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And that’s the halloween costume sorted lol

Went with a little devil look (and was partially inspired by a look from an idol gacha game i play, though the look cant be replicated entirely in ffxiv)

Rip Ifrit easy mode tho, i needed a stage for photos and one swiftcasted Flare at lv80 did him in XDDD This is probably the only thing that’ll make me use black mage for now, just for the caster only pvp horns and gloves, and the staff for the look

The final shot is one of Neneko’s Halloween filters (’Blood’ specifically) cos i remembered seeing them at one point and wanted to test one, and oh my god, its perfect *-* i love it~

The outfit:
Republican Signifer’s Horns
Bunny Chief Bustier - Ruby Red
Republican Signifer’s Fingerless Gloves
Quaintrelle’s Ruffled Skirt - Ruby Red
Quaintrelle’s Dress Shoes - Ruby Red

Weapon is the crafted Ifrit black mage weapon, Inferno Rod

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Despite starting the game and playing through all of msq as a Bard main, I ended up easing off of the class during the big covid forced break between 5.2 and 5.3. I ended up taking up Dancer instead and its kind of my new main, but I still feel a little bad I left my starter behind

So I resolved to go back and try playing Bard again ^^ and I spent all of tonight putting together an outfit for it, because glam is just my thing, I like doing it, plus my reasoning is that if i have an outfit for a class, I’ll be motivated more to actually play it so I can see the outfit

(case in point, last week I unlocked pugilist just cos i made an outfit that felt very monk-like, so then i had to use it lol)

Despite previously liking my bards flashy and pretty, my Dancer is filling that niche a lot more (not that I can’t double up, but…), but also this time, i wanted to try a fresh theme, a bit more forest ranger styled almost

For any interested, the outfit:
YoRHa Type-51 Hood of Aiming - Nophica Green
Bozjan Gilet of Aiming - Nophica Green
Slothskin Gloves of Aiming
Makai Markswoman’s Quartertights
Slothskin Boots of Aiming

(I’m semi tempted to switch to the Bozjan hood and/or gloves instead, but I worked hard to get the nier hood, the damn thing didn’t want to drop, so i’m keeping it for now)

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A Moment to Reflect (Final Fantasy XIV)

  • In-game photo mode (GPose)
  • Shader injection and post-processing (GShade)
  • Memory modification within GPose (to reposition character/camera into a garden you can’t normally reach, just for the shot).

More fun with my flat-color shader.

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Take Aim (Final Fantasy XIV)

  • In-game photo mode.
  • Shader injection/post-processing (GShade)

So I think I finally got my flat-color shader I’ve been writing worked out. Very happy with the result! I’ll even throw in two images of the same pose using the shader, to demonstrate the effect.

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