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womble1 · 2 days ago
Scott yawned wide enough to crack his jaw.
“why don’t you go for a nap, we’ll call you when dinners ready” Virgil nudged his shoulder.
“no, I’m.....Fi---ne” his reply was split by another epic yawn.
“Quick, call the cops!” Gordon shouted, a massive grin on his face, “hes resisting A-REST!”
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Penelope: the tailor shows up tomorrow at noon
Gordon: great. While you do that, I'll check in on the ring bear
Penelope: Gordon, please tell me you meant to say ring bear-er
Penelope: Gordon. Look into my eyes and say 'I promise not to bring a dangerous wild animal to our wedding.'
Gordon: I can't do that
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flyboytracy · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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seathesilverlinings · a day ago
The EOS Dating Service has gained a very willing accomplice…
“Hey, EOS what about her, over there. The one with the purple cocktail?”
There was a moment of silence in his ear, no doubt their very own little cyber criminal was running a background check.
“Nothing in any of her files or social media accounts to indicate a partner. Though she does appear to have a dog, a… Toy poodle to be precise.”
“There you go Virg, you like dogs!”
Virgil put his head in his hands and groaned. “Remind me why I invited you to come with me again?”
“Because I’m great company,” Gordon grinned. “Besides, I’m your wingman and you could do with a little bit of extra curricular fun now and again,”
“He’s not wrong Virgil, You do seem extra stressed lately,”
“And I don’t remember inviting you along,”
“I can go wherever I want. I don’t need to be invited,”
“She goes where the technology goes bro,” Gordon swept his arm through the air indicating the many cameras and different kinds of technology in just this one room of the gallery alone. “What’s the dog's name, EOS?”
Another moment of silence.
“Oh, that’s cute,”
Virgil glared at him.
“So no to purple cocktail and Marshmallow, okay,” Gordon put his hands up in surrender.
“You asked for the dog’s name but not the woman’s?”
Gordon ignored him, going back to scanning the room.
“Oh, okay, what about that guy?”
Virgil saw one of the wall mounted security camera’s move slowly to the general direction in which Gordon was discreetly pointing, and reconsidered the life choices that had led up to this moment.
“Blue suit, flowery tie,”
Virgil found the man while EOS did whatever checks she did.
“Good looking guy,”
Virgil sighed. “Then why don’t you go ask him out?”
“Because, my dear Virg, my heart belongs to another,”
“You realise that Penelope isn’t actually your girlfriend, right?”
“Not yet, not yet, but in time,”
“Okay…” Virgil nodded, leaning back in his seat.
“Hm…” EOS was back from her voyage through social media and probably some restricted government files as an added little extra. “He doesn’t appear to be an ideal candidate for a long term relationship. Two very quick divorces, and from his socials he appears to have a different partner every few weeks. Nothing wrong with that of course, but not ideal for long term romance. On a positive note he does appear to have a very well looked after pet pig,”
That at least made both brothers laugh.
“Not the ideal candidate then EOS, no,”
“Okay, no to flower tie guy, and his pampered pig,” Gordon accepted with a shrug. “How about…” He scanned the room.
“You look like some sort of predator,”
“Shush, I’m working…” Gordon waved a hand in his face.
“White dress, blue hair, looking at the sculpture,” EOS had her own suggestion this time. “Her name is Natalie Brown. Musician, harpist. In fact, I believe she was playing when you arrived.”
“Anything else I should know, EOS? Any pampered unconventional pets or dogs with interesting names?”
“Hm… She has a gecko called George, and an iguana called Panko,”
Gordon’s eyes went wide. “Yeah, I don’t think…”
“Oh, no no, EOS please tell me more…”
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tippystreasurebox · a day ago
Tumblr media
Art by @sempaiko
The Deep Dark
Summary: Gordon loves the ocean and everything within it, but he forgets, monsters can live in the darkness.
Notes: So much thanks to @gaviiadastra for helping me proof this story and listening to me throw ideas around!
Also thanks to @sempaiko for throwing this idea at me and listening to me on my ride home from work XD as well as creating some AMAZING art for this fic!! 💛
The Sea at night was a treacherous lady, cloaked in darkness and ready to devour a ship at a moment's notice. Despite her terrors, Seb reveled in her grace and beauty, standing above her waves as they crashed against the ship's bow. He'd been a sailor since the moment he could board a boat, salty ocean coursing through his veins. That had been decades ago and still she held his soul. Never was there a time he would choose any other vessel to carry him across the sea.
Tonight, however, his lady seemed unusually still, save for the occasional rise and fall that barely sent a spray over the side. The captain would see it as luck, granted by their mistress herself, but the lad was young. Young enough to miss the way the ocean appeared to fall away into a starless void; not even a reflection over her surface. 
Seb saw it - should have questioned it - but his love was a mysterious woman. Who was he to assume he knew everything about her?
[Read on Ao3]
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janetm74fics · a day ago
Your Choice
From @aliceinwhumperland’s Whump Word(s) of the Day: “It’s the hospital or I cover you in Barbie bandaids. Your choice.”
Scott was giving him The Glare.
It was an intense glare, but Gordon was immune to such looks from his eldest brother. Gordon grinned as he stood there, arms folded across his chest. In return Scott’s glare deepened.
‘It’s the hospital or I cover you in Barbie Bandaids. Your choice.’
Scott growled.
Gordon laughed.
‘John? Can you send One home while I fly Scott to…’
‘Home. You can fly me home.’
‘Virgil and Grandma can patch me up.’
Scott and Gordon stared each other out while John pinched his nose.
‘Grandma says bring Scott home…’
‘Scott! Bring Scott home, but I’ll be piloting Two. Gordon, you need to patch up those cuts and stem the bleeding before we do end up needing a hospital.’
Two moved beneath them as Gordon rummaged around one of the lockers.
‘Here you go, Scotty,’ he said, turning back with a huge grin.
And a packet of bright pink Barbie stickers.
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John: We call that a traumatic event.
John, turning to Alan: Not a ‘bruh moment’
John, turning to Gordon: Not a ‘major L’
John, turning to Scott: And definitely not an ‘OOF lmao’…
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willow-salix · 20 days ago
Figured I could share these now they have gone to their owners. Thunderbirds jumpers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Scott and Thunderbird 2 I had patterns for but I designed the Gordon one.
Here are some progress shots.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Can I request a Gordon in the snow doodle please?! My cuddly Gordy is desperate for snow and keeps begging me to take him skiing!
Here ya go.
Tumblr media
The squid and the rocket boi are having a snowball fight.💛❤️
Hope you like.
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cttagverse · 10 days ago
“I’m following this through.”
“Even if it makes you unhappy? Even if it kills you?”
“We don’t know that it will.”
“We don’t know that it won’t.”
Scott peeked his head into the doorway of Gordon's room. It had been almost four months since the hydrofoil accident and they had finally been able to get him out of the hospital. Mind you it was just to a recovery facility--a fancy name for a nursing home for young people--but it was a step in the right direction.
Gordon was sitting up in his bed, his hands busy with a rubric cube that John had gotten him a couple weeks prior. Scott knocked on the doorframe before stepping into the room.
"How many times have you solved that?"
Gordon flashed his brother a smile and held up the completed cube. "Lost count. Only takes me about ten to fifteen minuets now. By the time I'm out of here I'll be able to compete in those tournaments and earn some prizes!"
"I'm sure you'll be a bit busier to have time to do that. Dad said that he brought Brains by to talk about his little pet project."
Gordon's smile faded a little and he looked back down at the cube as he started to reset it for another go. "Yeah, we had a good long talk about what he'd be able to do so that I could still help out."
"That's good!" Scott sat down on the edge of the bed and patted one of Gordon's legs.
"Scott, I've made my decision."
"What decision is that?"
"I'm following through with it."
"Hm?" Scott tilted his head a little.
"The surgery." Gordon reached over and grabbed a thick packet off his side table. "You read it didn't you?"
Scott frowned as the research landed heavy on the bed between them. "I did." He swallowed but avoided touching the document. "But it's a huge risk."
"It's worth it."
"Even if it makes you unhappy? Even if it kills you?"
"We don't know that it will."
"We don't know that it won't either."
"Scott, I can't just go on like this, knowing there was something I could try that I didn't. Dad's had all the best doctors look at it and the all think the theory is sound."
"But that's all it is, theory. No one's ever tried anything like this!" Scott wove his fingers into each other and looked down at them. "I don't want you to take a risk like this."
"It's not your choice."
"Then why are you telling me?"
"Because I at least want you to understand why."
"Brains can do pretty much anything. I know you want to be part of Dad's project, but you don't have to risk your life like this."
"Look, from what they can tell through all the scans is that my spinal cord is still intact, it's just squished to death from all the broken bone. If they can replace it--"
"Yeah, sure, you'd get full mobility back. But they also said that you could get that back naturally as well, you do have some feeling in your legs still."
"This would be faster. Otherwise I'd be stuck here for the next twenty years."
"We wouldn't just leave you here. Dad is installing plenty of elevators and lifts--"
"I don't want to live like that!" Gordon threw the cube at the wall and it clattered to the floor. He took in a deep breath and rubbed at his face. "I know you're just worried about me. Trust me, I'm scared to death. But we have the money and the means to try this out. If it's successful they can start working on streamlining the process so other's can benefit from it."
"So you're doing it for others? Very noble of you."
"I'm doing it for me."
Scott glanced up and saw an intensity in Gordon's eyes he hadn't seen since his declaration that he was going to train and win an Olympic medal. He took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.
"I just want my family, all of them, there for me when I come out."
Scott closed his eyes tight. "I don't want to see you purposely hurting yourself like this, but--" Scott reached up and rubbed at his eyes for a moment before opening them again. "If this is what you want. It is your body."
"Thank you, Scott." Gordon smiled a little and slumped in the bed. "Could you do me a favor?"
Scott stood and retrieved the rubric cube from the floor. "Here." He tossed it onto the bed.
"Actually it was something else. Could you talk to Alan? I told him but he really didn't take it very well."
"What did you say to him?"
"Just that there was a 50% chance it would fail and I think he took that as it would kill me--" Gordon averted his gaze.
"It could kill you. Any operation where you're sitting on the table laid open for hours can kill you."
"Yeah, but they do that with open heart all the time. It'll just be the other side of me that'll be open. Please, Scott."
Scott pinched his lips and shook his head. "Alright. I'll talk to him. When is this going to happen?"
"Couple of weeks. The doctors are putting together a simulation they can practice on before the real thing."
"Glad to hear that at least."
"I'll be fine Scott. I'll survive. I have so far haven't I?"
"At this point, it would take a cataclysmic event to kill you off, wouldn't it?"
"Yep, I'm here for good!" Gordon flashed his smile again and Scott couldn't help but mirroring it.
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dreamycloud · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
My contribution to the fandom this week 😂
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womble1 · 2 days ago
A bit of domestic sibling type fluff for your reading pleasure (I hope)
Also available on AO3 Here
“Al, what's wrong with this picture?” Gordon held his younger brother back with a palm to his chest as they both strolled into the living area. Alan glanced up from his phone which had been claiming full possession of his attention. 
“Huh?” Alan cast his eyes around the room, but came up blank.
Gordon helped him out by sweeping his arms towards the couch. Alan looked again and drew in a shocked breath.
In the sunken seating area, Scott was stretched out across a sofa, head propped up on a cushion, a book in one hand, legs crossed at the ankles. 
“That's right little bro,” he crouched lower, draping an arm over Alan's shoulder and lowered his voice in his best nature programme voice over impression. “Here we see a very rare sight, for a while it has been thought to be extinct by several scientific communities, it’s a resting Scott Tracy”
He crept forward a few steps, pulling a confused Alan with him, “Careful Alan, we don’t want to startle him.” he whispered. 
Scott gave up his pretence of ignoring them and lowered the book to his chest, waiting to see what they would do next, with an indulgent smile on his lips. 
Alan was nudged down onto his stomach behind one of the sofa backs. Gordon was propped up on his elbows holding his hands up to his eyes as mock binoculars. 
“Oh look Alan, we’re in luck, I think we’re about to see a challenge for dominance.”
“Wha-?” Alan was silenced by an elbow in the ribs and made to duck down flat, which only served to hide their heads, leaving their legs and backs splayed out across the hardwood floor for all to see.
Virgil strolled into the room, raising a quizzical eyebrow at his brothers impersonation of a rug, but decided it was best not to ask. Anyway, his attention was distracted by a far stranger sight currently sprawled across the seat cushions. For it truly was a rare sight, and for a moment Virgil was thrown, it was completely out of character to see Scott stationary for anything short of serious illness or injury. As soon as Virgil's brain supplied those final thoughts the worry came steaming in like a freight train. He redirected his steps for an interception course with the cause of his concern. Still a few steps out from his target and he was already putting a hand out ready to be placed on Scotts brow for the purpose of temperature checking. As one calloused palm came to rest on Scotts head, the other hand had snatched up the patient's wrist, twisting smoothly to allow access to the pressure point and to give Virgil a clear view of his own watch to let him gauge the pulse. Virgil's frown only deepened when these first two checks provided no further insight. Glancing down at Scott, Virgil was further confused to be greeted not with a scowl or stubborn declarations of being “fine”, but instead Scott wore a benign, if slightly bemused, smile. 
“You ok Virg?” he asked, peering up from under the large palm still draped across his forehead.
“Am I ok? - well, yeah, but what about you? What's all this --?” and he gestured to Scotts current reclined position “what’s wrong?” He released his brother's wrist and tried looking at the problem from a different direction. Namely from the feet up. Propped up feet, that could mean a sprain or a break, he carefully prodded at each joint from the knee down, only to be batted away with a paperback novel. 
“Get off Virgil! There's nothing wrong, can’t a guy relax for a bit in peace and quiet?”
Virgil narrowed his eyes and frowned “I’m not buying it,” his eyes took in Scotts prone position once again - lying down, that could mean a pulled back, he made a move to investigate, hands at the ready to get to the bottom of this mystery. However, his theory was proved false, as in a surprising display of agility Scott pulled himself swiftly upright whilst pulling his legs in towards his body, ending up crossed legged in the middle of the sofa, deploying the book once again to fend off his attacker. Which was all the more surprising given how much leg there was to fit on such a narrow seat, but he perched there quite happily like Peter Pan, an amused glint still visible in his eye. 
“It’s called relaxation, you might have heard of it?” he said with a chuckle, stretching one leg out to nudge Virgil towards sitting down on the now available end of the couch. “You were the one telling me to slow down a bit, but you look like you're wound tighter than Gordons ukulele strings.”
Virgil frowned, but let himself be pushed onto the seat, flopping down in a rather ungraceful manner. 
“Well I didn’t actually expect you to listen to me!” he said, exasperated. 
Scott snorted with laughter, “you can hear yourself - right?” Scott asked “I think you might be the one who needs some down time, here -” he tossed the book into Virgil's lap. “I’ve finished this one, shut up and relax and I won't tell you how it ends” 
With that Scott leaned back again, his head propped by the waiting pillow once again. Stretching out his legs he propped his feet up on Virgil's leg, with a mischievous wiggle which only served to draw attention to the hole in the toe of his sock. He let out a contented sigh, folded his arms behind his head and closed his eyes.
Virgil still wasn’t sure what was going on, but was drawn in by the cover art on the novel and soon found himself engrossed in the story. It could have been the perfect peaceful afternoon, if not for the voice that interrupted the moment.
“And now,” the breathy whisper continued its narration “we can see dominance has been reasserted and life will go on as normal within the herd,”
“What are they doing?” Virgil whispered to Scott, who had cracked open one eye and one eye only. He only got a shrug in response.
“What, we ask, will happen to the younger members of the pack, if the older, more decrepit members of the pride have eaten all the available food?” Gordon droned on in the same low murmur which still managed to travel quite well, Gordon never having truly mastered whispering.
Decisively Virgil snatched at the heel of Scotts holey sock where it still rested on his leg, tugging it off Scotts foot, much to said individuals surprise. A few quick movements and it had been folded into a tight ball and launched with deadly precision at the would be naturalists.
“Aggghhh!” cried Alan, scurrying away on all fours
“I think it's time we changed location, I fear the subjects have become conscious of our presence!” Gordon continued his narration even as he log rolled out of his partial hiding place, before jumping up into a crouching run and darting out of the open patio doors, Alan close on his heels. 
“Good shot,” Scott commented, before closing his eyes again, leaving Virgil free to settle back into his story. For now, at least, peace could prevail across the island. 
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tagsecretsanta · a month ago
From @godsliltippy
By and from @godsliltippy​ for @gordonthgreatesttracy
- - -
Tumblr media
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squiddokiddo · 27 days ago
So 2021 is coming to a close.
This is the first whole year I've spent in Thunderfam and I am so, so grateful that I found you guys.
Thanks to you guys; I have regained my love of drawing, regained my love of fandom after the horrible experiences I've had with Thunderbirds Facebook groups and I've made some amazing friends from all over the world and without them, I might not be here today.💛💛
I know I'm grumpy, sometimes I don't get involved in activities and I'm generally pessimistic, but you always seem to put up with me and still accept me as Thunderfam despite my flaws and issues.
You all make my life a little brighter, this little community is so special and it is unfortunately rare to have such a supportive, loving, caring and kind fandom.
I love you guys so much!!
And I'm looking forward to spending many more years to come with you all.
*Warmest hugs to you all*
Tumblr media
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sicahyart · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Sing us a song, you’re the piano man Sing us a song tonight Well we’re all in the mood for a melody And you’ve got us feeling alright
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gordonthegreatesttracy · a month ago
Tumblr media
@drileyf @janetm74 @cg29 @mrmustachious @ak47stylegirl @rachfielden-xo @tbirds @inertplanetary I am at my first ever soccer game!!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Parker jr bought me a pie and coffee 😍
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Gordon: Uh, I think I got your lunch.
*holds up a note that says ‘I am very proud of you. Love, Scott.’*
Alan: Oh yeah. I didn’t think this was for me.
*holds up a note that says ‘Be good. For the love of God, please be good.’*
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teapotteringabout · 6 months ago
It's Monday, it's sunny, sending you good week vibes ☀️
Tumblr media
Probably an ancient headcanon but this is totally Gordon's jam, right?
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thatkidwholikesthunderbirds · 3 months ago
I made more arts today.
Tumblr media
It's a new banner, yay!!
I'm tired, I don't even know how long I spent on this one...
And now I sleep...
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cttagverse · a month ago
“Dude, what’s with the mess in the kitchen?”
“Stress baking.”
“What are you stressed about?”
“It would be easier to tell you what I’m not stressed about, honestly.”
Virgil stretched a bit as he made his way up from the hangers and a long day of doing maintenance on all the birds. He had just stepped off the elevator and into the lounge when an unusual sent caught his attention.
He lifted his nose and sniffed a little. It was a sweet, very sugary smell, but also hints of berries, and chocolate as well. There wasn't the overlaying burnt smell that usually accompanies their grandmother's baking attempts so some one else had decided to start up the oven.
Virgil quickly made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen, but stopped when he saw the mess. The counters and most of the floor was covered in white. As he reached the edge of one of the counters he couldn't help but reach out and swipe a finger through the white dust and when the feel of it seemed odd he lifted his finger to the tip of his tongue. Sugar, powdered sugar.
He looked over the counter for whoever had made the mess and found Gordon sitting on a small stool staring into one of the ovens.
"What is with this mess?"
Gordon jumped a little. "Oh jeez, Virg. Don't scare a guy like that." He placed a hand over his chest, exaggerating the scare.
"And again, what is with the mess?"
"Stress baking." Gordon fixed his gaze back on the oven.
"Since when do you stress bake?"
"Since now."
"And where did you learn how to bake?"
"Grandma." Gordon held up a hand to stop Virgil's obvious reply. "Yes, I know. Not the best starting point, but I've gone through a few trays now and each one is getting better. Grandma had to go upstairs to help John with comms so I was able to adjust what she told me to do."
Virgil nodded as his brother explained and dusted off one of the stools next to the counter and sat down. "Alright, last question, what exactly are you stressing about?"
Gordon let out a large sigh. "It would be easier to tell you what I'm not stressed about. A rescue, I welcome it. Extra training in the pool, please. I'd even take extra training with Kayo!"
"Then what is it?"
"Lady Penelope? I thought you guys were getting on quite well."
"We are. So well that she wants to formally introduce me to her aunt and uncle."
Virgil let out a whistle at that.
"Exactly. I thought I was safe since she doesn't have any parents to introduce me to, but this the equivalent really."
"So, why the baking?"
"We're going out for a proper tea with them. Have I mentioned their like insanely rich? Like more so than even us? And not even that, they're old school rich, like titles and everything."
"So you're baking so you know what you'll be presented with?"
"That and to practice eating." Gordon leaned forward and squinted a little as he looked through the glass. "I think they're done." He pulled on an oven mitt as he stood and opened the door. He pulled out a tray of cookies and laid them down on the counter.
Virgil peered over and nodded. "Those actually look good. And--is that jam in the middle?"
"Yeah, Pen likes these kind of cookies." Gordon carefully slid each one off the pan and onto a wire rack for them to cool. "When I told Grandma I wanted to make shortbread cookies she pulled out a loaf of bread."
Virgil couldn't help the chuckle. "Okay, so what did you mean by practice eating?"
"Well, she--Pen that is--she said that I can't talk with my mouth full, and that I shouldn't have any reason to have crumbs on my cheeks. Normally she doesn't care, but I know she's a little stressed out about me meeting them so that just makes me even more stressed." Gordon looked up at his brother, puppy dog eyes pleading with him. "I don't want to mess this up."
"Alright. I'm not really into the fancy stuff--Scott would probably be the better one to ask, or Dad, but since they're both off island I'll see what I can do. But first, let's clean up. The cookies should be cooled down by the time we're done."
"Thanks, Virg! I knew I could count on you!"
"Don't thank me yet. Save that for after your tea with Great Aunt Sylvia."
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