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Fun Fact
The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
nixotinix · 3 hours ago
I've seen this in a few places so here's my take on it.
How the Heartless characters would wear their face mask
Heartless: does he even need to wear one? Like, he's already dead. I still think he would wear it, and correctly too.
Alchemy Valentine: they'd wear it normally, usually pink with floral designs, and they could use their magick to make animations of sorts on the front.
Flint Solveig: put it on backwards the first time. Had to have River teach him how to use it. Hates how humid and steamy it gets underneath the mask, but tolerates it.
Eira Hale: wears it normally in large crowds, but pulls it down below his nose in smaller crowds.
Doppel: wears his bandana instead.
Glass: wears 2-3 layers of face masks to avoid being scolded by River.
River Dial: wears hers correctly, and scolds those that don't, listing off all the dangers of not wearing one.
Alastor Creed: Wears his correctly to avoid getting sick.
Dock: sometimes doesn't wear a mask under the plague mask, sometimes does
Lorelei: wears one of those plastic shields so she can still sing.
Bandy: wears his mask normally, and sometimes switches it for a slice of ham if he gets hungry.
Diana: makes her own masks out of leather. Wears it normally or below her nose.
Lance: No mask. Just chaos.
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Eira: Did I get anything out of this? No. It was completely and utterly uneventful.
Alchemy: He kissed a guy!!
Eira: No I didn’t!
Alchemy: Yes you did!
Eira: Didn’t!
Alchemy: Diiiiiiiid!!!
Eira: Did. Not.
Alchemy: Did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, did, didididididid!
Flint: Um, I can break this tie.
Flint, holding up a picture of him and Eira kissing: He totally did
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queenie504 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Story Three
The Sea, The Shore, and the Sand: Part 4.1: The Order of Arrival
For almost a decade the age of piracy has rung golden, but all that changes when Caroline - recently bequeathed the title and powers of the Sea Goddess Calypso - is captured by the civilized world and branded a tool for their war - used against her will, and passed from ship to ship, from country to country, to protect their cargo from pirates.
Now escaped, Caroline arrives in Nassau port with one goal - get her powers back. However she finds a second purpose when she inadvertently stumbles upon the war she prophesied so many years ago. Emboldened she becomes determined to win it - come hell or high water. And if she falls in love along the way? Well, that can’t be helped.
Or: The literal and physical embodiment of the ocean falls into the laps of James Flint and John Silver, it doesn’t change much. Until it changes everything.
John found her first - she was in Madi’s study trying to get away from - everything. To be fair, once they had discovered her last name she had signaled Teach close, because she needed a friend at that moment, and fled with him up the beach. It had not been, to be honest, the bravest thing she had ever done. At least she had looked somewhat dignified as she walked away. But she hadn’t been ready to deal with it. Caroline had not been Caroline Norrington for a very long time. More than a year. She had gotten used to being Caroline with no last name. Just a woman with a sword who was a very well seasoned pirate. Who had calluses on her hands, and of whom the men trusted to protect their captain. And yes of course she had known that today was coming, that it was unavoidable.
Not all ships made it to shore. Some crashed against the rocks near the coast and filled with water. Plans lost to sea.
He was not silent when he found her, his iron leg thumping against wood, so Caroline closed her book and waited for him to speak. To say something to her, the person who had confessed to love him, but had hidden parts of herself away.
[ Story One: The Damned and the Found ]
[Story Two: The Girl and the Goddess]
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omnishamblegreg · 4 hours ago
i dont think ive ever seen aidan turner acting in something where he’s not bold. not brazen or cocky, where he’s actually nervous and stutters. so far as leonardo he’s mainly only relaxed with katerina (and that is an adorable friendship)! and his mannerisms are so different??? kind of hunched in on himself and nervous hands and his voice is completely different from ross poldark even though they’re both RP english accents. like damn i thought i’d stop being amazed at his acting, kudos, kudos everywhere!!!
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prometheanglory · 4 hours ago
omgee hiiii what if ❗ for ithas/vinh and flint/ronnie 🥴 and 🏳 for flint/ronnie?
It certainly has been a while since he’s seen her boil to this level of ferocity — long enough that he even jumps in his boots as soon as he hears her bark echo through the corridor.
“Right yourself NOW. I will not stand for this treatment!”
He only narrowly avoids a vine whipping towards his head as soon as he turns around, a response that makes an all-too-familiar diva come stomping through the thicket.
“I bet you think this is SO funny.”
Ronaldo’s snarling tone scathes as much as it seems to tempt his own temper.
“God, then I’m about to be fucking hilarious.”
🏳️ flint/ronnie
“You’re always fucking like this.”
The sentence spews from him drenched in bile and venom; it’s a bitter and volatile combination that only sends Ronaldo careening closer to the brink of madness with each word spat.
“Dammit, dammit, dammit, DAMMIT.”
His canines flash as bright as his gem does in the dim lights of the forest as he teeters on the brink of blacking out with the intensity of his own meltdown — his clenched fists refusing to even open up as he finds himself crippling in his tantrum.
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aalbliii · 6 hours ago
*Flint and B.E.N. chatting in the bathroom of one of their most frequent taverns*
Baozhai: *walks in*
Flint: Um... Excuse me?
B.E.N.: Hellooooo
Baozhai: What
Flint: Who the f*** are you?
Baozhai: Who the f*** are you??
Flint: I asked you first.
Baozhai: I asked you second!
B.E.N.: Oh—! *embarassed gasp* :) He’s Nathaniel Flint, duh, most fearsome and notorious pirate in the galaxy, part time model.
Boazhai: Oh
Flint: Who. The f***. Are you?
Baozhai: I’m Baozhai, I’m new.
Flint: Who the f*** let you in here?!
Baozhai: Ash!
B.E.N.: Ash isn’t even in charge of the door!
Flint: So.. Baozhai.. Let me tell you how things work here.
Baozhai: I already know how things work around here.
B.E.N.: Ash is in charge of the snacks, why is she letting people inside of the door??
Flint: This is my bathroom, this is my tavern, and this is me telling you that you need to learn your place!
Baozhai: Guess what? I already know all those things~
Flint: OH REALLY??
Baozhai: YEAH!!
B.E.N.: Billy Bones is in charge of the door, what in the world is he doing letting Ash let people in???
(Baozhai belongs to @emerald-echeveria-plant
Ash belongs to @lootofathousandsworld
source: The Most Popular Girls in School S1E1)
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magicbubblepipe · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
The changing weather here in the gulf is making my hands swell and hurt, haven’t been able to handle much more than a sketch before the pain makes me stop. These two make me happy though. Well not “happy” but happier
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losech · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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calamitys-child · 9 hours ago
I can forgive Shane Madej for most things but I will never forgive him for writing a silly puppet history song that makes me want to write Flint & Miranda fic. Oh good fic title what inspired it its a silly little puppet song
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phenomenal1500 · 9 hours ago
The Blood In My Veins | Black Sails
Tumblr media
Chapter 50: My Only Home
For Chapter 49: My Twisted Heart click here.
A/N: I hadn’t even noticed it yet, but this is already chapter 50! Thank you all so much if you, as reader, came this far! ♥️ thank you all for the support!
Confidence and anger was hearable in his voice as he glanced up at Eleanor before taking a step back, looking over his shoulder. "Get on with it, motherfucker."
With no fear he locked gazes with me one last time as the noose was tied around his neck and in a whisper he formed the words with his lips one more time. 'I love you.'
Closing my eyes I could hear the sound of the wooden carriage riding away under Charles' feet, preparing myself to flee when I would lose him... but then suddenly the sound of yelling and screaming filled my ears and my eyes shot open again. A few rebellious men were throwing vegetables and fruits towards the redcoats instead of Charles and the horse had stopped walking in order to prevent Charles' death. It seemed like they had changed their mind by his speech. With speed the redcoats had taken him off of the noose and pulled him away from the gallows, probably locking him up in the fort again. If they couldn't hang him here, then they had to transfer him to Port Royal, this time for real. Ideas filled my mind as the man kept screaming.
"ANIMALS!! HE WASN'T THAT DIFFERENT THAN YOU, REDCOATS!!" In hope I dried my tears and followed the decreasing mass towards the fort. Moving quickly over the unsteady ground, I had made my way towards the big brown doors and I pounded onto the door till out of nowhere they opened this time to my surprise. Pushing the door further open to walk in and not give the man a change to close it quickly, I stepped foot inside and I immediately had all attention at me by the working men and guards in the fort. I decided to throw the best argument their way while still half crying.
"I have the right to demand a visit to see Charles Vane!" Honestly, I never understood why, but no man wanted to mess with an woman in grief because, one they would, in my case, end up dead. Two, they would die in a shameful state, defeated by a sad woman. Besides, they all knew Charles was the father and I had to be treated like a high-ranked woman, ordered by the governor, so they had no choice but to open that cell for me.
"Of course Ma'am. Follow me."
"THERE IS A REVOLT ON THE BEACH!!" In a blink of an eye almost all the guards had left the fort without me understanding what happened, leaving the workers do their job and sending me with one of their men, who stayed behind, downstairs.
Walking through the dark maze of the fort, I followed the man with the torch before me. Bad idea to bring me just one man! Sighing, I dangerously staggered against the fortress wall acting like I was in pain when we were out of the sight of other workers and he immediately came to my rescue. Smiling sweetly, I thanked him as he had laid his arm under my shoulders to help me stand steady, only, if I wanted to safe Charles I had to end him. Without hesitation, I stabbed him between his rib cage where his heart must have been and he inhaled deeply and unsteady. Though, he couldn't make a sound by the hand I had placed before his mouth.
Leaving the knife in so the bleeding wasn't leaking that much and so it wasn't on the floor yet, I pulled him with me into a closet, hiding the body before locking the closet with the key that was into it. Now it was time to find Charles with the keys I had received from the dead man and leave this fucking awful place with him. Hurriedly, I ended up at the prison cells and opened a few before closing them again, hoping Charles was in one of them. And luckily, my third attempt was the good one and I spotted Charles with a bruised neck sitting onto an old bench hanging against the wall.
"Charles.." I whispered and closed the door behind me before locking it from the inside. "Holy fuck."
His eyes lit up when he noticed me and I launched myself on top of him.
(POV Charles Vane)
I couldn't believe she was back in my arms again. My eyes suddenly started to burn and I swallowed the lump in my throat when I heard her cry in my chest while I softly stroked her hair.
"Hey, little one, It's okay. I'm okay. We're both going to be okay."
I could hear her sob and I could feel the wetness from her tears soaking my clothing as I slowly brought her head back to look at me.
"I'm going to be okay. I promise." She closed her eyes, nodding at me and the tears that were stuck in her eyelashes fell down her face as I wiped them away from her cheeks. Then she opened her eyes again and lifted her hand, showing me the ring full of keys. I smiled gently as I hugged her closely. "You have a plan?" I could feel her shaking her head in the crook of my neck and her cracking voice followed.
"No plan, but the guards left the fortress because of.... of an revolt on the beach."
"Let's just get out of here, afterwards, we will find a manner to disappear from Nassau." I slowly stood up with her still hanging onto me and her feet touched the floor slowly. Together standing, I grabbed her chin in my hand, kissing her desperately before pulling her with me. "You remember which key?"
"The longest." She pointed out to a sparse and long key before I tried it. The door opened immediately and with a creaking sound I pushed it further open. With Naida her hand in mine we ran towards the underground tunnels, hoping that she was already emotionally recovered a little from what had happened back in the square. We had a change that at the end we would end up with guards, but we needed some hope so I kept the good thoughts inside my head. The further we ran the more we saw the daylight coming closer, maybe we could make it.
Song ~ You can cry Marshmello, Juicy J, James Arthur
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Sustainable Heel and Sandal Brands
Sustainable Heel and Sandal Brands
With the warmer weather here, it’s now time for our feet to re-make an appearance. Bring on the heels and sandals. This post is part of my sustainable shoe brands series. If you missed the other ones, I shared sustainable boot brands and sustainable sneaker brands. Today, I am sharing with you sustainable heel and sandals brands. I have a nice little round up of brands for you and this will be an…
Tumblr media
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red-vertigo · 12 hours ago
After my second rewatch of black sails i feel even emptier, WHAT other show and WHAT other movie can compare? It has most definitely spoiled everything else i have and will see, but id appreciate if anyone has some similar media recommendations, because otherwise ill just rewatch it again and again and again just because nothing else comes even closeeeeee UGHHHHH
(also "it takes an intolerable sacrifice to apologize to england etc etc" booty shorts have been ordered! Flint, my beloved, ure top 1 most impactful characters ever! I love youuu pirate boy yleeeuhh)
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Hi, I hope you can help me with this. I'm searching for fics which reconstruct the rest of the conversation between Flint and Silver on Skeleton Island (the part we haven't heard) where Silver tells Flint that Thomas is in Savannah and Flint eventually agrees to go there. Can you recommend some stories where this has been done convincingly? Thank you!
Hi, thanks for asking! I do have recommendations for this fics, may this will help you to find what you are looking for :)
Wise men know that dark is right
Hard Way Home
we should rip it straight out
There is Freedom in the Dark
To Resist a Current
unfinished business
Do Our Best To Recreate
maybe there's no harm in you
Odysseus Was An Asshole
I'm sure there's some fic on them, maybe followers can help us to comb these? ;)
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ninjasaiyan9000 · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A meeting of neighbors!!!!
I actually wrote out how they met story wise and these doodles are based off of that! Cute!!!
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