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#Fire Force

requests :))

can you guys request something please i’m so bored and we’re all quarantined so why not i’ll literally write anything LOL but all of my writing will be in bullet points and if you’d like to see just check my blog :)))

i write for

  • black clover
  • haikyuu
  • katekyou hitman reborn
  • kuroko no basket
  • bts LOL
  • dr stone
  • kimetsu no yaiba
  • hunter x hunter
  • one punch man
  • my hero academia
  • attack on titan
  • fire force
  • jojo
  • bungou stray dogs
  • blue exorcist
  • and many more :))
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Hey, can I get 10,12 and 15 for Arthur, Thank you!

10. Are they constantly or rarely horny?

Surprsingly, he does not have a huge libido, it’s about average for a teenage boy, maybe a little less

12. Are they good for multiple round or one?

Is only good for one round.  It’s something he feels embarrassed at, but his dick is spent after one go.

15. Are they a big masturbator or not?

Not really, mainly because he never had the chance to.  Living in the army surrounded by other guys and not having a chance to yourself made it kinda hard to get into the mood.

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I’m really ironic how they fight fire with fire.

But now that I think about it again it’s not that uncommon. I mean people fight titans with titans, demons with demons etc.

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Open Request

(*・ω・)ノ Good morning, I’ll close my request Sunday night at 11:00PM (GMT-5), I want to focus on the amazing requests that some of you send me, so if you have a request submit it before that time.

Just a reminder I’ll write for this animes:

✿ Haikyuu!!

✿Boku no hero Academia

✿Fire Force

✿Kimetsu no Yaiba

✿Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

✿One Piece (certain characters so look at the rules)

✿Ao no exorcist

✿Kuroko no Basket (yes this is new😎🤟🏻)


Originally posted by anime--irl

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