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#Friday 2 October 2020

Friday, October 2, 2020

What would you all do if I told you that Fridays are going to suck for a while? Until December fricking 4? Well, they are. Given today’s Aries Moon, and the Sun inconjunct Uranus, this is not a day we’ll easily work well with others. We also have Venus entering picky, nagging Virgo - arrgh! We’re all so critical of each other, there’s real danger of pissing someone off. The more independently you can live life today, the more successful you’ll be. Eventually that Virgo Venus will bless us with some really sensible, helpful ideas - just not today, dammit.

What’s happening when:

  • Lunar Phase: Full Moon (illumine, culminate; pour everything you’ve got into it)
  • Moon/Aries
  • Vesta/Leo sesquare Chiron Rx/Aries, 12:03 am MDT
  • Venus/Leo opposite Ceres Rx/Aquarius, 2:53 am MDT
  • Sun/Libra inconjunct Uranus Rx/Taurus, 7:31 am MDT
  • Transiting Venus enters Virgo, 2:48 pm MDT
  • Juno/Scorpio sesquare Neptune Rx/Pisces, 10:08 pm MDT
  • Moon/Aries void of course, 11:47 pm MDT
  • Vesta/Leo inconjunct Pluto Rx/Capricorn, 1:48 am MDT (Saturday)

Looking ahead to Saturday: BE CAREFUL AGAIN

(Please note that MDT is six hours behind UT.)

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friday night smackdown (october 2, 2020)

Sometimes you need to take a good hard look in the mirror to remember who you are. And I admit it, I forgot. I got a little lost along the way. But I know exactly who to blame— and that’s you, all of you. You wanted me to do things your way, play by your rules. Wanted me to dance around, have fun and look where that got me. Absolutely no where.

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It’s half past midnight and she still hasn’t messaged me. I have to be at work at nine in the morning and I was waiting to take a bath because I feel like shit but I wanted to get the talk over with first. Now it’s looking like I’m just going to bathe, try to eat something, and go back to sleep if I can. I’ll just see what she had to say in the morning but I’ll probably put together a bag of her items that I have if it’s what I think it will be.

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