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Man I’m really taking a leap back in time, feeling like my high school self, just staring at these cute oblivious fuckers like when 👏do👏you👏kiss👏already👏

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Hi - I’ve seen a handful of posts (recent too) on Instagram about Mafuyu and how he hasn’t let go of Yuki or it’s people saying “why can’t he let go of Yuki”

I think it’s important to take into account that Yuki is someone Mafuyu loved unconditionally, he was the person who was by him under every circumstance so how could he possibly let him go so quickly. That’s not to say that he hasn’t let go though, he’s clearly made progress and is holding on to that love he had for Yuki but he has moved on. Mafuyu is with Uenoyama now and it’s pretty clear to see that he is in fact in love with Uenoyama - sure he thinks about Yuki time to time but can you blame him? Let’s be realistic, no one would forget about someone they loved so dearly in a short amount of time.

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  • acabei de descobrir que o akihiko não tentou estvpr*r o haruki, foi só um erro de tradução… tô com peso na consciência depois de todo o ódio que joguei nele
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the shizuragi confession scene is mimicking the destiel confession scene and you can’t convince me it’s not

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