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softdedue · a day ago
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Um???? Dimidue bedsharing confirmed?????
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nikibogwater · a day ago
Yuri wants to go on an expedition!
Yuri on the expedition: I hate riding horses and I'm allergic to everything in this field.
Me: ??? This was your idea!
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occasionallydiverting · 21 days ago
Shez is a lot more entertaining than Byleth as a protagonist and a lot of that comes down to actually having voiced lines. BUT that said it is much easier to have a personality if you aren’t a nepotism homunculus raised by a 300-year-old contract killer
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nawrust · 2 months ago
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maybe i’ll let you handle the hacky slashy stuff. unless?
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dvrtrblhr · a month ago
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I was going to try to draw Felix and/ or Sylvain new looks in a way that pleased me (because... i'm trying to make peace with their 3 hopes designs). But then I ended up painting Dimitri 😓
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breadfruiit · 4 months ago
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had to take matters into my own hands and give her a new outfit since she wasn’t in the few3h trailer
bonus outfit ref:
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no13-yang · 4 months ago
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Hellooo she’s back
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thekimersonshow · 4 months ago
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Bernadetta: *has trouble dealing with people*
FEW3H: Now go deal with a thousand
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butwhatifidothis · 12 days ago
three hopes confirms the teachers theory ( basically that edelgqard didnt hire the bandits to actually kill any of the students but to get rid of the professor and replace him/her with jeritza edelgard was literally taking the other 2 to safety. ) at the time people theorized the goal would be espionage but now its revealed thep lan was to save monica by using jeritza positon ( jeritza would be the one to break protocol and go into fortress (further than the other 1/2
if there's a 2/2 then it got ate, sorry!
3Hopes is, um. Very contentious when it comes to "proving" any one thing or the other. In just the demo it's already outright retconned hard-canon facts. For example:
Caspar not understanding why Petra would be... awkward around his father in 3Hopes directly goes against his first support with her in 3H, where he knows out the gate that his dad murdered hers. He knows this "recently" - recently, and this support chain is available immediately, meaning well before the time period 3Hopes is set in.
Rufus being a politically savvy, tormented kinslayer is certainly interesting, but literally everything we learn about him details him as a useless womanizer with no talent for politics, so him "being known" for the former is... not exactly congruent with what we knew of him before.
Monica being someone that was oh so loyal to Edelgard and was one of her most loyal servants and Edelgard knowing her personally either means that 1) this relationship is completely 3Hopes fanfiction, as Edelgard literally never mentions the real Monica once, ever, to anyone, and doesn't even pretend to be saddened at the heavy implication of her death by Kronya's hand in 3H, or 2) Monica was close with Edelgard, and Edelgard only didn't rescue her in 3H because it wasn't convenient enough for her and didn't care for Monica on a personal level despite knowing her personally, going so far as to willingly work with Monica's murderers without telling Monica's father any of this and letting him stew in despair. Which drives him to steal a Relic for leverage to save the dead Monica, which leads to his death. Cool!
And besides, this... doesn't even change anything? Like, alright, let's accept that part of Edelgard's plan was to install Jeritza as professor in 3H. So, you're saying that her OG plan, in the OG game, was to:
Hire bandits to scare off one singular professor
Not get ANYONE ELSE either frightened off or hurt in any way
Hope that Jeritza gets assigned to any class despite clearly being unqualified to straight up lead a classroom and not just be a weapons instructor, which 3Hopes explicitly shows to be the case (randomly leaving in the middle of class, never speaking with the students, not caring for safety, openly talking about shit like "blood scents") - else why wouldn't he just be a professor already, he's been there for ~2 years by the start of 3H.
Hope that her class - or the one Jeritza is leading - is the one assigned with chasing down the bandits, and not the Knight of Seiros who don't know about Monica being a captive
Somehow know that Monica is still alive - after months of being in captivity, which has no reason for anyone to think would happen because it makes no sense to keep her alive that long if they were just going to kill her and nothing else between the time she was captured to the time she's rescued in 3Hopes, which is at minimum multiple months.
And all of this, to save Monica... who, again, Edelgard literally never mentions caring about whatsoever at any point in all of 3H.
And which like... isn't mutually exclusive with the idea that she wanted to also assassinate Dimitri and Claude. Because, and I bring up the big 'ol question again, why would Claude run away from a completely safe situation? He himself says that he, Edelgard, and Dimitri were separated from everyone else, with no objection from Edelgard or Dimitri in describing their situation that way - and in that situation, it would make more sense for him to run, because it'd be just three people against an entire band of bandits. Edelgard takes them "to safety" because Claude ran away, which she didn't plan for and must now work around. And with her knowing about the bandits beforehand, she would have known not let to them be separated from everyone else in the first place if she really wanted Dimitri and Claude safe.
Which she doesn't. Because Edelgard wants them dead. Because she wants to conquer Fodlan - which we now double know for a fact, if we take 3Hopes as canon, is something she wanted independent of TWS "forcing" her, because she boots Arundel out of Enbarr, cuts ties with TWS, and still declares war on the Church and still plans to conquer the neutral Alliance. Which in 3Hopes we know she did with no attempts at negotiations with Claude, meaning she always planned on doing so and nothing Claude could say would change that. And with her declaring war on the Church after her "reforms" were implemented - meaning, the Church didn't do anything to prevent her from changing Adrestia, and in fact actively helped her in clearing out the Imperial palace, and she still declares war on it. So her nonsensical plan to save this girl she suddenly cares about does not erase her actions, nor does it say that she wasn't trying to kill people she planned on killing anyway regardless
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nikibogwater · a day ago
Yuridetta in Three Houses: Childhood friends who genuinely want to reconnect despite their somewhat complicated history
Yuridetta in Three Hopes:
Yuri: Just so you know, I definitely don't still care about you at all and I could totally kill you if I wanted to.....On a completely unrelated note, are you eating enough? Sleeping well? You weren't hurt in that last battle, were you?
Bernadetta: Who are you again???
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cynical-gamer-media · 6 days ago
Shez: I may be a dumb bitch- 
Arval: No. 
Shez: :) Oh that's sweet- 
Arval: No, you ARE a dumb bitch. There is no maybe.
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nawrust · 4 months ago
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His smile and optimism: gone.
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dvrtrblhr · 4 months ago
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Trying to translate the boys' 3 hopes looks into my style.
I love 3 hopes Claude and his perfect hair and white gloves so much, it might actually convince me to buy this game.
Also, from now on I'll always think this is how Dimitri looked mid-time-skip in CF, because it fits so well.
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femboyvonaegir · a month ago
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It takes a lot to make me draw again (and in full color!), so thank Ferdinand von Aegir, noblest of nobles.
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cyokie · 18 days ago
Shez having voice lines and an actual personality in Three Hopes is making me feel guilty for being so attached to Byleth lol
Of course, only the demo is out right now, so I’m not sure what the entirety of Shez’s character is going to be like. The only thing that’s clear is that they’re going to have more of an established personality than Byleth. So I totally get why people are excited, and why people might end up preferring Shez.
But idk guys, even if we end up being able to objectively say Shez was written better...I love Three Houses so much, and I somehow got really attached to Byleth and their implied personality 😭😭 
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no13-yang · 4 months ago
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Look at her gooo
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Three Hopes!Lions are giving very much "I'll fight till my last to protect what I love, and if that lands me in hell, you better hope you don't find me" and I love it.
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butwhatifidothis · a month ago
we take a break from the break to give you
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now back to the break
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softdedue · 2 months ago
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Something cute and sketchy with the new looks
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nikibogwater · 4 days ago
I’m only 6 chapters into my Golden Wildfire run, but I’m already fascinated by all the ways the plot, and more importantly, the characters have changed simply as a result of Byleth not being there. The most noticeable stand-outs to me so far have been Claude and Ignatz (though that’s mostly just because they’re some of my favorites so I tend to grind Supports with them right away).
Three Hopes is exploring an aspect of Claude that I always wanted to see--namely, how did he cope with the stress of running the Alliance during the five-year timeskip? In Three Houses, we’re never shown Claude as being anything but confident and adept. He has backup schemes for his backup schemes, and he is able to keep his head above the chaos of war and hold the Alliance together. He’s a reassuring presence that guides the story, helping Byleth discover the truth of their origins. Unlike the other lords’ paths, Verdant Wind isn’t Claude’s story--it’s Byleth’s. So to see the focus shifted onto him in Three Hopes, to see him as more than just The Only One Who Has it All Together in This Goddess-Forsaken Country--it’s really interesting. He’s still cocky, clever, and charismatic, but he’s also a lot more vulnerable than we ever saw him in Three Houses, often expressing his anxieties and uncertainty regarding his position as a leader. It feels like a very natural response to his situation, especially considering that he’s barely even 20 when he takes his position at the Leicester Roundtable. It's also not too far of a stretch to imagine that he had to deal with these same anxieties during the Three Houses timeline, and that the reason Claude is as well-adjusted as he is in that game is because he went through this character arc while Byleth was missing. I always headcanoned something along those lines, but I’m really happy to be allowed to see it in Three Hopes.
And then Ignatz is the total inverse of Claude’s situation! In Three Houses, Ignatz is characterized as very honest and emotionally vulnerable. He opens up to Byleth about his love of painting, as well as his worries about disappointing his family. He’s not ashamed to admit that he’s scared, and his timidity often manifests as suggestions/requests that the group follow a safer plan. But in Three Hopes, we see a version of Ignatz who never had a professor to encourage him in his dreams--a version of Ignatz who went on to become a fully-realized knight, and has all but given up on his artistic endeavors. Even more heart-wrenching is the fact that this Ignatz is very emotionally closed-off compared to his Three Houses counterpart. He is constantly putting on a brave face, assuring Shez and the others that he’s fine, he’s not scared, he doesn’t regret becoming a knight. His cheerfulness no longer feels entirely genuine, because he very rarely lets anyone see him as anything else. But every now and then, he’ll let something slip--just a little hint here or there that implies deep down, he’s not satisfied with the choice he made, and he’s still just as scared as he was in Three Houses. 
Again, I’m only up to chapter 6, so there’s still plenty of time for things to go horribly and for all of the above to be rendered null and void, but for this moment in time, I’m really enjoying the way Three Hopes handles this What-If scenario, and I’m excited to see what it does with the other characters too.
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