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#Grainy stuff is the best stuff
holygraund · 21 days ago
hi! how do you get like this idk how to exactly explain it, but like the rly nice grainy effect yknow on all your gifs? i really like it! <3
Thank you! Sometimes it has something to do with the quality of the video. I find that if the video is of a certain high quality there will be this kind of grains to the images which looks PRETTY. And I also have used Filter in photoshop to make them grainy, you can see how to do it in photoshop here.
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stories-by-rie · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello, yes I did a thing during class this morning. It’s supposed to be the Faery Oak from In the Land of Twilight and, yes, it’s missing the faeries. Please add them in your mind <3
Faeries are thumb-sized and the whole hive of them lives in this oak that’s basically hollow from the inside (it’s magic shh). So the proportions aren’t right of course but I thought it still brings across the general idea.
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allsonargent · a year ago
so my laptop charger broke out of the blue and the dude is not finding the part and I hadn’t prepared for this and the queue ran out
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le-poofe · a year ago
Rewrite the Stars ~
I wanted to try a lipsync animation, and I happened to be listening to Rewrite the Stars when the inspiration struck! I listen to this song most often when I’m drawing Outertale stuff, and personally, I think James Arthur’s voice suited Grillby better. After listening to this one audio clip on loop, it is very hard to imagine him with any other voice. This is probably the most ambitious animation I’ve made to date, and I kind of regret not doing a practice/study animation of Grillby’s flames before going into this :,) The perfectionist in me came out a lot during the process, but overall, I’m super happy with how this came out! Apologies if the quality of this is kind of grainy, I’m still figuring out the best video programs to use and all that jazz. I can’t wait to dabble with more animation stuff in the future 0v0
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1tad0ri · 8 months ago
(u can say no if u no like but-) giving itadori yuuji a blowjob in the bathroom stall cuz he was feeling horny and was being handsy with reader (this is before being involved in jujutsu) thank you so much!!
warning: public sex, blowjob (even tho this is before the jujutsu stuff, they’re still 18+ so pretend the jjk school is a college or smth <3)
itadori yuuji x fem!reader
Tumblr media
how can i NOT like this
Tumblr media
“that was embarrassing.”
“seriously? i thought it was pretty hot.” yuuji was trailing wet, open mouthed kisses on your neck, one hand shoved up your shirt to squeeze your tits while his other hand kneaded your ass.
you rolled your eyes, arms looped comfortably over his shoulders. “yeah, it was hot, but you weren’t exactly subtle, babe.”
“no one even noticed!” he leaned back to look at you, indignant, and you took in his swollen lips and the shimmer of your lip gloss along his jaw. he was so cute. you leaned up to peck his lips, finding them soft, thinking about how he was so sweet (even in spite of him groping you like this).
“yeah, i’m sure the prof didn’t notice you trying to finger fuck me in the third row of the lecture hall.”
“yeah, he didn’t.” when yuuji grinned unironically, you resisted the urge to slap him, instead pushing him back and against the opposite wall of the bathroom stall. you sunk to your knees and set about unbuckling his jeans while he automatically rested a hand atop your head.
“you look hot like that.”
you rolled your eyes, freeing his cock from his boxers and pumping the length, smearing the leaking precum along the head. “you always say that.”
“and it’s always true.” his hand slipped down to brush against your cheek. “you’re always beautiful, babe.”
you rolled your eyes again, but still turned your head to kiss his fingers in thanks, letting your tongue loll out when he pressed against your bottom lip. yuuji slipped his fingers into your mouth and you sucked on them, tongue running all over as you stared up at him.
“holy fuck.” he shoved them further in and you greedily coated them in your saliva, maintaining eye contact with him. “babe, please let me fuck you right now.”
you let the fingers slip out of your mouth, spit dribbling down and you wiped the back of your hand across your mouth. “nope!” your chipper reply had his face falling and he pouted. it was so hard to resist that look. “you act like you don’t want your dick sucked, yuuji.” pumping the length, you landed a tentative lick to the head, making him shiver.
“i just want you to feel good too, baby.”
fuck. there was a reason he always left your legs shaking—yuuji was an unselfish lover, always eager to please, whether it be you wanting to sit on his face or his dick, he let you do whatever you wanted. there was something else you wanted to do right now though. instead of saying anything else, you leaned forward to wrap your mouth around his cock, pushing it in as far as it could go, hands wrapped around what couldn’t fit.
“fuuuck.” his grip on your head tightened as he threw his own back, the stall wall shaking as his head slammed against it.
you popped his dick out of your mouth, saliva coating the surface of it, shiny under the grainy bathroom lights. “yuuji, baby, you have to be quiet.” after class, he had pulled you into the closest bathroom to the lecture hall—not exactly subtle but it’d do. thankfully, the room had been empty, even with the mass of students milling around just outside in the hallway.
“right, right, sorry.” yuuji’s sheepish grin was a heavy contrast to the current situation and you once again wondered how he had so much duality. “feels good. i’ll be quiet—i promise. pinky promise.” he held out his hand—oh my god, he was actually serious—and you looped your pinky around his just to humor him—this bet would be over before it even started.
hand squeezing around the base of his cock, you raised an eyebrow at the strangled groan that bubbled out of him. “mmm, yes, very quiet, yuuji,” you mocked him, giggling, and set about pumping his length again. the slick coating it let your hand slide easily over the skin. “if we get caught i’m blaming you.”
“you can do whatever you want.” yuuji watched you with lust-darkened eyes, humming under your touch, and you felt a light push on the back of your head. “come on, baby girl, going to take me all, right? you’re torturing me here.”
“dramatic,” you mumbled under your breath, but still sucked the salty tip onto your tongue. you could tell he was trying his best to control his breathing and you decided to take pity on him, pulling it out of your mouth again. before he could complain, you began leaving soft kisses down the sides of the flushed skin, enjoying the way his thighs shook and how his eyes kept squeezing close in pleasure despite him fighting to keep them open and watch you—you’d work him up to his high, carefully, slowly, letting him keep his voice low.
“shit,” he whispered, back of his hand pressing against his mouth when you set back pushing his cock down your throat, stopping halfway to let him adjust to the warm heat. your hands worked on the lower half, messy and wet from your spit. “fuck, yes. just like that, baby girl. can i move?”
you gave a slight nod of your head—well, as much as you could with your mouth filled like this—and an affirmative bat of your lashes. you knew he liked when you looked pretty just for him. with that, you felt both of his hands on the back of your head now and you let him cant his hips forward, forcing you to swallow more and more of him. your hands fell away from his cock to grip his thighs, hollowing your cheeks and opening up your throat to let him slide in easily.
“you’re doing so good. just a little more for me, okay? shit... yes, keep going. you’re so good, babe.”
by the time your nose hit his pelvis, you were taking shallow breaths, trying to wipe off the drool that threatened to drip from your lips around his cock, and doing your best not to gag as he filled your mouth so wholly. yuuji was drawing circles on your cheek with his thumb, mumbling praises, and you could tell he was trying not to cum right then and there.
“that’s my baby. your mouth feels so warm. god and your fucking lips. so messy... i love you, you know that? mmm... bet your pussy feels even better.” everything he was saying was going straight to your core and you could feel the building arousal between your legs, cunt throbbing. you squeezed your thighs together to satiate it for now (he’d take care of you soon).
as soon as the weight holding you down released, you pulled off of his cock with a gasp, the back of one hand shooting up to wipe off the fluids that were dripping down your chin and your other hand setting a steady pace sliding up and down his dick once again. spurred on by his earlier words, you set back kissing and sucking along his dick, hands and mouth working in tandem. yuuji was cursing and moaning under his breath, biting at his fist to keep himself from yelling out. he set a steady rhythm where he would tilt his hips forward to meet your mouth when you would sink down—it made you gag but the feeling of him hitting the back of your throat was perfection.
his breathing grew labored the longer you worked, hand splayed against the stall wall behind him to keep himself steady. “fuck... gonna cum. swallow it for me, baby? don’t wanna get you messy—your little outfit looked so cute today.”
knowing he was close made you quicken the bob of your head, slurping and licking along the shaft. “mhm. yuuji, wanna taste you.” you kissed the tip. “on my tongue?”
“anything you want, princess.”
you let him push and pull your head along his cock as he reached his high, his face contorting into pleasure—you could see his muscles straining under his thin shirt, biceps flexing as he held onto you, and neck pulled tight as he tried to bite back his moans. it wasn’t long until yuuji was spilling into your throat and you dutifully waited until he was done, doing your best to swallow around his cock, and then lapping up any of the excess—you showed him your tongue full of white as a cheeky reward, biting your lip and grinning when he took in a sharp breath.
“that’s my baby girl.”
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sweetjegus · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
choose joy 
thanks for everything, mcelroys 
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forever-rogue · 8 months ago
Omg Congrats my beautiful baby!!! So happy for you and its well deserved!!!!
I am going to request with Frankie: prompt list 1, #11 “be my wife” and prompt list 2, #163 “fuck me”
ILY! 💋❤️💋💋
Tumblr media
I think its time Frankie got some love 🥺💕🥰
Frankie Morales x Fem!Reader ; warnings: mentions of pregnancy
Frankie Masterlist 
»»————- ♡ ————-««
As soon as Frankie walked into the small house you had made into a home, he was hit by the smell of delicious cooking. A smile tugged on his lips as he pulled off his work boots and set them in the small rack you'd placed by the door when you'd moved in. He'd never thought about such a thing before, but once you'd brought it in, he realized how much he liked it. It was just one of the many touches you introduced that made him feel truly at all home. 
As he hung his jacket on the coat rack, he heard you singing softly to Isabella, as much played in the background and you shuffled around the kitchen. He slowly walked in, making sure to make as little noise as possible so he wouldn't interrupt your sweet moment.
His heart instantly melted at the sight, and he could feel a flush of warmth was over him. You had her in the high chair, turned towards you as you worked on dinner and sang to her. She was giggling and cooing at you, waving her little fists around. As you cut a piece of carrot up, you handed one to her before taking another piece and eating it. She followed suit as you praised her, "see, you're so good with your vegetables! You're going to grow up so big and strong, my little love!" 
Frankie's heart melted at the sight of you with his daughter. She might not have been biologically yours, but she was yours in every other sense. You'd met Frankie when she was only a few months old and he had just finalized his divorce. His ex wife wanted nothing to do with him or her and had been more than happy to hand over sole physical and legal custody, even choosing to dispel her visitation rights. Not that Frankie minded; sure, being a single father was hard, but it was better than having her around a parent that couldn't care less.
You'd quickly come into his life, and had fallen in love with him and her like it was nothing. And now she was almost two, and you weren't planning on going anywhere. Frankie and Isabella were your forever. As far as you were both concerned you were her mother - one day he even hoped to make it legal. There was just one little thing he needed to do first, that'd he been dying to do for some time. He just...never could, often getting too lost in the moment.
"Yes, of course," you promised her, almost as if you decipher her question through her mouthful, "we'll tell Daddy tonight! How does that sound?"
Frankie's brows knitted together in question as he wondered what you were possibly talking about. Before he could get too lost in his line of thought, Isabella looked around and spotted him. Her face lit up with excitement as she leaned towards him. Frankie couldn't help himself as he came in and picked her, snuggling her tightly to his chest, "hi Izzy! I've missed you, baby girl!"
"Hello, my love," you grinned at Frankie, pleasantly surprised by his sudden arrival. Everything already felt so much better and livelier now that he was home for the weekend, "I didn't hear you come in."
"I didn't want to interrupt," he put his free arm around your waist as he pulled you close. You grinned before leaning in and kissing him softly. He made a small, contented sound as he beamed at the two of you, "I missed you, Honey Bee. And Baby Bee."
"We missed you too," you promised as Izzy laughed before wrapping her chubby little arms around his neck as best as she could, "little missy has been excited for you to come home all day. have I. We made your favorites for dinner and dessert!"
"Tell me what I ever did to deserve this," he touched Izzy's cheek gently before giving you another kiss. This was… everything and more than he could have ever dreamed of or believed he deserved. But you constantly reminded him how much you loved him, how good of a man he really was. And for the first time in his life, since you'd been by his side, loving him, supporting him, he believed it.
"Hmm," you mused thoughtfully, "a lot of things. But I have a big favor to ask of you now…"
"Take the Baby Bee here and get yourselves cleaned up for dinner," you gave both your loves a kiss as a flush of pink tinged his cheeks, "it'll be ready soon."
"I can handle that," he agreed as he tickled Izzy's side and she giggled with joy, "alright baby, time to get clean before Mama yells at us both!"
»»————- ♡ ————-««
As Frankie cleaned himself and Izzy up, your stomach was in knots as you worked up the courage to tell him your news. You could hear the two of them laughing and giggling upstairs, and you instantly felt better. You were excited about this - and you knew he would be too, but was going to be a huge change.
You plated up the food, making sure to cut Izzy's into smaller pieces before setting the dining room table. Every second that passed had you growing more nervous.
Shit - how were you going to tell him? There were a ton of different ways, and right now none of them seemed quite right. Maybe after dinner, after you'd put her to bed you could tell him.
"Here we are," Frankie exclaimed as he made his reappearance, clean and changed, right along with your daughter. You smiled at them, still finding it hard to believe just how much alike they were. She had his gentle eyes, with those wild, dark curls, and that singular dimple that appeared when she smiled. She was almost a carbon copy of him - especially right now as she supported matching little flannel pajamas to his, "we decided to get comfy already! Do you want to go and change, Honey Bee?"
"I'm okay," you promised as he sat her down in her high chair before pulling out your own chair, "what a gentleman."
"Anything for my girls," he said with a wink as he sat across from you. You nudged his leg gently with your own, offering him that smile that never ceased to make him melt, "how was your day, honey?"
"Nothing too exciting," you swallowed the lump in your throat as you pushed your bite down. You'd been to the doctor that morning, having made an appointment to confirm your suspicions and make sure everything was okay. Naturally, you'd brought Izzy with you as it was your day off and you always spent those days with her. Afterwards you'd taken her for ice cream and a trip to the park to feed the birds before tending to stuff around the house. The whole day was spent trying to figure out how to tell Frankie your news, the grainy black and white photos tucked in with the mail serving as a constant reminder, "just the usual stuff. We went to the park and Izzy fed the birds, huh baby?"
"So many duckies and their babies!" she agreed excitedly as Frankie listened to her try and recount her adventures. Your heart melted as she rambled on, but then… "the babies were so little and yellow. Like Mama's baby! Its like a...kumq...kum.."
Your eyes widened in surprise as she easily spilled the beans without even thinking about it. Of course she had no idea that this was a big secret or she shouldn't say just hadn't expected her to actually say anything. Frankie laughed lightly at her struggle to name the fruit, watching her little brows furrow in struggle, "kumquat? Is that the one?"
"Yeah," she grinned before scooping up another bite and shoving it into her mouth. Frankie affectionately ruffled her hair before chuckling. You were frozen in horror as he didn't seem to put two and two together, but soon enough it seemed that the gears in his head were grinding away.
"Wait...what do you mean Mama's baby?" he looked between the two of you as Izzy nodded and pointed to your still non-existent bump. A look of confusion crossed Frankie's features as he turned to you, his eyes soft and the corners of his mouth tugging upwards, "Honey Bee...what is she talking about...what's going on?"
"Surprise," you said nervously as you set your fork down, trying to keep your hand from trembling with nerves, "you're going to be a daddy again, Francisco."
"What?" his voice was soft as his chest rose and fell deeply, trying to comprehend the news you had just dropped on him. Your eyes stung with tears, both of joy and nerves, as you molded with a gentle smile, "Bee, are you serious?"
"Yeah," you whispered as a few tears rolled down your cheeks, "we're having a baby, Frankie!"
"Fuck me," his own eyes were glossy as you laughed in amusement before pointing at Izzy who was busy playing with her food, "we're having a baby!"
"Yeah," you stood up and quickly rushed to the mail stack, pulling out the sonograms you had gotten earlier and racing back over to him, eagerly holding them out to him, "I wasn't sure...I thought so and went to the doctor to confirm today. That's our baby, Frankie."
He delicately took the sheet from you and examined them, looking at the small bean that was your baby. His eyes grew misty as he traced over one before looking back at you, "holy shit...we're having a baby."
"I know...its all so surreal," you whispered as he stood up and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug, burying his face in your neck, "I love you, Frankie. I know it wasn't planned or anything...but I'm so happy."
"Me too," he agreed softly, pressing a few kisses to your shoulder, "you have made me the happiest are everything. You, Baby Bee, and now Baby Baby Bee. I couldn't ask for more."
"Frankie, the two of you...well the three of you, are everything I could ever want," you promised as you pulled back and pressed a kiss to his lips, "nothing could be better than our family."
"I love you so much," he beamed at you, "I...I have-"
"Ask Mama! Daddy ask Mama!" Izzy was excitedly grinning at the two of you before making grabby arms. You raised a brow at him before going over to pick her up and bouncing her gently on your hip.
"What was Daddy going to ask?" you asked excitedly as his cheeks flushed a bright red. You reached over and touched his cheek, brushing your thumb over his skin.
"I...umm...I was going to…" he paused for a moment, swallowing nervously before blurting it out, "be my wife? I umm...Honey Bee, will you marry me? Finally...I mean, I know we're basically married already, but I want to make it official."
"You want to marry me?" you looked at him with wide eyes as he nodded fervently, as if saying of course, "yes, a million times yes. Of course I want to marry you. Nothing would make me happier."
"I-I-I have a ring," he stammered as he looked around, quickly dashing to the living room. Izzy giggled as you made a silly face at her, before he returned with a small velvet box. He opened it and displayed the gorgeous ring to you, "will you marry me, Bee?"
"Say yes, Mama!"
"Yes," you grinned at him, "nothing will make me happier than to officially be your wife."
He pulled the ring out and slipped it onto your finger, "perfection. Just like it was meant to be…"
"That's because it was, my love," you kissed him softly, "I love you - our whole little family so much. You are all my everything."
"Yes," he agreed with a gentle sigh, "my always and forever. My Honey Bee, and our Baby Bees. I love you all more than anything."
»»————- ♡ ————-««
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tommybaholland · 5 months ago
I would like you to write tom holland x actress!reader, so y/n is getting ready for photoshoot but tom holland was facetiming y/n hoping how's it going, he misses her. they haven't seen each other for a month. After that they do photoshoot and Wired autocomplete interview. then the crew got surprised and y/n misses tom, she sooo surprise and he came to visit for her. i luv them!
missing you
Tumblr media
featuring: tom holland (x actress!reader)
you thanked the hair stylist once they were done with your hair and remained in the dressing room to have a quick facetime with your boyfriend. 
“hey, love,” tom answered, his voice slightly raspy. “wow, you look really beautiful.” 
“thank you,” you smiled. you couldn’t see him too well but you could make out the grainy outline of his facial features and part of his bare shoulders and chest. he looked like he was still in bed. “why is the room so dark?” 
“i’m just laying down for a bit,” tom explained.
“how are you feeling?” 
“okay. i just wish you were here.” 
you frowned. “yeah. i wish i was there to take care of you.”
“nah. then i’d just get you sick. your company is really all i need. i’m so lonely,” he pouted playfully. “but if i get you sick then i get to take care of you so it could be a win-win for me.” 
you laughed at his very ‘tom’ logic. “i know. i miss you too. i think we have some time off soon but if you’re sick then we can always see each other when we’re done with promotion stuff.” 
tom groaned. “ugh. i don’t know if i can wait that longggg, love.” 
“i know this has been a long one but what you do you normally do when i’m away?” 
he didn’t respond, his face buried in the pillow. then after a few minutes, he started giggling. 
“what’s that one line from spongebob? where spongebob’s like, ‘what do you normally do while i’m at work?’ and patrick says--”
“‘wait for you to get back,’” you finish for him, laughing along. 
“yeah. i feel like patrick right now, babe.” 
“aww. well, just focus on getting better and maybe do some golfing and i’ll be back before you know it,” you promised.
the pout was still present on his face. “okay. i’ll try to survive until you come home.”
you smiled before you looked at harrison in the mirror, seeing that he had entered the room. 
“we’re getting ready to start-- oh, is that tom?”
“harrison?” tom spoke through the phone. 
you nodded, raising the phone up to harrison so he could see his sickly best friend.
“hey, mate,” harrison greeted. they had a quick chat about harrison’s recent debut. 
“it’s been fun to see you on the other side of things, dude. i’m so happy for you,” tom praised. “i’ve been watching your interviews and they’re hilarious.”
harrison laughed. “thanks, tom. we have to get going if we’re gonna make this next one, though,” he reminded, looking down to you. 
you nodded. “okay, babe. looks like i have to go.”
“alright, baby. i love you and miss you so much,” he blows a kiss to the camera.
“love you. miss you too,” you smile. 
“see you, harrison.”
“yeah, see you, man.” 
you end the facetime and follow harrison out to the set where you would be doing a promo shoot for the irregulars. like harrison, this was your first major role and the promotional part was just as important as the actual shooting of the show. you had been with tom through several of his press junkets but now you understand how taxing and exhausting it can be, especially when you’re away from your boyfriend for so long. 
you would’ve liked to have him with you for some of it, like you had with him. but lately your schedules haven’t been matching up so easily. once you were done filming the show, he had gone off to film for spider-man and once he was done with that, you had started the promotional period for the show. there were short periods in between when you got to see each other but it wasn’t nearly enough time. 
the heart certainly grows fonder when you’re apart from each other. 
besides all that, you found press stuff to be pretty fun for the most part. photoshoots were really easy and usually didn’t take that long. this one took a little longer because harrison was with you and you both took some individual pictures as well as some photos together. if anything, you’re glad he was your co-star. you knew this wouldn’t be the case for every job you get so you tried to enjoy it while it lasted. 
after the photoshoot, you and harrison went over to the studio where they film the wired autocomplete interviews. interviews were a bit more daunting part of press, mostly because you felt the pressure to be liked by the general public and that could put a lot of stress on you to be more performative. luckily, your actor boyfriend has been there to remind you to just be yourself and that’s really the best way to handle it. 
you had seen several of the autocomplete interviews and always thought they were funny so you were actually looking forward to this one. 
once you arrived at the studio, you got all set up with harrison beside you and then the director explained how it was going to work. it seemed like it was pretty lax, which was nice because there was no one asking questions. rather, the questions were actual google searches that people had made so you and harrison were the ones who really got to lead it. 
“you guys ready?” 
you and harrison nodded. 
“three...two... one...action!”
harrison started. “hi! i’m harrison osterfield.”
“and i’m y/n.”
“and this is our wired autocomplete interview.” 
“ladies first,” harrison insisted, prompting you to grab your board. 
“okay,” you agreed with a laugh. 
“here. i’ll hold it and you can rip the tape off,” he offered.
“good idea.”
a lot of the questions were pretty basic like where you were from, where you went to school, if you went to acting school, what your favorite food is, etc. but then you got to a certain one. 
“‘is y/n--’ okay. let’s see,” you said as you peeled off the masking tape before reading the full question. “‘is y/n dating tom holland?’” 
you laughed awkwardly before answering, as this was the first question about your relationship status in an interview. 
“yes. we are dating,” you responded. your mind suddenly wandered to your earlier conversation with him, causing your mouth to keep moving. 
“i haven’t seen him in a bit but--” you paused when you realized what you were saying. “um, i’m pretty busy these days.” 
you ended with another awkward laugh and shrug as harrison nodded. 
“okay. that’s all for me. your turn, harrison.” 
you continued on with the interview despite feeling put off by the fact that you missed tom. fortunately, harrison’s questions were more entertaining and perked you up again. 
“‘does harrison osterfield drink the juice?’ wait. what does that mean?”
you bursted out laughing at the vague question. 
“y/n, what’s so funny? i don’t get it.”  
“nothing, nothing,” you replied. “just answer what you think it means.” 
you had finished the interview on a high note. 
“you seemed to be in a better mood than earlier,” harrison remarked. 
“are you okay?” 
“i just,” you started. “we’ve never been apart for this long and it’s just really hard. i didn’t think it was going to be a big deal and i thought i could handle it but i can’t.”
harrison frowned. “hey. no, no. you’re doing a great job. i promised,” he comforted before looking down to his phone. 
you stood up off your chair. “i’m going to get some water.” 
you began to walk away until harrison abruptly stopped you. “wait, y/n!” 
you looked back to him as there was some commotion at the back of the set. you ignored it, looking incredulously at harrison. 
“what?” you asked in an annoyed tone. you just wanted some water. 
suddenly, a third voice appeared. 
“aww, love. don’t be mean to harrison like that.”
you turned to see none other than your boyfriend standing there. you couldn’t react in any other way other than clapping a hand over your mouth and beginning to cry in disbelief that he was actually there.
“baby, it’s okay,” he cooed, walking over and wrapping you up in a hug. some of the crew watching the whole reunion began clapping and cheering. 
he rubbed your backed as you sobbed into his shoulder for a few moments before lifting your head up to wipe your eyes.
“how, how-- what-- i,” you stuttered, wanting to know how this could be happening right now. 
“what? are you not happy to see me?” he pouted playfully, brushing some hair out of your face. 
“no! i am but i thought you were sick.” 
“well,” he smirked. “i am an actor, darling.”  
you rolled your eyes facetiously before he continued his explanation. 
“i got in late last night and stayed in a hotel. i wasn’t sick but i gotta admit, i am pretty tired.” 
you laughed. “you’re so dumb.” 
“don’t blame this all on me! harrison was in on it too!”
you looked over to harrison who was still sitting there, watching this all go down. he held his hands up. 
“guilty. but i’d like to add that tom was freaking out that you had found out somehow and has been texting me all day.”
“no. i really had no idea but i was worried about you,” you prodded at tom’s shoulder with a finger. 
“i’d say it was worth it. wouldn’t you?”
you nodded. “i suppose.”
“can i have a kiss now, please?”
you leaned in and pressed a short kiss to his lips but of course, that wasn’t enough to satisfy him. he kept pulling you in for more before you began to get embarrassed with the other people around. 
“alright, i’ll stop. but don’t think you can escape from my sneaky kisses!” he took your hand in his and began leading you out of the studio.
“wait, we still have some promo stuff to do for today.” 
tom shook his head. “you don’t. can’t say the same for him,” he nodded over to harrison. “i’ve sorted it all out with your manager and it’ll just be me and you for the next two days. does that sound good?”
well, you couldn’t argue with that.
Tumblr media
welcome to wild card night! requests are open and ready..
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amourleger · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
polaroids & songs : ‘  hey, I know most of your writing is more romantic than silly fluff ( both of which i love btw ) but given that the boys all grew up kind of removed from pop culture and “ regular ” stuff that the rest of us grew up with, i thought a sam x reader where she teases him for not knowing about high school music or something silly like that would be really cute. like he teases her for not knowing the classics till she met him and she teases him for not knowing kesha or whatever. anywho sorry for leaving the most run on sentence ever i just thought this could be cute. love your writing by the way! have a wonderful day 💕 ’ xo, anonymous
-- hello sweet nonnie ! this request is perfect, and i’ve gotten a bunch of ideas for it. but lemme tell you, i actually prefer writing silly fluff ! especially when tuning in with males in writing. i’m a sucker for some comic relief. i’m totally putting a long distance twist on this so i’m excited. i love you and thank you so much for the wishes of wonderful days and for the request ! i hope that what i create is exactly what you were looking for !  ♡
word count: 1.4k
ship: sam kiszka x reader
warnings: i really read the words “ ‘til she met him,’ and ran with it.
Tumblr media
mr. henderson had started it all. one day, freshman year of high school, he had reached out to his own high school best friend who you all had learned was mr. hanson - the two hadn’t seen each other since mr. henderson had taken off to wisconsin for college, but kept in contact through snail mail. it all felt a bit ... old school, for your taste. and soon, it became the assignment for the year in your english class. penpals. 
you receive the lists of pre - established pals, the name ‘ sam ’ and ( Y/N ) fifth on the list. lips press together as mechanical pencils squeak against loose leafed paper. everyone else had started on their letters, and you struggled. unsure of what to talk about - you settle for the topic of music. it was always a safe bet, no one hated music. an artist you enjoyed at the moment was ed sheeran. coming off of your one direction high after a concert in illinois over the summer, you were interested in more relaxed music, you thought. you detail your favorite songs, especially the ones that detailed such emotionally driven storylines such as give me love, or little bird. you felt like a little romantic gushing about the imagery envisioned - accompanying the letter was your favorite picture of yourself - you include a few different ones, detailing the experiences to sam. one at your thirteenth birthday party with your best friend, another of you with your family. you had barely known this sam, but you were more than willing to, your grade even depended on it.
the next week, friday, as expected, you receive your letter from sam. you peel open the envelope as if your life was on the line - the words, ‘your music taste sucks,’ underlined twice really spike a small annoyance in your heart. no hello, no how are you, straight to the point. you respected the passion, nonetheless. you’d give sam, who you learned was certainly male, based off the extreme close up of his face from a grainy polaroid, a chance. you learn of his family, large and not too fond on the newest music releases, he even ponders over some of the artists she listed that she enjoyed dancing to -- kesha? he really didn’t know who kesha was?
you use your allowance for an act of kindness - sending sam some of your favorite cds. you bring in the box to school with enough money and stamps for shipping so mr. henderson isn’t inconvenienced too much. inside are one direction cds, kesha, ed sheeran, even some little mix. you circle each of your favorite songs with washable marker and add more pictures, given that he had shown interest in your social life. you encourage him to send things he likes to, if he can. encourage him to send your belongings back once he’s finished with them.
when sam responds, it is with ... vinyls. your lips screw to the side as you glance through them. elton john, neil young, and a few others. the classics, he writes. things the youth should be listening to -- you roll your eyes at the thought, already planning witty remarks to his higher than thou comments. these aren’t his only copies of these, he tells you to give them back when you can. pictures of him and his siblings, his best friend who you learned was named danny. 
with each letter, each gift box, the two of you become closer, friends, even. the level of companionship reached even surprises your teacher, quite cocky in regards to his matchmaking abilities as other students seemed to flourish with their partners as well. however, as most allowed the friendship to turn virtual, you and sam, even after moving to your next grade, remain in touch through letters. instead of exchanging numbers, you exchange addresses.
the two of you had an enigmatic energy. where it seemed like there wasn’t an inkling of common ground, it was the unknown, the idea of learning everything you would’ve never known that spurs the excitement for each letter. you and sam, you grow together. each school dance, you send picture evidence. you witness the ups and downs of his love life and puberty, and him to you. hell, he was the real source of comfort after your first boyfriend crushes your heart. the two of you shared graduation celebration pictures, everything.
pictures had transitioned to sending a camcorder back and forth, you had purchased it after your first big paycheck from work, and you made him invest in the tapes. you tour your town and he does the same. it was a mutual goal to make the other feel like they were there, even if they never would be. the two of you never expected to meet. until, well, you did.
Tumblr media
the two of you were only separated by water and the road. a five hour gap from your town to his. after a ferry ride and a drive that felt like an eternity, you had pulled into the small town of frankenmuth. in your backseat were all of the vinyls he had ever sent you -- you always promised to return them once you had been done with them. he had gushed about the band being signed, about how many new experiences, new beginnings he was going to be having - you were thrilled for him, for all of the boys. they deserved it after all of the effort put into greta van fleet.
you pull up in front of his house, hands clammy against the steering wheel as you consider turning around. they wouldn’t know you were here, more importantly, sam wouldn’t know. what if he thought it was strange? freakish, even. the two of you had been friends for four years now - it wasn’t outlandish for you to meet -- but maybe he only had intentions of keeping you at a distance. the doubts flourish viciously in your head, but you push them down. shoving open your car door, then pulling open the back to grab the box. once everything had been secured, and you found yourself to be presentable based on your reflection in the car windows, you strode to the door.
one knock, then two - just to make sure they had heard it. you notice a lack of vehicles in the driveway, maybe he wasn’t even home? lips press together as you hug the box tighter to your chest. this felt like a break up, like when a girlfriend brings back all of her boyfriend’s shit because he cheated --
“no way,” you hear - apparently missing the audio cue that the door had been opened. “(Y/N), what the hell are you doing here?” there’s a hint of glee in the voice that you had always wished to hear in person. there’s no time for a joke to ease any tension, because there was no tension. the box is pulled from your grip, then set aside as if it meant nothing -- and who knows, it may not anymore, and you’re pulled to his chest before you can even take anything else in. the scent of mixed incense and amber invade your senses, but you welcome it. your own arms wrap tightly around his waist; the two of you almost tipping one another over.
“i was going to send you a graduation present, but i figure i am a gift on my own,” you jest, pulling back from the hug just enough to look up at him with a grin that had apparently been just as large as his. with a halfhearted gesture, you motion towards the box of vinyls that sat beside you guys, “you asked me to bring these back when i was done with them,”
“well, did you finally develop better taste?” he muses, though you can hear a twinkle of hope that almost seems painted on when you catch his eye, mischief present with each glimmer the sun paints.
“oh, you wish. i got a hotel room for the weekend, and i’ll be showing you kesha: through the ages, a movie made just for you, by the one and only, me, and you’re going to love it,”
there was no need for confirmation of his desire to watch said homemade movie, and there was no hesitance when hearing of your plans to stay for the weekend. the two of you were grown, now. there may not be time to do this again, so you relish in the moment. he shows you around his town, you listen to music, you become the duo that everyone predicted you would.
for one weekend only: (Y/N) & sammy, best friends, but in 4-D.
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daisiesonafield-blog · 8 months ago
How Jason Sudeikis (Olivia’s ex) is involved in the Holivia stunt too
Jason is Olivia’s ex-fiance. They were together for 9 years, engaged for 7, after they began dating in 2011, and have 2 kids.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jason is also an actor, and just finished his 7 year run on Saturday Night Live:
Tumblr media
He also has a series out, called Ted Lasso:
Tumblr media
They announced their split in Nov 13th 2020, PEOPLE had the exclusive and is quoted by all the other articles (remember this):
Tumblr media
They list news about Olivia and Jason under their “movies” section, if this couldn’t be any more clearly an elaborate PR stunt:
Tumblr media
All of the syndicated break up articles ran the same story:
They split at the start of 2020 after a 7 year engagement
It’s amicable, they’re friends
Their children are priority, they’re co-parenting
Summary of their relationship, and how they met
Notice how they make sure to mention his current TV show:
Tumblr media
Then, E!News includes this in their article, while also highlighting all of their movies/shows:
Tumblr media
They make sure to mention Don’t Worry Darling, Harry Styles, and Jason’s show, Ted Lasso.
Later articles are quoted saying the split was due to career decisions and issues regarding where to live and distance. Because Jason was mostly based in NYC due to starring in Saturday Night Live. And Olivia was mostly in LA.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On Dec 21st 2020, Daily Mail gets the exclusive this time, and they emphasize how they are on great terms and are “friendly exes”:
Tumblr media
They includes pictures like this of them sharing an emotional hug:
Tumblr media
And make sure to mention Don’t Worry Darling and that Jason is getting ready to start filming season 2 of Ted Lasso in the UK soon:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are you noticing a pattern yet? Every single article about their split mentions their upcoming projects. This is promo. This is publicity. This is what PR teams do. They’re setting up the whole narrative for the big reveal that is to come. That way we get maximum reach from this PR stunt.
Up until now, everything is quiet, there’s no drama. But they kept writing articles about Jason and Olivia. About how friendly they are, about how there was no drama, about how they’re the best exes. They continued to get papped hugging, longingly looking at each other. They were selling the story that there is no bad blood and they care for each other.
Jason also has another project in post-production set to be released this year:
Tumblr media
El Tonto had a limited release, as I understand it, in late 2019 in film festivals but it was poorly received, so I don’t know if they will move ahead with it.
Tumblr media
However, Till Death is yet to be released, and has been in post-production status since Nov 28 2020, which means it will likely be released sometime in 2021, aka the coming months:
Tumblr media
All of this goes to show you how Jason also benefits from this PR stunt, as we have continued to see him and Olivia linked together in the press, along with pap pics everything. Notice how the pap pics of Jason and Olivia are also from BackGrid, the paparazzi company that needs to be called to schedule pap walks.
And all of this is prior to the announcement of her and Harry possibly dating. Let’s take a look at that now.
PEOPLE had the exclusive on the Harry and Olivia story. News breaks Jan 4th 2021.
Tumblr media
They are listing news about Holivia under “movies” on their website (as if this couldn’t be any more obvious):
Tumblr media
The first article mentioning Jason and Olivia post the Holivia announcement also comes out on Jan 4th 2021:
Tumblr media
And it includes mostly the same narrative as the Jolivia articles from before (they’re friends, split at the start of 2020, co-parenting, bla bla bla). 
HOWEVER, the way that it differs from all their other articles is that in this one there’s only one grainy pap pic of them meeting up, and they’re not being super friendly towards each other like in the previous ones. They’re not hugging, they’re not looking at each other with caring eyes. They’re just standing in front of each other and there’s distance:
Tumblr media
Then articles saying he is devastated begin to come out:
This one from Daily Star on Jan 5th 2020:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They make sure to mention the movie and TV show, as well as Harry. Something else that is new, and different from previous articles, is that now Olivia and Jason’s relationship was “rocky throughout 2020″. So much for bff exes.
Then the Scottish Sun on Jan 6th 2020:
Tumblr media
They also mention DWD and Ted Lasso.
Then, on Jan 8th 2021 PEOPLE has the exclusive again!
Tumblr media
This comes a whole 4 days after PEOPLE broke the Holivia news. They’re moving fast with the set-up on this stunt.
This also comes nearly 2 months after PEOPLE broke the news of Jolivia split on Nov 13th 2020.
And guess what? Yes, PEOPLE is putting all articles under their “movies tag:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They emphasize how the break up was hard for him, that he is heartbroken by it, that there’s still so much love there and he hopes to repair things.
They make sure to mention Ted Lasso.
Tumblr media
Notice how they said they split in the start of 2020 - and that’s what the source said at the time. Insinuating that maybe the source might change their story.
They of course mention Harry as well as DWD:
Tumblr media
And then, a mere 2 hours later PEOPLE has another exclusive!
Tumblr media
And yes, you guessed it: it’s under their “movies” section too:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So now we have some drama, there are 2 sources with two different stories:
They’ve been split up since early 2020, everything is great, co-parenting
They were together all along, until Olivia started to become distant in October. They announced their split in November. And all of this happened after she began filming with H in DWD.
Two things to note here:
they mention Don’t Worry Darling
they set up the field for more drama to be brought onto the press.
They are laying down the groundwork for the new narrative that is about to start, one which creates way more drama than simply having Harry and Olivia allegedly dating. Now, not only are they reportedly dating, but her ex-fiance was blindsided, he still loves her, he wants to be with her.
This is the stuff of publicity dreams. Worthy of the Kardashians. Holy shit. So much drama, so much press coverage. Maximum PR reach.
And remember how I said before that the truth doesn’t matter and they can change the narrative however they like? Well, yeah - here it is. The story has been that they’ve been split up for a year. Now they changed it to they’ve been split up for 2 months.
Tumblr media
So now we have sources that contradict each other. All this does is create more drama for the press. So they can write endless articles about it. They can keep guessing, speculating. They’ll talk about this drama forever. Until their teams feed the last bit of the narrative, which will close this story nicely in time for DWD premiere. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notice how they keep using the same phrases, they keep mentioning Don’t Worry Darling. They mention how Harry “couldn’t stay away from her trailer” -  because we have a pap video and photos of him coming up to her trailer.
They are making Don’t Worry Darling a main plot point of this PR stunt. That’s what it all boils down to. Everything changed when DWD started filming. DWD is the main topic here. It’s the center of conversation. It’s making sure everyone that reads this gossip knows about the movie, even if they don’t follow these people. 
This is a PR strategy being employed right before our eyes.
I can’t say for certain how the narrative they are going with will play out, but it looks like they are creating a scenario where Jason tries to win Olivia back. OMG imagine the press frenzy this will create. 
If they do this, and keep everything without comment from them or their team, it will be amazing PR. Has anyone seen what Kris Jenner is up to? Is she working with the DWD PR team? By keeping everything without any confirmation or comment form them/their teams they leave the narrative open to later on say anything they want. 
They can keep quiet, play out this dramatic ‘Jason tries to win Olivia’s love back from Harry’ storyline, drop ambiguous pics of Holivia here and there, some pics of Jolivia co-parenting/talking - to add fuel to the fire - meanwhile the press has their “sources” and they keep writing about it. 
Then they can end the stunt by having Olivia finally put out a statement explaining what happened, and it can be anything. They can rewrite the whole story. She can say Harry was a friend that, after she ended her engagement, supported her, was there for her (you know TPWK Harry Styles). They can have her and Jason get back together and Harry turns out to be cupid - very on brand. They can say anything.
And remember, this benefits Jason too. Throught the whole stunt timeline, even when they announced the Jolivia split, his TV show has been mentioned. I had never heard of Ted Lasso. Now I can’t escape it. That’s PR. That’s promo for his TV show.
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fgfluidity · 4 months ago
on desire and restraint
Summary: Damien has a problem, and his vampirism is only part of it.
Pairings: Mayor Attorney (Damien/DA)
Warnings: Mentions of blood and violence, coercion, classic vampire stuff
a commissioned work! details in my bio
What on Earth are they doing here?
It isn’t that Damien isn’t glad to see his friend out in the audience, taking up a seat in the remarkably-crowded council chamber benches. They’re very easy to spot— nearly everyone else is dressed very well, either preparing to present their business or listening carefully as the council discusses said business, hoping to look like proper and involved citizens.
(Damien would bet good money a minuscule percentage actually fit the definition.)
The DA, however, is in their vibrant but soft sweater, looking cozy in the bulky knit. Though their posture is relaxed, their eyes are sharp, watching the raised council desk with keen, real interest.
He’d expect nothing else from them. They’re one of that minuscule percentage.
And they like their sweaters. A personal choice he truly can’t fault them for— if it weren’t for necessity, he’d trade in the suits for a sweater every now and then.
That’s what days off are for, they say. As if he’s taken a day off in... well.
Far too long.
Their eyes don’t change when they meet his, not at first. They simply regard him with that same fixed, considering stare, as if he’s a puzzle they very much want to start solving.
Then, as the corner of their mouth lifts into a smile, their eyes sparkle, warm and bright.
His stomach flutters.
That is not a new feeling. It’s been that way virtually since the day they met; the DA has always charmed him, from their lovely face to their kind heart to their fierce determination to their brilliant intellect.
What is new— sort of— is how he dials in on them.
It’s far from the first time he’s lost himself in work or in them, but this is... different.
As it has been for the last few years.
He can hear their breathing, steady, changing a little as his eyes drift. Their heart, speeding just a touch, a wonderful and steady rhythm.
Is that— a smell in a room full of others, ranging from vaguely pleasant to near-repulsive, so sweet and warm and perfect.
He swallows against the flood in his mouth, the increasing sharpness of his teeth.
Their smile grows a fraction, and their eyes dart to his left. Then again. Pointedly.
“Mr. Mayor?”
Damien snaps to attention, gritting his teeth for a moment and praying he still looks like a human being. “I’m- I apologize, pardon me. What were you saying, councillor?”
The councillor thankfully doesn’t react with impatience or annoyance. Or fear. “Your vote for proposal 62A?”
Right, he remembers that. He’s nothing if not on top of his duties. “Aye.”
“Thank you.” She quirks a little smile. His distraction must not have gone unnoticed— Damien prays that smile is the end of any teasing. “With the mayor’s vote, the motion passes; a sub-committee shall be formed within the next week. We will take a brief recess before opening the floor to public comment.”
The chamber bursts into quiet chatter and the sounds of creaking wood, councillors and citizens alike standing to stretch their legs and meet with others about the events of the evening.
Damien, himself, takes his cane in hand and makes a beeline for the District Attorney.
They don’t stand to greet him, just give him a smile. “The mayor, himself, come to see me? I’m honored.”
“Just as I’m honored our esteemed District Attorney decided to grace us with their presence,” he replies, smoothly. The DA laughs, and he returns their smile. “Really, though, what brings you here? You may be a civil servant like all of us, but local government isn’t precisely in your wheelhouse.”
“It isn’t, you’re right, but I had to come see my favorite come make a fool of himself during a meeting.” Their eyes gleam with mischief. “And here I thought I was the easily-distracted one.”
Damien fixes them with an annoyed stare, to which they laugh, again— their heart picks up, a minor uptick, the barest flush of their skin— as he sits beside them on the bench. “You still are. I simply wasn’t expecting to see you. Your favorite... aren’t you missing a title, there, my friend?”
Their smile grows softer, warmer. “No.”
Oh, damn them. How he could ever remain annoyed with them, he can’t say, not when that sincerity melts his heart. He’d say it was on purpose, to get out of further annoyance, but...
They’d never lie about such a thing. He knows them too well to possibly doubt it. “Well, now, that’s awfully kind of my favorite to say. Really, though— other than distracting me, what brought you here?”
The DA can’t hide their pleasure at the returned gesture, not with Damien as focused on them as he is. Just the way they light up— “Not quite business, not quite pleasure, but there is something I thought I should bring to everyone’s attention. Considering your interests, it might even be pertinent.”
Damien hums. “Interesting, you bringing up pertinent news, of all people.”
Out of the corner of his eye, he watches them frown. “And what, pray tell, is that supposed to mean?”
“I would call showing up just to watch— or, more accurately, cause— me to stumble in front of the public rather impertinent.”
They scoff. “You have no proof I’ve ever done anything wrong in my life. I’m an angel, Damien.”
“An angel as a lawyer? Now I’ve seen everything.” He snickers as the DA jabs his side with an elbow, fighting against a smile of their own. “Impertinent! You would attack the mayor in front of a crowd?”
“You were my friend long before you ever became mayor. If anyone might be given a pardon, it’s me.” Their gaze turns to the front of the room, high on the wall, where a wall clock rests. “Recess is about over. Are you ready to hear all about it?”
Not if it means returning to his seat far away from them, unable to bask in their rapport and the scent wrapping around him. He could just—
I am in control. I am not a predator. They are not my prey, he reminds himself, viciously.“Would you like to give me a preview, as your friend?”
The DA hums, considering him. “Well, I suppose... do you remember what happened this time last year? An event of some sort?”
Damien thinks back. An event, that might be pertinent not only to the DA’s office, but the council, the mayor... “Oh, shit.”
His curse makes the DA burst into laughter. “Now, who’s impertinent? Don’t worry,” they add, gesturing up to the desk, “I’ve got this one handled this year. All you need to do is be your usual, gentlemanly self.”
“And you’ll make that possible, will you? Or do you plan on making an even bigger fool of me?” He rises from the bench with help from his cane.
They grin at him, eyes shining. His stomach sinks. “Well, now, you’ll just have to wait and see.”
Damien’s issue is not that the event is for charity.
It isn’t even that it’s an event.
(He’d make a rather poor mayor if he felt disinclined to support either, really.)
He never had an issue before.
He enjoys the philanthropy, he enjoys the opportunity to meet with his constituents, he enjoys even the party atmosphere, as tame as it may be.
It’s only...
He looks down into his cup, shifting around the red, grainy meal covering the bottom in a decently-thick layer with his spoon. Like instant coffee, in a way, all sparkling granules awaiting plenty of hot water.
It’s only that instant coffee is sold at the grocer, and smells infinitely better to a more human nose.
“Just so you know,” he calls out, catching the attention of the few people hanging around the tiny kitchenette the building holds, “I’ll be taking my medicine.”
For anyone else, the act wouldn’t require such an announcement; even if it did, people wouldn’t immediately grimace or turn a pale shade of green and vacate the room.
Damien, however, is quite used to the whole process.
With a sigh, he takes the hot water— hot enough, warm to the touch and the same as... well— from the small burner and mixes it into the grains. Instantly, a rich, coppery smell fills the air, and—
He winces at the flood in his mouth, the sharp prick of his extending fangs against his tongue. Three years and he still isn’t used to it.
Or, rather, it still makes him intensely uncomfortable.
That’s preferable to enjoying it, really.
It’s with a mixed measure of both disgust and relief that he sips the reconstituted blood meal, the metallic and unmistakable flavor over his tongue both exactly what he craves and stomach-churning.
He could use more water— it’s thick, and he’ll certainly need to rinse or even brush before he even attempts to continue with any meetings later on today.
God forbid he enters the council chamber with blood on his teeth.
No one thinks him a tyrannical demon, but it would be best to keep anything to point to such an idea to a minimum.
Damien’s methodical in his clean-up, as well: carefully packing away his vial of meal, sterilizing his mug and spoon with boiling water, placing them apart from all other utensils. No need to involve everyone else in his personal issues, nor contaminate their space.
A more conscientious monster, you couldn’t find.
Once finished, he proceeds back to his office to freshen up, sated for the time being. At the very least, he feels less frayed, less likely to twitch at the slightest heartbeat, follow people with his eyes.
He almost feels normal, even.
“Oh, sir?” His receptionist lifts a small note when he turns to her. “The District Attorney will be by shortly, I just got the call. Your schedule is clear, but if you’d rather postpone—“
“No, no, that would be fine.” He smiles, closed-mouth just in case. “If my schedule is clear and they require my attention on some matter, I couldn’t very well refuse them.”
He couldn’t very well refuse them, regardless.
She nods with her own smile. “I’ll send them right in, then. Shouldn’t be fifteen minutes.”
Plenty of time to freshen up. Plenty of time for his stomach to settle.
Plenty of time to steel himself.
Because that’s the issue: them.
It has been from the moment he... came down with this affliction.
Them, wherever he goes, with their scent and their warmth and their heartbeat, only compounded by his older, less-animalistic feelings. It’s hard enough in passing, but an entire night with them...
In the bathroom just off the office, he rinses his mouth until the water is clear, as intended, and takes an extra few moments to splash his face. The clarity won’t hurt, and if he looks a bit off, well, the water was rather cold.
He’s prim and proper, pretending to do work at his desk, when a soft knock comes at his door.
“Come in,” he calls, as if he doesn’t know. As if, even if his receptionist not told him precisely who was visiting, he wouldn’t recognize the steady heartbeat on the other side of the door, the warm scent leaking between the cracks.
Damien’s grip on his pen tightens, and he tries to breathe through his mouth.
I ate. I am in control. I am not a predator. They are not my prey.
“Good morning,” the DA says as they enter, giving him a small, slightly teasing smile. “Thank you for seeing me on short notice— I’m surprised I even could, with your schedule.”
“I always have time for you, my friend.” He smiles, himself, pleased at how their own grows warmer and more genuine. “Are you only stopping by for a visit? The kitchenette is available, I could have tea brought in for you.”
They take the seat opposite his, on the other side of his grand desk. “That would be nice, but it’s not a social call. At least, not entirely.” They shuffle around their bag a moment before pulling out a folder, which they hand over.
Damien pauses in taking his note for the receptionist, flipping open the folder. “What’s all this?”
“My event plans.”
“Your—“ He looks up at them, an eyebrow raised. “You don’t need my input, or even my approval. You were placed in charge and I trust your judgement on all the details.”
“And I trust your judgement on whether or not those are good ideas.” The DA points to a specific sheet of paper. “For instance, a themed event will draw interest, but do you think it will detract from the serious nature of the cause?”
A themed event... his friend always was thinking outside of the box. “I think it would be a wonderful idea. These functions are always so austere; a theme would liven them up marvelously.” He turns more sheets, intrigued by the ideas put forth, impressed by the organization and thought behind the carefully-sourced list of providers.
The one thing that seems to be missing, however... “What is our cause for this year? I would imagine that would be top priority.”
The DA remains quiet, and he looks up properly to find them... fidgeting. Not anxiously awaiting approval, not impatience or boredom, but—
Guilt. Sheepishness. They won’t meet his eyes, the rest of their face tight with apprehension.
Damien sets down the folder and leans over the desk, reaching out for them, his eyes soft and concerned. “My friend, what is it? Any cause you’ve chosen, I could hardly say no to. They’re all deserving of help, I would never—“
“It’s to help you.”
Their voice comes out tight and small, quiet, but it’s enough to make the silence that follows almost deafening.
They still don’t look at him, their voice grows no louder, but they say, “The cause is you. Not— not that you’re lacking money, by any means, but... I want to find a cure for you. Or, at least, find some way to make it easier for you.”
Oh, but his heart melts at that, and he wants so terribly to reach out for them. “My d— my friend, please, look at me,” he says, softly.
Slowly, they do as asked, still sheepish; that said, they take his hand over the desk when he offers, squeezing tight.
Damien gives them an encouraging smile. “You have the kindest heart I’ve had the pleasure to know. It’s a virtue, but please... aim your dedication to a cause elsewhere. I’m in no need of a cure.”
“You aren’t doing well,” they argue. “No, really, you aren’t. The treatment you’re using might have helped at the start, but lately... I know you just took it.”
“How do you-?”
They sniff in demonstration. “You can’t hide the smell. It used to be that you’d perk up immediately, right back to you, but now... you’re almost gray, and your hands are so cold.” The DA squeezes his hand tighter. “I’m so worried for you— if this treatment isn’t working, we have to find something else.”
It’s... true, that his meal has been satisfying less, lately. He’d thought he looked presentable, however, if not how he used to be.
Of course, leave it to his dear friend to notice what no one else has.
“It’s working well enough. It suffices. My quality of life is... not the best, but there’s not much else to be done.”
“And that’s why you should let me choose this cause: so there can be.” They tug his hand, pleading. “I can’t leave you to get more and more sick when we could do something about it.”
Damien gets up from his chair to come around to their side, resting his hand on their shoulder, instead. “My affliction is a sight more rare, and I’m a high-profile figure, besides. It wouldn’t be right to make the event all about me, not when I’m in a position of privilege. You know that very well.”
The DA sighs, though they look far from pleased with the idea. “I... yes, I know. I’ll get around to looking at other causes. I only wish I could help you more— isn’t there anything at all I can do?”
“I...” Damien hesitates.
Because... well, of course there is.
They could bare their soft neck for him, let him nibble and taste to his hearts’ content before going in for the pulse underneath their smooth skin, let him drink deeply and melt so that he may hold them up in his arms.
Oh, how they would taste, and oh, if they would enjoy the experience as much as he would...
To hear them ask— or even beg—
He clenches his jaw against the sudden fangs filling his mouth, lets go of their shoulder to turn away firmly. “No, my friend,” he grits out, “but thank you. I appreciate your friendship, you know I do, and that is enough to get me through.”
They’re quiet for a long moment. “If you say so, Damien,” they say, so softly that he wishes he had anything else to tell them, just to make that tone vanish from their voice.
He doesn’t, though, not anything to keep things normal. Not anything to keep them from thinking he’s some kind of monster.
Life is his to choose, and this is his choice: worry the person he holds most dear, or drive them away entirely simply by virtue of what he’s become.
Rotten choices, rotten luck.
“Well,” they continue, affected cheer almost painful, “thank you very much for your input, Damien. It will be a success, I wouldn’t have anything less. I’ll see you there?”
Damien turns back to them, another tight-lipped smile, just in case. “I wouldn’t miss it.”
He must splash more cold water on his face once they leave.
It’s all getting out of hand.
In all honesty, he feels a touch silly.
His costume is well-made, flattering, even: a rich blue with golden accents, the double-breasted coat of a prince with sharp trousers and shined shoes, a polish to match his cane.
He hasn’t needed the cane since... well, but it does him well to keep up appearances. At least it completes the look.
However suitable, though, it isn’t what he’s known for. He’s proper Mayor Damien, in his black suit, slicked back hair. That is what he’s comfortable in, being the role of a classic gentleman.
This would be much more in Mark’s wheelhouse, the dramatics and opulence. Mark would have thrown this very sort of party, where he still in the mood or position to throw a party.
Still, if the DA asks it of him...
He takes the compliments in stride with a warm smile and genuine thanks, before deflecting, either onto the other person’s own costume or their work. No sense in dwelling, as he can only mask his discomfort for so long.
One thing he often deflects to is their surroundings.
“Haven’t they done a wonderful job?” Damien smiles, gesturing around at the flower vases, the elegant drapery, the soft lighting. Gentle music rises through the air, an open space in the midst of the hall for a few more daring individuals to ask for dances and the like. “The District Attorney’s office has truly outdone themselves. I haven’t seen a better-looking charity drive in my tenure.”
The usual response is a positive gush, about their favorite part of the decor or how clever the idea of a themed event is, praising the hard work and thought put behind every aspect of the party.
As they deserve, of course. His— the DA should be praised so highly.
Of course, there are some detractors.
“I think it’s frivolous,” one such woman complains, obviously uncomfortable in her costume wear. “Unnecessary. What’s so wrong with our usual efforts that they must waste resources on something so... gaudy?”
Damien smiles, polite but sharp— his practiced politician’s smile, as the DA calls it. “I personally see nothing wrong with something new and fresh. The old way has been since my father’s time, and it’s become rather tired. Besides,” he continues, firmly, “at last count, our donations have nearly topped last year, and we’re only a portion through the night. Shouldn’t that be proof, enough, that this is a good change?”
She only sniffs, frown deepening. “You would find what they did so charming. Their election was—“
“I suggest you choose your next words very carefully, madam.” Damien drops the faced entirely, watching her with eyes like flint. “Their position was earned on their own merit, and this event speaks for itself. It has nothing to do with me, and I will not stand for the besmirching of their or my own character. Is that clear?”
Her eyes widened, face a shade paler than even her powder could conceal, the woman nods. “Of— of course. My apologies, Mr. Mayor.”
His smile returns in an instant. “Excellent. Enjoy the rest of the festivities, won’t you? Good evening.”
Is he perhaps a bit too proud of his loss of decorum? If it’s in the defense of his— of his friend, he’s all too happy to remind someone of where they stand.
Is that, itself, so wrong?
He doesn’t get to meet up with his friend immediately, to his minor disappointment. People require his attention, as Mayor, and likely theirs, as both District Attorney and event coordinator.
That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get to see them from afar, though.
Oh, aren’t they something? A far cry from their usual neutral sweaters, all rich cloth and intricate design, hair done up and their face glowing with pride and pleasure.
They have the poise to be right at home in this sort of setting— the theme, if not necessarily the party, itself. The grace and charm to soften even the most bitter of crabapples.
It’s fondness, his unmistakable love for them as he watches from afar, wishing they might come to him, next.
And then—
He can’t precisely explain what they do to cause it. A turn of their head, perhaps, or a few steps closer, but suddenly—
Their heartbeat, strong and steady, a distinct cadence in the multitudes.
Their breathing, even, catching up a bit as they laugh over some joke or to brush off compliments.
Their scent...
Their scent, so warm and sweet, so perfect; the sort of thing that makes your mouth water, makes you crave.
He’s walking close before he can even realize he’s doing it.
I am in control, he thinks, stopping himself short, horrified. I am not a predator, and they are not my prey.
He can only just manage to choke back his fangs before they turn to him.
“Damien!” Their whole face lights up, how he wishes— “I’ve been looking for you. Well, how are you enjoying yourself?”
“Very well, thank you.” Save for... “You’ve done wonderfully, exactly how I thought you would. I’m proud of you.”
They shake their head, their little smile equal parts pleased and amused. “Oh, please, don’t you start that. My ego has grown enough this evening.”
He grins, thankful for straight teeth, thankful his expression reads teasing and not hungry. “I think it could stand to grow a little more. You deserve it.”
“Damien...” They warn him with that same smile, only grown, edged bashful.
“I’ll stop, I promise,” he laughs. “How are you enjoying yourself? It isn’t too overwhelming, I hope.”
The DA gives a weary sigh. “Damn close. Everyone has something to say about it, complimentary or otherwise. I haven’t really had a moment to myself since this all started— and I thought it was bad enough when I didn’t organize the whole thing.”
Damien can imagine— all the attention, the pressure of making it run smoothly... he doesn’t envy them in the slightest. “Why don’t we get you a moment alone, then? We’ll head outside for some air, I can stand guard so no one bothers you.”
“Really?” Their eyes shine. “I... well, you don’t have to just stand guard. I’ll enjoy your company far more than anyone else’s— if you wouldn’t mind, that is.”
“Wouldn’t mind?” Feeling bold, perhaps a bit giddy at the thought, he holds out his arm. “I’d be honored. Shall we?”
The DA laughs, but they take his arm readily. “If such a gentleman wishes,” they tease, “we shall.”
Damien realizes his mistake the moment they’re outside.
In the cool evening air, the quiet, there’s nothing to distract him from them, their heart and their scent, their warmth so close to him.
They are right there, right on his arm, willing to be alone with him, trusting him.
He ate before he came because he knew it would be a struggle, and yet... his stomach rumbles, his mouth flooding.
Just a nibble, a tiny drink— who would really know?
No! No, they’re not a meal, they aren’t—
His eyes snap to theirs, looking at him with such concern.
“Are you alright? You seem...” Their brow furrows, and they peer closer. “Perhaps you should—“
“You said you wanted to help me,” he says, before he can think, smooth and even. “That my condition is worsening. You’d be right, and... you could help me. If you wished.”
They stop walking, turning to step in front of him, face him properly. “I— you already know a way? A cure?”
He shakes his head. “No cure, but a better treatment. And you can help me with it.”
“I... I’m no doctor, but—“ The DA’s face grows set, determined, and they nod. “Yes, of course, I’ll do my best. Anything you need.”
I am in control, I am not a predator, they are not...
Oh, but aren’t they? Sweet and trusting and willing for him to take?
The best prey he could hope for.
“Anything?” He remains smooth, eyes boring into theirs, as he brings them closer.
Their heart picks up, breathing uneven, a rush of blood to their face under their darkened eyes. Slowly, they nod. “Y-yes,” they whisper, shakily. “Anything you need. Anything.”
Hardly bothering to hide any longer, fangs extended, Damien smiles.
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birds-have-teeth · 6 months ago
Julian Devorak x Reader
A/N: another older fic of mine, but this time for pirate bf.
Warnings: sfw, domestic fluff, rat poison, shenanigans.
Words: 900+
.   .   .
You hum contentedly to yourself inn no particular tune as you drag the wooden spoon through the cauldron upon the stove, the utensil continuing to stir the mixture even as you step away from it to grab a jar of herbs out of the cupboard to your right. You re-capture the spoon’s handle once you’ve returned to the pot, the almost sandy-looking texture of the liquid turning bright red as you add the herb before dissolving into a calmly-flickering violet.
You can sense Julian’s approach before you can hear it, so you’re not surprised when you feel two slim arms coil around your waist from behind and pull you into an all-too-familiar chest. The faint scent of latex, sea-salt, and just an undertone of something sweet surrounds you just as comfortably as his embrace does.
“Hello, Julian.” You chuckled softly as he bent down to rest his chin atop your shoulder, his auburn curls ticking the side of your neck and jaw.
“Hello, indeed, Darling.” The Doctor practically purrs into your ear, you swear for a moment you can almost feel the vibrations that implied your lover was more cat-like than you’d thought. His eye shifts down to the cauldron as you continue to sift through the grainy mixture, adding a few things to it here and there. “What are you concocting now, magician?”
“Poison.” You can’t help but tip your head back and laugh when the plague doctor goes rigid behind you, no doubt a guffawed look gracing those handsome feature of his.
“I beg your pa—w-why would you need—?” You hear him stutter over your shoulder, amused by the slightly disturbed undertone he speaks with and the gulp you feel against your shoulder blade.
“Rat poison, Love.” You playfully re-assure, and he sags against you, expression going from mortified to mild contempt, eyes rolling and arms tugging you closer if possible.
“Oh.” You send him a sideways grin over your shoulder, stealing a brief kiss that he melts into, lips chasing yours for a moment as you pull away. Whatever irritation he’d been feeling before dissolves as his blush darkens. He’s always been so easy to fluster, even with the tiniest of affectionate grazes.
“Getting into the pantry again?” He asks knowingly, if not a bit dreamily and far off as he does, and you can do nothing but nod. Your eye twitches in agitation as you think back to the giant, furry creature you’d found munching on your packaged pumpkin bread this morning.
Not the best way to start your day to put it lightly.
You have no clue where they are even coming from, but you do know that you want them gone. And since the rat traps were only working half of the time, you’d decided to bump up the intensity a few notches by mixing up a quick, fast-acting potion the would no-doubt make them re-consider their current real-estate. Plus, Julian kept stress-eating all the marshmallows you used for the traps anyways, he’s seriously got a real problem with those.
I mean it’s admittedly kind of cute, watching him stuff his cheeks full of them while simultaneously sobbing over a mood swing, but the rats. And although Julian has warded off ghosts, evil goats, angry drunks, and vampiric eels, he and you quote: “Doesn’t mess with the likes of rat-kind, no thank you.”
So the rodent issue inevitably had fallen into your own hands, which is where the need for this brew came in. Nobody fucks with your damn bread, damnit!
“Have I told you how gorgeous you look today?” Julian sighed into your ear, nose nudging your cheek affectionately as you turned your head, eyes wary, skeptical as you caught the doctor’s sultry stare. You raise an eyebrow but decide to play along, for now.
“Yes, this morning about five or six times, Jules.” You huff, eyeing the doctor’s reaction as you say so. He’s nervous about something, you can tell in the way his cheeks fill with color and he starts to sweat ever so slightly, eye breaking contact with yours for just a moment.
“Oh, did I? No harm in telling you again how much I adore you though, right?” He laughs, though it sounds just the slightest bit strained. He’s never been good at hiding his feelings, especially from you.
“You’re acting quite strangely tonight…” You accuse, eyes narrowing suspiciously as the red-haired man behind you flashed you a charming smile—not innocent at all in its entirety—only cementing the idea that he was being too abruptly flirty and flattering, even for Julian.
“What? Am I not allowed to show my love and appreciation for my spouse?” He defends with a grin that only confirms that he’s lying through his dumb, blindingly-white teeth. What a sniveling little suck-up!
“Alright, what did you break?” You chuckled, and the look on Julian’s face screams “caught” when you do.
“You’ll find out.” He laughs heartily, nuzzling his face into your neck guiltily and grinning sheepishly as you click your tongue and resume working. He had, in fact, managed to knock over a shelf of elixirs onto the floor just a few moments ago, he had feverishly cleaned up the broken glass—because he’d feel awful if you got hurt—though the mixture of concoctions had melted through the floorboards before he could salvage any of it…
It was best you don’t know that little detail yet.
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kerasines · 4 months ago
GIF Tutorial for Beginners
People keep asking me to teach them how to make gifs and I end up writing them long confusing messages, so I figured maybe it’s time to just write up an actual clean tutorial instead! This is supposed to be for total beginners! (Or people who want to switch to a new process that I’ve curated and streamlined over 8 years of making gifs.) I’ll try to keep this as barebones as possible, and won’t include all the advanced stuff I usually add. I hope it’s easy enough to follow, and I’ll include some links at the end for more stuff. I really do think it’s better to make a few simple gifs before doing more complicated stuff though, just to get used to it!
There will be three sections in this tutorial: #1 Basics - How to make a gif in PS at all #2 Sharpen - How to use sharpen/denoise filters in an easy way #3 Colouring - Just a few very basic adjustment layers
What you need:
A video (most common formats should work, although .mkv doesn’t always)
Photoshop (I use PS CC 2018 - this one because I'm morally opposed to Adobe’s subscription model - but versions aren’t super different from each other)
In the end, you should hopefully be able to make something like this:
Tumblr media
This is gonna be so long. Sorry. You can make a gif with just part #1! The rest is just to make it look better.
#1 Basics
If any of the tools/functions aren’t where they should be for you, your best bet is googling it, you might need to change something in your preferences!
Make sure to save your PS file... often. PS has a tendency to crash, especially on laptops.
First, you need to get the video file. I recommend a shorter video, a few minutes long, if it’s longer you might want to cut it into shorter parts beforehand. This is just because PS’s video import tool sucks.
I chose the Butter MV, specifically Jungkook’s body roll at 1:24 because that’s what I want to look at for the duration of this tutorial. No further questions, thanks.
1. Open PS, go to File > Import > Video Frames to Layers
Tumblr media
2. In the little pop-up, choose the part of the video that you want to gif. This will import every frame of the video into PS as a layer, so it has to be a relatively short part, or it’ll take ages (and gifs can’t be that big anyway). Now you can also see why it’s almost impossible to select the correct part if the video is too long.
The little controls at the bottom are for trimming, the one in the middle just for the preview. Make sure “Make Frame Animation” is selected! Then click OK.
Tumblr media
3. Now you have your layers, and you have a frame animation! On the right are your layers, that’s where we’ll apply the colouring etc. later on. On the bottom, that’s your timeline or frame animation - that’s what the gif will be in the end! So if you delete frames, the layers will still be there, but they won’t show up in the gif. If you click on a frame, you can see the little eye checkmark on the layer that’s currently visible.
Tumblr media
4. The timeline controls at the bottom that are relevant right now: set to “forever” so the gif will loop, you can play the animation with the play button, and you can delete the selected frame(s). The number on each frame is the speed of the gif, depending on the video I usually set it to 0.05 or 0.06 (photoshop lies to you when you play the animation, the only way to test this is to open the finished gif, preferably on tumblr or wherever you want to upload it).
Tumblr media
5. As you can see, the animation starts a bit before the actual part that I want, so go ahead and delete all the frames in the animation that you don’t want! You can delete the corresponding layers too if you want, to make the PS file smaller, but it has no influence on the gif. (Hold Shift to select multiple frames as usual)
6. Next, we’re gonna crop the gif however we want! You can do this with the crop tool in the left sidebar, but with gifs like this where there’s a lot of moving parts, I sometimes just use the selection tool in the left sidebar, like so:
Tumblr media
When you click on different frames, the selection stays, and you can check to make sure Jungkook doesn’t suddenly go out of frame if you crop it like that!
Tumblr media
At this point, make sure the selection/crop isn’t smaller than you want the gif to be! For tumblr, what matters is the width (in pixels) of gifs. In the end, the width dimensions on tumblr should be 540px (1 gif per row), 268px (2 gifs per row), or 177/178px (3 gifs per row). Anything else will lead to very shitty resizing!
For this gif I’m going full sized, meaning 540px wide, so I made sure my selection isn’t smaller than that.
Then just go to Image > Crop, and it’s done!
Tumblr media
7. Check to see if this is what you want, then resize: go to Image > Image Size to resize the picture. Make sure the little “link” between Width and Height is active (to keep the same aspect ratio), then set the width to 540px or whatever you chose. I always set the resample option to Bicubic.
Tumblr media
Once that’s done, set the zoom to 100% right above the timeline, to see what it really looks like.
Tumblr media
Almost done! A little note about the sizing: width is the important part for tumblr, but if you want to make a whole gif set (especially with more than 1 gif per row!!!) make sure to make all the gifs the same height, otherwise they won’t line up and tumblr will do whatever it wants.
I ended up making mine 540 x 400 and ended up with this:
Tumblr media
8. Time to save the gif!! Go to File > Export > Save for Web (OR just use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S) (or whatever it is on Mac).
In the pop-up, you can change things about the gif, but most things should already be the way you want it (Image size, Looping option forever). Selective should be the default, just like the rest.
You can choose between Pattern and Diffusion, some gif makers swear on one or the other, I go back and forth.
On the bottom left, you can see the size of your gif. Keep an eye on that! I believe Tumblr allows every single gif to be up to 10mb, but I try to keep mine under 5mb or close to it, because I think tumblr adds compression if it gets closer to 10mb?? Anyway back in my day you couldn’t upload anything over 1mb. You’ll never know our struggles.
Tumblr media
Then just save it, and that’s it, you made a gif! Well done!! Here’s the end result:
Tumblr media
#2 Sharpen
There are countless ways out there to make gifs as smooth and clean as possible! Here I’ll show you the easiest way, but it also provides a good basis for other methods. The main difficulty is that you you need to sharpen the layers, but you don’t want to 100 layers one by one. So what we’re gonna do is convert the layers into a Smart Object, which functions as one layer!
1. Convert the frame animation timeline to a video timeline with the little button right underneath on the left:
Tumblr media
It should look like this, and I’m sorry but I can’t explain this one because I’m not an expert here, but you can just ignore it:
Tumblr media
2. Select all layers: Select > All Layers, or just manually. 
Then right click on the layers > Convert to Smart Object. Now there’s only one layer left, but don’t worry, the frames are still there!
Tumblr media
3. De-noise! It reduces noise, takes away some of that grain. More necessary in some videos. It also makes it less sharp, so I do this one first. Filter > Noise > Reduce Noise
Tumblr media
My default settings are, Strength: 6, Preserve Details: 60, Reduce Color Noise: 45, Sharpen Details: 25, Remove JPEG Artifact: No. But you can play around, especially with the strength, and see how the little preview looks. Don’t apply too much of it! Or it will look weirdly smooth with no details in the end.
Tumblr media
4. File > Sharpen > Smart Sharpen. 
Settings: I usually have mine at Amount: 500, Reduce Noise: 5, and Radius at either 0.2 or 0.3, depending on the video. I’ll actually do 0.3 here, because I find it a bit blurry otherwise. If you sharpen more, it can quickly get grainy.
Tumblr media
The difference isn’t huge, but here’s a little before and after denoise & sharpen:
Tumblr media
5. Technically you can just save it as a gif (save for web) as shown above now, or you can convert it back to a frame animation, which I’d recommend especially if you use certain other sharpening methods (I’ll show you how to convert it back at the end of the colouring part), but for now, let’s go straight to the next part:
#3 Colouring
Now, you CAN do this part right after part #1, still in frame animation, without a smart object. I prefer it like this because sometimes PS acts weird, but if you want to skip the smart object stuff: select all frames, and add the adjustment layers at the very top, above all the other layers. (It only affects selected frames; and it only affects the layers under it.)
The adjustment layers should be above the layer tray, and these are the ones we’ll use today: Brightness/Contrast, Curves, Vibrance, Color Balance, Selective Color.
Tumblr media
All of these are optional! You can do one, or all, or any combination. This is just the very most basic for me to get a gif to a point that I like. I’d recommend sticking to these for a start, but once you get the hang of it, definitely feel free to play around! It’s fun! Every gif maker has different preferences here, too, so there’s tutorials for everything.
1. Curves: Just click Auto, tbh. You can play around, but Auto works fine for me as a start, just to brighten or darken some parts as a base.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. Brightness/Contrast: Usually videos are a bit dark, and contrast can help to make it seem sharper AND cut down on gif size, so I usually just up both of them a bit (but not too much! Or it’ll look cheap). Here I put them at B: 19, C: 23
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. Vibrance: I love very vibrant and colourful gifs, so I usually up the vibrance (and sometimes the saturation). This one is already very vibrant, so I only put +5, but if you try to colour, say, a very moody tv show, this can help wonders, especially if you want to work with the colours more later.
If you prefer less vibrant gifs, you can also lower the values here!
Tumblr media
4. Color Balance: getting a bit more complicated now. Often, videos will have a slight yellow or green or blue tint, and this is where you can correct that. This video is a bit yellow, so I added +17 Blue. It was still too warm, so i added -11 Cyan as well. This neutralized the yellow tint, but I wanted some of the reddish tone back, so I added -5 Magenta. I usually do a similar process like that, depending on the tone. 
Instead of Midtones, you can also do this for Shadows and Highlights individually.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. Selective Color: now this is the most complicated, but also the most fun to play around in my opinion! Be careful here, if you do something too extreme it’ll look like shit or make the gif super grainy. I some rough goals in mind here: make the blue hair as blue as possible, make their skin tone a bit less pale, and enhance the black and white (which I always do).
You choose a colour at the top, and then add or subtract cyan/magenta/yellow/black values for that colour.
Skin tone: yellow and red. For this gif, I just added black to both, making them darker. Sometimes, if you change one or both those colours for a different part of the gif (for example, if I wanted to make the background less yellow, I’d subtract yellow from the yellows - but then I’d add yellow to the reds, to make the skin tone natural again.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blue hair: Just ramp up the cyan for the blues. Be careful with putting anything to +100, but here it’s already so bright that it should be fine. His roots are more purple, so I changed the magentas by adding cyan and black, and subtracting magenta and yellow. It’s not super clean, but fine for our purposes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Black/white: depending on the gif, I often either add or subtract black to the whites. Adding makes the highlights less blinding, a bit darker, and flatter (I like to do that if one side of the face is bright white in the sunlight, for example). Subtracting creates contrast, makes it brighter, can wash it out. It can also lessen the gif size, and here it’s mostly just the tracksuit instead of important details, so I subtracted black. For the blacks, I almost always just add a bit of black, to make it more intense. Just like adding contrast, this can make the gif seem sharper and less grainy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And done! 
6. You could just save it as gif now, but as I said, I prefer to convert it back to frame animation timeline first, if only because I like to let it play through before I save it, and it works better for me there than in the video timeline.
Select all frames, then click the little menu on the top right of the video timeline > Convert Frames > Flatten Frames into Clips
Tumblr media
7. When you scroll down to the bottom of the layers now, the old smart object + adjustment layers should be at the bottom, under all the new layers. Delete the old ones, we don’t need them anymore.
Tumblr media
8. Convert the timeline back to frame animation, by clicking the little button at the bottom left of the video timeline:
Tumblr media
9. Click on the menu top right of the timeline again > Make Frames from Layers
Tumblr media
10. Now, just some potential cleaning left to do. Sometimes, there’s a doubled or empty frame or layer at the beginning or end, just delete those as necessary. The timing of the frames is probably off, too, just select all frames and set the delay time to 0.05 (or whatever).
Now your done! Save as gif, and you should get this:
Tumblr media
I included some bonus links and tips after this but tumblr ate that whole part so I guess it’s going into a separate post. (Here is is)
Anyway, I tried to make this as easy to follow as possible for beginners, but feel free to send me an ask for clarification anytime. Hope this helps, now go make gifs and have fun!!
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lady-literature · 2 months ago
Flirting Fish
Hi, I fucking love the gay fish movie and it's currently all I can think about it so rip all my other projects ig.
inspired by 'better than coffee' because I read it and the whole 'Alberto flirting with Luca' thing, kinda as a joke until it's very much not a joke anymore just made me insane so here's this now.
I do not speak Italian so I am sorry for any errors I will undoubtedly make.
They’re a few weeks into the summer the first time it happens.
Alberto has already been up for hours, helping to man the boat with Massimo and then tend to their stall at the fish market after that. After three years of living in Portorosso, he’s long since grown used to waking up before the sun has even thought of rising over the sea.
Once upon a time, Luca had been too. Back when he was un piccolo contadino, tending to schools of fish and living off the reef, instead of being well on his way to a world-renowned erudito.
“Morning, sunshine!” Alberto says laughing, throwing a tanned arm across Luca’s shoulders and slightly jostling the smaller teen. Luca groans and attempts to hide himself in Alberto’s shoulder. “Haha! Well, aren’t you chipper this morning?”
Luca tilts his head just enough to look Alberto in the eye. “It’s too early.”
“It’s almost noon.”
“It’s summer,” Luca retorts, pouting. “You’re supposed to get to sleep in during summer.”
Alberto tsks at the groggy, sleepy-eyed look on his best friend’s face.
Oh, how his fancy schooling has spoiled him.
“I, of course, understand the need for beauty sleep, amico,” he playfully runs a hand through his ruly curls, flashing a charming smile that Luca doesn’t notice since he’s trying to nap on his shoulder. “But perhaps it would work better if you didn’t stay up half the night reading.”
“How can I sleep when the Americani e Russi are revolutionizing modern science?” Luca mumbles passionately. Even half-asleep he can give entire lectures about space and scientific discoveries, the utter nerd. “Luna 2 is the first man-made object on the moon, Alberto! È incredibile! And all the journals are talking about plants and animals being sent into space. If they can return unharmed that means it’s only a matter of time before we send people up there. Riesci a immaginare? Le ramificazioni scientifiche sarebbero-”
Normally, Alberto can listen to Luca ramble on about his crazy nerd stuff for ages. He only ever understands every other word, but it’s not so much the content as it is the way Luca gets when he talks about it.
Alberto couldn’t care less about Saturn or Russian spuds or whatever else. But he does care a damn lot about Luca, so he sits and listens and nods in all the right places cause it makes Luca happy.
But right now, with Luca content and passionate and so completely vulnerable, leaning on Alberto with his eyes closed, so trusting that Alberto won’t let him fall or trip or lead him off the pier, it makes something so intensely warm bubble up in his chest. Brighter than joy, and affection, and the relief he feels whenever Luca steps off the train after months of only letters and the grainy sound of his voice through the phone.
The feeling startles Alberto with its foreignness, knocks him off balance with its intensity. So he does what he always does when he feels unmoored and adrift.
He runs his mouth and does something ridiculous.
Immediately, Alberto drops his arm from around Luca’s shoulders and grabs at both his freckled cheeks instead, pinching them hard like he’s seen Nonnas do to their nipoti.
“Cute, cute, cute!” Alberto croons, shaking Luca’s face back and forth. “Beauty and brains? Santa mozzarella, save some for the rest of us, Luca.”
Immediately, Luca’s pout disappears with a yelp of surprise and he quickly bats away Alberto’s hands.
“Beto!” Luca scolds, hands over his steadily reddening cheeks. “Don’t do that!”
“What?” Alberto laughs, arms spread out wide. He can tell Luca isn't actually mad at him, just pleasantly annoyed and exasperatedly fond. So he keeps going. “I’m not wrong! You keep that up where anyone can see you, and Guilia and I are going to have to start beating the suitors off with sticks.” He mimes whacking someone with a stick to emphasize his point. “Like, I think you might steal my title of Portorosso’s most handsome bachelor. These days everyone wants an adorable brainiac, not a roguish bad boy, you know?”
Luca just looks at him, mouth opening and closing like some sort of guppy. Then, “Roguish bad boy?” he repeats disbelievingly.
“Well,” Alberto huffs, feeling the need to defend his honor, “it’s not like anyone else in this town gets up to as much trouble as I do.”
Luca snorts, finally letting his hands fall from his face. They’re… really red, actually. Maybe he did pinch a little harder than he meant to. Alberto frowns.
“Hey,” Alberto says, grabbing Luca’s elbow and dragging him forward again. “Let’s go get some gelato. Now that you’re awake, we should have enough time to grab some before our shift at the beach if we run.”
There. Gelato makes the best apologies without actually having to say sorry. He’ll even get Luca a double scoop, since, you know, he can never quite narrow down which flavor he wants and the indecision always stresses him out.
The good news is that his—well it wasn’t actually a plan per se, but whatever you want to call it, it worked!
Teasing Luca did make the strange, overwhelming feeling in his chest go away. It’s also funny and something Alberto likes doing… a lot, actually.
The bad news is that the feeling eventually came back.
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sonic-anomaly · 5 months ago
I hope this is ok to ask... how do you do your lighting for the sparks or currents of chaos energy? It really stands out as an eye catcher!
of course! why wouldn’t it be? i just had to compile some stuff
i’ve got a few methods — some of which are better than others.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
three, to be exact. what’s placed at the top is what’s older than what’s below it. as you can see, each one has its differences:
- the light pen, in the luminance brush library, is what i started w/, what i’ve been using the longest and has finally been outdated.
Tumblr media
it’s very picky w/ what color you’re using (lighter colors will look like lightsaber energy while darker or brighter colors doesn’t produce the same light-core. grainy streaks in the aura is also a problem..) and requires a quite bit of layering. and they best way to build up that incandescence is to keep each layer on “linear dodge/add”. it works for wispy flares and twinkling lights — i was actually using it to manually draw stars forever. but i now have better techniques.
- the technical pen, in the inking brush library, is what i’m using the most nowadays. the biggest step from the light pen is that all colors behave the same, even when they’re glowing. this is usually bc the center of the energy is white in color.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
in most cases, at least. whether the energy looks more like lightning or small sparks, it’s simply one “add” layer of color multiplied and blurred a few times over. the only manual addition is larger-radius aura w/ a soft brush for a basic glow-effect.
Tumblr media
- the clean sketch, from the jingsketch collection, works pretty much the same as the technical pen. the biggest difference is that this looks a little rougher for the “sketch look”
Tumblr media
the times i use this method is purely to match the lining of the rest of piece, whether it’s the sketch round, or the clean sketch.
the most important things about achieving these effects is whether or not you have some kind of a stylus for pressure sensitivity settings. i’ve got an apple pencil, so it’s easy for me. but the results are heavily dependent on the pressure you’re applying to the stroke as you’re drawing. there are things you can only do w/ a stylus and not w/ your finger.
i’ve never really messed w/ the pressure settings in procreate, but i’m sure they’re there in the settings. there’s already individual settings for each of the hundreds of brushes in the library.
thanks for the question.
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