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#Future Fic
so... that photographer one shot is coming next right 👀 judging by the emojis you used... the thirst is gonna be🔥

I haven’t actually thought of that one in a while so probably not. My brain is mostly thinking about med au. But yeah the photographer one-shot - if I write it - is just a fun, thirst-filled, ridiculous raunchy kind of idea 😊.

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Non-Sex Tape
by FroggyTape

Hanta Sero found himself in his first relationship once they’re out of school and pro’s, only, things don’t feel right. Things go wrong and Sero finds himself single and feeling broken, turning to the Bakusquad for help who helped him more than he thought they would. Having a new word to be able to describe his feelings he gets back into the world of dating, only to find it still hard to be who he is, until he finds someone who loves him anyways.

Words: 2377, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Hi so... *whispers: medical au* whaaat? Who? Who even said that? Haha weird . But now that we are talking about medical Au because of totally unknown reasons obviously. I know I can always count of you to give me some jealous Eliott because that’s one of my favorite Eliotts (who am I kidding? I love all of him) . But can you imagine Eliott just being mad because someone else gets the intern night shift with Lucas so he is all like: i volunteer too!! ( and he doesn’t even know whyyy he did this)

(2) And like Lucas just laughing with someone near the coffee machine? “Excusee me but I gotta get my coffee” “Eliott you don’t even like the drinks from the coffee machine” “me? What? I never said that” And also Lucas in all white??? That’d be the death of one Eliott Demaury. Both of them trying to outsmart the other???? Ughhh i’m not pushing you tho. But Jaimeee the possibilities omg . Big hugs!!

Listen!!! You guys with your amazing ideas are making me want to write but I can’t! I must give my brain a break! But also I love all of you guys for your hilariously amazing imagining. And well… the med au is a hate-like-love au so I’m gonna be giving them actual reasons to get jealous… and be really really mad about it 😂. Because I mean… I gotta make things extra complicated in this one when they already have decided they can’t stand one another 😏.

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she's beauty she's grace every time she mentions one of her future fics my heart rate ascends to 100% gay (im not kidding i feel like im on crack watching you talk about the medical au)

RO!!! HAHAHAHA OMG. The way this made me laugh. I love you. And also…

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I know the medical!au won’t be like greys but if we are putting in requests for a future fic I BEG for an elevator kiss 😍

Ohhhh Grey’s did do the elevator kisses well, didn’t they? I will make a note… because I’m just straight up gonna start stealing all of your guys’ good ideas now 😇.

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All theses asks about the medical au got me feelin major greys anatomy vibes where everyone is super horny and just makes out in the break room up against the racks of clean scrubs when nobody is watching, I fully expect maximum medical hormones from you kween LMAOOO

Lmao exactly!!! I mean I have a friend who definitely had that kind of experience during her residency in a hospital. Like… they really be hooking up in the break rooms?!!! They really do be finding the time. It’s scandalous!!! I can’t wait to write about it 😏😊.

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Okay so for your medical AU, I expect at least one person to ask "so who's the surgeon and who's the medical doctor in this relationship" at least once, better yet, people ask them when they're rivals and when they're together like they see no difference, because Elu be making heart eyes and snarking at each other regardless

Legit need to steal that idea because it made me seriously lol. And it’s true… med au Elu will be hella snarky before and after relationship status 😌.

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by peterparkerpanic

Of all the ways in which her identity had been at risk, Marinette had never expected this. Yes, she was best friends with the Ladyblogger – which meant she was able to see first-hand the sheer determination that drove Alya to figure out the identities of Paris’s two main superheroes. But… as she sat in the classroom, listening to Alya rant about how Marinette was definitely Chat Noir, and she was certain of it, Marinette couldn’t help but wonder what in the hell had caused her to come to that conclusion.

Or: Alya thinks Marinette is Chat Noir; the reveal fic absolutely nobody asked for.

Words: 1906, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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Cold Front
by rhorhodey

They’re Kageyama and Hinata—Tobio and Shoyo. They’re the freak duo. They’re them—together and separate and entirely connected. They’re shared glances and brain cells and small laughs and awkward smiles. They’re flushed cheeks and soft presses of kisses on warm flesh.

Hinata’s bright and loud and concentrated.

And Kageyama—Kageyama’s cold.

Words: 6215, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Read Here:

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by nectartaegi  (13k, complete, 1/1, M)

tags: ❗ robots & androids au // future fic // android jungkook // namjoon is a sweetheart // depression // anxiety disorder // namgi are best friends // grief/mourning // recovery // epidemics // depictions of death // implied/referenced character death (but minor characters) // fluff // domestic fluff // heavy angst // emotional hurt/comfort // therapy // suicide attempt // temporary character death // angst with a happy ending // eventual happy ending // mild sexual content // morality // philosophical talks // romance  ❗


When half of the world dies, Namjoon forgets what it is like to live.

Android JK-0901 helps him learn how to, again.


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The first thing they set up in their new house was their internet. They had done that before switching over the utilities and David had left the apartment first with Patrick’s sedan filled to the brim with miscellaneous items that only fit in strange boxes.

He waited outside the house, leaning back on the hood of the car, for Patrick to arrive with the u-haul. Stevie followed quickly after in her car and waited outside until they had taken their first lap in their new home and had wiped away the happy tears.

David set up their Echo’s as Stevie and Patrick brought in boxes and pieces of furniture. He had ordered enough to fill their house with music and put on his Divas playlist from Spotify to motivate them to move faster. He stopped Patrick at the back of the u-haul to press a kiss to his lips before he picked up a box and followed Stevie in.

Stevie called the kitchen and began to unpack the boxes, leaving the items on the counters so David could direct which cabinets they went in.

Patrick was unpacking the bedroom and David was moving stuff around the living room, trying to see what fit in the space and what needed to be replaced.

A familiar synth beat made his head perk up and as if the song was a magnet pulling them together, David made his way to the stairs and ran up them, just in time for him to see Patrick shimmying across the landing.

“I call you when I need you and my hearts on fire!” Patrick sang loudly had he wrapped his arms around David’s waist and pulled him in close before he let him go, grabbed his hands and lifted them in the air, his hips swaying as the song progressed and he sang loudly.

They danced on their new landing like two idiots in love, bodies moving as if no one was there. Stevie came up with a question across her face, but at the sight of them she dancing, she shook her head and moved to go back down the stairs and leave them alone, but David grabbed her hand and she laughed as she danced with them.

The song ended and they all stood in a circle, panting and sweaty from the exertion.

Until ‘Genie In A Bottle’ came on and they danced again.

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                       A stranger’s eyes that somehow look familiar,
                I know that when it’s you, I’ll remember.  So wait for me.

Jon Snow is dreaming.

Dreaming of a maiden with ivory skin and fire kissed hair; with eyes so blue they could rival that of any sea, of any sky. 

So why is it when he meets Alayne Stone, the dark haired and beautiful bastard daughter of Petyr Baelish, he’s instantly captivated? It’s as if he’s meeting someone he’s known all his life and Jon can’t help but to fall in love.

But the dreams…. The dreams do not stop. 

The maiden in his dreams continues to call out to him, her voice like honey, so soft and smooth. Despite his ever growing feelings for Alayne, he can’t forget the other. 

When Alayne’s true identity is revealed, everything in Jon’s life changes and suddenly, he is thrust into a world where the only thing that matters to him is her. He will go to any length to ensure the safety of the one he loves.

I’ll protect you, I promise. 

read on ao3

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and i’ll follow you forever (1550 words) by buckymyson
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Scott McCall/Malia Tate, Minor or Background Relationship(s)
Characters: Scott McCall (Teen Wolf), Malia Tate, Derek Hale
Additional Tags: Future Fic, Canon Compliant, For the most part, Fluff, Marriage Proposal, Weddings, general scalia cuteness basically, some implied smut i guess, Don’t copy to another site
Summary:In which Malia finally gets her trip to Paris, Scott is in love, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Or: Scott McCall is a total sap and knows it.

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Listen to this Jaime: “Medical intern AU “ just let that sink in. Hug it, kiss it, love it. This is sorta my daily little push to get your beautiful mind into that spark of creativity (even tho I don’t think you need it. Your mind is a national and international treasure) Girl, I’m sending you a big hug a tons of kisses. *goes away but whispers Medical Au while doing so*

😂😂😂 You are killing me right now. I love you. And maybe this thought will weasel its way into my brain and I’ll have to write it 😊❤️.

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Hi Jaime! Oh my I couldn't stop reading HE and Tempo in the past 2 weeks and literally just devoured your new Spark to Flame fic! You have such a gift with words and story telling, it's incredible! Do you have any new fics in the works, maybe even another little one shot? Hehe no rush of course, I shall try to wait as patiently as possible!!

Ohhhhh this is lovely to hear ❤️. I have a few fic ideas but at the moment I’m taking time to read instead of write. I need to give my brain a break so it’ll be twitching to write again. But I’ve discussed some stuff under my ‘future fic’ tag! I think it will probably be a multi-chapter that comes next. I just like those ones more because I can really get into the story and the characters! ☺️❤️❤️❤️

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Rating: Teen and Up

Summary: At twenty-two-years-old, Marinette and Adrien’s lives are going well, especially now that the—as Adrien likes to put it—cat is out of the bag. Despite the occasional akuma attack and over-powered super villain, they wouldn’t trade anything for what they have.

But when an akuma jumps forward in time and pulls their younger-selves along with her, the couple soon have their hands full trying to prevent the Ladybug and Chat Noir of the past from learning anything that might completely destroy their happy future. As with any situation involving their secret identities, Adrien and Marinette have things completely under—wait. Scratch that. It is NOT going well.

Words: 19841, Chapters: 6/?, Language: English

Start From Ch 1 on AO3

Chapter 6: “…beautiful morning at ten degrees celsius with a high of sixteen today…”

Alya didn’t pay much mind to the weather report, simply having it on for the background noise since she was the only one currently awake. She wasn’t surprised, as Marinette had always slept in when they were kids, especially on weekends.

As far as Nino went though, he had decided on a lazy morning because he had a DJ gig that night. She’d woken him up only long enough to let him know she was using the kitchen, so he popped on a set of headphones and pulled a pillow over his face to get more shut-eye.

As it was a quiet Saturday morning, neither of them had anywhere they needed to be anyway. No, Alya’s current need and attention was tuned to the instant coffee maker in front of her as it heated up the water. The smell of chocolate in the kitchen was strong, even though the pastries on the counter behind her were already a day old. Trixx sat beside the box, polishing off her second croissant.

The coffee maker dinged, and Alya popped in the instant packet while simultaneously setting her mug beneath the spout.

In that moment, the small speaker sitting near the wall lit up as the news for the day faded out. A convincingly human-like voice then chimed, “Incoming call from Adrien Dupain-Cheng.”

Keep reading on AO3

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