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#Florence + the Machine
馃幐 I listened to glass animals for the first time because of your last song list and I really really liked them!

I had practically finished when Tumblr mobile app crashed, so I’ll do it all over again but still suggest you to listen to Humble. (Our Last Night cover), Shadow Moses by Bring Me The Horizon, if somehow you managed to never hear it (it’s from the album Sempiternal, which is undoubtedly my favorite and I also heard it live, I still have chills at the thought), Just Tonight from The Pretty Reckless’s debut album and I Miss The Misery by Halestorm.

I’m always a slut for a good soundtrack and she’s the actual queen of them: her songs are featured in Dynasties, Shadowhunters (the tv show), The Shannara Chronicles, Arrow, Cloack and Dagger and many more and you should check all of them (I mean the songs, because even if I never saw most of this shows, I deeply despise Shadowhunters, so if you remember me trying to save it, remember I did it only for other fans since I know the feeling of something you love being cancelled)

Vintage baby to the rescue

I’m the cover queen, I can’t help it 🙈

Twelve years old me is crying in a corner

Trench is one of the best album ever made and the facts that it features both this song and Jumpsuit is the proof

Aforementioned good soundtracks

My phone’s shuffle scares me a little, but I’m happy that it brought this back just for the fact that where I come from, nobody knows Lights. I discovered her thanks to a featuring with Bring Me The Horizon and although her usual genre isn’t really my thing, this song is appreciable.

Icelandic band that should’ve won last year’s Eurovision, they are my love since I heard the first notes of Hatriđ Mun Sigra

I don’t always listen to boybands, but if they do something as good as this, who am I to say no?

Straight from my party girl years

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when i feel held down by this world i remember when florence welch said “those heavy days in june when love become an act of defiance” and “you were broken hearted and the world was too” and  “give me arms to pray with instead of ones that hold too tightly” and “i’m learning so i’m leaving and even though i’m grieving i’m trying to find the meaning” and “and I don’t know how I don’t just stand outside and scream, i am teaching myself how to be free” and “i gathered you here to hide from some vast unnameable fear but the loneliness never left me i always took it with me but i can put it down in the pleasure of your company” and i remember when she said “ever reaching, high as hope”

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