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#Get This Right

Ah! Finally.

I know the audio of the song, but to see it fleshed out is so fun. I knew he set something on fire with that line but I wanted to see it:

Maybe I’ll do better in the candlelight

I gotta get this right

No, no, no, stay right where you are

I’ll put out the fire, my love

The scene of them flying off on a rocket with the earth in the background is a bit too wacky imo…

Anna looks a little like Tinkerbell in some scenes!

And now I know where that really short clip of Olaf and Elsa talking on the balcony comes from!

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*logging in and walking through the Kristanna fandom where the “Get This Right” sketch clip has been released* *opens popcorn* Absolutely Superb you funky adorkable couple

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Anna legit immediately yelling “YES!!” so excitedly & eagerly to Kristoff legit only saying “I need to ask you something”. She was so ready to be Mrs. Bjorgman SHEESH

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