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The worst thing about my family is the fact that even tho we are middle eastern, brown and were raised Muslim ( even if most of us are not “strict”), my Gemini Aunt is a Karen… She does not believe in the corona virus, only believes “alternative” journalists, believes anti Semitic conspiracy theories, said “All lives matter”, slut shames, claims people only post on social media to “prove” themselves or because they have “no self-esteem”. How can you be part of a minority and still be such a bitch 😭 she’s giving me major Kanye West and trump vibes. If she was in the US she would have definitely either voted for trump or not at all. The worst part is she was the one who introduced me to punk and used to be such a leftist… so much potential and now it’s wasted…

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♈️ Aries: All for One

♉️ Taurus: Stain

♊️ Gemini: Destro

♋️ Cancer: Nomu

♌️ Leo: Chimera

♍️ Virgo: Dabi

♎️ Libra: Gentle

♏️ Scorpio: Twice (hear me out on this one. He’s paranoid and scorpios have many paranoid thoughts)

♐️ Sagittarius: Toga

♑️ Capricorn: Shigaraki (crusty lips)

♒️ Aquarius: Geten

♓️ Pisces: Daruma Ujiko

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Aries: the falling leaves


Taurus: the pie


Gemini: carving pumpkins


Cancer: the hot chocolate


Leo: sleeping in


Virgo: the pumpkin spiced drinks


Libra: the bonfires


Scorpio: the cozy sweaters


Sagittarius: baking


Capricorn: the urge to read


Aquarius: late night walks


Pisces: wearing scarfs

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Yo question for the Gemini-s.

Do you feel like you have people who are skeptical of you and might have the preconceived notion that you’re two faced no matter how nice you are to them, so they stay back and analyze your every word and move as if they’re just waiting for you to be mean for a Second so they can be like “AHA I KNEW YOU WERE A BITCH!” ?!?

I need to know.

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மிதுன ராசி பலன்கள் | 25-11-2020 | இன்றைய நாள் எப்படி | ASTROLOGY | PREDI…

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Signs as types of readers:

Aries: skips parts of the text because has no patience; reads listening to music to not be bored and reads in the most unexpected places.

Taurus: always eats some kind of snack while reading; love classics and the smell of new books with leather covers.

Gemini: likes funny books with strong female characters; loves to chat about of their favourite books and participates in a book club.

Cancer: loves drama books. Very passionate about literature; has the tendency to cry when their favourite character die; and grieves when the book is over.

Leo: hard cover fans; collects books with leather covers and golden pages; favourite books are the Great Gatsby and the picture of dorian gray.

Virgo: a great fan of the classics; Likes to read worlwide literature; make reading goals every year and if they don’t accomplish it, they get really angry.

Libra: Jane Austen fan; dies for a romance; can’t choose which one is their favourite book; has the tendency to have long periods of “non-reading”.

Scorpio: loves books with an open ending; their favourite book is “Dom Casmurro”; either loves or hates a book.

Sagitarius: their favourite kind of book is when it has another country/world in the background; loves asian literature and short novels.

Capricorn: doesn’t like to spend too much on books; total bookworm; prefers to read on kindle.

Aquarius: loves sci-fi and non-fiction books; reads on kindle because its “planet-friendly”; favourite book is Dune.

Pisces: loves a fantasy; gets lost in another world while reading; gets easily distracted.

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I want different rooms in my future house to be different colors. Hear me out

Living room: blood red and black I want the whole gothic aesthetic in tha room the black book case, the animal skeletons, a painting of my partner and I above the fire place. Paintings of family members I WANT IT.

Kitchen: green I want green and white everywhere dishes green or white towels green or white green and white will be the aesthetic I want plants lot and lots of plants.

Bathroom: pink and floral. Think Marie Antoinette( the Kristen Dustin movie) but as a bathroom biiiiiiiiih. Cute shit

Bedroom: yellow and brown. Not piss yellow but golden hour yellow with brown furniture and plants everywhere too have a lil turtle habitat in there too. YES MISS MA’AM

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aries: let them think they are right.

taurus: make them feel safe. they will test the waters.

gemini: give them lots of space and always give them more than one option.

cancer: make what you want to do what they want to do. let them think you’re doing exactly what they want.

leo: give them attention. compliment them on their effort.

virgo: don’t question their antics. admit when you are wrong.

libra: let them free to make their own decisions on their own time. 

scorpio: let them get closer to you by themselves. try not to hurt their feelings because they don’t forgive easily. always laugh at their jokes.

sagittarius: don’t make a big deal out of small problems. give them freedom to come and go as they like, they will come back.

capricorn: don’t whine on their ear for too long. try to keep your promises.

aquarius: don’t clip off their imagination. engourage them to try harder.

pisces: listen to them. don’t dminish their feelings.  

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Friend Giving Advice: You can’t just throw people away and act like you don’t know them.

Aquarius ♒️ : Ignores friend and puts music louder.

Libra ♎️ : I just ignore what I don’t want.

Virgo ♍️ : The list goes A-Z

Leo ♌️ : I know what I deserve.

Taurus ♉️ : I know what you mean but I don’t even know who you’re talking about.

Gemini ♊️ : It’s not my fault they can’t handle me in their life.

Cancer ♋️ : I give people too many chances, and I honestly know my limits.

Scorpio ♏️ : Oh really? Than why did they invent a block button.

Pisces ♓️ : I choose who I let into my own world.

Aries ♈️ : I believe it’s trashCAN.

Sagittarius ♐️ : I do that all the time, come and go like seasons. I like time to myself.

Capricorn ♑️ : You always get what you deserve.

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as a complement to my celeb natal chart series, i wanted to highlight some famous birth charts that are in some way strange or novel. this could mean that the placements are particularly revealing, strong, or even chaotic.

the chaos addict: gemini sun, gemini mercury, gemini venus, and pisces mars


i’m calling this the chaos addict because hoooooly shit this is a hell of a chart. noel is a gemini stellium (indicating four or more personal placements in one sign) and his chart is heavily weighted towards air signs (aquarius, gemini, and libra). he has a single earth sign (cap moon) to ground him, but the heavy mutuable and masculine influence can’t be denied. he wants to push buttons, ask questions, and keep moving above all.

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