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Here is what they don’t tell you:

Icarus laughed as he fell.

Threw his head back and

yelled into the winds,

arms spread wide,

teeth bared to the world.

(There is a bitter triumph

in crashing when you should be


The wax scorched his skin,

ran blazing trails down his back,

his thighs, his ankles, his feet.

Feathers floated like prayers

past his fingers,

close enough to snatch back.

Death breathed burning kisses

against his shoulders,

where the wings joined the harness.

The sun painted everything

in shades of gold.

(There is a certain beauty

in setting the world on fire

and watching from the centre

of the flames.)


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Sooo like 2½ years ago a friend of mine suggested that I’d draw the tales gang in the outfits of the Left 4 Dead survivors, but I never got around to drawing that back then.

Buut now this week I played like 12 hours of l4d2 within two days and so I got left 4 dead on my mind and went like hey maybe it’s finally time I draw that thing haha

At first I planned on drawing them in outfits of both survivor groups, sketched out both even but then got tired and went ehhh I’ll just finish the l4d2 group one. The poses are based on the poses of the characters in the Dark Carnival campaign poster.

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Chapter 10: Adamant


Summary: While Alistair and the Inquisitor’s companions tackle the Nightmare in the Fade, Morrigan and Fiona discuss…well…the events of the entire Dragon Age, I guess, back at Skyhold.


“I find myself musing more and more on the sorts of clever tricks the Maker plays on us all.”

Finally…an opening, and Morrigan did not hesitate to swoop in and take it. “And what cleverness has the Maker bestowed upon you, Grand Enchanter?”

“Just Fiona now.” She corrected her, with another wry smile. “The Circles are no more, their titles and hierarchies should be done away with as well.”

“‘Tis surely no small thing. Do you trust that these freedoms will last?”

“That remains to be seen. It seems we have a world to save first. And if we succeed, I will do everything I can to remind the future Divine, if there is to be a Divine, of the part mages played in that.”

“Is that why you are here?”

“I was not really given much of a choice. When the Inquisitor thwarted Alexius’ plan, the King of Ferelden left us to the mercy of the Inquisition.” She winced at this, shaking her head with a little laugh.

“But you certainly chose to pledge yourself and the mages who followed you in service to a Tevinter Magister. What did you really think would come of it?”

“I – we were desperate. We believed an army of Templars was on their way to strike us down at Redcliffe. The Venatori and their agents had infiltrated our ranks. I only learned after the fact that Alexius had used his ‘time magic’ repeatedly to remove every other alternative we might have had.”

Morrigan caught herself glancing worriedly in the direction Kieran had hurried off to.

“Dorian, while flashy and arrogant, would never attempt such a reckless feat. And Alexius…he had other motivations for his meddling. Beyond serving ‘The Elder One,’ and restoring Tevinter to the height of its power, that is.”

“What other motivations?”

“His son, Felix. He suffered from Blight sickness. And the man would’ve burned the entire world to save him were it not for the Inquisitor’s timely intervention.”

Well, this was certainly a convenient turn in the conversation! “How did you become immune to the Darkspawn Taint?” Morrigan asked, finally feeling victorious.

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I just did the munday meme like this hope it’s fine

and then some doodles bc there was space

Thanks to those who sent a prompt in!

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