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#Genshin impact OC
drawthiere25 days ago
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snart fight for @novea
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oletarts21 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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shirt cut meme with gareth 馃グ
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pmseymourva26 days ago
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[Genshin 鈥淟eak鈥漖
The Moonlit Visitor
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summit-shapera month ago
Imagine being loved.
Being so loved that they hold you close to their chest in the morning, eyes gazing at you with so much warmth and adoration. They thread their fingers with yours, brushing a kiss to your knuckles, before pressing your joined hands to their chest and shutting their eyes in bliss once more.
Being so loved that they smile at you so brightly, that the sun and moon would envy the light that emits from it. A look so smitten and intrigued with you only, before not being able to hold back a small chuckle of happiness.
Being so loved that everything you hate about yourself, just became another thing they love about you. All the little scars and marks, every curve, every big and small facial feature, you used to hate as a child. They鈥檇 love them, for they are what make you, you.
Being so loved that they stare at you while you do the most mundane things, realising that you truly are who they want to be with eternally. Prideful of being your significant other, they send you a smile only reserved for you, until finally joining in on what your were doing.
Being so loved that they see you everywhere, similar things a child did, a small beautiful flower on the sidewalk, that they think you鈥檇 find endearing or maybe just a familiar tune.
Being so loved that they wouldn鈥檛 turn away from you and stay by your side. Loyal and trusting in each other, simple acts of service, out of attentiveness and affection.
Imagine being loved.
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froggysoup26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淐hild prodigy of the Fatui Skirmishers. What she lacks in stature, she makes up for in precision.鈥
HEY I made a Genshin oc! her name is Yeliza (short for Yelizaveta) and her weapon type is gun because I鈥檓 Mihoyo and I said so. she鈥檚 a part of the Fatui because of her sharpshooting skills and there are absolutely 0 (zero) consequences to handing your achievement-driven child over to your nation鈥檚 power-hungry military
one day I鈥檒l write up actual character stories for her but I need to figure out how to focus on things for longer than a day first
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pcktknife6 days ago
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genshin self insert cause i deserve it
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space-arts24 days ago
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Tumblr media
Too sleepy to fly anymore
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oletartsa month ago
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Tumblr media
genshin oc commission for chardevoire !! 馃槍馃挅
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nyctophilla-nightmaresa month ago
"Vile women"
Tumblr media
Warnings:notsfw, forced sex, unprotected sex,degradation, jealousy,smut,public sex.long fic,porn with plot
Childe x fatui assassin reader
銆奊lossary is at the bottom銆
Disclaimer-y/n will be addressed by her middle name in some parts
Tumblr media
The bustling streets of liyue ripple through all sorts of conversation as many childeren, adults and workers all gather around the rite of decisions ceremony demanding for an explain as to how did the rex lapis had gotten assassinated. The entire harbour was in chaos as everyone was panicked over there gods death.
while this was happening the liyue qixing were quicky trying to transport the exuvia to the golden house in hopes of persevering it safely.
Tumblr media
Lebedeva's sharp cold, eyes witnessed all of this from roof of the northland bank as she enjoys the sun breeze and the sudden uproar through out the harbour
A twisted smile decorates her porcelain face as she takes joy in the show unfolding before her.
"Those poor inncent little civilians~ such gullible people"
Lebedeva muses as she yet again let's out a twisted laugh while staring down at the massive commotion with glee.
Tumblr media
Y/n lebedeva Borisyuk daughter of duke Viktor sergeev Borisyuk and Nastasya Dmitrieva Borisyuk, youngest child of the great borisuyuk nobel family of snezhnaya. Sister to Igor korolev Borisyuk.
Y/n lebedeva Borisyuk also known as snezhnaya's most powerfull assassin, said to be as fast as the speed of light itself and clever than demons.
Lebedeva was highly feared by other nations since the day she had joined the fauti because it was said that after being locked away in the abyss at the mere age of 8 years she had made out alive after 6 years, with an abyss herald's head clutching in her plam.
Lebedeva was gifted by tartsita her self as an honor and then instead of her getting into the fauti she was trained to be a highclass assassin and said to take care of the matters that the fauti harbingers aren't capably of doing.
Soon this had brought great praise upon the Borisyuk family and wealth from tartsita.
Lebedeva however was not even the slightest happy the poor child had lost her mind in the abyss. Doing everything she could to survive. When returing back she didn't even remember her family or anyone around her. Having seen so much bloodshed and being tortured by the wretched creatures lebedeva had become the absolute definition of insanity. Tarsita had never truly gifted her anything all she did was give her a fraction of her power of that the mere child can come back to her sences,
This power however was still greater than any vison it was as if the combination of a vison and a delusion at the same moment. The immense amount of cold elemental energy had done it's work into saving y/n yet the other part of her brain was still to this day highly damaged.
But she was never able to feel the damage after tartsita gave her the powers since the elemental energy had already over powerd any sort of pain.
Tumblr media
銆夾h yes back to the present days銆
Lebedeva had just returned from mondstatd after clearing up the big commotion made by la signora and was now in the harbour, enjoying the mess that was being created by the harbingers.
Lebedeva quite didnt had anything to do these days since all the work given to her was either from the snezhnayan embassy , from her brother who's currently preparing to become the Duke as her father passes on. Or tartsita herself. And since she didn't had anything to do for the past year she was merely running around teyavt bullying all kinds of creatures creating commotions and taking amusement out of others misery. Even when she was in mondstatd she just so happens to create quite the friendship with Calvary captain, knowing well that he is from Khaenri'ah.
That friendship is quite disclosed and not Appropriate to speak of.
Tumblr media
Standing up from the crooked roof and stretching her back as she lets out a bored sigh.
Staring up at the sky to see how fast the day has passed and all the Civillians had already left to the comfort of their homes.
A scowl soon appears on lebedeva's face as she remember the main reason why she had visited the northland bank in the first place.
Taking time off from her fun days just to visit this excuse of man made her wany to hurl.
Truly visiting her betrothed fiance, tartaglia
Was last of her wishes.
Tartaglia, childe 11th of the fauti harbingers. Oh how she despised him, ever since they were mere toddlers they had gotten engaged since it was a way of creating freindship between 2 nobel family.
Since kids childe never left her side clinging to her like a dog and waging his tail over a slightest bit of attention. Lebedeva hated him since they were kids ajax had no manners what so ever wanting to fight anyone or anything he deemed himself superior over everyone in the fauti and took an oath to become the strongest, he was way to egoistic and self-absorbed. And utterly excuse of a being is what y/n deemed him as. She wanted to quickly marry him and then kill him so this dog could get away.
tartaglia however was utterly head over heels for her since they met, y/n lebedeva Borisyuk was every thing that he wanted to be, strong intelligent, powerfull and tartsita' s favourite. Tartaglia however never once got jealous of her in other ways he was the one jealous of others whom had her full attention in any conversation. She treated him like her shoes yet childe did everything he could to get her attention even if it meant losing to her in every battle.
This unhealthy childhood obsession of tartaglia for y/n never stopped all it did was turn childe more insane by the second, the first time childe had experienced saddeness and sheer pain from loss was when he became aware that lebedeva was in the abyss. He was utterly losing his mind over the thought of losing her but soon as she was saved and returns it was his turn to go to the abyss which turned him into what he is now, but that is a story for another time.
Tumblr media
The cold breeze harshly flows through the now dead quiet harbour as now it is the middle of the night.
Y/n elegantly makes her way throught the baloney of the higher up building of the bank to enter through the window with little to no sound.
"You called for me?"
A harsh yet striking voice leaves y/n's throat as her cold sharp eyes stares at the shadow standing beside the now locked door.
""Oh my dear 写芯褉芯谐邪褟"
Muses childe as steps out the shadow, his blue ocean eyes staring down upon her as if she's the finest meal in teyvat.
"State your business with me.I don't have time for your small talk"
"My, why must you be so cold to your husband?"
A scowl soon appears on lebedeva's as she summons her dagger and pointing it straight at childes hand as he was midway in holding her hand.
"dare touch me with those filthy hands,and I'll cut your limbs of one by one"
"My dear 写芯褉芯谐邪褟 if you wanna indulge in a battle with me you could've just asked"
Moving closer to her and bringing her dagger closer to his neck as a sly smirk appears on his face.
"If you intend on killing I suggest you do it fast my love ,there are still many milliths taking strolls through the building"
Says childe as now his forehead soon comes in contact with hers
"Oh should I now?~"
Pressing the daggers tip into his neck just enough to draw blood, y/n proceeds to yank childe down by his hair so now she is the one looking down at him.
"Know your place vermin, I came here with the thought that you were supposed to deliver important documents related to the rex lapis gnosis situation.and not act like a fucking dog"
Harshly exclaims lebedeva as she stares down at him as if he was the most disgusting thing in the world.
"Why must you be so harsh with me 写芯褉o-"
Stopping mid sentence childe's gaze move to her left ear that is now exposed since y/n's hair had moved to the right side.
"What is That?"
The love crazed eyes now becoming a dark deep hues of blue.
Soon a annoyed look formed on lebedeva's face as she thinks he's trying to trick his way out.
As soon as she was about to push him to the ground, a harsh grip formed upon her neck taking her completely by surprise.
Immense pressure being applied lebedeva feels herself getting pulled to the ground then turned to lay on her back
"Shut it"
Y/N feels a hand wrapped around her jaw as her face is forcibly turned to the right side.
"Be a dearie my love and tell me what this is?"
Tartaglia says as he leans down to bury his face just below her left ear.
The earring that kaeya gave to her as a sign of gratitude for bringing him free drinks !
"None of your business, get off of me this instant before I do indeed end up killing you"
A hushed laugh escapes childe as his now blood thirsty eyes look down upon her unbothered once.
"My love I don't think you're in any position of ordering me around"
A fingure soon gets shoved past y/n's lips as childe tries to choke her.
"You talk to much has anyone ever told you That?"
Says childe as he grabs her dagger and snaps it into two within seconds making y/n completely bersake as she tries to twist his hand.
"You know I admired you ever since childeren. I loved almost everything about you, to your composed behaviour to your fighting skills, your high renowed intelligent. Oh how utterly proudful I felt over the thought that one day you will become my wife"
Laughing at himself childe grabs the other sharp part of the dagger and brings it down towards y/n's mid colloar bone
"Only if I knew how much of a disobedient bitch you were gonna turn out to be"
Soon the daggers is slided down and y/n's clothes get split in half as her hands are now tied in electrified hydro binds
"I should have done this sooner no? Your utterly shocked and near tears expression is something i dont get to see evveryday~"
Thrashing her legs at him as she tries to back away but her eyes soon start widing by the moment she feels cold air hitting her bare stomach and legs
"You-- woulnt-"
"Oh I will~"
Y/n soon hears the unbulcking sound of a belt her mind going haywire as too being aware of what might happen.
"No-no please-e childe dont-"
A broken cry escapes her as the now left fingures are replaces with his belt getting strapped around her mouth.
"Shut it you vile women,first you dare come to me wearing things given by another man and then even try to hide what happend, you slut you slept with him didnt you?"
Paying no mind to her. he rips off any kind of clothing covering her and pushes her legs up to her chest.
"Fucking slut you dare have interactions with other men while being engaged to me?"
Spreading her legs and lining himself up in her already dripping hole, childe smirks through his anger while looking down at her
"Look! The Y/N lebedeva Borisyuk is getting raped by her very husband! And she's clearly enjoying it isn't she? .Crying as she pleases to stop yet this dripping cunt would say otherwise no?"
wasting no time childe shoves himself inside and starts thrusting in like an animal,making y/n realse a hushed sream
"A dog you said right?~ now let's see how fast this dog can go!"
Pounding into her with no intend of stopping childe keeps on going again and again and again.
Childe was having the time of his life the power of being in control over lebedeva was rilling him up too much as he wasn't even considering stopping at all even though being aware that she had already orgasmed serval times
Lebedeva on the other hand didnt even know what was happening all she knew was that this sensation of pain and pleasure was making her see stars, head already fallen to the ground her eyes being long gone to the back of her head strips of salvia covering the Belt and tons of it dropping down her chin as broken hushed moans came out her throat.
'H-how many times have i-??'
Thinks y/n as she feels herself orgasming again
'8- no maybe- 9?'
Having lost all sense of self already y/n allows herself to submit to the pleasure since being aware that it's gonna be a long night.
Tumblr media
Y/N comes from an old noble family in snezhnaya that has great influence over the snezhnayan embassy and government and are also allies to tartsita
All their names are from old russian
(I gave everyone a russian theme because snezhnayan is based of off russia)
All oc names and there meaning-
borisyuk in russian means "the great wolf" or "the snow leopard" I chose those since they are from the cryo region snezhnaya.
Viktor sergeev The father- means conquer
Nastasya Dmitrieva The mother - means resurrection
Igor korolev The brother- means "bow warrior"
And lastly lebedeva actually being kira lebedeva which I had cut short to replace with y/n. Means- mistress,ruler
写芯褉芯谐邪褟 - means sweetheart
Also the childe fanart above is not mine all credits go to @raiu_81 on Twitter.
To all the native russian speaker reading this fic- I am not familiar with the russain language I just chose it as a theme for childe and snezhaya since it was confirmed that the cryo region is based of off russia, so I highly apologize if you spot any word mistakes made or meaning mistakes 馃洂
And also childe rails you on the carpet in the side room in the bank which had an office chair a book shelf and was nearest to the balcony and had windows.
Also apologises if the smut part in this was short because this is my first time writing heavy smuts and I am quite bad at it so I thought that I might as well throw in a plot馃洂I hope you enjoyed
(Art not mine found on Pinterest)
Tumblr media
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enosstart5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oops! you pulled brioche!!
(he鈥檚 my genshin OC!)
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riessene8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
made an oc for genshin impact to kiss kaeya聽 hes a noble pyro user from sumeru would you gamble聽 your last penny to get him..i swear his fighting kit is fun and op
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anime-clickanddrag-geemu8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact click and drag game (OC Generator)!
Game Notes
Please use a browser other than Google Chrome to play because the gif always locks onto its first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox works, please try those.
Tumblr media
I hit 1.5k not too long ago, so I'd like to do a little event for that!
Option 1 [Status: CLOSED]
If you submit a screenshot of your results from this OC Generator, I will sketch out a design of your generated OC!
This option will end after the first 5 people submit their results.
Option 2 [Status: CLOSED]
Similar to my fanfic challenge, if you submit a piece of writing (fanfic, headcanons, etc.) based on your results from this OC Generator AND the general Genshin Impact click and drag game I made (does not have to be fully exact), I will create a digitized drawing of your generated OC!
This option will end on the day of my birthday, Sunday, November 15th, 2020, 11:59pm (CDT)
For both options, please be sure to include a Name, Gender, Pronouns, Age (or how old/ young do they look?) and Body Type for your OC in your submission. 3 Character Traits, Height, Skin Color, and Hair type/length would be appreciated too. Otherwise, I will choose for you!
I will only be accepting requests through my SUBMISSIONS/ASKS, not any reblogs!
Just a heads up, I will take a while to do your request, but I can assure you they will get done! (Expect them either by the end of the month or beginning of December! I'll try my best!) I just want something to look forward to doing when my holiday break comes, heh :D
Hope you guys have fun with this!
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nyctophilla-nightmaresa month ago
Can I request a jealous!Yandere Diluc ( nsfw 馃憖) with fluff x a fm reader! Like the reader luvs him and stuffs 馃ズ thank uuu! Keep up ur good and genius workk!!
"Thou art mine forevermore"
Tumblr media
Warnings-smut,forced sex,rough sex,kidnapping,abuse yandere ,jealousy, old english theme,drugging,rape-noncon
銆奊lossary given at the bottom please read it if you get confused. Slight bit of old english grammer used only when characters are having a conversation銆
Tumblr media
"When you follow the desires of your sinful nature the results are very clear: sexual immortality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idoltary, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambitions, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness and other sins like these. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life Will not in herit the kingdom of God"
--Galatians 5:19-21--
compassion, bliss, devotion, endearment, fondness, happiness, inspiration, warmth.
The only few words that were special enough to describe the feelings he experienced whenever she was close by
Y/n Eda Aston the daughter of a small horse trader in mondstad.
The girl and now lady that diluc Ragnvindr had been infatuated with, for all his life.
She was someone who was always there by his side, Someone that suddenly walked into his life, somone who was traveling with her father on a stormy night and had spotted the mere child diluc crying in the rain as he had lost track from his brother while playing hide and seek.
She and her father had nurtured the boy for 2 whole days as they brought him to their lovely home in the woods gave him food and bandaged his wounds that he got when falling down on the cobblestone path when he was trying to find a hiding spot outside the winery to then wandering off in the forest.
That very day was the moment when his infatuation for eda was born, an innocent little cursh for the 7 year old girl who had helped him and bandaged his scraped knees.
Oh how utterly flustered he had become when he saw such a beautiful girl his age, first he himself being a child wasnt aware that this was a crush he just thought that the his heart only kept getting faster when she was around was because she was the one that helped him.
Tumblr media
"W'rry not! i'll fixeth thee up!"
Cheerly announces the little girl as she brings in clean towels to wash his wounds , the flustered boy not being aware of what to say, turns his head the other way.
After the bandages were done the little boy slowly looks down at the girl who's still kneeling down by the bandage box as she tide things up
"T-Thanketh t-thee"
Stutters the boy as he shys away once more
"Thy welcometh just maketh sure thee don't hurt Thyself again!"
Softly nodding the boy looks down onto his feet.
"W-what's thy nameth?"
Once more the poor boy stutters while bringing his gaze up to her
"Y/N! eda Aston! But thee can calleth me eda!"
Exclaiming cheerly The,girl hears her mother calling for her.
"S'rry friend but moth'r is calling i'll seeth thee lat'r!"
Quickly leaving the room the girl turns once more to give the boy a warm smile before disappearing out the room.
The name slips through his lips as if he just licked through melted butter
"Such a beautiful nameth"
Tumblr media
From that very day an unbreakable frendship was formed between the 2,
Now that eda's father was appointed as dawn winery's horse trader as a gift from crepus ragnvinder for saving his son,
Since her father would always be visting the dawn winery he would always takes his daughter with him knowing full well of the new born friendships of master crepus son and his daughter he would leave her for the day their and then take her home at sunset.
After 8 years of friendship and poor diluc always getting suffocated by his feelings for eda, he now felt utterly clear of his emotions towards y/n.
They were embracing each other under the tree as they laughed in utter bliss
Diluc ragnvinder was seeing red as he saw the girl he loved kiss his brother under the beautiful tree of windrise beside the anemo archon's statue.
"Why him?"
Tumblr media
Anger, sadness, clueless, jealousy, hatred, anxious,envious, resentful , hopelessness, ruined, cheated.
All the feelings he experienced as he shattered and broke everything in his room
Diluc ragnvinder was loosing his mind second by second
"Why?........w-why? I-I thought That m-me y-you and I- we-were-"
Chocking on his tears as he slides down his door while grabbing his hair as tears fell out his eyes uncontrollably.
Thousands of thoughts run through his mind as the image of her and his brother kissing kept playing in his head.
Was he not good enough? Did she always saw him as a friend? Did she never even felt even a slight bit of attraction to him?even when she was always there to support him during his training at the knights of favonious even when she always braided his hair and decorated them with windwheel asters, even when she fell asleep beside him on the mondstad barbatoes statue while star gazing?-Did none of that ever mattered to her?"
Maybe yes maybe he wasn't good enough maybe it was all his fault maybe he did something wrong maybe she never liked him in the first place maybe he didn't deserve her at all.
Yes of course, it should've all been his fault .
,it was his own mistake to even think that such a beautiful girl like her would even look at his way, after all growing up he got everything he wanted, a loving father an amazing home, a vision he tried to live up to everyone expectations and always excel in everything,Maybe all of this was just karma after giving him everything. it took all that he ever wanted
His brother never once got anything but now he took everything.
But no.why must he be the one to be selfless? Why can't he be selfish for once and have her all to himself?
All the self hatred and doubt leaving his head as he thought about forbidden and horrendous methods of taking her back. Because afterall was he really the one to blame? All this wasn't his fault he did everything he was ever asked to since he was born he tried to help everyone and anyone, he lived up to everyone's wishes then why was he the one that didn't deserve to have her? And if someone like him isn't deserved to have someone like y/n eda Aston. Then just how is kaeya albrich any different? He never tried in anything he always got whatever he wanted too didnt he? Kaeya was left in the wood and then instantly given shelter it's not like he ever worked hard for it.
Yes exactly that's it it's all a misunderstanding eda is probably having some problems thats why she was with kaeya and then they both accidentally kissed Yes! That must be it! Afterall why should the loving caring girl who always took care of diluc kiss someone else! Both diluc and y/n were born to be together No?
A chocked maniacal laugh leaves him as the now highly delusional diluc's entire head as so many horrendous thoughts swim through his head.
Tumblr media
3 years 77 days.
For over 3 years y/n was gone, left to liyue since her father found new work after diluc's father's death, over 6 years of diluc drowning in utter maddness and long gone loosing his sanity. But after all that wait after so much planning there she was.
Beautifully drugged sleeping on diluc's bed as he stares from the nearby chair.
"Aft'r so much I finally has't thee in the plam of mine own handeth"
His deep voice muses as he softly drags the butter knife down her neck.
"Thee knoweth to this day I still wond'r, wast I not good enow f'r thee?, wast I the selfish one"
"Or w're thee the blind'd and wrong one all 'long?"
Climbing on top of her, diluc straddles the still passed out women's waist as he puts pressure on the knife so her thin cotten dress starts tearing as he slowly glides it down her chest.
"Oh how I loved thee but yet thee hath chosen mine own broth'r"
"Thee hath tried to turneth 2 broth'rs 'gainst each oth'r and thee did succeed"
"Only if 't be true thee hadst did realize mine own loveth f'r thee kaeya wouldst has't still been alive"
Leaning down the red haired man presses his face against her neck as he inhales her cent.
"I has't wait'd so longeth f'r this v'ry moment, thee shall finally beest mineth"
Without a care diluc rips off the women's clothing before devouring down her neck as if some starved animal.
Litterling her neck with bites hickeys marks, letting hands wander of her body removing all her garments until she lays completely naked on the bed,
Diluc felt his mouth water as he stared down at her.
"Just how couldst someone beest so beautiful?"
In a hurry he removes all his clothing before
Once again diving down to devour upon the exposed porcelain skin.
The once whimpering y/n finally opens her eyes even while feeling the insane pain in her head, being aware of nothing but that she felt as if she was in water and only remembering a cloaked man with red and black gloves whom had offered her water as she was travelling back to her homeland.she remembers feeling as if a huge steel rod had hit her head she passed out.
"w-what w-what is happenin-"
Interrupted mid way y/n feels a rough hand harshly shut her jaw as a muscular body is being rubbed against her, her eyes widing she tries to look at the person doing this,
She feels as if the entire world broke apart when she's met with those fiery orbs once again
"Oh my! is princess finally awaketh"
Exclaiming sarcastically, dilucs spreads her already chained legs around his waist.
"Shut it!"
Harshly slapping her thighs he lines him self in her entrance before slamming inside her with no warning
A strained moan leaves diluc as he feels her walls greedly clamping down him, while a chiling scream leave y/n as she feels getting ripped apart.
Slamming in her once more he quickly leans down to shut her up by interlacing his tongue with hers as the screams become hused. Diluc soon creates a rhythm of harsh thrusts as he easts her mouth.
Tons of saliva dripping down both there chins as diluc tries to make her choke on his tongue.
The room is filled with the noises of skin harshly slapping together,broken cries,sobs and begs, deep grunts and groans as diluc make y/n forcibly orgasm for the 6th time this night.
"Why ar-rt thee doing this? i has't nev'r done a-aught to t-thee"
Poor miserable y/n finally manages to say it between the immense oversimulation and harsh thrusts from diluc.
The clueless girl felt so utterly betrayed by diluc, she wasn't even aware of what was happening all she knew that after 3 years of working with her father she finally came back to Visit her childhood friend and the blunett that she loves. Only to now get chained to a bed and get
Raped by her lover's brother
A maniacal laughter ripples through diluc's throat as he looks down at her with animalistic eyes
Diluc exclaims all that between animalistic amd harsh thrusts as venom laces his tone, y/n on the other hand was long gone blacking out from the multiple orgams as she sees white, all his rants reaching deaf ears
Even when already orgasmibg diluc doesn't stop as he keeps thrusting over and over again, catching his breath he looks at the half fainted y/n, he ticks off once more before harshy grabbing her scalpe hair he wakes her up
"Thee t's at each moment been thy fault, thee hath said thee'll at each moment beest here thee hath said thee'll nev'r leaveth me ,yet thee hath chosen that him ov'r me ,yet thee hath left me at left me when i needed thee the most"
Diluc muses as venom laces his tone.
"Thee madeth me loseth myself thee hath broken me apart, so now I'll rip thee apart"
Maniacally laughter erupts through the room as diluc joins his forehead with the trembling y/n
"And then after I shall stitch you back together into my perfect little doll"
"Thou art mine forevermore"
Tumblr media
Wast- was
Hath- has
Hast- have
Thine- You (belonging to thy)
Thy- your
Aught- anything
Beest- be
Nay- no
Also you may notice since I only used minor old english words many morden english words would include "eth" at the end.
Note for @scheophi - I am so sorry I couldnt make this the way you wanted of how the reader loves diluc and all but it seemed as if my thoughts themself had a brain of their own and the fic turned out like this.馃洂馃洂馃洂馃洂i still do hope you enjoy
-art not mine, found on Pinterest-
Extra notes-
Both kaeya and y/n had a secret rElAtiOnsHiP for about 1 year and then diluc basically caught them, he pretended as if nothing happened and went away to drown in sadness bez
They were 15 at the time so after they turned 18 was when y/n left and after 3 years she came back when she was 21
Eda aston means- a diminutive for Edith which means blessed or richness in old english.
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Tumblr media
brioche turnaround for comm purposes~
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I personified my seelie and made a xiaoven kid. :D This was the only way- Neither Xiao or Venti would be good parents lets be real here, we needed something 100% independent, doesn鈥檛 eat, poop, optional sleep and just happened to look like the wind boyfriends in a blender.
Naois is my boy who follows around Venti and Nellie is @buttonheart 鈥榮 girl that follows Xiao. UvU
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yet another brioche drawing
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