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#Good Omens
fuckyeahgoodomens · 16 hours ago
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Ginger countdown! ❤ :)) (David was trending because Russel T Davies is returning as the Doctor Who showrunner! :))
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lookitsstevie · 10 hours ago
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I love you
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somewhatvaguely · 16 hours ago
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After the NotPocalypse, Crowley grows birds of paradise. He claims it's because he just digs their resemblance to his current hairstyle, but Aziraphale read in a book once that they symbolise joy, freedom, and liberty. And whenever the angel sees them, he feels flashes of Crowley's love.
liberty (noun):
1. the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views.
2. the power or scope to act as one pleases.
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thehillywoodshow · a day ago
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Sometimes, waiting is the hardest part. 😅
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fledglingdoodles · 8 hours ago
This month, dear $20 Patr0n, Tony, requested some morning kisses/cuddles, which I thought paired ever so wonderfully with the previous request!
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aziraphales-library · 13 hours ago
Hello! This blog is phenomenal! I'm looking for a fic in which hell uses a demon's true name to control them, but Crowley's name has changed and he won't tell Aziraphale why or how. I do remember he finally tells Aziraphale his true name by drawing it on a napkin at the cafè of the British museum, and that Aziraphale's name changes as well...? I've been searching for days but I just can't seem to find it. It is 100% on Ao3. Thank you so much!
Hi! This is The Name of the Snake by rfsmiley (M)
True names have power. It’s a pity that Aziraphale no longer knows his.
- Mod D
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enelica · 10 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wings page 26
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Support Wings on Patreon or ko-fi !
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chriscalledmesweetie · 7 hours ago
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The Brilliant New Newlywed Game
A Sherlock/Good Omens/Cabin Pressure crossover in which three newlywed couples - Sherlock/John, Aziraphale/Crowley, and Carolyn/Herc - compete on a game show hosted by everyone’s favorite lovable buffoon, Arthur.
Chapter 3: Whoopee!
In which the questions become a bit more revealing...
Tags under the cut.
Please let me know if you’d like me to tag or untag you.
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ghostly-writer · 22 hours ago
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I know this!
So basically the bananas that your grandparents or great-grandparents ate aren’t what you bought at the grocery store last week.
In the middle of the 20th century an aggressive fungus was attacking all the Gros Michel banana variety trees and nearly wiped them off the face of the earth. People panicked because Gros Michel was packed full of flavor and dominated the banana market. The fungal attack was particularly devastating because banana trees are genetically identical to each other. They don’t have seeds and instead propagate by growing off the bases of fallen or older trees.
Scientists and farmers discovered the fungus didn’t attack another variety, the Cavendish banana, and farmers made the switch in order to fill the banana market demand. Unfortunately, while it could survive the fungus, Cavendish isn’t as flavorful as Gros Michel and has a slightly different taste.
As an added twist, banana flavoring in candies, jello, ice cream, etc stayed the same. Why would companies make their flavoring taste less like bananas? But since then several generations have grown up never tasting the Gros Michel bananas. Now banana-flavored treats taste wrong because they’re based on a defunct variety.
Crowley, like many people who lived through the “great banana switch”, was used to the Gros Michel variety and is still weirded-out about the flavor change with Cavendish.
TL;DR: Seventy years ago the world switched from one banana variety to another because of a super fungus. The current variety tastes different, but banana-flavored treats didn’t change their recipe to keep up. Crowley either missed the switch or still hasn’t gotten used to the new variety.
@neil-gaiman is a cool history nerd.
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do-it-with-style-events · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Do we have an ace up our sleeve? Find out tomorrow!
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aziraphales-library · an hour ago
Hi! Thank you for running this blog 🥰 do you have any recommendations for human AUs where Aziraphale and Crowley are parents?
Hello. We have various parental Aziraphale and Crowley fics on our #kid fic tag, so be sure to check those out. And here are some human AU parental fics...
It Was Always You by mltrefry (T)
A chance encounter during one of the worst times of Ezra Fell’s life reunites him with his once best friend and the one who got away. Though, that would imply he ever had him in the first place. Anthony Crowley and his son, Warlock, relocate to the quieter city of Tadfield from that of London. In the process, manages to find again that one person who always made him feel less alone, the one person he was pretty sure he was never going to speak to again. But the road to true love never did run smooth (something that’s been true from their very beginning). Despite the easy way they fall back into each other, their lives don't seem to follow suit, and if it's not one challenge its another. But despite everything they find themselves facing down, the ten years without each other taught them one thing: they’re better together than they are apart.
I Hear You're in Need of a Nanny emptymasks (G)
Aziraphale was trying his best to raise his son on his own, but at a certain point it was difficult to be running the bookshop while also keeping his eyes on Oscar all day. Crowley liked working with children, and children liked him, they’ve just always been drawn to him. A lot of people prefer hiring a female nanny to a male one, and as much as he thinks it’s a little ridiculous, it works out fine for him. He was happy to identify and present as female and tap into his maternal instincts. He’d been wanting to take a job closer to his apartment, but there’s not that many people wanting to hire a nanny in Soho; then he comes across a job advertisement in the local newspaper posted by a Mr. A. Z. Princer. When he meets Oscar, he finds a little girl tired of being told by the world that she's a boy.
Single Parent! Aziraphale & Nanny! Crowley, Human AU
A Modern Way Of Living With The Truth by CloseToSomethingReal (T)
Ezra Fell is just as stunned as Adam Young when he's granted custody of the boy after the untimely demise of his parents. Though their relationship is rocky, they eventually settle in a bookshop in London and try to live a normal life. Across the road is a florist. Ezra thought him to be just another neighbour until he ran across the road, yelling that Adam had gotten into an altercation his son at school. Crowley has been running "Fleurish Flowers" for the last nine years, exactly as long as he'd had Warlock, although those two were not connected. All was relatively normal in his life until the odd bookshop moved in across the street. An odd bookshop, with an even more odd, yet somehow fascinating, owner.
Give me a title, I’ll give you my heart by NohaIjiachi (T)
Crowley blinked, and the man blinked back. The man currently holding a slipping, squirming Dog, a drenched, light blue shirt sticking to his chest and soft middle, and silver-y blond curls dripping all over the place above a pair of the most steely-azure eyes Crowley had ever seen.
Dog seemed to recognize him, because he stopped squirming and started wagging his tail, that went thump-thump-thump against the increasingly flustered looking man’s upper arm.
“Hey, Mr. Crowley!” Adam greeted cheerily, popping from behind the man and leaning against the door frame with a cheeky hand-wave. “We were just giving Dog a bath. What’s up?” “Ngk,” Crowley replied, his brain currently in the clutches of what Crowley intimately called his ‘Useless-Pan-lizard-brain’.
Barriers, and the Breaking Thereof by Cardinal_Daughter (M)
Ezra Fell has long been comfortable in his loneliness. He’s content to simply run the Soho Public Library and otherwise keep to himself. However, when a handsome stranger bursts in one evening with a baby, frantic and in need of help, Ezra finds those carefully constructed barriers he’s long maintained begin to crack.
Perhaps it’s time to let them fall.
is he single or is he just gay by kermitwashingtonlincon (T)
Crowley, age twenty-three, works at a daycare with his friend Anathema because he just really loves kids, even if he's not great with their parents. Well, he might not mind the father of Adam Fell.
- Mod D
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stinawrites · 5 hours ago
Take a Picture
Did some prompt writing with a friend recently, and ended up with this. Managed to include all 5 prompts, which were: frame it, fancy pants, car keys, the glance, morning sunrise
A bit of suggestive Good Omens ineffable husbands fluff. 545 words
- - -
An angel and a demon were in a cozy bedroom, somewhere in Devil’s Dyke. The angel was snug under warm, soft blankets, and the demon was tapping a booted foot against the floor as he gazed out the window.
“I could take a picture and frame it,” Aziraphale said, making a frame with his fingers and peering through it appraisingly at Crowley.
“Picture of wot?”
“Of you, dear. In your fancy pants, holding your beloved car keys, the morning sunrise in the background.”
“’S hardly morning, Angel, it’s quickly approaching midday! Get a wiggle on, would you?” He wrinkled his nose like he’d sucked on a lemon as he realized what he’d just said. The angel’s ridiculous turns of phrase were creeping insidiously into his vocabulary more and more these days.
Aziraphale smirked up at him from his position in bed, still snuggled under the covers.
“But I don’t feel particularly tempted…”
“Oh for—” Crowley started in exasperation before cutting himself off. Aziraphale looked at him coyly from beneath his lashes. Crowley sighed, then prowled forwards, crawling onto the bed and overtop of Aziraphale’s body until they were face to face. The angel’s breath quickened. Crowley slowly lowered his head to nuzzle behind Aziraphale’s ear, then whispered into it. “If you don’t get a move on, they won’t be serving brunch anymore.”
“Oh, alright!” Aziraphale huffed. “Insufferable demon.” He unceremoniously shoved Crowley over and flipped off the covers, rolling out of bed in his plaid flannel pyjamas and shuffling over to the closet.
Crowley stood up and straightened his clothes. “If we missed brunch then I wouldn’t get to enjoy the obscene noises you make when you eat.”
Aziraphale’s cheeks reddened as he shot a look over his shoulder. “Crowley, really!”
“For such a prim and proper, stuffy angel, it’s really quite indecent,” Crowley said with a grin.
Aziraphale sputtered. “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying good cuisine!”
“Indeed, nothing at all,” Crowley drawled.
“Your mind is what is indecent,” Aziraphale huffed as he started pulling on clothing.
“Mmm, you should punish me later, then.”
“Quite right, I should,” Aziraphale asserted.
“I’ll look forward to it.”
Aziraphe turned to Crowley as he finished with his bowtie. “As will I,” he said, a mischievous twinkle in his eye. He gave his demon a peck on the cheek before turning to the door. “Everything in its time though, dear. I find I’ve quite worked up an appetite.”
“After you, Angel,” Crowley said, giving Aziraphale a swap to the buttocks as he followed behind.
“I’ll add that to your list of crimes for later.”
“You’re only encouraging me, Angel.”
“It’s hardly my fault that you’re a delinquent.”
Crowley could hear the smile in his voice as they walked down the hallway.
“You like it. Naughty Angel. Always said you were a bit of a bastard.” Crowley grinned as he dropped his arm over Aziraphale’s shoulders.
“I suppose your demonic influence has had some effect after over 6,000 years.”
“Not sure I can take all the credit for that, but I’m proud of any impact I may have had. The results are reward enough, no need for a Commendation.”
“Enough of your cheek. You won’t tempt me into punishing you before I’ve enjoyed my brunch.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it, Angel.”
- - -
Check out my master list for more Good Omens ficlits 😇😈
Tag list: @veritasrose @holycatsandrabbits @kittynannygaming
Please let me know if you’d like to be added to or removed from my list!
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prettybirdy979 · 11 hours ago
Angstember Fic: Aziraphale/Crowley - I don't know how to help you
Doing the Angstember prompts from this post. Please feel free to send me any prompts. More of my fics here.
Warnings for Heaven being shitty and cruel.
‘I don’t know how to help you Aziraphale, I really don’t.’ Gabriel sighs as he paces around the room, his heels clicking on the white floor. ‘We tried everything before you decided to run off with a demon and interfere in the Great Plan… and now…’
Aziraphale glares up at him, pulling at the chains binding him to Heaven’s floor. ‘Now you’ve skipped any appearance of helping and have gone directly to overt cruelty.’
Gabriel snaps and Aziraphale now has a sock in his mouth. ‘If you’re not going to say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’
Another glare though, thankfully, no noise to accompany it. More rattling of the chains, with furious banging.
Bang bang bang bang. A pause. Bang bang. Then repeat. 
Gabriel rolls his eyes but lets the traitor have his little rebellion. It won’t matter in a while.
‘Now, your little trick did get us for a while… but this time we’re wise. Downstairs has some very clever ways to help angels like you, so we’re giving your case over to them.’ Gabriel looks down, expecting Aziraphale’s wide eyes staring up at him with fear, a look that even the thought of made Gabriel feel warm.
But instead the creature is just… just staring. And banging his chains, in that same pattern.
‘Will you STOP THAT?!’ Gabriel roars and snaps, freezing the chains in place.
Bang bang bang bang. Pause. Bang bang.
Gabriel freezes as the banging continues, coming from the hallway.
And getting closer with every repeat of the pattern.
Aziraphale smiles around the sock in his mouth. ‘Eee’s cooomin’’
‘What?’ Gabriel snaps the sock away.
‘He’s coming,’ Aziraphale says with a smirk as his corporation starts to shift, blue eyes fading into yellow and red hair leaking in through the gold. He hisses and flicks out a serpentine tongue.
No. Not Aziraphale. The demon.
‘Has his sword now,’ the demon hisses. ‘And a lot of motivation to use it. What was it you said? Can’t have a war without War?’
He grins and flashes sharp teeth. ‘Now the father of War is coming for you and he has her sword. Care to wonder what’s going to happen now?’
Gabriel glups, just as the door smashes open.
Lord please, help.
But as always, She is silent and Gabriel turns to face the consequences of his actions.
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askaziraphaleandcrowley · 11 hours ago
Crowley, you are absolutely right! It's the mould that gives the books such a wonderful smell, and it is just the bad name that mould got that makes it sound like an unfortunate comparison!
Aziraphale, aren't you an angel who loves all creatures, great and small? So why exclude mould?
And on the subject of smells, Crowley, what are your favourite ones? Say, top-3?
(  Anonymous asked: Aziraphale you are being quite unfair to Crowley. He was complimenting you and he tried to explain his thought process. There was no need to guilt trip him like that. Old books themselves don't smell of anything really other than paper, it's the mould that smells nice so he was technically correct, you smell like book mould, not like books. )
Crowley: See, I told you! 
Aziraphale: Oh, I’m sorry, dear. I thought it was another of your tricks. I thought you were trying to get me to be happy about smelling mouldy so that you could laugh at me about it .
Crowley: That... okay yes that does sound like something I would do. But not to you. 
Aziraphale: Then I apologise to you for my reaction, and I do appreciate the compliment. And thank you dear readers for helping me to see that.
Crowley: Good. Honestly, you try to say a ‘nice’ thing like everyone keeps telling you to, and this is what you get for it...
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ask2englands · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve sketched this emotional Bee some time ago in one of the many days that I felt like shit. Well, now is finished and,yeah, I was venting a lot when I drew this.
Other versions:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aethelflaedladyofmercia · 23 hours ago
There’s nothing like starting a one-shot that turns into a 5+1 that then turns into a regular multi-chapter fic…
Don’t mind me just building this lore as I go.
(Not sure if/when I’ll post this one. It started as an Angstember fic, but then I couldn’t find a way to incorporate the prompt, and now it’s apparently threatening to turn into a whole divergent AU best described as “Good Omens, but Gabriel is 300% worse.”) 🤷🏻‍♀️
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aziraphales-library · 7 hours ago
677 words, rated G, no cw.
Summary: Aziraphale is trying to feed the 5,000, and it backfires spectacularly. Luckily, Crowley is there.
Thanks :) 
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avidcollectorofdust · 19 hours ago
I was thinking the other day about the difference in endings between the book and the series, mostly just how they have such different tones. The series is all happy and ties everything together nicely--Crowley and Aziraphale finally go to the Ritz and enjoy a nice meal together, Adam and the Them return to their daily lives to savor the last days of summer, Anathema and Newt burn Agnes' prophecies, and seem relatively sane.
The book, on the other hand, is more along the lines of "we had to mess with Crowley's memory because he was questioning the meaning of life again, and also Adam replaced half the priceless books in Aziraphale's shop with pirate stories."
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hellothepixel · 8 hours ago
If Good Omens had come out sooner it would've been integrated into superwholock.
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askaziraphaleandcrowley · 11 hours ago
It’s the paper, adhesive, and ink that gives books their smell, not mold. Aziraphale has every right to be upset. You just said he smells like an ugly health hazard.
Crowley: And definitely ignore this one. In fact, I can just delete thi-
Aziraphale: Was there another response to the smell question, dear?
Crowley: No, it’s just a, ah, oh look over there! Is that Pollution I see walking past your shop?
Aziraphale: Where?
Crowley: Oh my mistake, must have been someone that looked like them. Anyway, no more asks about that question, guess that’s over with now, oh well.
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