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#Food Wars!

Subaru can go suck and choke and regurgitate then choke on a slimy pickle dipped in pig’s blood and then get a stomach virus that makes him unable to eat anything but mustard. I hate this big ass dude!!!!


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Wait, what? Did that American-sounding, blond girl’s grandfather said “She (Megumi) disrobed me without me even realizing it.” Like what ?



•megumi should’ve won tho instead of ryo•

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2, 12, and 17 for the Questions to Pass the Time

2 - What is the first thing you’re going to do when this is all over?

first of all, i’m gonna buy an orange flavoured lollipop and watch infinity war eating it. don’t ask me why. then i’ll go downtown to get some art supplies. well, there’s this square i have to pass through when i’m going to the store. it’s big and there’s a lot of tall trees and the air is cleaner. there are also sport courts and a fair of traditional food from other countries and they smell amazing. i’m gonna buy food. maybe climb a tree. that’s all i can think about. i never bought anything there bc i never had enough money and now regret is killing me (basically all of my plans involve food).


12 - What’s your favourite snack?

cheese bread and starch biscuits.


17 - Use emojis to describe your mood:


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