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Just a brief note to let you know we’re still open and trading as normal. Or at least as normally as we can in these difficult times.
We are dealing with a huge amount of bookings at the moment but we’re working hard to make sure that every existing customers garden is visited as quickly as possible 🚛
Fischerco Garden Maintenance Company Aigburth Liverpool 👮🏻‍♂️ 🚓 🚨✅
Enhanced CRB criminal record check certificate is available on request 💷 🚧 ✅
Public liability insurance cover for 1 million pounds ♻️ 🚛 ✅
Environment Agency Registration Number :
No Skips ❌
We will use our wood chipper or our Trucks and take the green waste away for recycling 🚛 🚚 ♻️ ♻️✅
Residential and Commercial Gardeners Liverpool City Liverpool Gardeners
#gardener #garden #gardening #gardeningcompany #fischerco #tree #fallentree #fallentrees #fischercogardening #fischercouk #fischercogroup #fischercogarden #grass #land #trees #groundsmaintenance #treework #commercialrealestate #clearance (at Liverpool One City Centre)

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The Ajuga I planted last year is starting to develop flower spikes, I’m looking forward to some lovely indigo-colored blooms. I think it was originally Black Scallop cultivar, the leaves changed once it went feral. Not unlike a razorback pig.

I knew I would be playing the long game when I originally put it down, but I had no idea it would end up being a secret weapon in these trying times. An aesthetically-pleasing Spring flower that propagates like a weed. With any luck I can keep myself occupied until tomato season

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Acorn Magic 🌳🐿🍃

  • Place acorns on your altar space to promote wisdom and invite prosperity, luck, and good fortune.
  • Between Midsummer and throughout Autumn, wear a dried acorn around your neck as a pendant to bring good luck and protection.
  • If you gather acorns under a full moon it is said they’ll attract fairies, which will bring blessings to your home and garden.
  • Place acorns in your windowsill during Midsummer to help ward off lightning.
  • Acorns are a major symbol during Mabon and Midsummer, as well as oak trees.
  • A bonfire made of oak on the night of Midsummer’s Eve is said to please the Green Man, and the ashes can then be spread in your garden to ensure a good harvest and bless your crops.
  • Pour wax into the caps of the acorns and stick in a little wick to make floating acorn cap candles.

Originally posted by thefoxandspice

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I take two photos of most things. One with flash and one without. With flash is usually sharper and you catch cool details like all those spider webs on those rose buds but the flash tends to burn out colors: 


Same rose without flash. The image isn’t as crisp but the colors are better. One of these days I’ll break down and buy a new camera: 


This Knockout rose at the southwestern corner of our house is a beast that reaches the roof line and, unlike most Knockouts, has a faint scent: 


A dianthus in our front flower bed. These dianthus struggle a bit due to competition from the Mexican Petunia behind them and the Zoysia grass creeping in from our lawn in front of them: 


A Daisy in our front flower bed: 


That little dark thing with legs under that petal on the right hand side is the butt end of a spider: 

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