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#German Shepard

I’m 14 y'all!!!!!🎁🍰🎂👑🎉🎉🎊🎊🎈🎈🕯😍😉😄

I used gel pens for the confetti 🎉, marker for background🌌, and colored pencils for Diva🐕 and the cake🎂.

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saw a german shepard puppy a few minutes ago with the most beautiful gait- couldnt have been even five months old, but the most beautiful show gait so i stopped the owner to ask about the dog. white pawed shepard, purebred for show. i could see the start of those low german shepard show hips, and the dog was so even tempered and attentive to the owner. im not into dog shows but if youre big in the dog scene in wisconsin, keep an eye on that line of white pawed shepards.

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