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The Great North (FOX)


Logline: A single dad in Alaska juggles his life keeping his kids close together, including being involved in his only daughter’s artistic dreams, in the local mall.

Dru’s Decision: BURY | **

As a teenager, I remember hearing rumors that the film adaptation adaptation of Snow Falling On Cedars was considering filming in my Alaskan hometown. Whether that was real or not, I remember being excited for the world to see a different version of Alaska than most are familiar with. Though FOX’s newest Animation Domination entry is more Northern Exposure tourist trap Alaskan than close to my background. Though I’m not familiar with the creators’ own experiences with Alaska, as an Alaskan-raised person, I am disappointed that many elements feel a bit more cliché (of course there are Russia + Sarah Palin references) than lived-in with the exception of the avocado shortages (making guacamole can be a luxury). Aside from the snow, this feels like it could be set in many small towns across the Lower 48. There are a few too many odd elements that don’t quite gel like a non-cannibal festival + Alanis Morissette as an aurora borealis deity. Also, to my knowledge, Paul Rust, married to Lesley Arfin, has never publicly identified with any non-heterosexual identities, so his casting as the one gay character is frustrating in 2021 (the third casting controversy in a Loren Bouchard series after Alison Brie as a Vietnamese character in BoJack Horseman + Kristen Bell as a Black-white character in Central Park). There is an unfortunately limited amount of Alaskan Native representation as well.

Nick Offerman is a fun lead as fisherman Beef, a divorcé not dealing with his wife’s departure with classic Offerman deadpan. Jenny Slate’s teenager daughter Judy is more the de facto lead with relatable dreams of getting out of Alaska. Will Forte’s eldest son Wolf is nice beta male, while Rust’s Ham is refreshingly out but feels a little stereotypical. A wonderful Dulcé Sloan’s Honeybee who moved to Alaska from California for Wolf could be given more to do. Best of all is Aparna Nancherla’s Moon, another animated precocious son with a silly cheek. Megan Mullally, Ron Funches, Robin Thede, and Julio Torres also put in nice cameos.

The fourth episode (“Romantic Meat-Based Adventure,” **) addressed Judy’s fear of kissing as she gears up to kiss Crispin, while Beef tries to date again. The pilot (“Sexi Moose Adventure,” **) set everything up okay, with a silly but ultimately heartfelt story + some oddities. The second episode (“Feast of Not People Adventure,” **) featured a random festival celebrating that the people aren’t cannibals, with a silly reveal about Ham and some Beef-Wolf bonding over a Cadaver Race. The third episode (“Avocado Barter Adventure,” **) showcased a common Alaskan quandary but Honeybee’s Fresno origin story with her parents was more compelling.

The voice acting is nice, with distinct jokes coming through with highly-unique character choices. The stories feel broadcast comedy-friendly with nice resolutions, making it an uncomplicated watch. Some of the musical numbers are also cute. The Great North is an animated family comedy that is weighed down by trite Alaskanisms + overwrought attempts to be unique. Despite some good performances + family-friendly cuteness, this one went south for this Alaskan.

Team: Loren Bouchard (ep), Casey Crowe (director), Gabe Delahye (writer), Minty Lewis (creator, ep, writer), Wendy Molyneux (creator, ep, writer), Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin (creator, ep, writer), Joel Moser (director), Carlos Ramos (director), Paul Scarlata (director), Will Strode (director)

Series Regulars: Nick Offerman as Beef Tobin, Jenny Slate as Judy Tobin, Will Forte as Wolf Tobin, Dulcé Sloan as Honeybee Shaw, Paul Rust as Ham Tobin, Aparna Nancherla as Moon Tobin, Megan Mullally as Alyson Lefebvrere

Production Company(s)/Studio(s): 20th Television, Bento Box Entertainment, Double Molyneux Sister Sheux, FOX Entertainment, Wilo Productions

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European red fox (Vulpes vulpes crucigera)

© Nis Lundmark Jensen

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Redraw of an old thing I drew back in 2018


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Some furry art for Fundys contest lol If y’all have a Reddit, I’d appreciate you going to give my post a like <3

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On this episode of It’s In My Queue, Kara and Adina watch the pilot episode of Glee, directed by Ryan Murphy and written by Murphy, Brad Falchuck, and Ian Brennan, aired on May 19, 2009.

Both of us grew up with Glee, and were deep in the fandom at the height of its popularity in the first few seasons. Now, we look back at the insanity with a few more years lived to ask how good is the writing of Glee, really?

Highlights include:

  • talking about diegetic vs. non-diegetic musical numbers
  • realizing Mr. Schue should not be allowed near children
  • keeping track of an absurd number of characters and plotlines introduced at breakneck pace

Listen now:

Spotify // Apple // Google // Simplecast

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Ahhhhh I’m so rusty!!! I gotta a lot of practice to catch up on lmao.

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Hijo pródigo: segunda temporada; FOX se burla del regreso de un drama criminal (video) - Programas de TV cancelados y renovados

Hijo pródigo: segunda temporada; FOX se burla del regreso de un drama criminal (video) – Programas de TV cancelados y renovados

por Regina Avalos, 3 de marzo de 2021

© 2021 Fox Media LLC Cr: Phil Caruso / FOX
Prodigal Son transmitió su final de invierno, pero los espectadores volverán a ver episodios completamente nuevos del drama de FOX 13 de abril. Durante la segunda mitad de la temporada, los actores Catherine Zeta-Jones y Alan Cumming desempeñarán papeles importantes en la acción. La pareja se une a Tom Payne, Lou…


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They’re good!

All the gals are happy and healthy in their new home! They have lots of nectar being stored up already and have already started building back up their combs. Most of them are already fully attached to the frames already.

I also caught a quick look at her majesty the queen, and even saw her putting down eggs in real-time!!

These bees are also quite friendly. I found them easier than most to get along with during the extraction, and even when doing this first inspection today they were calm as ever. Only one little warrior flew at me, but only as a warning it seemed. Can’t wait to see how they grow!

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Night Fox saw what you did last night.

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