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#Ghost And Molly McGee
miacheezytoon · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hey uh. that new grumpy ghost cartoon good
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disneytva · 23 days ago
Scratch is on the loose haunting Dr. Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, Anne from Amphibia, Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales, King from The Owl House and the Green family from Big City Greens! Luckily Grandma knows how to put a stop to it!
Check Out This Amazing Crossover Short.
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croakingart · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Had this fun crossover idea when watching the show. The first five minutes and we were like “that’s literally the ghost zone, guys”. Ectober contribution 🤷‍♀️?
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petitprincess1 · 19 days ago
Scratch is a certified mood. (Highly suggest this cute show btw)
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queenofwiltingroses · 10 days ago
Short Ghost and Molly McGee Theory
I think it’s safe to say that The Ghost and Molly McGee has had a strong first few episodes, and while Bob Roth has said that the writers don’t intend for this show to get dark, that doesn’t mean there won’t be a story. 
So, something just occurred to me. At the end of the first episode Scratch and Molly are starting to connect. I would say their relationship is moving too quickly, but that’s a rant for another time... that I probably won’t write, so sue me. 
Tumblr media
But anyway, Molly goes to make Scratch tacos, and then we see this: the Brighton happiness meter going up. 
Tumblr media
Which I thought was odd. These meters are supposed to tell the overall happiness of the town in which the respective ghost resides. So why does it go up when just Molly and Scratch interact? That shouldn’t have any effect on the town as a whole. 
The way I see it, there are two possible reasons for this happening:
1. Molly’s mere presence in Brighton is upping the happiness scale. She describes herself as a happy person, and her positivity us shown all throughout the first episode. She even describes herself as a “happy girl” in the Best Friends promo for the show.
However, if this is the case, then why did we not see the happiness meter go up when the McGee family first crossed the town line?
2. The happiness scale isn’t for the town. It’s for the town’s ghost. 
The happiness meter did not go up until Scratch started taking to Molly. Specifically, when she gave him his own room and started offering him food. Ah yes, the way to a ghoul’s heart is through his stomach. 
Only then did we see the happiness meter go up. So, what does this imply? That the Flow of Failed Phantoms contains, not ghosts who failed to make their towns miserable, but failed to be miserable themselves. 
Either way, this doesn’t spell out good things for Scratch. Whether Molly is making the town happier, or just him, his happiness meter is going up. And it doesn’t seem like the Chairman likes it. 
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I watched the Ghost and Molly McGee, and one thing I notice is that Molly is really attached to Scratch. Interestingly she took his “for all eternity I’ll haunt you and torment your life into a nightmare” to mean “we will be best friends for all eternity”. Given what’s been released of the series so far, there could be a reason for this.
Molly’s been “friends” with him for less than a day, and starts declaring Scratch as someone she has a really deep bond with. Real friendships don’t work that way. You don’t become best friends forever with someone instantly after one interaction. Though given Molly herself stated in a promo to get life advice from animated films, this isn’t surprising.
Interestingly when she says that her constant moving has made her “leave behind” a lot of friends, her face doesn’t look like she’s telling the truth. Combine this with her behavior towards Scratch, it seems more likely that in reality she’s never had friends before.
Notice that whenever Scratch is actually happy because of something she’s done, or does something nice for her she drops her cartoonishly “over the top happy” personality, for more of a genuine display of happiness.
I may or may not be looking into it to much. But I do honestly believe that it is possible that this show might turn out just as angsty as Amphibia. But for entirely different reasons.
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kingpagie · a month ago
So you're gonna look at Molly McGee, and tell me she isn't a lesbian? For other Disney cartoon girls, sure. But Molly is the bitch that's marching in a pride parade, putting lesbian flags on her walls, and buying all of the LGBTQ+ pins.
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disneytva · 21 days ago
Molly learns that more money means more problems when she teams up with Andrea to create a scary movie.
Little Woman Director Greta Gerwig guest stars as herself! Check The Episode TOMORROW along with other 2 EXCLUSIVE EPISODES on Disney+ BEFORE it's airing on Disney Channel.
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Libby’s Rough Day
Tumblr media
Libby was currently panicking, given her current situation. She was out camping with the Wilder-Scouts and had been tasked with gather some water. She was hesitant on going by herself, though everyone else had another tasks, and her friend Molly encouraged her she’d be fine. Now she was on what appeared to be an isles, no clue how she got here, and freaking out having run into several dangers. “I knew I shouldn’t have gone by myself. Why does something bad always have to happen to me when I go camping?” She asked herself, somewhat hiding in a bush, though her backpack was clearly giving her away.
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pyroclastic727 · 24 days ago
awe hell naw ghot councsel threw scrawch in da troosh can
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pc-the-unicorn · 24 days ago
Quick Thoughts on Ghost and Molly McGee
Tumblr media
After much anticipation, Molly McGee is finally here! Been looking forward to the show since it was first announced with my thoughts being as follow:
I adore the art style and animation. It's definitely the most unique-looking DTVA series currently airing. It actually reminds me of the second season of Disney's The Replacements.
-Scratch is hilarious with his dynamic with Molly being pretty entertaining. It's always funny to see a sarcastic grump pessimist bounce off of a happy-go-lucky optimist.
-Molly herself is a pretty fun character. I appreciate the fact that there's a reason why she's so optimistic and that she isn't a blind optimist. Optimistic characters can be a bit much but so far it feels like she's being handled well.
-We only got a small glimpse of her but I feel like Andrea is going to be a fun antagonist who'll probably end up developing a frenemy lik relationship with Molly
-The premiere episode should have been a full 22 minute special since by having the first half just be 11 minutes, a lot of things feel rushed. Despite clearly being afraid of Scratch, Molly is able to convince her family with ease that they shouldn't move out. Additionally, by the end of it, Scratch seemingly warmed up to the idea of the McGee's staying at the house
-The above point also ties into how Scratch's relationship with Molly seems to be going by a bit too fast. Obviously Scratch is going to warm up to Molly due to his lonely nature with him desperately wanting a friend yet it feels like he warmed up to her too quickly. I suppose you could say it's desperation but it still feels rushed
- Not sure why Scratch choose to focus on Libby and throw Molly a bone. I guess it was for a joke but still feels weird
-Would have preferred if Molly won everyone over by herself instead of Scratch needing to possess Andrea.
-For a show that prides itself on being a musical, the initial two songs were pretty forgettable.
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meganfisherdraws · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
oh! I’ve been a story artist on The Ghost and Molly McGee now for about a year!
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