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aigoo-infinite · 3 years ago
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I wanna be with you~
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under-the-blood-moonlight · 3 years ago
[yay it's Walpurgis night and I had a wonderful evening with my friends at a Renaissance Faire ❤️ it's 4:34 am and I just got home and what I need now is sleep, but let me tell you something, I love you all and you are wonderful. I am in a very good mood! ]
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zu-is-here · 28 days ago
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Romatic cliché | FluffyNightKiller Week
I'm pretty sure there was a studio au headcanon about them trying to arrange a poly wedding and getting an offer to film in a movie about their love story?? Here it comes, starring our coffee boy! <3
Hosted by @help-im-a-gay-fish
the original meme cover by Syundei
Killer by rahafwabas / rahaf-wabas / rahofy-sketch
Ccino by black-nyanko
Nightmare by jokublog
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An imagined scene from one of my favorite arcs
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cozylittleartblog · 6 months ago
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queencember day 19 - tea
i feel like whenever i see people writing their own spin on the character teas, they forget that it tastes different depending on whos drinking it? (i almost fell into this myself when i was brainstorming for this prompt) so i thought it'd be fun to sort of like, think about the relationships and moments between the playable characters n the queen and how those might be represented in flavors.
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sparkwithinme · 3 months ago
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More G’raha and tiny Lyna. ^__^
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bloo-the-dragon · 7 days ago
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feelisia · 5 months ago
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For all the stressful days during this last year, I'll leave them all behind. At least for this special day where everything will be new yet nothing will really change.
I'm not a party girl, but I invite everybody who's having hard time, to take a moment to lay down a bit, take some breaths and think of the goods, your goods cause I'm sure that you have plenty of them; think of your bads too and of the people who accept them; think of what makes you laugh, of what makes you sad, what makes you angry and what makes you scared.
And share all this with your closest one; friends, family, pets, plants and with yourself too.
This year is gonna be better than the next because you decided that it will.
I wish you all a happy new year, full with love, care and health.
Take care of you.💙
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kappuccinoe · 3 months ago
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Akuma Saber? 💜
homu approves ✌🏻
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prijune · 4 months ago
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mil-peri · 5 days ago
Look what I found from pinterest
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(I am not sure if this has been here already, but I AM sure I haven't seen this before)
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under-the-blood-moonlight · 2 months ago
💎- A precious memory they hold dear
For any!
"Good morning." a female voice echoed through the simple furnitured room. Corveaux blinked his sleep from his eyes, which confused him a lot. He slept? He doesn't sleep, why did he sleep? Corveaux looked in the direction of the voice he heard. "M-my Lady! I -!" he was stunned.
Niqesse held a cup of tea in her hands and walked over to her butler. "It's alright. Please take no offense, I am responsible for your unusual nap." she smiled and took a seat next to Corveaux on his bed. Niqesse held out the cup of tea to him. "I know you do not eat or drink like we do, but I made this for you, like you always do for me." she looked down at the cup "but I took the freedom to spice it a bit up." the woman looked back at him and winked. "Happy birthday Corveaux."
"I don't have a birthday or don't know if or when it might have been... You know that. Why-" Niqesse chuckled and Corveaux frowned. "I know, but today is the anniversary of our pact and your awakening. I thought it would be nice." he looked at the cup of tea that she was still holding out to him and accepted it. "Thank you." Corveaux smiled and took a sip of the tea.
Ah, her aether.
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penandinkprincess · a month ago
i do love all of my magic box friends and also love being able to pump out fanfic, but i did also just sign up for a queer social club in my area bc i do think i need more human interaction than i’m currently getting XD
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mcdannowave · a year ago
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zu-is-here · 4 months ago
You know blue and gayfish have been fangirling about your commissions on discord Xd
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osamusriceballs · 6 months ago
The accident Part IV
Atsumu x Reader
Warnings: None
Words: ~ 850
About: Brave y/n, asking about last night <3
Part I II Part III II Part V
"Thank you," you whisper, blinking a few times to suppress the tears starting to pile in your eyes. Your throat feels hoarse and your voice breaks audibly, but he tactfully ignores it and rests his chin on your head.
And that's the moment you get painfully aware of the fact that both of you are still naked. With your bodes pressed against each other-
"We should get dressed."
You force your arms to let go of his body and slowly pull back, making sure the blanket is still covering your body while you sternly avoid looking at his face, or even worse- his bare chest. He got indefinitely more attractive after giving you comfort, at this point it's almost too much for you to handle.
The moment between the two of you felt so intimate and warm. The way he naturally managed to calm you down, even though he's just a stranger- it confuses you.
And the least thing you want is to be confused when he still has the power to make your life hell as your legally wedded husband- even though he doesn't seem like the type to take advantage from that.
"Right, sorry. Didn't want to make ya uncomfortable. I just thought you could use a shoulder to lean on. And I happened to have two of them."
His attempt at cracking jokes loosens the tense atmosphere and you snort while sliding your panties on under the blanket. You mentally thank yourself for leaving them right next to the bed- or did he leave them there? Just the thought makes heat creek up to your cheeks while you desperately search for more clothes, pressing the blanket even closer to your body.
He- Atsumu- already sports a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers, emphasizing the defined muscles on his abdomen. Don't stare, don't stare-
He avoids looking at you too, discretely keeping his gaze low as he almost finished before you even started. Which is not surprising, considering the first thing you spot on the ground is a pompous white wedding gown. The fuck-
Much to your relief, there is still your dress from the night before on the ground, crumbled and dirty, but it causes you to sigh in relief. At least you don't have to wear the wedding dress. Atsumu on the other hand has an elegant suit, but something catches your eyes while you subtly gaze in his direction.
The prominent red marks on his back.
They don't escape your gaze before he pulls his arms through the sleeves of the tight white dress shirt. How could you miss that, when his back looks like he fought a bunch of kittens?
But are these marks... from you? Did you two...?
"Can I ask you something?"
"Sure." He buttons the last button on his shirt, now looking presentable and neat- except for his messy hair. But why does he look even more attractive like this?
"Did we... you know? Did we... have sex?"
Your cheeks heat up at your words, embarrassment keeping you in a chokehold while you nervously wait for his answer. He coughs loudly, a slight shade of pink now evident on his cheeks as his hand once again messes with his hair.
"Uhm... to be honest, I don't remember. But... judging from your neck... I would say there was... somethin' between us." He pauses a few times, carefully thinking about his words, about what is appropriate in this situation. His eyes observe your reaction attentively, not missing how you freeze after his words.
"My- neck?"
You blink confused and look at him silently.
Until realization hits you.
"Excuse me."
You hastily get up, running into the bathroom with only the blanket covering your body and slam the door close, stubbornly ignoring the pain in your legs which seems to get worse with every single step- and look into the big mirror on the bathroom wall.
Only to face your messy state.
The dress in your hands needs to be ironed without a doubt, your hair is a mess (Atsumu combing through it only made it worse)- but your neck is what shocks you the most. Red and purple marks decorate the delicate skin around your collarbones, covering your throat and moving down to your breasts, evidence of sinful deeds. You hiss in pain when you pinch one and stretch your neck to see how far they go down.
And they do go far down.
"Holy shit-" you mutter, quickly pulling the dress over your head in an attempt to hide the marks- but this is an impossible task, considering the deep cleavage of the dress. The one time you decide to wear something revealing is also the exact time when you could use some cover up the most.
Your knuckles turn white from the sheer force you use while you support your body weight on the sink, intensely staring at the marks in the mirror.
You don't remember a single thing.
And he doesn't either.
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nightsysdoesart · a month ago
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tubbo cosplay!! (gonna talk about details in the tags)
taglist: @god-of-identity @achille-s-cum-down
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paintedkinzy-88 · 2 months ago
Fed!Dream perched on top of tts!Nightmare is so adorable ehehehehehwhe -ThatOneAnon
Oh he uses everyone as his own personal jungle gym. It’s just so much easier to crawl on corrupted Noots cuz he’s got extra limbs to use to his advantage.
Which are also extra limbs to use in catching this small golden noodle, because there is no way Dream would not falter in his climb every five second.
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thecookiemonster77 · a month ago
hi I am intrigued by wibble wobbles the nines are gone, what is this? 👀
Tumblr media
omg okay, so that's my v ridiculous name that i came up with when i was sleep drunk at 3.30am for the episode 9...not rewrite, because i adore ep9, but it's a 'what if' reimagining i first outlined here. there's a lot of things fueling this WIP--a large part of it is need for more inkpa (a (very) small snippet here), as well as more Pran & Paa with a good side dose of Ming learning Pran's always been there for Paa in a helpful capacity. I think it'd also lead to more of Pran being an emotional support for Pat as he faces an old fear and struggle, which is always good. But another part of my drive is based around how despite the fact that Pat getting shot is a hilarious Romeo & Juliet parallel to me and i get so much fuel from that scene for fics, wrapping Wai's reconciliation into it almost makes it too dramatic to have the desired impact
i actually really like how the resolution with Wai happened in canon. it happens to a lot of parallels to my own relationship and past outing issues with my brother, so it resonates really well for me. i like that we get to see Wai fully support and comfort Pran in a way he hadn't really done so prior to that episode. i think Wai's a neat character and i have a soft spot for characters that are their own worst enemies. but ep9 as it stands is still the messiest episode of the series, and i think the sheer drama of the shooting scene & near arrest flattens both Wai and Pran during their reconciliation arc. i also want Pran to get to express some of his anger in a way beyond forcing his friends to deal with him being grossly in love Pat and for them to have a proper talk.
i apologize in advance because i can tell im building up to a long ramble, but i've been in a rut of Pran & Wai feelings lately, specifically around how their resolution played out in canon. not to start with the hot stone in this, but i think a lot of people were so angry at Wai for dropping the curtain in ep8, that they kinda...totally skipped over just what was revealed in Wai's POV of it in ep9?
like take a second to stand in Wai's shoes--you overhear your best friend since high school tell the guy that you hate that "you're my boyfriend. i'm scared of people knowing, but i care about you more."
and he says that to him, even though you have noticed something's up with him and asking if he's okay for more than a year
Wai's been looking out for Pran for ages. he knows Pran holds his feelings to his chest, so he's really careful about how he asks and pushes Pran to reveal what he's thinking. but he asks Pran what's been weighing on his mind before the beach trip, during the beach trip, when he's trying to compose the play's score, before Pran lies to him to bail on getting drinks with him to go on a date with Pat, during the not-a-date ramen competition (& Pran has been using him to tease Pat btws), when the two of them go get drinks before Pran bails on him to go comfort Pat. Wai has been asking Pran to open up for a really fucking long time, but respected the fact that his friend wasn't ready to open up to him about what he's wrestling with. but then Wai hears his best friend tell his 'enemy' that he cares about him more than his fear, which unfortunately has the unintentional double implication that Pran doesn't care about Wai more than his fear (which isn't true, but again: Wai doesn't know about Pran and Pat's history, because Pran's lied about it from the start)
does any of this justify him outing Pat and Pran? absolutely not. should he have talked to Pran about his hurt feelings instead of cutting himself off from Pran? YEAH. but Wai's not wrong for feeling hurt by the situation either. Pran's 10000% right to call Wai out for making it difficult to discuss his relationship with Pat to him, but we also can't ignore the fact that Pran's tendency to hide and lie to avoid difficult/emotional situations didn't help things either.
as episode 9 stands, a lot of the nuance in Pran & Wai's discussions gets a little lost imo. i love how it starts--Pran reaching out to Wai first is so good and amazing to me. i LOVE this subtle building of Pran's character and the implications it has for his childhood friendship with Pat--he's always been shaped by this hatred between his house and their neighbors, as well as Dissaya's pain over her fallout with her childhood friend. he lies and manipulates others to avoid conflict because he hates it, hates how its always been his burden, hates the pain its caused him literally all his life. and here, with Wai, it'd be so much easier for him to completely cut ties. but it'd hurt. it would hurt him so much to lose his friends, even if it'd be easier, and instead of isolating the way we know he's prone to, he reaches out first. and! this is noticeably the opposite of how Dissaya (didn't) handle her pain with Ming! Pran is and has always been the first one to break the cycle of pain between the two families--first in helping Paa, then building his friendship with Pat, then trying to find peace between the faculties. and for me, him reaching out first to Wai is this wonderful and subtle reinforcement of how he subverts our expectations and why he's my favorite character in BBS
so with episode 9, i would've loved something a little less dramatic than Pat getting shot that would've tied into that reoccurring theme in Pran's character a little more. the silent apology from Wai to him also got a little lost between ep9 to ep10, which put more of the burden on Pran ): so i want him and Wai to have a proper talk where Wai struggles with his messy feelings over everything and Pran is a little more honest about his connection with Pat, and Pran gets a proper spoken apology from Wai. Wai resolves to be a better friend and we see more of him being that better friend in situations where he wouldn't have to be (like, Wai wouldn't leave Pat to rot in prison for something he didn't do, that's just not who Wai is. so pushing Wai to instead be open with Pran and support/help him without bringing any of his own personal drama into it, in contrast to his past actions, has a bigger impact for me)
okay wow uh. so this story ramble RLY got away from me ahjfjhfjhf i think this even counts as meta now? rip. check out the other two links above for the Pran & Paa and Inkpa sides of this fic, but basically this fic is me grossly sobbing over Pran & Paa. breaking the cycle of hatred between their families really started with them and i think the ways that hatred and anger shaped the three kids is a lot more subtle with the two of them, and maybe gets a little lost in the fast paced narrative. so the ep9 alt doc is a lot of me crying over their character nuances but in writing fic form because i can't write proper meta to save my life 😂
[[ WIP ask game ]] | [ 1, 2 ]
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come-down-that-tree · a month ago
Prologue Previous
Come down that tree! (An aftermare story)
Chapter 8: Hindi ka pangit mahal kong kaibigan!
Something was tingling his nose. Nightmare groaned before cracking open an eye-socket and falling nose to nose with his twin's face, far too close to his. He somehow looked really smug and was holding a blade of grass, he probably used that to bother his nose and that's what woke him up.
Dream instantly shushed him, smile going wide and body almost vibrating from barely contained energy. What was happening? The dark twin tried to remember the last time he was greeted from sleep in such a strange way. His fuzzy mind summoned some distant memory about a "really cute squirrel who somehow fell asleep on his lap and that should not be awakened" and he glanced to his lap. There was resting the snoozing head of their “guest”. Gears turned slowly inside his mind and due to an inability to properly compute any information so early in the morning, Nightmare just huffed and looked back at his brother as if everything was normal.
“You think you can get us something good for breakfast ‘m kinda hungry?”
Dream just nodded and went his merry way to the village but he still saw the shine in the goldenish eyes. That little-
He will let this slide because the other guardian finally looked happy again and maybe also because he was beyond exhausted. Maybe. He didn’t even remember falling asleep last night.
Now about his lap’s situation… Should he move him?
He didn’t move him.
What would be the point? All he risked was to wake the other up. When he was probably just as tired as him. What if he somehow woke up half panicked again? Would he be able to be left unharmed this time? There was no cute animal on his lap.
A menacing ticking bomb at best.
The future exploding engine stirred a bit and Nightmare tensed.
Do not move.
May the train of panic go back to its station without his passenger.
Nightmare silently cursed his twin and surveyed the result of the shout with a wary eye. The sleeper uncurved from his asleep posture and gazed upon the surroundings.
Geno didn’t even seem to react upon realizing his position and just sat up against the tree, all while rubbing away the tiredness of his face.
Dream sat in front of them and started to share the various pastries stored in a basket he brought back from down the hill without a care in the world.
They ate together, ignoring for a blissful moment all the turmoil from the last days. Nightmare cut half of his sugary treat to nimble on it, pondering over his feelings over the whole situation. He could see on one side his brother eating far too quickly as usual -he was going to choke anytime soon now- and on the other side Geno treated the food as if it was something incredibly precious… Was he eating enough? Spirit guardians didn’t need that much food to go on. Honestly, a sunny day was almost as filling as a big meal and they only ate sometimes as a treat.
The monsters in his books seemed to eat at least once a day, unless they were on some sort of adventure. He eyed up and down their guest. Hard to say when a skeleton was malnourished. But his bones’ dull color and… “melted” eye socket didn’t offer him the image of a healthy individual…
A part of him refused to even worry about the one who scared and endangered him so much recently. How dared he call him soulless… It hurted. A lot. It wasn’t the first time he had been accused of such a thing and he would have lashed out -or fled- if not for the sad sight he had had before him. Geno had all but crashed down, unresponsive to the outer world. Memories of weeping down in a dark alley after a literal breakdown had made him do what he’d wish someone had done to him then. Get him back to reality, maybe a bit harshly, and ensure he calmed down fully before anything. His anger had dimmed along the ordeal.
It had disappeared completely when the other went back on his words.
Still, he was still waiting for a genuine apology. But confronting the other about that didn’t sit well with him. He will wait. He was sure now. Geno was strange, not mean.
A shiver on his neck made his head turn around. He caught Dream staring at him with a frown, some donut crumbs lingering around his mouth. His brother almost instantly smiled at him brightly as if the frown had been nothing more than a hallucination upon noticing him watching. Uh? Was something worrying him? Maybe a conversation will be needed later… He didn’t like the face he saw and liked even less what it could mean.
When he’ll no longer be so exhausted from all this touchy feelings stuff. Urg.
He’ll ignore it for today, just today.
Ignorance was bliss and he sure was yearning for some…
It was not as blissful as he'd hoped. Not for him. They stayed in an awkward silence for days!!!
Dream seemed to spend an awful long time in the village. Geno kept silent and Nightmare didn't know what to say.
Awkward. Silence.
The time suddenly felt so long. He was used to silence but not that kind. A heavy one. He tried his best to distract himself with books. Why couldn't he focus properly on the stories? He already read that line three times and that was one of his favorite books he specially went to pick up at the library -he also finally apologized for the wet book, thankfully the old librarian was one of the few to not dislike too much so his precious book's supply hadn't been cut off- in the vain hope it could distract him.
But no. He kept thinking about the other resting in the grass not far.
It was the 4th time he read that sentence.
"What are you readin' ?"
Geno was all of the sudden right next to him, glancing at the words he was trying to understand. The surprise made Nightmare let go of the book that hit the grass with a flap. The monster calmly picked it up and handed it to him. The guardian took it with much more precaution than needed and secured it against his chest before even thinking about answering.
“It’s “La nuit des enfants rois” by Bernard Lenteric…”
“Oh? I don’t know that one, what’s it about?”
He turned fully towards Geno and cocked his head on the side, wondering if the other genuinely wanted to hear about the book’s plot or was just… What?
“Come on, don’t be shelf-ish! Share with the class!”
“If you insist… Wait a second.”
The realization of the attempt at a book pun made him wheeze. It was bad! Truly! But he did not expect it and now he just. Couldn’t. Stop. Laughing! They ended up talking for a while about this book, then other books, then weird scientific experiments about waffles… Geno tried to pun his way through the whole conversation, talking faster and louder with each one succeeding in making the guardian react.
It had been… fun.
He glanced at Geno who was trying to tell a story with the more fish puns possible in it. The monster was grinning brightly. He sure was prettier with a smile on.
Geno suddenly dropped the smile and looked at him with a strange shine in his eyes.
"I'm no pretty."
Oh. Oh! He said it aloud. Warmth went up his face as shame flooded his system. Whyyyy!?
His bashful act disappeared as soon as he registered how serious Geno seemed. He stared at the other for a second before saying out loud and clear:
"You're not ugly either."
"No. I am."
"Why are you being so stubborn about it? Can't accept a little compliment, can you?"
At this point, Nightmare was just irked by the discussion and stopped thinking altogether about what he was sputtering about. He would think later about how utterly silly the argument was and maybe swallow a bit in shame once alone. But now what was important was winning the argument.
"Sure, you aren't a beauty princess but going as far as calling yourself ugly is stupid. Why are you doing that?"
“Hypocrite!” was shouting his mind but he pushed the thought away. Now was not the time for that.
Geno sighed and shaked his head. Was the fool going to argue such a dumb fact?
Nightmare squeaked as he watched the monster slowly lift his shirt. Nope. Automatically his hands flew to his eye sockets. Ah! He can’t see anything now. Not good if the need to run arised…
“What are you doing?”
No answer, nothing. Should he try a peek?
His fingers moved slightly to allow himself to see.
His hands dropped.
In front of him, Geno was looking away, a hand holding his shirt up, revealing a sight the negative guardian wasn’t prepared to see. Ever. He tentatively itched closer, not daring to turn his eyes away.
“Does it hurt?”
A shiver runned through the most damaged ribs Nightmare has ever seen.
“No. Not anymore.”, breathed Geno.
The bones looked like something all but gnawed on it right after stabbing it all over. What was strange was the absence of cracks. Almost as if, the missing bits had not been torn away but just decided to stop existing. What could cause such “wounds”?
“How did you…?”
“I rather not talk about it.”
And with these words, the fabric flopped down, cutting short the fragile conversation. They fall back into silence.
But with the thoughts raging through his mind, Nightmare didn’t feel really “quiet”.
He didn’t know what to say so he said nothing and went to sit a bit further against a tree, cracking open his book. Not once did he cross Geno’s eyes during the process.
It was the 5th time he read this sentence.
End of chapter 8!
Go to chapter 9?
@dragon-tamer-1 @shinechermont @zu-is-here
Dreamtale, Dream and Nightmare belong to @/jokublog
Geno to @/loverofpiggies
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