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#Fine Line UK Official Albums Chart
hscharts · 3 months ago
Chart Update 2021-08-13 17:04 UTC
Treat People with Kindness:
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #1165 (re-entry)
View all the current chart positions for Treat People with Kindness
Kworb Live iTunes US: #1342 (-229)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: no longer on chart
Kworb Live Apple Music UK: #300 (-22)
View all the current chart positions for Falling
Kworb Live iTunes US: #1243 (-217)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #326 (+84)
View all the current chart positions for Golden
Fine Line:
UK Official Albums Chart: #24 (=)
View all the current chart positions for Fine Line
Adore You:
Kworb Live iTunes US: #482 (+39)
View all the current chart positions for Adore You
Watermelon Sugar:
UK Official Charts: #85 (+5)
View all the current chart positions for Watermelon Sugar
Harry Styles:
Kworb Live iTunes Album UK: #933 (-54)
View all the current chart positions for Harry Styles
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kingstylesdaily · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s official: Fine Line is #5 on this weeks Official UK Chart! In 67 weeks on the chart, it has spent 64 non-consecutive weeks in the top 20, and 54 non-consecutive weeks in the top 10!
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hldailyupdate · 3 months ago
Harry Styles tops Sony's biggest sellers again - Fine Line has now been dominant for over 18 months
Sony Music had a strong three months as it pulled in £1 billion in recorded music revenue.
According to figures for parent Sony Corp’s fiscal Q1 to June 30, recorded music revenues were up 54.8% year-on-year to 151.9bn yen (£999 million)
Recorded music streaming increased by 58.4% year-on-year in the quarter to 109.1bn yen (£717m).
But the standout result could be the performance of Harry Styles’ Fine Line (Columbia). First released in December 2019, Harry Styles’ second album was once again Sony Music’s biggest-selling recorded music project for the quarter based on revenue.
Music Week has been tracking the performance of the album at Sony. As well as finishing as the biggest-selling music project at the major during its fiscal 2020 (ending March 2021), it has now been No.1 for Sony Music for six out of seven quarters.
The only quarter it missed No.1 was Sony’s fiscal Q3 2020 (the final three months of the year), when AC/DC’s Power Up came out on top thanks to strong physical sales bringing in global revenue. Even then, Harry Styles was at No.2 for the quarter.
In the UK, Fine Line is the third biggest seller of the first six months of 2021 with 109,010 sales (Official Charts Company). Its total sales to date are 482,886 (including 338,060 from streams and 125,120 from physical copies), compared to 359,746 for Harry Styles’ self-titled debut.
The Grammy and BRIT-winning single Watermelon Sugar has racked up 1,481,542 chart sales, according to the Official Charts Company. It peaked at No.4 in the UK and made No.1 in the US Hot 100.
“Harry Styles’ album continues to motor, demonstrating the lasting impact of an album when it resonates with fans in the streaming market,” said Charles Wood, Sony Music UK’s VP of market planning and media, in Music Week’s Q2 analysis.
Physical music also had a good quarter at Sony (the year-on-year comparison is with the quarter last year when Covid first hit retailers). Physical revenue was up 63.8% year-on-year to 20.8bn yen (£138m).
Sony Music Publishing revenues in the quarter totalled 47.1bn yen (£309m), up 51.6%.
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mr-styles · 11 months ago
‘Fine Line’ by Harry Styles was the 2nd best selling album of the year in the UK
Tumblr media
Official figures released by record labels’ association the BPI, based on Official Charts Company data, show that recorded music consumption in the UK rose by 8.2% in 2020, with 155 million albums or their equivalent either streamed or purchased by fans. 
Eight of the best-selling artists on album format were British, led by Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles and Dua Lipa – all three of whom also achieved nearly half a billion streams or more in 2020 in the UK alone and billions more streams globally. 
Harry Styles can celebrate a successful 2020 as a fully established global star, with his album Fine Line finishing up as the second biggest-selling album of the year. Released at the end of 2019, it was also the fifth biggest selling title on vinyl, fuelled by popular singles Watermelon Sugar and Adore You, which finished at tenth and sixteenth respectively in the end of year Official Singles charts. As well as being nominated for two BRIT Awards at the start of the year, Harry was nominated for three Grammy Awards in November.  
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stylesnews · 8 months ago
Not only is Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles’ biggest single to date, the million-selling smash has a Grammy to its name, too. Now, the question is, could it be the first of many?
In a leather suit and feather boa, Styles performed the Fine Line favourite at the Grammys last weekend, going on to thank Sony Music Group CEO Rob Stringer, Full Stop Management’s Jeffrey Azoff, co-writer Kid Harpoon and the rest of his team in his acceptance speech. Blood Orange's Dev Hynes (above, left) and Styles' friend and collaborator Mitch Rowland (right) were part of his band on the night.
The award for Best Pop Solo Performance is Styles’ first Grammy, and there’s a sense that this moment had been coming for the singer, not to mention the ubiquitous Watermelon Sugar.
The track has 1,231,583 sales to date according to the Official Charts Company. A total of 1,104,219,723 Spotify streams and 198 million YouTube views show just how huge it has become. It has streaked ahead of his debut single Sign Of The Times (1,111,176) as his biggest in the UK. Adore You, his third million-seller, isn’t far behind on 1,024,195. Fine Line has moved 410,832 copies.
There’s no doubt that the No.2 album represents a watershed moment for Styles, and Kid Harpoon – Music Week’s Songwriter Of The Year 2020 – said just that in his recent Music Week interview, which told the story of Watermelon Sugar in our Hitmakers feature.
“As much as he’s been part of One Direction, it really feels like he’s shed the, ‘Of One Direction’ thing,” said Tom Hull. “I saw an article someone wrote saying you don’t have to say, ‘Of One Direction’ anymore and that’s a really nice moment, knowing him and what he’s been working towards.”
Hull told us that “big songs” are putting Styles on another level.
“When you come from something so commercially insane, you kind of have to deliver when you go solo, and he wanted to do that on his terms,” said Hull. “There were so many easier routes to get there than the ones he took, working with weird British dudes like me. I’m so buzzing for him. His vision was, ‘Let’s make an album,’ and it really feels like an album. I go back and listen to it and I absolutely love it, but I’m also excited by what’s to come form him. He’s still growing and learning and honing his songwriting skills and being a part of that is really exciting for me.”
Universal Music Publishing Group boss Mike McCormack also stressed the weight of what Styles has achieved with Fine Line.
“Remember, the album was released in 2019, so the fact that Watermelon Sugar was No.1 in the US eight months later is pretty crazy,” he said. “Sony have done an amazing job. And it completely validates Harry’s decision to do it his way. He would have had the pick of any of the biggest songwriters in the world, they would have wanted to be involved in Harry’s album. But he was adamant that they stick to this very small team and Tom is fortunate to be right at the epicentre of that steering the ship with Harry. It’s an incredible success story really. And it’s great that it’s British as well.”
There are no confirmed details of new music from Styles yet, but Hull suggested that ideas are in the pipeline.
“I just know he’s got more to give, which is kind of scary to be honest,” he said. “We’ve been doing bits and bobs, we’ve been sending voice notes and working on bits here and there, just lyrics and bits and bobs. Hopefully there’ll be something [new] at some point, I don’t really know where we are, but we’ve definitely been getting into it, we’ll see.”
Hull also revealed details of some unreleased songs the pair wrote together in Japan during a trip before the Fine Line sessions began.
“Harry was in Japan and he said, ‘Do you want to come out and write?’ and I said, ‘Why don’t I come and I’ll stay in a hotel room near you and we’ll hire a mic and some guitars and I’ll just bring my laptop,’” Hull explained. “It was a vaguely disguised lads’ trip, but we also wrote some really good songs. There’s a couple we’re still in love with. There was one that nearly made it to the record. We have a couple from there that are really special that hopefully will see the light of day at some point.”
Hull said he and Styles are “still obsessed” with the song, though he did not reveal the title.
“It’s the same as the Watermelon thing with this song,” he said. “It’s got… There’s a certain feeling in it, we’re just going to have to chip away at it and hopefully get it.”
Hull emphasised the importance of the closeness between Styles and his small group of collaborators, which includes Tyler Johnson and Mitch Rowland, adding that it led to a unique hitmaking experience.
“It was full of so many emotions of friendship, Harry feels like a brother to me, it feels deeper,” he said. “It feels like family, and the music was almost secondary to just being friends, which created a culture, an ease in the songwriting that you don’t get in a lot of other situations.”
With the BRITs approaching, all eyes are on what Harry Styles does next.
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1d-discourseoftheday · 10 months ago
Sun 17 Jan ‘21
Zayn tweeted “yo who's listening,” yes yes very clever, but the real news is Zayn did a LIVE (omg??) and said he was going to be on again EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK (OMG??!) Live #1 is him vibing to NIL, smoking weed, reading comments, a little crooning along, and he answered some questions, which you could barely hear over the music. He said his favorite song on the album is Connexion (he didn't comment on the possible kazoo on the track but if it's really the next single as rumored we'll get more chances to explore that), cracks up at someone asking whether he can sing while he's high, but mostly just chilled for like 20 minutes! For us! Then it cut off abruptly and he posted “battery died see you tomorrow,” with a cute fanart. Stuff he said in chat, well first off just a smattering of yeses which showed up under various random questions, thannnnks for confusing people Z, plus: "was workin on some new stuff tonight," "got some other cool shit," "so proud of this album," "Baba Malik," and "deadass thanks." The NIL truck, Vibez van, Calamity mobile, whatever it is-- it's got West Coast clone now and is out and about, driving around to visit people at home around LA and give them their chance inside the decorated black lit interior. Zayn reposted the California peoples' videos of them enjoying the inside of it with their masks and with the official camera crew filming it all, including Ingrid Michaelson, Vanessa and Natalia Bryant, Tanya Rad, and Syd (with her dog!), who posted more about When Love's Around too; “We wrote and recorded this song in an Airbnb in San Pedro lol along with some other chunes you guys are bound to hear one day”. “Siiiiiick” Zayn said to Jojo– the set up is exactly the same as the NY van but did he actually see that one in person, no reason to think so tbh.
Jeff Azoff, the man responsible for One Night Only at the Forum, perhaps the most poorly organized event since Dashcon (I won't even go into that Superbowl concert where attendees were forced out of the leaking venue into filthy knee high water and a major tropical storm and left stranded on an island, as Jeff wasn't the direct promoter of that event), posted his opinion that “if the live event industry was tasked with vaccination distribution we would have it done in a weekend, sold t-shirts and beer and a meet and greet with Fauci” and I'm so gobsmacked I can't barely muster anything but a heartfelt THANK GOD they are not in charge of this vital service. They certainly would seize the opportunity of a medical necessity to sell us overpriced merch though, yeah, that part rings hideously true.
But would anyone actually GET that merch or would customers merely hand over the money and hope? Watermelon Sugar vinyls (sold in July of last year) have for the most part still not arrived, and patience for HSHQ's evasions is wearing extremely thin throughout the fandom. While last year's fire that destroyed one of the only two facilities left in North America making lacquer masters (necessary to manufacture records) could be the source of a bottleneck that would cause this particular delay (and HSHQ not offering Golden on vinyl like they did for every other Fine Line single suggests to me that it is a manufacturing problem and they had realized it by the time that song was released), the failure to provide actual respectful (or really ANY) customer service to the thousands trying to contact them about this or other merch issues (which are less comprehensively horrid but there are plenty) is completely their fault. ...TPWK? Choose Love? <Deadpan Harry voice: ‘okay.’>
Niall, like the legend of the Bloody Mary, was invoked by saying his name thrice; he liked a tweet-- “niall niall niall.” And Olivia Rodrigo talked about how grateful she was for him- “The fact that he reached out to me was amazing. We’ve actually been like texting and he’s giving me like advice on all the craziness of the music industry. It’s been really amazing.”
Plus, TPWK debuted on the UK charts at #28, love that number, and Louis tweeted! “Hope everyone's doing alright! Have a good day/night!” THANKS BABE!!
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1ddotdhq · 11 months ago
🎹Mon 14 Dec ‘20🎤
Zayn is back! Possibly for real this time! Yolanda Hadid posted a picture of him and Gigi from a year ago at their gender reveal party (spoiler: it’s a girl!!!), and following that Zayn uploaded a picture of himself in a studio with some lovely R&B synth style music floating around. This came on the two year anniversary of the Icarus Falls release, and it set twitter ablaze, immediately trending “Z3isComing” and “Zayn is Coming”. Alex Oriet (of #pizza and Saltwives fame) posted a snippet of Zayn’s new song and said, “What kind of Christmas Present do you want to get?”. Uh, if you’re taking recommendations, I would like to see THE NEW ALBUM - preferably before the end of the year! Anyways, here’s hoping this comeback sticks because OH MY GOD I need that album! 
Louis has spent the day raking in the compliments (as he should!), including an piece in the Independent! He's quoted from a pre show press release, saying, “performing for a live crowd is the most important thing to me, this live stream is a step back into that world and is something I can’t wait to film,” and “I want to put on a real show for the fans, with scale and production, creating something special to end 2020 on a positive, upbeat note and raise money for charities that are especially close to my heart. I also want to give my touring crew work, and raise some vital money for them, as without my crew the show literally couldn’t go on”. ThePulpConversation, CelebMix, and IHeart had similar praises, including calling Walls his “chart topping debut album” (*cough*) and calling  ‘Copy’ “one of the highlights”of the show, saying, “If this signals the way [he’s] moving forward musically for his second album then we think he’s gonna make one heck of an impact”. THANK YOU!! THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN SAYING!! Notably silent about the whole affair: Arista, who we last heard from in October when Walls jumped all those charts, raising the question of whether he's still with them. As they were his label for the US only due to him being tied to Syco in the UK, and with Syco out of the picture, it is plausible that he is choosing to move forward with a single deal rather than one fragmented by region. That’s fine though, the rest of us are celebrating enough as it is, and whoever gets him for that deal (or already did) sure will be too! Charlie Lightening, Krystal, and Helene all put up BTS pictures, as did the camera team, who were the same ones who shot Niall's RAH show, and Helene added a heartfelt congratulations, saying, “The voice needs time to build strength, flexibility, and all things magical..Great Singers start way in advance before hitting the mic...I am happy to say we managed on prepare a big ass show vocally.. Where there’s a will, there’s a way and that… *mic emoji* *heart emoji*”.  Welsh production company Krupa welcomed their new followers and also confirmed the MASSIVE amount of money that Louis had raised! Charlie Lightning's pictures are, well, lightning in a bottle and I look forward to seeing them in moodboards here for years to come, and Krystal (Louis’ makeup artist) gave us a fun close up of Louis laughing backstage while she tries to fix his (recently trimmed?) hair. God, he’s beautiful. Alex Oriet is EVERYWHERE these days, because he took a break from hanging with Zayn to ask us all what we thought of ‘Copy’ - uh, AMAZING! 
Liam is back(ish)! He did a few promos for Naughty List and went on Roman Kemp’s show to talk about his upcoming Capital Up Close show, joking that he might be dressing up as the Grinch. Roman, of course, took that as his cue to do the voice (“eight o’clock, wallow in self pity, can’t cancel that again”), to which Liam burst out laughing and said, “I’ve been on the phone with about 12 people, I just can’t handle it”. ‘Tis the season, huh?  And their advent alarm today included...more terrible jokes! “What do you get when you eat Christmas decorations? Tinselitis!”.Also Maya posted a pic taken at Liam's place showing the framed pic of Liam and Louis from gogglebox in the background, still in its place of pride on the mantle. Quite right, I would do the same with a pic of me and Louis! For some belated Fine Line celebrations, Mitch Rowland posted some behind the scenes content, (and WHERE’S THE REST OF IT?), and Fine Line has officially been on Billboards Top 200 for A FULL YEAR NOW, AND it’s been in the top 25 THE WHOLE TIME! Iconic!  Harry had a late night on Instagram, which could totally be due to the fact that he was celebrating yesterday, but he followed another artist that’s signed to FullStop (Roddy Rich) and liked King Princess’ new music video announcement, who’s caption read (among other things), “working with your partner on a video is like having a best friend on set who you KNOW WILL MAKE U LOOK GOOD lmao”. #relatable. Not to me, but probably to him! Meanwhile, Niall promoted an Irish livestream taking place at the Guinness Storehouse. Find me a more Irish event, I DARE you. 
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don’t you think you sometimes over villainise Harry? like half the things you say are sound and i totally agree but sometimes it looks like we’re making Louis the saint of that (now over) relationship and make harry the big bad guy and idk that’s just a thought not hate in any way i really appreciate your solo Louis content
Yeah, I do think about that. I’m aware that I don’t know how much agency (or awareness) Harry has, and that I could be entirely wrong—> Harry owes none of his ex-bandmasters anything, he chose well and was lucky.
I’m not doubtful that Sony has linked their careers, because of multiple observations through the years: the fact that they hid Harry’s album from the Sony investors’ supplements when fandom was waiting for it; the fact that Louis started his BTY promo not by talking about his music, but with an on-camera Larry denial; the fact that Louis’ stint on TXF 2018 was revealed at the last minute, when Harry’s tour was nearly done; the fact that Louis had to engage in a “Larry” stunt in August 2018 just as fandom was getting restless about Happy Together; the fact that industry “insider” Larries become active in fandom whenever Harry’s career needs an extra push; the fact that Walls and Fine Line promo dovetailed, and Walls promo essentially stopped after Fine Line was released; the fact that the Walls album name reveal was delayed so Lights Up could be released (October 2019); the fact that UK radio does not play any songs from Walls, an album that debuts top ten on Official Charts; the fact that Sony took away the This Is Louis Tomlinson playlist on Spotify.
I’m aware of the milkshake tweet, the Euphoria episode, the IICF tour concert pauses, the interview answer on Sweet Creature during the Lawrence-Cooper interview. I’m aware of data mining for Eroda and Demand. And I’m aware that Harry, at least, actively participated in what we saw during the concerts.
I don’t know how everything fits together. I’m aware that I am biased, and that emotions do get in the way, because of fandom politics. I’m aware that I’m defensive of Louis and hard on Harry, but also that I can change my mind if Louis’ and Harry’s circumstances change, because I did once.
I used to love Harry. Once Harry took that leap toward success at any cost, and things began to add up, I changed my mind. I started a new Louie blog and left the old blog as an aesthetics blog. I have to follow rationality and logic, no matter what. I’ve seen enough gaslighting to last three lifetimes; I’m not going to do that to other people— at least I’m not going to lie to myself.
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hscharts · a month ago
Chart Update 2021-10-29 17:04 UTC
Fine Line:
UK Official Albums Chart: #37 (+3)
View all the current chart positions for Fine Line
Watermelon Sugar:
Kworb Live iTunes UK: no longer on chart
UK Official Charts: #94 (re-entry)
View all the current chart positions for Watermelon Sugar
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kingstylesdaily · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Exactly 1 year after its release, @Harry_Styles’ Fine Line jumps 10 spots up to #15 on the Official UK Albums Chart
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hldailyupdate · 7 months ago
Released in late 2019, Fine Line (Columbia) is still going strong for Grammy winner Harry Styles.
Fine Line is listed as the 3rd best selling album of 2021 in the UK so far, according to data recorded by the Official Charts Company! (9 April 2021)
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mr-styles · 8 months ago
Sugar high: What next for Harry Styles after Grammys win?
Tumblr media
Not only is Watermelon Sugar Harry Styles’ biggest single to date, the million-selling smash has a Grammy to its name, too. Now, the question is, could it be the first of many?
In a leather suit and feather boa, Styles performed the Fine Line favourite at the Grammys last weekend, going on to thank Sony Music Group CEO Rob Stringer, Full Stop Management’s Jeffrey Azoff, co-writer Kid Harpoon and the rest of his team in his acceptance speech. Blood Orange's Dev Hynes (above, left) and Styles' friend and collaborator Mitch Rowland (right) were part of his band on the night.
The award for Best Pop Solo Performance is Styles’ first Grammy, and there’s a sense that this moment had been coming for the singer, not to mention the ubiquitous Watermelon Sugar.
The track has 1,231,583 sales to date according to the Official Charts Company. A total of 1,104,219,723 Spotify streams and 198 million YouTube views show just how huge it has become. It has streaked ahead of his debut single Sign Of The Times (1,111,176) as his biggest in the UK. Adore You, his third million-seller, isn’t far behind on 1,024,195. Fine Line has moved 410,832 copies.
There’s no doubt that the No.2 album represents a watershed moment for Styles, and Kid Harpoon – Music Week’s Songwriter Of The Year 2020 – said just that in his recent Music Week interview, which told the story of Watermelon Sugar in our Hitmakers feature.
Read More
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stylesnews · 11 months ago
New figures released by the BPI have revealed that sales of vinyl LPs and audio cassettes surged ahead in 2020.
Released ahead of the overall BPI figures for 2020 on January 4, the latest sales data on vinyl and cassettes shows how fans turned to physical formats during the Covid-19 pandemic.
According to the Official Charts Company data supplied by the BPI, 4.8 million LPs were purchased in the UK over the past 12 months, a year-on-year increase of almost 10% and a 13th consecutive year of growth since 2007. Despite the many challenges for retail during the pandemic, the performance in 2020 was stronger than 2019, when vinyl sales were up 4.1% year-on-year.
Vinyl LPs now account for nearly one in five of all albums purchased (18%) and are at their highest level since the early ’90s. Vinyl generates almost twice as much in industry revenues as music video streaming platforms such as YouTube, noted the BPI.
While streaming now accounts for around 80% of UK music consumption, the immediacy of the digital format is increasingly complemented by the collection of physical editions by fans.
Among the titles expected to be announced as the year’s best-sellers by the Official Charts Company are classic LPs such as Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black and Nirvana’s Nevermind. Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? is set to be the second biggest seller on vinyl in 2020, following a successful 25th anniversary reissue campaign.
Alongside the perennial classics on the format, new studio albums have also performed well on vinyl this year, including Harry Styles’ Fine Line (the biggest new vinyl release of the past year with 22,368 sales), Kylie Minogue’s Disco, AC/DC’s Power Up, Ultra Mono by Idles and the new live album from Arctic Monkeys.
In a year when all our lives have changed, music’s power to inspire has never been more evident
Geoff Taylor
Vinyl LP sales initially dipped during the first lockdown but by September they began showing positive year-to-date growth for the first time. Campaigns such as Love Record Stores, Tim Burgess’ Twitter Listening Party, Record Store Day (over three dates), The Record Club and National Album Day (in October) helped to rally fans in support of indie record shops, specialist chains and the artist community.  
Though still only a fraction of overall recorded music, cassettes now come as standard on many album releases. It is projected that around 157,000 tapes will have been purchased in the past 12 months – double the total of the year before and the highest amount since 2003, when 243,000 tapes were sold and Now 54 was the year’s biggest seller on the format. This would mark an eighth year of consecutive growth for the format, which is finding a new market thanks to its retro, collectable appeal.
Among the most popular titles released on cassette in 2020 were Lady Gaga’s Chromatica, 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Calm, Yungblud’s Weird! and The 1975’s Notes On A Conditional Form.
Geoff Taylor, chief executive BPI, BRIT Awards & Mercury Prize, said: “In a year when all our lives have changed, music’s power to inspire has never been more evident. The immediacy and convenience of streaming make it the go-to audio format for most of our listening, but more and more fans choose to get closer to their favourite artists and albums on vinyl.
“It’s remarkable that LP and audio tape sales should have risen at all given the challenges we’ve all faced. The surge in sales despite retail closures demonstrates the timeless appeal of collectable physical formats alongside the seamless connectivity of streaming.”
Predicted best-selling vinyl albums for 2020 (based on Official Charts Company data)
1.   Fleetwood Mac – Rumours 2.   Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? 3.   Amy Winehouse – Back To Black 4.   Nirvana – Nevermind 5.   Harry Styles – Fine Line 6.   Kylie Minogue – Disco 7.   AC/DC – Power Up 8.   Queen – Greatest Hits 9.   Idles – Ultra Mono 10. Arctic Monkeys – Live At The Royal Albert Hall
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deadcactuswalking · 6 months ago
REVIEWING THE CHARTS: 08/05/2021 (Billie Eilish, DJ Khaled)
Whilst this is slightly busier than last week, I am genuinely surprised with how little is actually going on here on this week’s chart, a lot less than I expected or predicted. With that said, the top of the chart is where our biggest story comes from and that is “Body” by Russ Millions and Tion Wayne taking advantage of a weak chart with its star-studded remix and peaking at #1 for its first week, replacing Lil Nas X’s “MONTERO (Call Me by Your Name)”. Not only is it the biggest hit for both of these guys and their first #1s, but it’s the first #1 for the entire UK drill genre, which kind of came out of nowhere for me since I think the song’s pretty worthless but with a TikTok challenge and streaming numbers that have even placed it in the American Spotify chart, it’s gearing up to be one of the biggest British rap songs ever. Let’s hope maybe this one doesn’t stall out as badly as “Don’t Rush” outside of the UK. With all that out of the way, let’s start REVIEWING THE CHARTS.
Tumblr media
Our only new arrival from last week’s UK Top 75 (which is what I cover), “Come Through” by H.E.R. featuring Chris Brown, is gone on the next off of the debut. Well, at least we have more than one new song this week, as well as some interesting chart nonsense lower down, but also some notable drop-outs for “Mr. Perfectly Fine” by Taylor Swift, “Mercury” by Dave and Kamal., “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” by Drake featuring Rick Ross, “All You Ever Wanted” by Rag’n’Bone Man (which will rebound next week as that album makes its impact) as well as “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles finally making what seems to be its last exit. Our only return is in the form of “Confetti” by Little Mix getting a massive surge back at #15 after its Saweetie remix and the attached music video, though Saweetie doesn’t happen to be credited here.
We do have an interesting selection of gains and losses, as with the notable fallers – dropping five spots or more down the chart – we have “Titanium” by Dave at #23, “Wellerman” by Nathan Evans and remixed by 220 KID and Billen Ted getting ACR’d down to #29 (it had a surprisingly great run), “The Business” by Tiesto having the same happen to it at #32, “We’re Good” by Dua Lipa at #40, “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo at #43, “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd at #45, “Don’t Play” by Anne-Marie, KSI and Digital Farm Animals at #51, “Calling My Phone” by Lil Tjay and 6LACK hit hard to #54, the same with “Up” by Cardi B at #59, “You” by Regard, Troye Sivan and Tate McRae shaking off the gains #63, “Get Out My Head” by Shane Codd at #60, “Heat” by Paul Woolford and Amber Mark at #66, “Solid” by Young Stoner Life, Young Thug and Gunna featuring Drake at #69, “Paradise” by MERDUZA and Dermot Kennedy at #71 and, sadly, “How Does it Feel” by London Grammar at #75.
Where it gets a bit more telling about how the charts are going to adapt into the Summer is in our climbers as we have solid gains for “Another Love” by Tom Odell making another run at #60, “Sunshine (The Light)” by Fat Joe, DJ Khaled and Amorphous inexplicably at #57 and now we get into the top 40 where we have more potential future hits. “Way Too Long” by Nathan Dawe, Anne-Marie and MoStack is at #38, “Don’t You Worry About Me” brings the Bad Boy Chiller Crew their first hit at #37 (although the song is only ever worth hearing for that chorus) and “WITHOUT YOU” by the Kid LAROI returns to the top 40 at #30 thanks to a remix with Miley Cyrus who is again not credited by the Official Charts Company. Boney M. are granted their first new top 20 hit since the 1990s, even if it is just a remix of a song that went #2 in 1978, as Majestic’s remix of “Rasputin” is at #18. Our final gain is for a song first entering the top 10 thanks to the remix with Ariana Grande finally making an impact – yet once again not given the official credit by the OCC – as “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd makes its way up to #8, becoming his tenth top 10 hit here in Britain. That’s not the only song to first enter the top 10 this week but we’ll get to that in due time with our... odd selection of new arrivals this week.
#73 – “EVERY CHANCE I GET” – DJ Khaled featuring Lil Baby and Lil Durk
Produced by DJ Khaled and Tay Keith
Two of our new entries are from DJ Khaled’s most recent album Khaled Khaled, an album much like any Khaled album I found cheap and just dull. This record especially is just mixed horribly, with a budget spent exceedingly on getting big-name features instead of any worthwhile engineers to actually mix and master this 50-minute trainwreck. The album doesn’t have many highlights at all but if I had to choose some they would be the two debuting this week, the first of which is basically a Lil Baby cut, “EVERY CHANCE I GET”, with a verse from Lil Durk. Okay, so, yes, first of all, much like the rest of the record, this mix is compressed and just weak, with bizarre bass mastering and drums that sound like garbage, before we get to Lil Baby himself sounding even froggier than ever. I do think that gives the song part of its charm, though, as with a Tay Keith beat, it’s definitely going for a hardcore, old-school Memphis rap atmosphere, and with Lil Baby’s flow switches disguising paranoid lyrics about the typical gunplay and flexing, it does effectively make a pretty intimidating listen... okay, well, it would, if DJ Khaled didn’t have to pop in to convince Lil Baby to “keep going”. We also get a single verse from Lil Durk here, mixed like he recorded his vocals in his bath to the point where it’s clipping against the bass, but delivering a King Von-esque flow that sounds pretty great, and admittedly more detail than you’d expect. I also love that silly “mmm-mmm” flow he uses at the end. I do wish a song like this, clearly supposed to be menacing, did not have the ludicrous personality void that is DJ Khaled on it, and it’s not like they need Khaled to collaborate together – or with Tay Keith for that matter – so I don’t really see why the dude doesn’t just shut up and promote his albums as compilations instead. I understand it comes from his mixtape days, but if this is going to be a studio album, treat it like one and just be quiet for once.
#72 – “Oblivion” – Royal Blood
Produced by Royal Blood
Royal Blood got the #1 album this week for Typhoons and admittedly, whilst I am interested in this band, I haven’t gotten around to listening to it, so I’ll take this album cut as a preview of what to come. If I am doing that, I hope to be surprised by whatever else that album has in store as I’m not really a fan of this. That eerie choppy guitar loop being immediately crushed by this heavily distorted riff and stiff percussion just does not sound unique or interesting, especially if Mike Kerr is going to sound this soulless. The build towards the chorus feels pretty pathetic and unwarranted, and said chorus is just not catchy, before we get to content about how he knows his fate through how arrogant he’s been and he deserves what’s coming to him. I mean, sure, but there’s nothing that makes it obvious that these guys don’t care about what’s coming to them given the pained vocal delivery and monotonous instrumental. It doesn’t feel exciting, rebellious or whatever emotion this tries and fails to capture, just stiff and staggered in its execution. This does make sense for Royal Blood but seems to me like they’re resting way too heavily on ideas ran through the soil at this point. With all that said, this isn’t bad at all, just not as great as those other singles have been from the record. I think I’d be more forgiving if it didn’t come off as a Queens of the Stone Age tribute act writing “originals” that bomb at their shows.
#56 – “love race” – Machine Gun Kelly featuring Kellin Quinn
Produced by Jeff Peters, Jared Gudstadt and Travis Barker
I guess this might actually be a rock-heavy week – not that I’m complaining about more of a rock presence on the chart but God, I wish it wasn’t coming from MGK. I’ll have some choice words to say about this guy’s last attempt at a pop-rock hit by the end of the year, probably, but at least for this song he brought on someone with some kind of legitimacy. Kellin Quinn is the frontman of post-hardcore band Sleeping with Sirens, one of the most successful bands in their genre but not one unlike others that grew out of the metalcore-infused pop rock to anything more unique or experimental. With that said, Quinn is barely here and other than Travis Barker’s typical explosive drums, MGK is the biggest presence here in his raspy but borderline unlistenable vocal tone that I just can’t stand, especially if it’s going to stretch out “run” as long and as far as he did in that longing, desperate chorus. MGK barely even lets Kellin Quinn have his own verse, registering him as backing vocals throughout the entire song, dampening his vocals that sound a lot more unique and enthused, especially when he starts screaming. That bridge did give me trancecore flashbacks – not that I’m complaining if I’m fully honest – so I’ll admit the part of me that eats up emo-pop garbage did let this grow on me a bit, but, man, without a guitar solo to distract from pretty awful lyrics (not that I’d expect much more from this artist or genre) and without really letting Quinn loose on the vocals, it’s lacking a certain grit and punch I expect from post-hardcore. The song did, however, indirectly remind me of New Found Glory, for which I am thankful for.
#53 – “I DID IT” – DJ Khaled featuring Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Baby and DaBaby
Produced by Ben Billions, Joe Zarrillo, DJ 360, Tay Keith and DJ Khaled
You wouldn’t expect an artist line-up like this to continue this trend of rock in this week’s new arrivals, but you’d be surprised, and personally I’m pretty happy with how much rock seems to be creeping up back into the public consciousness as if there’s one thing I got back in touch with the most over lockdown, it was the rock music I was raised on and it led to me even further appreciating a genre I had kind of lost touch with over the years out of just a lack of interest. With that said, this isn’t a rock song per se, but it does heavily and lazily sample a classic like much of this Khaled album, going for “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos. I’m not going to lie, either, it sets up a pretty effective back-bone for a trap banger about being awesome, especially with those squealing riffs in the chorus. Oh, yeah, and the mixing is horrible as expected, but to be honest to me it does not dampen the boasting, anthemic nature of this track, especially with Post Malone being a perfect choice to croon that infectious chorus. Megan Thee Stallion has a pretty embarrassingly by-the-numbers verse over a switch in the beat that makes it sound oddly stunted, but she does have that swinging rock charisma that people like Lil Baby do not have. With that said, I think I’m at the point where I eat anything Lil Baby says or does, because the flow switches combined with his frog-throat delivery is just impeccable. Content-wise, I think everyone here realises they’re being squashed by the clipping beat as they just go off about complete nonsense that goes in one ear and out the other apart from Lil Baby’s misguided but still pretty funny line about how he contemplated going vegan but sees no point in it because he’s got ten karats in both of his ears. Sure. At least DJ Khaled as something to do as he... harmonises, I guess, with Posty on the chorus. DaBaby is as distant as possible from the microphone to the point where I can barely hear him, not that it matters when his verse is that basic and short. This is kind of a trainwreck in all honesty, but with four choruses and a beat this heavy, it’s hard to be annoyed by it. Overwhelming maybe but these performers are all characters by themselves and throwing them in this three-minute chaos of squealing guitars and trap skitters just fascinates me if anything. Does it count as a posse cut? I don’t know. Either way, this is hilarious.
#5 – “Your Power” – Billie Eilish
Produced by FINNEAS
Decidedly not hilarious is this new single from Billie Eilish looking to be a smash from that upcoming album which now has a track listing and release date, with this functioning as I suppose the true lead single and her seventh top 10 here in the UK. It’s a brave choice too considering the lyrical content which is a pretty scathing attack on her ex-boyfriend and their abusive relationship, making several references to the gap in age and power dynamic that played into something really distressing for the both of them but especially a young, vulnerable Billie Eilish who found herself helpless in this relationship because of that “hero” quickly revealing himself as little more than his projected insecurities. The song’s detailed enough not to detach itself from Billie’s personal struggles but also works as what I suppose is a warning, as it’s retelling a story all too familiar with many girls of her age at the time who end up in these really scary situations. It does help that the song itself is great, relying on these layered acoustic guitars to form some kind of dejected groove behind Eilish’s vocals, whispery and cooing as always but in this case way too loud in the mix for my taste to the point where it kind of takes me out of the song as a whole. With a better master that blends her vocal take a lot better into the guitars, maybe going for a fuzzier, dream-pop angle, could work a lot better but with that said, I do understand the purpose of making it feel this intimate and minimal because Billie’s honest songwriting calls for a delivery like this, even if she ends up sounding shakier or even mumbling at times as a result. This is a big debut for Billie for a song not prepared to do as well as it did given its content and sound that is not exactly radio-friendly and oftentimes requires more heavy of a listen than a pop song would otherwise. I do love that final outro as her humming careens off the gentle guitars with just enough scratch but I do question how abrupt the ending is. Hopefully when the album’s out, we’ll have a bigger picture to as where this single in particular fits in.
With only five new arrivals and not much in the way of anything bad, I guess Worst of the Week goes to “Oblivion” by Royal Blood but giving a Dishonourable Mention would just end up as dishonest. Therefore, Best of the Week goes to Billie Eilish for “Your Power” but – and I cannot believe I am saying this for a 3/10 album with only fluke hits – but DJ Khaled – and Lil Baby for that matter – get a tied Honourable Mention for both of their songs, “EVERY CHANCE THAT I GET” with Lil Durk and “I DID IT” with Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby. Now to distract from the fact I just did that, here’s this week’s top 10:
Tumblr media
I can’t really make any healthy predictions for next week. Maybe we’ll get some songs from Lil Tecca, Rag’n’Bone Man or Bebe Rexha? Maybe we’ll end up with some fluke Weezer smash hit, who knows? Regardless, thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week.
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 2 years ago
Sat 23 Nov
DON'T LET IT BREAK YOUR HEART is out! Interesting facts, it's incredible and beautiful, it's so good, but also, it's a single version! So the album track will be a different version meaning I can both listen to this on repeat and be excited for it come out still damn. It dropped a few minutes before Louis sang it on X Factor, this weird trend is stressful like yes I got two hands! I can love all the boys all day long! But I only have one pair of eyes and ears okay? Anyway so basically all at once, TV appearance, lyric video, general release. Also: stunning pictures courtesy of iHeart (who gave us an interview about Louis' new single WMI today, I guess we're just having overlapping promo, or promo focus staying on WMI which I was kind of thinking might happen tbh but we'll see) and a creepy cute filtered sibling vid via Lottie. Also TXF official Twitter referred to Louis as a cherry, I'm just gonna chose to take that as weighing in on the Fine Line stunting discourse don't try to talk me out of it.
Look obviously that's the biggest news of the day but GUYS NIALL SAID PRINCESS PARK WAS HAUNTED! Question, what's with these guys and haunted houses and should we be getting more literal about Two Ghosts?! (As for Habit, idek, I need more time for that analysis.) He described seeing (what I'm hearing described as) the Babadook lurking in his hall. It didn't scar him too badly though, just yesterday he said his biggest fears are claustrophobia, yep, and "putting shows on sale and them not selling," which has a rather 'hahaha JK! ...sort of...' kind of vibe, oof babe. He says he'll do some sketches for his SNL appearance in a few weeks but he doesn't know any details yet, and posted his daily chart watch and encouragement to buy and stream NTMY but today's had a change: you can see that he finally purchased the song himself!
The Fine Line writing credits are up, and Liam performed Stack It Up on Michael McIntyre’s Big Show! Sadly this was at the exact same time as Louis was on the X Factor so on the one hand, nice for UK channel flippers! But otoh see above re: how many sets of eyes and ears I have y'all! Inconsiderate. Anyway he looked nice and sounded great.
#more thoughts: official lyric is THEY LET you go meaning that the HE LETS was a lyric change. it was not casual#it was very clearly enunciated and he tried it out in lyric check but then didn't end up doing it at a show he was visibly nervous at#but then did do it at the next show where he was super comfortable and chill. i think knowing that the official version is they#makes that feel really brave and like a big deal honestly. it's not blatant in the lyrics but that context? it feels like a Thing💙#also! they didn't use the yellow color coding for this single. but they also didn't NOT do it#they just skipped that altogether. so okay. for the last two releases he wore matching shirts and he didn't wear bright yellow today#but he also didn't NOT wear yellow like. it's not orange or red? TXF backgrounds were... very gold. all very suspic#Louis Tomlinson#Niall Horan#Niall#Liam#Harry#Louis#I've heard Niall tell that story before but i don't think we knew it was princess park? or we just didn't care before Habit?#idk#AS FOR HARRY. yes Camille does have a minor role in a film being released next week. I'm also very interested in the suggestion that they're#leaning hard on the ex girlfriend talk as a substitute for him having to actively stunt this album cycle. I'll be interested to see#fine line#michael mcintyre#sbb#princess park#haunted real estate#the babadook#23 Nov 19#i told my friend earlier i was becoming a houie to distance myself from embarrassing dlibyh license plate theories#and she was like i dare you to say that in the discourse post! but nah that's too much discourse for me. not til April 1 😜#until then i remain. sincerely yours: a larrie
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hsupdate · 11 months ago
Fine Line is #15 on UK Official Albums Chart. Peak position was #3.
Tumblr media
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hscharts · 6 months ago
Chart Update 2021-05-14 17:04 UTC
Treat People with Kindness:
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #786 (-118)
View all the current chart positions for Treat People with Kindness
Kworb Live Apple Music US: #561 (-14)
Kworb Live Apple Music UK: #203 (-6)
View all the current chart positions for Falling
Kworb Live Apple Music US: #840 (+25)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #310 (-49)
Kworb Live Apple Music UK: #301 (-2)
View all the current chart positions for Golden
Fine Line:
Kworb Live iTunes Album UK: #60 (-9)
Kworb Live AppleMusic Album UK: #34 (+1)
UK Official Albums Chart: #12 (+2)
View all the current chart positions for Fine Line
Adore You:
Kworb Live iTunes US: #366 (-24)
Kworb Live Apple Music US: #350 (-4)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #267 (-41)
View all the current chart positions for Adore You
Watermelon Sugar:
UK Official Charts: #83 (-4)
View all the current chart positions for Watermelon Sugar
Harry Styles:
Kworb Live iTunes Album US: #492 (+40)
UK Official Albums Chart: #81 (-23)
View all the current chart positions for Harry Styles
Sign of the Times:
Kworb Live iTunes US: #569 (-22)
Kworb Live iTunes UK: #301 (-53)
Kworb Live Apple Music UK: #503 (-14)
View all the current chart positions for Sign of the Times
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kingstylesdaily · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
officialcharts Number one next week? a year after its release, @Harry_Styles' Fine Line hits a new peak on the Official UK Albums Chart
✨ When Fine Line was originally released, it peaked at #3 on the Official Chart, making this #2 a new peak for the album!
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