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Tumblr doesn't want me to post the full drawing ;-;
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Ford Falcon XYGTHO Phase 3
Photo: National Automobile Museum of Tasmania
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Stuck it the rain :( help
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RGG Mer AU: Chapter 2
Reese is a Leviathan, and he will be making this everyone else’s problem.
Summary: Reese and Cade have their proper introductions, and Cade reveals a little too much about his origins. 
Contains: Fear, strong language, and I think that’s it. 
Wordcount: 1.3K
Reese was used to waking up suddenly, and when he jolted awake to the sensation of prey floating around, that’s what he expected. Some kind of tuna or other large fish that he could have for breakfast. 
But instead, he found what at first glance he thought was a human. “What… are you?” 
He blinked and rubbed his many eyes with his free hand and then he realized this little thing was certainly not a human. For one, it was too big, and two, it had a tail! A proper tail! With fins and a dark blue tail and an upper half with pale skin and blond hair. 
With careful movements so he wouldn’t let the little thing wiggle away, Reese scooped it up off the ocean floor. Its fins on the back of its tail were yellow, fading to blue close to his tail, and its large fins on the end of his tail were also yellow and faded to blue. Its belly was lighter and silvery. Its back was darker blue. Its hair was quite long, obscuring its face, floating around so mesmerizingly.
“Oooooh.” Reese couldn’t stop his soft hum at the sight. “Pretty.” 
He had to yawn, and once he was done, the little thing was staring up at him with such big eyes. They were a pretty shade of blue. He’d never seen anything like it in all his years in the trench. Reese brought his free hand to push some of that hair out of its face. It felt so soft as he pushed it back with a claw. 
“Can you talk?” The little thing kept looking away, so he brought his claw under its head to tilt it back. 
The little thing just shook for a few moments before they finally nodded their head, overly cautious about Reese’s claws. 
“You gonna tell me your name?” 
Hesitation, and then they slowly nodded their head. 
“What is it?” 
Reese was starting to think the little thing couldn’t understand him when they finally spoke. “Cade. My name is Cade.”
“Cade.” Reese grinned, and he could almost see Cade turn three shades paler. 
He glanced behind him, just in case something else from the trenches had followed him all the way out here. Nothing. Whatever. Reese wanted to talk to this little guy. It was the first time he had a conversation in…… it felt like forever. 
Those yellow fins were just so eye-catching. Reese couldn’t resist the urge to pinch them between his fingers, they were so thin and light against his fingers. Almost ticklish against his fingertips. They twitched in his grip, and Reese tilted his hand a little to get a better view of his other fins. The one that ran down the length of his tail was also so light against his fingers. The colors were just fantastic. 
But as the water around them got lighter, and a headache started, Reese decided to switch how he saw. He shut his main eyes and opened his other two. They were much better at being in the light than his main, black eyes. 
The upper set of yellow eyes and the lower set of orange eyes easily focused on the little mer, and these new colors were just fantastic. Those wonderful colors on his fins and his hair popped so much more. It was beautiful. As Reese stared, he was able to see the little mer’s face twist into open horror. 
“What?” He glanced around. There were no predators here. 
Cade shook his head, changing his facial expressions. “Nothing. I’ve just… never seen so many beautiful eyes on a mer before.” 
Reese blinked and felt his cheeks warm up. 
“It’s truly a magnificent view.” The little mer’s tail swished in the water. “They sparkle like the most beautiful of gems in this morning light.” 
“Uhm, thanks.” Reese rubbed his cheek with his free hand. “I’m Reese, by the way.” 
“It’s lovely to meet you.” Cade squirmed a bit. “Reese, now that we’ve met each other like civilized folk, could you let me go?”
Reese squinted his eyes a little. “You’re going to swim away if I let you go.” 
“What? No. No, of course I wouldn’t swim away.” Cade chuckled softly. “Why would I swim away?” 
“You’re scared of me.” 
“What? No.” Cade squirmed a little more and Reese tightened his grip slightly so he wouldn’t wiggle free. “I’m not afraid. I’m just… I was startled. I’m not used to merfolk being so large and having so many gorgeous eyes.” 
Reese flicked his tail and moved towards that pocket of cliff nearby. He really didn’t want Cade swimming away from him, but he wasn’t a monster. He would set him down. His tail curled around some more of the ruins and with his free hand, Reese swept one of the splintered ships away so he had a nice flat place to lay down. 
He released Cade near the cliff and settled down. Cade dropped to the sandy bottom like a stone and took a moment to pat himself down. He patted the bag at his side and then let out a deep sigh. 
“So, Cade, tell me a bit about yourself.” 
He looked up, seemingly remembering Reese, and swallowed. “Uhm. What would you like to know about me?” 
“Where are you from? Do you live in the ruins? What’s with the bag? How do you protect yourself since you’re so small?” Reese kept one pair of eyes firmly on the little mer, and let the other one wander, looking for anything that might try to take Cade.
“Uhm.” Cade ran a slender hand through his long hair. “I carry the bag so I have someplace to keep my scavenging. I don’t usually need to defend myself, but I have this when I do.” He pulled a sword out of its sheath that was secured around his waist with braided seagrass. “But, uhm, I would never use it on you though. That would be rude.” 
Reese had to agree with that. It wasn’t large enough to do much. It would sting, but he doubted it could actually hurt him without a lucky swipe across his face. 
“So do you live here?” Reese gestured to the ruins that stretched around the pair. 
“No.” Cade put his sword away and floated back a little more until he was able to take a seat on a rock. “I live on a reef. It’s a few days' travel from here, but it’s a lovely place.”
“A reef?” Reese perked up. “Are there other little people there like you?” 
“Uhm. Yes. There’s a whole town.” 
“A whole town?!” Reese sat up. “You have to show me where. I want to see them.” 
Cade seemed to freeze in place. “I don’t think that will be a good idea.” 
“Why not?” 
“You’re… very large.” Cade softly swallowed. He seemed to be taking a long time to put together words. “The reef is really only able to accommodate smaller merfolk. It won’t be a comfortable fit for you.” 
Reese waved the concern off. “I don’t care about fit. You must show me the reef.” 
“I… Well, alright.” Cade pushed off the rock he had been sitting on. “If it’s alright with you, I would like to go gather my things before I… show you the reef.” 
“Of course!” Reese scooped Cade up in one hand and lifted off the bottom. “Where is your camp?” 
Cade yelped and was curled up in Reese’s palm for a moment before he unfurled. The way his shimmery belly showed itself was just so pretty. He peered over Reese’s fingers and then pointed to one of the buildings with no visible entrances. 
Reese circled the area and pointed to the building. There was wood covering a spot on it. “Is this it?” 
“Yes, if you’ll just-”
Reese ripped the top off the building. Teeny fish scattered before Reese, and he only tried to catch some in his mouth for a moment. Then he dropped Cade into the building. “Get ready. We will leave at once.” 
Cade looked so small sitting in the building. “Al-alright.” He called up. “Is there anything you need to pack to be ready for this trip?” 
“Nope.” Reese let his face hang over the building. “You’re everything I need to pack.” 
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I made a quiz for you to determine which aa borrower would rob you ♥️
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hey fellow enjoyers of borrower angst. please listen to this
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Another Hans "Now Way" Ray nailing it on his GT bike⛄🙌🔥 #gt #gtbikes #snow #ski #hansrey #pioneer #epic #epicgames #awesome #oldskool #mountain #mountainbike https://www.instagram.com/p/CeF4ZouMX8L/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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GT Thought of the Day
Two characters, one big one small [or shifters], that start out incredibly untrusting and anxious of each other's intentions and pasts. But then over time, despite each of their flaws, they show that deep down they are both good people that want to care and trust for someone.
They start showing little bits of this through tiny gestures.
The giant respecting that the tiny has anxieties about being picked up without warning. The Tiny noticing the nervous way the giant looks at them, and how they lower their voice when speaking to avoid scaring them or seeming overpowering. The tiny then, against their better judgement, giving them a gentle touch to their retracted hand for the first time. The tiny falling asleep near the giant for the first time ever, despite their powerful anxiety about being vulnerable. The giant [shifter] expending all their energy in protecting the tiny, and then collapsing, exhausted and shrunken down, trusting the tiny with them in their most powerless state. The tiny going out of their way to hang out with the giant for no reason. The slow disappearance of the tiny's jumps and flinches whenever the giant steps or sits down near them, or when they laugh a little 'too' loudly. They start to laugh along with them.
All the little things add up... and one day when they're sitting side by side, or with one in hand... or perhaps after some life-threatening event where they saved each other and are beaten up, but alive because of the other... they can't imagine why they ever distrusted each other.
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I was bored
Tumblr media
Scrolling and scrolling was about the only thing Ciel had been doing for the past hour or so. It was just one of those perfect days to do nothing and not be productive, something he was content with doing at the moment. He was sitting down on the counter, leaning on one arm while the other mindlessly toyed with his phone.
Though he somehow failed to notice the giant sneaking behind him. Donovan, in his infinite search to quell his boredom found the perfect opportunity on the idle human. Slowly approaching the counter he slipped his head onto the surface and carefully slid his head forward towards the human’s free arm with a mischievous smirk.
Ciel’s shot wide open when his other hand found itself suddenly in Donovan’s mouth, his hand gently pressed in between the giant’s teeth… Donovan had just bit him.
“DONOVAN WHAT THE FUCK?!” He yelped, yanking his hand out and glaring at the giant, only to immensely fluster as Donovan bit his lip back in response. Ciel let out an unintelligible squeal of embarrassment before turning around to hide his red face. 
“Whaaaat?” The giant drawled with a smug smirk, reaching a hand out to scoop up Ciel and bring him up to his face.
“I was bored.”
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