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rice-pudding-slaps · 3 months ago
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(From Hayden Baum's instagram)
Hayden Baum as Skimbleshanks
Raffe Watts as Munkustrap
Dane Quixall as George
Ellie Nunan as Jennyanydots
Mukeni Nel as Carbucketty
George Hankers as Mungojerrie
Dominique Hamilton as Rumpleteazer
Anina Pletscher as Electra and Victoria
Bradley Delarosbel as Plato
Ashlee Hammerin as Demeter
Xavier Pellin as Mr Mistoffelees
Ben Mundy as Coricopat
Emily Casey as Cassandra
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hysterical-cats · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
some boys for u
as always if there are any u want to see next dont be afraid to send an ask and tell me :)
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lina-voltaire · a month ago
Tumblr media
Imagine George trying to explain to a concerned Munkustrap that he is not sick, he just really wants to play.
Munkustrap ends up throwing a big stick for George to fetch! I feel like afterwards Munk would try to look through the junkyard for some sort of dog toy that's been thrown in there
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mysticalmarzicats · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
And Here's the Tom Kits! George is the youngest and Tumble is the oldest. All of them are in that excitable not yet a official teen but not quite a kid stage. George was raised by dogs which is why his body langue reads wrong sometimes but he’s generally happy and amiable and so gets along fine with the other kits.
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oh-well-i-never · a year ago
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Cat Dump Part 4! Kitten addition (Minus Victoria, plus. George.)
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Tumblebrutus: Lesbians, what is your wisdom today?
Rumpleteazer: Titty soft because its close to the heart
Etcetera, smiling at Electra: Wife... Beautiful.
Tumblebrutus: Excellent! Gays what is your wisdom?
Mungojerrie: Man... Very hot.
Carbucketty: I stuck my tail in a drawer today... :(
Tumblebrutus: Absolutely incredibile! Bi and pan people, what is your wisdom today?
Munkustrap: Why is everybody hot?
Bombalurina: Gobal warming.
George: People are pretty and I cant speak to them.
Rum Tum Tugger: Thighs... Nice.
Macavity: Violence.
Tumblebrutus: Superb! Trans, nobinary and genderfluid people what is your wisdom?
Tantomile and Coricopat: If you lick a dorknoob, you dont own it, it owns you
Admetus: hhh big love all genders.
Tumblebrutus: Terrific! Aro and ace people what is your wisdom?
Electra: Bonjour, cats have lovely fuuurrrrr~
Mistoffelees: Bodies is an illusion and time is fake.
Tumblebrutus: Wondeful, and that concludes our wisdom for today!
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lilliecat · 6 months ago
Various George’s from around the world!! (Ask if you’d like an id or a production or actor!!)
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He’s my favorite male character my underrated spongly scrimbo…
Bonus, my favorite image:
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welcome-to-the-cattle-dome · 3 months ago
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ive always been so lost in my own version of george i havent got to think abt him being a dog much so. today was the day ! also taking it one step further and like... what if he was a ‘human’ werewolf? well. big as fuck bro. 
bonus jemima/sillabub as well
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indianasolo221 · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Thalia Burt as George.
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per-the-jellicle-magician · 3 months ago
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"Should I believe it or not? Maybe my eyesight is deceiving me? That someone doesn't understand who the Roof Cat is."
A moment that i lovingly called "Baby Munk is judging you"
In the front, Munkustrap and Alonzo. From the left Bill Bailey, Fantazja with Quaxo between her legs, Mistoffelees. Behind him in the very back, Carbucketty. On the floor between Munk and Alonzo: Etcetera, then Victoria with George Bailey behind her. On the right: Cassandra with Tumblebrutus. Behind them Coricopat and Tantomile. On the far right on the floor Sierściuch.
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fluffytuffles · 8 months ago
Jellicle Housecats
(warning for mentions of: death, chronic illness/hospitalization, animal abuse and neglect)
Cassandra - Cassandra lives with a young professional who doesn’t have much time for her. Viewing her as self-sufficient, and busy with other matters in his life, he often forgets to put out food or water. As a result, Cassandra often finds herself going in search of these. This is how she first met the Jellicles. She’s since started to spend more and more time with these cats. Her aloofness is in part a defense against how her human has not seemed to notice her frequent absence. Even though she is still wary of getting too close to any of them, she greatly appreciates how readily they’ve welcomed her into their community. 
Her human calls her Lily.
Tumblr media
Coricopat & Tantomile - Coricopat and Tantomile were adopted together as a bonded pair of kittens. Their humans were themselves a set of twins, living on their own for the first time after separating from their family home. Each of the sisters had their favorite of the two, and so they were individually considered that one’s person. Unfortunately, after about a year together as a family, Tantomile’s human passed away. While it’s been difficult for all of them, the surviving sister and their cats have found comfort in each other. Coricopat and Tantomile are able to venture down to the junkyard fairly often, but only ever when their human is asleep. 
Their human calls them Mix and Match.
Tumblr media
Electra - Electra was nearly a year old before she was taken into a human home. Her humans are a large middle class family with five children all fighting over anything, including the kitty’s affection. Electra usually loves the attention but is also sometimes overwhelmed by it, and will go into hiding for hours or even days at a time. She frequently escapes the home to visit her friends and family, both in the junkyard and at their own homes. Independent but also still very young, she sometimes has trouble finding her way back home, but knows one of the adults is always there to help. Without fail she’s greeted with love from her concerned humans. 
Her humans call her Clover.
Tumblr media
George & Wallflower (Exotica) - Wallflower was already living with her elderly human for many years when the woman’s granddaughter moved in to be her aid. With her came George, at the time a grown but rambunctious tom. Like their humans, it took them some time to warm up to the situation; George was eager to make a new friend, while Wallflower was more wary but nonetheless curious about her new housemate. Within a few months they had come into a routine, and the more time they spent together, the more the two liked each other. Their humans noticed how well their personalities complemented one another, and have since been viewing them as a mated pair. They live quite far away from the junkyard, so they don’t visit often; Wallflower, in fact, had not even known about the Jellicles until George came along. Now each visit is a pleasant trip for them. 
Their humans call them Spot and Hyacinth.
(gif not found :/)
Jennyanydots - Jennyanydots’s humans are a couple of wealthy middle-aged professionals who are often away on business and other travel. She considers it her duty to help keep the house in order so that the maids do not have to upkeep the estate all by themselves. During the day, though, she stays out of the way, both for her humans and their hired help. Jennyanydots is also seen as the matron of the neighborhood cats, all of whom in one way or another view her as a mother figure. As long as she will not be missed by her people, and she knows the house is in excellent condition, she will trek down to the junkyard to see her dear friends and family. 
Her humans call her Speck.
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Quaxo/“Mistoffelees” - Originally found alone in a train car as a small kitten, Mistoffelees was adopted into a small, well-to-do family. His human is a twelve-year-old boy with chronic illness. Mistoffelees uses his tricks to confound the parents and cheer the boy up. Whenever the boy goes into hospital, Mistoffelees will spend days at a time in the junkyard while he waits it out. His humans have accepted that sometimes he will just disappear, and have realized the probable reason behind it. As this has been happening almost his entire time, Mistoffelees is well-acquainted with the Jellicles living in the junkyard. He hopes that when his boy grows up and “no longer needs him” that he will live in the junkyard full time and be its protector. 
His humans call him Missy (short for Missing Sock).
Tumblr media
Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer - Taken from their mother too young, the pair were bought by a very wealthy family and immediately expected to behave to their expectations. The two love to cause trouble for their humans, and rely on how the family can’t seem to tell the difference between them working to their advantage in avoiding consequences. They are experts at dodging consequences and poorly-aimed shoes. They spent most of their time out and about, usually stopping by the junkyard to see their friends, but usually trying to avoid the adults who wish they would stop making trouble there as well. More than anyone, they rely on each other, and know the other always has their back. 
Their humans call them Terry and Kerry.
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Old Deuteronomy - Old Deuteronomy has been owned by several very different families over his long life. Most recently he’s kept by a pastor and is largely considered to belong to the whole congregation. While he doesn’t have a proper home life with a human family, he nevertheless is always fed, sheltered, and loved. He sleeps on a small platform behind the pulpit; sometimes services will even be delayed if he’s asleep. Living outside London, and considering his age, getting to the junkyard on a regular basis is difficult; some years he can’t even attend the Jellicle Ball. But he still tries, and will continue to try even as he grows ever older. 
The humans call him Goliath.
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Rum Tum Tugger - In his still quite young life, Rum Tum Tugger has lived in no fewer than ten human homes. None of them seem to last long before they get fed up with his antics and pass him onto the next family. The tom has had historically bad experiences with humans regardless of his behavior: his second family had him de-clawed. Though no one will speak about it in his presence, everyone knows he hasn’t been the same since. The most recent is a young bachelor in a local band, and this seems to be the best arrangement yet. Hopes are high that this one will be for good. He visits the junkyard infrequently, but as his human brings him on brief tours with the band, it’s lately been more of a special-occasion kind of thing. 
His human calls him Monty.
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Skimbleshanks - A former mouser on the night train line, Skimbleshanks was cared for by the conductor. Well-loved by all the crew, everyone knew that when it came time for the mouser to retire, there would be a long line of potential new homes for him. Although Skimbleshanks remained as energetic as when he was a much younger tom, over time he grew less adept at catching mice that seemed to be getting smarter, and it was decided that he would be honorably dismissed from his duties. He went home with the conductor who’d always loved him even more than the rest, and has since started to settle into retired life in a home with a family. 
His humans call him Tiger.
Tumblr media
Victoria - Victoria’s human, an eleven-year-old girl, is a neighbor and friend of Mistoffelees’s. She is pampered by the family and enjoys living in a steady home, but her curiosity drove her to explore the world outside the estate. Through her good friendship with Mistoffelees she met the Jellicles. She is eager to integrate into their community, and although she finds it difficult to separate from her human families, she’s unsure of whether a sheltered life with people who take care of her is preferable to the more dangerous but independent life among those who love her and see her as an equal. While she figures this out, she stays mostly in the house, but will always jump on an opportunity to go see her friends and, perhaps one day, family. 
Her humans call her Duchess.
Tumblr media
(i was gonna make this all one post but it got long so. strays next time!)
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linadoondraws · 8 months ago
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It's past midnight, time to post a rarepair.
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thedragonchilde · 5 months ago
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whittington-friend · 5 months ago
Munkustrap really broke barriers for letting a dog play ‘The Rumpus Cat’. We stan an equal opportunity King! 
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cat-brrr · 11 months ago
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Tugger's fan club
Plato - Tumblebrutus - George - Pouncival
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Story idea (again) Human AU:
Tumblebrutus, George, Pouncival, Plato, and Mungojerrie jamming to Best Song Ever by One Direction
Plato is not exactly sure if it's a great idea since he is convinced he can't sing and doesn't want to embarrass himself.
George is jamming by dancing and singing loudly with Pouncival
Tumble is reluctantly singing with his brother and friends
Mungojerrie quickly joins them after setting up a camera in the corner to show Teazer later and to show the guys because memories are forever.
@uppastthejelliclemoon @storyweaverofgondor
@queen-with-the-quill @roxycake
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Asparagus Jr., after Jellylorum leaves: Looks like I'm the only one in charge of you brats for this afternoon.
George, Cheryl, Tumblebrutus, Pouncival, Carbucketty, Etcetera: ...
Asparagus Jr.: So yeah. Typical rules: Don't break anything because then I'll get in trouble with your mom.
Everyone: ...
Asparagus Jr.: Ok then. I'm going to go make some snacks. Don't kill each other in the meantime.
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catboymccartney · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
ok so i found this picture and
Tumblr media
LOOK AT THEM!!!! they’re just and i jsut
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thunderwhenhepurrs · 7 months ago
“The Talk” for Toms
aka Jellicle Sex Education in Two Parts
So @falasta and I were talking last night about CATS as actual cats, and we discussed how the “sex talk” might go and who was responsible for giving it.
Munkustrap, of course, gives the young toms The Talk. What he doesn’t know is that The Rum Tum Tugger always gives the toms The Talk, Part Two.
Also here on AO3: “The Talk” for Toms
Once every few moons another group of toms reached maturity, and Munkustrap took it upon himself to gather them up and give them the Talk. His version was not quite as hair raising as the one Jenny and Jelly gave the queens, but it was serious and important information.
By the end of it, as always, the young toms were distracted and fidgety, and Munkustrap had a sinking feeling as they walked away. He had to remind himself The Talk always seemed to work, no matter how dismissive the toms were when they walked away.
Munkustrap never saw the shadow of his younger brother creep after the small group, even though that was now tradition, too.
As soon as they were out of earshot, the young toms began to talk shit. “Munkustrap doesn’t understand how it is,” Tumblebrutus said with the confidence of a tom kitten choosing to trust hormones above brain cells. “He’s a neuter.”
“Yeah!” Pouncival added in, always eager to agree with his brother. “He doesn’t really know how it all works.”
“Munkustrap’s really smart,” Plato pointed out, but despite being the biggest of them his voice was the softest and quickly drowned out.
“We don’t need a bunch of stingy rules,” George agreed, puffing up his chest. “We’re real toms.”
“You’re right.” All four adolescents froze as Tugger strode up to them with his customary swagger, large tail swishing lazily behind him. “You all need advice from a real tom.”
Unlike his brother, Tugger had never taken that particular trip to the vet. He was every bit a Tomcat with a capital T.
Pouncival, Tumblebrutus, and George all lit up as their hero approached. Only Plato noticed how the older tom slowly started to circle them, crowding them together, every step slow and deliberate.
“Yeah, Tugger! Tell us how it really is!” Pouncival said, bouncing in place as he turned, seemingly unaware that Tugger was keeping him off kilter. The older tom chuckled, but Plato found he did not like the sound of it at all. He crouched down low, ears flat while the other toms bounded around him.
“All right. I will.” Tugger’s honey smooth voice dropped into a low growl. “If you don’t learn to think with your head instead of your balls, you’ll be dead before the next snowfall.”
The mood in clearing shifted immediately, the three exuberant toms stopping, confused. They suddenly seemed to realize how Tugger had boxed them in, prowling around them like an alleycat instead of the flirtatious fluffball they all were used to.
“You’ve never felt the call of a queen in heat,” Tugger continued. “She doesn’t just use her voice. She’ll smell like sweet cream, and it’ll fill your head until you can’t think straight. You’ll be stupider than that time you all got into a catnip stash.”
When the toms had talked about queens in heat before, they had been excited about the prospect, certain they would have the best night of their lives. The way Tugger spoke, it sounded more like a horror story.
“Trust me, in a heat she is thinking a whole lot better than you are, whatever the bawdy stories say,” Tugger said, continuing his prowl. “Queens on the street will see you acting the idiot and walk you straight into a group of pollicles. Or under the tires of an automobile. You’ll think you’re going to get laid but instead you’ll get squashed flat.”
“You’re just trying to scare us,” Tumblebrutus said uncertainly, now crouching down like Plato immediately had. Pouncival and George still stood straight, utterly confused.
Tugger stopped suddenly and whipped his head around, pressing his face close to Tumblebrutus and baring the tips of his canines. “Yes. I am. I’ve picked the remains of a friend off the road because his head was empty and his balls were full. I’d rather not do it again.”
Tumblebrutus’s jaw shut with a snap and he pressed against Plato’s side.
Tugger resumed his slow pacing. “Now that you’ve got that in mind, let’s talk about the nice queens. The ones that aren’t about to run you into traffic. A queen being in heat doesn’t make her fair game. If she hasn’t told you she’s interested in you before it, she’s off-limits.” He bared his teeth again, his long fangs flashing in the moonlight and reminding them all of the wild blood that ran through him.
“I know Munkustrap was all nice and polite about how he said it, but let me translate. You take advantage of a queen - or a tom for that matter - you’ll be lucky if there’s anything left of you to cast out of the tribe. Heat isn’t an excuse. If I can control myself with my big, thick skull, you all keep it in your sheathes.”
It occurred to them all at once that Tugger, despite the fact they knew for certain he had bandied about with plenty of the tribe, did not have kittens. George was the next to crouch down, and then Pouncival quickly followed, until Tugger had the four cowering like weanlings.
“And if you’re just stupid about it, and get a queen knocked up? Munkustrap gave you the lecture, I know. He’ll be disappointed in you.” Tugger stopped in front of them and drew himself to his full, terrifying height, eclipsing the light of the moon and casting the young toms into shadow. “I’ll be the one to tan your hide.”
For all their collective hero worship of Tugger, none of them had ever realized how small they were next to him. One of his paws could knock at least three of them over like glass bottles. He might have to make a second swipe to get Plato. Maybe.
“And don’t think you’ll just get away with scratches,” Tugger growled, the glint of his eyes and flash of his teeth the only visible parts of his silhouetted face. “I will drag you by your scruff to that queen’s den every day if I have to. You will hunt for her, you will bring her nesting material, you will clean for her, you will fulfill her every need until your kittens are weaned.”
He took one step forward, causing them all to draw back, tails puffed out. “Because a real tom knows how to control himself. A real tom respects his partners. A real tom is a father to his kittens. And if I catch any of you acting the fool, much less implying that Munkustrap is not a real tom again, we will have problems.” His last words came out as a low, predatory growl. “Am. I. Clear?”
Pouncival, Tumblebrutus, and George all fell over themselves insisting he was, their eyes wide and pupils slits. Finally Tugger sat back and gave a dismissive flick of his tufted ears.
Recognizing their chance, the three smaller toms took off as one, disappearing into the junk to get away as quickly as possible. Plato was the only one left to watch Tugger sigh and absently groom his mane in a self-comforting gesture.
Slowly, the younger tom straightened up. He glanced in the direction his friends had gone and then back to Tugger, studying him. “That was quite a speech,” he said carefully, testing the waters.
Tugger snorted, casting Plato an amused look. “I’ve had practice,” he admitted.
“Do you always give that talk?” When Tugger stood and swished his tail invitingly, Plato fell into step beside him.
“Every damn time Munkustrap gives his,” Tugger said, his threatening persona completely vanished as if it had never been there at all. “Munk gives a decent lecture, but you kits were right about one thing: he doesn’t fully understand what it’s like being an intact tom. Specifically, that we’ve got shit for brains, especially at your age. No offense.”
Despite how harrowing the situation had been, Plato had to laugh. “I don’t think you’re wrong.” Silence fell around them as they made their way towards the edge of the Junkyard. Plato knew this was Tugger’s patrol route, though he always insisted he had just been fancying a stroll when he was caught on it.
“Sorry for scaring you,” Tugger said after a few minutes, tone quiet and genuine. “I don’t like doing that.”
It seemed Plato was going to be graced with multiple sides of Tugger that he had never expected before. He dared step into him, bumping their shoulders together.
“You care about us, and the queens,” Plato said to show Tugger he understood perfectly why he had done it. He had no doubt the others would realize it too once they coaxed their tails back out from around their legs. “And sometimes it takes something shocking to get the point across.”
Tugger chuckled and this time it was a warm, happy sound. “Yeah, you get it.” He turned and bumped his head fondly against Plato’s. If it made Plato a little weak in the knees, he would never admit it. “You’re a good tom, Plato.”
“A real one?” Plato asked with a playful swish of his tail. Tugger’s laughter echoed through the quiet junkyard as he swatted Plato’s ears.
“Yeah, a real one.”
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indianasolo221 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Dane Quixall as George, Alice Cornwell as Electra.
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