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remember that one time when garou didnt have wild eyebrows? what happened?

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Garou: I think my instincts about people are way better than yours.

Badd: Why?

Garou: Well, I picked you.

Garou: You on the other hand, picked me.

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It was cute at first but then big regret…


HAH thanks, sorry for my late ass response lmao

I don’t mind doing these Garou requests cause it reminds me to practice drawing humans so y'all can keep sending me ideas ✨

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[Part 2] For the details, I love how you draw their hair, as it seems very delicately-drawn so the hair could be looking very soft and fluffy even in messy state 😘❤ Also Badd’s sharp eyes + Badd’s smile ;3 + Garou’s tender gaze. All of them are PERFECTION! 😤👌✨ And why did I feel this webcomic style sketch is like a following story after their Valentine’s night?? When their shitty day finally over and they both starts healing again, then they just being even more cuddly + lovey dovey than before?? 😳💖✨ Also, although we couldn’t see it I can imagine Garou embraced Badd tightly from behind, his arms encircled Badd’s waist protectively and Badd’s own hands enveloped Garou’s hand aaaa- 😍😩💕💕

[Part 3] THANK YOU SO MUCH for drawing this Gorgeous and Super Sweet Batarou sketch to share it with us the fandom, it’s very beautiful we’re really grateful for you waah.. 😭🙏💖💖 To give 2 fluffy art in Valentine event even though probably you’re still in busy week is actually more than AMAZING!! 👏👏😳💐 I hope for the best for you during the busy school time, we all will still support you from here. Keep being healthy and safe, yeah? 😉💕 Once again, thank you so much for these wonderful Batarou gifts from you, we LOVE you and all of your artworks, always! 😚😘❤💜💙💚💛💖💝🌹🌻💐





Originally posted by griefgoblin

Thank you very much anon! I finally had some time to respond.💖💛💚💙💜❤😅😂

Lately I’ve been thinking that sometimes, the simple things are mote pretty. I like to contrast things; They are strong men, so acting kindly is comforting. I still hope to finish the drawing but it will be in the future.💖💗💘

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angel anon hello~ 🤗💐💞😊🌹❤️ thank you so much for dropping by with all this love 🙈🥰 here’s an extra flustered (& unfinished) garou that i didn’t want to publish because i basically just copied a panel, but he is for you now =^.^=


I’m genuinely so proud that you’ve been writing again lately, anon! you’re doing great :3 i’m loving the content no matter what~ good luck with finding motivation and beating up those bad emotions 💪❤️

in fact, i’ll be posting my first batarou drawing soon for a close friend of mine, so i hope you’ll like it too! been trying to avoid doing ship stuff but this is meant to be more of a comedic thing than a romantic thing anyways so i’m letting it slide ;)

have a wonderful day angel anon ❤️ we love you 🙈

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Garou, threatening a stranger: I swear to GOD I’m going to remove your spine and watch your gelatinous remains collapse in a pile.

Badd: GAROU- I’m so sorry, he’s uh… not normally like this.

Genos: What do you mean? He’s always like this.

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a wolf that attacked Badd

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Garou: I hate touching people.

Garou: The only physical contact I take joy in is combat and training.

Genos: You are literally holding Badd in your arms right now.

Garou, holding Badd even tighter: That’s something completely different.

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“"catboy”“ garou

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I really want to get to is just admiring how differently different characters learn.   Somehow, without confusing himself, ONE is managing to bring across not just that characters have their own experiences and ways of understanding them, but their individual ways of processing and learning from those experiences.   I thought I’d look at a few that have jumped out at me.    Lots under the cut!


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Badd: You’re really bad with boundaries.

Garou: Name one boundary I’ve crossed.


Garou, picking Badd’s front door lock with a hair clip: Hey, can I come in?

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