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                                 🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃

Dressing up for Halloween is always so much fun. Especially when you can dress up as characters from a completely different franchise.

Volt’s Costume: Ash from Evil Dead
Harmony’s Costume: Tiny Tina from Borderlands 2

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All Art was completed in Procreate
Interested in a commission? Check the pinned post on my art blog @amooglesdoodles

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Ive come to accept there are muns and muses who are moots with me that I will never write with because we dont have muses to write against or ooc we just aren’t close, but knowing they still choose to like and still send me stuff every now and then, and even check in? I like that.

To my moots know that we don’t have to RP for me to care for you. I will always love to hear u talk about your muses, read your threads, be an ear for you.

I love y'all.

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                         Featuring Chartreuse 

I’m pretty sure most characters that interact with Volt and Harmony know that out of the two of them, Harmony is the powerhouse. Thankfully the worst someone will ever deal with, aside from an accidental limb dislocation, is having the pup sitting on them when she’s done rough housing.

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Chartreuse: @a-bitter-resentment/ @kandaarts
Harmony and Art: Me
All work was completed in Procreate 

Want a commission? Check out this post

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