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#Fingers crossed
samuslutan hour ago
!!! ur little iwa drabbles has me 馃ゴ idk he was already living in my mind rent free and then u went and did THAT!( i missed reading ut stuff glad i鈥檓 back in the loop馃挄) also! so excited for the bakugo fic ur writing. go wing! u can do it
Tumblr media
ahhh i鈥檓 glad u like my iwa stuff 馃ズ馃ズ and i appreciate u reading it!! ur my favourite bobanonnie
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rasnak22 hours ago
The Arc Of Life
I stood before her,
Hand out like an invite,
She stared, calculating
And took my hand in her's.
I stood before her,
Spreading my arms wide,
And she fell in without hesitation
Eager to cry her heart out.
I stood before her,
Flowers in hand for a date
She gladly followed without questions,
Off to the carnival parade.
I stood before her,
With a box in hand, on my knees
She gasped, she cried and pulled me close
Kissing me head-on with a frantic yes.
I stood before her,
Hand in hand in Church,
'I do' she said with confidence,
Immediately echoed back by me.
I stood before her,聽
Hands twitching in doubt
She swept me off my feet,
Spinning in circles of joy.
She stood before me,
I, tired with my hands outstretched,
She placed in my hand, a bundle of joy
As I wept silently with relief and delight.
And now, I stand before her,
With silent pleas to come back
But she lay there, still and silent
With a plaque that read:
'RIP, a loving husband and father'.
Context below the cut
So when I wrote this poem, I wasn't actually intending it to be about a MtF person but as I let it take shape... It started making sense. So this is from the POV of a woman, who fell in love with a trans woman and well... While she accepts that her partner is a woman, the society didn't really agree to it, as shown on the plaque which misgenders her.
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his-fragile-love3 hours ago
THE BEARD IS STILL HERE????? I鈥橫 HOPING BC I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT <33 Also Jensen sending this message for his fan i鈥檓聽 馃ズ 馃ズ 馃ズ i love him<3
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netwench4 hours ago
good morning, i think? i Might have some replies in me finally jdjdjdn
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fukyouforever6 hours ago
Gahhh me paying that tenner for that app paid off 馃槶
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quicksandblock9 hours ago
i dunno, i fee like after the first wave, thingsa did change a bit, the fandom grew abit more and usually peaceful blogs like relaxxattacks, who welcome the first wave of twitter refugees, started getting some nasty anons whom show tendecys of those of Twitter. Like yes, anon hate and stuff is usual and kinda of a norm in mctyblur and greater Tumblr, but this ones were much more agressive and like, idk, gave this vibe that they were from Twitter. Plus, for what I understand, some parts of the inniters in Twitter don't like Techno or Phil, so the first wave, whom came from the Techno negativity over there, will clash if those inniters start to spread their hate here. Idk, im nervous too as that anon
yeah, this is true. I guess I don't see it as much because I don't do as much casual interaction on here, so I don't tend to get hit by stuff like that personally, but I was there when relaxxattacks got that one wave of really nasty anons (I think it was about the thing with Purpled?) and I know that sort of thing has been getting more common recently.
and now that you mention it the possibility of a clash between the tommy people and the techno people is a little worrying. idk, I hope they're able to get that we don't really do that here, we just block or ignore and move on.
idk idk. like I said before, I really want to welcome all twitter refugees into the community. I'm genuinely extremely happy for anyone who leaves twitter, like really happy, it's one of the best things you can do for your mental health and I'm sure their lives will all be so much better for it. I just hope they can learn why exactly twitter is as bad as it is and avoid perpetuating that kind of mindset and behavior elsewhere.
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cisbinary10 hours ago
life is good everything is ok i am getting my tattoo tomorrow i talked to some ppl in my uni discord server and most of them were also bi some of them were a lil weird but everyone i talked to was a poc and most of them seem pretty normal and im going to add some people on sky cotl and stuff and tldr...i think im going to make friends
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widowsisa2018heistfilm12 hours ago
My life is honestly coming together. I'm living at home for the foreseeable future, i need a break from moving around and I'd rather have the commute for at least a few months. Cleaning everything out, throwing away garbage, budgeting, planning out projects around the house w my mom since I'm like Here lol
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submissivekillers13 hours ago
i still have three slots open for commissions! if you鈥檇 like to have me write something for you (or a friend, why not) feel free to hit me up over dms, and if you鈥檇 like to support me but aren鈥檛 interested in a commission you can donate to my ko-fi
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bogsneak15 hours ago
Man the courier dragons must be fucking shredded if Edgar could hold Armik up like that
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cloudslou19 hours ago
hehehe i think i鈥檓 getting two tattoos in july 馃ぉ and i know what they r gonna beeeee
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citadelsushi19 hours ago
A Western Mass Effect AU.
鈥淚鈥檓 a terrible follower.鈥澛
Fuck, if she didn鈥檛 sound so small.
鈥淭hat meant to surprise me? 鈥楥ause it don鈥檛.鈥 His free hand captured hers, their fingers intertwining. 鈥淚t ain鈥檛 gonna kill you to let go once in a while.鈥
She narrowed her eyes at him, damning him for messing with her, for using her own words against her. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e such a fuckin鈥 smartass.鈥
Kaidan laughed again, his chest blowing firm against hers. 鈥淚 have my moments.鈥
Williams began to strum in time with Tali鈥檚 bowing and music filled the air. One hand on his arm and the other captured in his, Avory did her best to keep up as he moved them across the ground. Side to side, back and forth, he guided her with gentle pressure on the small of her back. She kept her eyes on their feet. For some fuckin鈥 reason, she couldn鈥檛 stop stepping on him. Each time, she cursed, and each time, he acted like he couldn鈥檛 feel it.聽
鈥淪top lookin鈥 at my feet and you鈥檒l stop steppin鈥 on 鈥榚m.鈥
鈥淲here else am I supposed to look?鈥
Kaidan laughed, clearly amused by her frustration, but not at her expense. On her back, his fingers curled, pulling her imperceptibly closer. 鈥淎t me. At them. Anywhere but down.鈥
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lordiavolo20 hours ago
personally i think all stories should be boring for the first 3 or so seasons to get u acclimated to the characters. then drop a huge war or something
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janthonybitch20 hours ago
I see so many people completely trashing ITH's chances in the box office so I'm here to bring some hope - this has happened with other musicals before. A lousy opening weekend does not mean it is a total fail. ITH has very high critics ratings (Grade A on CinemaScore and 97% on Rotten Tomatoes) and a constant slew of praise which gives it a very good chance of staying strong throughout the summer.
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clydiavandyke21 hours ago
My grandmother gave me some really cool vintage clothes, but she must have been a literal twig, cause she's taller then me and the waist on all of these are wayyy too small 馃槶
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plegdoctor21 hours ago
I just applied for a job that I really want, can we please all manifest that I get it 馃暞
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