilts to one side; it’s destined to fall any moment now. 
“Come on Historia, you got this,” you encourage. Just as she places her dainty fingers on a block, the whole tower topples over. The blocks fall into a pile and everyone starts to laugh.
“Connie, I swear you blew on it!” she exclaims, refusing to accept defeat.
“And I swear that I didn’t. Drink up!” He cheers and she begrudgingly raises her can to finish its contents. Her face flushes after a little hiccup escapes her lips. 
“I think I’m done drinking for the night,” she admits, crashing to the floor. “My head is killing me.”
“Let’s join the party downstairs then,” Armin suggests. “It doesn’t seem like it died down yet.”
“What about Sasha? We can’t leave her here,” you point out. Historia rolls over Jean’s stretched out legs and tries to rouse her seemingly lifeless figure but to no avail.
Mikasa gets up to stretch her limbs before bending down to pick up Sasha. “I can take her to my place.”
“And I can go with you,” Jean cuts in, earning him a suspicious look. “To make sure nothing happens on the way there, ya know?” Mikasa just shrugs it off while Jean taps away on his phone to order an Uber. When he confirms that there’s one on the way, he helps Mikasa take Sasha downstairs. Meanwhile, you help Armin put away the Jenga blocks as everyone else prepares to go back down as well. You follow Eren out the door, and Connie is the last one to leave, so he turns the LED lights off and shuts the door. 
“Angel,” Eren calls to you after letting Connie pass by in front of him, “how are you feeling?”
“I’m okay, I think,” you giggle while clutching onto his arm. “My mind is all wooo, you know?”
Oh god, he thinks. “Come on. Let’s get you some water.” He pulls you in front of him so that your back is against his chest with one of his arms crossing over your chest to keep you close. He uses his other arm to maneuver through the packs of people to get to the kitchen where he lets go of you to get another bottle of water from the fridge. After untwisting the cap and breaking the seal, he hands the bottle to you. You easily chug nearly the entire bottle in one go, clearing your throat once you finish. “You feel better?”
“Mhm!” you say enthusiastically. “Let’s find Historia. I wanna dance!”
Eren leads you back out of the kitchen, and easily spots Armin leaning on a wall. He approaches him, and sends you off with a pat to your back. “Go wild, party animal.”
Your face crinkles in bewilderment, but he’s already walking away. You wonder where he’s going, but Armin pulls you to the side where Connie and Historia are. “I’ll keep an eye on you. Go have fun.”
“Yeah, Connie, get it!” Historia cheers as he starts throwing it back on you. He’s moving with so much force, you wonder how you haven’t been knocked off your balance yet. But you join the fun and start playfully smacking his ass.
“Oh yeah, Y/N, harder!” he starts exaggeratedly moaning.
Meanwhile, Eren finds a spot on a nearby couch and gets as comfortable as he can with a couple borderline fucking a couple feet away. The saccharine flavor of the long-gone lollipop he took from you still lingers on his tongue, so he washes it away with a gulp of water. His eyes are trained on your body which peeks through the moving bodies around you. He can vaguely see Connie in front of you, and a smile lights up his face upon the sight. 
He mindlessly scrolls through his phone and refreshes his social media feeds, doing anything to keep his mind occupied while he waits for Armin to tire. It’s starting to get late; his eyelids already feel like they’re gradually getting heavier and his body slumps into the couch. His eyes drift to you once again, and what he sees is just enough to keep him awake. 
Historia stands behind you, her hands roaming up and down your sides and rubbing against the fabric of your shirt. Just as she reaches the area under your breasts, they fall back down to your hips. The way your bodies move in time to the music, and he’s in a trance. What he doesn’t expect to see is you reaching for Armin, and him leaning down as if to capture you in a kiss. And when your lips do meet, he feels his body get warmer. It’s not the type where his blood is boiling—no, he doesn’t feel mad at all—instead, the warmth rushes south to his dick. He should be embarrassed, ashamed, that he’s getting turned on by watching his friends dance and kiss, but he can’t bring himself to look away. 
He snaps out of his reverie once he realizes that all four of you are approaching him, and he tries to straighten himself up and hide his half-hard dick for the second time that night. “Connie and I are gonna take Historia home and just crash there tonight since she lives nearby,” Armin says once he’s close enough for him to hear, “you should probably take Y/N home as well.”
“Bye, Armin,” you say in a dreamy tone, sending him and the other two a wave goodbye. “See you soon!” When they walk away, you throw yourself on Eren’s lap, facing him and wrapping your arms around his shoulders. He nearly chokes on his own spit and he frantically tries to subtly push you off.
“I had fun today, Ren.” You cut him off, pressing your pointer finger to his lips. “Armin’s a pretty good kisser.”
“Oh. Is he?” he asks, which is followed by a nod of your head. “You ready to go home?”
You scoot closer to him, dragging your cunt over his crotch and squishing your boobs against his chest. He feels even hotter now, and no matter how hard he tries to fight back, the tent in his sweats keeps growing. “Mm, not yet.”
“Why is that?” he attempts to push you off again, this time placing his hands right on your waist. It makes you jolt, rubbing yourself on his clothed cock yet again. “Actually, never mind. We’re leaving now.” He has to force himself to unwrap your arms from him and push you off to the side before abruptly standing up. With a firm grip on your arm, he yanks you up and takes you away from the party. Some people nearby stare as he drags you to the front door.
“Eren,” you whine, “why are we leaving?”
“Because I said so.”
The chilly outside air hits you like a slap in the face, and you wish that you brought a jacket or at least a cardigan. Luckily, Eren’s car was parked not too far down the street, and he made sure to buckle you in before getting in the car himself. With the turn of his key in the ignition, one of The Weeknd’s songs plays on the radio and cold air blasts from the AC.
“We’re gonna wait for the car to heat up first,” Eren says through chattering teeth, turning the temperature knob to the hottest setting. You take a moment to get comfortable, reclining your seat and stretching your legs as much as you can in the limited space you have.
Once he deems the car is warm enough, he shifts gears and slowly pulls away from the curb. His mind wanders off as he begins to drive down familiar roads. There’s still a fair amount of people outside right now, probably going back home from dates. At a stoplight, he glances over to you; your eyes are closed and your head leans against the window. He admires the way the red light casts a soft glow on your face and how your mouth slightly hangs open which fogs up the glass. It takes a second for him to realize that the light turned green because of how enchanted he felt.
When he finally gets to your apartment complex, he parks as close to your building as possible since the parking lot was mostly full. He reaches over the center console and opens the glove box to pull out a visitor parking permit that he never returned to you. After hanging it on his rearview mirror, he tenderly places a hand on your shoulder to wake you.
“Angel,” he whispers, causing you to stir, “wake up. We’re home.”
Eren takes good care of you once you finally make it to your apartment. When you start to feel nauseous, he follows you to the bathroom to make sure you’re alright and even gets you some water to drink. He leaves you alone so that you can change out your clothes for some comfy pajamas, and he respectfully wipes the sweat off your body with a wet rag afterwards. He lays you down on your bed and you almost lose yourself in a dreamlike state until you see him about to close the door and leave.
“Ren,” you softly call out, “don’t go.”
“I can’t stay here,” he responds. You prop yourself up to get a better look at him, but he rushes over and immediately tries to lay you back down. “I can’t.”
“Please stay. It’s already late.”
Using his phone to check the time, he sighs as the numbers read four minutes past eleven. “I’ll sleep on the couch, okay?”
“No,” you state; he’s taken aback. “Sleep with me.” You scoot over on your bed and lift the blanket up to welcome him in.
“I can’t,” he repeats with a strain in his voice. The promise he made to himself echoes inside his head, but the voice silences when he sees your pleading eyes and jutting lip. He just can’t say no to you.
“Give me a couple minutes.”
The next five minutes feel like an eternity while you wait for him to get himself ready for bed. After brushing his teeth with a spare toothbrush he found in your bathroom, he rummages through your closet and conveniently finds one of his hoodies that you kept from him. He slips it on and ditches his pants then goes to turn off the lights. He crawls onto the bed, leaving some space between your body.
“Thanks for taking care of me tonight,” you mumble against your pillow. “You didn’t have to do all that.”
“I wanted to though.”
“Because I care about you.”
The mattress dips as you scoot closer to him. “Yeah, you were always so nice to me.”
“I’m sorry,” the words rush out of his mouth before he can stop them, and you raise your head from your pillow, quirking a brow at him. “I’m sorry for breaking things off with you, right before the holidays, at that–”
His next words get caught in his throat when you suddenly move to straddle his hips. It doesn’t help the fact that your sleep shorts are so thin that he can feel the heat from your cunt burning a hole into his boxers. His dick aches from being blue-balled all night, and he nearly whimpers when you adjust yourself in his lap.
“It’s okay, Ren,” you say nonchalantly. “You asked for some space, and I gave it to you.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss you.”
His heart is racing a million miles an hour, and there’s no way you can’t feel his boner. You start to lean closer to his face, but he quickly turns his head to the side. “Alright, that’s enough. You’ve had a lot to drink tonight.”
“But I want you, Eren,” you whisper against his ear.
“I can’t have you,” he says, speaking from his mind. His heart is telling him to just go along with it, but he’s fighting the urge to give in. He can’t take advantage of you in such a vulnerable state. “You’re gonna wake up tomorrow morning and regret it.”
His brain turns to mush when you begin to leave open-mouthed kisses along his neck. When you suck on that one spot along his jaw, he loses it. His hands move with a mind of their own, traveling down your body and resting on the small of your back. The pressure from his hands pushes you against his cock, and he bites back a moan when he continues to grind your hips on him. Little whimpers make their way out of your throat, but Eren needs more. So much for refraining from doing anything to you.
Your manicured hand lightly grips his cheeks, forcing him to look at you as you lean closer to him again. This time, he doesn’t put up a fight. There’s still a tinge of alcohol that he can taste on your lips, but it has mostly been masked by the mint of your toothpaste. The sparks inside of his heart ignite as the kiss deepens, and the fireworks go off much like the first time he kissed you.
“Off,” you say with a tug on his hoodie. He sits up, forcing you to scooch back onto his thighs. Crossing his arms over his torso and gripping the hem of the hoodie, he swiftly removes it, leaving him in just his boxers. “You’re already so hard,” you say in awe while palming him through the fabric. You lower yourself and teasingly lick the fabric along his length, causing him to buck his hips.
“Fuck, baby, get your ass over here,” he says, pulling you up along your bed and turning the both of you over so that he’s hovering on top of you. Instinctively, you wrap your arms around his neck to bring him closer. His eyes are so pretty and even in the low light, you can see the specks of blue and green in his irises. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
With a nod of your head, you try pulling him even closer, but he stays put. “I need to hear you say it. I’m not doing anything until you do.”
“I wanna do this, Ren, I need you so bad.”
The desperation in your voice is wearing his patience thin. He goes in for another kiss and melts into your touch when he feels you undo his bun and tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear. 
“Can I take these off?” he asks with his fingers toying with the waistband of your shorts. Instead of giving him an answer, you go ahead and push off both your shorts and cotton panties. His face heats up, but he helps you take them off completely anyway. 
“I need you here,” you whimper, dragging your fingers down to your pussy and spreading your folds. Eren wastes no time in worshiping your body, leaving kisses down your stomach and up your thighs. His lips gently press against your clit when all of a sudden the feeling of his tongue on you causes your thighs to clench around his head.
A firm grip on your plush thigh forces it back against the bed. “I have to be able to breathe in order to please you,” he chuckles.
“It’s fine.” A glob of spit falls from his mouth and onto your cunt, then he’s back at licking it all up. He moans into it, and the vibrations send shockwaves up your spine, making stars cloud your vision. Reaching between your legs, you move Eren’s long hair out of the way to reveal his beautiful viridian eyes. He even has the audacity to wink at you when your eyes meet, but you can’t be mad when his fingers start prodding at your hole.
“Mmh, fuck,” you gasp when he eases one finger into you. It’s been so long—too long—since you’ve felt his touch. He tears himself away from you and props his chin on his free hand, admiring you with hearts in his eyes as if he isn’t about to add another finger.
“You’re so beautiful,” he exhales right when he curls his fingers, brushing up against that spot he knows all too well. He lives for the whines and whimpers you make, the wordless pleas for him to keep going. And he listens, kissing up your thighs until he reaches your pussy again. This time, he doesn’t keep his eyes off of you. He sees the way your head is thrown back against the pillow and how your back arches every time he hits a deep spot inside of you. “So fucking wet, too. Seems like you really missed me, huh?”
“Yeah, missed you so so so much,” you mindlessly ramble. The pressure in your lower abdomen builds as your orgasm approaches. Eren continues to stimulate your g-spot, and his tongue sloppily flicks your clit, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. “I’m so close, baby, don’t stop.”
I don’t plan on it, he thinks while massaging your thigh with his free hand. He gets so lost in dragging his tongue across your folds that he doesn’t even register the feeling of your wells clenching around him, nor does he hear the warning that you’re about to cum. So when your juices literally squirt onto him, he’s caught by surprise. He lifts his head away from you, keeping his fingers in your pussy, and just stares at your convulsing body. The moan you let out was so dragged out, and only then did he remove his fingers.
“Holy shit, angel.” He gawks at your confused expression. “I didn’t think you had it in you to do that.”
“Do what?” you innocently ask. He motions to his abs and the bed, which are soaked in your arousal. The embarrassment settles in, and you attempt to hide your face with your arms. “Oh my god, Ren, I’m sor–”
“Don’t be sorry,” he cuts you off, pulling your arms away from your head and pinning them to the bed. He kisses you, allowing you to taste yourself on his tongue. “It was hot.”
“Okay…” you say wearily. For some reason, you start to panic when you see him start to take his boxers off. “Wait!” He raises a brow at you, urging you to continue. “I’m– can we slow down?”
“Yeah, of course we can,” he smiles. “Can I take your shirt off though?”
“Mhm.” You sit up and rest your back against your pillows, allowing him to lift the fabric off your body. Your nipples harden upon being exposed to the air, and Eren carefully climbs over your body, choosing to lay in between your legs so that your chest is directly in front of his face. 
“You really are perfect,” he says with dilated eyes, cupping your tits with his hands. Much like he did to your clit, he presses a kiss onto one of your tits before taking the nipple into his mouth. His fingers toy with the one he isn’t sucking on, pinching it and rolling it. You card your hand through his hair, moaning when he nips at your sensitive skin and when he switches over to the other side. You carefully raise his head, and with your hands cradling his jaw, you guide his lips to yours. When you lightly bite down on his bottom lip and apply some pressure around his neck, he smiles into the kiss. 
“I’m ready,” you moan into his mouth. He pecks your nose before sitting up and pulling your body further down on the bed. 
“Do you have a condom?”
“Fuck me raw,” you blurt before thinking. “Oh! I mean are you clean?”
He laughs at your slip up and begins to take his boxers off. “Yeah. Haven’t had much time to be sleeping around. Not that I wanted to though.”
You’re about to poke fun at him, but the sight of his dick catches you off guard. It’s just as big as you remember, and the tip is wet and flushed a dark pink from leaking this entire time. It keeps you in a trance, and you reach out to wrap your hand around the base, but he stops you by grabbing your wrist.
“I said I wanna make you feel good earlier,” you pout while trying to free yourself from his grasp.
“And you’re gonna do just that, baby. It’s all about you tonight after all.” He taps the head of his dick against your clit a couple times before sliding it between your lips and slicking it up. After circling it around your hole, he slides it in. Even with the prep, the stretch of his cock still hurts as he sheathes himself deeper. Both of you let out a sigh when he bottoms out. “Fuck, were you always this tight?”
“I missed you, Ren.” It’s evident in the way you clench around his cock, sucking him in deeper with every thrust of his hips. His hands find yours and he tenderly intertwines your fingers, making it feel more intimate. 
“God, I love you so much, Y/N,” he grunts. “I never stopped—fuck—never stopped loving you.”
His thrusts grow harder and faster, and he has to bury his face in your neck to conceal his moans. The way his cock feels sliding against your velvety walls is breathtaking; you want more but at the same time, it’s entirely way too much. 
“Right there!” you exclaim after he repositions himself, sitting on the heels of his feet. But he stops to tie his hair back into a bun, secretly enjoying the way you squirm and writhe to get him to move again. 
“Patience, love,” he reminds you while taking a hold of the backs of your thighs. You pull them up to your chest and hold them for him, allowing him to go even deeper, something that was just seemingly impossible. The sound of skin slapping against skin grows louder, but it’s drowned out by your moans. 
“You're taking me so well, as usual.” One of his hands smooths your skin before his fingers land on your clit. The pace at which he rubs it is a perfect contrast to the quick movement of your hips.
But the added stimulation actually makes it too much. “Nngh, s-slow down!”
“Too much for you already?” He feigns pity, watching the way your eyes screw shut. “Come on, you can take it. Right?”
“Mm, shit.” The feeling in your tummy grows and not once does Eren’s pace falter, not even for a second. “Yeah, I can take it, baby.”
“Good girl.” His voice sounds much raspier, and he does end up slowing down his pace, opting to go deeper rather than faster. He looks at where your bodies connect, hypnotized by the way his dick disappears between your folds. “Always so good for me, fuck. Can feel you gripping me.”
His words turn you into a moaning mess, spurring him on even more. “I’m close, angel. But you gotta cum first.”
“Kiss me,” you brokenly plead. He removes your hands from your thighs, allowing him to get close to you. You arch your back, pushing your chest against his as he plants his soft lips on yours once more. When his tongue swipes against your bottom lip, you open up and let him in. It explores wonders within your mouth, only stopping when you begin to suck on it.
Without warning, the coil in your tummy snaps. You’re gasping for air while convulsing and tightening your grip on his cock, and he has to slow his pace to stave off his own orgasm.
“I’m gonna cum,” he pants, thrusts getting sloppy. “Where do you want it?”
“Inside me,” your words slur from the overstimulation. He’s about to ask if you’re sure about it, but he’s already past the point of pulling out.
“I love you, Y/N.” With a couple more thrusts, he buries his cock to the hilt, releasing his cum in hot, thick spurts of white. The hold he has on your hips is tight and his orgasm seems never ending until his body eventually slumps against yours. The sweat makes it feel sticky and rather unpleasant, but you pay it no mind as you come down from your high.
“I love you, too, Eren.”
His chest still heaves with each breath he takes when he pulls out of you. He can’t help but watch as his cum leaks out of your pussy and onto the bed, further soiling your sheets.
“Fuck. Sorry about your sheets,” he says while untucking the corners from under the mattress. “Get up so I can take care of you and put these in the laundry.”
You weakly raise your arms and make grabby hands at him; he has no choice but to lift you up. Using him as support, the two of you make it to the bathroom which is connected to your room. 
“How are your legs?” Eren asks while running a washcloth under warm water. He wrings it out before wiping the sweat and cum off your body.
“Shaky,” you giggle. “Probably gonna be sore in the morning.”
“Sorry,” he says sheepishly. “I’ll make it up–”
You turn his head up to face yours with a touch of your finger on his chin. “Stop saying sorry, baby.” A few seconds of silence pass while he finishes up with cleaning your legs  and moving on to wipe down his own. “Did you really mean it when you said you still love me?”
“Of course.” There’s no hesitation in his answer. “Always have loved you, and I always will.”
“Does that mean you wanna get back together?”
He just chuckles and shrugs it off. “How about we talk about it over breakfast?”
“Sounds good to me.”
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Look, Izzy is a complex character. I understand this.
But that man really looked at a 'just beginning to heal from a heartbreak' Edward Teach who was finally up and about, cleaning his living space and beginning to fully embrace himself with honesty and vulnerability and just ....CRUSHED him.
"I should have let the English kill you."
The hurt. That hurt look on his face! Remember, Izzy sheltered him from the crew for those few days, covering for him and sending in Lucius, keeping everyone else at bay. Ed thought he understood. And this is where he begins to realise Izzy only ever cared about preserving the image of Blackbeard. Not his dignity as a person in pain.
"This...whatever it is you've become, is a fate worse than death."
You can see him try to recover enough to be 'tough' and laugh it off.
"Well, I am still Blackbeard."
And Izzy responds loudly and aggressively, encroaching on his space, shoving the mocking cartoon image of Ed in his face and saying that this is the only version of him that is acceptable.
"NO. This! This is Blackbeard. Not some namby pamby in a silk gown PINING FOR HIS BOYFRIEND."
Izzy mocks his pain. Proving he never understood, merely tolerated and humoured him. He mocks Ed's very real affection and love for Stede and belittles the hope he held onto that Stede might come back.
The betrayal stings and Ed explodes, throwing Izzy back against a wall by his throat.
But this of course is exactly what Izzy wants. And he doesn't only approve, he tries to initiate physical affection immediately afterwards. Attempting to cradle his face.
"There he is."
Edward smacks his hand away and if you listen carefully, gasps in dismay before physically stepping back, distancing himself. He's disgusted. His emotions are being toyed with, not just as a means to an end, but for Izzy's own gratification.
He expected the angry outburst would pull Izzy into line but it played directly into his hands. The shock and anger is clear on his face and he takes a few deep breaths here, trying to get his bearings again.
Izzy doesn't let up, speaking as he takes a few steps closer, slowly encroaching on Ed's space again.
"Blackbeard is my captain. I serve Blackbeard, not Edward. Edward better watch his fucking step."
Con O'Neill makes the acting choice here to glance downwards a few times while speaking, not to avoid eye contact but instead doing the same thing he did with Lucius during the "Have you ever been sketched" scene. His eyes are flicking down to Ed's mouth. Body language for "I am thinking about doing intimate things with you." Objectifying him at the same time as he threatens him.
The words here are important as well, Izzy just stated that Edward, who he is and who he has settled into as a person, is no longer safe around Izzy.
When Izzy leaves and we hear the door close you can hear Ed let go of a long breath, sighing as he instinctively attempts to pull the robe closed because in that moment he felt exposed and vulnerable and didn't like it.
His expression at the beginning of the scene and at this moment are polar opposites. His face was open, happy and calm. Now it's tight, closed off and troubled.
And the final nail in the coffin comes when we hear the men up on deck calling for "Eddie" to come sing them another song.
In my head, this is the moment Ed realises that those men could get him killed.
Taika and Con absolutely slayed the acting in this scene and the whole arc for season 2 arguably pivots off it. Kings.
Having said that, Izzy Hands it is ON SITE for what you did to my boy.
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kooktrash · 3 months ago
your power | BOSS jeon jungkook au
Tumblr media
summary | the new boss at your company is hot, tatted, young, and you seem to be just his type
warnings | idk, smut, fluff, office romance, Director!jungkook x office worker! Y/n, fingering, doggy, ass slap (lowkey an ass man but he loves both), grinding, dry humping, oral (f), he wears a condom, rough, pet names
“Please be sure to welcome our newest and youngest Director of the company, Director Jeon!”
You clapped along with everyone else. You checked the time on your watch again for the billionth time in the last ten minutes. Why did there need to be a welcoming ceremony? You barely paid attention to the man as he took stage and gave his own introduction.
“Oh God I could just sit on his face.” You turned quickly, your coworkers chatting away over the new President. One of them met your eye and shrugged, “I’m just saying, he’s not what I had in mind when they said we’d be getting a new boss.”
You looked away from her, Jisoo, and to the front finally getting a good look at him. He was tall, broad and tatted. You could see hints of tattoos on his hand that he very obviously didn’t care enough to cover. That wasn’t all, he had facial piercings too and so many hoop earrings adorning his ears.
“Maybe I should turn in a project late so he could scold me,” Jisoo continued making the three of you laugh. Jimin, who had been sitting between you two leaned into your side, “I guess your appearance doesn’t matter when you’re the Chairman’s only son.”
Everything past the ceremony dragged on, you were cooped up at your desk doing some final adjustments on some project and everything from this morning was suddenly forgotten.
For the first week with a new boss there weren’t really any changes. You haven’t even seen Director Jeon since the ceremony so you really didn’t even think you’d be personally affected by the change in authority. You checked your phone again, your friend’s name displayed.
hobi: dinner tonight? on me
A smile came to your face along with a slight blush as you hurried to respond and get back to work. Your department manager had an important meeting this week with the other managers and Director so she’s asked you to write the presentation for her. You spent almost all afternoon finishing up the final draft and you were the last to leave the office that afternoon. You pushed on the elevator button repeatedly until the doors began to open. It was late and you were hoping there weren’t that many people here anymore. You needed to rush home, put your things away and then meet up with your friend.
Your eyes widened for a moment as you quickly bowed and stood in the corner of the elevator pushing the first floor. You avoided staring back at the Director but fuck was he even hotter in person. Jisoo and Jimin haven’t left your ears gossiping about anything and everything they’ve heard about him.
‘Apparently he has six cars and a house in Tokyo!’
‘I heard he has a woman for every day of the week.’
‘Rumor has it that’s he’s already let go of four employees just because they didn’t greet him.’
You jumped, phone almost slipping from your hands as you rushed to answer, a low whisper as if you’d get in trouble for being on the phone even if you were off, “Hello?”
“Hey! I just got home, I’ll be at the restaurant in about 30, are you off yet?” Your friend asked you through the phone as you glanced to the side finding Director Jeon staring blankly ahead.
“Yeah, I just have to go home and change and then I’ll meet you there, okay?” You whispered hanging up with a goodbye. You could hear someone clearing their throat behind you and when you turned your new boss was staring at you.
Director Jeon wasn’t dumb, he knows all about the rumors that have been circulating around him, some true some false. He didn’t care enough to address them so he just let them be. He’s had too much on his plate his first week to worry about what his employees thought about him. And not to sound arrogant or anything but he didn’t give a damn what they had to think of him. He will admit that he has never been opposed to a relationship with an employee but nobody has ever captured his attention. They were all too eager or too forward, mostly to probably get a raise and he didn’t like that. He liked the chase.
He tried to keep his gaze forward but the reflection of an employee on the elevator doors was a little too tempting to ignore. He glanced over to you, fitted skirt, heels, thin blouse. Your legs looked long, he could see a bit of your calf muscle tensed as you spoke on the phone. A boyfriend, maybe? He’s not sure, what he does know is that you were an attractive woman and what was the reason for you being at work so late? Usually only him and some managers stayed behind but from the looks of your name tag you couldn’t be more than a regular associate.
“Sir,” his assistant cleared his throat as the elevator dinged opening the doors. You walked out before him giving him a good view of the away of your hips with each step you took. He let his assistant lead him in the opposite direction and that was it. You were a nice little treat for his eyes this afternoon.
The next time he saw you he was a little taken by surprise. This was just supposed to be a meeting between him and the department leaders for a new project in play. He was surprised when department leader, Soomin said one of her associates would be leading the presentation. And imagine the look on his face when the woman from the elevator stood in front of him looking delicious.
“So, why is she doing a presentation I asked you to do?” He couldn’t help himself, the look of distress that flashed in your eyes at the end of your presentation when he addressed Soomin. The department leader looked flustered or embarrassed but Jungkook didn’t back down, “Don’t tell me she was more competent than you.”
He stood up fixing his suit as he walked to the front, eyes locked on yours. You were pretty, no, you were hot. Really fucking hot and if this was a movie he’d be pushing you onto the conference table and taking you right there. He stuck his hand out to you as you shook it nervously while he met Soomin’s gaze before looking back to you not letting go of your hand, “What’s your name again?”
It was Y/n L/n, employee number 009036, in the researched department team B. He remembered reading your name tag just a couple days before in the elevator where he asked to figure out who you were. He just wanted to hear you talk to him directly.
“Y/n L/n, Mr. Director. Sir.” He couldn’t help but smile over how clearly flustered you were and released your hand. He looked to Soomin, “I’m going to be borrowing Ms. L/n for the Vante project, clearly she’s done the research for you and will know the most about the venue.”
Or he was choosing her because he thought she was hot, either or, and or. It didn’t matter you clearly knew what you were doing and maybe having a pretty face was just a plus for him.
“This is good for you!” Jimin had basically squeaked at your desk when he heard the news, “This could mean a promotion if you do good. And on top of that you’re going to get to work front and center with Director Jeon!”
“What? When does the Director ever work on these sort of things?” You asked him. He was sitting on your desk flipping through the folder you had presented with, “Apparently this Vante artist is a close friend of his so he’ll be overseeing everything.”
The next day you arrived to a file on your desk. Your name printed neatly in pretty gold font on the cover of the black leather folder and when you opened it inside was everything you’d need to know for this project.
“Ms L/n?” When you looked up you found the Director’s assistant standing before you, “The Director has requested a meeting before lunch today to discuss the Vante exhibit with everyone on the team. You will meet at 11:15 and after the meeting will attend a group lunch.”
He left before you could ask any questions. When you left for the meeting later in the day you were surprised to find place cards for everyone, and you were unfortunately fortunate enough to be seated to the right of Director Jeon.
Jungkook wasn’t even paying attention. How could he when you were looking so pretty with the end of your G2 pen tapping against your plump lips red from biting down on them. He tried to listen to whichever team member spoke but he couldn’t help it. “And what do you think, Ms L/n?” He asked looking over to you as you tried to be quiet and ignored in your seat, “Do you like the color scheme Mr. Choi has picked?”
“Yes, I, yeah,” you looked down at your own notes and Jungkook went ahead and took them away from you, “It looks like you have something else in mind. Go ahead and share.”
“Well,” you licked your lips looking at everyone, “I just think we should avoid using any pop of color in the exhibit just because Vante’s art pieces tend to use primary and secondary colors. I think a simple white and black will help make his pieces pop.”
“Yes I agree,” Jungkook cleared his throat, “A black and white contemporary look will look great. Good job, Miss L/n.”
The lunch wasn’t as awful as you thought it’d be. Since there wasn’t assigned seating this time around you took the liberty in sitting the farthest from the Director as your table allowed and spent more time on your phone than anything else. At one point you disappeared into the bathroom to answer a call when you overheard something you wished you hadn’t.
“God, did you see the way that rookie on team B was basically begging for the Director’s attention? What was her name again, Y/n?”
“She probably slept with him, how else would she be put on the project if this is his close friend. Our leader said only the most experienced associates were assigned to this.”
You opened the stall door, looking at your own reflection as the women that had just been talking about you greeted you with a stutter. You washed your hands ignoring them as they hurried to leave.
“If you’re insecure about your own work progress just say that,” you mumbled as you passed them again on your way to the table, “Or at least don’t try and spread rumors around just because you’re incompetent.”
“D-Director Jeon!”
Fuck. Did he just hear you or are they playing a prank on you.
“We are all ready to get going,” his voice was deep and directly behind you but you were too scared to turn around. What if he was going to scold you because he read it wrong? “You should get on your way as well,” he cleared his throat and in an instant the two were off to get their things. You turned around avoiding his gaze as you hurried to the table where your bag was. Had he followed you three? Why didn’t he just send his assistant to rally everyone up?
“I do hope your professionalism improves,” He said as he walked alongside you as you retrieved your things. God, so he did hear.
“Yes, of course, I apologize for my rudeness,” you pushed your hair behind your ears pretending like you couldn’t see the way he pulled his bottom lip between his teeth.
Jungkook played it cool for a couple days. His days were busy attending stupid banquets and parading around like his father intended him to. Even after the years he avoided him he was still forced into a life he didn’t want. The tattoos and piercings he wore so well were just a small sign of what he wished to do. He never wanted to take over the business but what choice did he have.
If this were up to him he’d be backpacking through Southeast Asia with a pretty girl, definitely not wasting his time at the company his father built. He wasn’t even that old, only 24 and his life was already all planned out for him. He was dragged back from his ‘gap year’ to work here and he had hated it. Except now he had something to look forward to. Call it an office crush but he liked you. Obviously he didn’t like you enough just yet but getting to see your face definitely brightened his mood. A lot of his female employees were attractive but there was something different about you. Something about the way you hated being so close to him, probably hated the attention it brought but he didn’t mind. He was an attractive man, he knew this just as well as anybody else, and by the couple times he’s caught you staring at his lip ring he was almost positive he intrigued you.
And yes, he knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure but he just couldn’t help it. You looked so pretty and innocent even though he was sure you weren’t. You were probably just shy and hated taking a leadership role. He spent way too much time looking over your application but at least he had some background on you. You were a couple years younger, a rookie in the company but your experience and education was good. He told himself he was going to ignore it and try and get work done but he couldn’t help but bring you along to the exhibit venue that following week.
“One of his statues will go here,” Jungkook listened closely as one of the workers tried explaining the warehouse and its layout. It was big and as white as snow. There were rectangular pillars and tables covered in white and when he looked at you he found you snapping pictures. He watched as you uploaded them to your tablet where you had stickers of V’s work so you could start laying out the floor plan. He couldn’t help but smile a little, he knew you’d be of use.
“Are we looking at a different venue?” You asked nervously as you sat in the back of the black car Jungkook was driven around in. This was a private matter today, something he could’ve easily done himself but he couldn’t help but want to spend time with you so he dragged you along with. He shook his head, “No, we’re going for lunch, on me for your hard work.”
It was awkward, or well no you were awkward. You couldn’t stop fidgeting in your seat but you couldn’t help it. He was looking at you so intently and you couldn’t understand why. Why was your new boss focusing on you? Surely he had women on speed dial and if he didn’t he’d probably have a girlfriend or fiancé he’s promised to so what’s the deal? You weren’t even the best employee so why was he wasting his time with a lowly associate like you?
“Are you always this quiet? Or do I make you nervous?” He asked with a slight chuckle as the waitress left with your orders. You shook your head pushing your hair behind your ear, “So, is the team going to wear company badges for the banquet, Director Jeon?”
He cleared his throat and pushed his slicked hair back again, “Speak casual with me when we’re alone.”
“Director Jungkook, I mean.”
“Just Jungkook,” he said pouring water into your glass despite your protests, “And what team?”
“What do you mean? Isn’t the entire team going to the banquet? A chance to meet Vante before the exhibit?” You asked. Earlier today before you left the venue Jungkook had informed you that you’d be going to a charity banquet at the end of the month where some of Vante’s pieces would be displayed. You had assumed you were being invited because the whole team would be invited.
“No, just you and just me,” he cleared his throat watching as you poured him some water, “Wouldn’t you like to meet the artist?”
“Of course but,” you frowned looking away from him and thanking the waitress as your food came. You looked down at the dish, definitely not what you ordered but whatever. Jungkook looked down at the mushroom pasta, completely different than the shrimp Alfredo you had ordered. He looked at the waitress as she set his meal in front of him with a polite smile on her face, “That’s not what she ordered. She asked for Alfredo Shrimp pasta.”
“It’s alright Director J—“ “Just Jungkook dear, and no it’s not fine. You asked for Alfredo Shrimp so please bring the right dish,” Jungkook handed the dumbstruck waitress nodding her head nervously as she ran back to the kitchen with the plate.
“I would’ve eaten whatever,” you mumbled to yourself not loud enough to confront him since he was still your boss. He also still hadn’t answered your question so you pressed forward again, “So why isn’t the rest of the team going to the banquet?”
“Because I wasn’t going to ask for more invitations when it’s unnecessary,” he cleared his throat crossing his arms over his chest, “Unless of course you’d like to give up your invite and give it to someone else, but I do think I’d find it more enjoyable if you were there.”
“Director Jeon, I don’t think,” you stopped. What were you even going to say? What did he mean by his last comment? Why was he being so forward, correcting your meal and inviting you only?
Your phone buzzed on the table as you rushed to turn it off. Jungkook was quick to take a peak, the name ‘Hobi <3’ written clearly. His jaw tended just slightly as the phone rang again, “Go ahead and answer. Your boyfriend wouldn’t like for you to keep him waiting.”
Okay, he could’ve been smoother than that. Usually he didn’t have to even question anything. A woman would attach themselves to his arm and all he’d have to do is give her attention. With you he’s working on getting closer to you but you’re only seeing this as a business proposal. You’re completely missing the point in his actions but that’s fine. As long as he’s sure you don’t have a boyfriend. When you didn’t deny his assumption and instead ran off to answer he could feel pressure on his chest.
“I’m having lunch with the Director, what is it?” You asked looking back to Jungkook who was thanking the waitress for bringing back your correct meal. You barely noticed that he hadn’t touched his food once and now you wondered if he was waiting for you so you could eat together.
“I have a date tonight by your place, if it doesn’t go fine do you think I can crash at yours so I don’t have to drive so late?” He asked you. Rolling your eyes you nodded your head and quickly agreed before saying goodbye and hanging up.
“Was he upset?” Jungkook asked when you returned to the table. You shook your head looking down at your plate, “No. He was just letting me know he was going to spend the night at my place.”
Jungkook’s tongue poked against his cheek as he raised his glass to his lips trying to ignore the sudden annoyance he was feeling, “How long have you two been seeing each other.”
“We’ve been friends for eight years,” you said completely unaware of the face he was giving you, “We’re not together. He’s just a friend, he was actually telling me he had a date tonight. He’s already planning on if it goes bad he’ll just crash at mine.”
Jungkook gave a tight smile, “Let’s finish lunch, Y/n, it’s getting late.”
“He 100% wants to fuck you,” Jimin chuckled as he looked around your apartment holding his wine glass carefully, “Why else is he giving you such special treatment?”
You invited Jimin and Jisoo over on the night of the charity banquet. Correction, they invited themselves. You didn’t mind though considering you needed some other perspectives. Jungkook had gotten your address from your application and today you received a package. It was a beautiful (expensive) champagne fitted dress and heels along with a note:
‘I hope you don’t mind, I’ve taken the liberty to find you a dress for tonight. I will come to pick you up at 7:00pm. —Jeon Jungkook’
“I’m telling you this is a date,” Jisoo said zipping up your dress as Jimin wolf whistled at you agreeing with her, “Oh my god this is so Fifty Shades of Gray!”
“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes as you fixed some final pieces in your hair. Jimin shrugged, “I’m just saying. Either that or some What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, I’m just saying he’s definitely into you.”
“He can have anyone he wants, I promise you he’s just doing this because he’s nice.”
“I just looked it up and he bought you a 2,300$ dress. If he’s this nice to everyone than I must be blind because anytime I see him at work he’s an asshole,” Jisoo shrugged, “I’m not kidding, the other day he made this girl cry because she ran into him and I don’t know what he said to her but she ran away crying.”
“He just fired Choi Sunghoon from the Food department because he gave him his meat well done when he asked for medium rare!” Jimin pointed out reminding you of your lunch the other day when he was quick to correct your order. You kept that to yourself though.
There were wrong and you sure as hell weren’t going to put your job in jeopardy by having a crush on your boss. You did not have the money to switch jobs if it got too uncomfortable. You were lucky enough that they wanted to hire a 21 year old fresh out of college.
“You look beautiful tonight,” Jungkook had said as he stood in front of your building. His black Mercedes Benz looked ridiculously out of place in your run down neighborhood but there was nothing to do about it. You thanked him looking down at his suit. He held the door open for you and rounded to his side quickly.
Tumblr media
“Jungkook!” Someone called to him inside the hotel. It was full of people dressed in expensive suits and dresses and even though you looked the part you felt extremely out of place. Jungkook turned around, a smile on his face as he opened his arms, “V!”
“I’m glad you could make it, we just sold a piece to an ambassador from France,” V said looking over to you, eyes casting down your figure a little too obviously. You fidgeted behind Jungkook but he moved his hand to your lower back and led you forward. “This is Y/n L/n. She’s the one I was telling you about, the one who’s been in a big help in getting your exhibit ready for next month,” Jungkook introduced you and before you start with how much of a fan you were of this artist he was speaking.
“Call me Taehyung,” he smiled taking your hand in his as he brought it to his lips and peppering a kiss on your knuckles, “Jungkook didn’t tell me he had such beautiful employees working for him. I would’ve stopped by if I knew you were on the team.”
You couldn’t help the blush that ran to your cheeks at his words and Jungkook must’ve noticed because he was pulling you back, “Yes well, consider it an apprenticeship. I see a lot of potential in her.”
“Yes,” Taehyung licked his lips looking back to you, not caring for the glares Jungkook was shooting at him, “I think I see it too. Come Y/n, some of these pieces are going to be at the exhibit. Let me show you them, Jungkook, I believe Kim Namjoon is here somewhere if you’d prefer to chat with him. We won’t be far.”
Jungkook couldn’t even stop you before Taehyung was taking you away. It’s okay. It’s fine. He chugged his champagne as he went to follow after but a hand clasped down on his shoulder, “You’re gonna go without even saying hello?”
“Jin,” he sighed looking back to his friend, Namjoon standing next to him, “Who’s that you’re with? A date?”
“Well, sorta, she works for me,” Jungkook shrugged and Jin laughed, “Don’t they all start that way?” He had to resist the urge to roll his eyes as he searched for you. There was no way he was going to leave you alone with his artistic friend who had a reputation for finding his muse in beautiful young women.
“Look, I gotta go see where Taehyung ran off,” Jungkook excused himself ignoring their comments as he left in search for you. He found you laughing with Taehyung as his arm rested around your waist. He could feel his composure beginning to slip when he reached for your hand, “There you are.”
You looked back to him forcing a smile as you looked to Taehyung, “Director Jeon, I was wondering you went.” He had to stop himself from correcting you to use his first name but this was a business event. He looked to Taehyung, “I’ll be taking her back now, I’m sure you have other guests to entertain.”
“Where are we going?” You asked him as he pulled you through the large crowd. He led you outside, on a balcony overlooking the courtyard as he took a deep breath, “Sorry, these events can be a bit much so I figured you might enjoy a fresh breath of air.”
“Jungkook,” your hand was on his shoulder hesitantly but his breath hitched anyway, “Thank you for everything you’ve done.”
He only nodded clearing his throat as he looked away from you. You pulled your hand off when he didn’t answer and turned away a little embarrassed. Maybe you shouldn’t have touched him, but his hand had been on your waist almost all night.
“Y/n,” he swallowed the lump in his throat as he waited for you to turn to him again. He took a step closer, cautiously, “What do you think of me?”
“What?” You were confused, why was he asking this so suddenly?
“I know what they say about me around the office. That I’m the Devil’s Advocate or this sex crazed man abusing his power, so I want to know now if you think the same,” he cleared his throat crossing his arms in front of him in defeat.
“I don’t really pay attention to rumors,” you laughed thinking back to the time you caught those women talking shit about you. Your answer didn’t seem to cut through the tension, “I think rumors are just that and nothing more. I mean, from what I’ve seen, you’re not too bad. I actually think you’re kind and gentle but I don’t know how much I can say and keep it professional.”
Maybe the champagne you’d been drinking was getting to you because you were being a little too open with your boss right now. He took a step toward you but you didn’t cower back like you normal would have, “Then let’s throw away professionalism just tonight,” he said. You felt his hands go to your hips again, pulling you into him and before you could say anything your actions spoke for themselves.
Your arms flew around his neck as he dipped down enough for your lips to brush, testing the water if you will before fully giving himself to you in a soft kiss. You let yourself indulge for the night, the taste of champagne on your tongues as you kissed hungrily, only to be pulled apart at the sound of clapping. You looked to the covered glass doors, the speech was probably starting and you both headed back without another word.
The night ended quickly after, he dropped you off back at your place and neither one of you spoke another word.
He called you into his office Monday morning under the pretense of finishing up some bouquet orders. There was absolutely no talking between you two but it wasn’t awkward. Or maybe it was you were just trying really hard to avoid him.
“Would you like to discuss what happened on Saturday?” You jumped, clearly startled to find him standing behind you again.
“Director Jeon,” you turned to face him taking a small step back once you noticed your proximity, “Let me apologize for my behavior, I think the champagne had go—“
“Jungkook,” he took a step closer until you were pressing into the table behind you, your hands flew to it to keep you stable but he didn’t stop until he was grabbing you by your hips and pulling you into him, “The champagne?”
You nodded feeling the heat of his gaze as it raked down to your blouse and the small amount of cleavage he could see, “Yes, I can get a little impulsive when I drink and I know it was unpr—ngh,” you melted into his kiss again, finding your knees wanting to give in while he deepened the kiss upon your reciprocation.
You squealed when he picked you up effortlessly placing you back down on the table as he took his assault to your jaw ticking your ear with kisses as you pulled him into you, “Tell me to stop if you don’t want this.”
Fuck. You did want it. You wanted him but it didn’t feel right. You were his employee and even though he wasn’t forcing you to do this you can already tell this was going to put a strain on your professionalism. You didn’t want to be one of the female employees he beds, you didn’t want to believe the rumo—you froze. Jungkook moved away from you as jumped off the table turning away from the door. You both pretended to be interested in the variations of charcoal and obsidian textures.
“Didn’t I tell you to knock?” Jungkook spoke viciously to his assistant as they walked in. He set down the textile book and left your side. You took the opportunity to quickly put away your work and walk out knowing he wouldn’t stop you while his assistant was there.
Jungkook was confused. Clearly you wanted him, he could tell by the way you kissed him back but it’s like you didn’t want to want him. He wondered if you were worried because of your position. He wanted to tell you that it would be okay. That he’d take you out for dinner and then you two could discuss pursuing a relationship but he couldn’t tell if it was even something you would want. You seemed to care a lot about your job and if he was making it difficult for you to work he needed to know. But he also knew he wouldn’t be able to just let you go. At first he was simply attracted to you because of your beauty. But as time has passed he’s started to notice little things about you he enjoys as well. You were always hesitant to speak your mind even if you were right and he wanted to break you out of your shell the reason he’d been working with you separate from the team isn’t just because he was attracted to you. It’s because he’s heard some of the rumors speculating about you and he didn’t want you to have to work with a bunch of judgmental people just because they couldn’t stand the fact you knew how to do your job. And okay, obviously he wanted to spend time with you alone.
You rejected his advances for a week, even to meet and discuss the project you avoided him coming up with some excuse from your department leader. He didn’t like that, if you wanted nothing to do with him he was going to respect your wishes but he needed to hear you say them. So, he did what anyone would do and requested a meeting at his place after work if you were going to continue to avoid working with him he was going to make it difficult to ignore.
But he didn’t expect that he’d be the one struggling with you so close. It was getting hard for him to focus on any work with you sitting across from him.
His throat was dry, you looked so unbelievably delicious sitting across from him in a short fitted skirt and blouse. You’d been teasing him all day without even noticing it. He lied when he said it’d be easy to act like your shared kiss didn’t mean anything but it wasn’t true. He wanted to pull you into him and do more things than just kiss in his office again. He lifted his hand to his mouth, biting onto the end of his fist as discreetly as possible while you stood up to go to the bathroom.
He couldn’t help himself, he found himself running to his feet to go find you. When you opened the bathroom door and found him standing waiting for you your hand flew to your chest, “Director Jeon, I—“
He pulled you into him by your arms and maneuvered you against the wall, “Shhh, just one little kiss.”
You looked down at his lips nervously before blinking up again. He pressed his forehead against yours and pulled you in enough for your chests to be pressed against each other, “We’re not at the office anymore, nobody to catch us.”
He was right. Obviously he was right, you’d been having these thoughts all night. Just the two of you alone in his private spaces where no one other than the house cleaner to interior you. It had been all too tempting but could you really give in? He’s your boss, a wealthy powerful man and you weren’t anywhere near his league and yet he kept entertaining you like that wasn’t the case. You didn’t want to be some little chess piece that a powerful man can conquer and throw away.
“Director Jeon I think you have me mistaken,” you tried to sound calmer than you actually were, hands playing on his shoulders as he relaxed under your touch, “I’m here to finish this project and then get on my way. As you can see it’s very late and I’m sure you won’t have any difficulty ringing someone up to come take my place once I’m gone.”
It was an unprofessional jab but you couldn’t help yourself. After all, there were rumors about young company president being a womanizer and you didn’t care how powerful he was you weren’t going to be one of his many conquests. Even if it meant you’d lose your job. He only held you tighter, “Then you must have me mistaken, I thought I’ve made my intentions with you clear.”
His lips brushed against yours teasingly, never fully meeting yours but not moving away. It was you who closed the gap between you and stood on your tiptoes to press your lips together. It was all the consent he needed before pushing you against the wall and deepening the kiss, one hand on the wall, one tilting your chin up and a muscular thigh pressed between your legs keeping you anchored. Your hand fidgeted with the collar of his shirt and he moved the hand from the wall to grip yours and hold it up so you couldn’t move, not that you wanted to anyway.
You pulled back just enough to catch your breath, noses brushing against each other. Your mouth was slightly open trying to even out your heaving breathing when you slowly brought your tongue out to lick your lips. He took it as invitation and dragged your mouth back to his. He didn’t even have to say anything when his hands moved to grope your ass, skirt crumpling in his hands before he hoisted you up with ease and wrapped your legs around his tiny waist. You were starting to see, no feel, the shape of his body more clearly.
“Wait,” you muttered against his lips as he began walking in the opposite direction of where your work was, “I—I don’t want to do anything I might regret. If this is going to be a quick fuck then I don’t want to, even if it means I’ll lose my job.”
He pulled away, holding you close with your legs still around him when his brows furrowed searching your face for answers, “I would never force you to do something you don’t want to.”
He leaned his forehead against yours forcing you to look him in the eye even in your position with him carrying you, “And I can assure you I have bigger plans than a quick fuck with you. Everything is in your power, remember that love.”
And you did. You let him take you to his room. You didn’t have time to admire the size of it, like a master hotel suite with a king sized bed in the middle. Everything was gray and black with gold hues of lights in forms of lamps. He set you down on his gray, silk sheets that easily caved under your weight and wrinkled with his roughness. He wasn’t patient, hands already flying to yank your shirt out of your skirt, callous hands running along your sides as he hovered between your legs kissing down your neck and into the dip in your collarbone.
Your legs bent with his hands drawing your knees up when he let his hands roam over your skirt covered ass and back of your thighs. He sat back on his haunches looking down at you with his lip between his teeth as he tried to catch his breath. The hair that had been so neatly slicked back was beginning to stick out in different directions giving him a ravishing delicious look. You sat up, grabbed the edge of his collar and yanked him back down over you, lips crashing into each other as the low groan he let out went straight to your core.
His hands wrapped around your rib cage, hoisting you up to sit without breaking the kiss. He tugged off the ends of your clothes until you got the hint and began yanking them off while he did the same, all while trying to keep his lips against yours. When he was undressed and you took too long unbuttoning your blouse he ripped it open, the sound of buttons hitting the dark wooden floor as he kicked the rest of his pants off.
He picked you up by your hips, turning you on your stomach and pulling your ass up. He was throwing you around like a doll and you couldn’t say you hated it. You barely had time to fully admire the glory of all his tattoos when his rough hands were pulling your black Lacy underwear further between your ass as they began to caress your cheeks. He licked his lips at the sight of the way your butt ate your underwear, the way he could quite literally grab a hold on your ass and watch it jiggle in his hands. He couldn’t help but being his hand back, smacking ever so lightly but still making you jolt forward in surprise. He rubbed where he just smacked and leaned over you, “Do you want to see if those rumors about my bedroom skills are true?”
You could feel his underwear clad bulge rut against your ass and you couldn’t help but push back against it for any sort of friction. He kissed down your back, mouth nipping at your bra until it was coming undone to your surprise. You took the rest of your bra off wanting to turn around but he pressed a firm hand on your back pushing you back down. He was shimmying down, jiggling your ass cheeks in his hands against his hard, stiff cock. Sweat was already starting to cover his forehead making certain hair strands stick to his forehead. He played with the hem of your underwear before pulling them down, an almost growl slipping from his lips at the sight of your arousal creating a line that connected your wet pussy to the patch on your underwear. “You’re this wet already?”
“I’ve been thinking about you all night,” you confessed about your earlier escape to imaginations, “I wanted to take your sick right there in the living room—Ah!” He was quick, he didn’t have time for teasing especially not after your confessions when he was thinking the exact same thing. His mouth was on your ass, sinking his teeth into the squishyness just enough for you to feel him but not enough for it to actually hurt. His palm was running over your clit feeling it harden under his touch as he coated it with your wetness. His kisses trailed down until he was sniffing at your pussy despite your protests and shimmying of your hips. He squeezed your ass cheek slapping it when it jiggled, “Tell me to stop if I go too far baby, I just can’t get enough of you.”
You nodded but he slapped your ass again just a little bit harder, “Words love or I stop.”
“Okay,” you wiggled your hips in his face making your ass clap in movement, “Just do something Mr. Jeon.” He hummed in approval finally granting himself the relief of tasting your pussy. Too many days had he spent imagining what was under your pretty skirts and he for sure wasn’t disappointed. “Fuck,” he groaned into your cunt lapping up as much as he could, pulling on your labia to give himself more room, “You taste so fucking sweet Angel. Wan you to cum on my mouth.”
You whined rutting against his face using your elbows to push into the mattress for support. He was in heaven deep in your pussy thrusting his long tongue as far in as it could as he squeezed your ass as an anchor for him. It didn’t take long for your legs to shake and he had told dig his nails into your ass to stop you from moving away from him just to make sure he could lap up your pussy like a dog thirsty for water. He waited until your hips had finally stopped shaking, letting you collapse onto the bed as he reached forward for his nightstand where he pulled a condom out. He’d love to take your pussy raw but he knew it was something you two would need to discuss in the future, and promise, he saw a future with you.
You’d be a perfect match. You seemed to understand him and you didn’t let what everyone else made of his reputation affect the way you saw him and he needed someone like that. And you needed someone who would speak up for you when you were too nervous to, and he’s sure you wouldn’t mind having someone spoil you which was something he would definitely do.
He winced as he slid the tight condom over his red cock, angry and past the point of teasing and fore play. All night he’d been picturing what you’d look like with his cock buried inside you taking him against the window, the wall, the kitchen counter, the shower. He wanted to take you in every square foot of his home and he was destined to do it over time. Like he said, a quick fuck wasn’t all he had planned for his precious employee turned lover.
He didn’t push his cock in even though he really wanted to. You were obviously spent and needed a second to get it together again and that was okay. “Is this okay?” He asked as he ran his cock between your swollen pussy lips. He could cum just like that, he could feel the slight twitch of them and your clit hit his tip so good. “Yes,” you breathed out beginning to grind back against his cock probably trying to get yourself ready again.
“I want you inside,” you whined after a couple minutes of grinding his cock against your pussy lips. He didn’t need to be told another time before he was lining your hips with his cock, pushing in just slightly as he felt his bulging tip press against the ring of your pussy. He worked himself in slowly waiting for you to beg him to do more knowing you won’t speak up unless he makes you.
“Tell me when baby,” he hissed struggling to hold himself back from just pounding into you. You nodded, “Now, fuck, fuck me now.” He smiled licking his dry lips as he took a deep breath and hollowed out. The moan you both let out meshed into a beautiful melody as he drew himself out slowly only to pushed back in.
You never expected to be doing doggy with your boss but fuck did you dream about it. So when the chance appeared you found yourself fucking back onto his cock feeling his balls hit your clit creating a slapping sound as he brought his pace to a harder, quicker, pounding, “Koo—“ you but into your lip to stop yourself but he shook his head.
He gripped your right leg that had been resting beside him and flipped you onto your side bringing the leg over his shoulder while the other was trapped under him. Your pussy opened wider for him and with this angle he was able fuck more of his cock into you, one hand gripped your leg and the other began to rot with your clit, stuck on making you cum just one more time before he did. Not only did you ass jiggle with even the slightest of movements but so did your tits, and he couldn’t help but trap your leg between his arm and neck to bring his hand down to grope your tits.
“Ah,” you whined trying to grind against him, he held you tit as he lowered himself, rutting into you as he leaned down enough to attempt at a kiss along your neck. You pushed yourself up to meet his affections but a whine was drawn out of you when he stilled inside you, grinding with his full length, “I’m g—gon—“
“Let go baby, wanna feel you cum around my cock, please,” he rubbed harder against your clit feeling your pussy tighten around him and in one go you were releasing on his member as he let go in the condom.
It took you both a few moments to collect yourselves, Jungkook peppered your hair with kisses as he slid himself out as careful as possible but you still hissed at the feeling. He jumped out of bed running to the bathroom and you found yourself looking around the room. Was that it? Was this his way of telling you to leave. You pushed your sex hair out of your face swallowing the growing lump in your throat as you sat up feeling a little sore. You looked around for your bra and underwear spotting your torn up blouse making you grip the bed sheet that you yanked off the bed to make a dress. You hurried to pick up your things unaware of the Director’s return.
“Get your cute butt back on the bed unless you want me to make you.”
You looked up at him watching him walked out with a towel that he wiped his flaccid member with. You sat on the edge watching him walk over to your side. He put the towel down between your spread legs wiping gently with the damp cloth looking into your eyes, “Lay down Angel, you’re not going anywhere. I told you this wasn’t going to be a quick fuck.”
You did as told laying back down as he rounded the corner to join you where he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into him. “So,” you bit your lips nervously too impatient and too curious to stop yourself from asking, “We are gonna keep this a secret at work, right?”
“You want to?” His brows furrowed looking down at you, “How am I supposed to go see you whenever if it’s a secret?”
“Well, it’s just, it’s going to look suspicious that the rookie you chose for an important project was sleeping with you too.”
“Okay,” he nodded kissing the tip of your nose, “But if I can’t kiss you during work hours then you better be available off the clock whenever. I’ve already got a date planned for us this weekend.”
You smiled snuggling into him in agreement letting his broad shoulder envelope you in his hold. He kissed your forehead as he reached for his lamp and turned the light off, “Goodnight love.”
okkk lowkey/highkey inspired by A Business Proposal
But I made it kinda short and quick bc this is just a one shot that I would forget if I didn’t write it now.
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lemonlover1110 · 7 days ago
Father's Day
Toji Fushiguro
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Toji Fushiguro x f!Reader
Summary: A gift to the "best" father.
Warnings: Car Sex, Oral Sex (m. receiving), Vaginal Sex, Breeding Kink, Fluff
*Based on my story “You, My Angel And My Saint” which is the sequel of “A Pearl”. Neither are necessary to read to enjoy this short oneshot:)
Tumblr media
Toji loves Father's Day. Although the holiday isn’t celebrated as much as Mother’s Day, in his house it’s very different. First, his lovely wife and children wake him up with a delicious breakfast.
“Happy Father’s Day, daddy!” Misumi says, entering the room first. He’s awake by now, just not out of bed. He sits up and watches the three of you walk in. Megumi walks behind Misumi, and you walk behind them, holding a tray with his breakfast on it. Four-year-old Misumi manages to climb on the bed, quickly wrapping her tiny arms around his large neck, and giving him a big kiss on his cheek. The man grins.
His son doesn’t climb on the bed, instead he walks to his father’s side and also kisses his cheek, repeating Misumi’s words, “Happy Father’s Day, dad.”
“You're so sweet. Thank you.” Toji responds. You finally reach him and give him the tray which he takes with a big smile on his face. He covers Misumi’s eyes before pecking your lips. She’s at that age where she gags every time you show any sort of affection to each other.
“We have some gifts for you.” You tell him, and he raises his eyebrow at what these gifts might be. He hopes that your gift is sex, or something along those lines. He expects Misumi’s gift to be a drawing or something of that sort, but he has no idea what Megumi would get him. He begins to eat breakfast while you three collect your gifts.
Misumi got off the bed to run to her room and get the gift. Megumi goes to his room as well. You kept the gift hidden in the bedroom, and surprisingly enough Toji didn’t find it. You got the bag and gave it to him. He didn’t look too happy with the gifts, which you expected but after all he does get another gift. For the time being, he receives a couple shirts and a wallet. It’s the best you could think of since shopping for Toji is extremely difficult.
“This is so… Cute. I love it, honey.” He responds and you bend down to peck his lips again before sitting down on the bed. “Am I getting another gift?”
“What more could you want?” You question, acting oblivious. He’s about to respond but Misumi comes running to the bedroom, holding the drawing she made. She puts it on the bed before climbing on it. She has a big smile on her face, showing her father the drawing that she worked so hard on.
“Mimi, you’re an artist!” He exclaims, looking at the doodles on the paper. He’s just so proud of anything and everything she does. He loves encouraging her.
Megumi walks into the bedroom, also holding a piece of paper. Toji is beyond curious to see what his son got him. He gets the paper and reads the receipt. Megumi says, “I got mom’s permission to use her card so I bought you some worms. They’re supposed to get here on Wednesday.”
“Megumi… Son… I love you and I want to thank you for the gift but what am I supposed to do with worms?” Toji questions and the young boy shrugs in response. Megumi doesn’t even know why he got the gift, he just saw an ad while scrolling online and thought he’d buy it for his father.
“Whatever you want. I heard their poop makes great fertilizer.” Megumi responds and Toji blinks. He attempts to figure out what to say because nothing truly comes to mind.
“I’m not a gardener.” Toji responds.
“I know.”
Then after receiving his lovely gifts, he’s dragged to your parents’ house to spend an hour or so of time with them. It’s been the routine for the past two Father’s Days. It isn’t anything too exciting. Your mother just makes a cake for the both of them and you eat lunch and spend some time with each other… It would bore him to death if he wasn’t listening to all the stories from your childhood.
“Here.” Your father pulls out his wallet and gets some money. Some for Megumi and some for Misumi. They love coming to their grandparents’ house mainly because their grandfather always gives them money. Misumi now understands the power that money holds. Every other day she wants ice cream and tells her father to stop the car at an ice cream parlor, and when Toji asks if she has money for ice cream, she pulls it out. Not to mention she’s great with saving and putting money to the side.
“Thank you pa!” Misumi responds, kissing his cheek.
“Thank you grandpa.” Megumi says, smiling.
“Misumi, can you please go check on your grandmother?” Your father says and she nods before walking away. When she isn’t near, your grandfather looks at Megumi and is quick to say, “Don’t spend that money on drugs. I don’t know what you youngsters do nowadays but whatever it is, don’t do it. Your mom told me about your little friend Sukuna and don’t follow in his footsteps.”
“Sukuna is not a drug addict, grandpa.” Megumi answers, and your father furrows his eyebrows and looks at Toji. 
“He isn’t. He’d most likely be a cult leader.” Toji says, causing your father to laugh.
“Will you two stop bullying a thirteen year old?” Your mother yells from the kitchen. Misumi walks back to the living room and goes straight to her father.
“They’re not bullying him!​​ They’re right!” You defend them. Megumi doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t care about Sukuna enough to try and defend him.
Lunch is served, you eat, take a couple of photos with your dad and husband before going back home. Toji spends the day with his kids, watching a movie with them, then playing board games until dinner time. And of course, one of his favorites is made. 
He eats at the dinner table with his family, happier than any man to ever walk the Earth. He listens to them talk and thinks about how lucky he is. When everyone is finished, Megumi and Toji clean up while you go upstairs to bathe Misumi and put her to bed.
Megumi is allowed to stay up. He goes to his room, while you and Toji remain downstairs. He’s about to go upstairs, but you stop him. “Can you help me get something from my car?”
“What?” He asks and you don’t say anything as you grab your car keys. You drag him out of the house and to the car, and when you open the backseat door, he notices that there’s nothing there. He looks back at you and raises his eyebrow. 
“Get in.” You order and he’s confused until it strikes him, then he willingly gets in. You get in after him. You quickly unbutton his pants, a giggle leaving your lips. “You used to love car sex so I’m surprised you didn’t catch on sooner.”
“I really thought you were going to leave me with no sex today.” Toji responds, cupping your face and bringing his lips to meet yours. The kiss escalates quickly, and soon enough his tongue enters your mouth and presses against your own. Your hand goes under his boxers and you begin to palm his cock.
He pulls away from the kiss and lets a couple of moans into the air, a bit touch deprived after nearly a week of not being touched by you. He loves his kids but they’re the definition of cockblockers. Yet tonight he has a very specific request.
You pull his boxers down and lower your head, your tongue circling the tip before hollowing your cheeks and wrapping your mouth around his cock. At first you only take as much as you can without gagging while your hand strokes the part that isn’t on your mouth. 
That’s so good for him. He’s so deprived that he can come in just a couple of seconds, but he manages to contain himself. Your mouth just feels so good, and he can’t even begin to imagine the main course. The pure bliss that it’ll bring him.
But right now your mouth feels so good. That’s more than enough. You take his whole length in your mouth, gagging in the process because his cock isn’t something you just get used to, but despite the tears that cloud your eyes, you continue. 
Your hand begins to massage his balls, hoping he’ll finish quick, because even though he loves, or at least used to love car sex, reality is you hate it. The space is cramped and barely anything is possible. At least in your car.
“Fuck- It feels so good-” He moans, throwing his head back. He bites his bottom lip, muffling any sounds. And he can’t hold back any longer, so he empties himself inside your mouth. You remove your mouth.
He grabs the back of your head and pulls you into a sloppy kiss that lands for a couple of seconds before you get on top of him, each knee on either side of him. He loved your choice of dress of today but now more than ever he appreciates it. He pushes your panties to the side and teases you.
“Toji.” You say in a whiny voice, causing him to smirk. He continues teasing, ignoring your whines. You take charge, and grab his cock, aligning it with your entrance before slowly sitting on it. Once he bottoms out, you take a couple of seconds to move.
His hands land on your hips and he guides you while you move up and down on his cock. And it’s so much better than what you could imagine, either of you. Your pussy just feels so good around him, and he can only think about one thing while your cunt is wrapped around his cock like this, “Give me another baby.”
“Fuck-” You can only manage to moan, his cock hitting all the right spots. He doesn’t leave the topic alone.
“Make me a daddy again.” He tells you. “Let me fuck a baby into you.”
“Toji!” You moan when he takes charge, moving his hips and thrusting in and out of you, more than what you could’ve managed on your own. It all feels so fucking good, his cock is giving you great pleasure, it’s clouding your mind and all you can say is, “Do it! Fuck! Do it!”
“You gonna make me a daddy again?” He questions. It all feels so good. So so so good. You can’t think rationally.
“Yes! Fuck a baby into me, Toji!” You respond. And it all sounds so beautiful to him. Music to his ears practically. And your face is art to his eyes. And he can’t help but think about all the times that he’s missed this. 
His hand goes under your dress and begins to play with your clit. It’s all so much for you to take, at any moment you’re going to come around him. He feels how you tighten around him, making it all somehow more delightful.
“You gonna come, baby?” He asks and you hum in response, at this point not being able to formulate any type of verbal response. You’re so drunk on his cock. It’s too much for you. You come around his cock, a loud moan escaping your lips.
“S’ good baby-” He moans. His thrusts become sloppy and soon enough he comes inside you. The both of you stay still, catching your breaths. He takes his cock out and fixes your panties. “You gonna carry my baby?”
“When Mimi turns five.”
“That’s soon enough. Just make this an early Father’s Day gift.” He tells you before pecking your lips.
“Hmmm no.” You respond.
“I bet we’re going to have twins.” Toji says, making you click your tongue as you get off him.
“Let’s go back inside.”
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elysiansparadise · 16 days ago
Sun in the composite chart
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This post is part of the new serie I'm working on, I will post about Moon to Saturn along with some other things that I consider important. I hope you enjoy this.
🤎Sun in the first house🤎 
We have a dynamic couple, for them only they exist, nothing else matters. They are not usually interested in what other people think of their relationship or of them, and that fascinates them about each other. They consider each other to be a very important part of each other's lives. They may feel that they are very similar, that they have very similar ideals, opinions and personalities, this couple can more quickly and easily adopt the behavior of the other. They will seek to gradually include each other in their routines and will always seek and be excited by the idea of ​​spending quality time.
🤎Sun in the 2nd house🤎
 It is characterized by being a stable relationship that gives them a feeling of belonging to both, there is an enormous amount of affection and appreciation although they could be somewhat shy at first. It is usually a somewhat reserved relationship but it is truly comfortable. Both will seek to make significant gifts to the other, and generally indulge each other. They will always do the right thing and treat the other as they want to be treated. This couple needs to see each other, be in constant contact with each other and see each other as much as possible. They can be somewhat jealous with the other.
🤎Sun in the 3rd house🤎 
Communication will be one of the greatest advantages and needs, you feel that you’ve found someone who understands you perfectly. They’ll love sending occasional messages and making calls that last for hours. They’ll think and talk about each other very often. Naturally close and familiar quality between you, you may feel that you have known each other for a long time. For others their relationship isn’t very clear, since the high level of friendship, they may believe that you’re only friends. A couple full of fun, meaningful conversations and endless desire to get to know each other more and more.
🤎Sun in the 4th house🤎
This couple feel that they finally are who they really are. They feel understood and deeply loved by the other, there is a lot of devotion. They may feel that they have never met someone with whom they connect in such an intense and beautiful way. Fully trust each other, there are no secrets between them and they are more vulnerable when the other is around. When they are with the other they feel at home, becoming the other's refuge and safe place, but they also become the soft spot. If something happens to the other, the other person won’t hesitate to defend, protect and care for them.
🤎Sun in the 5th house🤎
This relationship is very fun, passionate and somewhat thrilling, there are exciting and charming qualities in this couple.Their relationship is quite dynamic, they are authentic and the love for each other is something that everyone can see. They don’t hide their feelings with each other and are very transparent in that regard. There might be some drama, teasing, and a few hints of playfulness between them. No matter how serious they are, with each other smiles will be inevitable and moments of fun more than necessary will be something they can take for granted, they can feel alive again.
🤎Sun in the 6th house🤎
We found here a relationship full of support and two people who push each other towards success both personally and professionally. For the other, your achievements are important and special, they will always celebrate them with you and show you how proud they are of you. A relationship full of details, trustworthiness and a lot of peace and tranquility. There is a healing quality to this relationship and each other's company can be enough to make you feel good and whole. Your relationship is somewhat private and it may take time for you to open up emotionally. People may be surprised to know you are a couple.
🤎Sun in the 7th house🤎
This is a relationship based on fairness and justice, both parties give justly what they receive and make the other feel very loved. From the beginning of the relationship it could have had this serious essence, they could think that they finally found someone to make their life with or simply someone they want to keep in their life for many years. They are very romantic and committed to the relationship and are visibly delighted with the other, they see the other as their other half, as their complement, as their ideal person. They treat each other as if they were the most precious thing in each other's lives.
🤎Sun in the 8th house🤎
This relationship is very intense on an emotional level, it brings with it many changes not only in the lives of both, but also in their internal, emotional world and in their personality. They are very curious about the other, they want to know who they really are and everything that goes through their complex mind. They need intimacy and a deep connection, the feelings towards the other are deep and very extreme. This couple would seem to understand each other intuitively without the other saying anything, they complement each other a lot in some things but they may have some differences.
🤎Sun in the 9th house🤎
A relationship that will expand their minds, that will show them a happy side of life that they did not know but that generates enthusiasm. There’s a lot of mutual admiration and both appreciate what the other can teach them. Lots of fascination between them because of their personalities. They may feel an intense spiritual connection but at the same time a bit light-hearted. It was a connection that perhaps occurred faster than others have, but despite being fast, it fills their hearts with happiness. Stimulating each other intellectually and no matter how light the relationship, they can be a challenge for the other.
🤎Sun in the 10th house🤎
People will talk a lot about their relationship and it may be something that many would like to have. They both want the other to feel stable and supported, they will always be open with the pride they feel for their partner. This couple is seen together for a long time and in the future, they will always seek to integrate the other into their routines, and simply make them part of their lives. You can put each other on a pedestal, admire each other a lot and be very open with the love you have for the other person. Power couple, both feel that the other exceeds their standards. Sex can be very good.
🤎Sun in the 11th house🤎
Both can be very fascinated by the mind, dreams and aspirations of the other. They can spark something in each other from the start, just as they are very intrigued by each other from the start. They were able to have a strong, positive and somewhat shocking first impression of each other. They feel liberated with each other and can see the other as someone who exemplifies their desired partner. A wish come true is what they see in each other, a respite and someone to grow and explore the world with. Both will give each other a lot of faith in life and in themselves.
🤎Sun in the 12th house🤎
There is the feeling of having met or seen each other before, this placement gives us a very deep relationship on an emotional level as well as intense, many times it is an intensity that not everyone would resist. An immediate connection of people who seem to read each other's minds and hearts. A relationship in which both will sacrifice a lot for the other, in which there can be a lot of healing or a lot of turbulence. Both can show the other sides of themselves that they repress or that they do not show with others easily, they will be the mirror of the other. There could be a great emotional connection and understanding. 
Sun in the signs
Tumblr media Tumblr media
🖤Sun in Aries🖤 
We find a passionate and fiery couple, with slight hints of drama coming from the intensity with which they feel about each other. This couple is very independent, they do what they want and it's the two of them against the world. There is a high level of fun between them and they will never let the routine turn them off or drown them. This couple knows what they want to achieve with each other, they are the true definition of a power couple. They do not let anyone interfere between them and their relationship, since there is nothing that matters more to them than that. When they are together they become one.
🖤Sun in Taurus🖤
This relationship, in addition to being filled with a lot of stability and trust, has high degrees of sensuality. This couple can be seen as very attractive but slightly reserved, both can bring a lot of calm and romance to each other's lives. This couple can become very long lasting and can progress slowly. They are both very romantic with each other, detail oriented and love spending time with each other. With the other they finally feel that they have found someone with whom they see themselves together for life. For this couple it is necessary to spend a lot of time with each other, they can get very sad if they spend a lot of time apart.
🖤Sun in Gemini🖤
This relationship is entertaining, fun and fills both of them with unforgettable moments and funny anecdotes. Both can change their mood when they are with the other, they immediately feel more daring, witty and cheerful. This is a relationship in which you feel that you will never get bored, in which the other person has very interesting things to say and that they will always listen to you. They always have each other in mind and can talk a lot about each other. They are proud to be able to introduce the other as their partner/friend, they would love for you to meet the people they consider close to them.
🖤Sun in Cancer🖤
There is a feeling of familiarity between you, you feel an almost immediate warmth and seem to understand each other perfectly. Emotions and how they express them are the basis of this relationship, no matter how reserved they are, with the other they feel confident to talk openly about their concerns and their feelings. There is a lot of support and protection between the two and it may be that one has the role of caregiver and the other one that is taken care of. Despite this, both are attentive to the other, to their emotional needs and would always prefer to take the time to listen to each other before rushing to anything.
🖤Sun in Leo🖤
In this relationship, nobility and generosity are qualities that come to the fore, this couple is very warm and expressive with the other, no matter how much they want to, they cannot hide what they feel, it is evident to everyone. You both become more cheerful, expressive and self-confident after spending time together. This couple feels the need to make the other feel loved or appreciated. Romance and affection are on the surface, fun is a fact and routine and sadness are buried in the past. They make each other proud to have you in each other's lives. You both admire each other deeply.
🖤Sun in Virgo🖤
The relationship can progress little by little, but this as a reward will have those little details and memories that only make them appreciate each other more and more. These two will give each other a lot of understanding and support, they will not remain empty promises, they will always do their best to keep their word. They will take care of each other and although they do not say it openly or cope with it with jokes, their love will be so deep and devoted, that the actions will overshadow the meaning of their actions. They will be there, through thick and thin, and will always have a desire to improve the relationship.
🖤Sun in Libra🖤
This couple is very warm and romantic, they love each other and feel truly comfortable with each other's company. Even if they are just friends, people might think they are a couple. They always treat each other delicately, they are each other's soft spot and they like to do different activities with each other. You may find yourself sharing things with each other that you thought you would never share, whether it be sides of your personality, your past, desires, ambitions, or hobbies. They see each other as the perfect partner, someone with whom things are just perfect, it's okay, and it feels wonderful.
🖤Sun in Scorpio🖤
Feelings and intense relationships, a powerful connection that they will feel that they cannot or have not been able to have with anyone, a relationship full of mystery, intrigue, eroticism and much fascination on both sides. They can be very reserved with what they feel for the other, they can hide it but deep down they want to know everything about the other person, since they will be intrigued and fascinated by the other from the first time their eyes meet. Very protective of the other, jealousy can come to light and the desire to be with the other will be very strong.
🖤Sun in Sagittarius🖤
A relationship that will change them for the better, this couple will teach each other many things and although they may be somewhat different in the eyes of others, they find these differences in each other as something very attractive. They can explore a unique type of relationship, happier and with much more positive nuances. They love and appreciate each other's dreams. Regardless of the type of relationship, both will see in each other a trusted friend and a very wise advisor. The levels of trust are as high as the levels of understanding and fun. They become more creative and joyful after spending time with each other.
🖤Sun in Capricorn🖤
It may have come about traditionally and not so quickly, but both have taken each other very seriously from the start. They enjoy the time they spend with each other and consider it the best investment of their time. They always seek to improve in order to give the best of themselves to the other and to the relationship. From the beginning their relationship gives the impression of being very serious, that both want to settle down with the other. They both protect each other and see their relationship as something they will always fight for and something they are proud to show the world.
🖤Sun in Aquarius🖤
This couple will be open with each other, just like an open book, they will know each other deeply and can be very intense with each other, but it is not a trait that others will notice. They may have a long-distance relationship, a somewhat complex relationship, or just a fairly healthy relationship. They feel liberated with each other, they are their safe place to be who they really are. They both love the eccentric and proven side of the other person, they are fascinated by what they call oddities and they love spending time talking to each other. They are very interesting to each other and are their best friend. 
🖤Sun in Pisces🖤 
We have a couple whose union is deep, very devoted and can even give them a spiritual feeling. They can be inspired more often after spending time with the other, they can find in the other a muse or someone to dedicate each achievement or each work of an artistic nature. They are very sensitive to each other, even vulnerable, but they may not see it as a problem. They feel safe with each other and feel that being with each other has a healing quality. This couple will seek to help each other in many ways, but especially emotionally, they will feel what the other feels and they will protect each other a lot.
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spiderlilyserendipity · 2 months ago
MYG x Reader: Sweetheart 🔞
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s an open secret in your friend group that Min Yoongi has a crush on you. You’ve never acted on it before, and neither has Yoongi. Until one night, when your teasing goes too far.
Genre: angst, smut, fluff.
Warnings: dom/sub, dom!yoongi, sub!Y/N, one-sided crush, consent!!!!!!!, aftercare!!!, min yoongi husband material
Word Count: 3.8k
A/N: I don’t know why but it’s physically impossible for me to write Yoongi smut without some angst LOL enjoy
It’s not exactly a secret that being the only girl in a friend group is bound to cause some drama.
You’ve heard stories from your other girl friends about dating friends that went horribly and you don’t want to lose the bond you have.
It’s also an open secret in your friend group of 8 that one person likes you. Min Yoongi. 
“Y/N!” You hear Seokjin’s voice echo down the hallway. You immediately perk up, turning around to see them coming.
You see your 7 friends, walking towards you with their luggages dragging behind them.
“Come in!” You beam. You were waiting in the doorway of your apartment as soon as you got a text in the groupchat saying they landed. You haven’t seen them in a while since they’ve been on tour and you have been busy at your own job.
You step back to let them enter your apartment, watching them take off their coats and push their luggage aside. Seokjin is first, smiling and opening his arms. “Have you been well?” He asks you, his arms wrapping tight around your shoulders. You giggle as he rocks you side to side.
“Yes, yes. How has our worldwide handsome been?” You tease him.
“Great, of course.” Seokjin says, pulling back.
Next is Jimin, the hugger. He takes his baseball cap off and runs a hand through his currently-black hair. He gives you a tired but honest smile and pulls you into a warm hug. “You tired, Jiminie?” You ask him, worried if he overdid it again.
“No.” He says, and you relax when you realize he means it. “I’m getting old, Y/N.” He chuckles.
“How would she know, she’s still in her twenties.” Jungkook jokes, pretending to be envious. He’s dressed in all black again, looking tough but he’s soft and sweet as he hugs you.
“I’m only a year younger than you!” You protest, and the others laugh.
“Still, you’re the baby. Jungkook, your days are over.” Hoseok jokes, eyes crinkled in a smile as he pulls you in next. You pat his back in a silent thanks from the annoying teasing you’re always subjected to.
“Thirty’s not old!” Jungkook protests. “If I’m old, then Seokjin-hyung is—”
“What am I? Huh?” Seokjin argues immediately.
“Ancient!” Jungkook says, then makes a run for your kitchen. “Wow, look at all this food!” You hear him say. You laugh.
“I don’t know how he can eat after such a long flight.” Taehyung shakes his head, but gives you a little grin.
“As if you’re not going to do the same thing!” You say as he hugs you like a little koala, and he shushes you loudly.
The final two of your friends are not much in the way of huggers. Namjoon is awkward showing physical affection, but he smiles at you anyway. Yoongi, beside him, is pretending to not care that you haven’t hugged him yet.
Suddenly, a thought springs up in your head. It would be fun to tease these two.
You grin and open your arms. “Come here!” You say. 
You look at Yoongi, whose eyes widen slightly. You walk towards him, then at the last second wrap your arms around Namjoon’s waist instead.
“Hey!” Namjoon yelps, then relaxes. He gives you a pat on the back as you rock him side to side. “Okay, now let me go.” He grumbles, and all of you laugh. Except Yoongi.
“C’mon. I made dinner for everyone.” You say, still smiling. “It’s gonna get cold.”
You walk into the living room, where Seokjin and Jungkook have already laid out the food on your coffee table, with everyone’s plates and all.
Everyone leaps for the food, leaving you without a spot on your own sofa. Not bothered, you are about to sit on the carpet when a hand wraps around your wrist, pulling you into the armchair beside the sofa. You turn to see it’s Yoongi, who pulled you into his lap wordlessly. 
The room goes dead silent.
Hoseok breaks the silence. “Have you guys watched the new 9 o’clock drama? I heard people are going crazy over it!” He says nervously, grabbing your tv remote. 
“Oh yeah, I heard that!” Jimin catches on fast, a better actor than Hoseok is. “That’s the one with Bae Suzy isn’t it?” He says and Hoseok nods enthusiastically, turning the volume up louder than it needs to be.
No one looks at either you or Yoongi. 
Jungkook quietly slides two plates over to your side without looking, then glues his eyes to the screen like you two are doing something he shouldn’t be seeing.
Yoongi puts his hand on your jean-clad thigh to stabilize you, brushing past you to grab his plate and chopsticks.
“You’re not hungry?” He whispers in your ear, making you shiver. You look in his eyes, looking for why he’s suddenly doing this. Yoongi has never been this direct about his crush on you. Hell, he never even touches you platonically. So what’s this lap-sitting being brought on by?
Yoongi’s eyes are hard, his poker face is set. He’s intentionally not giving the answer he knows you’re looking for.
You frown. Fine, two can play that game.
You lean over to grab your plate, then shift to get more comfortable on Yoongi’s lap. You bite back a smile when Yoongi takes a sharp breath. 
You become immersed in the show, at least you pretend to. You try hard to ignore the feeling of Yoongi’s firm, muscular thighs. When you met him, Yoongi was on the slimmer side. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, but it’s… intriguing how manly he’s become. Even the hand on your hip is big and veiny—
You cough, jumping off Yoongi’s lap. As soon as you’re up, it’s like the ignoring spell breaks and the other 6 look at you.
“You okay?” You hear Taehyung call out. You wave your hand without looking back.
You walk around your breakfast nook and find a glass. You down an entire glass of water, then make yourself busy by rinsing off your plate and chopsticks to put in the dishwasher.
“Y/N.” You hear Yoongi say beside you. You stiffen. The TV volume goes up even higher.
“W-What’s wrong? If you want a second serving, it’s all on the coffee table.” You say, then dare to glance at him.
Yoongi’s face surprises you. He looks smug, a slight smirk on his face. But it fades fast, replaced by his poker face again. 
“You already made all this food, I’ll clean.” He says, sounding like his old self for a second.
You narrow your eyes, wondering what his plan is.
You watch on the side as Yoongi rinses some of the other pots and pans in the sink, putting a few in the dishwasher and hand washing the ones that won’t fit. When your suspicions fade away, you grab a cloth to wipe down the messy kitchen. 
But then he does it again.
As soon as you’re both done cleaning, Yoongi pulls you into his lap in the armchair. Now without a plate and chopsticks, he wraps both arms around your waist. You bite back a gasp as he lifts you easily, setting you on his upper thighs. You shiver as his arms hold you close, realizing how much stronger he’s gotten. You’ve hugged Yoongi on occasion before, but you don’t remember his biceps being so big, or his chest being so wide.
You look at the carpet instead of at him.
Soon enough the ending credits are playing on the TV and the others are loudly talking about it.
“I’m telling you the second lead is hotter!” Seokjin argues with Jungkook.
“The main lead is hot too! And he’s sweet to her!” Jungkook argues back.
“But he’s financially stable! And it’s not like he doesn’t love her, he’s just bad at showing it!” Seokjin argues. He turns to you. “Y/N, do girls like guys that are financially stable or not?”
You purse your lips. “We do.” Immediately, Seokjin fires back “I told you so!”
“WHY?” Jungkook continues arguing, his inner romantic flaring up again. You giggle at his irritation. “Money isn’t everything! If you’re really dedicated then you can still take care of someone!”
“You’re so sappy.” Jimin stirs the pot intentionally, although his smile says he agrees.
“What’s sappy about that? Have you fools ever been in love?” Jungkook protests. 
“Of course I have! Have you? All you do is play video games and work out, who are you in love with?!” Seokjin points at him.
“Okay, okay. That’s enough.” Hoseok says, getting sick of their banter. “It’s late, and I’m jet lagged. Let’s go home.”
The other 6 stand up and head to the kitchen to put the rest of their dishes in the dishwasher.
“Don’t want me to go?” Yoongi chuckles in your ear after a few minutes. You remember belatedly that you’ve been sitting on his lap, distracted by the kdrama arguments.
You hop off his lap, flustered. 
You watch them put their shoes on, Namjoon calling to arrange a ride. 
But no one looks at you, just saying bye without making eye contact. And you know why. Yoongi is standing behind you. 
“Hey, aren’t you coming—” Taehyung looks over your shoulder, only to be promptly dragged out by Jimin.
The door closes and you turn around, glaring up at Yoongi. “What was that?” You ask him, folding your arms over your chest.
“I could ask you the same.” Yoongi looks perfectly relaxed. “What was that gimmick earlier?”
You scoff. “Hugging someone and making me sit on your lap aren’t the same thing!” 
Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “Then why didn’t you get off?”
“B-Because I didn’t want to sit on the ground.” You argue. 
Yoongi’s tongue protrudes against his cheek like you’re testing his patience. Then, he grins. “You missed me that bad, sweetheart?”
He takes a step towards you, and you take one back, bumping into the wall. “I did, but not like that.” You deflect. 
Yoongi puts a hand on the wall next to you, his chest inches from yours. His bangs fall over his eyes as he looks down at you. His cologne fills your nose, the deep scent making your head spin. “Like what?” He teases. “Don’t lie. I know you liked it when I held you in place.”
“Don’t word it like that.” You blush, looking down. 
“Y/N.” Yoongi says, making you look up at him. “I’ve never tried to hide that I like you, you know that right?”
You swallow. “Yes.”
“Why do you think I did that?” Yoongi asks.
You chew your lower lip. You know exactly why, which is why you never said anything. “You wanted to give me space and decide.”
Yoongi nods. “I’ve waited for you, but you never made a move even though I know how you look at me. But sweetheart, it’s taking a lot of my self control right now.” He whispers the last sentence, eyes flickering down to your lips. 
“Y-Yoongi.” You whisper.
Yoongi notices the hesitation in your eyes. He pushes off the wall, running a hand through his hair. You notice his cheeks are pink. “I’ll get going. Forget I said anything.”
You grab his hand, stopping him. “Don’t pity me.” Yoongi looks at you intensely. “You don’t owe me anything, understand? If you don’t want it, I’m gone. Simple as that.”
There are tears in your eyes now. Yoongi looks shocked to see you crying.“Of course. I know that. But it’s— It’s not that I don’t feel safe. I’m just nervous.”
Yoongi’s wide shoulders relax, and so does his face. He hesitates, the boldness of earlier gone. “Can I give you a hug?” He asks. 
You pull him in first, burying your face in his chest. He wraps his arms around you, one hand cupping your head. Yoongi whispers apologies in your hair.
Yoongi leads you over to the sofa, sitting you down. You pull back, your eyes puffy. “What are you so scared of?” Yoongi asks, his eyes full of sadness. “I already said you don’t have to worry about my feelings. We can just forget tonight and go back to normal.”
“I-I don’t want to do that.” You say. “I want this, but I’ve always been scared of ruining our friendship.”
Yoongi lets out a sigh, tipping his head back. “That’s it?”
You frown at him. “What do you mean that’s all? I’m talking about us never talking again!”
Yoongi smiles at you. “Why the hell would that happen? If you became mine, I’d never let you go.”
You finally get tired of his flirting, and tug him in by the collar. Yoongi lands on top of you, cupping your head in his hands. You whine as he quickly takes over the kiss, leaving you no room to take control. 
“You’re so fucking cute.” He says in a deep voice, breaking the kiss to kiss your neck. 
Boldly, you reach up and kiss along his neck too. “You’re going to be the death of me.” Yoongi groans. Then, he pulls back. You pout up at him. Yoongi’s eyes darken. “Don’t look at me like that. It makes me greedy.”
“Then be greedy.” You say, pulling him down again.
“You want it?” Yoongi asks you, looking you directly in the eye. “Say it, verbally.” His voice takes a more authoritative tone.
You try to look away but he grabs your chin and pulls you back. “Yes.”
“Yes, what?” Yoongi presses.
“Yes, I do want you.” You say verbally, unleashing whatever beast is lurking inside Yoongi.
Yoongi attacks your mouth again, and if you thought last time was fierce, then you’re in for a whole new ride.
You lose yourself in the kiss, not even noticing when Yoongi wraps his arms around your thighs. You gasp as he hoists you up, and you wrap your legs around his waist. “Since when—Were you so strong?” You gasp, whining as he breaks the kiss to take you to the bedroom.
Yoongi grins, putting you down on the bed. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” He promises, taking his shirt off. 
You eye the strong lines of muscle on his chest and abdomen, feeling warm between your thighs. 
“Sit up.” Yoongi orders, and you sit up straighter. He comes closer, putting a hand on your head. You look up at him obediently and he hisses. “I’m in control now, okay? We’re going to use a system called the colour system. Green means go, yellow means slow down, red means stop. As soon as you say either yellow or red, I’ll stop and check in. Repeat the colours if you’re okay with it.”
You nod, head becoming fuzzy by the second. You feel so safe, so taken care of. “Green for go, yellow for slow down, red for stop.”
Yoongi reaches down and kisses your forehead in reward. You preen. “Shirt and pants off.”
You stand up, and Yoongi watches you carefully as you remove your shirt and pants. You blush as his eyes roam down your body. “Lay down.” He orders next, and you obey. 
“Yoongi, I want a kiss.” You say. Yoongi gets on the bed, obliging you. 
“T-Thank you.” You say, and Yoongi smiles at you.
“Of course, sweetheart.” He says, making you blush. You try to cover your face but Yoongi pins them next to your face. “Don’t hide your face.”
You watch as he kisses down your chest, getting closer to your breasts. “Lift your back.” Yoongi whispers, and you obey. With one hand, he unhooks the back. Yoongi makes quick work of licking at your nipples until they’re solid, his tongue working you up. He notices the little sounds you’re making, and now you're pressing up at him, wanting more. 
“What? Do you like that, sweetheart?” Yoongi teases. “Like my tongue on you?”
You whimper, too far in too reply. You look down at him with hazy eyes, and he understands. Yoongi continues to kiss down your abdomen, not breaking eye contact this time. You whine, grinding up against him. Yoongi’s hands leave your wrists, now pinning your hips down. 
He stops above your clothed vagina, looking up for permission. You whine more in return and Yoongi chuckles. In one move, he pulls your panties down, and you immediately lift your hips to let him remove them all the way. 
Yoongi presses a kiss to your lower abdomen, just before there.
“Y-Yoongi.” You gasp, and he responds by massaging small circles into your hips. 
You can hardly think straight when he begins eating you out, his tongue penetrating your already damp folds. Yoongi takes it slow and steady, watching you unravel with that damn smirk on his face. 
You grip Yoongi’s hair, running your hands through it in a begging kind of way. “Y-Yellow.” You breathe.
Instantly, Yoongi is off you. “What’s wrong? What do you need, baby? ” He asks, cupping your face.
You pout at him. “I’m gonna come if you just do that.”
Yoongi frowns. “What’s wrong with that?” 
You glare. “B-Because I wanna come with you.”
Yoongi takes in another sharp breath. “Y/N.”
“If I said okay, that means I want it all the way.” You say, knowing you’re being needy right now but not caring. “Don’t you want it?” You tease him back.
Yoongi’s eyes flash. “Don’t push it.” He warns you, and you lower your gaze. Then, he glances at your nightstand. “Any lube? Condoms?” He asks.
You shake your head. “Don’t have any…” You mumble.
Yoongi frowns. “Why not?”
You look away. “Because I don’t have sex often, okay? And I have an IUD anyway.” 
Yoongi hisses. “You are so fucking annoying.” He says, and you feel his already half-hard member harden further against your thigh. You sniff, pretending to be unbothered. 
“Then do what you want. Make me be good.” You dare him, and Yoongi looks up again. You eye his Adam's apple as he swallows, then watch him sweep back his bangs again. 
“Colour. Right fucking now.” Yoongi demands, the last shred of his patience gone.
“Green.” You say cheekily, and then he flips you over. He pulls at your waist, and you understand to lift your hips. He puts a pillow under your hips, then runs his big hand down your now-naked back. 
He runs his hand down once, then up again. You arch up into his touch. Yoongi chuckles. “That’s it. Good girl.” 
You preen at the complement. “T-Thank you.”
“I’m gonna prep you now, sweetheart.” Yoongi says. You hear clothing rustle, and you realize he is taking off his underwear. You feel him sit down behind you, his knees planted on the insides of your calves. You hear a wet sound, then feel his fingers at his entrance. You groan at the mental image of Yoongi sucking his fingers, wishing it would be you instead. 
Yoongi is slow at first, then moves a little faster when he realizes how wet you are. “You talked so big, but here you are, a mess under me.” Yoongi mocks you, stretching his fingers inside you. “I bet you could take three easily, huh, sweetheart?”
“Y-Yes. Please!” You beg shamelessly.
And when has Yoongi ever denied you anything?
You’re a mess by the time Yoongi is done stretching you, wanting him inside you. You sigh in relief when you feel the head of Yoongi’s member slip inside you, an inch at a time. You must’ve made a weird sound, because Yoongi freezes. His clean hand comes up to pet your hair. “Are you comfortable?” He checks.
“I-I am.” You’re almost crying in pleasure. “I-It’s so big.”
Yoongi laughs, actually laughs at you. “Ugh. I should’ve done this ages ago.” He says, then pushes all the way in. You instinctively tighten around him, loving the stretch as he fills you up. “Sit up.” Yoongi orders. His other hand covered in your pre-come comes to rub at your clit as you sit up. 
You tip your head back against his shoulder. “P-Please.” You beg, head too fuzzy to even speak. But you feel safe. You know Yoongi knows what you want, what you need.
Yoongi kisses your neck once, then begins to fuck you. His clean hand comes to wrap around your waist, holding you in place. But you have other plans. You take his hand and bring it up to your throat. Yoongi’s hips pick up speed. “Do you like it, baby?” He asks when he knows the answer. “Hmm? Answer.”
“L-Love it!” You manage, and gasp when Yoongi tightens his hand just slightly. “P-Please come in me, please!”
Yoongi chuckles, matching his thrusts to the rhythm he rubs your clit at. Soon enough, both of you are a mess. “Almost there, baby. Hold on.” Yoongi promises, kissing your cheek. 
Finally, he presses you down against the pillow, your hips slightly elevated. Yoongi pushes into you all the way, rubbing your clit expertly. “Come, baby.” He says, and you let go. You have never come like this— you clench him tightly despite your whole body shivering and your poor legs trembling. 
Yoongi collapses on top of you, kissing the back of your head. “Good girl. So fucking perfect, sweetheart.”
He moves to get off you, but you reach back and hold his wrist. “I’m warm.” You mumble, and he understands. 
“Feel nice and warm?” Yoongi echoes you, littering kisses over your back. “Feel full?”
“Yeah.” You say, taking his hand off your throat and holding it in yours. You press a kiss on his hand. “Safe.” 
You can’t see it, but Yoongi’s face fills with pride and happiness when you say that. He strokes small circles on your hips, waiting until the fuzzy feeling in your head wears off. It takes a while, but Yoongi is always patient with you. 
“We need to wash up.” Yoongi says, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear. 
You agree, and sit up. Yoongi slips out of you, and you turn around to face him. “Come here.” He says, and you let him scoop you up bridal style, carrying you to the bathroom.
You let him wash you up quietly, not needing any words between the two of you. As you get out of the shower, Yoongi helps you dress in a fresh pair of panties and an oversized t-shirt. You watch him dress in his underwear from earlier, remaining shirtless as he guides you back to bed. 
“How was that?” He asks honestly, pulling you on top of his chest.
“Hmmm…” You consider it. “8 out of 10 stars. Wouldn’t recommend.”
Yoongi pinches your ass, and you giggle. “I’m being serious.” He says.
You look up at him, at his deep brown eyes crinkled in a smile. “It was amazing, baby.” You respond, cupping his face and kissing him tenderly. 
“Thank goodness.” Yoongi says, looking up at you. Then, he pauses. “I meant what I said earlier, you know? I’ll take good care of you.”
You kiss his forehead. “I know, sweetheart.”
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