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For @lavellanfriendliness

Taeil noticed how you liked to chew on something while doing certain things like watching tv or working on your PC. It came out of nowhere, really, that he thought of baking you some cookies. He convinced himself it was because he thought your consumption of chips was becoming excessive, and that this is just him taking care of you as a roommate. 

He was able to finish by the time you got home from your afternoon classes. Taeil couldn’t ignore the strange bubbly sensation he felt when your tired face lit up into the brightest smile when he gave the filled-up cookie jar to you.   

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"I am drunk and you are drunk and together we are a mess" AU!

[11:28PM] “Johnny-ah~~~” you drunkenly called out for your Friend!Johnny, who you went out with for a drink. Your face was brightly red, you were laughing non-stop and people could barely make out what you were talking about, every time you opened your mouth to speak.

“Y/N-ah~~~” Johnny called back, just as drunk as you, and sat beside you, laying an arm around your shoulders. You stared at each other, silent for a second, and then bursted out laughing again.

“You spit on my face dummy,” you exclaimed while wiping your face but you didn’t mind at all and all you could do was laugh about it. “Ohh so sorry,” he apologized in a not-so-serious tone and leaned in to you to give you a kiss on the cheek, knowing that you hated it when he did so.

“Nooo, don’t come near me,” you playfully pushed him away but he was a lot taller than you and therefore also stronger.

He succeeded in giving you a small peck on the cheek and you were utterly disgusted. “You two are a mess,” your friends, who happened to be there as well, said as they stared at the two of you.

Johnny and you just looked at each other - once again - and said in unison,

“I am a mess and you are a mess and together we are a mess”

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Oh!!! Do you think you could do a Paul x Male!reader? I was thinking that the reader could be a journalist who visits paul's house for a newspaper interview and turns into a flustered mess because Paul keeps being a flirt? You can make it smut if you like. Sorry this is the first time I'm requesting something and I've only recently fallen inlove with your work!!

A/n: Thank you so much for the request, no problem at all that it’s your first time doing so. I have to say, I had a lot of fun writing this one. It gets a little angsty but it ends happy and everything is all good. 

Summary: You manage to land giving Paul McCartney an exclusive interview in his own home, something that will undoubtedly be great for growing in your own career. However, the bassist is even more nerve-racking then what you had initially had in mind.

Key: y/l/n=your last name

Warning(s): Swearing, as well as the use of homophobic slurs. They are used to fit the mood of the 60s, and I don’t condone anyone using these words to describe someone in real life

Okay, you weren’t expecting Paul McCartney to be that handsome in person. Looking at all the photos and press conferenced you’ve seen featuring the lighthearted Beatle, it had taken a while until you had convinced yourself that it was all fake in preparation for your own interview with the man himself. Surely, a face that gorgeous must be one big sham brought to life any camera pointed in McCartney’s general direction. Yup, all of it is one big conspiracy. 

It’s why you’re going to act nothing short of professional and not let your emotions get in the way when talking to him. Getting the chance to speak one-on-one with any Beatle is just the boost in your career that you have been waiting for. You had been going on strong despite shifting positions between different newspapers. This would ensure your spot as an important and a reporter someone would want to work for them.

The last thing you need is to stumble over your words and become tongue-tied in front of some random stranger from Liverpool. Good thing that won’t happen, because he’s not as handsome or funny as anything in the past has obviously implied that McCartney is not. 

Knocking on the front door of his humble flat, you adjust the papers on your clipboard frantically. Straightening your back, you make sure to look as confident and adept as you can be. You must present yourself in a way that will subtly display your expertise and allow Mr. McCartney to know that you mean business. Certainly, you didn’t brush your pants off and adjust your tie about a million times on the way to his apartment because you wanted to impress him for personal reasons. He’s not even that pretty, as I am sure no one could be.

You were in the middle of touching up your hair with your free hand (because Paul McCartney is not attractive goddamnit) when the door was unlocked from the inside and swung open. As expected, Paul McCartney stands before you. He’s wearing a black turtleneck sweater and an expensive pair of brown trousers held up by a black belt. His raven hair had clearly been washed recently and combed in its signature mop-top style, his face shaved completely clean. His curved eyes (you had once argued with one of your close friends over the subject of Paul McCartney’s eyes. She had told you that they’re droopy. This was plainly absurd-his eyes are arched in relatively the same fashion that his eyebrows are. Ringo Starr has eyes that are droopy; at a slant. Paul’s are naturally half-lidded, embowed, even) met yours immediately. The ends of his plum-arguably feminine-lips were tugged into a little but legitimate smile at the sight of you standing on the other side of the doorframe. 

Fuck this-he’s absolutely stunning.

“Oh! You must be y/n,” he says cheerily, extended a hand for you to shake, “I’m Paul.”

You must’ve malfunctioned because, for a brief moment, you stood there and just stared at him in silent awe. Paul’s smile became more amused rather than simply courteous. If not, it became a little awkward as his hand was left out in the air.  

“Y-Yes! That’s me,” you suddenly exclaim. Stretching out your hand too quickly, you met his with an obnoxious clap, making you cringe at the sound. It is at this instant that you realize you’re a mistake. 

“Good to hear that,” Paul laughs, the sound more addicting than any other hard drug on the black market. He lets go of your hand and steps to the side, opening his front door wider. “Please, come on in, Mr. y/l/n.”

“Thank you,” you manage, walking inside stiffly.

Everything in the flat is meticulously clean and perfectly in order. It’s a little barren, but it still somehow maintains the ability to be homey. You find not a single speck of dust anywhere or a piece of garbage lying around (not even a candy wrapper). He closes the door behind you, but you hardly notice as you’re too busy gawking at his flat. 

“I had the weekend off, so I spent it cleaning,” he chuckled sheepishly, moving past you to sit down on the little couch that had been shoved in the corner of the living room. 

“Oh, I see,” you reply, staying frozen by the front door. 

Paul laughs again, patting the spot on the couch next to him. “Don’t be shy. I’m not gonna bite you…’less you want me to.”

His charming little snicker doesn’t stop the blush that creeps onto your cheeks. Regardless, you quickly make your way over to the couch and plop down next to him. Your shoulders are tense and you feel a bead of sweat run down your forehead. 

Quitting his little fit of child-like giggling, Paul puts a caring hand on your shoulder. “Do you need a glass of water, y/n?” he paused, giving you a wink, “Or maybe you’d favor some wine instead?”

“N-No thank you…I’ve got to drive myself home. I don’t need anything.”

“Oh, come off it,” he insisted, “You’re my lovely guest, I must be hospitable and be considerate to anything that you might require.”

You let out a nervous laugh and shake your head, “I’ll let you know if…i-if I need anything.”

“Hmm, I like your laugh,” he hummed, raising both his eyebrows. “I’d like to hear it more…’specially since it means you’re relaxed. You look so wound up.”

I’m wound up because I thought I could handle this. Turns out you’re just as pretty and charismatic in real life as you are in footage of you, Mr. McCartney. No amount of lying to myself about you can save me from this, I am just starting to realize. Oh, no need to worry. All is well! I will embarrass myself, possibly be called a goddamn queer if I’m lucky. Then I’ll go home to cry about it, maybe jerk off to the thought of your pretty little face later if I’m feeling any better. 

“I h-had some, uh…bad coffee. Yes, some bad coffee for breakfast,” you improvise, pulling yourself from your thoughts. 

Paul laughs some more, a gleeful sound that’s surprisingly devoid of any mean-spirited intentions. The latter portion of his laugh goes unnoticed by you, a little too caught up in your own head.

“A classic case of some bad coffee, huh?” he asks.

You nod.

“That’s too bad,” he ran a hand through his hair absentmindedly, “I wonder what it’d be like to see you more unrestrained.

You falter, positive that your heart stopped dead in your chest. Heat clawed its way onto your cheeks “Ex-…excuse me?” 

Paul rested his elbow on the backrest of the couch, effectively leaning in closer to you. “I think you heard me, y/n,” he smirked in a cocky manner, “I’d like to see you free…unshackled.”

“From what? From whatever pole is stuck up my ass?”

His eyes widened at your sudden bluntness. “I’m not sure if that’s the exact terminology I’d use, but yes.”

“Why?” you challenge, frowning, “I’m not special. You don’t even know me.”

“Oh, on the contrary, Mr. y/l/n, I’d like to think I know some things about you. Like how you’ve been jumping around from newspaper job to newspaper job, most likely trying to find the right fit for you and your own private aspirations. You have been praised for your excellent writing skills and being as young as me, you will hopefully only improve on that. You intrigue older readers and reporters since relatively new to the interviewing scene. However, you’ve been criticized for your lack of assurance or confidence in most of your interviews and a few rumors of your homosexual tendencies are flying around as well.”

Your jaw figuratively drops to the floor. “How the hell did you-”

“I pay attention.”

Sighing, you figure the cat was out of the bag. Surely his cheekiness and borderline flirty behavior is just a front to catch a queer red-handed. Probably only to end up humiliating me and telling me that the famous Paul McCartney would much rather be interviewed in his home by some young, attractive woman that he later could tug at his own prick to the thought of (or if he plays his cards right, have her himself right on this couch I’m sitting on). Down with the fags! No real man would take it up the ass! How dare you walk on Mr. McCartney’s property thinking of anything other than the mighty vagina!

Time to get out of here while I still can.

Trying to swallow the lump forming in your throat, you clutch your clipboard tightly and stand up from Paul’s couch. “Well, I suppose you’ve made your stance on this clear. If you’re finished insulting me, I will be happy to let myself out,” you say so harshly that you a shiver rolls down your spine at your own coldness.

Paul’s smirk is wiped from his face and replaced with one of panic, hastily rising to his feet as well. You pause, taken aback by how quickly he reacted. 

“I-Is that what this looks like?” he asked worriedly, “I wasn’t trying to insult you…!”

“Well, what else am I supposed to believe when you start…winking at me and shit?” you ask stubbornly.

Paul smiles at this, taking a step towards you. “Is flirting no longer the thing to do when you are attracted to someone?”


“I wasn’t going to say it outright…but I’d like you to know that I don’t invite just anyone to my flat for an interview…”


“Meaning…I’m interested in you,” he admitted gently, “I’d really like to get to know you.”

“Oh…” you mumble, suddenly feeling very silly. “I’m flattered…I didn’t know that was what was happening here.”

He chuckled, “Well, obviously you didn’t.”

“I just didn’t peg you as someone who’s into men, no less someone who is open about it.”

“What people need to realize is that there’s absolutely no difference between two men liking each other compared to a man and a woman,” he chuckled as he added, “Except for the changes in sex positions.”

“Hmm…that is rather radical of you to say, isn’t it?” you tease, feeling your nerves begin to slowly wash away.

“Only if I’ve finally got your attention,” he winked. 

“You already had it…I think I was just too caught up in my own head to wake up and smell the roses.”

“Well…” Paul reached out to grab your hand, holding it in his own. “Why don’t we sit back down and start over?”

“Maybe we could actually get on with the interview finally?”

“Sure, as long as I can take you out to lunch afterward.”

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Summary: Your relationship with Jared and Jensen is finally public, but sometimes the people you trust most are the ones trying to tear you down.

The last of three parts in the Since You’ve Been Gone trilogy

Pairings: You x Jensen, You x Jared, Jared x You x Jensen, Jared x Jensen

Chapter WC: 2623

Chapter Tags: anxiety, fluff, public outing, talk of m/m, mentions of Jared x Jensen

A/Ns: There is no series tag list for this story. Please follow my library blog ( @negans-lucille-library​ ) if you’d like to be notified of story updates! :)

Before You Go Masterlist // SPN Masterlist

Chapters 4-10 are currently available over on my Patreon for as little as $2 a month!

< previous chapter

- - -

Chapter Three

As you walked through the front door your eyes glanced around for the boys, but the downstairs was quiet from what you could tell. You made your way straight upstairs, knowing you didn’t have much time to get ready for the night ahead, anyway. You could hear soft voices coming from the bedroom. 

“Yeah, that one…that one looks…good,” Jared spoke softly.

“Yeah?” Jensen prompted. Jared cleared his throat. 

“Yeah, definitely.” You smiled, practically seeing the look on Jared’s face in your mind. It had been a couple of weeks since the boys had experimented with each other and although it hadn’t happened since, something had definitely changed between them. They were different with each other. Not in a bad way either, they were just more affectionate, there was more blushing and flirting from both of them. 

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Originally posted by winamp

 “Hey, cutie. I haven’t seen you around the village, are you new?” A man approached you. You sweatdrop at the man, not being new to the village at all. Honestly, men could be so dense. He seemed to ignore the man beside you when he got a bit closer to you.

 “I’m not new actually, you probably haven’t seen me around because I’m out of the village due to missions” You inform, resting your hand on your hip. The man flashed you a smile, and his eyes glinted with something else.

 “You’re probably tense then, how about you come on a date with me?” The man asks, and you laugh softly. You couldn’t believe this guy, he probably did this to every mildly attractive girl he saw. 

 “No thanks, I’m a bit busy at the moment.” The man grabs your hand and kisses the back of it. That’s when you could feel the chakra spiking beside you.

 “Don’t touch my fiance.” Tobirama gruffly threatens, tugging your arm away from the man so he couldn’t touch you any longer. You smirk at the odd display, it wasn’t often that Tobirama got jealous. He had faith in you not to cheat on him, and vice versa. 

 “Whoa, chill out man. I meant no harm.” The man waves his hand, obviously recognizing Tobirama. You rest your hand on Tobirama’s back as the man walks away briskly. 

 “Jealousy is kind of cute on you, love.” You tease, and Tobirama scowls and continues walking forward. Tobirama didn’t like being called cute, he wasn’t cute. He was a man of stature, not some boy. 

 “Lighten up, Tobi! The man was friendly enough.” You playfully jest, grabbing your fiance’s hand to hold in your own. He let you with no protest, surprising you for the second time that day. Tobirama was certainly an interesting man to fall in love with, wasn’t he?

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Stiles getting full shift Peter wolf cuddles after a bad day at work or school or a fight with his dad or Scott. Maybe stiles is having a really bad anxiety day and Peter is like his emotional support wolf or something.


Stiles backs out of the driveway at speed, barely missing the mailbox, and throws his jeep into gear, ignoring Scott who’s standing on the porch, hands on hips, lips moving. He’s probably demanding Stiles come back so Scott can tell him why Peter’s a bad idea, and nope, Stiles isn’t here for that.

He knew telling Scott he and Peter were a thing would be an issue, but it’s been  months, and honestly, he’s sick of them having to leap apart like scalded cats every time Scott enters a room. Even his Dad knows about them, for fuck’s sake, and other than one very pointed private conversation that left Peter pale and caused him to keep his hands to himself for all of three days (despite Stiles being an actual adult, thanks Dad), he’s been pretty okay about it. And Stiles thought Scott would have figured it out by now anyway, but nope.

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Whoever I fall in love with is going to have to be okay with me reading them bedtime stories. All I want in life is to read my favorite books aloud to the person I love and simultaneously explain to them why I love each word so much and watch as they experience the story for the first time.

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Ok, so I’ve seen your body swap AU, and I’m intrigued. What about Alix and Fluff? How would they react? (Also, for some reason, I feel like Fluff gets so anxious she she signs instead of speaks (not because she’s mute, but because it’s easier for her to not work herself up.))

As long as she doesn’t get the Miraculous, She isn’t swapped.

But if Bunnyx comes to this timeline, she might be. Lol

I kinda don’t know how Fluff is. Hmmm

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so I wrote a thing for Don/Cosmo/Kathy from Singing in the Rain(1952)

Going Public

The final recording scene where Don tells Kathy he wants to go public about their relationship.

Except all three of them are in a relationship and it’s very fluffy until Lina shows up.

Here on AO3 or under the cut(but to warn you its just over 2k so it’s a long one)

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I… I just need something soft and warm and fluffy after crying a lot so-


Deceit randomly gets cold so he goes to the others on instant and asks for snuggles. When he gets them he lets out cute happy snake noises and falls asleep on them.

Remus always says yes to these cuz it’s adorable and snakey! He talks to Dee about his thoughts as Deceit falls asleep. Deceit comments sometimes to let him know he’s still awake and listening when he falls asleep is the only time he is actually quiet.

Deceit used to go to Virgil as well but after he left he stopped asking. Once he fell asleep due to the cold and was freezing on the living room couch. He didn’t go to Remus because of work matters. Virgil found him first and he got two heavy blankets, ten fluffy pillows, and lay there with the cold snake to warm him up. After he was warm and nuzzles to him he didn’t leave scared something might happen.

After that Dee tried to avoid Virgil but that made things worse. Virgil pulls Deceit into an intervention with the help of Remus once informed and the others. Deceit is flustered when Roman of all sides picks him up. “Don’t worry our slippery snake! We will warm your cold heart!”

And thus whenever Deceit even looks cold someone just grabs him and holds him in their arms. This obviously makes the poor gay man extremely flushed and annoyed. He isn’t a child!…. but he really likes the warmth and it isn’t so bad.

He actually nuzzles closer sometimes or even hisses happily. Patton and Roman definitely noticed this and in arguments to calm him down they just pick the man up. He quiets down and mutters a few curses but does stay there and seem quite calm after.

Logan takes notes on all of this. Writes how warm Deceit likes the rooms to be and how cold he can handle them at. Etc- When he is reading and Deceit is nearby he’ll wait till he’s close enough to snatch him up and hold him in his arms. He continues to read like nothing happened and Deceit protests for a while before falling asleep in his arms.


This can be whatever you want it to be but I just needed to write this so I don’t have a breakdown- qwq Anyways hope y’all are well! Bye for now!

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Summary: Bakugou and Midoriya go out on a date on a lovely spring afternoon. Bakugou packs a picnic for both of them to enjoy in the lively park.

Fandom: My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia

Ship: Bakugo Katsuki x Izuku Midoriya

Characters: Bakugo Katsuki, Izuku Midoriya

Tags: Fluff, Park date, date, Cute, Sweet, Kissing, Boys Kissing, Holding Hands, Picnics, picnic date, Bakugou Katsuki is a Good Cook


    “It’s been a while since I’ve been to the park,” Bakugo reminisced, hands in his pockets. Midoriya was carrying the picnic basket filled with the food that Bakugo had prepared for both of them. “It’s the perfect day for a picnic date!” Midoriya exclaimed, his eyes sparkling as he scanned the park. Spring was just beginning. The air was fresh and the cherry blossoms were blooming. Bees softly landed on the newly formed flowers and the Koi fish were swimming to the rhythm of the burbling water. It seemed that the park was bursting with liveliness. Small children were chasing each other and laughing as the parents sat quietly, reading books or watching with admiration. Couples sat together on benches, holding hands and huddled closely together. “I guess it is a good day for a picnic date,” Bakugo reiterated, “Where do you want to sit?” Midoriya scanned the park before he found the perfect place. He grabbed Bakugo’s hand and ran towards the old cherry blossom tree in the center of the park. “Where are you taking me?” Bakugo asked, slightly irritated by the immediate rush. “You’ll see!” Midoriya exclaimed. As soon as they were at the tree, Midoriya let go of Bakugo’s hands and threw his own upwards. “This is it!”

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prompt #10 + jeno

“you don’t have to yell— ever.” + jeno. thank you for requesting!! i hope you like this ah <3<3

fighting with jeno was rare. it wasn’t something that could just happen, but if it did, it was definitely not over something petty or mediocre. to describe someone like him is heavenly; he’s every parent’s dream boyfriend for their child, he was refreshing. soft, calm— kind.

among everything else, lee jeno was kind. his eyes twinkled with warmth whenever he stared at you, and the way he tightens the grip he has on your hand always made your heart flutter.

but no one’s perfect. people get tired too, and maybe that’s what it was that got the two of you in this predicament.

jeno was an idol in a cutthroat entertainment, not to mention that he also had to balance out his studies among his career. his life was very tiring, but he tries his best to keep ahead of the dark days that cloud his mind.

he didn’t mean to pick a fight, you were only trying to show him you missed him. but with everything else going on right now, he just couldn’t add you into the mix without feeling too overwhelmed.

he forgot when he raised his voice, or why, but the heavy atmosphere in your apartment stilled, and your eyes widen in both surprise and angst.

you feel tears sting your eyes, and you bite your lip back to stop them from flowing. you see the regret that washes over his features, and you understand that even he was caught off guard.

“you— you don’t have to yell,” you look at him dead in the eye, and your eyebrows furrow together in frustration. “ever.

“right.” he tells you quickly, and he’s shaking his head as his hands go straight to his eyes, wiping the tears that he didn’t realize were there. “i didn’t mean to,”

you walk over to the seat in the corner and you keep your head down from him, but you still voice out, “are you ok?”

jeno sits beside you, resting his head on the frame of the couch, but keeping his hand on your thigh. “no.”

“i know,” you look up at him, and you bring your hands to wipe the tears on his cheeks. “but you’ll get through this.”

jeno holds your hand in his, and he hasn’t said it yet, he’s worried it’s too soon, but whether or not you know, he’s so deeply in love with you.

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Pairing: (Bucky Barnes/Reader)

Word Count: 594

Warnings: Some sexual innuendos, Dirty Mind, Playful and Fluffy

Summary: You have either fallen in love or lust with Bucky. As you watch him workout your mind goes to other places.

For @kellyn16045K Writing Challenge Bridesmaid Quote

Thank you to @hurricanerin​ and @music-culture-mythology​ for your help

Reblogging & Comments on Tumblr are welcomed and encouraged. It helps me grow as a writer. Reposts to other sites like Wattpad, A03, Patroen or any other social media/apps are NOT allowed. 

Permanent Taglist:


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hello! can i request a hc where the reader is dating bokuto behind his overprotective big bro's back (kuroo) but he finds out plsss? 👀

a/n: back @ it again with the older brother asks sjsjsj I gotchu all


Originally posted by volleygifs

— it’s clear to everyone who’s seen them hang out together that they’re chaotic and when put together, two bros with a strong bromance ✊

— if one things for certain, kuroo and bokuto have a nice friendship and hold a sense of respect for each other

— though kuroo also is quite the overprotective brother…

— he always cherished your relationship as siblings and always looked out for you

— he was often doting and teasing, just like most older brothers but he was more of teh overprotective side. He made sure you were uninjured everyday and always made sure to cheer you up if you weren’t ina good mood

— he never imagined you would get an s/o. never in a million years and the idea of so didnt particularly sit well with him

— dear lord someone better start praying for the poor persons soul if ever he found out you had an s/o

— having an s/o behind his back all the more

— per se he was just enjoying his day in the training camp and Kenma suddenly commented on how you weren’t there

— kuroo, activating his older brother senses immediately felt the urge to start looking for you.

— what if you were hurt? did something happen? were you lost???

— he knew you were capable of your own well being bUT HE STILL WAS WORRIED

— he began searching far and wide Each Pokemon to understand around the premises to look for you

— when behind one of the gyms, he saw you with Bokuto, he was just about to call you out. He was honestly relieved you were with Bokuto, someone he trusted.

— though before he could get the two of you’d attention, you suddenly gave the male a kiss, in which bokuto happily returned

— okay what the fuck.

— he designate it didn’t expect that and didn’t like it either

— he held respected for bokuto and he was a good friend, really.

— but practically making out with his younger sibling without him knowing of any relationship?

— that crosses the line

— he tried to act rationally, and did so.

— once the two of you pulled away, catching your breaths and laughing a little, Kuroo cleared his throat and it was made clear that he had witnessed the whole thing

— you all decided to go somewhere secluded and safe to properly discuss

— you explained how you had been dating bokuto for a while and that the primary reason you didn’t tell him was due to his overprotective nature

— kuroo of course retorted and asked several questions, feeling hurt and a little betrayed but he understood

— he knew he was overprotective, a little more than some would be, but he just really cherished you, y’know

— it took a while and Bokuto himself also apologized, after all it kinda broke the bro-code

— it all resolved and Kuroo accepted your relationship

— it couldve been worse…

— he just made it really clear to bokuto that despite being his friend, he wouldn’t hesitate to throw hands if he hurt you

— as time passed by, the tension lifted and Kuroo became fully accepting

— he often liked to tease the two of you saying you should get a room by snapping at Bokuto sharply

— Kuroo definately joked and said that he was glad to have Bokuto as a future brother in law

— part of the three of you knew that the previous statement felt more genuine than just a teasing joke.

general fic taglist: @kiracat13 @imconfusedanditsok @ultshongwon @lovelyvolleyball [send an ask to be added]

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Hello could I get a prompt (whenever you're ready) for an ot4? All 4 are musicians (that's how they all met & fell in love with each other) but A doesn't perform anymore. B, C, & D have their own unique bands and A loves each. B is a driven, politically-inspired mime/clown/goth performer, really kind, & down to earth. C is an adorably anxious ball of energy who loves animals & also writes about social issues. D is a mindblowing multi-instrumentalist who is a very sweet and selfless person. ❤

- Imagine Person A playing music by themselves and their partners, who have not told A they’re in the room, watching from afar. They’re so in awe of how talented A is and feel like they have fallen in love with them once again.

- Imagine Persons A, B, and D of your OT4 waking up to the sound of computer keys being pressed repeatedly only to find C writing an article for their blog about [insert issue]. They have a huge mug filled with coffee and tons of energy drinks around them. It takes some time, but eventually C is dragged to bed by their partners as is told never to do that again or else they will be literally cuffed to the bed.

- Imagine Person A watching their partners perform while holding a huge sign that says “I love Persons B, C, and D!” Their partners can’t help but chuckle from the stage and give A tons of kisses once their performance is over with.

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dearly beloved, i want to line the pieces up, yours and mine.
by akutagi

Iida took a step closer to the other boy and Sero could tell he was getting a little flustered. “And what if someone got hurt from that speaker, Sero? What if instead of static and blew and fell on a student’s table or All Might forbid, an actual student!”

It was Sero’s turn to take a step closer. “I don’t know what you want me to say! Everything I try to do is somehow wrong, even when it’s for the right reasons!”

The class rep looked like he was close to saying something he’d regret down the line. “Well, then maybe you should think more rationally instead of selfishly, Hanta!”

Sero got that strange feeling again but this time he knew why he had caught it. Disappointment. For both himself and that Iida had thought of him as something to be closely overserved, like an untrained puppy.

Sero and Kaminari are always getting in trouble for the silly pranks they pull on their classmates. But what happens when Sero gets yelled at by his crush, and according to an unreliable source, people are starting to get fed up with the gags. Hanta starts to change in little ways, but what happens when he’s confronted by his crush and insecurities head on?

Words: 5382, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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