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rremirambles · 14 days ago
Why is no one talking about the strength in Pepa's arms. This man is not touching the floor in this shot. She's grabbed him by the lapels of his shirt and picked him up off the ground. Like, by a good foot and a half too.
Tumblr media
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captainjonnitkessler · 2 months ago
Fun fact: There is nothing wrong with atheism, and atheists aren’t “missing out” on anything! Atheists can take just as much joy and comfort from their beliefs as any religious person can take from theirs!
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the-ides-of-violets · 3 months ago
u know i did not actually watch squid game but i know enough about it second hand to say that i feel like all of the corporations / rich ppl who are trying to like recreate or joke abt or incorporate squid game references in their marketing have vastly missed the point. which like i know its definitely either purposeful or theyre too disconnected from reality but like. i really just need everyone to touch grass and also for billionaires to realize that not everything is for them 
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squid-ink-personal · 4 months ago
I love research
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kirksfattitties · a year ago
man. i know applying actual science to scifi is almost always a bad idea but i literally can’t stop thinking about species concepts in relation to humanoids in star trek
like. if we go by the biological species concept. then two “species” that can reproduce and produce offspring that can reproduce aren’t actually two different species. so for example, vulcans and humans wouldn’t be two different species.
BUT if we go by the morphological species concept, humans and vulcans WOULDN’T be the same species because they’re structured differently (different ears, different hearts, different brains, different eyes, etc.)
BUT BUT if we go by the ecological species concept, it’s unclear whether or not they would be the same species or not. this concept is about species filling a certain niche. so you could say that humans and vulcans are the same species because they are able to fill the role of any niche. or you could say they’re different species because vulcans are better suited for certain roles than humans and vice versa. or perhaps this concept doesn’t even apply to sapient beings because they have free will and can choose their “niche” 🤷🏻‍♂️
BUT BUT BUT if we go by the phylogenetic species concept, humans and vulcans are DEFINITELY NOT the same species because they’re each the smallest group on their respective phylogenetic trees
um😣 so basically 😳👉👈 i hate science 🧬 🚫
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dragonsballsz · a year ago
never ask vegeta for directions. not only does he probably not know (or care) where the place you’re looking for is, but he’s much more likely to give directions like he’s still in space.
a compass means nothing to this man he doesn’t even know what a “north” is
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seventhscorpio · 3 months ago
When we're at social media platforms going down, I hate twitter. I despise it with every fiber of my being. I wish it would one day blow up and die. Nothing good ever came out of it and the universe would only gain from its disappearance. I could write entire paragraphs on why I think twitter is destructive on so many levels and in so many fields, and I seriously can't see a single quality in what it could offer the world. Twitter is useless, awful, destructive and I hate it!
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beacon-lamp · 8 months ago
Hello beacon! I have come to complain. Usually I am very happy to be an aerospace engineer that didn't specialize in space (helicopters are cooler, after all). However, one thing about it makes me sad: I don't get to make the "actually, it is rocket science" joke that people that graduated with me make. Such a shame. (But I really don't like rocket sciene at all so it might be for the best) -cat
hi @cat-26!!!
you work on helicopter science though!! that's just as cool!!
(sorry for the late reply i was out of town all weekend w friends and didn't have internet access but woo nature)
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aevios · 4 days ago
Is RAMP not just RACK for science?
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vermillioncrown-scribble · 16 days ago
the thing with field advancement is that experts become increasingly stranded by specialization
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badplacekaia · 2 months ago
iiiinteresting that in online questionaires i always come up as Definitely Not Autistic when it's one that was obviously but together by a neurotypical person, but when it's one actually written by an autistic person it's completely the opposite
#to clarify i am diagnosed with absolutely nothing at the moment #but i'm 90% sure i'm neurodivergent in like. three different ways at LEAST #just because i have such different life experiences and struggles ect from other people #but OH MY GOSH being a teenager in deep denial about being possibly autistic was fucking confusing #because i'd take a quiz and it would ask me questions like 'do you enjoy chit-chat' #which. yes i do when it's with people i'm comfortable with. i LOVE making friends and hanging out with them! #i'm just not very good at it. doesn't mean i don't WANT to talk to people #oh and asking if you need constant routines. that's another one. i'm literally the most chaotic person you'll ever meet so um. no i don't! #but i DO find sudden changes kind of difficult to deal with #oh and if i'm more scientific than creative. if i'm unimaginative. no i'm fucking not i'm literally ALWAYS daydreaming #and i failed the one science class i took in high school and am shit at maths #anyway stuff like that. being in denial about being neurodivergent and trying to do online quizzes which are SO badly formulated #and obviously written by someone just looking from the outside with no idea what BEING autistic is actually like is just SO confusing #and more recently i've been finding like youtube videos from autistic people who actually go through common symptoms properly #and it's just SO much clearer and less confusing and such a different experience. #because suddenly it's like. yeah. i relate to a lot of that actually! you're not just describing some cliche that feels alien to me #maybe i AM autistic and maybe that's even okay! #anyway. sorry for the rant. just thinking about it and it's SO jarring how different it is depending on the perspective
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bookish-bi-christian · a year ago
Really love how a lot of conservative Christians will be like “you don’t need physical proof to know something is true” and then turn around and be like “your physical body is proof that you are your AGAB and it’s impossible that you could be anything else” like ....???? 
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spookygondolier · 11 months ago
I just really feel like there should have been some kind of Secret Knowledge reward option for winning the Marvellous, I feel like it would have been a popular choice given the interests of the average Fallen London player
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davidlovespatrick · 7 months ago
I’ve now had two tutors decline to supervise the research I’m proposing for my masters degree, and with it my hopes of actually going uni this year are dwindling...
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fuckyeahscienceparty · a year ago
as a science party fan, gargoyles and gravel and expiration date forever live in my brain rent fucking free
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boatshows · 5 months ago
[crozier voice] tell us about birdshit island james
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blunt-science · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Photographer Andrew Griffith's Unique Perspective on New York. @lensaloft 
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fruitylibrarian · 6 months ago
also if you don’t think that flynn didn’t find out about magic and immediately go “oh, cool, a new degree to earn, because an A+ in magic is a normal thing to want that is possible to achieve,” you are incorrect. he immediately was like ah yes time for Learning Everything About This Hyperfocus Time.
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mcecologist · 6 months ago
wow you do crack the code here 👀 *insert uncountable panic dream moment*
Big sigh I can’t even pretend like there is a code to crack
They are just so obviously different. Technically I don’t know why... technically there are a million and one reasons for the glaringly different reactions... but I choose to go with the path of least resistance... the simplest answer...
I choose to believe things mainly because I will never ever get answers otherwise. And unanswered questions bother me.
Maybe that’s why I brain rot so hard. I am compelled to fill in the blanks.
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jaegerbroshoe · a year ago
The fact that SoY are connected to different species explains sooo much about why that one FT was able to immunize SoY from a particular disease. Since they have access to the genetic code of different organisms, they can easily develop immunity against harmful bacteria and viruses (as their DNA can be altered to match that of an unaffected species). And that is so fucking cool. 
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