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#Ginny Weasley
pottahishotasf · a day ago
y/n entering Ron's room in the burrow for the first time without Harry....
Y/n: Ron... Ron, are you here?
Sleepy Ron: Huh? I'm trying to sleep, Go away...
Y/n: Wow, I didn't know you own a big fluffy teddy bear, Do you cuddle it at night? Or did you give them a name?!
*Ron now wide awake throwing the teddy bear to the other side of the room*
Ron: *Blushing* That's not mine, it's Ginny's...
Y/n: No need to be shy, I have LOADS too!!!
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Rebel, Rebel
Day 7 is a second submission from @starlingflight, Read it on AO3 here 
Title: Rebel, Rebel
Author: StarlingFlight
Pairing: Gen - Ginny and Sirius 
Warnings: None
Prompt: Blue Christmas 
A/N: This is a prequel to my fic All Right Now on AO3
Most people, Sirius supposed, found sanctuary and peace in solitude but he found only misery. He had been alone for months, with only the occasional visiting Order member for company and it had been a nightmare. Nothing but endless time in which to reflect on how everything had gone so horribly wrong. It was almost as bad as being back in Azkaban – at least in Azkaban he had the dementors for company, rather than his mother’s shrieking portrait and Kreacher’s endless lamentations.
For that reason alone, it had been a relief for Sirius to learn he would be playing host to the Weasley’s for Christmas. He had been overjoyed to discover Harry would be joining them as well.
All the things that had seemed unendurably terrible – the fact that he was now locked in a house he’d sworn to never set foot in again, that Voldemort was on the rise once more, that Harry had endured unimaginable trauma and was obviously struggling to cope with it – suddenly seemed much more manageable now that Sirius was no longer facing the prospect of a fourteenth Christmas alone.
The mood in Grimmauld Place had only improved since then. The Weasleys had returned from their trip to St. Mungo’s yesterday looking extremely relieved and pleased with their father’s condition. Sirius had wasted no time capitalising on everyone’s good mood and had eagerly retrieved the old tree and Christmas decorations from the attic.  The house was still rather dusty but the addition of tinsel and baubles had gone a long way to providing some festive cheer.
If only Harry would come out of his room, Sirius thought as he used his wand to guide a garland of holly and ivy around the second floor bannister, it would be the perfect Christmas.
“Er, Sirius?” A voice asked from the landing below.
 Sirius turned, hopeful that he would find Harry staring up at him. It was only with a slight pang of disappointment that he saw Ron leaning awkwardly against the wall, holding a rolled piece of parchment in his hand.
“Everything alright?” Sirius asked.
“Yeah,” Ron said, though he didn’t sound entirely convincing. He waved the piece of parchment in Sirius’ direction. “Is it alright if Hermione comes for Christmas? She’s going to get the Knight Bus if it’s okay with you?”
“Of course!” Sirius said at once. He did not try and hide his enthusiasm at the prospect of another houseguest. The more the merrier had never been a truer statement. “Tell her I’d be delighted to have her!”
Ron grinned sheepishly. Sirius very much doubted any letter written by him would be that effusive, though he was quite sure that Sirius’ joy at the prospect of having Hermione join them was only eclipsed by Ron’s.
“Alright,” Ron said. Sirius noted the faint hint of pink at the tips of his ears. “She’ll be here this evening.”
Without awaiting a response, Ron turned and headed back down the stairs. Sirius returned to his task of decorating the bannisters. He finished the second floor staircase and moved to the third, humming God Rest Ye Merry Hippogriffs as he worked.
The noise reached him as he stepped onto the third floor landing. Loud bass pulsed down the hallway, strongly reminding Sirius of the muggle nightclubs he and James used to sneak into during the summer after their sixth year at Hogwarts.
The bannisters were completely forgotten as curiosity got the better of him and Sirius started walking in the direction of the music. Coming to a stop when he reached the closed doorway of the bedroom which was currently being used by Ginny and soon, Hermione.
Sirius frowned at the door. The music was so clearly muggle, he couldn’t imagine how Ginny had got hold of it. Without thinking, he knocked loudly on the door.
Almost instantly, the music quietened to what he was sure Molly Weasley would call an ‘acceptable’ volume. Footsteps sounded on the other side of the door before it was swiftly wrenched open. Ginny stood framed in the doorway, her face flushed as red as her hair. Perhaps Sirius might have thought the new pallor of her complexion was from dancing if not the puffiness surrounding her red-rimmed eyes.
“Sorry,” She said breathlessly upon seeing Sirius in front of her. “I’ll keep it down.“
“It’s quite alright,” Sirius said easily. “I’ve no problem with the volume. Your choice in music, however, needs work.”
Ginny smiled shyly up at him. “Hermione gave it to me. She said it helps her feel better.” 
“Need some cheering up, do you?” Sirius regretted the question immediately. Cheering people up was not his forte in the slightest. He had proven himself rather more skilled at failing everyone he loved and being entirely useless. 
He needn’t have worried, however, as Ginny’s response was to fold her arms across her chest and narrow her eyes in defiance. “No,” she said. “I’m fine.”
“There’s no shame in it,” Sirius said in what he hoped was a reassuring manner. “I imagine if you like your family, it’s quite difficult when one of them is ill.”
Ginny looked down at the ground. Her arms crossed tighter around herself as though she was trying to physically hold herself together. “The healers say he’s going to be alright.”
“Nothing to worry about then,” Sirius said, his voice brimming with forced cheer. “Well, aside from your awful choice in music.”
To his immense relief Ginny laughed in response to this. “I liked it!” she argued.
“No,” Sirius shook his head vehemently from side to side. “This is terrible. We must work on your musical education.” He removed his wand from his pocket and gestured to the room behind Ginny. “May I?”
Ginny nodded and stepped further inside, making room for Sirius to enter. He flicked his wand and a pile of records appeared in the small amount of floorspace between the twin beds pushed against the walls. Sirius stepped carefully over the records and lowered himself on to the far bed.
“You don’t have to,” Ginny said, looking curiously between Sirius and the records. “I’m sure you have better things to do.”
Sirius couldn’t contain his laughter at the absurdity of her suggestion. “I assure you I have nothing better to do. Shouldn’t you be off making merry mischief with the other kids though?”
Ginny shrugged and flopped down onto what he assumed was her, rather untidy, bed. “Fred and George are busy working on their Wheezes. Ron and Harry are probably together – if Harry’s finished avoiding everyone.”
Sirius forced his face to remain neutral. His suspicions that Harry was indeed avoiding him – and everyone else, apparently were now confirmed.
“You don’t want to be with them?” he asked curiously.
He remembered being a teenager locked up in this grim house at Christmas. He would have given anything to have a group of other kids to hand around with. There had been Regulus, of course, but he had always been too busy doing his best impression of a perfect young pureblood to be any fun.
Ginny shrugged again, her head bopping along to the overly saccharine crooning of the muggle singer declaring rather circuitously that she wanted to dance with somebody. “They didn’t ask me to join them,” she said. Sirius couldn’t help but note the hint of bitterness in her voice. “It never occurred to them that I might be able to help. That I might have experienced things they never hav-“
Ginny stopped talking abruptly. Her cheeks – which had returned to their usual pale, freckled complexion – tinged pink.
Sirius was struck by a memory from months ago.
A chilly night not long after Harry had returned to Hogwarts. The clock had just struck midnight and he’d had trouble sleeping. He’d come downstairs just in time to run into Bill, returning from his watch at the Department of Mysteries.
Bill nodded his head in silent acknowledgement as he unfastened his cloak and hung it, carefully on the peg by the door.
Sirius nodded back. He crept past his mother’s portrait – currently silent behind the thick hangings which concealed her – and pointed wordlessly towards the stairs to the kitchen.
Bill followed him down, neither of them making a sound until they had entered the basement kitchen and Sirius had closed the door behind him.
“Firewhiskey?” Sirius asked. He removed his wand from the pocket of his velvet dressing gown and conjured a half-full bottle of amber liquid and two glasses without awaiting a response.
Bill smiled gratefully as he sank into a chair in front of the fireplace, lighting it with a flick of his wand.
“Thanks,” he said, plucking a glass and the bottle from the air and pouring a healthy measure.
“Long night?” Sirius asked.
Bill didn’t answer immediately, choosing to take a long pull from his drink first. Sirius took the seat across from him and poured himself a glass. He savoured the way the heat from the fire crept over him, the way he’d once imagined it doing whilst locked in a frigid stone cell in the middle of the harsh North Sea in winter.
“Long few months,” Bill said eventually, looking not at Sirius but into the fire.
“Try a long decade or so,” Sirius replied dryly.
Bill laughed humourlessly. The firelight danced in his brown eyes. “It’s not the life either of us had planned.”
“Definitely not,” Sirius agreed. He tilted his head back and took a long sip of his drink. The firewhiskey seared as it travelled down his throat, burning away the pain and regret that attempted to surface at the mere suggestion of how terribly wrong his life had gone. “Of course, you can go back to your life at any time. Egypt hasn’t gone anywhere.”
Most people would, Sirius thought. Most people would not uproot their whole career – their whole life – to come back to England and face down the threat of a dark wizard on the say-so of only their little brother’s best mate.
Bill shook his head, finally looking up from the fireplace and fixing Sirius with a hard look. “I can’t go back,” he said. “Not until we finish this.”
“Why?” Sirius asked before he could stop himself, curiosity getting the better of him.
“Ginny,” Bill responded. Sirius raised his eyebrows, it was not the answer he’d been expecting at all.
He had been impressed with Ginny over the summer. The spirit she’d shown when her mother had refused her request to learn about the order. The good natured way she helped the twins with their pranks. He’d also been unable to miss the way Harry’s eyes followed her around a room, the way he always seemed to know where she was, though he didn’t think his godson had noticed this himself yet. It had reminded Sirius starkly of Lily long before she’d become aware of her own feelings for James.
Bill sighed heavily before pouring another drink and downing it in one, fluid movement.
“Her first year at Hogwarts,” he said once he’d finished his drink. “You heard about the basilisk attacks? They were in The Prophet?”
Sirius nodded. He’d not been aware of the attacks at the time - newspapers had been a rare luxury in Azkaban – but he’d spent a good deal of time since he’d escaped catching up on what he’d missed. He’d read about the basilisk attacks in some old editions of the paper Arthur had given to him.
“Ginny was behind them,” Bill said. Sirius frowned in confusion. He could not believe that Ginny Weasley was capable of such horrors.
“Not intentionally,” Bill explained. “She was possessed by a diary – Voldemort’s diary – he’d been inside her head for months, forcing her to do things she’d never dream of doing normally.”
“Merlin,” Sirius exclaimed. He felt sick at the thought of it.
“In the end he sent her down to the Chamber of Secrets to die. She went. Harry got to her just in time – used the sword of Gryffindor to kill the Basilisk and almost died in the process.”
Sirius suppressed a shiver despite the warmth of the fire he had been enjoying just moments before. Guilt coursed through him to know that Harry had been in such terrible danger and he had not been there to help. As James would have expected him to be.
“Well, Harry got her out of the chamber,” Bill continued, pulling Sirius from his morose thoughts. “But that wasn’t the end for Ginny. She came to visit me in Egypt that summer. I’d never seen her like that before. She woke me up every night with the nightmares, during the daytime she was withdrawn and quiet. She never talks about it, but I know she still thinks about it now.”
Sirius knew what that was like. Some things would haunt you until the day you died and the only thing you could do was keep pushing forwards.
“So, you’ve come home to get revenge for your little sister?” Sirius asked. It was a worthy goal in his opinion.
“Partly, I suppose,” Bill agreed. “I’ve seen the damage just the memory of Voldemort can do. I can’t turn my back and let him rise to power again without doing anything to try and stop it. Besides, I figure I owe Harry a debt.”
In lieu of responding, Sirius poured them both fresh servings of Firewhiskey. He lifted his glass and inclined it towards Bill. The clink of Bill’s glass hitting his reverberated around the old kitchen. “I’ll drink to that.”
“Sirius?” Ginny said loudly.
The incessantly upbeat pop music had come to an end whilst Sirius had been lost to his ruminations. Ginny was laid across the bad opposite, her head propped up on her arm. She was looking at him searchingly.
“Sorry,” Sirius muttered. Shaking his head and erasing a horrifying imagining of Ginny laid, lifeless in a cold, dank chamber far below the foundations of Hogwarts.
“Here,” he said, leaning forward and snatching up the nearest record. “Put this on, it’s about time you listened to some proper music.”
Ginny sat up and took the record from him. She studied the cover cautiously as she leaned over and set about switching the record in the record player.
The opening riff of My Generation filled the room. For a moment, Sirius was transported to another Christmas sixteen years ago. The same music had filled the living room of a much smaller but infinitely more welcoming home in Godric’s Hollow.
“I like this,” Ginny declared, cheerfully and Sirius was recalled to the present once again.
“I thought you might,” he said happily. He lowered himself to the ground and began to sort through the huge pile of cardboard sleeves, carefully removing any he thought Ginny might like.
They continued for some time, Sirius choosing the records and handing them to Ginny. She, listening carefully before judging them good or bad. Sirius was pleased to see a particular affinity for David Bowie.
“Ah, this one didn’t used to be a favourite,” he said, pulling out a copy of I Fought the Law. “But I have a new appreciation for it now.
Ginny took it from him. She giggled as she read the title before moving to place it in the record player.
“Sirius!” a voice called from downstairs.
“That’s Mum,” Ginny said without missing a beat.
“Sirius!” Molly shouted again.
“I suppose I’d better go,” Sirius said, pulling himself into a standing position. "She’s running Christmas dinner like it’s an urgent Order mission.”
Ginny nodded. Sirius couldn’t miss how her face fell in disappointment. She must be lonely, thought Sirius, to be disappointed at losing his company.
“Hermione’s coming later,” he told Ginny as he reached the doorway. The news seemed to cheer her in an instant. “And I think you should go and find Harry and Ron,” The thought of another person lonely and miserable in this house brought him no pleasure.
“You do?” Ginny asked doubtfully.
“I do,” Sirius agreed. “You said you can help them, then I think you should. It’s Christmas, after all!”
“They won’t listen to me,” she said, though Sirius thought some of the hesitancy had disappeared from her face, replaced with something more akin to determination.
He grinned down at her. “Something tells me you’re more than capable of making them listen.”
Ginny’s face split into a smile.
“Sirius!” This time Molly’s voice was accompanied by the sound of footsteps and the distant creak of the stairs. “I need to speak to you about the turkey!”
“Coming, Molly!”
Sirius waved his wand a final time, sending most of the records back to his bedroom. A small pile remained beside the record player. “You can borrow those ones,” Sirius said. “I’d consider it your Christmas present to me if you’d educate your friends on what good music sounds like.”
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velvethopewrites · a day ago
Stolen Afternoon
Harry and Ginny are snogging and it’s going pretty good, or, at least, Harry thinks so. The best part is that it had started to rain earlier and so everyone had run inside, but Ginny had given him a mischievous look and pulled on his hand and now…here they were. Barely covered, but still dry and there wasn’t a soul around (ie Ron) that could complain about how much attention they were paying each other.
Since officially becoming a them, Harry and Ginny had progressed from tentative kisses and shy and fumbling brief touches to full-on snogging their brains out and exploratory actions - hands over shirts to hands under shirts, and now just today, hands moving…lower.
Harry thought that if there was a heaven on earth, then surely, being alone with Ginny was it. His lips were sore, his glasses were fogged up and he was getting quite aroused, but he didn't want it to ever stop. Kissing Ginny was quickly becoming his favorite thing - hanging somewhere in between a fresh treacle tart on Christmas Day and flying. And everyone knew how much Harry loved to fly.
“Hmm,” Ginny murmured, as he tentatively gripped her backside (it was something new he was trying). So he did it again, a bit firmer this time and she pulled away slightly, fixing him with a pleased look.
“Where’d you learn that?”
“Just trying it out. What do you reckon? Like it?”
She nodded, a playful look in her eye. They started kissing again, and Harry made a rather unfortunate noise as he suddenly felt her hands gripping his backside and his eyes flew open.
“Ginny. Absolutely scandalous.”
She giggled softly and nuzzled his neck. “Fair play, Potter.”
“Uh,hmm,ngh,” Harry muttered as her lips closed around his earlobe. If someone had told him a month ago that he’d enjoy his earlobe being suckled he would have wondered if they’d gone soft in the head. But as it was….
Ginny suddenly moved her hand around and then down even lower, and Harry suddenly felt a jolt to his middle that had nothing to do with earlobes. Ginny blinked at him, two twin patches of pink on her cheeks. He usually liked to hide such physical reactions to their snogs under his robes (they were quite handy for that he’d noticed) but today he’d left his unclasped and well….
They both looked down at his body and then back at each other.
Harry felt incredibly embarrassed then and pulled away, pulling his robe roughly over his offending body part. He looked down at his feet, realizing he should really buy a new pair of trainers one of these days, and tried to will his body into non-alert status. Ginny touched his chin and lifted his head so she could see his eyes.
“It’s all right. I reckon we have, erm, been going at it a bit too much out here.”
“It’s stupid,” Harry muttered darkly. “Girls have it so much easier.”
Ginny raised an eyebrow at that statement. “Oh, really? Do tell.”
“Well, I mean, you don’t have…one of these sticking out every time you see me, do you?”
Ginny bit her lip and then smiled.  “Every time you see me, Harry?”
“What? Oh. Erm. Well. Yeah?” Harry rubbed the back of his neck as he felt his skin heat. Was it not cool to admit that you fancied your girlfriend so much that your body betrayed you almost every day? Even if you were just sitting in Charms, thinking about how great she smelled? Or worse, when you were going to bed at night, thinking about how the firelight in the common room had made her hair glow, and you suddenly knew you wouldn’t be falling asleep any time soon unless you did the thing that made such moments of preoccupation disappear? Harry realized he was mentally rambling, and tried to figure out what Ginny was thinking.
“Girls may not have the visual evidence but trust me, we get just as bothered,” she said, eyes looking rather fierce suddenly, as though she expected him to take the mickey. In all honesty, Harry felt incredibly…curious. And interested.
“Yeah? What do you do about it then?” The question was out before he could think about it, but a part of him didn't care.
Ginny smirked. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Well, sure. That’s why I asked,” Harry said, full of cheek. Ginny laughed and it was low and…God, she was trying to kill him today, wasn’t she? His stomach twisted as she slowly licked her lips.
She leaned in again and her mouth was dangerously close. He could see the light brown specks of color in her eyes and the freckles across her nose. Instead of kissing him, she moved her mouth to his ear and he shivered as he felt the warmth of her breath travel across his skin.
“I lie back…” she said softly. Teasingly. “And I think….”
Harry swallowed roughly and did not breathe, and could not think of anything but Ginny.
“Of England.” She finished and then she giggled, and he blinked, the mood broken. But he couldn’t be angry because she looked so adorable, laughing at him. He eventually laughed too and while his body was still rather keyed up, the laughter was exactly what he needed to relax. Harry sighed as he hit his head against the side of the castle and released a long breath.
Ginny winked at him and rested her hand on his chest. After a few moments of just grinning rather stupidly at each other, she straightened his robe and closed the clasps on it for him. Harry felt his heart fill with a rather strong emotion of affection.
“You floor me, Ginny Weasley,” he said now, holding her hand. “How do you always know me so well?”
“Years of study,” Ginny deadpanned. She sighed and then straightened her own robes. “Reckon we should head in and be by other people. Don’t want you going off in your trousers now, do we? You have Potions later. Think of Snape.”
“Oi,” Harry grumbled. “Thanks for that. Now our sex life is forever doomed.”
Ginny grinned at him and then kissed him quickly before moving away. “What sex life, Harry? We don’t have one. Yet.”
Harry grabbed their bags as they headed back towards the castle and grunted at her. “Yeah, well, when we do, please don’t ever mention Snape. Bad enough I’m thinking of him.”
Before they reached the main doors, Ginny stopped him and kissed him slowly and so sweetly that he was already regretting their decision to join the others.
“I like you, you git,” she said softly, eyes bright. “Some could even say it’s more than that, at this point. So trust me when I say that should the two of us ever find ourselves in a way that dictates clothes coming off and body parts co-mingling, you will not be thinking of Snape. In fact….”
She lowered her voice even further and whispered something that had all of Harry’s previous issues returning. He moaned, barely recognizing his voice, and shook his head at her.
She gave him a cheeky wink and then hurried up the stairs. Harry watched her hair bounce behind her, a bright speck of color in a dreary day, and felt his heart warm. That was exactly what Ginny was to him. And he wasn’t sure if it was too soon to say he loved her, but he knew, without a doubt, that he had never been happier and he knew that he would remember this afternoon for a long, long time to come.
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ginnwxley · 2 days ago
harry: are you thinking what i'm thinking?
ron, grimacing: considering the fact that you're probably thinking about my little sister, no.
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Ron: What makes you happy?
Hermione: Books
Ginny: Quidditch
George: Lee Jordan
Luna: Ginny
Neville: Plants
Harry: Anti-depressants
Harry:......I mean Ron
@nithoos-stuff @sappho-is-my-wife @ronarrys-whore @hinnysphoenix
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romioneandhinnylover · 2 days ago
Ginny: You still have something on your face.
James: Is it a snail?
Ginny: No, why would ot be a snail?
James: I don’t know mum, weird stuff happens sometimes.
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miinesweeper · a day ago
harry potter preference ⌁ they find you crying
hermione: - she probably wouldn't know what to do at first - would ask if you wanted/needed anything - would listen to you vent forever until you had nothing left to say - has the best advice for you no matter what the problem is
ginny: - she'd be at your sideinstantly - she'd make sure that you're comfortable and would offer to get you water and tissues - classes and her plans officially no longer matter until you feel better - she'd defend you and assure you that everything would be okay
luna: - she'd say odd but comforting things in typical luna fashion - she'd take you for a walk around the school or outside for a little while and just talk to you until you felt better
harry: - confused at why he found you randomly crying, but is quick tosit next to you and put his arm around your shoulders and just hold you like that - he might be a little awkward at first, but he'd do his best to help anyway - depending on the reason you were crying, he might invite you to go see hagrid with him, because hagrid is always a delight
ron: - he would want to know what he could do to help - he might not be great with advice and making you feel better through words, but if it came down to it he'd throw hands with anyone to make you feel better - he'd wanna know who (if it was a person) made you cry - he'd be in a bit of a bad mood until the situation was resolved or until you felt better
draco: - he would probably be terrified and apologize for walking in on you - panicking trying to think of something to say while also trying not to show how nervous the situation makes him - he'd start shutting the door to leave but would tell you he was there if you wanted/needed him because even though vulnerability and comforting people is intimidating to him, he'd still do his best for you
fred: - would ask if you were alright, even though you very clearly are not - after all is said and done, he'd definitely team up with george to very mean spiritedly prank whoever made you upset - might take you for a ride on his broomstick (no, that is not a euphemism)
george: - after you started feeling better he'd make a few jokes, but he definitely wouldn't start off joking around - you'd be surprised at how good he is at making you feel better - he'd give you a pep talk of sorts, and he'd find a way to put your mind on something else
percy: - if anyone else was around he'd put on his "Prefect Voice" and clear everybody out so you and him could be alone - he would want to hear what happened, and would listen to every detail - might even get some snacks or drinks for the two of you to make you feel better
charlie: - he'd try to do things that he knows would cheer you up - after talking things out for a while he'd try to remind you of your inside jokes and fun memories to take your mind off of things
bill: - he's really mature, so he'd be really good at soothing you and saying all of the right stuff to make you feel heard and loved - after talking for a while you'd forget why you were even upset in the first place
cedric: - he'd attempt to make you laugh, not really sure of what else to do - would offer to take you to the great hall or outside for a while
oliver: - he's actually not good in these types of situations - he does his absolute best for you though - he listens to every word and gets genuinely invested in what's going on
neville: - he'd only stay with you if you wanted him to - he wants to comfort you but doesn't want to overstep anything or make you uncomfortable - he'd be nervous as hell, probably stuttering and mixing up his words a little - his nervousness would make you laugh, and that would unintentionally help make you feel better - he'd feel really proud of himself for helping you
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tansalvatore · 2 days ago
Harry Potter was in love with ginevra molly weasley at the age of 17 .
You're gonna die so the last thing you wanna think is about the girl you used to date .
You consider them your family
You just wanna see them so badly
If you cant see them ,so your stomach starts aching ??
You obviously dream about them
Dont wanna see them hurt .
"How beautiful she was"
See them in a wedding dress
What yall expect ?? <3
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hadu-world-100 · a day ago
Lucius: We're gonna get a good ransom for you.
Harry: Okay just don't call Sirius.
Harry: Or Tonks.
Harry: Or Mad-eye, Ron, Ginny, Bill, or Charlie.
Harry: They'll blow up the whole place.
Death Eaters: …
Harry: They've been waiting to use the TNT they bought off the black market last Christmas.
Lucius: How about I just let you go?
Harry: Good choice.
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hinnyxlove · a day ago
Hinny : Just a Tease ;)
Harry and ginny were alone in ginny’s room when , harry wanted to tease her  so he pinned ginny towards the wall ( am I screaming in excitement ? HELL YESS )
“Harry bent down, his lips against her cheek, brushing it lightly—and still that light touch sent shivers through Ginny’s  nerves, shivers that made her whole body tremble. ‘If you want me to stop, tell me now,’ he whispered. When she still said nothing, he brushed his mouth against the hollow of her temple. ‘Or now.’ He traced the line of her cheekbone. ‘Or now.’                                            
His lips were against hers.
But she had reached up and pulled him down to her, and the rest of his words were lost against her mouth. He kissed her gently, carefully, but it wasn’t gentleness she wanted, not now, not after all this time, and she knotted her fists in his shirt, pulling him harder against her. He groaned softly, low in his throat, 
and then his arms circled her, gathering her against him, and they rolled over on the floor , tangled together, still kissing.”
-----------------------------   ❀  ------------------------
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theresthesnitch · 2 days ago
Baby, it’s cold outside
The first bit of my writing I ever published was this post in response to a prompt by @sweeethinny . I decided to move all the little drabbles that I’ve posted only to Tumblr to AO3, and I thought this one was a nice place to start. It’s a Harry/Ginny take on the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” 
Uses the version of the song by Idena Menzel/Michael Bublé. 
Read it here on AO3. 
Tumblr media
Christmas Eve, 1998
Grimmauld Place
Harry and Ginny were curled up in front of the fireplace in the sitting room, where they had been for quite some time. They could see the snow falling out the large window, just starting to gather enough to pile up. Ginny was sitting on the couch, with Harry’s legs wrapped around her. Her head was laying on his chest as he ran his fingers through her hair. Forgotten mugs of hot chocolate sat in front of them.
The evening was so peaceful and cozy that Ginny couldn’t stand the thought of getting up and leaving his embrace to go back to the Burrow. But it was late, and she knew Mum would come looking for her if she didn’t show up soon.
“I really should go,” Ginny said reluctantly.
“Ginny, it’s cold outside,” Harry responded, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.
“I have to go anyway.”
“But it’s cold outside.”
Ginny shifted slightly so that her back was pressed into Harry’s leg, and she was slightly facing him. “The evening has been…” Ginny trailed off.
Harry moved his hands to cradle her face. “I’m so glad you came,” Harry said quietly. He leaned in and pressed the softest, sweetest kiss on her lips.
Ginny sighed as she broke away. “So very nice.” She reached up and grabbed his hands with hers.
“Gin! Your hands are like ice!”
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velvethopewrites · 2 days ago
When Ginny finds out she is pregnant for the first time she feels two emotions at once - elation and anxiety.
It’s a bit soon, that’s all. She and Harry had been talking about it, but it was still early days. And she still has another year on her Harpies contract, but…
A baby. A little piece of her and a little piece of Harry, growing inside her. She holds her stomach protectively, feeling humbled and then awed.
But then, the anxiety kicks in. What does Ginny Weasley know about babies? And almost as though she cast a memory charm, the laughing face of one Teddy Lupin instantly fills her mind and the nerves are calmed somewhat. Taking care of Teddy has been one of her greatest joys and she should trust that, right? She should trust the fact that she and Harry have never once lost him, dropped him nor screwed him up in any way (that she knows of, she reckons time will tell on that one).
But still. She is going to be a mum. She now has to be dependable. She now probably has to wear clothes on Sunday. She has to be strict. Kind. Caring. Probably when she doesn’t want to be. Especially when she doesn’t want to be. She will now have to practice her mum-voice. Dear Merlin, did she even have a mum voice? She has to make sure she always has handkerchiefs and hard candies in her bag and plasters and nappies, and stuffed bears and everything else a child might need. (Not that her own mum ever had all those, but this thought is irrelevant to Ginny)
Why is the idea of it so bloody scary?
She comes home from the Healer’s appointment and sits at their table, a cup of tea going cold next to her. The clock ticks in the kitchen and in between each click she has convinced herself that she is going to be the worst mum in the history of being mums.  Harry will leave her. He’ll run off and have kids with whoever it is Rita Skeeter is pushing this month and Ginny will be a single-mum and a used-up Quidditch star with nothing much to show for it all except the stretch marks from childbirth. Even though there’s now a spell for those, Ginny is somehow convinced she will prove impervious. She worries that now the Weasley ‘hips’ will find her and expand forever, making sure that never again will she be able to fit into her sexy nightgowns or even her jeans. (Ginny loves her mum and all of her softness, but she does not want her mother’s hips, is that so terribly wrong of her?)
It is then that Harry finds her, in the middle of her insanity, and he smiles at her, not yet aware of what he has stumbled onto. But he takes one look at her and knows something is wrong. He comes to her immediately, taking her hand into his.
“Gin? What is it? You’re as white as Nearly Headless Nick.” His lips turn upward in amusement, but she sees the worry in his eyes. She remembers then that he knew about her appointment and is probably thinking the worst. She squeezes his hand and suddenly Ginny knows - like she knew that day so long ago in the Gryffindor common room before their first kiss. Harry is the one. Always and forever. The man across from her would never leave her for being a bad mum or for having slightly larger hips. She is daft. She is ridiculous. Ginny knows he will help her and hold her and be there for her and why was she being so silly? 
She knows Harry will be absolutely thrilled to start their family. 
“I have news,” Ginny says lightly, swallowing the lump that has suddenly appeared in her throat. He nods and sits down in the chair across from her, still holding her hand. He takes a deep breath as though preparing for bad news and Ginny smiles. She leans across and kisses him and it is just like all those years ago - just her and Harry. His eyes darken when she pulls back and he licks his lips and leans closer to kiss her again. Before she realizes it, she has crossed the short distance between them and moved into his lap. And it is lovely and nice and everything she loves about them, and as Harry’s hand moves down across her body he rests his hand on her stomach, and Ginny giggles.
“What’s so funny?” Harry asks, amusement on his face. 
“Do you want the news before or after we snog for a bit?”
“Well, that depends, is it good news?”
Ginny nods, biting her lip. 
“Okay, tell me now, because knowing you, this “snogging for a bit” will turn into me not moving out of bed all weekend.”
“Harry!” Ginny laughs.
“I just know my wife and her nefarious plans for my body.”
“Nefarious, eh? I see,” Ginny says playfully, and almost doesn’t want to tell him. Doesn’t want to change them forever. 
But no, it is not changing them. It is adding to what they already have. And what they have is fantastic. And with that - her anxiety flies away like a golden snitch. She grins widely and places her hand on Harry’s chest. 
“You know how we were talking about starting a family the next few years after I decide to retire?”
“Yeah. You want to start this weekend then? Is that it?” Harry lowers his mouth to her neck, kissing her in her favorite spot and she shivers.
“Well,” Ginny pauses and waits until he’s looking at her, eyes curious. “We don’t have much prep work to do. Not now.” She bites her lip and waits for the ball to drop. Harry frowns at her, clearly not understanding.
“There’s prep work now? Like, different, erm, positions-”
“Harry. I’m already pregnant.”
Harry stares at her, eyes wide and Ginny feels her anxiety start to flutter back to her. No, what has she done? She’d been so sure he’d be over the moon…had she misjudged the whole thing, did Harry not want children? Had he just said that? 
Some of her frantic thoughts must have shown on her face because he suddenly kisses her, hard, and Ginny forgets to breathe. When they finally come up for air, they both look down at her stomach and then at each other. It isn’t anger or worry or disbelief on her husband’s face - it is joy. Unmitigated and pure - utter joy. And Ginny knows then it’s going to be all right. 
“Truly?” Harry asks, voice rough. 
Ginny nods her head, afraid of what her own voice sounds like.
“What do we do now? Do you need to lie down? Should I carry you? Do you need something to eat? Any weird cravings? Have you told your mum? Do we know if it’s a boy-”
Ginny places her hand over Harry’s mouth, smiling. “Take a deep breath, Harry. What do we do now? We live our lives. Do I need to lie down? No, but you can have your way with me on this table in a bit. Which answers the question about something to eat, hopefully, and no, no weird cravings unless you count my insane need for your lips. No, I haven’t told my mum. Just you. And no, we don’t know the sex yet. Anything else you need to know, Potter?”
Harry chuckles and then it grows into a full-blooming laugh and her heart fills with peace.  And Ginny knows, whatever happens, they are going to be bloody brilliant parents. Because they are Harry and Ginny Potter, and failure is not an option. No matter whatever mistakes they are sure to make, their child will be loved. She will be a mum and Harry will be a dad and it will be fantastic.
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spellmionesworld · 2 days ago
Harry James Potter X Reader - Friends to Lovers
Harry and you have always been friends, but something happens during the Christmas holidays.
Warnings: a couple of swear words I believe, really cheesy.
Christmas was arriving at Hogwarts and only a few people were remaining at the castle. Harry, Hermione, Ron and you were nearly the only ones who were going to spend their holidays without their families because you preferred to spend them around each other: Harry wasn't going back with the Dursley's until summer, Hermione wanted to stay at school just in case she needed to visit the library while doing her homework and Ron and you wanted to be with Harry and Hermione so you could spend more time together.
Sixth years were, of course, allowed to visit Hogsmeade whenever they wanted to. The morning before Christmas, you woke up at half past eleven. you love sleeping, specially during snowy and cold days even if the rest of the students were playing outside. You got dressed with warm and comfy clothes and went straight to the library, where you had met Hermione the day before.
“Finally!” she said as you sat down, “I thought you weren't coming!!”
“Sorry 'Mione, I overslept again” you replied. You took your ‘Standard book of spells, grade six’ copy out of your bag and started studying and practising some simple spells so you and Hermione won't make noise. After a while you two got out of the library and went back to the Gryffindor common room, where Harry and Ron were sitting on a couch near the fire talking softly.
“Hi guys!” Hermione said before going upstairs to the girls bedroom with both her things and yours.
While waiting for her to come back, you waved at your two best friends, who smiled as though they were talking about something secret. Then, Ron sent an awkward look to Harry, who smiled at you nervously. You blushed and smiled back. You had liked Harry since forever and it didn't seem like changing. The situation was quite awkward, but it was still comfortable.
Harry's green emerald eyes didn't leave yours as hermione came back and Ron stood up.
“Can we have lunch? I'm starving” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” Hermione said, looking at him as he got close to her, and directed her gaze towards Harry, who was still looking at you. “Are you two coming?” she asked.
“Yeah, sorry” you apologised and nodded to the door. The four of you arrived at the Great Hall a few minutes later, just talking about the nice ambient that Christmas created at the Castle.
You sat down next to Harry and across Ron and Hermione, who sat together. Soon the air was full of Hermione's contagious laughter and Ron's usual noises. He wasn't a very delicate person when it came to eat. While Hermione was laughing loudly at something that Ron had said, Harry took your right hand under the table. You looked up and into his beautiful eyes.
“What's the matter?” you asked curiously.
“Er- I was- I was just wondering whether you wanted to- to go to Hogsmeade with me?” he was nervous, almost trembling, but you didn't really notice.
“Sure” you replied and quickly placed a little kiss on his already red cheek. You had never done that before but you thought your friendship With harry was brilliant so doing that kind of things - holding hands, hugging and kisses on each other's cheeks - was perfectly okay. He smiled at you as he reddened and murmured “brilliant” so only you could hear it.
Later that evening, you started getting dressed for your date - you weren't sure if it was a date, but when you had told hermione about it, she had been pretty sure about it.
“He's only invited you! And he's taking you to Hogsmeade!!” she had said, “I bet that was Ronald's idea. When are you going to ask me, you stupid ginger?”
You picked a gross sweater since it was pretty cold, nearly snowing, a pair of jeans and a pair of warm boots. Hermione helped you doing your hair with a couple of spells she had learned and put your hair in a braid. You put a woollen, white hat on and got out of the girls dormitory, where Hermione wished you luck like a thousand times before you left.
You headed off to the common room, where Harry was already waiting for you in his Quidditch sweater and a pair of jeans. He was handsome, he really was. And nervous, pretty nervous. He stared at you with a smile while you walked down the stairs.
You hugged him and left the common room, then the Castle. it was really really cold outside, you thanked that Hermione had told you nearly a billion times to wear warm clothes. Harry felt the instant impulse to hold your hand, but restrained himself. He was so nervous he couldn't even breathe naturally. But you wanted to hold hands with him so you did it timidly. But his hand didn't leave yours, just did the opposite: his grip on your hand tightened in a confident and warm way. You felt the butterflies straight away and you wondered if Harry felt the same, if he felt as comfortable as you did when you were together.
You made your way into the Three Broomsticks and sat down at a table near the window, where you could see the snow falling. Harry sat next to you and smiled warmly. You were nervous and you could perfectly say that Harry felt the same way. His eyes never left yours as Madam Rosmerta brought you two hot Butterbeers. Harry and you started a conversation about his next Quidditch game, and the homework that the teachers had left you for the holidays.
About an hour and a half later, you started making your way back to the Castle. It was even colder, so you started trembling in response. Harry put his hand on your back and looked at you to make sure whether he could or not put his arm around your waist. You smiled at him and he did it. A new bunch of butterflies started flying in your stomach as you both blushed. Harry held you even closer and put his hand in your coat's pocket. You rested your head on his shoulder while you kept talking about how beautiful was winter in Hogsmeade.
When you reached the Castle, he told you that he had to go to a Quidditch practice because Oliver was being so annoying about winning the Quidditch Cup this year, since everyone in the team was staying at Hogwarts that Christmas. You said it was alright and hugged him before he had to go, but he never left.
You stared at each other, smiling.
“I had a really good time” you said blushing.
Harry was getting closer and closer.
“Me too” he replied, his eyes traveling through your face between your eyes and your lips.
“But” you started as you knew he wouldn't take the step, “I think we could make it even better”
“How?” he asked, even closer.
“Well, I know a couple of things we could do...” and then he kissed you.
It felt warm and even better than you had ever imagined. Harry was smiling against your lips and put his hands on your waist as your hands traveled through his messy hair.
When you pulled away you smiled at each other, both blushing. He kissed your cheek before going the other way straight to the Quidditch Stadium, still smiling, his eyes never leaving yours.
“Bye” you hissed, and went back into the castle.
You made your way back to the girls dormitory, smiling. Your face was still read because of the cold and the kiss. It had been so amazing you could barely believe that it had been real.
“FINALLY!” Hermione yelled as you shut the door behind your back, “How was it?”
“It was... it was wonderful, 'Mione” you confessed, and you told her everything that had happened a few minutes before.
“Oh my goodness! He kissed you!” she yelled again, “I can't believe it, wait until you tell ginny, she will be astonished!"
As if you had invoked her, she entered your dorm.
“What's going on?” she asked, looking at the two of you. “And why do you look like a tomato?”
Hermione told her what you had just told her.
“OH MY GOD” she said, “You two kissed, I can't believe it! Well, it was just a matter of time since Harry had had a crush on you since forever, but still”
“What? But... me too!” you said. You couldn't believe it had been mutual all that time and didn't even have a clue, “Wait, do you really think he likes me?”
“We know!” said Hermione.
“Yeah, we made him confess it” added Ginny.
“You pair of bitches, you didn't even tell me!” you yelled.
Hermione and Ginny started laughing loudly, then Ron came into the room, sweating after the Quidditch practice. You were suddenly terrified: if Ron was there, Harry would be there too, and you'd been talking about him all that time.
“Keep calm, he's still showering” ron said as he saw your horrified expression.
“Which you should do” Ginny said, and Hermione laughed again.
“Shut up Ginny”
“Wait,” you said. “How do you know we were talking about him?”
“Extendable Ears, 'course” he said as if it was obvious. “He's been smiling the whole practice, what happened?”
“Let him tell you,” said Hermione, “and convince her to ask her on another date. I'm sick of them liking each other and not dating”
Ron nodded and left.
A week after that day had passed. Things between you and Harry were as good as they could be, but none of you mentioned the kiss. You assumed that he was too shy to bring it up and you didn't want to do it either, so you just decided to let things be however they had to be.
You were heading off to the Library, where Hermione was waiting for you, when Harry approached you.
“Hi!” he said brightly. “Any plans for today?”
You smiled at him, “Not at all. I was going to study all evening, but if you've got a better plan, Transfiguration can wait”
“Well,” he said rather nervously. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to Hogsmeade again today? Or we can do whatever you want to do, I really don't care,”
“Hogsmeade sounds good. See you at six, for instance?” you asked.
“Brilliant!” Harry smiled. “See you, then!”
And he almost ran away, leaving you in front of the Library door, smiling like a little kid.
After a few seconds you entered the Library and approached Hermione, sitting beside her and turning to the curly haired girl.
“Guess what,” you told her. “I've talked to him”.
“That's good!” she smiled. “Still not bringing up the kiss, isn't he?”
“No,” you murmured. “He has asked me on a date again, though. I wonder why,”
Hermione hit you with a book.
“Auch, that hurt!”
“You deserved it. Are you dumb?” she said annoyingly. “Ginny and I told you the other day, Harry likes you. That's why he asked you on another date”
“So you say,” you rolled your eyes, opening your Potions book. “Anyway, we're meeting at six. Think you could help me with my hair again? It looks horrible today”
“It doesn't look horrible,” she said, “but I'll help you. And wait until Ginny finds out, she'll want to help you too”
After half an hour of preparations, you made your way to the common room, where Harry was waiting for you just like a week before. He looked nervous, but not as nervous as the other day, you thought.
With a sweet smile, he took your hand and you made your way to Hogsmeade, where snow covered the roofs and the floor. But as much as you loved how the village looked during Christmas, you were too busy looking at your tangled hands, which looked perfect like that. You could barely think about anything of what Ginny and Hermione had told you: the only thing you wanted to do was what you were just doing, being with Harry like this.
You decided to sit on a bench nearby, where you started a conversation about the good couple that Ron and Hermione made and about the twins' shop, Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, which was going incredibly well. But after a while, you decided to take the step that Harry wasn't going to take, and spoke:
“So... what about... what happened last week?” you asked, referring to the kiss.
“What?” he asked, truly confused.
“The, er - kiss, Harry”
“Oh yeah, er- well I- just feel really good when I'm with you- I really didn't mean to make you uncomfortable I just- damn I'm so sorry-”
“Don't be” you cut him off, “Harry I... I really appreciate our friendship but-”
“Well I don't”
“What?” you were astonished.
Your heart was beating faster than ever. He had been the one who had took your hand in the first place, the one who had asked you on two dates. What was going on?
“I mean, I appreciate you but... not in a friendly way” he looked directly into your eyes. “I really like you, like I'm really in love with you, I've always been, I told ron a couple years ago but didn't pick up the courage to ask you on a date or something until now, and if I don't ask you out today he is probably going to kick my ass off- not that I don't want to ask you out, I'm just so freaking scared and I don't wanna make you feel-”
“Harry, I get it. Go on” you chuckled.
“Er- do you wanna be my girlfriend?” he finally asked.
You smiled at him, “Yes, I do”
His beautiful green eyes made their way from your eyes to your lips and he kissed you. His hand was resting on the bench and he softly put it on your knee, not really sure if you felt okay with that, but as you smiled against his lips, he relaxed and focused on the kiss.
About an hour later, you went back to the girls dorm. Dinner time had passed, but Harry and you had gone into Honeydukes under his Invisibility Cloak, so you weren't really hungry. You opened the door softly so you wouldn't make noise, but that was unhelpful due to Hermione yelling again.
“Honestly, how can you be always late?” she asked exasperated while she took you to her bet so you could sit on it between her and Ginny.
“Sorry girls, we were, er- talking, and when we noticed it was really late bec-”
“Argh, get to the point!” said Hermione.
“Has he asked you out or not?” asked Ginny.
“I think so,” you smiled.
Your day had been so beautiful you couldn't even believe it had been real.
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saturn-elixir · a day ago
Smutmas Day 7 ~ Finger Sucking
Tumblr media
Parings: Ginny Weasley x Female Reader
Warnings: Smut, Finger sucking, Lesbian sex, Scissoring, Slight Subspace, Dom Reader, Mommy kink
Plot: Reader, is very proud of her sexuality and doesn’t like to be tied down. Ginny Weasley has been hopelessly in love with her for years. Every once in a while, Reader and Ginny find time to get in a quick romp. They get paired together for a project and get some alone time, and Ginny gets a little needy, and Reader can’t let her suffer.
You smirked flicking some mashed potatoes at one of the boys you hung with at dinner. "(y/n)!" They gasped and wiped their face, laughing, throwing them back. You dodged and chuckled. Your friends chuckled looking past you and nodding gently. You turned seeing Ginny stand beside you, smiling. "Hi (y/n)!" You smirked slightly, "hey Gin." She blushed and tucked hair behind her ear, "I was wondering, if after dinner if you're not busy that is. Maybe we could go to the library and work on the assignment?" You looked at our friends who were smirking and dipped them off. "Yes Ginny, absolutely we can," You said. You swiped the pudding cup off your mate's tray and gave it to her. He groaned. "Hey!" "I will see you there, sweets," you winked. She took it and blushed. "Thank you! See you (y/n)." She bounced off after that. "Poor girl," your friend chuckled. "Why's that?" "You've been leading her on for years. She's in love with you, mate." "She doesn't know what love is yet," you muttered finishing your meal. "Don't underestimate her, word is she turned down Dean because of somebody else...and I think it's you." You watched where Ginny's figure had retreated, "yeah... Don't worry about it." - You sat in the library, watching Ginny, listening to her read the textbook. Your head rested on your hands. You shut your eyes for just a moment. "And the reaction you should get from this is - (y/n)?" You opened your eyes and looked at her smiling. "Yes, Ginny?" "You alright?" She asked. "We can stop." "No, I'm perfect, just thinking," you hummed. "About what?" "Mhm, lots of things Sweets." She blushed watching you. "So why didn't you say yes to Dean?" She blushed deeper and played with her hair. "I just didn't like him that way." "Well, no harm in that," you smiled. Ginny nodded smiling. You picked up the pen and began to write down what Ginny had said, for your project. "Okay so we have to find the rest of it in the next chapter," you said flipping the page. Ginny nodded. You then began to read aloud from the book. Ginny took your hand and held it. You smiled and kept reading. It wasn't uncommon. You liked holding hands with Ginny. Ginny played with your fingers while she listened, kissing your knuckles. You smiled and caressed her face. Ginny hummed kissing your fingertips gently, brushing her tongue against them gently. You looked over and smirked gently. Ginny blushed letting go. "Sorry." "Shh, shh don't be sorry baby. You can play with them all you want," you cooed Ginny's eyes sparkled ad she pulled your hand back, rubbing her face on it. She was slowly slipping into subspace, which was fine by you. Ginny was an adorable little sub. She places the tips of your fingers on her lips. They were so soft. You caressed them gently smirking. "Open doll." Ginny parted her lips. You smirked and slowly slipped in a couple of fingers. Ginny pressed her tongue against them instantly, coating them in warm saliva. You smirked rubbing your fingers against her tongue. She made soft noises, closing her lips around your fingers. She swirled her tongue around them, sucking on them gently. You smirked shifting in your chair so you were more comfortably positioned for her. Ginny scooted into your lap, holding your forearm gently. You hummed watching her, massaging her tongue lightly as she suckled. Her eyes were droopy and half-lidded. Her cheeks were hot, and her legs straddled yours. Her hips gently rocked against yours. You smirked leaning back so she could do her thing. Ginny needed you and watching her wriggle for it turned you on. Luckily it was getting late and you were in the back of the library. Ginny, sucked on your fingers, grazing her teeth as she rutted her hips against yours. She let put faint, needy moans. "Mhm Ginny, dear," you said, "we're in the library." Ginny looked at you with her pleading eyes in need, whining. "But-" she mumbled, though your fingers were nearly down her throat before you cut her off. "So you
better be quiet." Ginny lit up nodding. You smirked and pulled your fingers out of her mouth. She whined, her lips a bit swollen and glossy, trying to pull your hand back. "Ah ah, on one condition," you said. "You have to be my official girlfriend now. No more hooking up randomly." Ginny squeaked happily and nodded kissing you. "Yes, Mummy." You kissed back and smirked pulling her skirt up. Ginny was painfully, and shamelessly, soaked, just from your fingers in her mouth. "Mhmm naughty girl, take my pants off." Ginny got up and smirked, pulling your pants and underwear down with one clean yank. You smirked and got up. "Good girl." "Mhm Mummy," she whispered waiting for instruction. You leaned her back against the bookshelf and pull her leg around your hip. She nodded eagerly. You pulled her panties to the side and pressed your wet slits together. Ginny moaned softly squirming. You smirked rubbing your groin against hers. Ginny moaned gripping you. You thrust your hips against her a couple of times, rocking firmly. Ginny gasped, covering her mouth. As you rocked against her just right, she fought the urge to scream. She put her head in your neck, gripping your back. You gave her a little smack on the ass, rocking a little rougher. You moaned, putting your face in her hair. You panted, rocking faster. "Naughty girl, so bloody wet over my fingers in your mouth." "Yes Mummy, yes yes," she moaned. You groaned and rocked harder, you could feel yourself getting close. After a few more quick thrusts against her sensitive split, Ginny yelled out with pleasure. "Holy I'm close!" You grunted and rocked with more pressure, "oh me too!" Ginny cried out as her legs were going numb. "Harder." You smirked and kissed her neck, rocking and grinding harder than before. You smirked and rubbed until you both were swollen. Ginny yelped out as she came. You groaned as you rocked through her high and soon came as well. You slowed to a stop, both panting. Ginny panted hard and gripped you. "Mhmm mummy," she was slowly slipping out of subspace. You kissed her head and held her. "Let's clean up before we get caught," She nodded and fixed her hair. You pulled your pants back on. "I meant it." "Meant what (y/n)?" She asked "What I said about you being my girlfriend." She giggled and kissed you. "Of course I will!!" She smiled. "I was hoping you would ask." You kissed her head, "of course I would."
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moodyhp · 2 days ago
Alternate Potter Children Names
Okay, so I’ve always found it uncomfortable that Harry’s children were named after those who died in the war. It’s a nice gesture, but in the end I think it gives all three children way too much pressure on top of being the Chosen One’s children. So this is my attempt of naming Harry’s children without any dead people’s names included. I did decide to still subtly reference at least one of the chosen namesakes in my first two alternatives of each name with the final alternative being names that loosely link to the Harry Potter universe or reference different Harry Potter characters subtly.
James Sirius Potter:
Oscar Conan Potter - Oscar (Gaelic) means “deer friend” making it a much more subtle way to nod to Harry’s father James Potter. Harry always strove to be like his father as depicted by his patronus which is also a stag. Conan (Irish) means “little wolf” or “little hound” which could also be a subtle nod to Harry’s godfather Sirius Black as well as Remus Lupin. Both Sirius and Remus were some of Harry’s biggests supporters with Harry trusting them with his problems often more than other adults in his life.
Apus Rigel Potter - Apus (Greek) is a constellation that represents the bird of paradise. Rigel (Arabic) is the brightest star in the Orion constellation and is often used for navigation by sailors. The astronomy ties to both names could be a nod to Sirius Black (as he was named after the dog constellation) and Remus Lupin (whose name has ties to the moon).
Felix Ren Potter - Felix (Latin) means “lucky” and “successful”. within the Harry Potter world has links to the luck potion named Felix Felicis. Ren (Japanese) means “lotus” and “love”. Sounds very similar to Harry’s friend and Ginny’s brother Ron, so would be a subtle way to acknowledge all he has done for both of them throughout the years. Additionally, Ren is a water lily which could be a nod to Harry’s mother, Lily who died to protect Harry.
Albus Severus Potter:
Phoenix Sage Potter - Phoenix (Greek/Egyptian Mythology) means “dark red” and is also a constellation. Albus Dumbledore has a Phoenix named Fawkes and his Patronus is actually a Phoenix. In the Fantastic Beasts series, it also revealed that Albus along with the rest of the Dumbledore family has a special connection to Phoenixes. Sage (Celtic) is a plant that in Celtic mythology signifies wisdom and is believed to provide immortality if it is eaten. Within the Harry Potter universe, Sage is also used a potion ingredient used in it’s powdered form in the Memory Potion (revealed in a mobile game) which obviously links to Severus Snape as he was the Potions professor at Hogwarts.
Jorah Brian Potter - Jorah (Biblical/Ancient Hebrew) meaning “he teaches” or “rain”. This links to both Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape as both of them were teachers/headteachers at Hogwarts. Brian (Celtic) meaning “hill” or “noble” and is also one of Albus Dumbledore’s middle names.
Reuben Caradoc Potter - Reuben (Hewbrew) meaning “behold, a son”. I also thought it sounded kind of similar to Ruby or Rebeus which could be a nod to Harry’s friend Rebeus Hagrid whose always been there for him. Caradoc (Welsh) means “love” and is one of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legend. Caradoc is also a variant of the names Cerdic and Cedric making it a subtle nod to Cedric Diggory who was a fair competitor during the Triwaizard tournament and one of the first people Harry ever saw die.
Lily Luna Potter:
Jasmine Aster Potter - Jasmine (Arabic/Persian) is named after the flower that has healing properties and is often used in perfumes due to it’s lovely fragrance. The jasmine flower symbolises love, beauty and purity. Aster (Greek) means star that also has links to the September birth flower of the same name. The aster flower represents love, faith, wisdom and great courage. Both of these names link to flowers which is a nod to Harry’s mother, Lily. Additionally, the link Aster has to Astronomy could be a subtle nod to many Harry Potter characters including Luna Lovegood, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin.
Acacia Willow Potter - Acacia (Greek) meaning “thorns”, it is both a type of flower and tree. The acacia flower symbolises beauty, relaxation, rebirth and immortality. Meanwhile, the acacia tree represents regrowth, peserverence and integrity. Willow (English) means freedom. The willow tree represents fertility, new life and growing from challenging situations as when a willow brach is cut off then planted, a new willow tree will grow. Again, the link these names have to nature and plants links to Lily Potter.
Amalthea Athena Potter - Amalthea (Greek mythology) means “to soften” or “to soothe”. She was a famous nymph in Greek mythology who nursed infant Zeus. This links to Nymphadora Tonks/Lupin whose first name means “nymph gift” and who was one of Harry’s supporters all through the War. Athena (Greek mythology) was the Greek goddess of wisdom and is known to be the Greek equivilent of Minerva who was the Roman goddess of wisdom. Minerva McGongall is the Transfigurations professor at Hogwarts and was always supportive of Harry.
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me: ugh i hate cliches
harry potter fanfiction: they were partners at the potions class and the assignment was to do amortentia and they realized they were each other's favorite smell
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