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MAJERUS, MICHAEL (Alemania, 1967) 

Este artista se dedicaba principalmente a la pintura mural, grafiti e instalación. Utiliza la pintura y el arte digital. Su obra tiene una gran influencia de la cultura popular, audiovisual, artistica, musical y de videojuegos.  Entre sus principales referentes encontramos a Andy Warhold y a Basquiat.

Entre otras cosas, podemos destacar su obra, “If you are dead, so it is” una instalación en la que intervino una rampa de skate en Colonia. 

Este artista falleció en un accidente de avión en 2002.

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Erinnerungen sind auch nur Arschlöcher, die dir ins Herz beißen.

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165 infected with UK variant of COVID-19 in India, says govt

165 infected with UK variant of COVID-19 in India, says govt

New Delhi:
The number of people who have tested positive for the UK variant of SARS-CoV-2 in the country has climbed to 165, the Union Health Ministry said on Thursday.
All these persons have been kept in single room isolation in designated Health Care facilities by respective state governments.
Their close contacts have also been put under quarantine. Comprehensive contact tracing has been…


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A solar-powered sleeping pod for one or two homeless people in Ulm, Germany.

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Temperatures on Europe this morning - Major cities (Temperaturile în Europa)

Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities (Temperaturile în Europa)

Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa).
Morning temperatures for major cities in Europe are found in the following chart. Temperatures Europe.
Find nearly real time temperature on Europe  here [maxbutton id=”1″ 
Temperaturile diminetii pentru principalele orase din Europa se gasesc in urmatorul grafic.


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Double Villa (1922) in Berlin, Germany, by Erich Mendelsohn

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oh to be a german worker in 1923 and paying 201,000,000,000 marks for a fucking loaf of bread :) 

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Germany vs. Canada

#21 Kaiden Guhle (1) Quinn, Barron 1:54 1st (Germany 0-1 Canada)

#20 Dawson Mercer (1)(SH) unassisted 7:27 1st (Germany 0-2 Canada)

#24 John-Jason Peterka (2)(PP) Elias, Alberg 13:12 1st (Germany 1-2 Canada)

#26 Philip Tomasino (1) unassisted 14:20 1st (Germany 1-3 Canada)

#18 Peyton Krebs (1) Cozens, McMichael 19:58 1st (Germany 1-4 Canada)

#20 Dawson Mercer (2) Tomasino, Drysdale 2:40 2nd (Germany 1-5 Canada)

#16 Ryan Suzuki (1) Mercer 5:36 2nd (Germany 1-6 Canada)

#15 Alex Newhook (1) Cozens 6:40 2nd (Germany 1-7 Canada)

#15 Alex Newhook (2) Cozens 10:59 2nd (Germany 1-8 Canada)

#26 Philip Tomasino (2) Barron, Mercer 13:01 2nd (Germany 1-9 Canada)

#22 Dylan Cozens (1) unassisted 18:14 2nd (Germany 1-10 Canada)

#18 Peyton Krebs (2) Byram, Perfetti 19:51 2nd (Germany 1-11 Canada)

#22 Dylan Cozens (2)(PP) McMichael, Perfetti 0:37 3rd (Germany 1-12 Canada)

#22 Dylan Cozens (3)(HT) Newhook, Holloway 4:33 3rd (Germany 1-13 Canada)

#12 Jakob Pelletier (1) Byram, Byfield 5:02 3rd (Germany 1-14 Canada)

#5 Thomas Harley (1) Perfetti, Krebs 6:24 3rd (Germany 1-15 Canada)

#17 Connor McMichael (1)(SH) unassisted 8:38 3rd (Germany 1-16 Canada)

#7 Florian Elias (2)(PP) Peterka, Gnyp 19:42 3rd (Germany 2-16 Canada)

Sweden vs. Czech Republic

#19 Jan Myšák (1)(PP) Pytlík, Teplý 10:14 1st (Sweden 0-1 Czech Republic)

#14 Arvid Costmar (1) Söderström, Hedström 10:46 1st (Sweden 1-1 Czech Republic)

#29 Albin Sundsvik (1)(PP) Holmström, Broberg 9:07 2nd (Sweden 2-1 Czech Republic)

#13 Emil Heineman (1)(SH) Broberg, Björnfot 11:55 2nd (Sweden 3-1 Czech Republic)

#16 Theodor Niederbach (1) Broberg, Söderblom 16:05 2nd (Sweden 4-1 Czech Republic)

#25 Elmer Söderblom (1)(PP) Raymond, Söderström 5:04 3rd (Sweden 5-1 Czech Republic)

#21 Oscar Bjerselius (1) Björnfot, Nybeck 12:22 3rd (Sweden 6-1 Czech Republic)

#28 Noel Gunler (1)(PP) Söderström, Holmström 17:37 3rd (Sweden 7-1 Czech Republic)

Austria vs. U.S.A.

#15 Alex Turcotte (1) Helleson, Zegras 15:31 1st (Austria 0-1 U.S.A.)

#9 Trevor Zegras (2) Turcotte, Kaliyev 4:35 2nd (Austria 0-2 U.S.A.)

#25 John Farinacci (2) Johnson, Berard 5:03 2nd (Austria 0-3 U.S.A.)

#18 Brendan Brisson (1)(PP) Sanderson 8:05 2nd (Austria 0-4 U.S.A.)

#9 Trevor Zegras (3) Turcotte 11:59 2nd (Austria 0-5 U.S.A.)

#12 Matthew Boldy (1) Beniers, Faber 14:16 2nd (Austria 0-6 U.S.A.)

#12 Matthew Boldy (2)(PP) Kaliyev, York 18:24 2nd (Austria 0-7 U.S.A.)

#21 Brett Berard (1) Farinacci 2:25 3rd (Austria 0-8 U.S.A.)

#18 Brendan Brisson (2) Kleven, Moynihan 3:07 3rd (Austria 0-9 U.S.A.)

#12 Matthew Boldy (3)(HT) Zegras, Moynihan 5:52 3rd (Austria 0-10 U.S.A.)

#22 Sam Colangelo (1) Faber, Berard 9:45 3rd (Austria 0-11 U.S.A.)

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Aaliyah photographed by Mikael ‘Mika’ Väisänen during her visit to Berlin, Germany (May, 2000)

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