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scifi-fantasy-horror · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Geralt of Rivia by  Alexey Kruglov
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egosweetheart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
IM FINALLY DONE i really wanted to work out how to draw the main witcher cast and i DID. i liked a lot of things from all the different versions of them, so i just slammed them together until it worked itself out. im particularly pleased with jaskier ovo
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daddiel-ish · a day ago
Tumblr media
Still into the Geraskier void!
Drawing for the day 1 of the Witcher Trick or Treat event on twitter! (( @witcher-trick-or-treat sorry guys I just found out you had a tumblr too 🤧🤧))
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nellblazer · 2 days ago
Kinktober Day 21 - Brat | Geralt of Rivia
Tumblr media
Summary: Of all the wards in all the lands, Geralt got stuck with you and your attitude
Warnings: Spanking, insults
*Please do not replicate/rework/translate my work anywhere else without my express permission*
Tumblr media
“I refuse to go any further,” you complain, your feet throbbing in pain and your back aching from the long walk through the woods.
“I don't have time for this,” your supposed protector sighs to the heavens.
“The arrangement was that you would take me to my father, not to make me travel like a common peasant. I am not used to long journeys in this manner, Witcher.”
“That is because you are pampered,” he turns on you, annoyance flashing in his yellow eyes. “Your life is in danger; we cannot use a carriage to draw attention to ourselves. Our only option is to travel on foot so which would you rather have, my lady? Blisters or your life?”
“There's no need to be an insufferable blowhard about it,” you hiss.
Geralt was quite possibly the most irritating man you'd ever come across. You would swear he was picking the hardest options just to spite you and dressing it up as 'for your personal safety'. He didn't have a single kind word to say to you either.
“There's no need to be a spoiled little princess about it either,” he retorts. “Had I known you'd be this much of a bothersome brat, I would've left you to be assassinated. No amount of coin is worth this assault upon my ears.”
“How dare you! When I-”
“-tell your father? Go ahead. I don't care,” Geralt rolls his eyes. “But you're my ward and you'll obey my rules until you're under his care again.”
“No I won't, Witcher,” you stand your ground.
“If I have to carry you I will.”
“Good. That's what I wanted anyway.”
“Upside down so your skirts fly up and every lowly peasant can see a rich lady's undergarments. How about that?”
“You're a beast, Geralt.”
“I've been called worse,” he comes up to you, intent on intimidating you with his size.
“Not by me, you haven't,” you prod him in the chest.
“Don't do that,” he growls.
“What? This?” you prod him again. “And what shall you do, Witcher?”
“I'm warning you.”
“Warn all you like. I'll still do as I please,” you prod him once last time before your world rushes away as Geralt grabs you by the throat and pins you against a tree.
“I have reached my fucking limit with you,” he squeezes. “Maybe I'll leave you here to fend for yourself, maybe I'll instil some manners into you. Haven't decided yet.”
“You-” you're about to insult him some more when he spins you around, pressing you against the bark with a hand in the middle of your back whilst he backhands you across the rear. “This is outrageous!”
“If you want to act like you're a stubborn child, I'll show you why that's not going to work with me,” he smacks you again.
But he doesn't stop until you can feel the skin stinging and the heat blossoming underneath. Only then does he turn you around but by now you have a different issue.
You've always dreamt of a strong man having his way with you but most were too scared to approach a lord's daughter, let alone treat her roughly. Geralt's treatment of you was bringing those unbidden fantasies to the fore again and he was handsome in an unusual way.
“Will you behave now?” he asks, fingers on your neck again.
“No,” you can't help the slight smile which he immediately notices.
“Is this a game to you? To toy with those less fortunate?”
“Why not?” you stoke his anger further. “I'm in control, am I not? You are the hired help.”
There was a moment of understanding in his face before he leaned in, body flush against yours, “If you think this is going to make me fuck you, you're very wrong. Why would I reward awful behaviour?”
“What?! I...but...” you splutter, not expecting this turn of events.
“Ah, so you were doing that,” he laughs to himself. “I wasn't completely sure.”
“If you're going to make japes at my expense you can get off me,” you hiss, your pride dented.
“Not until you apologise,” his fingers come under your skirts, trailing up and down your inner thighs. “Then I might reconsider what to do with you. You do want me, don't you? Want me to just take you?”
The lust was starting to fog your mind and his incessant teasing was driving you mad. As much as you wanted to strike him, you knew it wouldn't get you what you wanted.
“Tell me, spoiled lady,” he presses a bit higher, stroking over your undergarments. “Are you sorry for being rude?”
“Die in a ditch, Witcher!” you can't help yourself.
You expect him to step away, not to burrow under the fabric and stuff two fingers into your needy pussy. He kept them dead still though and when you tried to move your body to get friction, his hold on your throat got tighter, keeping you in place.
“Give me an apology, you fucking brat and I'll ruin you. It's that simple,” he snarls in your ear.
“I'm sorry!” you whine, half choked as you were.
“I didn't quite hear that.”
“I'm sorry! Fuck, Geralt! I'm sorry!”
You gave a loud gasp as he started rhythmically plunging his fingers into you, curling them as the pad of his thumb slipped over the little bud as he moved. You'd never been handled like this before and you were shameless in your noises of appreciation, so bawdy that even the usually sour Witcher started grinning in amusement.
The pleasure bloomed within you quickly until you were crying out in his grip for anyone to hear.
“I have always wondered how a lady would be,” he muses, undoing the laces on his trousers and hiking your leg up around his waist so he can have access. “And apparently you're no different to the rest of us commoners.”
He drives home, filling you completely as his lips crash to yours. It's a messy fuck, aggressive and violent but he meets your passion with even more of his own, utterly dominating you until you're just a mewling shambles being fucked hard against a tree.
For the first time you can truly let go, no protocol, no reputation to think of and Geralt seems to revel in it, leaving bruises on your body, bites across your collarbones and an ache deep within you.
You feel another well of pleasure just as his rhythm becomes chaotic and he spills into you with your pussy clenching hard around him.
“I think I understand you better now,” he catches his breath, pulling out and re-lacing himself. “You've never had anyone say no to you and mean it.”
“There may be a glimmer of truth to that, Witcher,” you smooth your skirts down.
“We'll keep walking for another couple of hours and then make camp.”
It's a compromise and you're happy to accept it. You're not sure you could've gone on much longer after what had just happened.
“Will you keep fighting me all the way still?” he lifts your chin up.
“Well if I do, you know how to handle me,” you push off from the tree and out of his grasp. “Come on. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can stop this physical torture of my feet.”
“The next time you complain, I won't stop at ten strikes,” Geralt warns, already putting a curb on your protests.
“I'm counting on it,” you start walking off, leaving the bewildered and exasperated Witcher in your wake.
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dyns33 · a day ago
Eskel : "You have short brown hair on your armor." 
Lambert : "Who fucking cares ?" 
Geralt : "Dead beasts are left in front of the keep when you are here.”
Lambert : "So ?" 
Coen : "You have bruises and scratches on your neck." 
Lambert : "Shut up." 
Vesemir : "We need to know. You have a lover ?" 
Jaskier : "Or a big cat ?" 
Vesemir : "... No." 
Lambert : "Ah fuck." 
Jaskier : "What ?" 
Geralt : "Don't tell us you have a Cat lover ?!" 
Jaskier : "... A cat ? You witchers are into this kind of things ? Ew." 
Lambert : "Aiden is not like the other Cats, okay ?!" 
Eskel : "He sure behave like one."
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flowercrown-bard · 2 days ago
I’m just saying the song “There’s a fine, fine line” is perfect for some post-mountain Geraskier angst. I mean -
“There's a fine, fine line between a lover and a friend There's a fine, fine line between reality and pretend And you never know 'til you reach the top if it was worth the uphill climb There's a fine, fine line between love And a waste of time”
(”There’s a fine, fine line”, Avenue Q)
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artistsfuneral · a day ago
Jaskier is an uprising actor and during the month of October he usually works at a haunted house (simply because it's fun and a great exercise).
It's near the end of his shift, he's sweaty, tired and ready to go home, take a long bath and fall asleep right afterwards. A father and young daughter make their way into his alley and Jaskier spots them as an easy target. He jumps out of his hiding place with a scream and immediately gets a fist into his face.
The little girl, surely not older than ten or eleven years, accidentally broke his nose.
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awaywithwitchers · 2 days ago
Vesemir: Do you see me as a father figure, Lambert?
Lambert: No. If anything I see you as a bother figure, because you're always bothering me.
Eskel: Hey, show your father some respect.
Lambert: I didn't call him dad.
Vesemir: No, no. Lambert, I take it as a compliment.
Geralt: It's not a big deal. I called Yennefer mom once and she's my girlfriend.
Lambert: Guys, jump on that. Geralt has psycho-sexual issues.
Jaskier: Old news. But you calling Vesemir daddy?
Lambert: Hey, daddy is not on the table here.
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kueble · a day ago
Stupidly in Love
Some Geralt/Eskel/Jaskier written for @witcher-trick-or-treat! The prompt is: Autumn.
Teen, Warnings: None. 1200 words
Eskel holds the door open for the woman entering the coffee shop and smiles warmly as she thanks him.  He has a drink in each hand and plenty of time to take a leisurely stroll to meet his boyfriends.  He can’t drink caffeine this late in the day, but Geralt and Jaskier are the worst kind of night owls.  They have a system worked out where he’ll crawl into bed hours before them and wake up with one of both of them sprawled on his chest each morning.  Early shifts at the bakery aren’t the best, but the three of them make it work.
There’s a definite chill in the air, and while he normally runs hot, he’s glad he grabbed an oversized sweater today.  The burnt orange cable knit pattern is very autumn appropriate, and he thinks Jaskier will really appreciate that.  He has a tendency to ramble on and on about his favorite season, and it’s too adorable not to play into it.
It doesn’t take long to reach the restaurant where Geralt works, and he can see the man ducking out the side door as he approaches.  Geralt is always freezing, so it’s already peacoat weather for him.  He’s looping a moss green scarf around his neck as he emerges from the alley next to the restaurant.  Thankfully he’s been working the breakfast and lunch crowd lately, so he can avoid the dinner rush.   He’s admitted that he’d rather fry a hundred eggs than be forced to overcook a good steak for some customer who wants it well done.
“Geralt!” he calls out, jogging a bit to catch up to him.  Geralt turns around and offers him a little wave and a half-hidden smile.  Not one for huge displays of public affection, he still lets Eskel peck him quickly on the cheek before he hands him over his coffee.  He takes a sip, but quickly winces and hands it back.
“Oh fuck, that’s Jaskier’s,” he says, laughing as he grabs the other cup and takes a huge gulp to wash the sugary taste out of his mouth.  Eskel laughs and shrugs a bit sheepishly at him, but Geralt doesn’t seem to actually mind that much.
“Figured we could all walk home together?” Eskel asks before holding out his elbow.  Geralt wraps an arm around it and hums in agreement.
They continue on the street, slowly making their way towards the bookstore Jaskier helps run.  It’s only a few blocks away, but Eskel takes time to appreciate the quiet way he and Geralt can just exist together.   Neither of them would ever deny Jaskier his dramatic way of living life, but sometimes the quiet moments are lovely, too.
Geralt tries to hide it, but Eskel can tell how much he’s enjoying the stroll.  He keeps stepping out of his way to crunch a crisp fall leaf, and Eskel has to turn away from him and grin to himself.  He can remember when they were kids - long before his hair went prematurely grey - when Geralt was this ball of energy and they would spend hours raking piles of leaves and jumping into them.  Geralt may have mellowed out as he aged, but Eskel holds that rambunctious redhead close to his heart.
They have a few minutes before Jaskier’s shift ends, so Eskel leans against the brick outside the bookshop.  Geralt slides in next to him, bumping their shoulders together affectionately, and Eskel’s heart swells.  He makes sure no one is looking and then turns to kiss Geralt’s temple quickly.   When he pulls back, Geralt’s cheeks are tinged an adorable pink and the door to the store is swinging open.
Jaskier stumbles out, waving goodbye to his coworker over his shoulder.  He doesn’t notice them at first and frowns a little before wrapping his arms around himself.   Rubbing his arms, he groans and huffs out a sigh.  Clearly he forgot to dress for the weather this morning, and Eskel rolls his eyes as he hands Geralt the coffee he’s been carrying.
“Just because it’s sunny when you leave for work doesn’t mean it will stay that way,” Eskel chastises him, but he’s smiling as he shrugs out of his sweater and hands it over.
“Such a lifesaver!” Jaskier chirps before tugging it over his head.  He’s not a small man, but Eskel is definitely broader than him, and the way the fabric hangs off his frame makes something flutter inside Eskel’s chest.  He leans in for a kiss, laughing when Jaskier holds him there and scatters kiss after kiss all over his face.
“Need my scarf, too?” Geralt offers as he hands Jaskier his coffee.  Jaskier gives him a one-armed hug, making sure to keep things light in public, and smiles warmly at him.  They might be unconventional, but the three of them fit so well together that Eskel can’t imagine how he got to be this lucky.  
He’s so stupidly in love it hurts sometimes.
“I’m good, darling, but thank you,” he tells him.
“Do you have students tonight?” Eskel asks as they fall in line.  Geralt tucks his arm through his again, and Jaskier threads their fingers together, his palm warm against Eskel’s.
“No, Carrie’s mother called and she has a cold.  I’m all yours for the evening!  Maybe we can do something to distract myself from how fucking wasted my talents are while I’m stuck slaving away in a bookshop,” he trails off with a pout and Eskel squeezes his hand tighter.
“Until I become head chef somewhere, you’re stuck working to make sure we have boring things like hot water and food,” Geralt tells him, chuckling as Jaskier huffs in faux annoyance.  His eyes are bright though, and it’s easy to see he’s just tired and whining about it.
“Besides, who would take charge of shaping the minds of the next generation of musicians if you quit giving lessons?” Eskel asks, and Jaskier snorts and bumps their shoulders together.
“Don’t worry loves, I’ve been properly put in my place.  Just a long fucking day today, and I want nothing more than to cuddle up on the couch and watch trash tv while we ignore the rest of the world.  Oh! Can we cut through the park?” he asks brightly.  Eskel nods, and Jaskier tugs his hand, leading them through the arched gate at the park’s entrance.
Eskel knows they make an odd trio -three men intertwined as they stand at the edge of the pond in the center of the park - but his life finally feels complete.  Maybe there’s room for a dog somewhere down the line, but he’s found where he belongs and it’s right between these two amazing men.  He’s never felt so safe and loved as he has this past year.  
Geralt’s coffee is long gone, and he has both arms wrapped around Eskel’s as they watch Jaskier break away and squat down to toss a pebble into the water.  He turns and looks at the two of them, his face full of love, and Geralt squeezes Eskel’s bicep tighter in a way that he knows means: Look at him. He’s ours.
Later on they’ll follow Jaskier’s plan and eat take-out on the couch, passing cartons back and forth in easy coordination while some trashy true crime documentary plays in the background.  For now though?  For now Eskel is perfectly content to stand sandwiched between his boyfriends and watch the pink and oranges of the early sunset while the wind scatters the leaves around their feet.
Tags: @halerune @honeysuckletook @mayastormborn @dani-dandelino @feraljaskier @jaskierswolf @littoraly-art @tothedesert @saphiramalbec @dapandapod @theweirdlynx @tedrakitty @sharinalein @theamazingdevilgivesmehope @iamaqt314 @silvermintnightprincess @rockysstupidity @live-long-and-trek-on @hayleynzlive @holymotherwolf @llamadumpsterfire @thesynysterunknown @rebard-main @larawrmonster @gryffinqueen-blog @lovelyscot @kingcitywitch @fangirleaconmigo @mothmanismyuncle @fontegagrilledcheese @thestarkwinter @faeyydom
Let me know if you’d like to be added/removed. Thank you!
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darkverrmin · 13 hours ago
*explicit content*
Geralt's first time with Jaskier was, least to say, an utter disaster.
They fell into bed together right after confessing their feelings.
Their kiss was more teeth than tongue.
Jaskier accidentally elbowed Geralt in the nose, while removing his own shirt.
Geralt moaned quietly at Jaskier's dirty talk, but when he tried to say something dirty in return, it came out all stiff and awkward. Jaskier just chuckled and kissed him in response.
Jaskier kept giggling while Geralt was busy showering his body with kisses, saying that Geralt's hair was tickling him.
They spent five whole minutes looking for the vial of oil, when Jaskier remembered that it was in the pocket of his cloak the entire time.
Geralt accidentally spilled half of the oil on the bed sheets when opening the vial. Jaskier silenced his apologies by climbing on top of him and pulling him into a kiss.
Geralt was trying to make Jaskier feel good using only his fingers, but he had no idea how to do it. Jaskier was in his lap the entire time, gasping quietly, guiding Geralt through it. When he saw that Geralt was nervous, Jaskier began to talk to him about something completely different. It helped. Just as Jaskier was about to climb off and pull Geralt on top of him, Geralt found the right spot. Jaskier came almost immediately, crying Geralt's name.
When Geralt finally entered him, hooking Jaskier's right leg over his shoulder, the young man hissed in pain. "Not as flexible as I was before, darling".
When Jaskier tried to flip their positions in order to ride him, he ended up knocking them both to the floor.
They tried having sex with Jaskier bent over the table, but it squeaked terribly.
They ended up having sex against the wall, with Jaskier's legs wrapped around Geralt's hips. But not before Geralt lifted Jaskier up into this position, accidentally hitting the younger man's head against the wall behind him.
A few apologies and a couple of soothing words later, they finally found the right pace.
Geralt came embarrassingly fast, groaning into the crook of Jaskier's neck and shoulder.
They sank onto the floor after that, still holding each other and catching their breath.
Geralt felt Jaskier smiling against his hair and lifted his head to look at the other man.
"What's so amusing?"
Jaskier met his eyes, grinning. He placed a kiss on Geralt's nose and nuzzled at his cheek.
"Oh, nothing. Just... Just thinking that this was the best sex I've ever had."
Geralt grinned in response. "Really?"
"Mm-hmm. I don't even know how to describe it, it just... It felt like home."
Geralt hummed in response, kissing Jaskier's neck.
In all his years, Geralt had never felt more satisfied.
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dearestdandelion · 19 hours ago
Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher Season 2)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I can't choose between these two versions, so here's both for your viewing pleasure.;)
I use a mouse on this piece so it took me longer to get this done.
Also, @flosimo wanted me to tag her on my posts! Thank you friend! ฅ'ω'ฅ
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witcher-not-quitter · a day ago
Witchers be like "save a horse, ride a vampire."
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Tumblr media
Went into a brothel and there was a horse ?
Sorry didn’t realise this was a horse house
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dyns33 · a day ago
Flufftober 23 - Geralt x Reader 
Tumblr media
Geralt hated politics. He hated crowds. He hated magic. He hated being hired as a bodyguard when his job was to kill monsters.
But he hadn't been able to say no to Yennefer. No one could say no to Yennefer.
So that was how he found himself keeping the mages and witches safe, a bunch of treacherous and annoying politicians, as they gathered in the woods to celebrate one of their stupid Sabbaths.
           "Mabon is not stupid." hissed Yennefer. “Yes, it's a Minor Sabbath, but it's as important as the others. It's the Autumn Equinox. We are going to connect with the earth, thank it for the magic it offers us and make sure to have a prosperous winter. Everything must be perfect for that, so open your cat eyes."
           "You can eat a bit, the banquet is for everyone. But the dances and songs are sacred. Don't join in, and tell your little pets to do the same. Or else !"
Geralt knew he should have kicked Jaskier or used Axii to force him to stay at the inn that night. As soon as he heard about the party, the bard had wanted to come.
At least he had left his struggle in his room. It had not been easy to make him understand that his talents as musicians were neither necessary nor in demand.
           "I'm a little pissed off, Geralt, but that's okay. I'm going to attend a Sabbath ! Oh, all the stories and songs I'm going to be able to write !"
           "Don't sleep with anyone."
           "I don't promise you anything, Master Witcher."
           "Don't sleep with anyone." Geralt repeated, growling.
At least with Y/N he knew he didn't have that much to worry about. The young woman was intelligent. Not enough to decide not to come, she was also a little curious to see what a meeting of mages was all about, but still enough to sit silently next to him, while he watched the crowd, ready to intervene if necessary.
He was also looking at Jaskier, who had sworn not to dance, but was going to stuff himself and still talk to several witches whenever he had the chance.
           "If he starts to waddle his ass, I'll send him waltzing with Aard." Geralt muttered.
           "What ?"
           "It's not quite as I imagined." Y/N commented.
Sabbaths were never as humans imagined.
There were no sacrifices, no orgies, no demonic cries. That was during normal holidays.
For the rituals, everything was very regulated, like a choreography, and even if they still took a little pleasure in eating, drinking, and dancing, mages did this mainly because it was a duty and an obligation.
           "Why do they need a witcher ?" Y/N asked, approaching him. "I mean, they have powers, they can defend themselves."
           "Hmm. It's a special night. Normally they are not allowed to use magic, since they are supposed to thank the elements for this gift. Their dancing and chanting sometimes attracts stray spirits or demons, so I'm here to push them away. But that's rare. Most of the time, the problem is mostly the curious ones"
           "The curious ones ?"
This was how the legends about the Sabbaths were born. Passers-by, idiots or assholes had surprised these sacred festivals. Most of the time, they didn't dare approach, they would run away, and they would tell nonsense about what they had seen, or thought they had seen.
But it happened that some were more reckless, that they came to interrupt the ceremony, threatening to burn everyone. Even without magic, the guests could very well get rid of them, but all it took was several intruders, armed and crazy enough to stay, and the situation could escalate.
This was where Geralt came in.
           "Most of the time I don't even have to get up. I just pull out my sword and they go."
           "But I thought you weren't allowed to kill humans." wondered the young girl, who was beginning to know the code of witchers well.
           "It's true, but I scare them anyway."
There was something in Y/N's gaze that Geralt didn't immediately recognize. Then she put her hand on his, moving closer to him.
           "You do not scare me."
           "Thank you for allowing me to come. Here, and with you on the Path."
           "... Hmm."
Y/N smiled. She also started to know what he meant with his growls, without him needing to speak. This really relieved Geralt, who was not good at speaking.
From a distance, Dandelion and Yennefer were watching them, smiling too, wondering when these two idiots would stop dancing around each other.
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ecaloshay · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“lawful good water biscuit”
The op is on Tumblr: @glitterwarpaint.
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