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hey just a heads up on ur tags masterlist the link for caps has an incorrectly spelled link (it says /snaobacks instead of /snapbacks) anyways thanks for all your hard work!

omg thanks for letting me know!

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So i recently introduced KPOP to my mom and this is what she said

-is this one of your crazy thing
-it’s like rainbow of hair colors
-what is this Chinese… O no it’s Korean right
-they can dance
-and they sing in English oooooo
-I like them they are sexy
-omg what is this


But then the next day she ask if kpop was something to eat
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1, 18, 19, 21, and 22 rise & scam

1: Favorite MV?
Prolly BTS’ I need u bc im an emo #aesth piece of shit

18: Tell me about your bias. Why is s/he your bias?
J-hope… damn he’s just such sunshine and so damn TALENTED and hardworking and handsome n full of love :’0

19: Your favorite thing about your bias?
His.. smile……. kill me

21: How did you discover your favorite group?
My friend @daheepak was like “hey here’s a kdrama and a kpop group i like welcome to hell welcome to hell!!!”

22: Favorite performance?
dont even talk to me abt the hyyd dvd, esp nevermind

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