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Video Edit Number 3! Sofia Falcone is one of my friend’s favorite characters, so I did one for her. I hope she likes it .: )

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Oswald isnt a psycopath cause he has feelings and he is not a socialpath because he truely cares about who he loves so, he is just a bad bussyness man with a terrible way to take revenge. Also, revenge someone you cared about does not fit any of the both styles too.

And he is lovely.

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I just saw Bruce Wayne rocking a pink t-shirt that says Pageant Mom in glitter, dress pants, one flip flop, one cow boy boot, and a nice neon yellow boa. He was riding a skate board and drinking a Hurricane. Every time someone asked if he was okay he just said, “Life’s a party, I’m the pinata, and god is a 13 year old with anger issues whose parents just announced their divorce”.

I don’t know if this is a mood or if I should be concerned.

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New fanfic Posted

Fandom: Gotham

Relationship: Jerome x OFC

Summary: Anna, while busy babysitting a six-year-old girl on Halloween, stumbles into a reunion she least expected to happen.

- - - - -

I wanted to write a fun little something around the Halloween theme. Also, I just really wanted an excuse to make Jerome happy, so voila!

Click here to read.

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