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icewindandboringhorror · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes you just have to make yourself look vaguely silly in bad indoor lighting at 3am lol.. that’s how it is in this bintch of a world 
#self#i almost threw this into my draft i have of all the photos i've never posted but it just barely skates the line as okay#enough to use#kind of like how a long time ago i made a post with a few ''failed'' sculptures i had made just to show what that's like#and the sort of things i end up throwing out. i also have a draft with like 6 or 7 things currently in it that are just costumes i#did that i ended up hating too much to post on their own  and etc. but i dont have enough gathered to really post it yet#also it is... all stuff i hate lmao so I'm always going to be weird about posting it lol#at the same time though i hate effort going to waste so even when i make something bad i always feel the need to still do SOMETHING with it#or salvage it somehow even if that is just throwing it into a post with a bunch of other bad things and going 'lmao look at this shit'#ANYWAY .. i almost dislike this one that much but.. meh#LIKE USUAL it's not that i actually dislike it but that it looks entirely different in person than on camera and that ends up frustrating me#in person the purple velvet thing im wearing matches the purple of the leaves and on the tassels WAY more obviously#and the green tint of the feathers also kind of goes with the green on the leaves#in photos it's just all dark and ends up making the tassels and leaves on the head totally random and out of place since they#no longer seem to be compatible with anything else in the outfit even though like.. in person... they do#but anyway there's my complaints i feel i have to voice to ease my lingering annoyance lmao#which maybe i seem overly negative but that's just the Natural Process. especially in the summer. I'm not genuinely disheartened or upset#about anything it's just when it gets to the Everything Is Hot And I'm Tired All The Time And Always Have A Headache time of year#i tend to be both less motivated to spend effort on things and also more critical of thinsg i do because i can tell i didnt spend enough#effort on them lmao . in cooler times of year i can actually function as a human without heat induced issues lol#like in a sims game how you can have lingering moodlets or whatever#the second it becomes summer i have a persistent -10 mood notification in my emotion queue that will last until it becomes cold again bhbhb#which fortunately i guess due to development/metal illness stuff i dont' actually have very much of an emotional range and aside from#anxiety or tiredness or physical pain i never have genuine lows (or highs) and stay pretty much at a neutral/neutral positive alignment#constantly so I'm fortunate to be incredibly stable mood-wise and not actually have really huge negative feelings during the summer or#something or etc. but i do still have the ... very minuscule reduction in patience particularly when it comes to creative stuff lol
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leverage-ot3 · 9 days ago
the leverage ot3 energy (specifically with eliot) is like
“don’t go where I can’t follow”
but then they’re like, let’s go steal the underworld or some shit like that
because they won’t let even death keep them apart
they will con, thieve, and steal their way out of death to see each other again
because at the end of the day, they will go to the ends of the earth to save each other, to protect each other, to love each other for the rest of their existences
they will stare death in the eye and say not today, not ever
you can’t take them (away from me)
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worstloki · 5 months ago
Scott: What’s going on here?
Cassie, Loki, Kamala, Kang, Billy, Tommy, Peter, Kate, Shuri, Riri,: young avenger rebellion.
Scott: Oh, heck yeah! stick it to the old people!
Stephen Strange, the Old Person™ in question, very tired: No! Do NOT!! Do NOT stick it to the old people!!! Go back!!!! Ctrl alt delete RIGHT NOW!!!!!
#stephen is gonna have his hands so full y'all#if kid loki shows up and so does endgame loki he's going to have TWO loki's to deal with and that guy is two handfuls on his own#and that's without whatever mess ends up happening with poor billy and tommy#peter's identity was released!! udebwsjhsuygbfsd stephen might have to go remove that secret identity memory from everyone along the way#Kamala is showing up in a show and THAT's going to go well I'm sure - speaking of which KANG is showing up in Ant-Man 3 sooooo Cassie? UwU#lmao i forgot the hawkeye show was going to be happening for a moment there but!! KATE!!!!!#Shuri gonna take over as Black Panther? Shuri gonna work part-time super-hero-ing? UwU#Riri was going to show up as Ironheart along the way right?#Surely Stephen is going to be needed there too#I can't wait for Stephen to be the adult supervision equivalent here#and then Loki just throws a pie at his face allowing all the kids to skeet#not the kid loki. the adult loki threw the pie. and then smiles innocently about it.#okay new AU guys where Tony adopts all the kids and Stephen keeps getting called in to 'handle things' or 'help handle things'#and every time he shows up he just knows he should've been called in DAYS ago because everything is SUCH a MESS#OH!#also with Wandavision and the Loki show hints at Mephisto I'm hoping the whole ''kids are so hard to control'' thing leads to Young Avengers#OH WAIT hulkling might still show up if Captain Marvel is going to be messing with Skrulls again!!#we got ourselves a full team#👀👀👀#wandavision#wandavision show#wandavision spoilers
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besanii · a year ago
#50 for the meet-cute prompts, please!
#50 Getting paired up on an amusement park that requires even numbered riders.
Wei Wuxian bounces on the balls of his feet, practically vibrating out of his skin with excitement as he waits for Jiang Cheng to catch up. This is it. This is everything he’s ever wanted since he was a tiny little child who had just discovered the thrill of rollercoasters. A lifelong dream about to be fulfilled. He looks up at the attraction sign and sighs blissfully.
“Only you would swoon like a lovesick teenager at the idea of a near-death experience,” Jiang Cheng grumbles, stomping up to him with a scowl.
“Don’t be a wet blanket, Jiang Cheng,” Wei Wuxian sing-songs. He does a pirouette on the spot for good measure, just to see Jiang Cheng groan. “It’s Space Mountain! Space Mountain! Do you know how long I’ve been wanting to try this one out?”
Jiang Cheng glares. “Not long enough, clearly.”
“Looking a little green around the gills there, lil bro.” Wei Wuxian nudges him with an elbow. “Did Pooh’s Hunny Hunt take you out?”
“Fuck off,” Jiang Cheng says, slapping him away. “Why do they have to fling you around in circles anyway? What happened to predictable trajectories and acceptable cruising speeds?”
He does look a little green. And crabbier than usual. Wei Wuxian decides to take pity on him for once.
“We can take a break,” he says. “I think Shijie says she and A-Ling are at the pizza place nearby. Let’s go get you a drink. Space Mountain can wait.”
Jiang Cheng narrows his eyes.
“Why are you being nice?” he asks suspiciously. “Did all those rides unhinge your brain?”
Wei Wuxian could slap him out of spite and indignation, even if he was sick. But he doesn’t, because he is nice. He’s willing to sacrifice Space Mountain for him! How could Jiang Cheng question his sincerity? 
“I don’t trust you,” Jiang Cheng says flatly, before he can even open his mouth to retort. “I’m gonna go find A-jie. You go on the stupid Space Rocket or whatever by yourself.”
“It’s SPACE MOUNTAIN,” Wei Wuxian yells as he stomps off again. Jiang Cheng makes a rude gesture over his shoulder.
Whatever. He’s not going to let Jiang Cheng ruin his childhood dreams. He hands over his fast pass to the attendant with a huge grin and practically skips up the the escalator.
He hums to himself as he walks through the winding corridors that lead to the ride, taking in the campy effects and fixtures with unbridled delight. He’s so focused on taking in everything in the room that he doesn’t realise he’s reached the boarding area, and runs head-first into the person in front of him.
“Oh, shit, sorry!” he exclaims, rubbing his forehead. 
“Watch where you’re going,” the person says. “And do not curse. There are children around.”
Whatever retort Wei Wuxian has in mind flies away when he looks up and sees an actual god standing in front of him. That is, if god were a tall, broad-shouldered, porcelain statue of a man who stares down at him with a disapproving frown. actually quite likely and completely beside the point. He offers a sheepish grin instead.
“Sorry, got too excited,” he says. The man raises an eyebrow. “What? I’ve been wanting to go on this ride for years. Since I was a kid actually. I’m allowed to be excited.”
“My apologies,” the man says, a hint of surprise in his voice even though his face barely twitches. “I did not mean to be rude.”
“All good, all good, don’t need to be so serious about it,”Wei Wuxian laughs. They obediently line up at their directed gate. “I’m Wei Ying, Wei Wuxian by the way. You can call me Wei Ying. Are you here by yourself? No offence, but you don’t really look the type to go on rollercoasters a whole lot.”
“Lan Zhan, Lan Wangji,” his companion responds, completely unfazed by Wei Wuxian’s barrage of questions. “I’m here with my brother and his family. The attraction requires even numbers, so I offered to wait for the next carriage.”
“Oh cool! I’m here with my brother and sister and her family, but my nephew is too young to go on most of the rides, and my brother gets motion sick.” The empty carriage pulls up and Wei Wuxian clambers in after Lan Wangji when the gates open. “He promised to go on at least one rollercoaster with me, but he looked like he was actually gonna be sick, so he’s resting now. Do you get motion sick, Lan Wangji?”
The attendant gives them the safety briefing and locks the handlebars in place.
“I don’t know,” Lan Wangji says. “I’ve never been on a rollercoaster before.”
The carriage starts rumbling forward. Wei Wuxian whoops excitedly and turns to Lan Wangji with a giddy laugh.
“Well, we’re about to find out!”
(He does get motion sick, as it turns out. And is disgustingly handsome even with jelly legs. Wei Wuxian falls just a little bit in love.)
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edda-grenade · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“No offense, but…“ Saar’s gaze darts down from his face to the ratty edge of his crop top, his sweat pants, all the way to his paint-smudged bare feet. Her mouth curves into a smile that’s halfway to a smirk but somehow still manages to radiate fond amusement. “Why would you need my help to piss off your family?“
She gestures at his, for lack of a better term, outfit.
“This seems like more than enough to give any above-us-mere-mortals Evanuris an aneurysm.“
Solas swallows. “I… may need back-up more than aid.“
i was digging through my da art and found sketches for an au i’d completely forgotten about and hoooooooO BOY
feelings about it, i have them
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spideyandstark · 3 years ago
Hey! I love your writing! If you wanted to, could you write something about how maybe when peter is out in patrol, his suit malfunctions and tony freaks out?
Thanks so much! Here you go :) Sorry it turned into like an entire fic lmao, I’ll throw it up on my AO3 as well
There are a lot of people in Queens.
Peter, of all people, is mind-numbingly aware of this. He hears them on the bus to school, breathing loudly, the overlapping smells of strong cologne and food and body odour almost overpowering his gag reflexes. Usually, he walks. It’s still painfully loud, with the screeches of taxi wheels - that horrible tug of rubber against concrete - and the shouts of angry, angry, angry people, but it’s less crowded, he guesses, and it’s nice when MJ walks with him (though he’d never admit it to her, her soft smirk of ‘later, loser,’ at the front gate is always the highlight of his day). 
So it’s always a shuddering relief when he pulls his mask on and Karen blocks out the bustling of the city. It’s a warm summer evening and the orange-and-rose-tinted dusk light is just about filtering between the skyscrapers. Peter’s perched on the corner of one such building, his eyes wide and bright beneath the crimson fabric. 
“Hey Karen,” Peter breathes, a smile just about tugging at the edges of his lips. “What’ve we got today?”
“Good evening, Peter. I’m picking up on an armed robbery. I’ll send you the co-ordinates.”
“Thanks!” He can barely conceal the excitement building up in his chest. Sure, it’s small-scale, but he’s realised it’s better than bringing down a cargo plane. Peter leaps off the roof and rears his wrist back to aim a fine stream of webbing at the adjacent building, soaring over the multitudes of people below, and finally dropping in front of the crime scene amidst a swarm of civilians rushing in the opposite direction. 
Peter enters the shop. It’s not particularly big, but large enough that there are customers on their way out, and Peter moves in front of them to shield their escape. He glances at the counter, where a man is pointing a gun at a cashier while she frantically pulls money from the register to give to him.
Peter clears his throat in such a dramatic manner that it’s almost comical. The man glares at him, and a partner appears from one of the aisles, aiming another gun at Peter’s head. 
“Whoa, guys,” he says. “Uh, isn’t it wrong to take things that aren’t yours?”
The man at the desk pushes the gun directly next to the worker’s head, and she releases a choked sob. Peter raises his hands instinctively, his eyes wide. 
“Hey, hey, hey, we don’t have to hurt anyone! OK, look, just, uh, just take the money, I’ll stay here.”
Peter offers an encouraging nod, and one gun goes down but the other stays trained on him. 
The lady finishes and hands over the rest of the money and they’re not interested in her anymore. Peter nods to her and she ducks down under the counter. The first guy raises his gun again, so this time two of them are aimed at Peter. 
“Karen?” he mumbles. “What are my chances of getting out of this?”
His AI, for the first time, does not answer his question. The ominous silence makes Peter’s skin crawl. Is he going to die? Is Spider-Man, the guy who fought the Avengers, going to meet his end in this too-clean, too-bright aisle of a supermarket during his summer break? 
“Karen come on!” Peter’s panic is poorly masked, and the young men’s gazes flicker up to the eyes on his suit, and realise they’ve been reduced to tiny, bright red pinpricks amidst a sea of emotionless black.
A gunshot fires through the room, and Peter instinctively moves, and rushes forward to snatch the gun away. But as he reaches out there’s a weird weakness in his arm and all of a sudden the suit’s overtaken it somehow, and he’s aiming a powerful punch to the guy’s head. With his strength, he could-
“Karen stop! D-Deactivate instant kill!”
Peter barely overpowers the force in his suit, but he manages to drag his arm back just before he hits the guy. The other one has run away with the money, and Peter tries to hold himself still so this enemy can escape too. Peter scans his build and mannerisms so that he can find him later. 
He’s positively vibrating in the suit, trying to suppress its want to kill. Peter gazes around in a panicked haze, spots the door and webs himself out, doing his best to avoid people on the streets. Peter runs and runs and runs, and he doesn’t stop until there’s no one he can hurt.
Tony Stark receives the bleep from his lab. He’s holding a screwdriver between his teeth and his eyes are narrowed as he tinkers with the Iron Spider suit and his hair is completely tousled from constantly tugging his fingers through it. There are bruise-like shadows beneath his eyes and an empty mug on his desk rimmed with coffee. 
“Boss, Peter Parker has left Queens.”
Tony’s sleepless-hazed brain takes several extra seconds to chew on that, but eventually he averts his gaze to the ceiling, his head cocked at FRIDAY’s words. “He’s - what? Is he coming here then?”
“Wow. Elaborate?” Tony waves his hand in a dismissive gesture, pushing himself away from his desk and wandering over to his tablet.
“He’s heading along the Hudson River, towards the sea.”
Tony bites his lip. Peter hasn’t been particularly fond of swimming since the parachute incident. 
“And he’s in the Spider-Man suit?”
“I wouldn’t be able to track him otherwise.”
“Shut up.” Tony rubs his face. “’M tired.”
“Then I would advise sleep.”
“Helpful,” murmurs Tony with the semblance of a smirk. “But unfortunately, impossible, thanks to this kid.”
“Glad I could be of service,” says FRIDAY.
Tony pulls up Peter’s location on the screen and narrows his eyes as he continues down alongside the river at a rapid pace. He seems to be staying as high above the ground as possible.
His mind an anxious, sleep-deprived mess, his armour closing around his small frame, Tony steps into the light of the setting sun, takes off, and mutters: “Alright, FRIDAY, let’s find out where the fuck this kid is going.”
Tony lands by a surprisingly quiet patch of concrete that pans outwards from the city, and finds Peter facing the opposite direction, talking to himself- no, to Karen.
“Kid?” Tony allows his armour to slip away. “You okay?”
“M-M-Mr. Stark!” Peter whips around, and Tony frowns at the ominous pricks of red at his eyes. “O-Oh my g-god, get away from me, get away-”
“Kid! What’s up?” The armour stays open behind Tony. The man takes a tentative step forward. “You’re -”
Peter lunges towards him and Tony’s eyes widen as he sidesteps to dodge the punch. He glances at Peter in surprise, and the suit is wracking with gentle sobs. 
“Peter - I’m gonna go back in the suit, okay -”
“P-Please,” Peter cries, trying to direct himself away as Tony steps back into his armour, the faceplate forming around his worried expression.
“Can you not deactivate Instant Kill? I’ll override it, alright? Just hold on,” murmurs Tony. At his words, FRIDAY drags up a screen in front of his eyes. But Tony frowns. “Wait a sec, Pete, can you not control your movements at all? Instant Kill isn’t supposed to-”
Suddenly Tony’s suit opens again and powers down. He stumbles out of it and glares at the armour in shock, a million theories running through his mind, ‘broken’ not being one of them. As he gazes back at Peter, who is trembling violently as he struggles to hold himself in place, he realises that they’ve been hacked.
“Pete,” Tony spins around on his heel and claps his hands together, focusing on the matter at hand. “We’ve been hacked, you understand? I’m gonna bring it up on my phone and override our suits, you’ve just gotta hold on until I can-”
“Mr. Stark, I can’t - I can’t - I’m so sorry-”
Peter rushes forward again, hands clenched into tight fists, his eyes squeezed shut beneath his mask. He’s tried taking it off but something’s keeping it in place.
Tony tries to focus on his phone but ducks to dodge Peter’s first punch; the second just about gets him, striking his shoulder powerfully - Peter whimpers loudly at the contact, and murmurs another “I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” his arm jerking violently as he tries to rear it back.
Tony does his utmost to hide his wince, his ever-suave features contorting just slightly for the briefest of moments; then he’s back on the app, sporting a probably-dislocated shoulder and trying to dodge a sobbing mess of a spider-enhanced kid.
"I’m s-so s-”
“I don’t wanna hear it,” murmurs Tony, sidestepping this time to avoid a kick.
“F-Fight me back, Tony,” Peter cries. “I’ll hurt y-”
“Again,” says Tony, clenching his teeth as Peter hits him a couple more times in the ribs, and desperately coding into the device, “I don’t wanna hear it, Pete.”
So Peter’s sobbing and trying to hold himself back. At one point Tony ducks behind his open suit, just for a few moments of peace so he can finish overriding the system, but then Peter kicks it aside and it crumples sadly on the ground and Peter releases another pained cry - he’s always looked up to Iron Man - that makes Tony’s heart scream. Peter tries to claw at his mask but it’s stuck, still; and with the armour out of the way, his suit forces him towards Tony again, his web shooter combinations switching ominously to one unbeknownst to Peter, like the worst rendition of Russian roulette.
“T-Tony, I don’t know what-”
The web lands on Tony’s phone and Peter yanks it away. Then he throws a web grenade. 
“Shit!” Tony rears to the side, just about avoiding the bulk of the onslaught of webbing, but it catches the back of his leg and keeps him standing in place. Trapped. A human punching bag.
Peter sways slightly but the suit keeps him upright. Tony gazes at him imploringly.
“Peter. You can do it, kid. I just need the phone. I just need to put in one more number. Can you pass it over?”
And Peter gazes at him. Peter gazes at his broken mentor - ribs arm shoulder leg head heart - and the tears keep on spilling. It’s all blurry, but the phone’s in his hand, and his suit is trying desperately to crush it. 
Peter tries to pry his fingers apart, clenching his teeth at the squeezing tension on his body, just like Tony had when he’d broken him. Tony is strong and he needs him to be strong too. 
“What number?” Peter gasps.
His legs force him closer to Tony. Peter staggers to pull them back, but he’s approaching, his free arm raised in a fist, maybe ready to give Tony’s black eye a twin. 
(Or maybe ready to deliver the killing blow. It’s Instant Kill Mode, after all.)
His fingers are still half-clenched around the phone. He’s trying so hard to focus his energy on it. He supposes it makes sense that the suit is built to counteract super-human forces.
He’s way too close now. Tony is looking up at him. His features curl upward to form something of a smirk.
“That’s okay, kid. It’s not your fault. I’m proud of you, Pete. You saved so many people.”
Peter is still crying. The fist is closed above Tony’s head. He’ll snap his neck back.
He wants to say something. Maybe sorry or maybe that he’s become a sort of father figure, but Peter can’t say that because it’ll be too painful when he’s gone. So he says nothing, he keeps his hand trained on Tony’s head, and for one heart-dropping, fleeting moment, Tony’s eyes slip closed in acceptance.
Then Peter’s finger hits the button.
Tony opens his eyes. Peter’s entire body has relaxed, and he’s holding the phone in a shaking hand, and with the other he rips his mask off and his eyes are glazed and exhausted and his face is pale and there are tear tracks down his cheeks. Tony’s arms open instinctively and Peter stumbles into them, his legs buckling as they both sink to the floor.
Tony pulls his fingers through Peter’s curled locks, brushing them from the thin sheen of sweat on the boy’s forehead. “You’re okay, kid.” 
“But you -”
Tony cuts him off before he can get the words out. “No, it’s not your fault. Got it? I need to fix your suit.”
Peter sniffs and briefly pulls away from Tony to grab his rucksack. He rummages through it and pulls out the keys to his apartment and tosses them across to Tony, who smiles and starts cutting through the webbing on his leg.
When he’s freed himself, he stands up and brushes himself down. Peter is sitting cross-legged on the floor, his face in his hands. He doesn’t look at Tony, whose movements are slow and painful, as much as the older man tries to hide it.
“Kid,” says Tony softly. He’s extended his arm to Peter, who lowers his hands to his lap and glares up at Tony tearfully. Tony retracts his hand and runs it through his hair. 
“Don’t blame yourself,” says Tony, half-joking. “Or you’re grounded.”
“What? That makes -”“- no sense. Just like you blaming yourself for someone else hacking your suit. So come on, Pete, I want ice cream.” Tony folds his arms across his chest and glares down at Peter defiantly.
Peter half-smiles. “What flavour ice cream?”
“Maybe if you get off your ass, I’ll let you choose.”
That gets Peter up. 
It’s the same routine. Tony steps back into the armour, which is working again, and Peter steps on the suit’s feet and they both head back to the Compound. When they get there, Tony doesn’t tend to his injuries. He disappears and returns to the living room with a blanket and a Star Wars movie and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s (”Stark Ravin’ Hazelnuts?” Peter laughs) and forces the kid onto the couch. 
“Mr. Stark, are you -”
“Minor injuries.” Tony waves a hand dismissively. “FRIDAY says it’s fine if I wait a bit. We’re sorting you out first.” 
“But -”
“Put on the movie, I can’t work the DVD player,” murmurs Tony, sinking back into the cushions.
Peter smirks, certain that’s a lie, but he quickly bounds forward and slips the movie in. He returns to the couch and Tony pulls an arm round him. 
Peter manages to watch a good portion of it; Star Wars is his favourite movie, after all, but there’s a tugging fatigue at his eyelids and after an hour or so he can’t seem to fight the weight of them anymore. His eyes close to the hum of the TV and to Tony’s absent fingers tracing patterns in his hair and to a warm burst of affection in his chest.
When Peter wakes up, Tony isn’t beside him. His head is propped against a pillow instead of the man’s chest, and Peter realises with a jolt that he’s probably caused more damage to Tony’s broken ribs. He leaps to his feet, discarding the blanket and glancing at the TV for an indication of time, but the credits are rolling on a loop.
“Mr. Stark?” Peter calls. He wanders into the lab, where Tony always is, and finds the man passed out at his desk among his tablet and an improved Spider-Man suit. There’s a messily-made bandage on his arm, which helps ease Peter’s conscience somewhat, because at least he’s tried to take care of himself. 
Peter traces the suit and the eyes briefly light up with a soft, “Good morning, Peter. Would you like to test the new anti-hacking protocol?”
There’s a hacker out there he needs to catch and young men who got away with robbing a bank, but Peter’s got Tony, and that thought alone is enough for the corners of his mouth to twitch upwards into a smile. 
When Tony wakes up, there’s an inexplicable blanket draped across his shoulders, and a note on his desk in joyfully scrawled font: Thanks, Mr. Stark! 
Tony smiles. 
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fan-arter · 8 months ago
do you ever just... say you don’t ship something and three hours later you draw a series of doodles of that ship because you’re weak and you project and you’re a pathetic puppet of a man
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suga-kookiemonster · a year ago
hobi verses that’ll take you straight to twerk city:
2nd grade
look here
ma city
cypher 3
cypher 4
mic drop
fake love
home, BITCH!!!!! 😭💦
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microfroggo · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
@daisugaweek2020 , day 1 : STRANGERS / Roommates
This one’s for all the lads I used to see daily on the train, and whom I’d only ever speak a word to when it was late, but still perfectly recognised as if we were the bestest friends. 
Maybe (definitely) these two will be less of a coward than I am and start an actual conversation and become train ride buddies, and then all the time buddies (and then they kiss).
#daisugaweek2020#daisuga#cuz i keep thinkin bout that post about like what was it half strangers whatev bout ppl u see routinely but dont kno#but u start building care over just cause u recognise em n share a bit of routine with whatev#n i can relate cuz my fellow train takers u_u#im back taking the train but all of em dissapeared n im so sad i was so waiting to see em again from afar since like the middle of#the 6months long quarantine#only ones left are the ones who were my teachers last year shffhshjfs wild shit rly#also fyi the ppl at the back are indeed those ppl id see daily. bc Shoutout to them for existing#esp the gal with the puffy jacket who was so pretty#anyway they get to live my life. they take the same train#everyday back n forth n keep seeing each other n just glancing#cuz they be cute n noticing that they cute ya kno#they dont even climb down the train at the same spot on the way to work but they always 'somehow' end up in the same wagon n just 👀#anyway ill let u Thinke Aboute It#i must say i love dressing those hoes its like 'aight daichi gets well fitted practical Handsome Dream Boat fits. lookin well put together.'#and then i just make suga dress like a mess#tbh imma be real i just throw him in the sorta clothes i wear#suga just got that energy that makes it easy to project on lmao i see him i go 'aight me'#got those photo/film student in the middle of a phat rush who's runnin arund all day but still got that Gotta Express Meself fits ya kno#so like put normal ppl clothes make em too big so its Comfy n then make it gayer. make a bowl of skittles throw up on him.#anyway anyway best part of this drawing is the 'PUSSY' graffiti on the left wall.
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the-faultofdaedalus · 22 days ago
except Steve wouldn't fall on his ass bc he's a gymnast, what he'd so (in the 5th) is drop the shield and land in on his hands as if he were going to do a back flip
i mean fair enough but like,,,,,,,,, is it too much for me to want to see action heros just absolutely fuckin beef it
#also like. listen. listen. listen. i wanna know what the timeline of mcu steve specifically was re: combat training#like. he did basic. we saw that.#and then he got juiced and did the shows and then he just fuckin left#and then it's x-ammount of time later and he gets freezerpopped#so like. when did he properly learn martial arts and shit. was it then???#also like im not arguing but like. ok in the 5th gif i can kinda see that#but specifically the aou one where he just. kicks the shield through the ultron chest#and goes full flat plank in the air#LISTEN this may just me not knowing shit about shit but like. i feel like the physics side of things does not work lmao#like. i see him landing on his back and then doing the like. jump thing back to his feet#but i dont see him not landing on his back#also i just think it's funny if like. hes just. entirely self-taught?#like he got beefed and did his rescue mission and then everyone just like assumed he knew wtf he was doing#when he absolutely does not#so hes just winging it and making up his own moves and tactics and shit#and it WORKS because he's smart and fast and strong enough to do that shit#so what you get is someone who technically? is just like. a whole mess#but like. practically? in a fight? is damn near unbeatable#because hes just fuckin. hes just fuckin going for it with his own mesh of moves#also like: mcu steve never fuckin throws backhand#ive seen gifs of sam doing it!#but! steve ALWAYS throws the shield like its a discus#never a proper frisbee backhand#even when a backhand would concerve momentum WAY better#(like that one aou jump-catch-throw moment#he has to reverse ALL the momentum the shield previously had#and thats just so ineffecient. and it's because he only throws forehand.#and never backhand)#my pet theory is that since frisbees didnt exist yet neither did the backhand throw for them#so like. the only way disk-like things were being thrown was. like a discus. which is forhand.
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