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Anyone noticed the reflections in their glasses?

People probably have and I’m just slow

Each one seems to be important to their specific arcs in season 2, whatever they’ll be

Luther’s is probably the easiest to figure out, I mean it’s a newspaper headline saying “war declared”. Potentially caused by him/his siblings?

Next is Diego’s showing a woman. Is that Patch? I honestly can’t really tell but I get the feeling it is Patch, who was important to him in season 1. So does she make an appearance?

Allison’s shows what seems to be a protest, I’m guessing that it’s the civil rights movement? That goes is based on the freedom now poster in the sunglasses and another picture of Allison that was revealed where someone just off screen is holding a pamphlet thing saying “have you been discriminated against?” Or something of the sort

Klaus’s shows what appears to be a rave, or even like a concert perhaps? I’ve seen many people comment on how he’s taken on a more hippie look this season, so perhaps it had something to do with that. Also, interestingly, Klaus is the only one moving his glasses so that we can see his eyes. I have no clue what significance that has but it sure is interesting and likely means something

Next is Ben, with a familiar sight. His glasses reflect the shot of the Hargreeves as children, I believe the one from the first episode. Perhaps it’s connected to how we saw all of them as children again at the very end of season 1? I think it’s likely we’ll get background and how he died

Vanya shows her golfing (?) With another woman and kid in what looks like a farm-ish/middle of nowhere home setting. I’m pretty sure that it’s the woman and kid from the released picture of the Vanya and them in the car, which many people have theorized as being her family in season 2

Finally is Five. One thing I find interesting is how his sunglasses have much smaller lenses than everyone else’s, showing way less of the reflection. Could this mean something? Maybe, but I also may be looking too deep into things. But the picture we can see in his glasses direct give off much, it’s a close scape of houses, which I don’t recognize from the show. He does also have the now seemingly ever present blood on his face, which means he may be doing something along his hitman lines again

So all in all, I can’t really tell what any of these mean, but I’m sure they’ll become much more obvious when season 2 releases on netflix. Also interestingly, Ben and Five are the only two with unchanged clothing, whole everyone else seems to have picked up outfits and styles specific to a different time period. Honestly seeing all of this makes me think the theory of them being split up through time periods or dimensions or something of the sort of becoming more and more likely. And! The order is Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Five, Ben, Vanya. But, Five is moved out of order, being placed after Vanya in the front, and not to mention Luther is standing on his own in the back. I wonder if they’re being grouped or something?

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Okay so the umbrella academy official Instagram posted this and I saw thing in each of there glasses and I decided to look closer and each one had a different scene or setting to something different so I’m just going to leave this here and see people opinions about this cause season 2 is going to be something different

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i’m sure somebody has pointed this out already but,,,

five doesn’t fit.

look at it! everyone’s centered in and five’s on the side—shouldnt vanya be between diego and allison so he’s between klaus and ben? in the way that they are, plus him tilting his head at a different angle, he clearly doesn’t look like he’s supposed to be in the picture. or am i reading too into this lmao

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This outfit was heavily inspired by Joel G’s ENA. If I ever draw this again I’m probably going to not go with green for the socks.

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