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#Gemini x Aquarius

📝the intellectual couple

📝loving to talk about everything under the sun

📝discussing topics deeply

📝other people may feel like outsiders around them because they almost have their own language and theyre so in tune with one another

📝not a touchy-feely couple

📝don’t like to commit to plans because they are both flighty and changeable, expect them to cancel or change plans on you!

📝understanding each others need for personal space is one of the key reasons this pairing is great

📝literally Betty and jughead

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me again! haha could you maybe do a hc for a relationship between a female aqua sun/mars, libra rising, leo moon, capricorn rising and pisces venus + a male gemini sun, scorpio rising, libra moon, mercury cancer and leo venus/mars? thank you again :) x

Hello again ahahah! 💛💛

🌈- Intense, intense, intense! The quiet kind of love and deep trust.

🌈- Sharing ones thoughts and dreams knowing the other will listen intently and share theirs.

🌈- Being honest with each other no matter what and knowing they only want what’s best for you.

🌈- Weird, super goofy talks and activities, not laughing at each other but with each other.

🌈- Soft kisses that never seem to be long enough, heavy enough, always wanting more.

🌈- Tracing hearts on each other’s skin, holding each other at night in the dark; focusing on the others breathing.

🌈- Wheezing laughs and snorting noses as you play around and spend precious moments.

🌈- Jumping on each other, shoving each other, butt pinches and sneaky grabs with winks.

🌈- Watching Netflix shows together and making fun of the over dramatic dramas or live scenes.

🌈- Hands down real love, real passion and creativity. Thoughts and ideas woven together and hearts stitched and molded as one.

🌈- Soft nose nuzzles, skin on skin, hand on stomach, interwoven fingers with hair.

🌈- Kissed for the knuckles and fingertips and cheeks to eyebrows, everywhere and anywhere.

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Aquarius female and Gemini male relationship - a usual convo.

Aquarius: “so..”

Gemini:”so…” *looking excited*

Aquarius:” I have those feelings like my heart is going to explode..”

Gemini:” It’s called love babygirl..”

Aquarius:”nope I’m pretty sure it’s called a heart attack”

Gemini:” It’s happening when I’m around?”

Aquarius:” YES!”

*aquarius gasped *



Aquarius:”why you do this to me? Don’t you love me?”

Gemini:”aqua! It’s not a heart attack!”

Aquarius:”you want my heart to explode! I can’t believe how selfish you are!”

*aquarius mad and turn her back to gemini*

Gemini:” I love you too babygirl..”

*gemini sighs*

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Please don’t hurt me

Please don’t hurt me

I’m really starting to love you

And I’m terrified

So just make me feel safe with you

I didn’t liked someone for a very long time

So don’t make me start about loving someone

Because I don’t remember how it’s felt to love to feel loved or to be in love

So if you want to stay

And be in love

Just don’t be afraid

Because I’m afraid too you know

So be afraid with me

Till we calm down our feelings

When we stop to close our eyes in front of the frightening word that spelled

“L O V E”

Just till then

So don’t make me regret for trusting you with my heart

With my mind

Because I don’t want to regret when it’s come to you ♥️


Originally posted by marybrooks05

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He is the Clyde to my Bonnie

He is the Rio to my Tokyo

The moon to my sun

The falling stars to all my wishes

He is my harmony and my lyrics

The alien man who came to my house and

Stole my coffee

He lay in my bed and whisper me love poem

He is that one that make the popcorn spilled all over the bed while we binge shows

Because he wants my nose to crinkle

I always crinkle my nose when I’m mad

And he thinks it’s cute

He is the one that makes me smile and blushing especially when I’m serious and busy

He is the one that makes me calmer than anything in the world

My heart beats fast when he’s here

I like him a lot

And it’s feels good.

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