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PJOverse Headcanons Pt 5

Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3, Part 4


• Peter started his Junior year with both his Best Friends knowing his secret identity

• Peter was totally shocked when Flash came and apologised to him for being an Asshole before the school even started

• Peter accepted his apology, because he’s Peter what else did you except from him.

• During Study Hall

• “Did you do something at Camp that I should know about? ”

• “Don’t look at me like that, this is all on him, I have nothing to do with it, this time at least”

• “What do you mean this time? ”

• “I might have beaten him in front of whole Camp in a duel when we were 13”

• “ Why? ”

• “He started bullying you that year, Ok”

• “Aww, you do care”

• “Tell that to anyone, and they won’t find your body ”

• “Why do I don’t doubt that, that’s exactly what would happen, isn’t it”

• “Good, you shouldn’t ”

• “Guys, I’m feeling left out, What Camp are you talking about, is it the one that Peter has gone in freshman year and refuses to tell me about and what do exactly mean when you say a duel”

• “We forgot Ned was here, didn’t we”

• “We totally did”

• “Should we tell him about it or not”

• “It’s your choice, Peter, but if he goes babbling about it to everyone than I’ll have to kill him ”

• “You guys are scaring me”

• Peter tell him everything, MJ adding a comment here and there

• “Wow you guys are just like Roman except they have like whole city for them instead of just Camp”

• “How the hell did you know about Romans we didn’t even tell you about them yet”

• “Peter you remember my Grandmother who passed during middle school ”

• “How could I not, you were absolutely wrecked when it happened you were really close ”

• “Yeah, she was a Daughter of Minerva and she would tell me about New Rome and Camp Jupiter while putting me to bed ” Ned said with a sad smile

• “But she never told me about Greek demigods though ”

• “We kinda didn’t knew about each other until few years ago”

• “So since you’re a legacy of Minerva, can you see through the Mist” asks MJ

• “Not Clearly but if I focus I could ”

• MJ takes out her pencil and turns it into Mace, Ned jumps out of his chair in fear, Flash suppressed his laughter across the room at the scene

• “Stop scaring him, MJ”

• “You are no fun”

• During Lunch, Flash comes and sits with them

• “So you could see through the Mist huh, demigod or mortal? ”

• “Neither, I’m a Legacy, my grandmother was a daughter of Minerva ”

• “Doesn’t that make you like Peter’s grand-nephew since Athena and Minerva are counterparts of each other”

• “Omg, Flash I didn’t need to that Ned’s my grand-nephew, never ever mention that ever again ”

• “Why do you even care about Ned being demigod or Mortal?” asks MJ

• “I don’t, Betty does, she has this huge crush on Ned but won’t make a move because usually mortal and demigod’s relationship go up into flames when they discover the truth”

• “How do you even know about her crush?”

• “Peter, I’m son of Aphrodite, I know these things and their pinning for each other almost, keyword almost, beats yours and Harley’s ”

• Ned was as red as tomato and to distract them from him he asked “Who’s Harley?”

• “Peter didn’t tell you about Harley” -Flash

• “Of course, he didn’t ” -MJ

• “ Harley’s the guy on whom Peter has the biggest crush on, Liz was nothing in comparison to Harley”- Flash

• “T..that’s not true and how do you know about Liz” -Peter

• “Again, son of Aphrodite, I know these things and you kind of don’t have any subtlety ” -Flash

• “He’s not wrong, the whole Camp knew about you pinning for Harley and him pinning for you ” -MJ

• “No they didn’t and he was not ” -Peter

• “Yes, they did and he so was” -Flash

• “What proof do you have?” -Peter

• “Wait a second ” Flash leaves the table and comes back with Betty

• “Hi guys, hey Ned” -Betty

• “Hi Betty” -Ned with heart eyes

• “Betty we need to prove Peter something and we need your help” -Flash

• “I’ll try to help you as best I can” -Betty

• “Peter needs a proof that everyone in Camp knew about his crush and Harley was crushing on him too” -MJ

• “Both of your pinning was obvious to everyone but each other ” -Betty

• “Told you ” -Flash

• “Ok, whatever It’s not like it’s gonna work out I won’t be going to Camp and he might not come to Camp since he would be starting College next year ” -Peter

• “I don’t want to be rude or something but does Ned knows ” -Betty

• “Y..Yeah, I’m legacy of Minerva” -Ned

• “Oh! Since when do you knew about us ” -Betty

• “We told him this morning ” -Peter

• “So that’s why he was scared shitless during Study Hall when Michelle made her Mace appear, to be honest it was real funny how he jumped out of the chair” -Flash

• “Told you it was funny” -MJ

• They started arguing and before they knew it lunch was over

• From the next day, Flash and Betty came over to sit with them during lunch and nobody said a thing about change in seating arrangements, they were usually way to busy arguing about something to even mention

• Ned finally asked Betty out after a month, they have been dating ever since

• Six months into school Flash discovered Peter’s identity by accident

• Peter and Flash both have AP Chem after lunch so they go to class together

• One such day Peter’s spider sense started going crazy while going to class

• “Flash you go to class, I need to go right now”

• “Wait Peter, where are you running to”

• Peter doesn’t answer so Flash decided to follow him to the back alley of school and finds him changing into Spidersuit

• “Oh my God! You’re Spiderman ”

• “Shit! Flash I need to go, please don’t tell anyone, we’ll talk about it later”

• Flash was shook, his kinda-friend was his hero, so he just said “Ok”

• Flash goes back to his class but was still is in a daze

• Flash was still out of it when Betty asks whether he’s Ok and he blurts out “Peter is Spiderman” to Betty and started hyperventilating

• Betty tries to calm Flash down and promises she won’t tell anyone.

• Peter was back for the last period, after the class was over Peter finds Flash to talk

• “Would it be Ok if talk about it in my apartment, my aunt won’t back before 6”

• “Ok”

• “Ned and MJ will be joining us too”

• “ I need to tell you something ”

• “Tell me in the apartment ”

• “Ikindatoldbetty”

• “What? ”

• “ I kinda told Betty, I’m sorry I was still in a daze and blurted out to her, don’t worry she promised she won’t tell anyone ”

• “Ok… you find Betty and meet us outside, we’ll talk about it in the apartment ”

• The walk back was super awkward and no one said a word

• Even after reaching the destination nobody uttered a single word for 5 mins before Betty couldn’t handle it

• “Sooo… Peter’s Spiderman ”

• “Yeah” -Peter

• “And Ned and MJ already knew” -Betty

• “He didn’t realise I was waiting for him in his room when he came in and removed his mask” -Ned

• “I realized he was Spiderman when he saved us from the cyclops ” -MJ

• “Wait a sec, I was there too, why didn’t I realise that ” -Flash

• “Because you turned into a overexcited puppy whenever someone even mentions Spiderman ” -MJ

• “Ok, maybe I do that” -Flash

• “Why didn’t I knew about it” - Ned

• “You never asked how I realized it that when you asked how I found out” -MJ

• “Yeah, Ok” -Ned

• “Flash found out about it on accident ” -Betty

• “In my defence he didn’t even give me a excuse and started running so I followed him” -Flash

• “That sounds like Peter” -MJ

• “I know but heeey ” -Peter

• “And Flash blurted out to me on accident” -Betty

• “ I’m still sorry about that, I didn’t mean to” -Flash

• “She as well as find about it now than later, to be honest Peter you are shit at hiding your identity, she was bound to find out sooner than later ” -MJ

• “Again, I know but heeey” -Peter

• “So what do you both do exactly ” -Betty

• “Good question, I’m Peter’s guy in chair” -Ned

• “And I make excuses for him because these losers are shit at lying ” -MJ

• “Peter, you can always come to me when you get injuries then, I hope you don’t but you’re bound to, I can help with my dad’s healing power” -Betty

• “Thanks Betty, I have super healing but if I get a serious injury and my AI doesn’t snitch to Mr Stark, I sure will ” -Peter

• “If there’s a way I could help, I would love to” -Flash

• “You could help me with excuses, whenever someone questions them, you can charm speak them, what don’t look at me like that, I know you don’t use it that much but you still have it” -MJ

• “How the hell did you know that ” -Flash

• “Dude, she’s MJ she knows everything ” -Ned

• “Also, it doesn’t hurt that I have been going to Camp since I was 9, I know almost everything like for example I know Drew refuses to teach you how to Charmspeak that’s why Piper comes for a week from New Rome every summer with her girlfriend Annabeth ” -MJ

( I know every one ships percabeth but I’m pipabeth trash, so sue me)

• “Wait they are dating, I thought they were best friends ” -Peter

• “They started dating the year you stopped coming, but they did have heart eyes for each other way before that you were just way to busy giving Harley heart eyes yourself ” -Betty

• “Not you too, can we please not talk about my crush on Harley ” -Peter

• “That won’t be fun at all, so no” -MJ

• “ I hope you guys know that I’m really confused whenever you start talking about Camp randomly ” -Ned

• “That reminds me, I IMed Chiron, a few days ago and convinced him to let Ned visit the camp but he said since you are a legacy he can’t allow you to stay for more than a week” -Betty

• “Aww Babe, really ” -Ned

• “Peter, why don’t you also come for a week, I’m pretty sure Stark would be delighted to hear that you want to take a break from moonlighting as a superhero on your own” -MJ

• “But…” -Peter

• “Come on Peter, do it for me, your best friend and your guy in chair” -Ned

• “Ok, Ok, I’ll come but stop giving me the puppy eyes” -Peter

• After discussing for an hour they finally decided that Ned and Peter should come to Camp in the first week of summer holidays

( I wasn’t going to write Part 5 for a week at least but then @flowersofparkner said it was her favourite AU making me feel inspired and I had to write it)

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“I want to make a snowman.” 

“Hello to you too, Pete.” Tony set down the blowtorch, and leaned back on his stool, smiling slightly. He hadn’t heard from Peter in a couple days, due to finals, so he was glad he was reaching out to Tony. 

“I want to make a snowman,” Peter repeated. 

“I heard you. Why is that important to me?” 

“Because you’re upstate right now, right?” Peter asked. 


“And the compound has a big yard, right?” He could hear something shifting, like wind blowing around the phone. Tony wondered if Peter was swinging somewhere. 

“Yes, Pete.” 

“And the yard has snow?” 

“You can come and make a snowman at the compound, Parker, but you have to get here. I’m not hiking all the way to Queens just to freeze outside.” 

“Well, that is just perfect.” 

Tony frowned. “What do you mean?” 

“I’m outside the front door right now.” 

Ten minutes later, Tony was lacing up a pair of old boots he had found in the back of a closet in a random bedroom. He was seventy five percent sure that they were Steve or Clint’s, and they were at least two sizes too big. He shoved a pair of socks into the toes to keep his feet from sliding around in them. 

“So what is with the sudden obsession with making a snowman?” He asked, looking up at the four children in front of him. Peter was wearing his one winter coat, and what looked to be three pairs of sweatpants, and his old tennis shoes. Michelle was wearing a purple coat that looked like it was her moms, and leggings. Ned was wearing actual snow pants and a puffy coat, same with Eugene. 

“Ned was talking about how last year on Christmas Eve he made one with his cousins in Canada was really wanted to make one again. But New York doesn’t have a lot of… space to make a snowman. We were at the AcaDec Christmas party and I remembered the Compound and it’s luscious, amazing, wonderfully big yard.” 

“I’m already going, Parker, no need to sugar coat it.” Tony sighed, standing up and stomping the boots. “These have no arch support.” 

Peter was grinning, Ned mirroring. Eugene hadn’t stopped looking around in awe since he stepped into the Compound. Tony knew he and Peter had gotten past their fighting phase, and were actually on their way to becoming closer friends, but that didn’t stop Tony from being slightly shocked when he met up with the kids and saw Eugene there. Tony still didn’t fully trust the kid, he knew the kinda pain he caused Peter for years of his life, but he wasn’t about to be rude to a kid Peter was beginning to trust. 

“Alright, children. Snowman time.” 

Peter’s toes were cold, but he was having the best day in a very long time. 

The sun was setting quickly in the background, but Peter couldn’t even focus on that. 

The three snowmen (Mikey, Randy, and Eve) were placed across the humongous yard, each decorated in classic scarves and hats. Eve, Peter’s favorite, had on a pair of Tony’s colored glasses and a fake flower crown. Peter took many pictures with his girl, beaming in all of them. 

“Have you ever made a snowman before?” Flash asked as they sat taking a break by the compound door, watching MJ, Ned, and Tony start yet another snowman. Peter was surprised Tony hadn’t left them yet. He was honestly surprised when Tony started suiting up to go into the snow with them. 

“Where would I have built a snowman?” Peter chuckled. Flash looked like he was gonna respond, then stopped, crinkling his eyebrows. 

“Huh. Guess I never thought about it.” He toed the ground awkwardly. “I’ve never made a snowman with friends. Only by myself.” 

“Your parents didn’t help you?” Peter turned his head to the side. 

“Nah. Too busy to want to help.” 

“Huh.” Peter crinkled his eyebrows to mirror Flash’s previous expression, then let his face fall slack. “Well, I’m usually available, if you ever want to make one in the future. Like, after today, I mean.” 

Flash chuckled, then began to respond. However, instead of responding, a snowball slammed against the wall between the two of their heads. They whipped their heads over to see Tony, MJ, and Ned dying of laughter. 

“You did not just do that!” Peter screamed, and both boys leapt up, scooping snow and running towards the others. 

Chaos ensued. Peter managed to hit MJ and Ned both in the backs with snowballs, but also got a snowball to the face by Flash. He was focused only on hitting Tony, who somehow managed to dodge every single snowball that flew his way. 

By minute twenty of the fight, every teenager collectively decided to team up against Tony, much to his indignation. 

“I invite you… to my home… and this… is how I’m repaid!” Tony was yelling as he ran awkwardly through the snow from all four of them loaded with snowballs. 

Peter lunged, tackling the man to the ground, and shoving a snowball directly into his face. The rest dogpiled on top, and they all laid there, laughing their asses off. 

Eventually, Peter rolled off, and there he stayed, spread out in the snow, staring at the purple sunset sky. Ned collapsed next to him, still laughing. 

“Good day,” Peter whispered, breath puffing in front of us. He couldn’t feel his toes, or his fingers, and he was sure that he would have a cold for a week after, along with a nasty bruise on his jaw where Mj managed to nail him with a snowball at close range. But it was worth it, as he laid in the cold snow and stared up at the sky, grin wide on his face. 

“Good day,” Tony chuckled, before sitting up. “Hot chocolate?”


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Spider-Man Reviews Teil 149

“Enter: Dr. octopus!”

Amazing Spider-Man 53

Autor: Stan Lee

Zeichner: john Romita Sr.


Spidey liest Jonahs letzteb Artikel und ärgert sich sehr das JJ ihn als den Bösen in Foswells Tod darstellt.

An der Uni ist Harry sauer da peter nie da ist und er seine Anruf beantworten muss. Prof Warren lädt ihn und Gwens in eine wissenschaftliche Austellung ein.

Dort geht peters spinnesinn los doch er sieht keine Gefahr. Eine neue Abwehrwaffe soll vorgeführt werden doch Doc Ock ist im puplikum und will sie stehlen. Peter nütz die ablekung und wird zu Spider-Man. Er kämpft sich mit Ock quer durchs museum und kann ihn ohne Beute in die Flucht schlagen.

Auf der flucht entdeckt Ock den Spinnensender den peter angebracht hat und kommt auf eine Idee. In Coffebean treffen sich Peter und Gwen später mit den anderen und werden von Anna und May überrascht die sagen das sie ein Zimmer vermieten.

Später macht sich Peter auf die Suche nach Ock und findet ihn in seinen Stuhl sitzend. Doch peter ist vorsichtig und greift mit einer netzkugel an. Zum glück den ock ist ein explosiver Dummi an den der Spinnensender begestigt wurde. Durch den netzball explodiert er und Ock denkt Spidey sei tot nun will er erst mal entspannen.

Peter schwört sich ihn zu finden und ahnt nicht das Ock an Mays tür klopft wegen den Zimmer.


Hier geht tante May Doc Ock blödheit weiter und wird bald ein neues Level erreichen.


Story: 3

Zeichnung: 3


Gesamt: 6

Held: Spider-Man


Nebenfigur: Jonah, Gwen, Flash, Harry, Prof. warren, MJ, May, Anna

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PJOverse Headcanons Pt 4:-

(Sorry my hand slipped)

Peter age 15 Harley 16

• Peter doesn’t go back to Camp due being busy patrolling Queens as Spiderman

• Harley is really upset when he hears that Peter won’t be coming to Camp, he had finally gathered all his courage and was finally going to ask him out but never gets a chance to

• That year Harley’s father came to visit him

• “Why are you here, you abandoned us, didn’t even tell us that you were a God”

• “Harley listen I’m sorry but I had to”

• “Then tell me the goddam reason”

• “So do you know about our Roman counterparts and children ”

• “Yes, they live in New Rome now along with few Greek demigods and don’t talk to me in circles”

• “You know that Greek and Roman demigods have recently found out about each other and before that we weren’t allowed to tell you, your sister was daughter of my Roman form Vulcan and if Hera or Juno had found out, I don’t what she would have done”

• Harley didn’t know what to think about it, he knew his sister was a demigod when he found about his dad being a God but he didn’t expect her to be a Roman demigod

• “Ok, but I still haven’t forgiven completely ”

• “I didn’t expect you would, but it’s a start right ”

• “Maybe”

• Peter would still IMs MJ, no matter how much she’ll deny it she considers Peter a friend, she also tells him about the on ongoing fight about how his half siblings says that his superhero persona can’t be trusted and how Flash with his whole Cabin will come to defend him

• Some time later Civil War happens, Peter didn’t tell Tony about him being a demigod because he thought it wasn’t relevant when he comes to recruit him

• Tony takes Peter under his wing and they get close

• Tony is absolutely furious when the events homecoming occur

• “Peter, I thought we were close, why didn’t you tell me that you were chasing after a murderous psychopath”

• “But Mr Stark..”

• “A building fell on you, you could have died”

• “But..”

• “I don’t want you moonlighting as spiderman for atleast a month”

• “Ok, but what am I supposed to tell Aunt May about the internship”

• “You know what from next week you’re going to be my personal intern, real intern this time and I’ll able to easily keep a eye on you”

• “Ok, Mr Stark”

• ( Infinity War and Endgame doesn’t happen because this is my Au I’ll do what I want to)

Peter age 16 , Harley age 17

• Harley decided to tell his mother and sister about being a demigod and his father being a God and going to the Camp since he was 12, a month before summer vacation

• They thought it was an elaborate joke

• Harley looked up and says out loud “If you want me to forgive you, help me out here”

• Hephaestus appears out thin air

• “Aaah! What are you doing here ”

• “You asked for my help”

• “It was more along lines of sending a Celestial bronze dog or dragon like Leo’s”

• “You know Tony Stark, she would have thought it was a prank ”

• “Ok, you’re right she would have definitely thought that”

• “She’s right here, you both are talking about me like I’m not here. Harley I’ll talk to later about hiding this stuff from me. And you, you don’t think it would have easier to tell me you were a God when you left, I would have been a lot less of mess than I was ”

• “I’m Sorry ”

• “I’m sorry doesn’t cut it, did what Harley told us about Roman counterpart and Abbie being a roman demigod is true”

• “Yes”

• “Ok, I understand your situation but you aren’t forgiven ”

• “Understood ”

• “Now Harley, you are grounded until your graduation except your summer vacation because of the summer Camp thing”

• “But it will be my senior year next year ”

• “No buts and you (pointing at Hepheatus) will you be staying for dinner”

• “Gods don’t..”

• Hepheastus steps on Harley’s foot

• Harley glares at him

• “Of course ”

• “What were you saying Harley”

• “Nothing ”

• In Summer vacation Harley goes to Camp Half blood and asks Abbie if she wants come too

• “After the Giant war, many roman demigods come to Camp Half Blood during summer, and I’ll be staying first week at Tony’s are sure you still want to go to Camp Jupiter ”

• “Mom’s still angry at him for not telling her I doubt she’ll let me stay there, I still think it’s miracle she allowing you to and I’m a Roman demigod I’ll be fine in Camp designed for Roman demigods”

• “Are you sure, you’ll get a tattoo there and it’s quite painful from what I have heard”

• “I’ll be fine and I’m sure it will look badass”

• “Do you want me to come with you to Camp Jupiter, I’m sure they won’t mind”

• “I’m 13 Harley, I can take care of myself besides Mom will be staying in New Rome for the first week”

• Harley was still upset she won’t be staying with him at Tony’s and going to Camp Half Blood

• Harley always stays the first week of his summer vacation with Tony, so he was looking forward to meeting Spiderman, no matter how much Athena Cabin said you can’t trust him

• “Sorry kiddo, he’s grounded and I still blame you for the lecture I received from your Mom”

• “What do you mean he’s grounded ”

• “His Guardian found out he was moonlighting as Spiderman, so she grounded him, he’s not even allowed to visit the tower”

• “Wait he’s a teenager, now I want to meet him even more”

• “Oh no I know that look, I won’t be introducing you two anytime soon, you both will make my hair grey twice as fast as they already are”

• “Aww, you’re no fun at all Old Man”

• Meanwhile at Peter’s home

• “Please Aunt May, I need to meet Mr Stark’s other protege, how else am I supposed to know whether I can be friendly with him or I’ll have to compete against him ”

• “I told you are grounded so no Tony Stark and Ned for three weeks and no spiderman for a month and it has only been one week so you are still grounded”

• “But he won’t be there then”

• “What part of being grounded don’t you understand Peter”

• “Why am I not allowed to hang out with Ned anyway”

• “He should have told me when he found out and I know it’s as much punishment for him as is it for you and you both know it”

• After his grounding is over Mr Stark hugs him tightly since he missed Peter and he’s like a son to him

• Peter shifts to Tower part time because there is a shortage of employees at May’s work place and she has to work overtime

• Peter while IMing MJ complains that his last Camp t-shirt was torn and he misses it, three day later he get a package with 2 new t-shirts saying that she couldn’t bear Peter complaining anymore

• Rouge Avengers are pardoned soon after and since Tony still hasn’t forgiven them completely and doesn’t trust them with Spiderman’s identity he asks Peter to tell them he’s his personal intern when anyone asks why a civilian was with him

• The first time he runs into Captain America he gives him the death glare that MJ taught him, suffice to say Captain America never have been scared so much from a teenager

• Peter was in the kitchen and peacefully eating his cereal when Mr Barton comes in and see him and looks at him in confusion then his face turns into a determined look

• “FRIDAY call Tony into kitchen right now tell him it’s a emergency and please make a excuse if anyone tries to come in”

• It was Peter’s time to confused

• “Why the hell to call me at this ungodly hour this better be important ”

• “Why the hell didn’t you me a warning that you adopted another demigod”

• Tony stares dumbfounded at him

• “What to you mean by that?”

• “Come on Tony, he sitting right here eating cereal in Camp T-shirt”

• “Excuse Mr Barton, Mr Stark didn’t know that I’m a demigod also he didn’t adopt me”

• Tony and Clint didn’t know what to say

• Finally Clint broke the silence

• “I think you both need to have a conversation so I’ll just leave”

• “Sooo.. you are demigod huh?”

• “I’m literal brain child of my dad and athena, so yeah I’m a demigod”

• “Wait a sec, aren’t children of Athena are supposed to scared of spiders”

• “Who said I’m not scared shitless of them, it’s just I have spider powers that’s why I go around as spiderman”

• Uncomfortable Awkward silence

• “So I was thinking of making you a iron spider suit with nanotechnology ”

• They quickly change the conversation and pretend the previous never happened

• Meanwhile at the Camp Harley was thinking how many nicknames can be given to a superhero

• The nicknames used to discuss Spiderman were getting more and more ridiculous because every name is banned as soon as it is has been heard by Chiron

• The names which have been banned till date include Spidey, the web-slinger, the wall-crawler, the arachnid and after this the people stopped feeling creative and thus SM, SpiderM, the Man of Spiders and worst one yet Sipdeydude

• The name they were referring to Spiderman right now was S-Man

• Flash was arguing with Annabeth who has been part of two Great Prophecies but Flash didn’t give a dam about it because nobody says something bad about Spiderman and get away with it

• Suddenly a voice breaks the fight apart

• “Annabeth, we should get going if we want to catch the train in time, so stop arguing with my sibling about Spiderman”

• “But Pipes, a person associating themselves with Spiders can’t be good, why can’t he understand ”

• “Yes they can, this is your irrational fear for spiders speaking ”

• “I have fought Arachne I assure you it is not irrational ”

• “Yes, it is now let’s go we don’t need to miss the train unless you want to get to New Rome a day late”

• Piper and Annabeth leaves

• The next Chiron asks Harley to do a supply run in Queens and asks him to take any two campers with him

• He was asking MJ to go with him when Flash overhears him then forced Harley to take him too because he was determined that they might able to see Spiderman

• Unfortunately while on supply run they encountered a full grown cyclops so they lured it into an alley to fight it

• Peter was just patrolling in his neighbourhood, he didn’t expect to run into demigods fighting a cyclops

• Since he had a tendency to go headfirst into danger, he forgot that it might reveal the fact he’s a demigod to them

• It was only after he webbed the cyclops’s eye and both his legs together that he sees the demigods fighting the cyclops were MJ, Flash and Harley

• When the cyclops was trying to take web out of his eye he webs his hands to his face

• “I hope you guys will handle this situation from here”

• He swings out of there

• Harley was in a daze, Flash has turned into a overexcited puppy and MJ was suspicious because she was like 67% is was Peter

• I mean come on he could see the monster so either he was a demigod or mortal with the vision and mortals tends to ignore the demigod stuff. Also the fact that he didn’t came to Camp last year when Spiderman started appearing and this year he came up with a flimsy excuse

• So after getting back at Camp while Flash and Harley were busy telling about their encounter to everyone MJ slipped out to IM Peter

• Peter was in his room in Stark Tower, and thinking back it was a big neon sign about Peter being Spiderman

• “Hey MJ”

• “You’re Spiderman ”

• “W-What?”

• “You’re Spiderman and you saved Harley, Flash and me from cyclops”

• “Nice one, MJ”

• MJ gave him her stop-the-BS glare

• “Ok, ok, but don’t tell anyone ”

• “I won’t but you are a dumbass who revealed that you are either a demigod or mortal with vision by coming between our fight and now the whole camp knows some one will soon join the dots and find out you are Spiderman”

• “Would it hurt you to be a little positive MJ”

• “Yes and who else knows ”

• “Aunt May, Ned, Mr Stark and now you”

• “Good, try to keep that way”

• “Ok, any other questions ”

• “Well aren’t scared shitless of spiders, how does that work for you ”

• “Don’t remind me, I still have nightmares from when I was bit by the radioactive spider at OsCorp during our field trip”

• “Interesting way of telling me how you got your power and I should go before someone comes to find me and overhear our conversation ”

• “Do you have to scare me about accidentally revealing my identity to everyone, it’s hardly been 10 mins since you found out”

• “Yes and bye loser I gotta go”

( I have some more ideas so there definitely will be a Part 5 just don’t know when)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 5

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“Hey Parker, Jones is in love with you!” Flash called.

Peter turned around and froze, before instinctively looking at MJ in surprise. Her eyes, even the one that was partially obscured by her hair, were round with shock, though her face remained as placid as possible.

“April Fooooool’s!” Flash laughed before walking off.

A cascade of emotions ran down Peter’s face before he settled into an “ohh” in an “oh, I get it” way. And he laughed a little. “Flash is more of a doofus than usual on April fools, isn’t he?”

He turned his attention back to MJ, only to notice her expression hadn’t changed. She was still frozen, staring at him, unsure of what to do.

“Peter,” he heard Karen speak up, “Michelle’s heart rate is very high. You should check on her to make sure she’s okay.”

“MJ,” Peter complied, “are you okay?” He got up and scooted closer to her, concern lighting his puppy dog eyes up.

“Peter, her heart rate is getting even faster,” Karen reported.

“You look really nervous. What’s wrong?”

Peter didn’t know that making his voice softer and more concerned was to be frank turning MJ on more and more and that’s why she was self-destructing.

She couldn’t speak, she could only watch in terror.

See, originally, she was worried that Flash had seen it - that he had figured out that she was indeed completely gone for her beloved Peter. And then she was terrified that Peter was laughing off the idea of her loving him, that she meant nothing to him, especially not in a romantic way. And now she was terrified that she was giving herself away. And then she was afraid that she was ruining it. This is not how she ever wanted to profess her feelings for him. Not. At. All. (Not that she had a real plan but…)

Yes, anxiety and fear of her own anxiety was gobbling MJ up like yesterday’s pizza. That, and her own burning affection for her boy.

So with him now sitting directly in front of her, she wanted to scream. To do something to make it stop.

“Was it… are you freaked out by what Flash said?” Peter asked softly.

That was it.

MJ grabbed Peter’s face and kissed him. She fought, and fought, and fought to stay as long as she could before she finally had to let go to catch her breath. It felt better than she could’ve imagined, having his lips on hers, feeling just him and seeing nothing but maybe a smidge of his face through her mostly closed eyes. Nothing but him right now.

She didn’t want to let go, to leave this perfect world. But oxygen demanded she let go and return to the real world. One where he’d tell her he didn’t feel the same, but at least she got several blissful moments where she just had him and nothing and nobody else.

What she wasn’t expecting, however, was to see Peter’s eyes blissfully closed and slowly opening once she opened hers. She definitely wasn’t expecting a little smile to curl up on that adorable little face.

And she definitely wasn’t expecting him to grab her face and kiss her.

This time, her eyes couldn’t even close, they were so wide with shock. Even if it felt even better this time, she couldn’t comprehend that now Peter Parker was kissing her. Kissing her… enthusiastically.

He let go, and now she was gaping at him, breathless.

“This is not an April fools joke,” Peter immediately huffed, a smile returning to his face. “I… I really wanted that. And I.. I really want you too.”

MJ wanted to throw up. But in a good way, if there was such a way. She wanted to scream. But she couldn’t, so she just stared at him, regaining her breath.

“Flash is stupid,” she finally mustered.

“Yeah, he is,” Peter laughed. “But he got me a kiss from the girl I really like, so…”

He really likes me, she repeated in her head. Something squirmed inside her and ended at her mouth, which curved into a grin.

“Well, he’s still not coming to our wedding,” MJ snarked, before she swore in a panic realizing what she’d just said. “No-now-now I’m just kidding I’m not saying we’re-oh my god that was So weird I’m so sorry-“

“Oh my god,” Peter laughed, smiling, “no oh god it’s okay I just-it’s okay! Really!”

They were spluttering over each other, but it eventually bled into laughing about the complete ridiculousness of what MJ said.

They agreed it was a bit too early to be planning the wedding. But it wasn’t too early to plan to go out for coffee that night as a first date. Yes, they’re both fools, but they’re fools in love. So what can you do?

This is for dear @miranduh1 ❤️

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I wasn’t expecting to write this. I have no idea how this happened…

Contains: Spideyflash, smut, language, and identity porn.

Peter wasn’t sure how this happened.

Sure, he knew how it started: he had accidentally promised that Spider-Man would show up for Flash’s birthday party (way to go on that one, Peter), but he’d been held up by a robbery, so he didn’t show up until the party was long over and everyone had gone home.

After that? Well, everything got a little more confusing.

One minute, he was wishing Flash a happy birthday, and the next, Flash was kissing him through his mask. As awkward as that was, everything escalated pretty quickly from there. Peter blamed it on the adrenaline coursing through his veins from fighting crime; that always made him a little eager. Add to that the fact that he’s a teenage, hormonal boy, so he’d probably get turned on if someone told him the washing machine was spinning.

He’d never really considered Flash to be a potential hook-up partner, but the hand rubbing his crotch through the suit was definitely changing his mind. He’d rolled his mask up just enough to expose his mouth, and he was relieved that Flash didn’t even try to remove it, even when the rest of their clothes were thrown to the floor. If Flash found it odd that Spider-Man was naked save for his mask, then he certainly didn’t show it.

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Possible Future Suits for Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

2/4 Peter Parker Black Suit

Given the Symbiote sequel tease in the after credit scene, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw at least one black suit appear. Although it took readers of the time some getting used to, the Black Suite, also known as the Symbiote Suite, has become one of Spidey’s most popular alternate looks, and has continued to appear in many stories and adaptations since.

1. Classic Symbiote Suit


The OG of Black suits, first acquired by Spidey during the Secret Wars event. It’s sleek design is an obvious choice.

2. Raimi Symbiote Suit


Though Spider-Man was a cluster fuck to say the least, costume design was much less of an issue than the writing or casting. Resembling a black variant of the Webbed Suit design, considering the…interest…in getting that suit, this one would be a wise choice. A venom varian would also be nice, so long as it isn’t Topher Grace under it.

3. Spectacular Symbiote Suit


Easily my favourite animated adaptation, and one thing it did well was it’s Symbiote Saga. The suit applies the Black Suit colour scheme into the classic inspired Spectacular Suit, causing it to retain its webbing, and arm webs, though the these seem to come and go depending on Parker’s self-control.

4. Venom (2018)


Of course, Parker isn’t the only one to wear the Venom Symbiote. Eddie Brock is easily Venom’s most famous host, and his appearance in the 2018 film is just waiting to be adapted for a game. I have to say I was rather surprised at how well the movie turned out, and a big part of that success was the successful design for Venom, substituting white veins in place of the typical spider symbol or webs.

5. Agent Venom


But there’s also Flash Thompson, or Agent Venom. One of the storylines that moved Venom into the realm of heroism this is an admirable design, that would be a welcome sight.

6. Superior Venom


But not everyone believed in Thompson’s control over the Venom Symbiote, such as Otto Octavius, back when he was in Parker’s body. He attempted to force the Symbiote out of Thompson’s body (without consent), and ended up becoming host himself after it recognized one of its favourites. Though Parker’s body has been host to the Symbiote before, the addition of Octavius’ mind created something new. The Superior Venom, which took the combined might of the avengers to fight, and it still nearly won. It was short lived, but it was epic.

7. Venom 2099


Of course, the venom Symbiote continues to live to the end of the twenty-first century, mutating along the way, until it comes into the possession of Kron Stone, half brother of Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man of 2099. Now possessing acidic blood and saliva, it is arguably less stable than ever before.

8. Self Improvement Suit


Stepping away from the symbiote, there’s also the suit that appeared in the recent one-shot Sensational Spider-Man: Self Improvement, and the story Burn Job, which recreated Randy Scheuller’s original pitch of the Black Suit. This suit was similar to the final design with the exception that the spider symbol and the patches on the back of Peter’s hands (here triangles as opposed to squares) are red, which is a nice alternative. Whether this colour scheme was how the suit was originally pitched by Scheuller with Marvel changing it to white for the comics, or if the red was used to differentiate the suit from the symbiotic I don’t know.

9. Spider-Punisher


A version of Peter Parker that started down a darker path right from the beginning, effectively becoming his universe’s equivalent to The Punnisher. The suit isn’t too different from other Black Suits, except for the guns attached to the web-shooters, and the big ass skull on his chest. And there’s clearly room for artistic licence.

10. Wolf Spider


Probably one of the lesser known suits on these lists, given that it was for an original character for the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series, which I’m not a particular fan of, but one storyline it did that wasn’t a shot show was its take on Spider-Verse. Wolf Spider was an alternate universe version of Peter Parker who went full villain, right from the beginning, killing the heroes of his earth and everyone else who stood for heroism and responsibility. The character design was actually pretty impressive, and I’d like to see it adapted.

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Hello!! Do you know any fics where Harley is protecting Peter from Flash? :D Btw, I love your blog!! :)

Truthfully, I struggled finding fics with this trope that weren’t a little too much for me, but these two stood out. <3 Please don’t forget to leave comments and kudos!

stealing light rain showers

Can you please do one where it is that peter is being bullied by flash and Harley sticks up for him and confess’s that he likes peter?


Harley decides to surprise his boyfriend, While doing so he meets an absolute asshole.

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You didn’t want anyone to know, changing your last name, avoiding all talk of the avengers during school, ignoring what any of your peers had to say about them. But, what Flash was saying was finally getting to you. He used your sisters name any chance he got, making her sound like a joke. He had to be shut up, so you called your sister, asking her for a ride, and went directly to Flash. You couldn’t break your cover too much, it was a safety risk she wasn’t willing to take, so you called her your friend instead of sister. Your friend Black Widow would be taking you home from school today. Of course he spread the word, wanting to make a fool of you in front of the whole school. She was late, of course, showing up in her most expensive car, the windows rolled down so they could all see her. Natasha waved as you got in, stunning the crowd of teenagers. She lectured you, but it was worth the look on Flash’s stupid face. 

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Flash watched the TV wide eyed, his jaw hanging. Both you and Peter had tried to watch for cameras, for anyone watching. There had been no one, at least you thought, safe enough for a quick kiss before he saved the day yet again. Peter knew you worried. If talking to you before eased the stress, the anxiety, he’d do it. Someone saw, though, catching the moment on their phone. Now the video played on every news station. Peter covered, pulling the mask down before disappearing, but your face was crystal clear. Your brother couldn’t believe it. You’d been talking about a boy in your life, the occasional date, but he thought you were making it up. Now he knew why this boy had been a secret so long, why he was never around: because your boyfriend’s Spiderman! 

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Quarintine book #1: Spidey vol 1

I’ve been meaning to do this earlier but better late then never

I have been wanting to read this book for a while but never seemed to have the time but now that I have read it I am glad I did. This book is a delight and I’m going to get the cons out of the way so I can start praising this book.

Also spoilers!!


  • I love Gwen Stacy but in this book she makes awful decisions with who she allows to take her to the dance and I hate it
  • Flash Thompson is shown as a straight up bully who pushes Peter and dunks his head into the toilet and yet Gwen still goes to the dance with him??? I think not
  • This is more of a pet peeve but like nobody knows Tony Stark is Iron Man and they bring it up so often that I can just imagine RDJ saying all these lines really sarcastically like “oh yeah my genius boss Tony Stark” it’s probably slightly more pro but it still bugged me
  • Every single issue opens up with the orgin story and that would’ve been fine in issue #1 but it keeps going throughout almost the entire book so I just stopped reading the recap it was the same drawings and everything
  • They make you think Spider-Man is going to die
  • I was stupid and spilled water on my book so the pages are crinkled

Now that we’ve got that out of the way here’s the pros


  • There are so many really cool references to other movies including the Tobey maguire ones but also the Andrew Garfield ones which I thought was really nice since alot of people hate on those movies
  • There’s this really cute exchange with Peter and this kid that helps him get up when he was beaten down real hard and he gives Spidey a sandwich and they switch masks and it’s so wholesome
  • Gwen Stacy is so adorable and I want her and Peter to be together forever
  • She even gets his Lord of the rings reference
  • They tutor each other
  • Green goblin is great and both Peter and Norman seeing each other’s wounds then being like “naw it can’t be the other person it’s impossible” was really good
  • Harry Osborn is a minor but good friend to Peter
  • I will always love Peter being a photographer to help out his aunt with the finances it is so wholesome
  • Iron Man being an ok mentor towards Peter makes alot of sense like he gives him advice but the advice is already too late and fits better then just Tony Stark being perfect at giving advice and it going well
  • Also they fight a dragon together
  • I love Spider-Man so much and this comic is good
  • The bunny robber has a really cute design and I saw that she was in this after I bought an older comic featuring her in it what a coincidence
  • The tiny lizards are so cute and Peter just gives them to a zookeeper 🤣
  • Peter calls Tony Mr Stark in every universe
  • Iron Man thinking Spider-Man is trying to steal Tony Stark’s stuff but it’s the vulture
  • The entirety of Peters first interactions with the Vulture
  • He’s like how do you know I’m a teenager
  • And the vultures like you just asked me to the winter formal??
  • And then the next bubble I imagine in a really fake deep voice where Peter is like “uuhhh no I’m just a chaperone”
  • A different villain every issue gives alot of variety

Overall it was a great book and I liked it alot especially good if you want to get into comics and don’t know where to start because this series only has like 2 volumes and tells his orgin story.

If you have any questions about comic books I’ll try to answer 😅

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Pietro: You want to go see what?!

Harley and Peter: Sludge Mummies Episode 2: Attack of the Bones.

Pietro: But you didn’t even see the first movie!

Peter: Only because you wouldn’t take me!

Pietro: Hello, you were three!

Harley: Flash gets to see PG movies. His dad goes with him.

Pietro: Oh, and if Flash’s dad jumped off a cliff, I suppose you’d want me to do that too!

Peter: Wow! Would you?

Pietro: No! There will be no cliff-jumping and no Sludge Zombie movies!

Harley: They’re Sludge Mummies!

Pietro: Whatever!

J. Jonah Jameson: Ahem!

Pietro: Peter, Harley, look, I’ve got work to do. I said no movie, and I mean no movie.

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