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Stevenn Universe characters as John Mulaney quotes/gifs


















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Follow to see the same picture of Garnet everyday

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Follow to see the same picture of Garnet everyday

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I’ll try to however only the ones that interest me like this one:



A commander but also a fashionista 👀

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I finished steven universe future today and ohhh my god. I don’t think i have ever cried so hard in a show in my entire life. I’ve been a fan of SU since middle school and watching steven grow up and everyone change around him was aaaakldsajf. I’m sad to see this show go but oh my godd it was so good. (btw i know it was released like last year, but i still wanna talk about it so >:3 )

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Author’s Note: At long last, the long-awaited conclusion to Part 1 of Steven Universe: Alternate Future is upon us! This may seem like an innocuous love letter to the mockumentary genre (I even watched This is Spinal Tap on HBO Max for inspiration), but the ending will change everything you will see in this chapter! But I’m through being dramatic, let’s boogie!

Synopsis: A Black Rutile and her partner White Topaz want to get answers from Steven.


Zach Callison as Steven, Onion

Estelle as Garnet

Michaela Dietz as Amethyst, Ocean Jasper

Deedee Magno-Hall as Pearl

Uzo Aduba as Bismuth

Jennifer Paz as Lapis Lazuli, Zuli, Mean Lapis

Shelby Rabara as Peridot

Kimberly Brooks as Cherry Quartz, Jasper

Ian Jones-Quartey as Snowflake Obsidian

Michelle Maryk as Little Larimar

Amy Sedaris as Teal Zircon

Aparna Nancherla as Nephrite

Grace Rolek as Connie

Crispin Freeman as Doug

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn as Priyanka

Tom Scharpling as Greg

Zach Steel as Ronaldo

Eugene Cordero as Jamie

Joel Hodgson as Mr. Dewey

Reagan Gomez Preston as Jenny, Kiki

Brian Posehn as Sour Cream

Lamar Abrams as Buck

Matthew Moy as Lars

Kate Micucci as Sadie

Alastair James as Rainbow Quartz 2.0

Shoniqua Shondai as Sunstone

Della Saba as Aquamarine

Charlyne Yi as Eyeball

Jinkx Monsoon as Emerald

Christine Pedi as Holly Blue Agate

Hayley Kiyoko as Morganite

Olivia Olson as Black Rutile’s Citrines

Featuring Noël Wells as Black Rutile

And Lauren Ash as White Topaz

“Is the camera ready, Topaz?”

“It’s ready, my Rutile!”

“You idiot, you forgot to turn on the lens!”

“Oh my goodness, I am so sorry, my Rutile, let me fix that!”

A camera was turned on inside a black-colored dropship, where a matching-colored Rutile in a green visor and white cape sat down in a captain’s chair, confident and charming. “Hello, universe!” the Rutile greeted. “My name is Black Rutile, and welcome to Eye on Era 3, the special interview show where we discuss with Gems about the changes a certain Steven Universe brought to our proud culture!”

“And I’m White Topaz!” the Topaz operating Black Rutile’s camera turned the lens to herself and cheerfully waved to the audience.

“Uh, Topaz, over here.” Black Rutile ordered.

“Oh, sorry!” White Topaz muttered and turned the camera back to her superior.

“Anyways, we’ve traveled across the stars to chat it up with all sorts of Gems.” The Rutile continued ecstatically. “From Pearls free from slavery, to proud Emerald pilots! Agates with no one to order around, Lapis Lazulis thinking they’re lost in the world, and even a few fusions here and there! But today, we’re gonna get answers straight from the mouth of this so-called "new Pink Diamond” himself!“ she stated, making air-quotes while calling Steven the new Pink Diamond.

"My Rutile, we are closing in on Earth.” A Citrine piloting Black Rutile’s ship announced. “Is there any good spot you’d like to land?”

“Let’s try that Little Homeworld place I’ve heard so much about.” Black Rutile suggested. “We’re bound to get tons of special guests there.”

“Yes, your clarity.” The Citrine complied, and she returned to her station.

“In case you were stuck in a Kindergarten for the past couple hundred years, Little Homeworld is where tons of Gems formerly corrupted by the Diamonds at the end of the Rebellion have made their home.” Black Rutile narrated over footage of Little Homeschool. “The number one hotspot of this little bit of home is Little Homeschool, where Gems from all over come to learn how to mingle with the life on Earth and let go of the old ways.”

“Hey, you think maybe we could go to that place, BR?” White Topaz grinned eagerly.

“Don’t forget about our plans.” Black Rutile said under her breath to her Topaz bodyguard. “I mean, we should be nearing Little Homeworld any minute now, so stay tuned!”

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Chely audi +garnet + amethyst + pearl + Spinel = meteorite.

Meets meteorite, the fusion of Chely audi, garnet, Amethyst, pearl and spinel.

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Chely audi + garnet + amethyst + pearl+ Spinel = meteorite
Meet meteorite the fusion of Chely audi, garnet, Amethyst, pearl and spinel.

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Follow to see the same picture of Garnet everyday

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