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Not Just Another Rainy Day
by wyomingparmesan

When Ladybug and Chat Noir are caught fighting an akuma in the middle of a rainstorm, they must seek shelter immediately or risk being soaked in their civilian forms. Adrien isn’t so lucky and ends up taking refuge in a familiar place, while Marinette gets an unexpected guest. Featured as part of “In the Rain: An Adrienette Zine”.

Words: 3373, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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We’re Simply Meant to Be
by OwlLover21

Today is Tokoyami and Dark Shadow’s 25th birthday. He and Shouji were living today for the past two years and Shouji had this birthday all planned out. They both had the day off, per-request, and were going to enjoy a calm down of doing anything that Toko wanted to do, and Shouji couldn’t say no. When Shouji got home he had the plan for the best gift in the world using The Nightmare Before Christmas

Words: 1730, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Not Just Another Rainy Day
by wyomingparmesan

When Ladybug and Chat Noir are caught fighting an akuma in the middle of a rainstorm, they must seek shelter immediately or risk being soaked in their civilian forms. Adrien isn’t so lucky and ends up taking refuge in a familiar place, while Marinette gets an unexpected guest. Featured as part of “In the Rain: An Adrienette Zine”.

Words: 3373, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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The past few days have been a fucking frenzy.

Losing Helen broke him in ways he never thought were possible. His days and nights were empty, broken up only by necessary duties. Talking with the funeral director, with the priest Helen’s mother insisted upon having lead the funeral. Arranging for flowers and catering because apparently you had to serve food after a funeral.

And then, like an angel from beyond, she sent him the puppy. A token of her love, a chance to survive and mourn with a glimmer of hope.

Even from beyond the grave, Helen was taking care of him.

And then Iosef fucking Tarasov.

Five years retired coupled with crippling grief left John unaware. Off his guard, possibly for the first time in his life.

Daisy was killed.

But John woke up to a hand on his shoulder and he could have sworn he heard a voice whispering, get up, John.

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Group: Seventeen 

Member: S.Coups / Choi Seungcheol 

Genre: fluff, romance 

Additionally: college!au 

Type: Bulletpoint AU 

Word Count: approx. 2.5k 

  • don’t worry, Seungcheol isn’t even really a bad boy
  • he’s really just… misunderstood?
  • actually that’s not a good word for it
  • it’s in the sense that his reputation makes him to be seen as a bad boy
  • it’s probably because of the leather jacket
  • and the motorcycle
  • and the piercings (mainly the ears)
  • and the tattoos
  • it also doesn’t help either that he’s keeps a small circle of friends
  • there’s nothing wrong with rolling with a smaller group
  • it just means a lot of people don’t actually know him and that causes more rumors about his personality
  • he hangs around Wonwoo and Minghao the most

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Summary: Dick and Jason, And some brotherly fun.


Part of my batfam flufftober2020

Dick walked around the manor, bored out of his mind. Bruce was out, Jason was god knows where and Alfred was busy. So, he was left to wander the halls of the manor and find some way to entertain themselves.

It wasn’t that there was a lack of things to do, it was just that Dick had already tried all of them and they did not seem to help. He wanted someone’s company.

Dick struck gold when he walked into the library and found Jason laying in one of the armchairs, book in hand and just flipping through it.

“I’m not much of a reader,” he said, “But I’m pretty sure those are supposed to be read,”

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A Birthday Gift
by Azariel 22

It is the 30th of October, and it is also Tokoyami’s birthday. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, both Tokoyami and Dark Shadow are ready for the day… However, a late night visitor is here and will stay to spend time with them as they talk and share things with one another.
A simple yet sweet gift from Kouda that makes Tokoyami feel somewhat fuzzy inside.
A small fic for one of my favorite character’s birthday and something for this couple that I like so much.

Words: 7676, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Summary: A short conversation between Jason and Bruce about the future.


Part of my batfam flufftober2020

Bruce stepped out of the stuffy ballroom and into the balcony, realizing that there was already someone there.

Jason was standing was leaning on the railing, cigarette in hand and softly blowing out smoke.

“Jay,” he said, as he stepped close to the boy. His kids were pretty adept at realizing when someone was close by. Still, there was no sense in startling the boy when he seemed to so relaxed.

Jason turned and instantly started to put out the cigarette.

“Yeah, yeah, Old man,” said Jason, “I know. No smoking,”

Bruce laughed, “Well, yeah but what I was actually gonna say is what are you doing out here Lad? This is your party,”

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*•.¸♡ Lover’s Imagines #3 ♡¸.•* (gender neutral)


➳ some things are meant to be forgotten

    ✧ word count : 1117

(pssssst…go read part one !!! ^^^)

“Babe…whatever happens…” They take a deep breath, staring intensly into your eyes. “Just don’t freak out ok?” They spring up from the bed, sprinting to the wall length mirrors on the other side of the room.

“Well that’s too late!” You exclaim, grabbing at their arms to not avail. “What the fuck are you doing!” You start to edge yourself to the end of the bed, “G-get back he- Woah!”

You tumble off the bed head first when the room gives a stomach turning lurch. Chills wrack up and down your body with no mercy, leaving you in a skittish state. It feels like all your body’s warm suddenly drained, so much that even the normally freezing floors left you feeling indifferent.

Curled up forgotten on the floor you claw at the boards…

Only to realise your hands weren’t even moving.

Frosted over with small ice crystals, turning your flesh the colours of a haunting picture of a winter landscape. The frost spreading around you, crawling slowly up the blanket of the bed. Turning the once smooth folds into to sharp jagged edges.

You hear them curse loudly before, chanting in a alien language. Their intonation grating against you ears.

You can’t see or feel anything, just the world tilting on it’s axis…

There’s muffled voices above you, like youre slowly drowning under water!


That’s the first thing you see. Streaks of silvers and blues. You gasp for air, clawing at your throat. Air! You needed air!

“Breathe…that’s it. Just like that baby.” You recognise the soft voice cooing. Taking deep gulping breaths, you feel warmth under your palms and your body tingles pleasantly. “That’s it, keep taking those deep breaths for me.”

When your eyes finally focus, you see your partner gazing at you concerned, your hands cradled in their’s.

Their calloused fingers, wipe at the tears leaking through your eyes.

Only, for you to start hoarsely, gasp when you notice the small drops of red, dancing down their fingers.

“I’m so sorry! I’ll never do that again without telling you!” They pull you into a bone crushing hug, nuzzling your head into their chest.

A powerful presence makes your stomach lurch again, and you whimper into the comfort of your lover’s chest.

“Stop…you’re hurting them.”

“Well this would’ve been easily avoidable if someone had warned me.”

“Since when do you visit me!”

“Oh, so it’s now a crime for a mother to visit their child! Woe is me…grow up!”

The harsh tone make you tremble at the sheer power and weight their words hold.

“Tone your power down. It’s too much! It’s fine, your safe…just keep breathing for me.” They’re gentle coos, calm you down again and you dare turning around to face the intuder - no their mum!

“You have a mum! Wait- of…of course you have a-a mum…I-” You struggle to get the words out, your jaw felt like lead and your throat felt like it had just endured a eternity of being scratched with sand paper.

“No. She’s only calling herself that now.” They snarl in disgust, cradlkng you tighter. “Move back! Do you not see how you’re affecting them!”

“Child look at me.” The order is simple and muttered nonchalantly, however you find a charge of energy shooting through your body and you turn your head robotically.

She was hauntingly beautiful, full of sharp edges and prominent features. She looked like she knew the answers to old age questions, but that was impossible. As not one wrinkle marked her face.

“Don’t you dare use magic in them again!” They bark, sharply turning your head back to face them. Their eyes are narrowed, silver hair is disarray-

Silver hair…

“Your hair, wha-why is it silver?”

“No reason.”

“A side affect if not using your magic for a while.” The ‘mother’ perched herself ont the edge of the bed, “There’s no point in hiding. I am simply put mother, your…lover’s mentor and creator. No I didn’t abandon them and they’re making it out to be. We are part of the family of witches and warlocks. Yes we do magic and yes we’re immortal.” She simply stares, eyes shimmering with glee when they see your shocked face.

“Wh- I don’t understand…why did you never tell me?” You turn to face the forlorn face of your partner. Their shoulders hunched, as the fist the bed sheets.

“Yes, do tell.” Mother, sniggers, gently caressing a stand of your hair.

Your partner ferociously bats their hand away.

Their shoulders shake roughly and you go to place a soothing hand. They suddenly look up, eyes glowing a dangerous red. The magic from the eyes makes your head pulse. Smoke, drifts up, the gentle whispers, teasing the nostrils of your nose.

The world tilts on its axis once more and you want to scream up, but it’s like your voice has been chained up.


That’s the first thing you see. A weird sense of deja vu overcomes you.

You bolt up, finding yourself wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. Everything seems to be normal, except for the missing mirrors on the wall and your partner.

As if hearing the confused signals from your brain, they waltz in the room carrying a tray of food. Their hair noticeably shimmers silver in the moonlight.

“wha-” You clear your throat thoroughly. Why did your jaw feel like lead and your throat feel like it had been scratched with snad paper for eternity? “Your hair…why-why is it silver?”

Your partner settles the tray down carefully on the bedside table before clambering up on the bed. “Oh! It was gonna be a surprise for today but you knocked out before I started.” They snigger at your confused expression. “You’re so cute when you sleep~” They tease.

Picking up a turgid grape, they prompt it into your mouth. You allow yourself to be carried away from the rhythmic motions.

“When did I fall asleep…what day is it?”

“You fell asleep about three hours ago and I just didn’t have the heart to wake you up.” They cradle you in their arms.

This was weird, they were incredibly more touchy, each action punctuated with a lingering caress or a chaste peck. “Are you OK?”

“Of course!” They smile reassuringly at you, one hand gently massaging at your shoulders. “And it’s officially the first of November.”

“Oh…ok.” You reply quietly, still a bit disorientated. “Anything interesting happen, apart from you dying your hair.” Reaching forward, you go to grab a grape, but they take it out of your hand popping it in their’s.

You pout as they chew thoughtfully.

“Nope…not that I know of.” They shrug, but you can’t ignore the glint in their eye.


And so we conclude the spooky season special…oooo

Sorry that there wasn’t much affection, and the timing seemed a bit rushed. I literally wrote this on 3 hours of sleep, oxygen and adrenaline.

Anyways…let me stop exposing myself hee hee…

Have fun imagining and I hope you guys have a good Halloween!!!

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(For Suptober20. Day 30 Prompt: Dress-up. Word Count: 1676)

This is all really very silly. Do y’all still think about that time Cas wore a doctor’s coat? I never stopped. Warning for Dean being high off his gourd on hospital given painkillers. Guess what? I have an Ao3 link, too!

“Mr. Bonham? Mr. Bonham, can you hear me?”

Stark white lighting swirled overhead. Beeping machines, the scuffle of shoes on hard flooring, and voices sounded from all around, unfiltered, incomprehensible. It was too much, too much, too much.

“We’re losing him.”

More sounds, more voices, more shuffling, more urgency. Hands everywhere, the sharp smell of antiseptic, and a sharp prick in the arm.  

The lights went out.

“Dean. Dean. You said you would be fine. This is not fine, Dean.”

The stark white light stayed still. The beeping machines became quiet. There were no scuffling feet and only one voice, a deep, low, calming voice.

Dean opened his eyes. A man leaned over Dean, a man with blue eyes, messy dark hair, and full lips. He wore a white doctor’s coat and Dean turned his head to see the guy’s feet.

Fuck yeah, those were cowboy boots.

“Hey there, Doctor Sexy,” Dean mumbled, trying to speak through all those fun drugs the hospital gave him. “Am I dreaming?”

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Danse Macabre
by DisgustingCrabThing

No matter what the class of 1A does, they can’t seem to make Midoriya look scary for the Halloween Dance.
What are they to do?
Why, send him to the school’s resident spooky girl:
Yanagi Reiko

Words: 2701, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Disgusting Crab Thing’s Oneshots

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Danse Macabre
by DisgustingCrabThing

No matter what the class of 1A does, they can’t seem to make Midoriya look scary for the Halloween Dance.
What are they to do?
Why, send him to the school’s resident spooky girl:
Yanagi Reiko

Words: 2701, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Disgusting Crab Thing’s Oneshots

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Steve was the worst had kept secrets. He barely kept his proposal to Peggy hidden and in the end, she’d been knowing for weeks because she saw the ring he kept hidden in the false bottom of his bedside table. He was the worst at lying too, the tips of his ears turned red or he found himself looking everywhere but at the person, he was talking to. All the signs were there, Steve would make a terrible spy.

Now Peggy? Peggy, his beautiful, amazing wife, and father of his child, of their beautiful daughter Sarah Elizabeth, was a spy through and through. That was her job after all, but Steve? It wasn’t his job at all. He was a stay at home father and still could never bring it in himself to lie to his daughter, even if it was just a little white lie.

“Daaaaad,” six-year-old Sarah sighed in the overdramatic way she mirrored from her mother. Eyes rolled back and even stomping her foot along the gravel of their driveway. “Where are we going? And don’t lie! Mummy says it’s bad to lie!”

“Of course she does,” Steve chuckled, picking little Sarah up and strapping her into her car seat. “We’re going to meet Mummy at the park for lunch.”

Sarah’s head cocked to the side, head full of Steve’s blonde curls but Peggy’s beautiful eyes and smiles. He saw so much of her and so little of him, not that it mattered. “But Mummy went to work.”

“And now she’s off. She’s spending the whole day with us.” 

Peggy had found a beautiful spot in the local park, Steve noted. Right in the warm sunshine, the trees offering plenty of shade. A large blanket was spread out to offer comfort on the ground and a beautiful array of carefully packed food and drinks awaited them. 

And she looked like a goddess herself, laying on the blankets, book in the hand. Her one hand unconsciously cradled her stomach, not even too much showing yet and she was already tenderly touching it, like how she did when Sarah was there.

Sarah squealed when she saw her mum, running straight across the park and sliding and tumbling into the blanket so she could fall into her arms. Their laughter carried over the park as he eventually joined them, setting down the wrapped present beside the basket.

The shiny, silver paper immediately caught Sarah’s attention, her mouth turning into a perfect ‘o’.

“But it’s not my birthday,” she noticed, the curious note in her eyes making Steve grin as he bent down to kiss his wife in greeting. “Or Mummy’s or yours, Daddy. Why is there a present?”

“No, it’s not,” Peggy agreed, stroking those unruly curls from Sarah’s face. “It’s no one’s birthday, not yet. There doesn’t have to be a birthday to get a present.”

The little girl’s face turned completely serious as she thought this over, mouth now pressed into a firm line that was all Peggy right there. Steve tried not to laugh as he carefully opened the basket to pull out the already made plate.

“Okay,” Sarah eventually said, taking the plate and leaning into her mummy’s chest after Steve helped her sit up. “Is it mine? Can I have it? What is it?”

“Darling,” Peggy laughed, shaking her head as she took the cover off of Sarah’s food and handed her a fork. “Eat first, okay? We don’t want the nice food daddy made us go to waste, do we? Look, we have your favorite! Even chocolate cake for dessert.”

“But mummy that’s your favorite.”

“Yeah, mummy,” Steve snickered. “That’s yours. It’s yours too, Sarah.”

“Uh-huh. Cause it’s yummy and cause Mr. Jarvis makes a better cake than you, daddy.” She paused to consider her words, mouth stuffed full of rice. “Sorry.”

Peggy snorted into her hand a Steve feigned hurt, rolling her eyes. “Now, now, darling it’s okay. Let’s eat. I’m starving. And daddy insists on dinner before dessert.”

“If you had it your way, it be dessert all the time,” Steve pointed out, pointing his fork at his wife’s face.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. Of course, I would. Dessert is amazing.”

“You would make yourself sick! Regular food is amazing too.”

“Only when you don’t burn it.” She childishly stuck her tongue out at Steve, her husband just smirking around his fork. “And I would not. In a perfect world, dessert would be for every meal. All the cake and ice cream one could want.”

“Am I not in your perfect world?”

“Oh, darling, you always are. You and Sarah both make my world perfect every day.”

“You giant sap,” Steve sighed as he leaned into his wife and pulled her into his side, kissing her cheek softly. 

Their little girl was none the wiser to her parents above them, refusing to take eyes off one another while Steve insistingly fed his wife bites of food. Sarah’s eyes were on the prize of the present waiting for her.

“Can I open it now?” she sighed, once the meal had been handled and Steve was cutting up the cake. 

He saw her eyes were locked onto the cake, bright and wide when he pulled out large slices for them. Sarah would be hyper but screw it they were celebrating. The cake only distracted her for point two seconds, long enough for everyone to finish off a slice. 

“Daaaaaddy,” she sighed when Steve was taking far too long to clean up their mess. “Can we open the present now?”

“There she goes with your patience,” Peggy chuckled, hugging Sarah to her chest before slipping her to the blanket and taking the present.

“My patience? That’s your patience, shoot first, ask questions later,” Steve snorted, rolling his eyes as he sat back down beside his little girl. “Alright, Sarah, I know you’re curious about what this is but…it’s important mommy and daddy explain something to you.”

Now there was her mother when she tilted her head up to look at her parents, a pout on those pink lips. “What’s important?” She was quiet for a moment, taking hold of the box but not removing the paper. She had patience, that kid, just when she wanted to use it.

“You’re pregnant,” Sarah said, looking at her mom.

Peggy’s eyes widened, sharing a look with Steve. “How did you know?” She wasn’t upset, if anything she looked amused while holding her stomach. Very amused.

Sarah’s little shoulders shrugged. “Daddy. He can’t lie. And I saw Daddy painting the bedroom I’m not allowed in and saw the names painted on the wall like mine are.”

“Names,” Steve sighed, shaking his head. “I shoulda locked the door.”

“You really should’ve,” Peggy mused, kissing her husband’s cheek. “Well, that cats out of the bag now. Go ahead and open it, darling.”

That’s the sign Sarah was waiting for, tearing the package open and grinning ear to ear when she saw what laid inside. Two fuzzy, brown teddybears with baby blue ribbons around their necks laid in the box. Each ribbon had one name printed on it, James and Michael.

“You’re having two?!” She looked so puzzled, down to her belly, and back up to her mama. 

“Twins,” Peggy confirmed, taking one bear out to show her the sonogram photo that was encased in the bear’s plastic stomach to protect it. “You’re gonna be a big sister!”

They weren’t sure how Sarah would react, honestly. Given the fact, Steve was a single child and Peggy was the youngest in the family, they had nothing to compare their reactions too. Yet, Steve prepared for the worst. He prepared for a fight, a tantrum, demanding to stay the single kid and crying, but instead, Sarah’s eyes lit up and she hugged one bear, then the other before crushing them against her and her mama’s belly. 

“Hi, James and Mikey!” She breathed, touching her belly. “I was inside mummy too! But now you are and I’m gonna be your big sister! I can’t wait to meet you!”

Steve smiled at the sight that welcomed him when he stepped out of the bathroom, steam pouring out behind him. Sarah laid on her mama’s side, asleep, one hand laid on her belly, the other with her thumb in her mouth. A habit that never seemed to break.

“She fell asleep talking to the boys,” Peggy laughed as Steve slowly climbed into the bed. “We shouldn’t let her sleep with us.”

They were going to anyway, not when Sarah wanted to be with her brothers. What’s one night?

“She already loves them so much,” he sighed, turning the lights off and getting under the covers. “You’re not mad that I accidentally spoiled the surprise?”

“Darling,” Peggy laughed. “She’s our child. She has my wits and your smarts and everything in between. She’s going to find out what she wants to find out. I know one thing…” She kissed him while her hand rubbed at Sarah’s back. “She’s going to be an amazing big sister, I just know it.”

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Summary: Bruce is a step ahead of his children.


Part of my batfam flufftober2020

Note: This is supposed to be a stand alone but can be seen as an extension to his one-shot, Watching from the shadows.


Bruce could sleep very deeply when he wanted but he had trained himself to sense danger and wake up accordingly.

What did this mean? It meant that after he crashed because of a seventy-five-hour binge without sleep, his kids could plan an ambush on him and he would not even stir. However, if Talia Ah Ghul was to sneak through his window, true story, he would have his hand at her throat in a second, not that she minded. Selina might take issue with that though.

So, when he woke up in the early morning after he had crashed because of two long days of sleeplessness, he was confused. On one hand, he could hear his kids whispering in the hallway, the only people his subconscious didn’t consider intruders. On the other, there was no threat so why-

Oh, his kids were the threat.

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