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pastelracha · 3 minutes ago
11.27 p.m
Tumblr media
☾ Title : 11.27 p.m
☾ Pairing: Set Changbin x fem!reader
☾ Genre: drabble, fluff fluff fluff, extra fluffy Changbin 
☾ Prompt: Cuddle on a cold wintery night with teddy bear boyfriend Changbin
☾ A/N: This is my first writing on this blog, I'm a trash for Christmas and Changbin when he isn’t even my bias so yeah and my requests are on lovelies.
☾ Word Count: 0.423k
11.27 p.m
Cuddling with Changbin, always felt like being hugged in a cloud, wrapped in glitters and unicorns. 
Even more on cold wintery nights, under a huge plaid with a warm matcha latte and some cheesy dramas on the tv screen. 
“You told me you were cold Y/N but we’re in the middle of December and all you wear is one my hoodies on’’ He laughed at you wearing his giant black cloth and some high fluffy socks. “ Mr.Seo I have socks too’’ 
He laughed at you even more, Changbin never thought you would become one of the most important person in his life and he could be so soft for you. 
Your appartement was the coziest place he could imagine, ever more now with all your Christmas decorations on. 
“Love, you know you look like an elf in the middle of your Christmas madness’’ He softly said to you. “ but the cutest one’’
You laughed at your boyfriend, still under the plaid, a Christmasy mug in his hands and a beanie hiding his hairs. 
He was impressed, looking at you with so much love. How did he get so lucky ? He literally hit the jackpot with you, you were the female version of Seo Changbin, looking all dark with being the biggest fluff ball on the inside. 
“Babe move, I want to get under too’’ You said. 
He moved the duvet for you to get in, and place you into his arms, finally feeling complete with you placed close to him. He took your hand and intertwined his fingers with yours, stealing a bit of your latte. 
Your head find its place on his shoulder, looking at the tv screen in front you, with his other hand he started to run his fingers into your hair, playing with some strands. 
“Man, this drama is so cheesy’’ He told to no one “ So is you Changbin !’’ 
Roasting each other was a huge part of your relationship, and probably your favorite part of it. 
After 6 months of dating, Changbin admitted he didn’t expect a lot at first, between his idol life, and his busy schedule but you always find your way of getting in touch and tonight was the perfect exemple of this. 
You wrapped in his arms, some cheese tteokbokki, sodas and a drama was the perfect night in for both of you. At the moment he felt like he didn’t need anything else, he felt like he was at the top of the world in your living room. 
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megumei · 8 minutes ago
relationship hcs — the first years & gojo !
Tumblr media
feat. megumi fushiguro , itadori yuuji , kugisaki nobara , gojo satoru x fem ! reader.
genre. fluff !
a/n. this is my first time writing for jjk >:) i hope u all like it ! and yes i am aware that some of these are oddly specific.
Tumblr media
MEGUMI FUSHIGURO. late night walks and teaching you how to skate, leaning his phone on his pillow when you facetime so you can “sleep together”, hearing his sleepy voice in the morning, cooking meals together even if he’s not the best at cooking, taking care of each other when one of you is sick, squishing your cheeks, late night convenience store runs, always texting each other good morning or good night with cute emojis, blushing when he lends you his jacket bc he thinks that you look absolutely adorable in it, library dates but he hardly pays attention to the book he picked out because he’s too busy staring at your pretty face >:)
ITADORI YUUJI. taking naps together and helping him clean his pillowcase after he drooled on it, three am ice cream runs, waking you up in the middle of the night just to tell you what he’s thinking about, lending you his jacket when he sees you shivering outside, sending you animal videos at the most random times, watching horror movies and being scared together, coffee dates but he ends up getting a frappuccino bc he has a hard time falling asleep when he drinks caffeine. waking up before you and just staring at ur face bc ur so pretty :) writes you cute love letters but never sends them.
KUGISAKI NOBARA. doing your skincare routines with her, wearing each other’s clothes when you have nothing to wear, going on thrifting dates together and finding the cutest shit, styling each other, doing her makeup, early morning cuddles, sending each other very cute good morning and good night texts, cheek kisses and making her flustered, cute photoshoots together, stealing her clothes and getting mad (in a joking way) when she steals yours in return, forehead kisses, leaving each other notes in random places.
GOJO SATORU. leaning on his shoulder on train rides home, making out and freaking out when yuuji catches the two of you, has an album on his phone that’s full of “ugly” pictures of you (he claims it’s for blackmail but just stares at them when he’s feeling down.), watching sad romance animes together late at night and bawling your eyes out, sharing a giant tub of popcorn at the movies and blushing when your hands brush against each other, telling you your cheeks look fat when you eat and they’re filled with food but he secretly finds them so cute and loves to squish them.
Tumblr media
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mackenziebrooks · 11 minutes ago
It Takes Time
Tumblr media
Summary: Hawks and the reader are married and have an adorable baby boy together. That took them a while to conceive. While Hawks is trying to enjoy every minute of it, but a dark part of his mind is starting to linger over him.
Pairing: Hawks x reader
Word count: 4,031
Warnings: terrible writing, angst, fluff, cute, sad, dark, sweet, mention of the word depression, hard to conceive, mention of the word abuse, CONTAINS SPOILERS, domestic Hawks, Hawks is a daddy, cute family nicknames, tear making fic, deep conversations, a demon that lingers inside of Hawk's heart, slight cursing, mention of the word sex
A/N: Hey! Well...I was going to write either Kirishima or Todoroki, but this cute Hawks fic idea decided to move in. So here is a cute fic of Hawks being a dad. Again, this is my first time writing for Hawks so please bear with me as I try out new characters and ideas for my fics. Thanks. :)
They say having a baby is what makes a father and mother's love grow stronger. It makes their relationship stronger. Sometimes this saying is true and sometimes it was false.
Then again, it took a while for Keigo and you to get pregnant. One, Keigo’s work schedule always got changed and you two couldn’t do anything. Since he was going up in ranks as a pro-hero. Two, all of the failed pregnancy tests thinking that you were when your period was late. Bringing you into a small depression state. It even took a toll on Keigo. All he wanted to have someone to carry on his legacy when he was gone. Someone he could take flying around the city at night. To see the starts with. Someone he could teach their quirk to them.
Sadly, his wishes didn’t come true.
After a little small vacation, because Keigo had the weekend off. You two decided to give trying to have kids one more go around.
With a little bit of birdie magic and some prayers, your wish of wanting to be a parent came true.
You looked at the three positive pregnancy tests sitting on the bathroom sink. You smiled with tears strolling down your face. “Keigo is going to be so happy,” you said to yourself. You took your phone out of your pocket and dialed Keigo’s number.
Two rings later, Keigo answered on the other end saying “Hey baby! What do you need?”, in his cheerful voice like he always has when he answered your phone calls.
“Hey...uh are you busy? Because I need you to come home”, You replied.
Keigo said, “Not really, I just have a small meeting in a few minutes why?”
“I-It’s okay, it can wait till you get home..”, is all you could say to him at the moment. You wanted to tell him the news, but you wanted to wait till he was able to express his excitement.
Like the true bird he is, Keigo quickly picked up on the concern in your voice. He couldn't tell if you were happy, sad, mad, or sick. He just knew something was on your mind. That you needed to tell him something. Keigo said “Give me ten minutes and I’ll be home Y/n”, and he ended the call.
All you could do was look at your phone and run a hand through your hair. You groaned “Fuck..I only have ten minutes to make something cute to tell him”. So, you grabbed the three tests and headed to set them on the kitchen island. Then you took a blank card and wrote the words ‘’Hi Daddy’’. It was simple, but it was still cute and meaningful. Now you just had to wait for Keigo.
Keigo put his phone up and looked for Tokoyami. Once he found him, he said “Kid, I can’t make it to this meaning, something is going on with Y/n and I don’t know what it is”. Tokoyami didn't need him to explain anything else. He understood him completely. Family comes first before meetings. Tokoyami only said, “I understand Hawks. I’ll take care of everything”. Keigo thanked him and he headed out of the agency to go home to you.
The flight home was nothing like normal. Keigo’s mind was more focused on why you were not your normal self when you called him. He just wanted to know if everything was okay at home.
Keigo made it to the front door and he walked in calling “Y/n?”, but no answer. He shut the door and he walked over towards the kitchen because something had caught his eyes. You had walked into the living room when he got to the announcement. You said “Yeah Keigo?”
Keigo ignored you for just a few seconds as he read the card with the two words “Hi Daddy”. At first, he was confused and he then looked at the three tests. Seeing the word pregnant on all three. Keigo shot his eyes over at you with his tears forming. You smiled and said, “We are getting our dream babe”. Keigo dropped the card and wrapped his arms around you. He was finally getting the baby he always wanted with you.
Nine months later, Kenta Takami was born. Keigo and you couldn't be happier that your son was finally here. Kenta was completely perfect in every way. He was born with your hair color. He was born with Keigo’s gold-colored eyes. Tiny red wings like his father's were poking out from his back. Kenta was a hero in the making.
Keigo couldn’t contain his tears when he was finally able to hold his son. His offspring was here and he was not going to let him go. Keigo was going to do anything in his power to protect his baby boy.
Keigo was happy that his son was born with his red wings. Meaning his genes were so damn good. Keigo didn’t know what his son’s quirk was going to be. Because you were born with an amazing quirk also. Whether Kenta used his wings with his quirk or not. Keigo was going to enjoy training and working with his son once he was able to obtain his quirk.
While happiness loves to be there, darkness also likes to make its appearance. It’s been in the picture since Keigo knew he was going to be a father. Keigo’s childhood was the only thing that he could see. Just everything he had to endure during his time of growing up.
He fought so hard to not express the things that were destroying him from the inside. Keigo needed to have a conversation with someone. Sure, he could have this conversation with you, since you are his wife. But, he needed advice from someone who had already gone through the whole experience that he was going to go through.
Keigo just didn’t know when that conversation was going to be.
A month after Kenta's birth. Keigo was still feeling the darkness start to grow inside of him. He knew something had to give. He knew he needed help. Keigo had called a fellow pro-hero and his best friend to meet up for lunch at his agency. Pro-hero Cobalt. Or as Keigo likes to call him Touya.
Touya Todoroki already had a son, who was a year old. So, Keigo knew that he could talk to Touya about what he should do.
Touya had walked into Keigo’s office saying “Hey Birdbrain”. Keigo rolled his eyes and replied, “Hey Burnt boy”. Touya groaned and sat down on the couch across from Keigo. Touya looked better than he did a few years back. He finally was able to find someone to help him get his skin to regenerate. He was finally rid of his burnt scars. Able to be the hero he was meant to be. Hell, he was running the Todoroki agency with his brother.
Touya said, “Alright Keigo, why the sudden urge to call me? I told Shouto I’d be gone an hour”. Keigo looked at Touya and spoke, “How do I get this demon out of my system? How do I not become the father I had?”
At first, Touya was shocked. He didn’t think that Keigo would come to him for advice like this. Yet, Touya himself went through the same experience. Touya said “It takes time buddy. I just have to remind myself that I will not become what my old man was. Yeah, our relationship is somewhat better now, but that still is not the point. I look at my son in the eyes and I see me. I see myself in a better childhood than I had. Yes, I know he is not me and he will never be me. I tell him every chance I get, that I will do everything I can to be a better father to him. I will not put him through the same situations I went through”.
Keigo just stared at Touya. Taking every single word that came out of Touya’s pierced mouth into his heart. Keigo knew that this was the talk he needed to hear. Besides you, Touya knew Keigo best. That is why they are called best friends.
Touya put his hand on Keigo’s shoulder and spoke “Tonight, take the night shift with your son. Take the moment that you have with him to just tell him everything you want to tell him. He may not understand, but it helps to get that demon off of your back”, with a soft smile.
Keigo smiled back and said “Thanks man. I knew you would help me out in this situation”, Touya replied, “Yeah I know. Now let’s get our lunch, I’m starving”. Keigo shook his head and had their food order up to his office.
Tonight, Keigo was going to do exactly what Touya had told him to do. He was going to take the night shift to take care of Kenta. Since he had the next day off anyway. He was going to be able to have the moment that he needed to have with his son.
“You’re such a good baby Kenta even if you do like to keep mommy and daddy up at night”, as you softly spoke to your infant son. Who was munching down on his pacifier as you laid him down for an afternoon nap.
Kenta kept opening and closing his eyes. He was trying so hard not to fight against the images of dreamland. You started to rub small circles on his back to help him fall asleep faster. Usually, Keigo was the one who could put him to sleep better. Since he did have a sweet lullaby to sing to your son. Kenta finally gave up on his fight with his tiredness and went to sleep.
“Sleep well, my sweet prince”. You softly kissed the top of Kenta's head. Taking the time to admire his little sleeping form. Admiring his little golden locks on his head. Seeing his tiny red wings sprouting out from his onesie. Quietly you walked out of his nursery and towards the kitchen. Needed to get a few things done before Kenta woke up from his name. And, before Keigo got home from his work shift.
You finished picking the living room up and started working on dinner when Keigo walked into the house. You looked up and spoke “Welcome home love”, with a soft smile. Keigo closed the door quietly and responded “Hello mama bird”.
Keigo made his way over to you and captured your lips with his. He pulled away and then asked “Is my little hummingbird sleeping?”, You spoke, “Yeah, I just put him down for his afternoon nap”.
Keigo’s face dropped a little bit. He was always excited to come home and to hold Kenta. You saw the disappointment in your husband's face and you ruffled his short hair up. You said, “It will be okay Keigo, Kenta will wake up soon and you can have your little buddy”. Keigo smiled and kissed your forehead. He was willing to wait.
Kenta had woken up an hour later from his nap. Keigo course rushed to his son and took over. It was his daily routine when he got home from work. He would take over and let you just rest up. Because you spent the entire day with Kenta. Only got breaks when your son took naps. Sometimes you ended up taking naps with him, just to rest some.
Keigo sat on the couch with Kenta in his arms. Seeing how his son held onto his finger when he put it near him. Keigo made soft chirping noises, to keep Kenta happy. That was his number one priority, to make sure his son was always happy and healthy.
Keigo spoke, “Hey there little chick. I hope you didn’t give mommy a hard time today”. It is what he would always say to Kenta. Just to make conversation with his son. Even if his son couldn’t talk properly. Keigo could understand what his son was trying to say through the slobbery babbles.
These moments made you smile. Keigo used to be this reckless twenty-five-year-old. Keigo would go get Touya to go do stupid stuff with. Knowing they both were married and professional heroes. Keigo would still make sure he came home to you safe and sound. A little beat up, but alive.
Now he had to completely make sure that nothing happened to him when he went on missions with heroes. He had to come home with fewer injuries than he normally would have. Because he didn’t want to leave your son or you alone. He didn’t want to make you a widow or a single mother. That was a promise he made to you when you two got married. Keigo never breaks his promises. They could be promises that would take a while to happen, but he never breaks them.
Dinner was finished. Dishes were in the dishwasher getting their hot bath. Keigo and you both were in the bathroom giving Kenta his bath. Since Keigo knew what the temper the water had to be for his son’s wings. So they would not dry out and so he didn’t lose any of the feathers he did have.
When Kenta was finished with his bath, Keigo wrapped him up in the towel, snuggling his son up to his cheek. Didn’t care for the slobber kisses. Keigo would say “Let’s leave mommy alone baby boy. She needs to shower alone”, as he left the bathroom with Kenta.
Know good and well that was not going to happen. He was going to put Kenta to sleep and Keigo was going to come back to you. Because he was going to shower with you. Isn’t he an amazing husband and daddy? Taking care of the two of you the way he knows will work.
You took the feather necklace around your neck and hung it up on the towel rack. Next, you stepped into the shower. Letting the hot water hit your body to massage the day away. That and enjoying it while you could since your husband loves to steal it when you two showered together.
It didn’t take long for Keigo to put Kenta to sleep. Because you felt his arms wrap around you and his lips pressed against your neck. Kissing your neck softly saying “Did you miss me birdie?”, you spoke “Always babe”, turning around to kiss his soft lips.
Keigo and you took your time to shower, just to spend the time with each other. Sure, you could have a small fuck session in the shower, but you both know how loud you can get. Sex, normally happened with Kenta went to your parent's house, when they wanted to see him. Because they lived a good hour away.
The shower ended the moment cold water started to come out of the showerhead. Keigo stepped out first and waited for you. You followed behind him and you both dried off. You then put your pajamas on and Keigo slipped his sweatpants on. Since that is what he sleeps in every night. Keigo grabbed your necklace before leaving the bathroom and then you guys went to your bedroom.
You laid down on the bed first as Keigo turned the light off. He crawled in bed behind you and pulled you close to him. Keigo spoke, “Sweet dreams my love”. You said “Goodnight babe”, and you closed your eyes to go to sleep.
Keigo knew he would stay up for a bit to watch you sleep. It was just something he enjoyed doing. He’s always done it and he would continue to do it. Yet, he would sleep as much as he could before Kenta would wake up. Because he was going to do what Touya suggested for him to do.
Keigo was going to take the night shift tonight. He was going to take care of Kenta while you got a good night's sleep. The moment he heard his son’s cries, he was up and ready to go take care of him. Keigo needed to have that moment with Kenta. To tell him everything that Keigo wanted him to know. Plus Keigo knew when he did tell his son what he wanted, everything would feel so much better to him.
About two in the morning. You slowly turned over in the bed, expecting to cuddle up to your husband but you didn’t feel his warm chest. You put your arm out and moved it around, thinking he may be further away from you than you thought. You were met with disappointment again. By now you opened your eyes and looked over to the empty bed next to you. You rose and rubbed your eyes, to make sure they weren’t playing tricks on you. At last, they weren't. Keigo wasn’t next to you.
There wasn’t a note around the bed or on your side table. Meaning he didn’t go out on a mission. You didn’t hear the shower running, so he wasn’t taking one. “Keigo?”, you softly called out. But you didn’t get an answer. By now, you pushed yourself out of bed and opened the bedroom door. As you looked down the hallway, you noticed a small light coming from Kenta’s room. Walking towards the door, you heard someone humming a soft lullaby. You could easily tell it was your husband’s voice. So you were a little relieved.
You stood in the doorway and leaned against the door frame. You watched as Keigo sang and rocked your son in his arms. Doing his best to get the little guy back to sleep.
How did you not hear him cry though? Keigo must have heard him first and took action the moment he heard the first cry. Normally you were the first one up since Keigo usually worked in the mornings. Since he had the day off, he must have wanted to let you sleep in and he took over. Letting you get the beauty sleep that you needed.
Keigo finished his melody and then started talking to your son. You listened carefully, wanting to know what he was saying. Sure, it was a daddy and son talk. But with everything Keigo has gone through and what he has to live for. You had the right to listen to what he was going to say to your son.
Keigo softly spoke “Listen to me hummingbird. Even with you being this little, you can still hear everything that mommy and I say to you. I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to love, cherish and protect you from anything and everything. I will not become the bastard of a father that I had…”
Keigo was starting to let his emotions out. He was starting to break down.
You knew Keigo didn’t have a great childhood, he’s told you many times about his father. The way he would treat him when Keigo was a kid. The way he abused Keigo, made you feel so bad. So sorry for him. Yet, Keigo took it as a sign to do something with his life. The sign he took was to become a hero. Now, he is the number two hero.
Keigo took a deep breath, even with tears rolling down his cheek, he continued “I will not abuse you as he did me. That goes mentally, physically, and emotionally. I will never put you through the same shit I did. I will not make the same mistakes as your father. Because mommy and I are going to make sure that you grow up and have a great childhood”.
Keigo could see the demon that kept lingering around inside of him fade out of his heart. Keigo smiled to himself. He was finally free of the dark cloud that was hovering over him.
You watched as Keigo leaned down and kissed the top of your son’s head and said “I love you so much, kid”. You slowly made your way over and placed your hand in the area between his ruby-red wings. Keigo looked over his shoulder and looked at you. He said “I knew you were there the whole time mama bird”, with a small smile.
Keigo kissed the side of your head and leaned his head against yours. He was tired physically and emotionally, from the workday and from pouring his heart to your guy's baby boy. You spoke “Babe, your okay. You’re doing a great job at being a daddy to Kenta. He may not understand it now, but he will when he gets older”, as you softly rubbed his back.
It took him a moment, but soon Keigo said “I know love...I just...needed to get it off my chest. It’s been bugging me since we found out we were having this little guy”, as he looked down to your now sleeping son. You followed his gaze and smiled.
Keigo walked over and placed Kenta in his crib. Taking Kenta's small blanket, Keigo covered him up, not too much. Just enough so he wouldn’t get cold. Keigo placed one more kiss on Kenta. One more time he said, “Goodnight hummingbird, daddy loves you so much”. Keigo then turned back to you and said “Now let’s get back into our bed mama”, with his cheeky smile.
You smiled and nodded your head, then walked out of your son’s room. Keigo followed behind you and shut the door quietly. He also made sure that it wasn’t all the way shut. So that he or you could easily walk in and get Kenta later in the morning.
The two of you got into your room and laid back down on the bed. You turned over and watched as Keigo made his way to his side of the bed. He laid down and turned over so he could face you properly. You reached up and wiped the tears that were still on his face. Keigo said “Thank you Y/N”, you replied “You’re welcome babe”. Keigo wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer to him. So that your head was underneath his chin. He then wrapped his wings around, to make sure that you were safe in his arms.
You softly started to sing the same lullaby that Keigo was singing to Kenta. Keigo chuckled and said “Usually it’s the other way around of me putting you to sleep with my song love?’’, softly closing his eyes.
You said, “I know babe. Tonight seems like the night that someone else needed to sing your song to you. So you can fall asleep”. You heard Keigo sigh, but you continued to softly sing to the tired-out hero. Keigo softly spoke, “Thank you babe. I love you so much”. You closed your eyes and said, “And I love you Keigo, more than anything in the world”.
Keigo will still probably have more conversations with your son as he continues to grow. One thing is for sure though, your son has made Keigo a better version of himself. You could say that your son was Keigo’s saving grace.
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johnsamericano · 13 minutes ago
23 days of NCT is officially over (you can take a look at the masterlist here), thank you for reading 😭 I’ll be answering to some of my pending requests and updating my masterlist. Requests are still closed but my asks are always open.
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hollyhomburg · 17 minutes ago
Bunny with a backpack:
Tumblr media
Also a bunny with a backpack:
Tumblr media
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iwaizumini · 18 minutes ago
𝔽𝕝𝕒𝕤𝕙 𝔼𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥 -ℕ𝕠 𝔸𝕕𝕕𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕤
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey loves, so I decide to do some others flash events, and this is the first one for my sequel.
The rules still the same, anyone can join, the event will have less than 24 hours, starting now [April, 23, 12:00] until [April 24, 10 AM] GMT -3
Give me an activity you would like to do + HQ Character and I will give you a specific place to go with this character !! (Again, you can wait for some headcanons and commentaries, cuz well, you know, I never lose a chance to babbling about something !!) Oh, you can be as specific as you want to detail your activity or your schedule of activities for a day or no, do as you wish !!
Ex: Ballon trip+ Iwaizumi
Tumblr media
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gryffindors-weasley · 19 minutes ago
A Moment With You
James Potter x Reader
Summary: When you wander from the Spring Ball, you find yourself sharing a moment with James.
Word Count: 2.2k
Warnings: mutual pining, fluff, kissing
Tumblr media
The Great Hall was filled from corner to corner with the utmost of jovial and boisterous energy, alive with the excitement that comes with events such as this one. It was the first ever spring ball to be held at Hogwarts—the only other ball that had been save for the occasional Yule Ball. It was deemed to be a good addition to create for the students, a perfect way to end the school year as spring began to turn to summer slowly but surely.
It was beautiful, really, and you were in agreement that it’d been a rather nice way to finish your seventh year in a place that’d become your childhood. Hundreds upon hundreds of blossoming flowers had flourished brightly across the spacious room in just about every color you could imagine, perfuming the air with the sweetest of scents. There were a myriad of brightly colored dresses and said flowers tucked in one another’s hair by their dates, the dance floor having never been empty of students. Soft pink sparkles of light had even rained down from the enchanted ceiling in a wash of color, the small flecks dropping low enough to dust overtop people’s heads and shoulders.
It was all spectacularly and marvelous, something you wouldn’t have wanted to miss seeing if even for just a moment. And it was a sight to see your friends have so much fun, whether they took to dancing or when Sirius found himself tossing pieces of food at Remus across the small table. You’d had fun, you’d enjoyed yourself, but you found yourself wanting to break away from everything in favor of having a moment alone. So, you did just that.
You had since excused yourself and made your way through clusters of students to get to the large double doors, slipping away into the grand corridors. It felt as though you’d taken a breath of fresh air in that very moment, and the farther you’d walked from it the more distant and muffled the commotion began to be. It felt more comfortable to be in your own company.
The sun was just setting, it’s broken beams casting bright and orange through the latticed and arched windows, splaying warmly across the floor and illuminating every fleck of dust it could find. No matter how wondrous and enchanting that ceiling in the Great Hall always was, it always paled in comparison to the very sky at sunset. To the very colors it’s painted with, different each and every time it did so.
You hadn’t known how long you’d been gone, surely it must have been at least half an hour since you’d left the crowd in favor of being there, but you couldn’t be entirely sure. What you had known, however, was that you hadn’t been left by yourself for too long.
“So, this is where you’ve run off to?” James.
You turn around at the ever familiar voice, one belonging to a certain dark-haired boy that made your heart flutter more than you’d ever care to admit.
“Yeah, how’d you know?”
A smile tugs at the corners of his mouth then as he shrugs, his hands in his pockets as he walks closer to you. “Instinct?”
You laugh softly and shake your head, turning away before he could see the pink staining your cheeks under the light of the sun. It was true, though. It was always obvious to him when you’d been elsewhere, always noticeable when you’re not around. Well, it’s incredibly noticeable to him, at least. There’s never the same light when you’re not there, not the same radiance that always followed you around no matter what. It wasn’t that hard for him to figure out that it’s you he found himself searching for just about anywhere he’d been.
He’d found himself coming to the realization that he always seems to gravitate to where you are and where you will be. He’d follow you anywhere given the chance if it meant he could be with you, could be around you. It was a fact he hadn’t known what to do with at first, hadn’t entirely known what it meant to feel just so about someone. But after a few weeks had gone by, a few months, a year or two—he knew his fond feelings for you were more than just the silly crush he’d once believed it to be.
“And just why is it that you’ve followed me out here, James? You seemed to have been having the time of your life in there,” you say with a smile of your own, nodding in the direction of the Great Hall.
He finds himself scratching the back of his neck as his head lowers to look at his feet for a moment, his gaze soon flickering up to yours as the corner of his mouth quirks up in a grin. His hand falls back to his side then, his smile widening before he speaks up.
“Because I never got to ask you to dance,” he says, eyes sparkling and expression fond.
The tips of his fingers brushed over yours and the teasing grin on your face was one you found you couldn’t help even if you tried to, and he knew what was coming. He always did.
“Have you been dying to ask me this whole time?” There it was.
He rolled his eyes, enveloping your hand fully then and tugging you into his arms as your laughter rings out into the empty corridor, his soon to mingle with your own as the softest of blushes burns his cheeks. You were right, you were always right. But he fought against allowing you to know just that for the sake of his own embarrassment, instead lifting you off your feet and twirling you just to hear your laughter once more.
Your giddiness had yet to dissipate when he set you back down, his arm circling around your waist and his hand finding yours as his lingering giggles puff against your skin. He’d always had a way of making you feel happier than you’d ever felt, as if nothing else mattered, at least not even nearly as much as it did when you were with him. His mere presence was enough to put a smile on his face, whether it be his clumsy antics or the way he lit up any room he was in. James Potter was the one you always found yourself thinking of, even in that obscenely large room full of people.
He’d been the head turner of any event whenever he was in attendance—boisterous and free spirited, his mere habit of being the clumsiest person you’d ever known never failing to make you smile. You knew that to be true as you looked up at him, a curl of his hair dipping over his forehead. The setting sun danced over his skin, illuminating the sparkle in his eyes as he looked at you. He couldn’t quite keep his rhythm in the dance he so longed to have with you if you kept looking at him like that.
“You missed it. Sirius had spilled his drink all over Lupin’s suit in an attempt to levitate it to him,” he starts, laughing as he recalls it. “He just might still be chasing Pad’s around as we speak.”
You chuckle at the thought, turning your head away to stave off the heat in your cheeks from the gaze of his that fell upon you. Those two had always been up to something, and you wouldn’t doubt it if they’d gotten themselves into trouble by that point. If James hadn’t been with you right now, you were quite sure he would be too.
“I’m betting Lily’s gone mad by now,” you say.
“Surely she must be,” he grins.
It was then as you shake your head and smile at his words that he finds himself resisting the urge to reach up and tuck your hair behind your ear. He felt as though the view just outside the grand window you danced in front of was no match for you. He doesn’t think anything could rival you for that matter. Not with the way the sun makes your hair glimmer and the way it makes it appear as though you’re simply glowing. Though he’s starting to believe that’s just how you are.
“You look beautiful,” he says before he can find it in him to stop himself, the words falling from his lips without pause.
Your gaze returns to him and his heart nearly skips a beat, your smile soft as your cheeks burn a soft scarlet. The butterflies in your stomach were rapidly becoming hard to ignore at that point, his expression mirroring yours as you brush the stray curl out away from his forehead.
“And you look quite dashing yourself.”
He chuckles, looking downwards as he squeezes your hand in his own softly. He too found himself hiding the crimson daring to tinge his cheeks, for you were just about the only person who could bring out such a thing. You were bouncing from thought to thought as you danced in his arms, trying not to make a fool of yourself in front of your best friend. The silence between you hadn’t made matters any better either, leaving you to focus on your proximity and the way he held your hand so tenderly.
It was becoming increasingly hard to think about anything other than him as of late. Each and every time you’d tried not to, it had only made things terribly worse, you’d only thought of him more than you had before. But you suppose that’s what happens when you fall for your best friend.
“You don’t have to stay with me, you know. You are the life of the party after all,” you say after a little while a stewing in your own silence, a teasing smile gracing your lips.
He grins then, wider than he has been the entirety of the time he’s been with you as he lifts your hand and twirls you once, quick to pull you close to him again.
“Are you trying to get rid of me, Y/n/n?” He quips, his brow raised playfully as he awaits your answer.
Another laugh leaves your lips then as you release his hand, pushing the glasses back up the bridge of his nose. You look at him then, smile soft as your gaze meets his, and you bite the inside of your cheek in a pitiful attempt to conceal your emotions. Your heart had been fluttering, racing wildly in your chest at the closeness the two of you shared. You were mere inches apart as you swayed to music unheard, nose nearly brushing against yours.
“No, absolutely not,” you say then, your tone ever so indicative of your jesting.
His laughter fans across your lips at that, though it’s quick to die down just as quickly as it’d started once you meet gazes. In a matter of moments your foreheads rest on one another, your dancing having since become distracted in favor of focusing on just how close you’d been to each other. Just how you looked at each other. It hadn’t helped with the way the very tips of your fingers had brushed over his cheek before you’d wrapped your arms around his neck.
He already knew that this moment was far better than any second he’d spent within the Great Hall. He felt as though he might burst if his feelings boil over any more than they had been, and little did he know you felt the same.
It was then that you leaned on your very tip-toes and he dipped his head down, his lips brushing over yours in the softest of kisses. A kiss that’d let loose another round of butterflies to wreak havoc within you. There was a fleeting moment between that and the next, one taken just to smile at each other, noses scrunched and cheeks flushed.
“I love you,” he murmurs softly, eyes fluttered closed as he nods against you. “I’m in love with you.”
You pull back to look at him, your expression beaming and bright as he looks down at you.
“You’re in love with me?” You hadn’t meant to sound quite so surprised at his words, the flicker of nervousness having flashed across his face being something that made you stifle your own laughter. But he quickly hid it as he nodded once more, pulling you impossibly closer to him. Once you could find it in you to gather your words, to break from your daze, you murmur, “I love you.”
You were near breathless when the words fell past your lips, his smile bright as he kissed you once more. It was a mere few seconds before he parted from you, having found himself peppering his affections across your cheek as he spun you in his arms, your laughter sounding at the suddenness. His embrace was tight as he kissed you again, the giddy action having you stumble back a step or two in his arms as your giggling had yet to stop. His hand settled on your cheek, gentle and warm as he kissed your nose, his breath splaying over your lips.
It was then, in the empty corridor within the remaining glow of the sun, that a moment with you is far better than a million with just anyone else.
Tags: @anchoeritic @ch0colatefr0gs @vogueweasley @amourtentiaa @hahee154hq @snitches-at-dawn @dracosathenaeum @harrysweasleys @awritingtree @writeroutoftime
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buckybarnesangst · 20 minutes ago
Requests are open
please send me some requests! im currently writing some chapters to post for later but I'd love to have some oneshot or series requests, i love writing for bucky x reader but i am completely okay with any other pairing, please feel free to request anything even if its just pure smut id be more than happy to write it !
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forgetou · 22 minutes ago
3:50 am.
The early hours of the morning, or the late hours of the night, depending on who’s asking, were never kind to you. Sometimes, you tempted fate and went to bed late and fought a losing battle with the thoughts inside your head, the words swimming around in your brain. You stare at the plain white colour of your ceiling as you try to sleep, wishing desperately to just close your eyes and relax. 
Your eyes trail over to your boyfriend, fast asleep and definitely in dreamland, soft snores spilling from his lips. He lies on his side, arm folded under his pillow, while his other arm lies next to you. He’s warm, impossibly so, and as soft and cuddly as one might not expect from the solid wall of muscle that is Iwaizumi Hajime. 
Tonight, though, it was a frustrating sort of sleeplessness that plagued you. You felt listless, tired and uncomfortable, tossing and turning as your boyfriend paid you no mind. He needed his sleep since he had to be up in a few short hours, first to the gym, then to work. 
You long to just crawl into his arms and bury yourself there, maybe the simple echo of his steady beating heart could lull you to sleep.
“Still awake?” His gravelly voice jolts you.
“Yeah,” you nod, blinking your tired eyes.
“Come here,” he beckons, somehow knowing exactly what you need. 
You crawl into his arms with all the dignity of a tired and cranky adult, slotting your face in the crook of his neck, your nose brushing against his exposed collarbone. 
“You need to rest,” he nags, but there is no bite to his words, only worry.
“Sometimes I can’t turn off the thoughts in my head,” you reply.
“Tell your brain it needs to wait while your body gets its rest,” he sighs, shifting so he can run his hand over your arm. 
“I worry about you, but I know you’re strong. Still,” he kisses your eyelids, “I wish you’d sleep. Maybe if I hold you…” He trails off. 
It works. The steady lull of his heartbeat, the warmth of his skin, the smell of soap and comfort, you find your brain quietening down, relaxing. He wipes your worries away, pushes them away until the two of you can combat them in the morning (once he’s had his protein shake and you, your coffee), protecting you from yourself so you can get some sleep.  
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zhong-chenluh · 23 minutes ago
𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐧 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐨𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐭 — 𝗵𝗿𝗷 TW: did not proofread.
Tumblr media
Walking around the gigantic forest, you were lost.
The sound of twigs you stepped on break made you flinch, the eyes of owls following your every step as you shivered from fear.
“Crap, the battery’s dead.” You hit the flashlight multiple times, finally giving up as it showed no hope.
Walking even further, you heard laughs of a male from behind.
You thought before hiding behind a tree. his laugh sounded hysterical, as if he was going crazy.
“Someone save me, I’m going manic.” The boy cried making you laugh slightly. “I guess he’s lost too.” You whispered.
You had a school tradition, every year you all would go to a forest and find maps. but this year it seems like you got lost.
“You, who are you?” The flashlight shined on you, your vision became blurry. eyes not handling the sight of the bright light properly.
“Relax Renjun, its me. I got lost.” You covered your eyes as you explained.
Renjun turned off the flashlight making you shriek.
“Idiot, put it on!” You explained, hugging yourself from fright.
“Oh, sorry.” He mumbled, embarrassed.
“Now mind helping me go and actually escape the forest? my mom’s gonna kill me.” You exaggerate making him laugh.
Well, you did have a slight crush on him. both of you were distant but you stared from afar. his contagious laugh, cute smile, heavenly looks.
You were deep inlove, like deep, deep, inlove.
He was just oh so very perfect.
“y/n!” He yelled, flashing the light on and off as you shake your head, finally regaining your subconsciousness.
“Well lets get going now, lover boy!” You pet called making him smile.
“Lover boy, sounds like a good name. you will be, My girl.”
Tumblr media
zhong-chenluh © all rights reserved
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chaangbin · 23 minutes ago
Omg I love your sexy brains but please now I'm crying because I'm imagining channie kissing my tummy 😭
nooooooo it looks like another one has fallen victim to future dad!chan 😭😭 he makes me so soft can you imagine him leaving kisses on your belly if you’re having a rough day🥺 maybe he gently scolds your little one saying “you better be nice to your mommy, she’s taking very good care of you” if they’re kicking a lot that day or have been causing you any kind of pregnancy pain 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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cumnotfound · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↷ ·˚ ༘ LOSING FACE ; ꒱
cc, wilbur soot x barista!gn!reader cw, brief assault threat, alcohol abuse, & cursing wc, 2.3k sypnosis, wilbur gets a few drinks at the bar you work for, gets a tad too tipsy, and lets his thoughts slip.
Tumblr media
You hummed a simple melody as it roared out of the nearby jukebox, the chatter of intoxicated men and women just barely layering over the sound. You were wiping down the counter from where a man had vomited due to drinking too much, the use of an old rag proving useless to his stench-ridden regurgitation.
The low hum of the jukeboxes' lyrics was the only thing keeping you from kicking everyone out, the flirtatious divorcees and sobbing receptionists from the hotel downtown driving you far off the edge to name it simply, "insanity."
Maybe you needed a drink yourself, perhaps. Maybe when the vomit wasn't dripping onto the floorboards and shooing away customers for you, you could get a drink.
God, did night shifts suck.
Your stomach only curled in agreement as a young man sat in a seat nearby, looking around the bar for a server with eager lips that yearned for the burning taste of liquor. His hair was settled over his forehead, his brows meshing together perfectly as his eyes met yours. You felt frozen in place, the beauty of an alcoholic unbeknownst to you until now.
He waved his hand, a sliver of his yellow sweater shirt slipping out of his sleeve before falling back into the shadows as he dropped his hand back onto the counter.
You tried to rip your eyes from his, but it was impossible. He was the definition of perfection. His cheeks were the right shade of pink that could be matched with the color of cherry blossoms, his lips pillow-soft as you imagined them brushing yours. His arms were warm and gentle as you could picture them wrapping around you perfectly - as if he was made for you. Everything about him seemed like a dream.
But, you had to work, not imagine school-girl dana's ties with a to-be-drunken man. With that in mind, you tossed the rather disgusting rag into a nearby sink before sliding over to his seat, trying your best to push down the soft butterflies that erupted within your gut as he spoke.
"My usual please." His finger was raised in the air to represent one drink, his eyes dropping to the pit of his palms as he began to wait. You stood there, purely confused on what his *usual* was and why he thought you knew it.
Nonetheless, you grabbed a glass and began to wipe the inside, waiting just as patiently as he for his actual order. Once he notices you were still standing before him, his eyes flew to yours with a blank expression and parted lips - your thoughts lingering back to where they shouldn't.
"Oh, um," he uttered, pulling down his coat sleeves slightly before speaking. "Liquor. On ice."
You nodded with a small grin, turning to grab the whiskey and slowly pour it into the shot glass, watching as it reached the halfway mark with condensation forming at the sides.
The chatter of the bar was able to keep you grounded enough to shovel ice into the glass without your mind drifting back to his freckled skin that looked perfect underneath the cheap building lights.
Well, fuck.
With an internal war forming in your chest, you slid the glass towards him with a grin. He returned the gesture, tipping the glass towards you before downing it in a flash. It slightly interested you, even though downing a raw shot of whiskey could be easy for a traveling alcoholic.
"You a drinker?" You cooed, grabbing a glass from the shelves below to wipe the rim of, preparing a shot for yourself. He blinked numerous amounts of times, trying to push back the tears before answering your query with shaky words and nimble vocabulary.
"Uh, recently - sure," he coughed to end his sentence short, proving that he was not in fact a daily drinker. It confused you how he could order such a mediocre drink but still get teary from it as if it was his twenty-first birthday. He looked twenty-one, now that you thought about it - not that you weren't before.
"Did anything happen?" You questioned, grabbing the bottle of whiskey from the display before pouring it into your glass with ease. "Uh, birthday?" He laughed at your words, shaking his head gently before running his fingers through his hair which only rigged on your heartstrings further.
"No," he admitted, his teeth showing slightly with his cheeky grin before he continued. "Just a breakup," he breathed. "Nothing serious."
"Oh," you hummed, twiddling with the handle of the ice scoop, scared to disturb the odd energy between you two.
Would he care if you asked? Surely not.
"How long?" Right?
His eyes were hesitant to meet yours, his cheeky grin slowly fading as he seemed to dive into his mind without a second thought. His fingers twirled around the edge of the shot glass, his eyes narrow as he stared into the pit of the cup.
"Two years," he uttered, his voice breaking as if this was never supposed to happen in the first place. You usually were creeped out by the citizens of Brighton crying to you every night, your job to give drinks and not to comfort them due to their partner leaving suddenly. But, he was different. Maybe you could tolerate it for him, just maybe.
"Her loss," you hummed, downing the shot you had prepared, the burn of the liquor warming your chest and grounding you more than anything else could. You slammed the glass onto the counter, licking the taste of alcohol off of your teeth as you stared into the man's dark gaze into his shot glass, his lips sealed tight.
"Hey man," you uttered, shaking his shoulder gently which moved his attention away from his mind and onto your lingering stare. You swallowed the jumble of affectionate words that dared to spill, replacing them with the textbook comfort you would give every sobbing man and woman.
"There's more fish in the sea."
It hurt to say such bullshit to him, but you really had nothing else to say other than how his gaze softened when he looked at you, the simple gesture making your heart twirl each and every time.
He laughed at your shit advice, his soft frown curving into a tight grin as he looked into your eyes with genuine joy.
"Hm?" He teased. "Like yourself?" The comment made your cheeks flush and throat close, his flirtatious tone unexpected even after so many others did it before him. You cleared your throat, hoping to widen the tightness before shooting one right back at him.
"I don't date heartbroken men," you hummed, leaning onto the counter to narrow the space between you two with a devilish grin. You were shocked that you were able to pull this off yourself, your heart beating out your chest as you continued on your pickup line.
"But I'll make an exception for you," his eyes narrowed into something beautiful, your lips becoming eager to taste his as you began to feel his breath blow past your cheeks and brush the hilt of your ears.
"Oh?" He chuckled, his hand trailing up to rub the bone of your knuckles with a soft hum. "Is that so?"
"Maybe later," you teased, leaning back to distance the space between you two. The disappointment was evident on his face, his once flirtatious smirk turning into a childish frown. A low whine slipped from his lips as he hunched over in his seat, pushing the act a tad too far.
"Oh c'mon." He stayed still, hiding his face in his hands. "I'll buy you a drink..?"
His eyes perked up, his lips curling into a tight smirk as he tapped the counter three times for three shots. "Coming right up," you hummed, turning to pour the said amount of glasses.
Tumblr media
It had been hours since he had arrived and it had been roughly forty minutes since he left. He stumbled out onto the street but you ordered him a uber and wished him the best of luck, hoping to see him again.
The chatter had dissipated by now, the clock ticking closer and closer to the moment that you could pack up and leave, fortunately. You weren't having half of the time you were when he was sitting ahead of you, his words slurring together as he tried to make a dozen more shitty pickup lines.
Before he had drunk himself stupid, you learned a little about him. You learned how his name was Wilbur, and not "the man," and how he was friends with a sixteen-year-old on a Minecraft server. It was a bit to take in, but it was interesting enough for you to dig further into him. He declined to spill any more information about himself, however, he was very eager to know who you were.
You opened yourself like a book, spilling any fun fact you could to maybe intrigue him further. Once you began to rant about how you got kicked out from your parents' house because you choose to skip college entirely, he cut you off and decided to discuss a date.
Unfortunately, he had downed too many shots to rationalize a time for it. It was all up to hope that he would visit the bar on more, asking for his usual. All you wanted to do was to sprinkle his cheeks with kisses and tell him how perfect he was, but you couldn't. At least, not right now.
Right now you were shooing out blackout-drunk divorcees so you could close up without a questionable lawsuit. A few men threatened to assault you, and a few women called you a skank on their way out. It wasn't anything you haven't handled before.
With a whine from a plush woman slithering out of the door, you turned off the show lights and began to pack up, dropping a few glasses into the sink before departing into the quiet streets of London.
The buzz of passing cars and chatty crows above were the only noises to be heard for miles, it becoming natural to the city and its people. You shoved your hands into your pockets to avoid getting them colder than usual, your breath drifting into the air as you watched the moon go into its final phase for the night.
Low snores could be heard, the sound muffled and overpowered by some kind of cloth. You turned to eye a sleeping Wilbur, drool leaking from the edge of his lips with his cheeks rosier than when you tried to flirt back with him.
His hair was disheveled and dirty, speckles of snow falling into it gracefully and melting into his scalp as he laid there - motionless. The cold made his skin pale yet flushed as if he was some kind of mosiac painting. Even while he was sleeping, he looked... alright.
He didn't look his best, but he didn't look terrible - you had to give him that. Without another thought, you shuffled over to his snoring self and nudged him with the toe of your boot, his body retracting slightly before relaxing back into its previous posture.
You huffed, kicking him lightly which made his body erupt from consciousness and flail around slightly, his arms latching onto his stomach on instinct as his legs curling underneath his thighs.
His eyes trailed around the road and passing cars before looking up to face you, a goofy grin curling his lips as he stared up at you childishly.
"Y/N," he purred, adjusting his posture only a bit to eye you easily. You couldn't help but smile back, kneeling down beside him with tight body language versus his loose and care-free stance.
"You alright buddy?" More worry dripped from your lips than you had intended, making the boy turn to you with parted lips and half-lidded eyes. He only stared at you blankly, as if you knew the answer yourself - which you did... sort of.
"Did... Did you even get in the uber?" Wilbur furrowed his brows, adjusting his posture once again due to him sliding down so easily during your staring contest.
"Didn't even come!" He exclaimed, dropping his face into his hands with a huff as you watched in amusement. He was like a toddler, for god's sake.
"Oh yeah?" You teased, taking a seat beside him with your back facing the wall. You let the silence fall between you two, watching as cars sped by to make sure they could get at least three hours of sleep before work the next morning.
"Yeah," Wilbur uttered.
"I know you still love her- or them," you caught yourself a second before destruction, hesitant to face him after admitting such a fact. "It's been forever though."
You wish you had the courage to poke further, but you didn't have the heart to. You knew it was upsetting enough for him to avoid it sober, so it's better to avoid it intoxicated as well.
"It's okay to love people for a while," you muttered, handing him factual advice for once - but only when he was blackout drunk, unfortunately.
You could hear the soft brush of his scalp against the brick as he turned to face you, the silence afterward becoming deafening. You stood strong though, your eyes glued onto the road even as he spoke very slowly and calmly.
"What if... I loved you?"
You slowly turned to him, your eyes wide and shaky as you stared into his deep and entrancing orbs. You both said nothing, the silencing answering for you.
"You couldn't," you said. "Not yet."
Tumblr media
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ianime0 · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Miraculous Ladybug S4 | Ep 1 | Just give me a hug.
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buckyblues · 24 minutes ago
Hello can I request a Bucky headcanon where the reader is shy and mysterious who likes to read books after missions and only talks to Steve and Nat and Bucky takes a liking to her.
this is so cute 🥺🥺 here ya go lovie!
warnings; fluff, pining, bucky being all heart-eyes, the hobbit of course.
Tumblr media
• It was weird to be an Avenger, going out on missions with all these loud people just to get back in the jet and be quiet again.
• You were great out on the field, getting the bad guys and all that, but when it was over, you sat down with a book. It didn’t matter if everyone else was talking or arguing mindlessly.
• Sometimes, you talked to Nastasha, only if she approached you. It made sense, Nat was kind of like a sister to you.
• You didn’t mind talking to Steve either. He literally dragged your body out of a burning warehouse in Europe, and then gave you a new opportunity at life.
• Bucky was there when Steve brought you back to the Avengers compound, that was eight months ago. You still haven’t had a conversation with Bucky, and his room is right next to yours.
• It’s not like Bucky was ever offended, Steve told him not to take it personally. You only spoke to two people.
• He sat next to you on the Quinjet sometimes. Bucky wasn’t the loudest in your new pack of friends, so you didn’t mind. He would peer over your shoulder, reading your book along with you.
• “The Hobbit?” He asked one day. You were on the way home from a rural part of Russia. “I read that book when it first came out.”
• You had to admit, at least to yourself, Bucky was fascinating. You just nodded at him in acknowledgement.
• Bucky thinks you’re pretty, but he keeps that to himself. Something about you makes him feel warm and giddy. He hasn’t felt like this since the forties.
• He goes on like that for a few more missions, just reading your books with you. Steve and Nat give him weird looks, and they definitely know he has a crush.
• It doesn’t startle you when he waves at you in the common areas of the compound or even smiles at you. He puts his long hair up in a bun at night sometimes, and you think it’s cute.
• Bucky talks a little bit more on the ride back from the next mission, but he’s talking more to himself than he is to you. You still listen.
• The next morning, there’s a rectangle wrapped in red tissue-paper right outside your room. You unwrap it, and it’s a brand new copy of The Lord of the Rings.
• You open the cover, and there’s a note from Bucky in his charming handwriting.
• I hope you like the book. Want to read it together sometime? (not on the jet) - Bucky
a/n; i wanna read books with bucky and cuddle now. also excuse the hobbit/lotr references but it was too tempting ✋ - stellie
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jimlingss · 24 minutes ago
Friday Flyer: Worshipers of the Sea
「 A flyer to promote my already written stories while I’m on semi-hiatus.」
Tumblr media
Worshipers of the Sea
Pirates, mermaids, Jungkook as a sexy, powerful god — what’s there not to like? If you’re into reading mythology, then wait no further. This fic is equal parts exciting and fluffy. With the feel of an enemies to lovers story, experience the snarky wit of our main character and the banter she has with Jungkook, God of the Sea. You will be left wanting it to never end (which lucky for you there are other instalments in this series with the other members). 
Read Here
► Perks: fluffy, comedic, enemies to lovers (sort of), witty banter, fun storyline.
► Personal Rating: 4.75/5 stars
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etherealino · 24 minutes ago
let’s fix us. — b. chan
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: chan asks you to give him one more chance and why would you deny when you can never resist him?
genre: post breakup au. angst with a fluff ending.
warning(s): this is... messy. crying? i wrote this a month or so ago so maybe.. swearing? and mentions of drinking
wc: 1k
note: this is my poor attempt to get back on being active. this drabble is... stupid. unproof read.
Tumblr media
chan stops in his tracks as he sees you in the room. he blows out a puff of breath, cheeks expanding as he tries to decipher what to do. unfortunate for chan, you turn your head seeing him but you turn back to what you were originally doing. without a choice, chan enters the room, going straight to the fridge to get himself a drink. “how big is the crowd?” you ask and chan stops on his tracks again, not expecting you to want to talk to him. he knows your style when you’re too shy to make a conversation; you always try to ask the stupidest things. but maybe he’s just overthinking. maybe there were no people around when you arrived. but chan knows better.
“a lot.” chan says and you nod, returning back to your dishes. 
chan was in fact correct. you only struck a conversation up because you want to talk to him. and now, here you are, wishing chan would say something—anything. “so, uh,” oh, thank god. “you seeing anyone?” ah. you know this style of his all too well. he asks first as if he doesn’t care because in reality, he wants you to answer the opposite of your actual answer.
exhibit a. “so, are you really mad at me?” chan would ask. it was the first time he did this. so, you don’t answer. you only look at him with a blank expression and turn back around to go where you want to go. so chan follows you around the whole day, thinking how to make you not mad at him anymore. he never knew you can never resist him.
exhibit b. “so, uh, you think minho is the number one on your list if you’re asked who is the most handsome in the whole world?” chan asks and you look at him. “yes.” you said and chan nodded. “interesting.” chan mumbles, putting his hands on his hips. chan opens his mouth about to bombard questions when you beat him to it. “but that was before i met you.” you said and chan’s opened mouth slowly closes as he looks at you. chan nods, shrugging. but when he turns around, boy, is his smile bigger than his pride.
exhibit c. right now.
“what if i say i am?” you say, not bothering to look at him. chan sighs, playing with the lid of his drink as he stares at it.
“i wish you the best.” chan mumbles. “nothing but the very best.”
now, i know. chan isn’t usually like this that would just be honest. but what does he have to lose? so, here he is, no filter, no secrets, no lies right in front of you because he would do everything and i mean everything to have you back.
“and if i say i don’t?” you ask.
chan takes in a breath, concealing his wavering voice. tears have built in his eyes but he never let them go. “can we talk about what went wrong and maybe fix it?” chan mumbles. he wasn’t ashamed. he knew that if he said it louder, his voice would waver. 
four months. four damn months that he never felt your embrace that made him feel safe. he is the man in the relationship but he never told you that he needs you to make him strong.
with your lack of response, chan takes in a deep breath once again as he looks up above the ceiling thinking it would prevent the tears from falling. “are you over me?” chan asks and you sigh. “they say three months is enough for a person to move on and it’s been four months.”
“why, are you over me?” you say and chan finally doesn’t have the power to hold his tears at bay.
“no.” chan answered truthfully. chan stares at your back and thinks of how many times has he hugged you from behind and he never took the chance for granted to plant as many kisses he can at  the back of your neck down to your shoulders. “so, are you?”
“chan,” you call. “you know me, i don’t believe time measures how big the.. uh, thing is. it just.. grows big regardless of the time.” you explain and sigh. “three years of relationship and you never knew how in love i am with you. you never knew i couldn’t resist you.” you sigh. “i am not over you. i don’t think i ever will be.”
that’s all it took for chan to place his drink on the table beside him and march up to you, hugging you by your waist as he presses his face on the side of yours. “please, forgive me.” chan mumbles. “i’m so sorry. let’s talk about it.” you feel chan’s hot tears on your cheeks and your eyes widen. you rinse your hands, wiping it dry as you grab chan’s wrists to unwrap them around you but chan fights against you. “please, y/n. just.. please, let’s talk.”
you sigh, tears in your eyes building as you lean back against chan’s chest. “i didn’t mean what i said. i’m sorry i took this long, it’s just.. i got scared and i thought you finally reached the point of being tired at me.” chan mumbles as he softly sobs. you turn around, chan letting his arms loosen when he feels you and you wrap your arms around his shoulders. softly, you let out your own sob as you tighten your embrace around him.
“we probably look stupid.” you mumble and chan lets out a teary laugh. you pull away but chan remains with his iron grip on you.
“few more seconds?” chan asks and you wrap your arms around him once again. “thank you.”
you sigh, lightly pulling away to cup chan’s cheeks. even though his bags were big, eyes bloodshot and looks miserable when crying, you still think he’s the most beautiful person ever. “wanna get out of here?” you ask and chan sniffles, smiling as he nods his head.
“where to?” chan asks with a grin but he knows your answer.
“anywhere.” you say and chan leans in to kiss your nose. you smile, leaning in to kiss his lips and chan kisses back immediately not wanting to waste any more time. chan pulls you impossibly closer and giggle through the kiss which makes chan smile even more.
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spenciegoob · 24 minutes ago
Songs In The Moonlight (Blurb)
Tumblr media
A/N: hi! I love the moon, I talk to the moon... I LOVE THE MOON
Summary: She didn’t realize how she had to do was wish upon a “star,” and all her dreams would come true.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Category: Fluff
Content Warnings: none! (it does mention reader has blue eyes but only for a moment)
Word Count: 630
She waits up for him at night, or at least attempts to. The demonic thoughts that snarl at her from the corner of their bedroom, barring their teeth at the first sign of drowsiness threaten her dreamful state. So she sits awake, staring out the window from the corner of their bed hoping to see his tall figure rush through the streets in search of her.
Sometimes, she would get tired of looking down at the sidewalk, the hope slowly draining from her heart as happy people stroll down the path her lover should be taking. They’re in his way, she would think, before ultimately cursing herself for thinking such negative thoughts about strangers.
The more she waited, the more he felt like a stranger.
But then she would look up at the moon, alive and ebullient. She couldn’t remember which movie it was that they watched together, but a wise woman once said that “if you look up at the moon, we’ll be staring at the same thing no matter where we are in the world.”
She would like to believe he was staring at the same moon.
Lost in it’s everlasting femininity and grace, she missed the way he practically bounced across the DC street one night, methodically brushing past stranglers in the dark and avoiding cars parked while their owners slept. It was the first night she asked the moon to bring home her lover, and in an uncharacteristic display of favoritism, the moon granted her that wish.
She forgot to thank the moon when she heard their front door open.
His curly hair bounced as he rushed over to her positively buzzing from excitement in the doorway of their bedroom. A hand gripped her waist, and she revealed the way her lover sent her spinning in a vortex when he pulled her tightly against his chest. Archaic songs hummed gently against her in the form of mumbled ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I missed you’s.’
The need to stare into his eyes was stronger than the need to keep her head pressed against his chest, breathing in sync to the beating of his heart, so she pulled away only an inch or two to gaze up at him. His face practically glowed in the moonlight, an ethereal and unreal being standing in front of her and introducing hazel to blue. The moon presented her gift to her with a spotlight only he was worthy of.
“I talked to the moon tonight,” she whispered, grabbing a hold on his cheeks to draw their foreheads closer together.
“And what did you say?” He whispered back, matching her gentleness in tone, even if the way he was squeezing her body like he was afraid she would fly away was anything but gentle.
“I asked for you to come home.”
“I’m home, my love. I’m home.” The two walked to bed together, not bothering to close the curtain of their bedroom window as the moon deserved to know its generosity was not in vain.
She may have forgotten to thank the moon, but he made sure to plenty of times.
And when the night drew to a close, the sunlight replacing the soft blue hue that casted down on the lovers some hours before, she awoke from her slumber to find someone missing alongside the moon. The sun was not an enemy, but she did not appreciate how little she could dream that once again may her lover come home so they could both revel in the way it felt to be loved.
In replacement of his head on the pillow that smelt of sandalwood and lilac was a note. It read:
Whenever you feel so lonely, ask for me to the moon. I will always come back, my love.
Taglist: @the-girl-who-writes-fanfiction​ @haylaansmi​ @masumiyetimziyanoldu​ @cielo1984​ @rexorangecouny​ @username2002​ @calm-and-doctor​ @pieceofried​ @mermaidshmari​ @missyoumaybank​ @everythingbutnormal​ @seasonfivereid​ @no-honey-no​ @muffin-cup​
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jiminrings · 24 minutes ago
hi hi, for the requests,,,,how about doctor!hoseok who "just doesn't have time for a fickle thing like love" and nurse y/n who hoseok was not impressed by because of some bad first impression but y/n still smiles and greets him and has mad respect for him but is a bit intimidated by him cause, "w-why does the doctor never smile?" and maybe one day nurse y/n gets a paper cut while skimming through reports and updating hoseok and doctor hoseok has,,,,cute 'mang' bandaids in his drawers????
Tumblr media
no time for love
drabble week: day one
drabble week masterlist
pairing: doctor!hoseok x nurse!y/n
wordcount: 3k
glimpse: "if something happens to you, you come to me — not to the receptionist you like chatting with on your lunch breaks."
notes: my first entry for drabble week :D all the requests i got for this week are god-tier and i made big effort to make all of this good and ready to go in the soonest!!! i may also be writing this in the middle of the busiest weeks of my last semester, but oh well hee-hee :D
feedback + support mean the world to me!!
namjoon audibly groans, feeling his soul lift away from his body because there you are again
today's a pretty slow day,, considering that you work in the emergency room!!
you've only had two patients come in so far —
first was the guy who ate too much homemade cookie dough wITHOUT baking the flour and now has an E. coli infection :D
the second was a girl who fractured her arm from falling off the hammock she installed on her ceiling (very valid!!!!)
slow days could be good for the emergency room
namjoon seems to think otherwise <3
you pout because your senior of like lol five months is already answering you and you haven't even asked yet!! you've always known that joon is a little snippy around the edges but this is just tough love
he sighs, trying to occupy himself with even the visitor sheets so that he could pass the time faster, "no, y/n. the prewrap is not for you, and i'm not helping you make it as your headband.
it was just one hundred time(s)!! your friend who's still in uni is a soccer captain and she does it all the time!! doesn't even budge in the slightest bit
"that wasn't it, joonie," you whine and the nickname's slowly starting to grow on him, just only irritated a notch lower
you actually lower your voice and lean closer, and your whole demeanor's changed too and namjoon doesn't know WHY he also leaned in, but his curiosity outpowers his eyesore for your cheerful nature
"but is uh, is dr. jung single?"
oh my god
namjoon feels compelled to wrap you with a white sheet <3
"our parents are the ones who's friends, not us us!!"
ok fair point
they're not even childhood friends like people thought they were
he doesn't even know how people knew they were related to a degree somehow!!!!
sometime just five years ago, their parents kept bumping to each other at a vacation cruise and they just hIT it off when their team won in charades
he may not acknowledge it now, but namjoon does have the tendency to consider his friends not his friends and his best friends as strangers
see!!! that's why namjoon treats you like he treats the pickles in his burger!!!
he doesn't <3
"you probably know something but you just don't realize it," you counter and that's what makes him deadpan, putting away his clipboard before settling to look you in the eye
"wanna know what i know?"
"are you kidding? i went to nursing school for-"
"hoseok probably hates you. he looks like he still holding a grudge after meeting you for the first time."
what is namjoon talk-
goosebumps rise on your skin automatically and your neck just tWITCHES upon thinking about it
today's an extra chirpy day :D
you bought new laundry detergent right after your shift the night before, and safe to say that you had the time of your life staying up to do ur laundry
the unlikely mix of lavender, vanilla, tHEN sunflowers make up for a god-tier scent on your scrubs
you'd be lying if you didn't think of diluting it with water then putting it in a spray bottle to serve as perfume
eau de laundry <3
oh oh you ALSO ate a legitimate breakfast and not just munching on finger foods because you're in a rush to leave
the elevator ride from the carpark is also nice since you're alone this time a-
lol maybe not
you hold out the door, eyes looking out in instinct
this is a little... breathtaking
you obviously dON'T know the guy but he's also wearing the hospital scrubs!! you've worked both day and graveyard shifts but you've never really seen him before
he's immensely pretty and your throat just tightens and you swallow immediately
he gives a timid smile when you do, backpack slung from his shoulder and a plethora of things all balanced on his right hand
you SHOULD know him, right??
omg wait a second
"hey cutie!!! are you the intern that's starting today?"
the guy wasn't doing anything in the first place, but the way he just freezes is beyond noticeable
what did you just do :((
"hey, it's okay!! don't be nervous. i had my first day here about, two years ago?? i was so nervous that my supervisor offered my an adult diaper."
what the fUCK did he just walk into
you don't notice the way the guy's face twists from offense to irritation, mouth slightly parted and his brows knitting together at the center
"i hope you're gonna be the one who's shadowing me. i can't wait! good luck :D"
the elevator stops at the right moment, looking back to wave at him goodbye but you sCREECH in your tracks when there's a whole group of people outside the elevator
uhhh why are all the doctors gathered here
what's namjoon even doing there???
the guy from behind you sighs and steps outside, immediately having his hair ruffled as a white coat gets wrapped around his shoulders hastily
dr. jung hoseok
hoseok definitely didn't expect for the whole floor to come welcome him but alright he'll take it ://
the light in your face and soul probably left the same time that DR. JUNG (!!!!) did
namjoon narrows his eyes at you because what are yOU doing there???? and why do you look as stiff as an actor from a netflix original
"hey man," joon goes for a side hug with hoseok, the doctors surrounding them probably looking stunned that all the formalities are ditched
"what's her name?" hoseok spares you a careless glance and namjoon does a double-take to why he'd even ask (and what he should interrogate you not-so-casually for)
"that'd be y/n."
hoseok clicks his tongue, sparing one last look at you before he shakes his head once then leaves
joon's not a man of gossip culture but he whistles as soon as the doctors are all out of earshot, patting your shoulders because you look like your circulation's been cut-off
"now what did you do to piss off one of the most patient people that i know?"
remembering any detail from that interaction makes you want to cry so bad
not to mention dELETE yourself!!!
"b-but that was six months ago!! it's just that he looked so young a-and-"
"you've been trying to remedy that blunder for six months too, but he's not budging. yes, y/n, i've memorized it already."
it feels unfixable at this point
hoseok told namjoon before that he doesn't have time for a fickle thing like love and it's been stamped on your mind ever since
good thing you don't love him!!!
ok wait
it might just be a little crush even if you decimated yourself in front of him
every morning when you come to work, you deliver coffee to the breakroom and it must be when hoseok's also there bc that's the whole point lol
you don't just buy one for him because that's TOO obvious
"morning, doc!!" is your go-to and you can't tell if it's also his
you get a :-] in exchange
you're always smiling and the other nurses are just in love with you
you always try to compliment dr. jung on something and you've honestly never really ran out of material
but at THIS rate???? where you've made approximately zero to none progress?? passing out is what you'll do
"he hates me, tae."
when namjoon doesn't listen (he always does but he just rarely reciprocates your energy), that's when you work husband comes in!!
he would hate it when you tell him he isn't your work husband though
taehyung's the receptionist you'd probably work through unvaccinated kids for
he matches your energy and he finds you the perfect work wife too because he's RESTLESS with just sitting behind a desk!! he needs someone to ramble to!!
"you're probably overthinking it. must be all that overcompensation," he's snacking on chips, hugging his cardigan but not before trying to wipe off the crumbs on your scrubs
"watch this," you tap his thigh hurriedly, clearing your throat before turning to hoseok who happens to be walking down the hall
"hey doc! new stethoscope? i love-"
he walks past you, ignoring you entirely
"yeah he does hate you!!"
taehyung sounds amused, letting out a hearty laugh considering how perfectly-aligned that went
he rubs circles on your back, still standing because you're too frustrated to even sit down
"just give it time."
"i gave it half a year!"
hmmm that does sound tragic
"maybe he just doesn't want to be your friend? if he's not affected by ignoring you, then you shouldn't be either."
taehyung tends to be rEALLY honest
but he's like an endearing kind of honest
he spoke the thoughts from the back of your head, and hearing it from someone else just makes the gears in your head turn
is it really that ridiculous
"oh so like i stop smiling at him so he'd miss me?? like that???"
you... are hopeless
"no.... i wasn't proposing a plan,,, i was proposing a solution to make you not look like a fool."
you deflate at that, the entire plan being 2d making it boring for you
"oh,, i hate it then."
you physically shrug off your thoughts, nudging taehyung so he could scoot over and you'd have one buttcheek each on his chair
maybe you're just gonna try to ignore hoseok today
it's probably for the better
"anything new today?"
you check up on taehyung as usual, knowing that you'd get atleast one decent conversation today
"about twenty people asked me where the restroom is today, even if we just got huge boards hung to say where it is."
taehyung juts his bottom lip, turning his head to look at you when you're doing the exact same thing
"how 'bout you?"
oh wow you're sitting so close
taehyung's really pretty
that's your work husband right there!! :D
there's a harsh drop of a clipboard on the front desk, making the both of you jolt and knock your foreheads together
"y/l/n. rounds. no one else is available."
DR. JUNG??????
is he okay
he looks agitated
kinda looks like someone just stepped on his work sneakers intentionally over and over again
you're more perplexed with his expression rather than the fact that dr. jung IS talking to you
"doc...? i think namjoon's-"
hoseok only deadpans, tilting his head because it's yOU who's hesitating now
"am i asking for him or you?"
very right
you say goodbye to taehyung even if your break technically isn't over yet, picking up the clipboard wordlessly before following
it just goes like this
you narrating things to hoseok, him asking you, and nO conversation at all
you really didn't expect anything else
you weren't trying either!!!
you don't try to point out his new shoes or compliment his new stethoscope
what you didn't know is that hoseok's been sneaking glances at you the wHOLE entire time
he doesn't know what possessed him but seeing you sO close to taehyung when there's a whole other chair you could sit on!!!! wow!!!! he didn't know his blood pressure was capable of doing that
the last round's long been done but hoseok just can't stop looking at your clipboard, can he?
does he uh want you to give it back to him
you're looking quite intimidated
you can't stand it anymore so you just slightly bend your head over and look rIGHT up dr. jung, clearly taken in surprise when you did that
"your finger. it's bleeding."
it is??
oh right it is
you must've gotten it when you were flipping through pages in a hurry because of him, giving you questions you weren't entirely sure of
you forget that dr. jung is still there as you walk on autopilot to go to reception, knowing that tae has a whole canister of cute band-aids when-
"no. i'll take care of it."
dr. jung's wordlessly tugging at your forearm, not letting go even to the way towards one of the many empty beds, drawing the curtains closed
he makes you sit wordlessly, and the lacking buzz of a busy emergency room makes it even more intimate to say the least in such uh,, a confined space
you make hoseok confused
one moment he doesn't want to see you, but one moment he's ripping off horse band-aids to wrap around your finger
you're confusing him even if you hAVEN'T done anything confusing to him at all!!
"if something happens to you, you come to me — not to the receptionist you like chatting with on your lunch breaks."
you resist the urge to smile, having to bite your tongue just so that you'd prevent yourself from getting into conclusions
"it's a paper cut, doc."
"a paper cut that could be infected."
uh no not entirely
this was supposed to be a nice wholesome moment!!! not tHIS!!
"it closes after like one lick and-"
right you shouldn't have said that
one look is all it takes to shut you up <3
the two of you are still in silence, internally scoffing when dr. jung busts out a glove for a goddamn paper cut to humor you
"you didn't give me my coffee today."
is that what this is about??
he says gloomily, looking genuinely upset that it makes you falter
"s-sorry. the café was closed."
"no it wasn't. it's open. i checked."
of course he did!!! he may have went downstairs to peek if you were just held up in line so that's why his customary coffee was taking long,, but you weren't even there in the first place
you're speechless honestly
for perhaps the first non-professional time that dr. jung talks to you, it straight-up has to be alluding your crush to him
hoseok takes your silence to heart though
"why aren't you talking now?"
"because you hate me!!"
he thinks of what could be a reason to hate you for, something clicking in his head when he realizes what you've been holding on for the longest time
"i don't hate you for what you did half a year ago," he says casually, shaking his head over an honest mistake that you made, "i hate you because you never followed through with it."
"what's that supposed to mean??"
"sure — you get me coffee! but then what? did you ever ask me out?? did you ever call me baby again-"
now HE'S being ridiculous >:(
"i called you cutie-"
fine then
dr. jung's endearing, even more-so when you don't get to admire him from afar
you wordlessly stand from your seat on the bed, nudging the curtains to the side before exiting
o-oh my god
was that a low blow???
yes most likely
dr. jung continues to surprise you when he sprints after you, hand on your forearm as he looks at you worriedly
"h-hey are you mad at me?"
"huh? no, i was just gonna go and gloat to namjoon about this."
oh right makes sense
hoseok looks relieve, mouth parting to sheepishly smile and lets go of your arm
you leave this time, a smile you've been trying to suppress finally breaking out
there's more than a few glances when he hollers your surname, an anticipating smile on his face
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kiwisomething · 24 minutes ago
Summary: Sebastian gets a moment alone with the baby.
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Wife!Reader
Tumblr media
Sebastian had just taken out the trash as he’s pretty sure you won’t be leaving the penthouse anytime soon. With a new baby and a somewhat traumatic experience with the birth, you’re perfectly fine with camping out at home for awhile.
He came into the bedroom to see you’re already out. The baby is on the bed with you in the middle and a pillow on the other side of him. Sebastian kicked off his shoes and shed off his jacket. He came over and carefully crawled onto the bed towards his son.
“Hi, little bear,” he whispered softly.
The baby blinked and looked up at his father. It made Sebastian smile so wide. He kissed his son’s cheek and lowered himself down. Sebastian kept himself propped up on his elbows.
“You got Mama’s cheeks,” he whispered to the little one. “And my chin.”
His son cooed and Sebastian shushed him looking at you stir slightly.
“We can’t wake up Mama,” he whispered getting back on his knees.
Sebastian carefully slid his right hand under his son’s head and slid his left under his little back. He lifted the little one up and rose up to sit back on his heels. Sebastian couldn’t help but press kisses to his little man’s cheeks.
“Seb,” you mumbled into your pillow.
“Yes?” Sebastian said holding the newborn to his chest protectively.
Your hand reached out to touch your baby that should be laying beside. Sebastian watched as you have a moment of panic. Your eyes shot open and you see that your husband has your baby boy.
“You guys look really cute,” you said.
Your husband laughed off the compliment but he’s blushing.
“I really like this— being a dad,” he admitted.
“I know you do,” you smiled.
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