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Movie #65 of 2020: Germany Year Zero

“I should have rebelled, but I was too weak, like so many of my generation. We saw disaster coming and did nothing to prevent it. Only now do we see the consequences. Now we’re paying for our mistakes.”

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French teacher: and since we’ve been doing duo lingo over break, what’s everyone learned

Me: est-ce que et un cheval?

Teacher: …okay anything else

Me: you didn’t answer my question….

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How do you #french #toast ??? I like to #mix mine up from time to time 😋 but most of the time I use whatever #coffee #creamer is in the #fridge

This creamer is one of @anarcho.trappitalist but he never minds the trade off 😋 🤣🤣🤣

#goodfood #good #times #love #foodstagram #aesthetic #asmr #foods @instagram @mommarapper #instayum (at Albany, Georgia)

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Hello everyone, I wanted to tell something more than my everyday life, today I wanted to talk about Clichés de France and deny them. Warning: there are clichés that are too grotesque. “In France taxi drivers and waiters are rude.” Of all the restaurants I have been to, they always behaved very towards me, but there is always one exception. One day my mother wanted to order a coffee, the problem, it was six PM, the waiter (a very bad person) said that he could not serve her coffee by the hour, apparently due to the laziness of washing the coffee machine. and with the taxi drivers also most good people, but … exception. One night my father called for a taxi and they told him that he could not go up because there were three of us and it was only for two people … conclusion: it depends on who you meet, you don’t have to generalize. “In Paris the seine is navigated with fly-boats”. When reading this by someone, I laughed, the explanation: in the Seine there are boats called “Bateaux-mouches” which means in French, fly-boats. conclusion: flies do not support human weight. “There are famous French like … -Pablo Picasso (who was Spanish) -Salvador Dalí (also Spanish) -Vincent Van Gogh (who was Dutch) -Apollinaire, Fréderic Chopin, or Marie-Curie (all of them Poles) conclusion: learn history, it will help you. That was for today, I hope you liked it. Goodbye!!

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Je suis stressé. Je suis content de fêter la Saint-Nicolas ce week-end, mais je suis préoccupé par trop de choses au niveau académique. En fait, je crois que j’ai peur de ne pas retrouver mon énergie et mon focus actuel. C’est sûrement un peu bête. Quel stress.

Quelle époque terrible. En fait, je suis anxieux : je n’arrive pas bien à situer d’où vient ce sentiment envahissant. Je vais essayer de me changer les idées, bien dormir, et reprendre demain et faire un maximum avant le week-end. Courage !

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Giscard was what the French know as une bête à concours and the British would rather call a swot.

In one sentence, Anne-Elizabeth Moutet demonstrates why English conquered the world ( which is not me saying it is a superior language, just that it often cuts to the chase.)

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