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#Frozen Parallels

Another parallel between Frozen 1 and Frozen 2

I was looking closely at some gifs of Anna holding Olaf while he was flurrying away (yes I cried doing this) and I noticed another possible parallel with the first movie.


Notice how Anna breaks even more and pull Olaf closer when he says “I like warm hugs”. It’s like that line hit somewhere inside Anna and triggered something. Maybe…


“Hi I’m Olaf! And I like warm hugs!”

She remembers.

At some part of her mind, Anna remembers Elsa saying this exact same phrase with her childish forced-funny deep voice, as if giving life to that silly new friend of their childhood. And that later, this same friend would turn into a magical living and thinking creature, a mixture of the two sisters.

So years and years later, when Anna heard those same words now spoken by Olaf, creation of Elsa and symbol of her magic, it was like she was hearing Elsa again back then when they were just kids. It was like she was holding onto her sister instead, her sun, her everything, her only guiding star, once more. The sister she would never get to see again, never get to say “I love you” again, never get to touch again, to laugh and look at again.

And deep down inside her head, even with Pabbie’s interference, Anna remembers.


“I love you Olaf!”

And following her memory, as if she was speaking to Elsa and looking at her eyes one last time, she finally says:




“You’re okay Anna, I’ve got you.”

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Do you have a feeling that all this Elsa's 'healing' and 'finding true self' is like from a different standalone movie? Elsa was healed by the end of F1, and now Disney created problems out of retcons and then solved them too quickly. We didn't even know where their parents went on their ship. But now it has to be Elsa. So that Elsa would break, then push Anna away and then sing a song to 'heal'. She somehow was happy in the beginning of Show yourself, not after having found the truth.

That’s exactly how I feel too. 

To me it looks like they had no other reason to make a sequel so they manufactured one.

And then, bc F1 was such a success, they followed the same structure from F1:

Elsa feels trapped >> shuts Anna out >> adventure time (they’re together this time) >> make it a show of Elsa’s powers >> Anna worries about Elsa >> Elsa sends her away >> finding herself (Let it Go and Show Yourself) >> acceptance of self >> act of true love >> saves Arendelle >> reunion (going separate ways)

There are some differences here now they have established characters and some retcons would be too weird but it’s basically the same structure and character arcs from F1, but bigger faster stronger you know?

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I just want to know how a milk bath is supposed to work. It's the bodily fluid that comes out of a cow's udder? How does a cow not have flawless skin then? I personally like to blame my oven, David. Because even when I remade them with more flour they were still burned a bit on the bottom, as do pretty much everything I make in that oven. I can make a pretty mean chocolate self-saucing pudding in the microwave, if I do say so myself!

Jason: Because cows have hair all over their body….But their udders are insanely smooth, aren’t they? I don’t know for sure, I’m just guessing at this point.

David: You are correct, for the first time ever.

Jason: Right on! [Fist pumps] Do I get a cookie now?

Micheal: No, because you’re still a bad texter.

Jason: Aww… But using abbreviations is so much easier.

David: Blaming your oven, huh? [Looks away thoughtfully} Yes, I blame our kitchen devices for my poor attempts at cooking.

Micheal: [Sighs] Great, now he’s going to want to replace all the kitchen appliances… [Perks up] Actually, we could do with new appliances…

Adrian & Alec: Mm… Chocolate…

Alec: [Looks at Adrian]

Adrian: [Looks at Alec]

Alec: Let’s pretend we did not just do that, okay?

Adrian: Yeah, okay.

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