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🐸Loving Memories

Hey everyone! Sorry i Haven’t posted recently, school’s been a pain in the butt. This time we have something a little different then the usual fluff so tell me if you liked it in the comments!

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Tsuyu Asui x Gender neutral Reader

Quirk: water breathing, like fire breathing but water


3rd PoV

A loud shout grabbed the green haired girls attention, currently she was looking for more survivors in the flooded building.


‘Y/N’ Asui thought running towards the shout

As she got closer and closer she could hear rushing water and the sound of muffled screams

“Help me, please!!”

She ran faster and dived into the water,

'please be okay, please be okay, please be okay, please be-’

Suddenly her eyes widened

Giggles were heard from the two kids, one three and the other four

“Haha! Cant catch me tsu!!”

“Can too!”

More laughter and smiles, both kids having a grand time playing tag in the water park


“Woah!! Your quirk is so cool tsu!”

The small child laughed

“I wish mine was that cool”

Suddenly the kids hugged

“Your quirk is cool too!! Kero, Who else do we know that can breathe water? Nobody, kero!!”

They laughed

“I guess you’re right tsu! Nobody’s as cool as us!”

“Y/N… Please wake up Y/N…”

Two kids sat on a swingset, one seven and the other eight

“Y'know tsu, when we’re older im gonna become a hero with you and then we’re gonna get married and be happy!!”

The green haired girl blushed and smiled, jumping off the swingset to hug her friend, making both kids fall to the ground

“We’re gonna save so many people together and be so happy and everybody else will be jealous of us! Kero!”

The kids laughed and hugged harder

“Y/N, baby please….kero….you have to get up Y/N!…”

“Promise me you’ll never leave me behind?”

“I could never leave you behind!”



“…w…we made a p-promise! You promised you would leave me behind!!”

Tsu cried harder, violently sobbing while holding Y/N’s hand as they drove to the hospital

“I love you tsu”

“I love you too Y/N, kero”

“We were supposed to get married and be happy…why…”

It was the couples fifth anniversary, they had gone to the park where they first met. The flowers were blooming and the sun was bright, it was the perfect day. They had been walking for a while when they stopped in front of an empty childrens swingset

“Remember when i told you we were gonna get married here?”

Tsu nodded, recalling it happily


Y/N got down on one knee

“How would you like that to come true?”

Tsu squealed in agreement and tackled Y/N to the ground crying


That was only a week before this, they were going to get married next month. But it seems life had other plans for the couple


Tsu shouted, violently sobbing but it was too late.

Y/N was gone, the loving memories being all Tsu has left…


Hello everyone! I hope you all liked that since it was my first time writing angst! Tell me how i could make it better in the comments and please share with anyone else you think might enjoy it! -Author San

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okay so I just recently started to watch my hero academia and I’m having a hard time with the characters names so here’s my nicknames for all of them so I know who’s who:

-idiotified electrocution

-“fuck AirPods” the human

-grape juice

-boob showoff

-green bush

-anger management class failure

-“room-temperature happiness”

-pink floof

-gravity switch

-pocket frogs LTE

-power in darkness

-Snape feat. one hour of sleep


-flamin hot Cheeto with no crunch

-“smiles hide the pain”

-6’1 teachers pet

-lab rat gone uno reverse card

-invisibility cloak

-jack the ripper


-cloud of smoke that talks

-basic dood nobody remembers

- state of constant f e a r


-Buzz Lightyear 2.0



-“I put a spell on you”

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Aizawa: Day 10 of quarantine
Aizawa: Hizashi is going stir crazy.
Aizawa: Yesterday I caught him singing to a pigeon on the rooftop. Then he attempted to teach it square dancing...
Aizawa: he cried when it flew away.
Aizawa: *sigh* There is no logic in this place.
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Fav thing: I think she’s really interesting and seeing her home life explains a lot about her personality

Least fav thing: her personality seems to be hella blunt and that’s it half the time

Fav line:

Gotta appreciate her smooth moves


brOTP: The rest of the Dekusquad

OTP: I guess Tokoyami or Ochako

nOTP: none really

Random headcanon: she gives no shits and she will use her tongue to get something from across the common room if she’s feeling lazy

Unpopular opinion: I think she’d honestly be better with Uraraka and I’m not saying that cause ‘oh my god we must have gays!!! Whine whine whine’ I just think they help each other improve and there’s more of a difference in their personality than Deku and Uraraka

Song associated with them: Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride (I’m watching all the Lilo and Stitch movies right now…)

Fav pic:



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