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#Genshin Impact
badlydrawngenshin · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
have u guys seen Genshin’s collab with Sweets Paradise (a cafe in japan) yet? Well now u have
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nagarnia · 16 hours ago
ᶜᵒᵐᶦⁿᵍ ˢᵒᵒⁿ
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glazelilyy · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairings (separately!) - diluc ragnvindr, kaeya alberich, albedo childe/tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, kaedehara kazuha, scaramouche, dainsleif x gender neutral reader
word count - 3113
genre - fluff, comfort
format - drabbles
warnings - skinship
summary - he's looking at you like no one ever has, and you can't help but thank him
a/n - i've always wanted to write something like this :D many people have waited so long to find their partners and it's really a euphoric feeling when you do :) also yes i did write a frickin haiku just for kazuha's HAHA
Tumblr media
all around you is perfectly still.
nothing moves, time is frozen save for the steady thump of his heart against your ear and the slight, gentle scratch of his nails on your scalp.
he exudes nothing but warmth and compassion. his firm arms cradle you tight against his body as if you were crafted of the finest china or the silkiest glass. he situated you on his lap like a plush pillow and pressed his heart against yours to beat in sync.
your senses are filled with him: the touch of his finger pads on your back, his alluring scent, that beautiful voice that riles up the butterflies deep within your stomach, the stunning image of his radiant visage and rose colored irises, the taste of his words on your palette and the brush of his lips against yours.
overwhelmed might be a way to describe it, but in the moment where he looks you straight in the eye with nothing but love and adoration swirling in those misty pools of his, you can't help but feel like putty in his arms.
"thank you," your searing hot hands come up to hold his slacked face, just above a whisper, you hardly recognize your voice that dripped with affection and filled itself with love lined with gold, "thank you for loving me."
diluc and the idea of "romantic love" have never gone well together in his mind. many times had he found someone in his youth who fancied him and many times has he blown them off as gentlemanly in nature as he could. though, he could never deny his curiosity for such affections. with a windwheel aster in one hand, he plucked until it was down to the last petal where the words "they love me" rested on his lips in a whisper instead of "they love me not", though he did not know who he wanted to love him.
but here you sat on his lap, holding his face as if you held the world in your hands and thanked him for loving you. it almost baffled him, just how lucky he was. it was as if he'd been searching in a field of three leafed clovers and finally found a stem with four protruding leaves. but instead of plucking it, he gently nursed the tiny plant and came back to it each day with something new. you were his luck, his most beloved person, someone for which he would bring down heaven and walk into hell barefeet.
no longer did he lay awake at night, holding his pillow close to him and wondering what it would be like to be able to hold someone within his arms. nor did he purchase lovely roses for no one in particular, and place them on his desk as if awaiting to one day give them to someone.
no, you were here in his arms, thanking him for loving you unconditionally. but in reality it was him who knew you held his heart in your hands and gently cradled it within your love.
"the pleasure of loving you belongs entirely to me, my love." he whispered into the palm of your hand and finalized his words with an inward kiss.
love was a preposterous idea for someone like kaeya. he knew this and he knew it well, better than anyone else. love was fickle, unsteady, and uncertain. if one truly peered beneath his arctic waves and caught sight of the monstrous iceberg that lay underneath, would they truly stay? his resolution was firm: he would never fall in love. and yet, much like his brother, his curiosity would often get the better of him when in the privacy of either the winds of barbatos or the brick-walled confines of his office.
he'd place his palm on the skin of his chest and feel for his heartbeat, and wonder one day if his heart would belong to someone—someone who would see all of him and keep their feet planted firmly by his side. kaeya thought himself stupid, that he asked too much. someone like him deserved to be all by his lonesome so when the storms finally ravaged his world, there wouldn't be any collateral damage.
and yet here you were, hand on his chest feeling the heart that belonged to you thump ferociously underneath the thin skin of his chest. you were thanking him. the idea almost made him laugh, for how could someone as radiant as you be thanking him for his love. you'd managed to wriggle your way into his life and cause a mess of his resolution until he gave into his desires and made you his.
he still placed his hand on his chest from time to time, to remind himself of his humanity, and to be reminded that this heart that beat so tenderly not only beats for him but thunders onwards for you.
"i should be the one thanking you, but i have a feeling we'd be here all day if i started that war." he mused against your lips with a smile and locked you in once more for another intoxicating kiss.
he was willing to set aside his convictions, just this once.
baffled is what he is. albedo is a man of logic and of precision and love is neither of those things. logic can't explain the desire to see you in the wee hours of the night when he plagued himself with nightmarish visions intertwined with formulas with letters he couldn't make sense of. love confuses him, but he finds himself rather intrigued. he's first introduced to the concept through a novel—impulsive procurement. he often never realized it much once he finished the novel, but his slender fingers would come up to his scalp and gently rake through his soft, tender locks as if his hand didn't belong to him—as if his hand had turned into his lover's that didn't exist.
shame overwhelmed him for such actions, but the feeling often crept up on him while his mind lay idle, awake at night wondering what chemicals are released when one kisses someone they love dearly. sketching would take his mind off of the desire, but alas, he found himself sketching two silhouettes on the backdrop of beaches and forests lined with gold and silver, their hands always intertwined.
now, his sketchbook was filled with sketches of you. pencil lines marks the edges, grooves, curves, and dips of your face and body. each line had been carefully drawn with love and precision. it was no longer his hand that raked through his locks, pretending to be his lover's hand, but instead your own hand lovingly tended to the tensed strands of ashen blonde hair on his scalp and pressed kiss after kiss to the skin where just below the bone lay a magnificent mind.
"thanking me is a fruitless action," he gently grasped your palm and pressed a kiss to the inside of your wrist, "for i'm still learning from you each and every day, what it truly means to love. for that, i am eternally grateful to you."
love is gentle, tender, and patient, nothing like childe. he lusts for chaos and craves disorder. love—romantic love—was the furthest thing from his mind whenever he drew his weapons and charged forth with a charming grin and a palpitating heart. although, there were times when he'd come across fields of brilliant flowers stilling in the wind, stretching for miles in hues of all kinds and he'd find himself at a loss for who he could show such a magnificent sight to. he'd brush his fingers against the skin of his calloused and scarred palm and wonder what the feel of another hand in his would be like. would it be akin to the handle of his blade? or that of a delicate flower stem?
what a true predicament he's found himself in, yearning for the soft touch of one filled with the blessing of eros yet finding himself engrossed in giving into the urges brought forth by ares himself. conflict waged wars in his mind but they always came to a halt when he felt the soft skin of your hands anywhere on his body.
you held the power to subdue his primal urges and smooth over the rough bumps and edges that carved themselves into his skin. even now as he cradled you in his arms, it felt unreal to believe that you were thanking him for loving you. his hand felt barren of warmth no longer, instead an irreplaceable tug filled the void and tugged at his heart.
"i will always love you, so there's no need to thank me, sunshine." he took your hand and intertwined it with his, letting you bump your unsullied fingers against the deep ridges and scars that lined his hands.
to love is one of the most blessed acts in zhongli's mind. there was once a time where he believed love was weak, to love was to be mortal, such acts are beneath an archon who must fight to the death for sustainability. yet there was a tender part of his buried beneath the bedrock of his heart that pulsed and beamed with every moment he breathed. he often wondered if he was truly capable of love, or of loving someone in their entirety.
discipline was written on the back of his hands and imprinted down the line of his spine, but he truly was fascinated with mortals. not only mortals as a whole, but their capacity to feel the thing they called love. he'd lay awake at night and wonder if he too could love, while clutching his throbbing heart that ached for something he couldn't define.
you seemed to define it all: what love was to him. love was tender in the way you longingly looked at him with those doe eyes of yours. love was confusing in the way you'd beckon for his presence late at night to hold you close while you drifted out of consciousness. love meant many things to him because of the way you fiddled with the broach on his tie or the subtle tuck of his hair behind his ear courtesy of your smooth fingers.
with nothing but adoration in your eyes, you stared up at him and he felt the rush of gold flow through his veins. a god possesses many things but love is never usually one of them. zhongli, however, can say different.
"my lily, you need not thank me for loving you," his hands overlapped yours that held his face while his nose gently bumped against yours, "know that i am truly the thankful one for having you to stand by my side until my memories are nothing but dust."
love isn't in his vocabulary nor is it an emotion that comes naturally to xiao. he considers himself a weapon, a tool, and inanimate objects are not capable of love. he is a man of discipline, nothing shall ever tempt him from his true duties. yet the very human part of him cannot help but entertain ludicrous ideas. like the feel of a warm body pressed tight against his, or the sensual touch of nails gently trailing down his tattooed arms. his mind wanders when all is quiet and the lands are peaceful, but that was all it ever was: a dream, a pastime for until when he'd need to sacrifice himself and become a weapon yet again.
but his mortal indulgences were all he had to feel as though he weren't suffocating beneath a thick, black, wave of fog and hazing dust. his palms were cold but he imagined they held nothing but warmth when he placed his palms onto the line of his jaw and pretended that someone held him not like a tool or a weapon, but as a regular man who was allowed to be human.
the feel of your hands on his face never felt real, despite his pinches and slaps to his face to see if it was all a dream. your hands were so very warm, warmer than his could ever be and they ignited a fire within his chest whenever they found solace holding his face. your nails traced the shapes of the tattoos on his biceps and your kisses made a home for themselves nestled in his soft locks. to say he was out of his element would be an understatement, you brought him light amidst a slew of black holes and carried warmth where frigid ice reigned supreme.
he needed to say nothing, if he tried he wasn't sure he could form the right words at all. your kisses took the breath away from him and he'd be happy to give you all that he was, and you felt it in the way his grip on you tightened and the press of his forehead against yours in a silent promise to forever protect you with his life.
kaedehara kazuha.
like swirling red leaves
that fall swiftly to the ground
my heart stills once more
love is poetry and as free as kazuha himself. there are many ways in which the winds can blow for him, and yet he finds solace in treading along the most gentle of breezes. love is whatever comes along his way, and his patience knows no bounds. but there are nights where he sits atop a perch of the alcor and traces patterns of stars with his eyes. words of a poem begin to slip from his lips and yet there are no ears to listen. his private indulgence of whispering poems of love for no one in particular are what manages to keep him sane, but he knows that such a blessing can only come with time. so he waits.
his notebooks are lined with words which he one days yearns to speak, and yet time has deemed that he is not ready yet. the words he'd created felt like sugar on his tongue, sweet and burning hot to the touch yet he'd still swallow as if it were nothing but water.
practiced to perfection was his soothing voice against the shell of your ear, whispering line after line of all the words that lived within his mind. your beauty makes the stars pale in comparison, to hold you was almost akin to holding the last bit of a comet, the tail that shone the most voluminously. his patience had rewarded him with you, all the time he spent alone writing away at what he wished to say now found a new home etched into the grooves of your brain, written in thick ink in the most beautiful of cursive.
you had given him the world, and still thanked him with that lovely voice of yours.
"i am thankful for you as well, my beloved. you bring heaven down to earth for me." he whispered against your temple and cradled you like you'd slip away from his grasp if he let go too soon.
love was dumb, simply put. whatever scaramouche could not comprehend became immediately dubbed as "dumb", and love was the number one item on this list. such ludicrous feelings were far below the stature of the sixth harbinger, nor did he have the time or patience for love. he spoke these words loud and clear for all to hear, but the silent ache of his heart spoke unsaid words that clung to him and made a mess of his life.
he denied himself curiosity, or to look past the whirling storms that encircled his heart. but every so often when the moon sat high in the sky and he'd stripped himself of his title, scaramouche would faintly trace the sides of his torso and imagine the tender hold of another on his waist. his pillow was too hard to imagine as a human body, and such a silly thought had him fuming the next morning.
love was dumb and yet here you were in his arms, hands around his torso just like he'd imagined and your lips hovering over his own, thanking him for loving you. to deserve someone like you, someone who looked past his stormy exterior and found a gentle core pulsing with violet fervor. where he grew horns and bared his fangs, you showed your wings and smoothed down the frazzled ends of his locks. gentleness was not a word in his book and yet you took a pen and rewrote all of his pages.
"you're a dumbass, y'know that?" scaramouche grinned wickedly as the soft give of your cheek pulled in his forefinger and thumb despite your whining protests.
"but you're my dumbass, you don't need to thank me for loving you. if anything it should be the other way around." he suddenly pushed your face into the crook of his neck and ensnared your body within his arms, letting his words be absorbed by your burning skin.
a sole wanderer, destined to pursue a fruitless goal amidst loneliness and destitute caverns of fragility. there was no time for love, no time to think about it or indulge in it. but dainsleif has always defied the odds, and even then as he lay by his lonesome beside another quiet fire, he thought of love. the feel of a hand raking through his soft, feathery locks, the gentle press of a kiss on his forehead, the innocent intertwining of pinkies or hands. he thought himself a fool, waking up with flushed cheeks and a mind full of temptation.
but such feelings no longer lived alone in his mind. the feel of your hands combing through his locks were real, as was the persistent kisses to his flushing face and the innocent intertwining of your pinky against his. he would forever be at your mercy and yet it was you who thanked him for the love in your eyes.
baffled and bewildered, he doesn't quite understand why you thank him when it was you who allowed him to shed himself of his duties and become simple dainsleif, who loved you and would give his life for you.
you were real, in his arms and thanking him for his love. you were real and you weren't going anywhere. as tenderly as you held his face, his palms came up and cupped your jaw as if it would break under his touch.
"gratitude is not what i seek, but you hold my heart within your hands and that is more than enough for me." dainsleif sealed his words with a gentle kiss on your forehead doused with adoration and crafted of love.
Tumblr media
date published: july 29th, 2021
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ookaryi · 21 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Inazuma characters
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ragnvlndr · 19 hours ago
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illuminer · 10 hours ago
kiss cam
Tumblr media
summary ; what happens when you get caught on the kiss cam with them?
includes ; venti, xiao, zhongli, childe, kazuha
note ; i don’t really know what this is so just roll with it. also idk if this is a thing everywhere but kiss cams are at sports games sometimes and they’ll just zoom in on two people and be like haha kiss or something, i’ve never actually seen one
Tumblr media
— it only takes venti a matter of seconds to lean over the armrest between you and peck your cheek. “i think that’s what they want!” he says, smiling cheerfully. he rests his head on your shoulder, looking up at you from time to time as if waiting for something, while you fight to remain unflustered. “you’re so quiet,” he says, frowning. “i’m sorry.” you shake your head quickly and press a kiss to his forehead. “you’re fine. was that okay?” you ask, and he grins. “more than okay.”
— as soon as he sees both of you up there, xiao hunches over to try to hide the furious blush on his face. “this is stupid,” he grumbles, standing up. “let’s go sit somewhere else.” but he doesn’t get far before you stop him and kiss the tip of his nose. his eyes widen, the red on his cheeks deepens, and the corners of his mouth lift, even though you know he’s trying desperately to hide it. you gesture back to your seats, and he follows after a moment, mumbling under his breath, “maybe it isn’t stupid.”
— zhongli squints at the hearts that cover the edges of the video feed of both of you. “well i suppose we’re meant to kiss now.” he cups your cheek and leans in closer, but stops when his lips are mere millimeters away from yours. “may i?” he whispers, and you’re acutely aware of the number of onlookers as you gaze into his eyes. you give him the smallest nod, and your eyelids flutter shut as you feel his lips brush against yours. “perhaps we can do this again in the future.”
— a sneaky grin crosses childe’s face as he turns to you in his seat. “this is your lucky day! not everyone has the chance to—” you shut him up yourself, pulling his face to yours, and when you break apart he can only stare at you in shock, like he couldn’t believe you would move first. “what were you going to say?” you tease. “something about this being a privilege? you’ll have to be faster if—” this time, it’s your turn to be surprised, and you can feel him smile against you. “just stop talking so i can kiss you.”
— kazuha’s eyes flick up to the screen for a moment before lifting your hand and kissing the back of it. “that should make them stop,” he says, giving you a half smile. and while the cameras move on quickly, you can’t help but wish he had done something more, but as the night moves on, he doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary. lucky for you, your wish is realized when he drops you off at home and kisses your lips under a sky of stars as a goodbye. “i wanted our first to be just the two of us.”
Tumblr media
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genshinmedia · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact x Sweets Paradise Collab Chibi Artworks: Mondstadt Characters (transparent background) [1/2]
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emlinart · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Cant wait for this dog boy!
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shima-draws · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Concept for a Genshin OC 😳 I really don’t have anything other than that he’s from Inazuma and probably a Geo vision holder that uses a polearm or a bow
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ragnvlndr · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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3rdgymbros · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Imagine being the Electro Archon.
You’re young, a child in fact, when the previous Archon passes away, and all their powers are transferred to you one night as you slumber in your bedroom. You groan and fold over in bed, clutching and shaking, feeling as though your body is imploding on itself. It’s the worst pain you’ve ever felt. But once it subsides, you’re left with a tingling, almost pleasant feeling, along with the newfound knowledge that you’re the next Electro Archon.
Quickly, you’re installed into the new palace with alarming speed, ripped away from your family without so much as a goodbye. You’re much too young for the heavy burdens that have been placed upon your shoulders; ruling over Inazuma, bestowing Visions upon those you deem to be worthy, trying to control your new powers. Not to mention that there are those who would want to usurp power for themselves; you’re a lamb in the lion’s den, and you’re not sure that you can survive.
Although still young, your face is drawn, life’s inadequacies now surfacing in your vacant eyes and the tension in your frame. You barely react when you’re taken on a tour of the expansive palace grounds, as one guest after another comes and greets you, intent on currying favour. At last, you’re introduced to the household staff, the servants, and your guards.
“Doggie!” You cry out, thrilled with the fact that one of your guards resembles your favourite dog so closely, from the twitching ears upon his head, to the fluffy tail at the base of his spine. “He’s so cute!”
And for the first time since you’ve stepped into the palace, your eyes light up, and a wide smile stretches across your face. 
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genshinmedia · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact x Sweets Paradise Collab Chibi Artworks: Mondstadt Characters (transparent background) [2/2]
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ss-aquarium · 17 hours ago
Genshin Men + Physical Affection >--(((°<
Pairing(s) : {Mondstadt + Liyue Men x Reader} Word Count : [490] Tags : (Fluff, Headcannons, Established Relationship) Warnings : *Slight Main Story Spoilers, Angst (if you squint)*
Tumblr media
Locks his pinky with yours, admiring your side profile while you two walk
Tired hugs when you find him overworked and piled in his experiments, laying his head on your shoulder relishing the way you stroke his hair
Bundles you in emergency blankets as you both sit entangled close to the freshly made fire, he appreciates you visiting him all the way up in Drangonspine and makes sure your efforts of trekking the icy tundra are well rewarded by staying by your side the entire visit
Seals your torso against his with a hand firmly placed on your hip
Twirling hugs when he returns from his Fatui duties, will initiate them in crowded Liyue streets
Sways with you as a silent melody drifts through the air, hands clasped behind your back, you ask why his face appears despondent, he reassures you with a signature smile, and closes his eyes as he dares to dream of a future where both of you live happily ever after
Always offers his arm for you to take when you two stroll along Mondstadt
Melting hugs where he circles your waist with his arms, sighing into the crook of your neck when he returns to the winery
Brief forehead kisses from across the bar as he’s whisked away to tend to the rowdy patrons at Angel’s Share, but always personally filling your glass at your request
Leads you with his palm pressed against the small of your back
Surprise hugs coming from behind, pressing a single kiss against your cheek before disappearing to tend to his knightly duties
Sits you in his lap when you visit his office while he completes paperwork, incredibly nonchalant if someone reports to him as you’re tucked against his chest
Swings your arms when you two hold hands
Glomping hugs when you return from commissions, loudly professing just how much he missed you by his side as you both tumble to the ground
Cups your cheeks and brings your face closer to his, boring into your eyes with an intensity extremely unlike the archon as the space between you lessens, until he squishes your face and giggles at how silly you look
Gently tugs you along with his hand around your wrist
Shaky hugs when you come to him in times when his karmic debt becomes crippling, just barely clinging to you
Pulls your head onto his chest as you both lay on the rooftop of the Wangshu Inn, the weight of your body grounding him as the sky above sparked with stars
Bows slightly to kiss your knuckles before lacing his fingers with your
Slow and quiet hugs as he tucks a glaze lily behind your ear, pressing his forehead against yours
You lean against him, head on his shoulder and hand in his lap, he strokes your back as you both rise with the Liyue sun and admire how beautiful each other looks in the early morning glow
Tumblr media
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rubikor · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wisteria-writings · 22 hours ago
i have idea.
so archons can like, change their appearance, right?
what if-
Characters: Zhongli, Venti, Baal
warnings: smut, body... morphing? (is that a thing?), overstim, cunnilingus (baal; reader receiving)
a/n: i could've written this better but oh well.
it implies afab reader but doesn't specify
NSFW below the cut
Zhongli, who can't help the slight smile as you writhe under him; who lets you adjust as he simply waits.
And when you give him the okay, he resizes himself.
And you keen, a beautiful, high-pitched noise as your back bends off the bed, your mouth falling open and eyes rolling back as you gasp so cutely and claw at his back.
It takes Zhongli all of his willpower not to cum right then and there.
Venti, who giggles and peppers feather-light kisses over your face. He gives shallow thrusts, morphing himself just so that each movement causes him to drag against that spot that has you seeing galaxies.
He holds you there under him for as long as he pleases, ears wide open for the safeword if you so need.
But for so long as that word doesn't fall from your lips, he makes you cum and cum and cum over and over and over again,
until the only things you can babble are, "Ve-Venti! M-more, please~"
Baal, who observes you with lidded eyes, letting her tongue lengthen and shorten within you, fingers dragging over your clit.
You always moan and gasp and jolt so prettily for her.
She pulls back, walking forwards on her knees so you can see what hangs between her legs.
Before you can utter a single protest, Baal presses a finger against your lips, an almost sadistic smirk playing on those oh so kissable lips.
"Hush. Your body is mine."
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lavender-composition · 5 hours ago
⭒ kaeya, xiao, albedo, diluc, and kazuha: remorse hcs ⭒
request for anon: ayo, i love the argument repercissuons can i req a pure angst (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ where reader dies. yes. pure angst. cuz i love pain (人 •͈ᴗ•͈)
yesss pain and suffering my beloved <3 there is no comfort in this. just boys being sad.
read these two first so this all makes sense!
⋆ kaeya, xiao, albedo, and diluc: argument repercussions
⋆ kazuha: argument repercussions + repentance (first half)
pairing: kaeya, xiao, albedo, diluc, and kazuha x reader (separately)
characters: kaeya alberich, xiao, albedo, diluc ragnvindr, kaedehara kazuha
genre: angst
word count: 2405
⋆ he would realize he can’t save you well before reaching mondstadt
⋆ your previous companions notice kaeya’s pace begin to falter; they ask if he’s alright, why he’s slowing down
⋆ he just snaps, commanding them to run ahead and warn someone, anyone in the cathedral that he’s on his way
⋆ once the others are gone, kaeya just… collapses. down on his knees, he cradles you as close to his chest as possible, paying no mind to the ground dirtying his pants, or the stones digging into his knees
⋆ he tells himself he won’t cry. he can’t; he’s kaeya, the cavalry captain of the knights of favonius. he doesn’t cry.
⋆ but he does. kaeya starts sobbing, tucking his face against your neck, feeling as your pulse continues to grow lighter
⋆ the most painful part for him is the fact that you’re unconscious, and only slipping further. despite this, he finds himself talking to you, frantic, hushed, and his voice shakier than it’s ever been before
⋆ apologizing and pleading, he begs you to stay with him—though, he knows you can’t hear him, there’s no way for you to answer. he knows this, but he can’t be left alone again.
⋆ kaeya feels your final, shallow breath. and he feels like his own heart stops
⋆ it’s weird. as soon as you’re gone, he stops crying. he doesn’t scream, he doesn’t move; he doesn’t even think he’s sad, or angry
⋆ there’s just a numbness spreading through him; he briefly wonders if this is what his enemies feel when he uses his cryo vision against them
⋆ he can’t tell if it’s your body or his own hands that are so cold
⋆ it takes so much strength for kaeya to rise to his feet. he puts his carefully crafted mask back on, and continues walking
⋆ he can’t stand everyone asking if he’s alright. he hates that they all worry, and he hates that he says he’s fine every single time
⋆ kaeya understands everyone just wants to help, but each time, he sends them away with a convincing smile
⋆ he finds himself spending even more time in mondstadt’s taverns. when he’s not working himself to the bone, he’s downing drink after drink, tucked away in some dark corner where no one will bother him
⋆ he knows he can’t go back and change things, but gods, he wishes he could
⋆ kaeya is completely convinced that if he had been the one to accompany you—and if he hadn’t made you so upset—that you would still be at his side.
⋆ try as everyone may, no one is able to save you, your injuries too severe
⋆ xiao isn’t even with you; unable to bear the sight of your unconscious body, he distracts himself with his duties
⋆ he leaves wangshu inn before dawn, and arrives back in the middle of the night. any information he gets about you is through verr goldett or the innkeeper, who both help keep an eye on you as a local medic attempts to heal you of your injuries
⋆ and that’s how xiao finds out you’re dead: someone else tells him.
⋆ there’s a period of time afterward where no one sees xiao. he’s very much alive, evident in how food—especially servings of almond tofu—will go missing overnight
⋆ but he doesn’t interact with anyone for probably weeks after your death
⋆ even when he learned of your demise, he hadn’t gone to see you; gods, he couldn’t possibly do that, it would be unbearable
⋆ xiao welcomes all the hurt and pain your death brings. he feels he deserves it; he was overworking himself before, but now he stays out fighting monsters and demons until he literally collapses
⋆ he blames himself completely. he feels stupid—he’s supposed to protect people, not let them die because he couldn’t control his temper. especially not someone he had cared so much about
⋆ xiao doesn’t talk about you to anyone. even after he somewhat rejoins civilization—to the same small level he had been before he’d met you—he’s not the same.
⋆ to most others, it seems as though he doesn’t actually care that you’re gone. but the few people he allows around him notice he’s even quieter, even more withdrawn. if anyone tries to bring you up around him, he’s quick to either snap at them or just straight up leave
⋆ he just doesn’t want to constantly be reminded of you. xiao tells himself it’s because all it does is make him feel guilty and upset. thinking about you hurts, and he doesn’t need any distractions
⋆ the truth is that he cares so much. the pain of losing you hurts more than anything he’s felt before—even more than the deaths and disappearances of the other guardian yakshas, even more than each time he’s been forced to claim life after life with his own hands—and it’s almost too much for him to bear
⋆ he feels he has no one to turn to; you were the one who was always willing to listen, and he’s not about to spill his feelings to any other mortal
⋆ it’s very likely xiao will never take on another lover. again, he fully blames himself for your death, and would feel this is a worthy punishment for his mistakes
⋆ after a while, he’ll get into this sort of habit of “talking” to you; he knows you’re not really there to hear him, but it’s his way of immortalizing you in his memory
⋆ to most people, xiao seems almost… indifferent toward your death. but sometimes, during the late nights when everyone is asleep, the adeptus can be seen delivering hand-picked flowers to your burial site, tidying the area before sitting, seemingly talking to himself.
⋆ for a man of few words, he sure talks a lot as he rushes you back to the dawn winery
⋆ diluc, normally so composed, doesn’t stop rambling the entire way; he tells you you’re going to be fine, he’s going to get you healed, he won’t let anything happen to you
⋆ he’s not entirely sure who exactly he’s trying to comfort with his words. but considering you’re slipping in and out of shallow consciousness, it’s probably more for himself.
⋆ the winery owner should know not to make promises he can’t keep
⋆ you’re gone before the knights return with a healer. diluc knows it’s not their fault, it’s not even his fault, but he can’t help the thought of if only from rising
⋆ if only he hadn’t hurt you. if only he hadn’t let you leave. if only he’d been faster. if only, if only, if only.
⋆ it’s another reason for him to go almost entirely silent. aside from business affairs, he’s rarely seen outside. even at home, diluc spends most of his time in his office, or his room, or taking solitary walks late in the evening
⋆ his emotions weigh heavy on him, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by adelinde or kaeya or charles, but diluc never talks
⋆ when anyone asks, he says he’s fine. he’s alright, just tired. tired and so, so busy.
⋆ there’s always so much work to be done; diluc can’t take time off work, too many people rely on him. but even as he works, he often finds his thoughts wandering to you
⋆ on rare occasions, his thoughts get to be too much. sometimes, he has to stop working, setting down the glass or pen. he just stays frozen in place, staring down at the work that needs to be done, but he can’t bring himself to do it
⋆ whats the point? he thinks. why bother if everything in his life seems to be destined to crash and burn?
⋆ but diluc is quick to snap himself out of it. he gets back to work, and pushes his thoughts of you to the back of his mind
⋆ he doesn’t give himself time to grieve. he misses you, of course. you’d have to be stupid to not be able to tell; but bound by duty, and already so used to loss, diluc doesn’t dwell on your death
⋆ his trust in the knights of favonius is entirely lost. he remains as respectful as he needs to be—though diluc has never been one to shy away from criticizing the knights in the first place—but doesn’t trust them even with the simplest of tasks
⋆ after all, they had failed in their most basic duty: protecting you
⋆ although he knows he can’t just kick every knight out of his tavern, diluc typically refuses to serve them himself; he’ll have to get charles or literally anyone else to do it for him
⋆ because now the knights of favonius are associated with—in his mind—the deaths of two of the people who mattered most to him. diluc can’t bring himself to even interact with most knights, especially not when the pain of your death is fresh in his mind
⋆ diluc would be extremely hesitant to maintain close relationships of any kind, because time and time again those relationships have been shattered, leaving him to clean up the broken pieces alone.
⋆ stumbling back to mondstadt, albedo can feel your pulse growing fainter and fainter
⋆ he doesn’t have anything to say. his mind is working terribly fast, and he can’t find the words to comfort you or himself
⋆ he’s not focused on making silly little vows, anyway. the only thing he can do is continue forward, to his lab, faster and faster. he’s thinking about what he can do when he gets you there,  how he can save you
⋆ you go completely limp in his arms, and it takes the alchemist another few steps for him to realize your pulse has stopped entirely
⋆ he feels like his does, too. he pauses, like he’s frozen to the ground. his heart drops, but its beat still pounds in his ears
⋆ his hold on you tightens, and albedo takes a shaky breath. when he exhales, he continues walking, albeit much slower, his sense of urgency gone. he refuses to look down at your lifeless form
⋆ albedo doesn’t even bother getting a healer. you’re gone, there’s nothing he can do. and that’s what tears him apart; the fact that he was helpless. even as someone who can make the seemingly impossible, well, possible, there was no saving you
⋆ he’s used to being alone. he’d told you about his lack of friends, or meaningful relationships in general, until he met you. yes, albedo’s used to being alone, but not like this
⋆ at least before there was always the promise that someone was waiting for him
⋆ so he throws himself into his work, as a distraction. it’s ironic, honestly, that the very thing that set off this situation was what he now finds solace in. at times, his work serves as nothing but a bitter reminder of your death, but the thoughts of you tend to quickly fade when studying alchemical complexities
⋆ albedo also finds it ironic that your habits that sparked your initial argument is what he starts to miss; he never truly realized how much he liked when you would check on him, or simply sit in his lab watching him work
⋆ he’s used to solitude, but being alone has never felt so lonely. albedo’s not one to regularly chase after relationships, he doesn’t believe he needs a bunch of friends.
⋆ but he finds himself longing for some sort of company. though, the only company he really wants is yours
⋆ with you gone, he often finds himself losing track of time again. he’ll sometimes spend days cooped up in his lab, forgetting to eat or drink
⋆ when he does this—and starts to stay away from society for too long again—albedo finds himself imagining what you would say, and he takes proper care of himself for you.
⋆ he manages to get you to beidou’s ship, he manages to find a medic, but you quickly succumb to the intensity of your injuries
⋆ kazuha’s at your side, one of your hands tightly gripped in both of yours. whether or not you can hear, he doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care; as you slip further and further from him, he begs. he begs you to stay, to not leave him
⋆ he feels your hand lightly twitch, weakly squeezing his, and then you’re gone
⋆ to say he’s distraught would be an understatement. it’s a hard scene to watch, kazuha breaking down sobbing, shoulders shaking, crying for you not to go, his head buried into the sheets of your bed
⋆ twice now, within the span of a few years, he watched someone he cared greatly for die in front of him. both times, he was helpless to stop it.
⋆ both times, kazuha wasn’t fast enough
⋆ he cries a lot in the days—and even weeks—following your death. most of the time, kazuha wants nothing more than to lock himself in a secluded room aboard the alcor
⋆ beidou—archons bless her—relieves him of any duties for quite some time. she knew he’d lost his friend, and now to lose you, too?
⋆ as much as the crux’s crew attempts to check in on him, he remains relatively uncooperative. any efforts to cheer him up fail, and kazuha always says he just wants to be alone, his voice even softer than before
⋆ but he hates the silence your absence brings. you were always there to listen, always there to talk. you could talk about whatever; the weather, the flowers he had picked for you the day before, a dog you’d seen onshore
⋆ his favorite thing to do, though, was recite poetry to you. he’d make poems for you, sometimes even about you, often off the top of his head. and you listened to every one of them
⋆ so kazuha writes you poems again
⋆ you’re not there to hear them, and he won’t share them with anyone else, but he writes poems for you. after several days of reciting each one out loud, he decides to start writing them down in a private journal
⋆ day after day, he fills the pages with lines of poetry. it hurts, remembering you. it pains him to remember everything you’d done together, to picture you in his mind, and to think of your favorite things. but he does it anyway, because the last thing kazuha wants is for you to fade from his memory
⋆ on lazy afternoons and restless nights alike, the wandering samurai can be spotted at the bow of  the ship, sitting alone, whispering to himself and scribbling in the journal he took on after your death.
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3rdgymbros · 20 hours ago
I'm in love with this dog (??) Boy. He's so fluffy. The amount of dog-relsted traits I think he has. Scenting you, flicking his ears when he's annoyed....I love doggo boy...
Tumblr media
I can't believe that I forgot about the potential of Gorou scenting you.
Gorou, who gets unbelievably pouty if you don't let him nuzzle up to you before you go out. Who insists on coiling his body tight around yours, his tail flicking like a metronome feather duster, resting his chin on the crown of your head. He holds you in his arms for a long time, until he's satisfied that you smell like him ━ something like forests, cinnamon, and sunshine ━ his scent interwoven with yours, his claim staked upon you.
Gorou, who knits his brows when you come back, and has to resist the urge to huff because you no longer smell like him, and he can smell other scents on you. Who crinkles his nose and asks you to bathe and get changed, so that he can scent you once again.
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