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#God of Mischief
imagine-loki · an hour ago
Sinister Kid
Can you write a loki x reader songfic based on the song by The Black Keys, "Sinister Kid" that has fluff and romance?
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lokifixation · 20 hours ago
Imagine Loki finding you in the library after staying in there all day, hiding from your thoughts, and him asking if you’re ok. Imagine him coming there for the same reason and being comforts for each other.
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marvels-magic-gang · a day ago
Strange: Its like your group shares one braincell
Loki and Sylvie: *cant think of a comeback cause its notntheir turn to use the braincell*
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alyceinwonderland777 · 4 days ago
"Peace will come to me" 🖤
Tumblr media
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shambelle97 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 PH: "Anarchifox Art / Enstatia"
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punksweets · 13 days ago
So Bill Cipher was Tom Hiddleston this whole time. Of course it was so obvious.
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mischievous-thunder · 18 days ago
Valkyrie: Do you think Loki wants to murder you or just pet your hair and call you pretty?
Thor: He'd definitely pet my hair and whisper sweet words of love and encouragement.
Thor, affectionately: After that, he'd murder me in my sleep.
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imagine-loki · 3 days ago
Imagine being “frenemies” with Sigyn when you were growing up. You competed with each other in everything, and were just generally never that close.
As young women, you especially vied for Loki’s attention.
When you all had come of age, Loki revealed he had feelings for you the whole time.
You still haven’t heard from Sigyn since the day you married Loki.
Not that you care. Your life is better without that spiteful heifer pointing out your flaws, anyway.
Years later, you think you see your former rival in a sea of festival-goers. Has Sigyn resurfaced? You hope she at least doesn’t notice you or Loki. You know you wouldn’t be able to handle it without crying.
To your disappointment, she does.
Sigyn makes her way to you and your husband, pretending to be thrilled to see you. As if you were good friends. Gag.
Her eyes fall on Loki, and your heart sinks as you realize nothing has changed.
Loki lets go of your hand to wrap his arm around your waist, and you smile as you realize nothing has changed.
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frigidjotun · 22 days ago
*wonders if @lokis-ice-queen-surrenders will approve of the new avi*
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marvels-magic-gang · 22 days ago
Strange: What the heck is eeby deeby?
Wanda: Do you wanna find out?
Strange: I mean, I don't really care, I'm just really confused.
Loki: Fuck it, take him to eeby deeby.
Strange: I feel threatened-
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imamuffin · 23 days ago
What if all the old white ladies who say crazy religious shit at random are actually Loki?
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tesseractedsworld · 24 days ago
Part 2 of what does is feel like to be loved in a fatherly way
Peter Parker: uhh, it feels like how people love you in a related way for example Thor, he loves you
Loki: well I stab him in the back many times and I don't still feel loved just how mother love is towards me
Peter Parker: um ok, well if you want someone to love you Mr Loki, you don't stab them in the back
Loki: oh so I don't stab people in the back for them to love me
Peter Parker: yeah something like that
Loki:ok, ok that sure will I do
Tumblr media
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lokiodinsonofasgard000 · 26 days ago
PA Reader x Loki
Tumblr media
(Name) had always been very stoic and very emotionless at first glance and in first impressions, however when conversation peeked her interest she became a very warm and welcoming person. Most of the people she had made relations with always would she is a light of sun rays; the way she smiled would brighten everyone’s mood, the way her eyes would hold so many emotions when she listen to their problems, her attitude to life was positive when encouraging others and kept her own pessimistic views to herself only ever mentioning in a joking manner. (Name) was one of a kind, and yet she made it known when boundaries had been crossed. She was very candid about how she felt of others but if everyone one civil she was sure to treat them with friendliness.
The Avengers could not have asked for a better associate. (Name) is very close to Pepper and Tony, the woman was always helping Tony with his designs and giving her artistic input after being hired by Pepper as her personal assistant once Natasha’s cover was revealed as an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. Slowly (Name) became acquainted with the avengers. She met new faces, but one had caught her attention was a former villain, Loki. Although she was very quest on her views on the former villain, she was willing to keep an open mind, everyone deserve a chance of redemption.
 It was one of those parties that Tony had begged Pepper to help organize for him for the Avenger anniversary. In which Pepper was very much against, but (Name) offered to take over and keep the gest list very small for everyone’s sanity. With a lot of convincing (Name) convinced the strawberry blonde woman.
“Since everyone is not working, who wants to tag along for party prep that is happening in two weeks’ time. Planned and organized by yours truly” (Name) came out as she straightened out her lilac gray silk blouse. “Sure, I have errands to run” Natasha was the first to answer as she stood up from her spot on a couch and stretching out “I would love to tag along” Wanda said timidly hiding a small smile “Loki, do you need anything?” (Name) asked to the god sitting by the window reading a book “No thank you.” Came his short reply.
It wasn’t unusual for (Name) to think of Loki when ever she was going out somewhere, she just wanted him to interact more with the team meaning including him with any activities that was planned. He was somewhat new to the whole working with a team and being equals with ‘Midgardian’, but he was adjusting slowly. Granted (Name) had wanted to know him more but refused to push him too much so she left the ball in his court to decide if he wanted to take her offer of friendship.
“Alright then, Hens Day out then” (Name) said with a smile as she let out a mocked laugh of a chicken. Natasha and Wanda gave a small laugh at the antic but followed behind with their things.
Loki slipped a glance at the three women and frowned a little, he couldn’t understand (Name) that well. His first impression of the woman was someone who was very quiet and slightly stand offish, but as time went off, he saw the way she became warmer and more welcoming. He found it odd how quick she was able to change her personality, part of his was wary as to which was her true personality. She was civilized to him but with the other he could see the dynamic was very different with each member in the group. Part of him wanted to know if he tried to get close, how would their dynamic be?
In the car (Name) was humming to music in the car that she was playing off her phone. The other two girls sang along which eventually encouraged (Name) to join in with the singing, occasionally hitting some good notes and others not so much. The carpool karaoke was more for fun, so she wasn’t really trying, she just enjoyed the reaction of the other girls. They were listening to some throwback music of the 2000s and listening to the pop music; ‘in my head’ – Jason Derulo. (Name) gave some body rolls as she drove and tapping her hands on the wheels while singing until they hit a red light and started to scream out at the chorus
“Just leave with me now and say the word and we’ll go. I’ll be your teacher; I’ll show you the ropes. You’ll see a side to love that you’d never know, I can see you going down, going down…
IN MY HEAD, I SEE YOU ALL OVER ME, IN MY HEAD! YOU FUFILL MY FANTACIES, IN MY HEAD! YOU’LL BE SCREAMING, MY! IN HEAD” as they screamed the song at the red light, they moved the whole car with their movements.
When they finished their song, they did their errands. Natasha was needing some more clothes for an upcoming mission that involved her being undercover and she didn’t want to use close she had previously used for missions. Wanda was looking for things for Vision as their own little 2-year anniversary was coming up soon. (Name) took the time to go where she needed to in the mall to organize a couple hundred balloons (at Tony’s request; filled with confetti), made some orders at some bottle shops ordering some drinks for the party and for Tony’s bar restock.
 The four girls eventually met up again bought something to eat and made their way back to the car for some more carpool karaoke. Natasha enjoyed the nostalgia of the ‘old school’ music and Wanda enjoyed the early 2000s songs as it was somewhat familiar to her, they enjoyed some of the normal modern pop music as well. eventually they finished the ride with ‘Bad Reputation’ – Joan Jett. They were screaming the song until it finished. They all shared genuine heart filled laughter at the fun. Some of the team was still around took notice of their loud entrance and their cackling.
“Gosh I missed my teenage years” Natasha managed out with the biggest smile on her face “Hey, if you ever need some young blood I’m here” (Name) exclaimed with a laugh “You’re only what? A year or two youngers than me” Wanda said with a laugh and slap at the other woman’s arm “two actually I’m of ’91” (Name) corrected
As they walked in Tony overheard and gave a baffled expression, expression how she was so young ‘you’re just a baby’ which she only called him an old man to which made him defensive as he threw the two gods under the buss
“Well, reindeer-games and storm-break are both ancient mind you they are like 1000s of years old” Tony snapped out “I’m flattered you think we are 1000 years old” Loki said unamused as he gave an arch of his brow “Stark, my brother and I are well in our young adult lives” Thor said with a joyous laugh “How old you are you two anyway?” (Name) asked taking a seat on the couch that Loki had now moved to before her loud entrance “I am 1,505” Thor said smiling brightly at her “and you said you 1000 is young adolescent?” she said tilting her head “so what the age gap between you two? A couple years?” “I believe there is a 449 gap” Thor said thinking as Loki rolled his eyes “So that would make Loki…” (Name) paused momentarily and looked at Loki for conformation “1,056?” Loki sighed as he gave reluctant nod. (Name) clapped her hands together proud of herself for getting the age right “wow so you guys were born in A.D! so Loki was born in 965AD, and you were born in 516AD” she said looking to Thor “More or less” “well you both look very good for your ages to earth standards” she joked and got up “on that note, I have to get going I am having dinner with Pepper tonight to discuss stuff. So, I will see you all when I do”
With that said she left saying goodbye to those who bid her farewell. Loki watched her leave with a frown, Thor sat down which took Loki’s attention from the brash movement of his brother that shifted the couch a bit. Thor looked at his brother with a goofy smile
“So, what do you think of Lady (Name)?” Thor asked as the other members left the room not having a reason to stick around “Nothing” came Loki’s short reply as he looked through a change in reading material, the magazine “Is that it? Doesn’t she seem nice” Thor tried to urge more conversation “What are you getting at Brother” Loki send a death glare not wanting to talk in the slightest or hear Thor’s shenanigans “I’m just saying it’s been almost a year here on Midgard since you met her. You don’t even talk with her-” “I am going to stop you right there. One, I don’t care to know her. Two, I treat her no different to anyone here. Lastly, I don’t want to” Loki snaped as he stood up “Brother, you need to make connections here. Asgard is destroyed and you refuse to move to Tønsberg, Norway with the others” Thor said standing up to follow “And you should be there to rule over them, and yet here you are brother. In upstate New York” Loki glared at Thor harshly “So I suggest you be careful with what you say brother. You are no more than an abandoner as I” “I’m because Midgard no longer rules the way we did back on Asgard, so they don’t need a king anymore. I’m here for you and my friends”
Loki walked off leaving Thor alone having enough of the conversation they were having. He knew he may have reacted wrongly; it was just a simple question. In fairness Loki was still very unsure on his impression of (Name), in the end he knew the only way he could get a better idea of who she was and how genuine she is described as was to see and experience it for himself.
part two: (Coming soon?)
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teacupcollector · 28 days ago
The Snake and The Panther Masterlist
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Summary-  Being married to Loki was all you wanted when he first decided to court you. It was like a Cinderella story and this was your happy ending. Sadly that was short lived when you found out about his infidelity. You are now on the planet Earth on the run from your inevitable confrontation. Living off the lands of Wakanda under the great leadership of the Black Panther himself and he seems to have taken an interest in you. Part 1
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