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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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*blinks* uh, hi?

I made this blog almost 4 months ago (Aug 6th)

and uh… wow

thank you guys so much

since its pretty clear I’ll be growing a lot more, what do you guys want for the next milestone (500 followers)?

a. face reveal

b. snegulus short story


c. niche playlist for the vibes my blog gives off

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at the end of a tough day, this is really nice to come home to.

thank you all. you’re wonderful, beautiful, hilarious, kind, and altogether just some really cool folks.

if you’re interested in following me outside of my dnd content, you can check me out @itspaigealena for life updates and other social media. if i ever brighten your day and you wanna throw a recent theatre grad working a part-time retail position some extra love, you could always buy me a coffee by clicking here.

if you’re still reading, you officially get one free wish on me. close your eyes, spin around three times, and whisper your wish into your hand. i’ll be listening.

as always with love,


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Anyone have ideas for what I should post when I hit 700? Please send me ideas 💕 I could post more pics of me or another story? Or what do y’all wanna see?

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Oh my gosh!!! Thank you all so much!! I was just at 50 yesterday!!!! Oh frick I have to figure out what we’re gonna do for 75 (if/when we get there) If anyone has any suggestions for what to do at 75 please tell me! And to all my new followers: talk to me! Get to know me! Asks are always open! Even if you just want to rant or if your bored!

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Somehow on the worst of days I very often tend to hit follower milestones. I hit 1k in early September when I felt like this, and it has happened once again.

Hopefully… I’ll start feeling better soon. Because I want to get my aego journey post finished. Cause it’s going to be really cool once I figure out what I’m doing! And while I’m writing this, if you would like to share your aego journey with me… send me an ask or message!

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