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cognitosclowns · 15 days ago
thinking about that oblivious reader and Andre ask and maybe once reader does find out, and has given consent to do it, Andre is going rough/fast the first time, just letting out all the pent up feelings that reader gave him. but once round 2 happens, he taking his time and exploring readers body like,, he's finally with them and he doesn't need his hand or imagination anymore,,
The first time is gonna be so fucking sloppy smndsd
HE DOESN'T HAVE GOOD COORDINATION AT THE BEST OF TIMES. He especially doesn't have coordination when his dick is hard enough to hammer nails msdandms.
it's almost definitely gonna be on his office couch. Possibly his place, also on a couch. No matter what, your first time together is gonna be on a very creaky, very soft couch.
Listen he doesn't even care about undressing at first - the first 5-10 minutes are just,, frantic humping <33 this man gets so worked up
he does that Thing where,, he'll make these little frustrated huffs even thought he's getting what he wants?? He's squeezing your sides n thighs n raking his nails down your back like he's trying to Juice you smdnsd but he's still making these Huffs bc,, He Wants More, Even Though He Already Has You?? IDK IF I DESCRIBED THAT RIGHT SMNDMSD
When he pushes in it's just this delicious,, 'fu-uck yes'
Either he's gonna have,, his head resting on your chest, looking into your eyes, or his face is gonna be buried at his neck
NO MATTER WHAT, THIS MF IS GROANING <33 lots of gasping, panting - a few relieved giggles in there, when he feels you clench up <3333
HES SAYING SMTH. GOD FUCKING KNOWS WHAT. You'll catch little things about him,, rambling about how good you feel n how <333 badly he's wanted this?? <33 how much he loves you for giving this to him??? <333
SHOCKINGLY, HE DOESN'T WANNA CUM INSIDE YOU THE FIRST TIME?? he full on Jolt up and pulls out, just so he can see the mess it makes on your thighs n stomach <3333 rrrr
His lips are never off yours <33 he's not Gasping For Breath now smdnsd so he,, doesn't need to keep his mouth away. All clumsy kisses babey <33
He has this,, super Dopey, Blissed-Out grin? Just,, so perfectly relaxed <333 as far as he's concerned, he's just won the fucking lottery <3
This Also Means <333 his mumbles get pretty sappy
it's sometimes hard to understand, cause,,, he's kinda slurring his words together + constantly interrupting himself with moans but <333 mostly ITS SUPER SAPPY SHIT ABOUT HOW HEAD OVER HEELS FOR YOU HE IS <33
he might,, mention smth about how often he used to jack off thinking about you <333 bc of how much you work him up <33
His thrusts are,, vv slow and hard?? Almost lazy <3 he's just,, savoring the warmth <333
His eyes get watery when he cums inside you <33 smth about the rush of warmth up his spine?? The softness of laying on top of you?? GRRRKGKRKGRK
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