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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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Shinzawa Nao
ENTAME 02.2021

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Just When I Was Out They Drag Me Back In ! The Real GR 1979 #GR #BMTLines #INDLines #Graffiti #GraffitiArt #GraphicDesigns #Brooklyn #NewYork

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hey real quick! i havent read the JJK manga! please keep your asks spoiler free ):

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gotta stop by walgreens on my way home bc my mom got sick (tummy bug not covid!) and it’s taking everything in my little puppy self to not buy a squishmallow >:(

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Has much as I Love Graffiti With a Pencil And Black Book I’m Sliding It On The Ps6 ShoutOut To The Ones That Open Up Graffiti Taki 183 DONDl DURO Zephyr LEE IN TOTOP OE.3 P13 KELL Futura REVOLT LADY PINK PG.3 UN Crews TPA CW C.I.A NYB TNS TBP TMD CBS RTW

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I Don’t Love Flowin’ Wit My Goverment Name #GR79 #BMT #TPA #CrazyWriters #Graffiti #GraphicDesigns #GraffitiArt #Art #HastaElMundo1

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Yokono Sumire
B.L.T. 01.2021

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Sato Kaho and Nakamura Izumi
BOMB 02.2021

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Kuranoo Narumi
EX-Taishu 01.2021

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